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Skeleton Ears Anonymous 19/06/04(Tue)05:54 No. 131509

File 155962045594.jpg - (262.43KB , 960x953 , F17A2922-7C7F-4B42-B47B-371CD2A54BB0.jpg )

Honest question, anons - do you think skeletons can hear?

Reason I ask is because I wanna try to DM an intro campaign involving the party starting off as skeletons and eventually becoming human, but having to fight a low-level false hydra in the process. I was gonna give them amulets of communication at the start so they could 'speak' to each other, but that also made me start to question if skeletons had ears and as such would be vulnerable to the false hydra’s song. Please advise

Anonymous 19/06/04(Tue)05:57 No. 131510

amulets of telepathy* total newfag btw

Anonymous 19/08/06(Tue)11:14 No. 131551

if y'aint started yet then i can offer some insight, i guess
they may not have ears but they still have the holes, and a big part of your auditory system are 3 ossicles (tiny bones) that vibrate
now, the vibration is started at the tympanic membrane (NOT a bone) and carried by nerves and other NOT bone entities

however, skeletons dont have muscles or ligaments and they dont have an issue staying together and walking around, right?

maybe make it interesting and let them have hearing but garbled, mucky, unprecise hearing?

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