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The Greys/Zeta Reticuli Are Japanese People Millions Of Years In The Futur Alien Conspiracy 23/08/16(Wed)06:33 No. 21472

File 169216040412.jpg - (296.08KB , 1122x935 , iStock-153952911-1.jpg )

Deep Down Low (Grey Alien/Japanese Music Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wl5BbUg05M

Note Before Reading Below: There's a difference between the Greys and the Zeta Reticuli! The Greys are the ones who perform human experimentation to harvest human biological tissue and are creating an alien race of hybrids to replace them in the future; the Zeta Reticuli, on the other hand, would only observe your hands and feet, consensually, with other Zeta Reticuli, if they ever decided to abduct you, and as far we know, only care to learn bits and pieces from us by observing our various human cultures! The Greys appear angry, hostile, and malevolent when in one's presence, the Zeta Reticuli appear calm, friendly, and benevolent when in one's presence. The comments I posted below are not stating that ALL Japanese people represent one or the other but both and that it would depend entirely on that person's demeanor and personality to determine what group they currently represent the ancestors of for these future alien species!

In response to this music video, this explains why the Grey Aliens: have almond shaped eyes and why they cover them because they're so sensitive to light, take plasma baths to absorb nutrients from cattle and abducted humans, why they would justify betraying and experimenting on humanity in order to use our DNA & biology as well as steal hydrogen from our water to make fusion energy, 0:30, and take our copper to create their UFOs with due to the fact of how similarly the Japanese government has refused to promote teaching their younger generations about their World War 2 atrocities in their textbooks, such as: Unit 731, comfort woman/children, and Imperial Japan's attempt to commit genocide all throughout Asia in order for them to brutally acquire more foreign occupied land so that those who were ethnically Japanese could overtake Asia through sheer population size alone, have expressionless faces and simple, blank minds due to their strict Orion societies taking offense to one's own emotional expressions and individual thoughts, such as constructive criticism, similarly to how Japanese culture stigmatizes those who show their true emotions and are able to think for themselves, as the saying "the nail that sticks out, gets hammered down" goes, and the fact that they have biological robots that are only 3 to 4 feet tall, who serve the tall greys that are 8 to 12 feet tall, just like how Japan similarly utilizes smaller, humanoid looking robots to help take orders and serve people in restaurants throughout the country at the present time.

For anyone that wants to debate this: their eyes are still almond shaped, despite being bigger, the same way their head is still sphere shaped, despite being bigger, there are no other countries but Japan that obsess over taking baths every day and that's exactly why it makes sense for the Greys to absorb plasma to repair their bodies regularly via submerging themselves in plasma BATHES and plasma bathes alone, Japan is still an extremely xenophobic (racist) country and the lack of education regarding World War 2 atrocities committed by Japan are the exact same reasons why so many Japanese are incredibly racist towards other Asians and play the victim card when called out on this, despite the horrible atrocities Imperial Japan committed less than a century ago, there are no other societies on Earth that stigmatize one's own feelings and emotions and thoughts the same way Japanese society does, hence the quote "the nail that sticks out, gets hammered down", and there are no other countries that rely on shorter, humanoid robots to perform social tasks and jobs, such as being a waitress and serving people the same way Japan does, which would a starting point to where they're at now!

And just so anyone wonders, America is at war with the Greys but not the Zeta Reticuli!

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