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What game systems are best for horror? Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)08:54 No. 131099

File 151306528812.jpg - (275.72KB , 1440x810 , latest.jpg )

Hello, /tg/. I'm running a horror campaign for the DnD group I'm in, and I have the setting and plot all worked out (Underwater research base, mutated crew, etc.) The problem I've run into is what system to use.

Normally, I use FATE for campaigns I run, but that's not entirely appropriate for horror. I've used the old Afterschool Activities system and Call of Cthulhu in the past, but both were poorly-balanced for my purposes (In AA, the players seemed to always succeed, in CoC, they seemed to always fail).
My question is, what system would be best for general horror purposes in the modern-day? Preferably a simple system, since I don't plan to do too much combat.

horror in games darth sithicus 18/01/11(Thu)04:54 No. 131151

doesn't matter. use whatever system you know best. Horror is generated through story and building of suspense, ending in a ghoulish reveal. it becomes a matter of timing, getting the players attached to npcs, then removing those attachments in manners that shake their confidence. Watch Monsters, U )the prequel to monsters, inc( to see how practiced techniques build tension before the final reveal. then throw a monster they can't fight at the party.

collector 18/02/03(Sat)19:09 No. 131189

Tales From the Loop could work.

Anonymous 18/02/08(Thu)10:37 No. 131192

Unknown Armies without a doubt. Best madness system in the market, and a great setting.

Lester!PhrGb/UURQ 18/02/13(Tue)13:29 No. 131195


All flesh must be eaten

Anonymous 18/02/20(Tue)06:16 No. 131200

Eclipse Phase was written for stuff like this if you want to change things to high end sci-fi. The PDFs are all free officially and the ruleset is good.

The simplest way I would describe the system is Shadowrun + Call of Cthulhu, but it has plenty of stuff, I suggest you read through that, even for just ideas

collector 18/03/21(Wed)08:15 No. 131218

10 Candles is a fantastic Horror RPG system!

Anonymous 18/03/27(Tue)00:53 No. 131227



Uses a Jenga Tower, sets tone, is very suspenseful.

Anonymous 18/04/13(Fri)17:38 No. 131252

I use GUMSHOE and it's pretty good, and might answer some of your problems. The way modifiers work is instead of having a static modifier to a skill (we'll say shooting for example) you have a pool for each skill, and the player determines when they want to use each point.

Anonymous 18/04/15(Sun)00:53 No. 131254

noooo whyyyy


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