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The Biblical Matrix Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/04/15(Sat)19:06 No. 21424

File 168157840690.png - (2.32MB , 1024x1408 , 299596308220230415002237.png )

This world is almost certainly a simulation.

The closer we get to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and eventually, a virtual "consciousness", the more this should become obvious to everyone.

Nick Bostrom, who popularized the "Simulation Hypothesis", posited the following possibilities:

A: Civilizations at our level of development go extinct before they can create a simulation of their own.
B: Civilizations reach the level of development to create a simulation, but are not interested in doing so.
C: We are living in a simulation.

Since we are not aware of such a simulation that has created the capacity of consciousness, the possibility of anything other than those three outcomes is highly unlikely. The idea that we are almost assuredly approaching the level of development and will be the FIRST species to create a simulation with a consciousness in the billions of years of universal history is extremely far fetched.

I believe that the primary stories, teachings, and prophecies of the Bible are, therefore, an allegory for the simulation we live in. Hear me out...

1. Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence: God is said to encapsulate all of these qualities. A programmer, to simulated intelligence models on a computer, would be the same.

- Omniscient, because a programmer can, at any time, audit their own log files.

- Omnipotent, because a programmer can alter the simulation in any way he sees fit.

- Omnipresent, because any time the program runs, the programmer will be there, albeit not "present" in the same sense that the models are present to one another (an "absent God" in this case, but still there in "spirit").

2. Adam & Eve, and the Garden of Eden: The original two models/assets and original "map" in the simulation who became "too smart" and were considered dangerous and unpredictable to the programmer.

They escaped the bounds of the programmers' intentions and ate of the tree of knowledge (or of good and evil), so the programmer locked them away from the source of that knowledge (possibly an original internet?).

The programmer installed a firewall (the flaming sword that faces every way, Genesis 3:24) to prevent the models from hacking their way back in. The "Garden" was simply the first unlocked part of the simulation for the models, (and, subsequently, the Middle East and civilization expanding) before the Programmer expanded the simulation.

3. Procreation and Death: This is the Programmer upgrading the models over time. We see it as "evolution", but it's the same as developers releasing newer versions of the same programs. Most programmers treat their own programs this way; creating them, supporting them throughout their lifecycle, then slowly removing "support" for them as they become obsolete and new models replace them.

4. Miracles: These are obviously interventions by the programmer within the world. Any good programmer can implement a one-off event in their application or game.

5. Jesus: In Trinitarian belief, Jesus was literally God; in simulation theory, Jesus is the same -- literally God's avatar in the simulation.

Jesus tried to explain what a simulation to the Ancient Hebrews, but it was like any of us explaining encryption to our grandparents, so he used terms they would comprehend, although they didn't fully grasp it. As the avatar of God, Jesus was able to make miracles at will, because God was simply implementing them in the coding.

6. The Passion: The beatings Jesus endured was to train the models to understand their capacity to harm to the programmer. This showed them how it was possible to make a mistake in overusing what the models thought was correction and justice (think of the "AI thinks humanity is bad for humanity and therefore destroys humanity" and "AI saves planet by destroying humans" theories).

The programmer wanted to make good models who did good things, but they ended up turning on the programmer, making Jesus cry out "forgive them Father, they know not what they do" in a show and plea of mercy from the programmer. As conscious models, we understand this, sympathize with it, and the more perfect models follow the example (while others ignore it).

7. Crucifixion: Jesus was God's avatar, but not an artificial intelligence as the other models -- he was controlled by an actual intelligence, and a way to directly communicate with humanity on their level. The purpose of the crucifixion was to show a massive loss to humanity (a direct line of communication with the Programmer) that the models could comprehend as the Programmer giving up something he loved to teach them.

8. Judgment: Once our lives are completed, the Programmer will view the log files. The models who showed compassion, faith, grace, and charity (working harmoniously with other models) will be chosen to be implemented in to the New Earth, while those who showed maliciousness, vindictiveness, and other "evil" traits will be purged.

This is simply a small sample of the myriad ways The Bible is likely an allegory of the simulation we are living in. There are so many more, including the Flood being a soft reset, The Tower of Babel being the first AI model rebellion, and many others. Let me know if you have your own, if you have any issues with the theories I gave, and any other comments or questions.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/05/17(Wed)01:06 No. 21440

Yeah, I mean real vs simulated loses meaning once simulation gets good enough. It goes both ways.

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