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Research Chemicals Anonymous 23/08/31(Thu)17:22 No. 14510

File 169349537122.png - (434.82KB , 768x768 , 0qtlojfg1ux81.png )

Years ago I used to be involved in the research chemical scene. I was constantly ordering and trying new ones and discussing with others.

Then it seemed like the scene started to fell apart after a bunch of the centralized discussion hubs/vendor review sites closed up. For a while it was basically like you had to know groups of people, who in turn knew other groups and you'd order by checking pastebin product lists and sending emails to burner email accounts.

But I fell out a few years after (had to do the rehab circuit for legal reasons), and by the time I got back it had completely changed. You couldn't find new vendors by searching "[chemical name] research chemical vendor". In fact that's basically the fastest way to get robbed. And the central groups where people discussed all this had gotten banned or fell apart.

So for a while I just assumed I had lived through a cool era, but that it was over at that point. But to my surprise, new RCs keep getting added to places like the Psychonaut Wiki and there are occasional stories on normie news about "is this new DEADLY drug going to kill your literal infant child???? find out tonight at 9:00". So that means the scene must still exist, it just changed shape while I was gone.

I'm not asking for any specific sources or anything. But do any of you use RCs? What form has the scene taken? How did you get involved? How would a newcomer discover it today? And which new chemicals have been taking off lately?

Also, RIP 420chan

Anonymous 23/09/05(Tue)04:50 No. 14514

I never really was into the "research chemical" scene. I used 2CB, 2C-I and 5-Meo-DALT. I never liked them much. DALT was to powerful and dissociative and short lasting. then again I also grew up in the last Major wave of LSD in the US that I am aware of, so, there wasn't as much demand, but, I never really liked them in comparison to that.

Anonymous 23/09/28(Thu)03:20 No. 14518

File 16958640057.jpg - (157.73KB , 679x635 , save your self.jpg )


Had great funn for a while, till the gov' chanaged the laws so you couldn't sell no more.

a while ago I was realy drunk, and saddly I make really dumb decesseions when I drunk.

This one being giving some some money for some coca cola, and getting 1g of rv and lee than zero coca cola

There has been a very small controlled wave of LSD in my country.
One might think, someone is controling it. Although that would be crazy talk.

specail K is still big, xtc has a fan base, coca cola is beating pesi hands down
the herion has flown away, although oxy is in some parts of the country, just not all.

at the end of the day though, I'm drunk typing this on ok whiskey, when I know people from my past are cracking up on someones brithday.

I'm glad i@m drunk

stay free everyone

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