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@nâr©hI$✝s co0k🅱🅾🆗 Sarah Palin 16/04/29(Fri)08:46 No. 15280

File 146191238265.jpg - (69.24KB , 586x594 , Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-3_34_42-PM.jpg )

Where can I find the anarchists cookbook in eBook format? None of the links I've tried have panned out. They're either bogus or watched sites. Hope you niggs can help a fag in need of some reading.

Sarah Palin 16/05/02(Mon)17:46 No. 15281

Will a pdf work? You can just convert it.

Sarah Palin 16/07/11(Mon)03:22 No. 15315

I want a link to a working PDF !

Sarah Palin 16/08/02(Tue)12:55 No. 15321

the book is actually dangerous, it leaves out critical safety information and much of it is outdated or simply wrong

just dont

Sarah Palin 16/08/02(Tue)13:09 No. 15322

I feel the need to underline this
the book isn't some secret manual, it's just a bunch of guesswork by people who didn't pass chemistry

for instance some chemicals react violently with types of metal.
which ones?
you don't know, and pro tip neither did the people who wrote the AC

what do you know about ambient electrostatic radiation?
wires can build electric charge from the air
how do you stop that happening?
the people who wrote it probably didn't even know it existed

what about acid salts?
even simple "safe" chemicals can form highly unstable explosives because of impurities or exposure to gasses

even if you are trying to pack gunpowder in a tennis ball with a fuse or some other kiddie shit, did you know that back in the heyday of gunpowder nobody wanted to be a grenadier because gunpowder is so hard to store without it building static charge

I read it when I was a kid and even back then I was bright enough to see that it was retard-tier stupid

Sarah Palin 16/09/30(Fri)03:51 No. 15334

Do you mean that text file "by" Jolly Roger (who just compiled a bunch of other shit and took credit for it. I once found a home-made self extractor called "anarchy.exe" which was filled with most of the original cookbook files, only they were all credited to different people. Yeah, I didn't have a virus scanner and downloaded a file called "anarchy.exe" from some random site, and ran it. Boy did I get lucky), or the paper cookbook?
The text file is probably insanely dangerous. There's even a website that parodies it by randomly generating bomb instructions. I've not seen the paper book, but apparently it was paraphrased from poorly-photocopied old survivalist manuals, probably written by bunker-builders in the cold war, who themselves had second-hand military knowledge from WW2, Korea or Vietnam. I wouldn't mess around with that, either.

Sarah Palin 16/10/06(Thu)23:56 No. 15337

Search the cnqzu library's Anarchy folder.

Sarah Palin 16/10/10(Mon)05:54 No. 15341

it's just a bunch of guesswork, bullshit and material that might be been useful if we were in the 1980's

it's got no background, safety information, and no real validity
it turns simple chemistry into a life threatening business

Sarah Palin 16/10/22(Sat)07:51 No. 15344

As always America gets what it deserves

The average American watches 5hrs of TV


Sarah Palin 16/10/22(Sat)07:53 No. 15345

5hrs a day

Imagine if the average American read 5hrs a day

We would take the Galixy in 200 years

OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 16/11/01(Tue)07:53 No. 15351


The Anarchist Cookbook is utter shit. None of the drug recipes work, all the phreaking stuff is 40 years out of date and irrelevant to modern technology, and the explosives formulas all leave out critical data like "don't let the temperature get above a certain point or this will explode in your face", "this produces poison gas at this stage, make sure you're wearing a mask and working in a well-ventilated area" or "the instructions say to grind the crystals, but if you do that they will explode". It's completely useless and a case could be made that it was deliberately shitty disinfo the FBI put out to sabotage anarchists and socialists.

THIS is where you need to get your info:


Sarah Palin 17/09/26(Tue)04:12 No. 15389

>The Anarchist Cookbook is utter shit.


I bought a copy at a gun show when I was a kid, and even then I realized most of the crap in that book was foolish or non-functional. A book from around the same era that WAS practical was The Poor Man's James Bond.

explosives tekbir 17/10/11(Wed)01:42 No. 15394

File 15076789395.jpg - (299.15KB , 453x644 , explosive course.jpg )

The explosives courses.

Sarah Palin 17/11/06(Mon)19:57 No. 15398

here ya go anon. a copy of mine. it is the shitty reprint version but yeah.


Sarah Palin 18/03/13(Tue)03:37 No. 15419

http://textiles.com/anarchy/ is a good resource.

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:23 No. 15421


Sarah Palin 23/01/12(Thu)11:37 No. 15683

murdercube is bust. any alternatives? especially sites like textfiles

Sarah Palin 23/06/04(Sun)09:06 No. 15709

File 16858623899.jpg - (12.90KB , 520x328 , 20230606.jpg )

does it have a good pastry recipe?

Sarah Palin 23/11/24(Fri)10:44 No. 15719

Anarchist's cookbook isn't real, retard. It's full of bullshit reciples that don't work or will kill you. If you want to learn fun stuff, go audit 100 level chemistry classes at your local community college.

Dumbfag 24/06/04(Tue)02:57 No. 15735

Dont use that fucktard book the US army released one, easy google search "TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook"

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