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What games are better: tabletop or laptop? Nora Fudge 19/11/05(Tue)07:33 No. 131699

File 157293562562.jpg - (1.07MB , 1024x1024 , image (6).jpg )

I like play games, have a lot of both: tabletop, laptop. I think that it is better to play on a laptop because game can take you to another world. Or options for games that can be played on a computer and phone. For this I love https://www.hypercasino.org/ . There are many different games, I can always find something suitable for myself.

Anonymous 19/11/05(Tue)17:26 No. 131700

TG is better; Vidya already has a world laid out for you and has boundaries on your imagination: E.G there is none. It's like watching a movie.

TG allows you to do literally anything

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