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New Manifestation thread Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/07/15(Fri)19:05 No. 21180

File 165790470983.jpg - (47.88KB , 400x400 , 56meu83w6.jpg )

My last thread ended in FAILURE. The sunny cat, yet, a good sign. So many good things game however let me tell you what happened.

I finally Lucid Dreamed my way in to walking in to the school with other students, using my ID card to get in and greeting many there. However a bit of the way through, while I was hanging up my coat, I started to drift off and see THE FRAME of the dream I was animating.

I saw lizard men, demons, anti-spiral, what have you. Gold eyes like headlights with a black slit down the middle. Eyes too large for a man or woman of human nature. The result: I DID NOT GET IN TO THE SCHOOL. They sent me a generic letter without a distinct answer why I didn't get it.

Now I have interest in a 2nd school, the 2md of 6 schools in the US for this trade. I am letting go, I am fading off, I am not trying to manifest my way in, and instead reading The New Testament. Holding on loosely. I found the new school and next week I have an appointment. We shall see what happens.

Unabashed Hermaphrodite 22/07/15(Fri)19:44 No. 21181

You saw the veil of madness and balked Tinfoil Enthusiast, to push forward you have to break past those entities that block you, until you do you will be unable to manifest. From birth these beings have syphoned off your human potential for creativity, do not let them.
Focus on yourself, get into that 2nd school, achieve and be happy and the demons will gnash their teeth in frustration as they can no longer feed from your misery.
Blessings upon you and keep up the good fight.

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