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G.R.A.D.S. 1.0 Joe 22/12/31(Sat)00:23 No. 132213

File 16724426276.jpg - (1.23MB , 1545x1024 , GRADS manual cover.jpg )

I present to the 0.5 people who browse this board a homebrew system, G.R.A.D.S. : Game Rules Aid for Dumb Shits. https://archive.org/details/grads-1.0

So my buddies from college want to set up a D&D game online next year. I got way too excited, got fucked up and started writing a homebrew to use with them. I kept getting more excited, kept doing drugs, and hardly ate/slept until I had successfully shat out a full manual for me and my buddies to use. It's been about 3 or 4 days of me being the worst kind of manic, now here we are.

I'm coming down and suffering from a head cold, but I did it. Here it is, my autistic magnum opus. I wrote this with similarly drug-addled scrubs in mind--maybe people who want to play the game, but are understandably intimidated by all of the number crunching autism that people put into it.

If 420chan was still alive I'd present this there, but in that site's absence 7chan is the next of kin. I love you guys, or what's left of you, and have loved you for quite some time. So having even a tiny crumb of content to give you brings me a lot of joy.

I know that the manual is likely super shit, I know the humor is akin to middle school in 2004, I know the whole thing is probably worthless to most players. I know maybe 1 person uses this board including myself. But all the same, I'm weirdly proud of it and I'd like to wave it around somewhere. So I guess this is me putting a message in a bottle into the deepest, most overgrown end of the river--I can't honestly think I'm doing anything other than being a littering bastard, but nothing matters anyway and I think it's fun, so why not?

Anonymous 23/01/01(Sun)19:32 No. 132214


Thanks you, also I'm drinking right now ain't going to be check it out.
You could of been bad and stuck something in there. Oh er, misses....

The humour well it was more like 1985 and over the pond
When I first dm, so how it goes.
believe there are number of pople who check in here
a lot moar lurk

Above all else though go out do some real life gameing, start in tavern, bar, road house
travel if you have to and get some action.

Anonymous 23/01/02(Mon)23:23 No. 132215

File 167269822120.png - (70.16KB , 316x472 , Drac my man.png )

first to down load or view, oh well

>Also, more importantly, Dungeons & Dragons 5e is gay

I think i'M going to enjoy reading this

Also can't wait for where are fucking elves, drinking the last of my whiskey. going to read your homebrew
My dad taught me to homebrew cider back 1982.
Will checkout this homebrew idea at a later date

%e is gay, your killing me

also least offensive pick i had at hand

Anonymous 23/01/04(Wed)03:05 No. 132216

Thinks OP, hope you and friends have good time, you have got screw the rules lawyers and DM word is it. 1st Edition DM say it all at start, my bad it's at the end page 230
If i could ever be chewed I'd like to do two 1st & 2nd for editions.

Anonymous 23/01/04(Wed)22:36 No. 132217

File 167286821243.png - (1.12MB , 1159x1564 , 230.png )

for you Joe, just remember Joe there is a place for us Joe
There people who need us Joe. People who need the things thatwe know. Just make sure they pay you well and always up front


Is Dungeon Mastering an art or a science? An interesting question!
If you consider the pure creative aspect of starting from scratch, the ”personal touch” of individual flair that goes into prepar-
ing and running a unique campaign, or the particular style of moderating a game adventure, then Dungeon Mastering may
indeed be thought of as an art.
If you consider the aspect of experimentation, the painstaking effort of preparation and attention to detail, and the continu-
ing search for new ideas and approaches, then Dungeon Mastering is perhaps more like a science - not always exacting in a
literal sense, but exacting in terms of what is required to do the iob well.
Esoteric questions aside, one thing is for certain - Dungeon Mastering is, above all, a labor of love. It is demanding, time-
consuming, and certainly not a task to be undertaken lightly (the sheer bulk of the book you hold in your hand will tell you
that!). But, as all DM’s know, the rewards are great - an endless challenge to the imagination and intellect, an enjoyable
pastime to fill many hours with fantastic and often unpredictable happenings, and an opportunity to watch a story unfold and
a grand idea to grow and flourish. The imagination knows no bounds, and the possibilities of the game of ADVANCED
DUNGEONS 8 DRAGONS are just as limitless. Who can say what awaits each player, except a cornucopia of fantasy and
heroic adventure? So much is waiting, indeed!
This book holds much in store for you as a DM- i t is your primary tool in constructing your own “world”, or milieu. It contains
a wealth of material, and combined with the other works of ADVANCED DUNGEONS 8 DRAGONS (the MONSTER MANUAL
and PLAYERS HANDBOOK) gives you all the information you need to play ADBD. But, as always, one more thing is needed
- your imagination. Use the written material as your foundation and inspiration, then explore the creative possibilities you
have in your own mind to make your game something special.
Dungeon Mastering itself is no easy undertaking, to be sure. But Dungeon Mastering well is doubly difficult. There are few
gamemasters around who are so superb in their conduct of play that they could disdain the opportunity to improve them-
selves in some way. Fortunately, this work addresses the matter at length, and gives you plenty of suggestions on all aspects
of Dungeon Mastering (as well as some of the finer points) in order to help you improve your own efforts. Take heed, and
always endeavor to make the game the best it can be - and all that i t can be!
Mike Carr
TSR Games & Rules Editor
16 May 1979

Anonymous 23/05/06(Sat)09:50 No. 132256

File 168335942414.jpg - (1.39MB , 3000x1690 , 20230506.jpg )

But GURPS already exists...

Joe 24/05/29(Wed)08:36 No. 132329

File 171696459114.jpg - (88.58KB , 1200x894 , YANG TEITOKU.jpg )

About as fucked up as I was when I posted this, poking my head into this thread because I just remembered I did it. Much love to the 2-5 posters who checked this out. It worked just as intended as a jumping off point for my college buddies to get into the game, and overall I'm glad I made it and that I posted it, because I'm about to get into a very similar position after talking shit about how good of a DM I was at a party and I forgot where I put this manual on my hard drive.

No bro this is different bro trust me.

Anonymous 24/06/04(Tue)16:39 No. 132330

File 171751197793.png - (144.16KB , 400x260 , open hard drive.png )


opening up the hard drive to find the manual
Well when you've found it use the problem as tool to write the first few adventures
Have going round looking for paper for a book
you know what your doing
I Still think 99.999% of elves are gay
And I stand by it

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