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Teenage Girl 23/10/08(Sun)22:00 No. 25751 ID: 490f81

File 169679521791.jpg - (83.25KB , 1575x806 , 1694727266779329.jpg )

Why are millennials and Gen Xers the way that they are? There is some grade A raging about them here but it lacks a satisfying explanation tying it all together. Please discuss.

Teenage Girl 23/10/09(Mon)00:34 No. 25753 ID: f17efc

How did all this turn you into a giant bitch baby manchild?

Teenage Girl 23/10/14(Sat)01:23 No. 25754 ID: 8ce628

It didn't, the fact that your low grade retard parents raised you instead of aborting you.
As they were to dumb to know how to use a rubber.
I'm guessing lead to this other anons thoughts.

OP this topic is epic fail
I only posted because I liked your picture

Teenage Girl 23/10/16(Mon)13:36 No. 25757 ID: 490f81

Your writing abilities lack something in sophistication.

Teenage Girl 23/10/17(Tue)22:49 No. 25759 ID: 2fcc97


tell me something I don't know.
or how about you take a little time and work out if there is a real reason for it?

Teenage Girl 23/10/18(Wed)13:49 No. 25760 ID: 490f81

I can't say as I particularly care.

Teenage Girl 23/10/19(Thu)00:24 No. 25761 ID: 7b4961


Thats cool

Teenage Girl 23/10/28(Sat)18:54 No. 25772 ID: 672301

Their parents fucked up, big time. There's a reason that there's a saying that it all begins at home.

Teenage Girl 23/10/28(Sat)21:17 No. 25773 ID: 490f81

Yeah probably but "they did bad" isn't very profound, it could use some elaboration. Everyone knows that bad things are bad and good things are good.

Teenage Girl 23/11/01(Wed)03:08 No. 25774 ID: 5672a2

File 169880453656.jpg - (324.80KB , 865x842 , 164948423429.jpg )


It's a handy way to summarize it, but the long version is that their parents weren't mature enough to raise kids. Hell, most of them couldn't even raise themselves. Thing is, I don't really mind Gen Xers - it's millennials I can't stand. Gen X, at least, gave us some pretty memorable shit, culturally speaking, such as classic Simpsons, the Attitude Era, MTV when it was good, alt rock, the works. But millennials, who think that they're better than zoomers because they were "nineties kids" (when they were born in 1990 to 1992 and barely even fucking lived in that decade), have fuck all to show for their generation. It has been asked numerous times what have millennials created: nobody can answer. Millennials are a glorified speed bump, culturally. They're "peaked in high school: the generation" because literally everything they whine about is viewed from that lens. That's why "Chad" and "Stacy" and "Becky" are their go-to insults. That's why "Stacy" (but never their looksmatch, of course) not giving 'em the coochie is 9/10 the reason they are "doomers." That's why every IP they touch disintegrates into complete shit (case in point - Saints Row, which literally killed the developers). That's why every book they write screams "I need therapy, stat." That's why all their music is deriative bullshit or sheer absurdity like Brokencyde. That's why their politics are "fuck you, I want mine," no matter the clique they claim. That's why every video game they make is basically "if I can't have fun, nobody can." That's why every movie they make is capeshit garbage. They blame everyone under the sun for their self-imposed problems: personal accountability is non-existent, but why shouldn't it be? Their dipshit parents didn't want them to be a bother, so they just gave 'em tons of participation trophies, told 'em they were "unique" and "special," that "boys will be boys," that "you can't tell me how to parent MY kids," etc, etc.

You literally need a license to drive, to own a pet, to even watch fucking television if you're Bri'ish, but ANYONE can be a parent, and that's the problem. These parents, they love when their kids are babies and toddlers 'cause it's "cute" and they can plaster their social media with pictures and videos (nevermind most of 'em also tend to chimp out about drag queen story hour or whatever). But when those kids grow into their double digits? They're fucked. Suddenly, they're a nuisance, an anchor. Suddenly, it's "hard" being a parent. Suddenly, they realize that their kids ain't gonna be the next Einstein or whatever. That little girl who likes to sing? She ain't gonna be the next Shirley Manson. That little boy who likes to play on the computer? He's not gonna be the next Steve Jobs. Even before their teens, these kids basically know their parents don't really care about them. So then eventually these teens become adults, and they start coming up with kooky bullshit to justify not simply accepting their parents were losers; hell, some of them transfer the love they wanted to give their parents to things like sports teams ("you're not a REAL fan like me if you criticize the team's play!"), franchises, consoles, the works. Roger Ebert called this shit out when he said that:

>"A lot of fans are basically fans of fandom itself. It's all about them. They have mastered the Star Wars or Star Trek universes or whatever, but their objects of veneration are useful mainly as a backdrop to their own devotion. Anyone who would camp out in a tent on the sidewalk for weeks in order to be first in line for a movie is more into camping on the sidewalk than movies. Extreme fandom may serve as a security blanket for the socially inept, who use its extreme structure as a substitute for social skills..."

That's millennials for you. It's why they don't understand nuance and that nothing is as black and white as it seems. Think that Israel and Hamas are both fucked up and that killing innocent civilians is wrong, period? Then they'll lash out at you accordingly. Most people are swing voters who believe a little of this, a little of that, and that's why so many of 'em don't understand these jackasses.

But that's just it. "Normie" became an insult BECAUSE these dorks are jealous, pure and simple. Think about it. It's why whenever they see a guy and his wife at a restaurant or whatever, they think "she must be cheating - AWALT!" or when they see a bunch of kids of all races (like I do) playing together, they think "dude, they're gonna bully that lone white kid!" and so on and so forth. Some people just happened to have it better in life, and they'll latch onto anything to bitch about it. It's a man? Privilege. It's a woman? Pussy pass. It's a zoomer? KIDS THESE DAYS! It's an old person? FUCKING BOOMERS.

We literally have seen the same fucking people whining about white supremacist death squads and "cancel culture isn't real, chud" whining about how people don't like they're supporting Islamic death squads in the Levant. We have /pol/tards who use to ragepost "REMEMBER EBBA AKERLUND" suddenly cheering for the same fucking death squads I just mentioned because "LOL GET REKT KIKES."

On and on it goes, and the worst thing about all this is that these losers are gonna flood our healthcare systems the same way the obese boomers do. Social security's gonna go bye-bye, and what little we can scrimp together will go towards keeping them from snapping and pulling a Lewiston every other day because at some point, and it always happens, they'll have that epiphany that "holy shit, I wasted my life on fucking pepes and Harry Potter house trivia."

Why do you think so many of them talk about the "dead internet theory" bullshit? Because deep down, they know they turned one of humanity's greatest assets into a fucking punchline. It's not bots, faggots.

It's you.

YOU killed the internet. Picrel related (just imagine the various millennial pallet swaps like I do).

Teenage Girl 23/11/01(Wed)03:10 No. 25775 ID: 5672a2


>Gas was less than a dollar a gallon when I was a kid. We had boom boxes and pong. Everybody's phone was attached to the wall. We had ABC NBC CBS PBS and 3 local tv stations till they put in the cable. I made $165 a week at my first job. We had chestnut trees growing on the street where I grew up. they're completely extinct in the united states now.

If you're gonna pretend to not be some young millennial faggot who was probably born in 1992 and hates his generation because they don't understand esoteric bullshit about Guenon and Evola who nobody's ever read and nobody ever fucking will, can you at least try to be creative about your larp instead of this Fagbook boomerposting?

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