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Teenage Girl 23/11/06(Mon)08:42 No. 25783 ID: 0a057a

File 169925654144.jpg - (212.04KB , 720x1464 , Screenshot_20231106_020928_DuckDuckGo.jpg )


This reads like a steaming pile of copium.

Success in youth isnt some moral paradox.

If anything, it can be a good thing

Even if you succeed in youth you can still see how life can still suck. Alot of people who achieved fame and fortune by their own merit early in life still go through struggle.

Its always the people whom fucked up their youth that always say "yputh is wasted on the young" because they look at everyone else whom didnt fuck up as badly as them.

Society is trying to normalize the teens and twenties as throwaway years because of mediocre elders.

And these are the people whom will waste their riches on recreating adolescent vibes.

>"Its important for teens to have an awkward phase. Kids whom dont have one are fucked."

Like seriously? This is lowkey sabotage.
This anti-precocious/pro-mediocrity treatment of the youth is why we have such a crisis.

Teenage Girl 23/11/07(Tue)01:43 No. 25784 ID: 3be232

I agree that getting your ass kicked a few times is an important part of developing as a complete human being, but being in your 30's and still being an absolute wreck of a person is something else entirely.

Teenage Girl 23/11/07(Tue)16:07 No. 25785 ID: 5eb3ec

I dont think theres anything wrong with achieving success early in life.

Tribulation is universal in all walks of life.

That poster thinks kids whom achieve success are moral defects.

I think its probably envy.

Teenage Girl 23/11/07(Tue)21:38 No. 25786 ID: eb3dd2

I agree, it is extreme cope from a manchild who can't handle the fact that he has wasted a significant part of his life and let people 10+ years younger than him pass him by.

However, there is still some truth buried in it. I've known various 19 and 20 year olds in graduate school who blazed through undergrad (since we now let people graduate high school with multiple years of "college" credit), and they have some issues. You can only really pull that off if you completely follow the path your parents told you that you're "supposed to" and never stop to question and reassess it. The result is that they don't really believe in what they're doing, since they got stuck on it without any real decision-making of their own. Also, they end up in adult situations without having spent enough time properly living as adults to have an experience-based worldview, they just have ideas other people handed them.

In my opinion,

Spending over a decade being retarded and "finding yourself" without even having a real answer by the end: le bad

Letting your life be completely guided by someone else's abstract idea of "success" and treating everything like it's a super serious race to the finish: also le bad

A little bit of failure and getting your ass kicked goes a long way.

Teenage Girl 23/11/07(Tue)23:35 No. 25787 ID: a06da5

I experienced that first hand. There's a lot of people and a lot of shenanigans around this nihilistic concept in England at least, where we all know it's full of shit, yet for some reason it's all pervasive.

Teenage Girl 23/11/08(Wed)08:37 No. 25789 ID: 79e47b

what is?

Teenage Girl 23/11/08(Wed)08:51 No. 25790 ID: 79e47b

I think it goes back to society being too obsessed with age numbers as the metaphysical moral compass.

Again, the dichotomy of adulthood amd childhood are grossly exaggerated amd oversold.

Society wants to reduxe the role of yputh to being pets.
They take away childrens right to worldly exposure.
They want to shit away children in schools as a substitue for worldly participation.

Our post.odern culture doesnt create adults.
We can only make students.

Good earnest students, but not adults.

Millennial progressives are advocating to raise the age of majoroty to 25 because "muh bran development" but I think its a ploy to justify arrested developmemt.

Its to justify schools and homes to further deprive the young of any worldliness.

Remember back in the 1980s amd earlier, it was expected to marry at 16-22?
And have a career already?

Nowadays, getting married at 22 is considered slightly worse than preteen pregnancy.

People think going to work straight after high school nowadays is "jumping the gun."

Alot of YoutTube commemts on documentary videos always say "OMG THIS GUY WAS 22 WHEN HE DID (INSERT EPIC THING HERE)!!!"

It kimda hurts.

People complain about the discrimination against he old.

But theres more discrimination against the young.

Youth is treated as a functional disability.

Kids are not allowed to make mistakes or admit theyre sad or angry.

Adults see it as "hormomes" or vulnerability.

Adults think kids having angst in youth is bad so they wanna make it illegal for kids to have relationships or work because "it will damage their precious psyches."

Virtually most safety/liabikity laws in the modern world are mostly focused on kids.

And its not kids whom ask for this. Its the parents.

These same adults whom wanna block kids off from the real world then accuse the youth of being "participation trophy brats."

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