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Parasite Theory of Homosexuality Anonymous 22/11/18(Fri)15:16 No. 18386 ID: ce4ee1

File 166878097445.jpg - (432.05KB , 1936x1936 , 9b8f997b323c4b88.jpg )

I remember hearing about a theory that homosexuality is caused by intestinal parasites wanting to propagate themselves through gay sex.
Does anyone know anything about that? Is there any research on it?

Anonymous 22/11/18(Fri)17:40 No. 18387 ID: 949300

That sounds fucking retarded but go on.

Anonymous 22/11/19(Sat)03:28 No. 18388 ID: feac70

i have no idea if it is true but there is a guy on the 4chan /x/ board who posts about it every once in a while and says something about iodine being the cure. he also makes threads just about iodine sometimes and talks about how there is a conspiracy to make us iodine deficient and that makes us gay and he posts a bunch of infographics about it. no clue if any of it is true, but he seems to be committed to the idea. maybe check the archives for any mention of iodine on 4chans /x/.

Anonymous 22/12/10(Sat)17:22 No. 18407 ID: ccc078

How would those parasites differenciate between male anus and female anus, thry both feel the same to me

Anonymous 22/12/17(Sat)07:14 No. 18412 ID: 65265d

Homosexuals have a lot more butt-sex than heterosexuals. An anus-worm with the adaptation to cause homosexuality in its host will have an evolutionary advantage over an anus-worm that does not have that adaptation.

Anonymous 22/12/17(Sat)12:56 No. 18413 ID: 7d2104

What happens if this anus-worm enters a woman? does she become a lesbian?

Anonymous 22/12/19(Mon)03:28 No. 18414 ID: 0ae2b4

You're asking the right questions.

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