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Took a picture of an orb Tin Foil Enthusiast 21/11/18(Thu)05:34 No. 21070

File 163721004439.jpg - (323.46KB , 688x1130 , 5DFCE2EA-9BD8-4008-AB19-F3FB9AF3F552.jpg )

Was just taking pics of nothing using an old camera i got from my grandpa. Didn’t even notice the orb till later.

Look to the left of the orb kinda near the doorknob and see the orb’s handler. IF YOU DARE!

Zoom in as close as you can and tell me what you see in this orb.
PLEASE. I know what i see , but dont want to incite paraDOHlia.
Sent this to an expert and was told i took a picture of an image i seen in my mind - my eyes were playing tricks.

To that i say BULLSHIT. Its a freekin orb.

Plius. 21/11/20(Sat)04:37 No. 21073

Yes, that appears to be an orb.
not 100% sure about the face in the window, but it's creepy looking to be sure. What's that book ye got there, by chance?

Densel 23/01/18(Wed)22:29 No. 21333

what are orbs anyways?

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