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Modification of an old firearm revolver NoobGunRetard 23/06/26(Mon)20:37 No. 15713

File 16878046262.jpg - (1.10MB , 2500x1624 , hdvahdva.jpg )

I need help to modify my revolver.

My grandfather died and left me a revolver that only shoots blanks, an Olimpic 6 cal .22, when I looked at the barrel, I saw that it only had a weld so that a real projectile would not be fired, the truth is that I know nothing about guns, but I have the feeling that the preventive measures for people not to modify their guns in the 70s or 80s were limited to plug the barrel a little, but I do not know (I know that my grandfather got it in the 80s).

Here is a video (not mine) of its use.

Sarah Palin 23/11/08(Wed)17:18 No. 15718

You're glowing in the dark, but I'm feeling generous and will let you know that the kind of "revolver" you show in that image is made of potmetal castings. Potmetal is a very inexpensive zinc alloy used to make very inexpensive cast parts like refrigerator door handles. It cannot safely be converted into a firearm. It will not withstand the pressure. It is likely to burst into metal splinters and injure you if you were to attempt to fire it with real ammunition.

BLACK+HAWK!61UCILkwc2 24/03/19(Tue)15:30 No. 15729

if youre alive i can help

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