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collecting thread Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)09:13 No. 131378

File 153552679152.png - (16.96KB , 524x448 , PostCodeCentrePoint.png )

do you collect money, stamps or other things?

Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)09:18 No. 131379

i collect stamps

Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)11:22 No. 131380

i like to collect gold coins

Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)13:20 No. 131381

silve coins and postal stamps

Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)13:28 No. 131382

I like to collect postal stamps from overseas. I have already 200 stamps from European and Asian countries. In future I want to get stamps from Africa. Btw, I found curious fact about that some countries does not use zip codes. For example here https://worldpostalcode.com/egypt/ you can see that Egypt does not use postal codes.

Anonymous 19/10/14(Mon)00:04 No. 131665

I collect video board games. I currently have Atmosfear I, II and IV, Harbingers (with booster tape), Star Trek, Star Wars, Cluedo VHS and Party Mania.

Anonymous 19/10/14(Mon)00:17 No. 131666

I collect cards. Mostly magic and Pokemon, but, I'll collect anything, really.

Anonymous 19/10/18(Fri)02:33 No. 131673

I collect all of these things, it brings me great delight to do so. I have boxes and boxes of stamps and I expect to have rooms and rooms of stamps down the line. Maybe buildings, we'll see, but the satisfaction of knowing there's more stamps out there to have delights me to no end. I have every stamp you could make and I intend to get the new ones that come out. I printed stamps of my own just to collect them. I have stamp t-shirts, too. Maybe I have too much enthusiasm there. I would be hard pressed to find an argument in the world proving that not also having my enthusiasm is a normal trait, though, because stamps are so innately satisfying. If you don't collect stamps, what do you do? lol

Anonymous 19/10/18(Fri)03:24 No. 131675

File 157136185312.jpg - (205.39KB , 1200x900 , Skull and Crossbones.jpg )

I would suggest Skull and Crossbones if you can find it, always my favourite VHS-Game.


Anonymous 19/10/21(Mon)12:45 No. 131677

I collect RPGs and Original wheels Lesney/Matchbox die cast vehicles from the 1950s & 1960s.

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