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recaptcha Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)06:22 No. 16842 ID: dfc422

File 156584294764.jpg - (60.24KB , 390x576 , trafficlightw.jpg )

If this is what is programming ai we are doomed. This is obviously a traffic light even to retards. This is not my personal captcha bc I forgot to save it but it's how it always is, obvious ass shit.

My second point on this is the tech business is mostly a fraud giving hopes when they have dumb products without any innovation. For example, Musk is building a subway tunnel and calls it fancy names bc retards fall into it. Most know but look at thunderfoot videos if you don't. He's an asshole but he does the work.

If you want to get rich make a company with a good liar and give absurd claims as if they are trivial. All the retards will fall into it, just like solar roadways.

Final thoughts, silicon valley show, it has no real money making platform bc it's been done already in the form of many projects that aren't out for money bc they are basically bit torrent sharing platforms. Once you let it loose in the wild your only getting donations. In reality the corporate part requires cloud based systems to control the content.

Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)11:34 No. 16845 ID: acc39c

File 156586164383.jpg - (156.61KB , 850x528 , 1340809845945.jpg )

Do you have a job? Did you get an education? If you did by now you should have realized that a lot of the world is redundant stuff and bullshit you have to sell to uninformed people. Where there is a lot of money to go around that's what happens, for example the western half of the US like Texas and California.

Sure this isn't where the real progress is being made but it's easier stuff that gets around and what industry will expose to normies.

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