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BCI leads to developments for MS John Campbell 22/07/15(Fri)17:37 No. 18299 ID: 4719f5

File 165789942192.jpg - (16.00KB , 300x168 , 84A8AC24-CCF0-468A-ADAC-55CF042AB66B.jpg )

​​The Folk/Daniels research team has been working on a breakthrough discovery for multiple sclerosis. The Seattle based research group has found a link between the debilitating disease and unhealthy red blood cell production. They have discovered that iron deficiency and elevated oxygen saturation may be major contributing factors in the cause of the disease.

Anonymous 22/07/15(Fri)19:19 No. 18300 ID: 838b0b

Post link
>Iron deficiency
COLOR ME SURPRISED modern medicine still doesn't want to regularly check for iron problems and instead call the patient a hypochondriac and lather one with anti-depressants.
>No mention of candida
Oh bother, another tisk tisk from me to modern medicine for not seeing the possible like there either.

Anonymous 22/07/18(Mon)14:37 No. 18303 ID: 439ea0

Can't make money if you tell people to eat something other than garbage instead of stuffing a million pills and vaccines in their body.

Anonymous 22/07/18(Mon)22:46 No. 18304 ID: 604067

A patient cured is a customer lost.

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