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Anonymous 20/11/29(Sun)21:18 No. 17078 ID: e7324e [Reply]

File 16066811335.jpg - (364.56KB , 1242x2208 , cd.jpg )

What's /sci/ opinion about GPG and pass?

Supermath Anonymous 20/10/05(Mon)09:05 No. 17025 ID: 22f5ea [Reply]

File 160188151358.jpg - (1.20MB , 750x1148 , IMG_2401.jpg )

I'm too tired to repost content so I'm linking to 4chan.


Flawed Science? Fun Bungalo "The" Kawaii Doon&!DFB39/8LnY 20/09/23(Wed)01:28 No. 17012 ID: baa2f3 [Reply]

File 160081732525.jpg - (323.88KB , 2040x1594 , dualipa.jpg )

I've found something out. There is only: ONE future.
How does she know that I will be nostalgic?

industrial electric motors Anonymous 20/04/07(Tue)12:33 No. 16901 ID: 107a06 [Reply]

File 158625559546.jpg - (93.69KB , 970x605 , мотор.jpg )

Guys, where I can find supplier for parts industrial electric motors?

Anonymous 20/04/07(Tue)13:44 No. 16902 ID: c9cecf

I heard that such industrial electric motors used in machine tools and heavy metal industry

Anonymous 20/04/07(Tue)14:56 No. 16903 ID: 107a06

For example, if you use frequency converter in your industrial enterprise I suggest you to check https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/abb-acs880 drive where you can find energyefficient and powerful drives. AS you know Semiconductor devices consist of a power part made on transistors or thyristors, and a control circuit based on microcontrollers. This electrical equipment is suitable for three-phase and single-phase drives of any purpose.

Anonymous 20/09/14(Mon)23:58 No. 17006 ID: 2292e4

You'll want to find a local company, but a general supply shop may be able to help. What specific parts do you need?

*NIX Anonymous 20/06/02(Tue)11:52 No. 16926 ID: 49b20f [Reply]

File 159109152345.png - (160.89KB , 1366x768 , 2020-06-02-040233_1366x768_scrot.png )

si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ ./nginx-run-master.sh
Enter which network you are using.
:> K
Attempting to update default sites-available file...
Config has been updated.
Attempting to start nginx...
Success: started nginx with PIDs of 4790 4789 4788
si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ ./nginx-kill.sh
[sudo] password for si:
All nginx processes killed.
si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ cat nginx-kill.sh

sudo killall nginx
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 20/07/04(Sat)20:08 No. 16941 ID: fb30bf


I would be willing to contribute. If you had a wiki I could contribute to that.

Could've sworn 7chan had a wiki, am I just blind?

Anonymous 20/07/05(Sun)03:39 No. 16942 ID: 7d3ff5

>I would be willing to contribute. If you had a wiki I could contribute to that.

>Could've sworn 7chan had a wiki, am I just blind?

Thank you for your kindness!

My IT knowledge: following clear instructions to do something step by step.
I can't do more than that.
I don't really know what to say to answer your question. I'm sorry.

By the way, the imageboard I want is perfectly legal. No porn, No political/religious/historical/sexual discussions. Only for students to have a place to ask and teachers to answer, and will be vigorously moderated.

Anonymous 20/07/13(Mon)06:23 No. 16943 ID: 2daf83

File 159461423682.png - (36.70KB , 377x559 , quick reply voice recorder.png )

How to have a recorder like that on my site?

SmartWater Spray Removal Anonymous 20/04/09(Thu)02:08 No. 16904 ID: c0476e [Reply]

File 158639091138.jpg - (68.46KB , 680x255 , StickyBritishGoo.jpg )

How is it impossible to remove this substance from skin or clothing? The British police are currently spraying their clear goo all over the faces of men.

Asking for a friend.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/05/07(Thu)21:47 No. 16917 ID: be6f8f

I like the way you think.

DrGonzy!!WvAwV4MTHk 20/06/03(Wed)08:52 No. 16929 ID: 49b20f

To sanitize clothing use a solution of at least 71 percent pure isopropyl. Put it in a spray misting bottle with a fine mister.

DrGonzy!!WvAwV4MTHk 20/06/03(Wed)08:52 No. 16930 ID: 49b20f

It is better to err on the side of caution, and go over 70 percent if you don't chemistry well.

Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)23:09 No. 16837 ID: 830de8 [Reply]

File 156564417137.jpg - (812.03KB , 2558x1600 , reibw-purke.jpg )

Hi folks. Sorry I am not sure what is the best to post this.
I'm here to quickly ask, if there are any serious damage to linux done by that SJW bullshit yet.
Heard of this story year ago actually month after it happened. Haven't updated mu lubuntu system since. Not really following linux forums and shit.
So what's happening, is SJW shitfucks totally destroyed my linux yet or not? Have this wallpaper I edited. Thanx.

9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/02/28(Fri)04:04 No. 16892 ID: 9f02ee

It does when a company is forced to promote someone on the basis of race sex or religion, for fear of being called transphobic, racist, or whatever

Anonymous 20/04/18(Sat)08:18 No. 16908 ID: 5a6744

>or whatever
The fact you didn't say antisemitism tells us everything we need to know.

Anonymous 20/04/20(Mon)19:03 No. 16911 ID: b31ad9

No, see, you can't promote jews, since they're already at the top.

Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)17:37 No. 16834 ID: 723437 [Reply]

File 156562427897.jpg - (7.43KB , 203x250 , gugu.jpg )

Is it good boy point or great britain pound , and is the great britain pound a good boy point for the country?

Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)17:42 No. 16835 ID: 723437

Ok im a fucking moron i forgot the fucking question
What is GBP?

Anonymous 20/04/18(Sat)08:28 No. 16909 ID: 5a6744

1 GBP has been deducted

Anonymous 20/04/19(Sun)15:08 No. 16910 ID: fca2d4

It's actually stands for Great Big Penis. Why else do you think women are attracted to men with money.

More Money = Bigger Penis

holy fuck i solved it! Patrick Edward Davis 19/10/02(Wed)17:42 No. 16860 ID: 6f3a95 [Reply]

File 157003095256.jpg - (1.09MB , 2560x1920 , 0916191127.jpg )

8 particle cube, no spaces
A is the matrix of the area
e is the number of particles
g is the metric tensor
upside-down triangle is the derivative variable of the area

Anonymous 20/03/17(Tue)05:11 No. 16899 ID: 3fe6cc

do it in base 6 (or one of its multiples) if you wanna get mindfucked for real

Anonymous 18/06/16(Sat)13:11 No. 16662 ID: 889397 [Reply]

File 152914748341.jpg - (5.64KB , 150x239 , 459C3449-F6AD-4860-80B4-D575F031707F.jpg )

what can penetrate a concrete wall and burn your heart? Is it sound wave or electromangnetic wave?

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/11/03(Sun)13:05 No. 16871 ID: fa1872

My love for you

Anonymous 19/11/10(Sun)02:19 No. 16872 ID: a7f777

This sounds like a riddle to me almost. I'm expecting to crunch on it and find some type of solution. I recognize that it's not but the formatting makes me think that. lol I'm not a fan of riddles. I get they're not terrible. It's a benign process. Solving riddles, I mean. But I still don't have an interest in it. I would rather have %100 of my life not being solving riddles. I'll do what I can to be there. lol

Spaceballs+the+Signpost!ikwaNLFmBo 20/02/09(Sun)06:48 No. 16891 ID: 880fd4

Something rote repetition won't sweep aside for the little science experiment?

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