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Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:36 No. 37099 ID: 507140

File 168201580435.jpg - (79.95KB , 1024x1024 , 32wrr.jpg )

I wanted to share this art with all of you. I understand that this forum is mostly dedicated to posting porn pictures, and that this artwork is not really explicit in nature. But this pairing is already so niche and I believe that this pairing deserves to be represented beyond just a sexual context.

I want to respectfully note to the moderators that if you are not okay with this, that I apologize and will not do it again if you tell me so.

Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:38 No. 37100 ID: 507140

Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:39 No. 37101 ID: 507140

Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:40 No. 37102 ID: 507140

Anonymous ## Admin ## 23/04/20(Thu)20:40 No. 37103 ID: 2758ad

It's fine

Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:43 No. 37104 ID: 507140

That is good to know

Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:47 No. 37105 ID: 507140

Anonymous 23/04/21(Fri)00:45 No. 37106 ID: 507140

Anonymous 23/04/21(Fri)00:47 No. 37107 ID: 507140

Anonymous 23/04/26(Wed)05:27 No. 37111 ID: f38f25

Anonymous 23/06/18(Sun)15:34 No. 37127 ID: 6dd9fa

this is beautiful. makes me feel strange and nostalgically charged

Anonymous 23/06/19(Mon)00:02 No. 37128 ID: e51ae2

I took a break from posting to see if anyone was into it, as I didn't want to be the only person in this thread. I'm happy to see that someone seems to feel the same way that I do. I do not know about feeling nostalgia(not going to ask questions about that), but I do think it is beautiful too.

Anonymous 23/07/29(Sat)22:39 No. 37137 ID: 591030

i love it its cute and romantic

Anonymous 23/08/08(Tue)21:02 No. 37140 ID: 86220a

please tell me where does this come from

Anonymous 23/08/10(Thu)07:16 No. 37141 ID: 086006

An online friend who I have known for long time shared this with me. He doesn't look for money, attention, or any kind of gain. It's just a personal past time for him, he would never post this on deviant art or any place like that.

Anonymous 23/08/14(Mon)10:20 No. 37142 ID: c90b63

I should not have put the word share in past tense. He shares it with me, is a better way to put it. He has reservations that the quality isn't up to par for him.

Anonymous 23/09/06(Wed)17:26 No. 37149 ID: ce4e4a

Anonymous 23/09/23(Sat)06:13 No. 37159 ID: 5138e0

Beautiful paintings! Very similar to the work of neural networks (AI). I really want to see the continuation of this series.

Anonymous 23/09/24(Sun)10:05 No. 37160 ID: 0afc43


Anonymous 23/10/27(Fri)19:33 No. 37209 ID: bab5d2

Anonymous 23/10/27(Fri)19:40 No. 37210 ID: bab5d2

If anyone wants to use this thread to post other non explicit photos like these, I am fine with that

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