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Super Car Supercar 23/07/03(Mon)16:46 No. 79582

File 168839559815.jpg - (224.74KB , 2250x1375 , Bugatti-Chiron4-3742260304.jpg )

Do you like this car?

i like very tretas 23/07/03(Mon)16:49 No. 79583

i like today

Anonymous 23/07/03(Mon)19:24 No. 79584

Never been a fan of Bugatti, but they do look all right, some of them. Perhaps driving one would change my opinion, but they look heavy as fuck.

Silvia S15 definitely one of my dream car. AMG GT is cool and probably comfy af. Toyota gr/gt86. And a few other ones that look badass.

It all takes an exorbitant amount of money if you want to make it exactly like you want it. Some I just enjoy some power and comfort for now.

Cars are not the only avenue of art and expression and fun and Motorsport and late night sessions. Far from it.

But I appreciate a nice car every time I see one. Even the shitty cars that I've had, I've always loved them so much.

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