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Roll for Survival Shambler 13/04/21(Sun)23:27 No. 4547 ID: e7b672 [Reply]

File 13665796476.jpg - (206.80KB , 1086x736 , Will you survive?.jpg )

Roll for survival, /zom/. The dead have risen and are eating the living. The last two digit decides what happens to you.

0-3 "Fuck this." You an heroed once you heard the news
4-6 You ignored the warnings. Your home was invaded. You're hiding in a room and it's only a matter of time until they find you.
>If you roll a 4, 5, or 6 then reroll. 0-4=You try to escape but you tripped over something and alerted the zombies. You're zombie bait.
>5-9= You successfully escaped the zombies in your house and are on your way to a rural piece of property.

7-8 You grabbed a good amount of supplies and made it out with little/no trouble. You're in good shape.

9 God help the poor zombie who finds you and your group of the perfect survivalists. You're well stocked with food and ammunition. You have a good sized team of people who know exactly what to do and how to survive this apocalypse. You've got plenty of stuff to keep you entertained for years to come. Your house is well guarded and you have the resources to maintain it. You'll make it out of this alive.

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Shambler 13/11/18(Mon)23:11 No. 4897 ID: dbf763

0 get

zomzom 13/11/20(Wed)14:53 No. 4899 ID: d72c86

le roll

Shambler 14/01/14(Tue)11:53 No. 4992 ID: dd5edf

you fucking pussy...
taking the easy way out

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Shambler 13/12/01(Sun)19:59 No. 4920 ID: 94bb77 [Reply]

File 138592438025.jpg - (234.31KB , 1136x640 , rebuildgame-images-screenshots-kickstarter-kicksta.jpg )

Some of you may have played Rebuild (1, 2 or Mobile)

Well there's another one coming.
Main dev, Sarah Northway, created a wiki to get suggestions and feedback from fans for this baby: http://wiki.rebuildgame.com/
She's considering releasing the source code and isn't sure if making the game moddable is a good idea.

Progress and updates here: http://northwaygames.com/

Those of you who want to donate, get T-shirts/their name in the credits or unlock further goals here's what you need: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarahnorthway/rebuild-gangs-of-deadsville

Platforms: PC + Mac (10$, also DRM-free !), Android + iOS (4$) and flash (free).
When: Alpha's already out. Beta should be ready this spring before May but nothing's certain yet, check the blog for more info.
What's new: Well, it's kinda up to you :-D (but seriously, factions -buildings - attacks - art style - relationships - wars - kids - bigger storyline - MORE)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Shambler 13/12/17(Tue)19:38 No. 4951 ID: 1c2d8f

BUMP. Somehow I hadn't noticed this thread. Looks pretty good.
>165% funded
>over $41,000

So this comes in 2014, eh? Looks pretty cool, I like this style of game. Looking forward to it.

Shambler 14/01/12(Sun)20:17 No. 4988 ID: da2298

I played both rebuild 1 and 2
i am till here desperately waiting for 3

Shambler 13/12/08(Sun)14:41 No. 4932 ID: 746d97 [Reply]

File 138651011982.png - (354.85KB , 561x855 , The Zombie Survival Guide_Recorded Attacks Roman E.png )


The Zombie Survival Guide Vermillion Jack 13/06/07(Fri)21:19 No. 4634 ID: 0ca3a9 [Reply]

File 13706327792.jpg - (13.48KB , 180x270 , HNI_0065_JPG.jpg )

There may or may not have been a thread about this, but I am asking anyway.

How accurate (this might be) is "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead" if it might be used in an apocalyptic setting, including those it was ment for.

I own this book, I re-read it sometimes, and I can see some of this accurately working, but I want your opinions as well.

I've also read "World War Z" (Written by the same author) and it also seems plausible.

"The Zombie Survival Guide" Thread.

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Martyn Grim 13/08/05(Mon)04:38 No. 4752 ID: 435599

Yea spear/short sword combo would work well I think. And a .22 is...meh IDK. I hold out hope for it, I really do think it could be effective at really close ranges, but who really knows.

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 13/08/05(Mon)13:12 No. 4754 ID: f322df

I mean, there's instances where the angle of the bullet entry led to a headshot being non-lethal, but with zombies, their bones would be weaker from lack of calcium which would be evident in anywhere from a week to a month after the initial outbreak (I'm guessing).

I figure .22lr would be a good siege defense weapon, since you could have thousands and thousands of rounds easily stockpiled at a cheap price. But my main reason for asking is that we all know firearms are damn loud, but a suppressed .22 is on the noise level of a air gun from what I've seen. Would be easy to scrounge for supplies and take out small groups of zombies in your way without attracting a horde. .22 rifles tend to be lighter and more compact (Ruger 10/22 takedown) as well and you could carry hundreds of rounds on your person.

Since you could carry so much ammo, you could loose off several rounds into a head without worrying about running out of ammo (.22lr can be found just about anywhere as well).

Zeke Shambler 13/11/30(Sat)04:43 No. 4917 ID: cef44f

Max Brooks wrote that book for the average civilian. That means a person who never did outdoors shit, someone who doesnt know shit about firearms and is new to a world where u have to fend for their selves. The history part is BS of course, its for entertainment purposes. Think about, the weapons most people want to use is military weaponry. I would use a M-14. Its 7.62x51 mm or .308 Winchester, ammo is easy to come by and u can put a bayonet on it. Use sum common sense people.

Shambler 12/04/26(Thu)07:18 No. 3041 ID: fbb43d [Reply]

File 133541750311.jpg - (231.51KB , 800x1023 , Left-4-dead-2-20090601025212186_640w.jpg )

every time i go to work i look at my coworkers and think, crap this is gonna be my zombie survival crew. a huge fat guy who might be a useful distraction for the zombies, a young Bolivian man who plays soccer should be able to outrun me but i trust him, a young Peruvian woman who will probably become histerical and be useless and maybe even a burden if other members of the group insist on saving her, an older (maybe in her 40s) woman who may very well be the 2 toughest in our group being an ex trucker. me a slightly out of shape martial artist and gun nerd and im also probably the a little too logical anti hero though i mean well, and our boss an ex military drill seargent ex football coach ex you name it hes done it who probably will be the most useful. don't get me wrong though i actually like all of them. anyway it would either be that or id be locked in my apartment with my girlfriend. anyway tell me who you would most likely be with when the zombies hit the fan.

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Shambler 13/10/23(Wed)19:46 No. 4860 ID: 5d5bc0


There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon.

1) The artist is just completely ignorant of the basic rules of firearm safety.

2) Average people really ARE this lethally stupid.

The thing that scares me is that I know the answer to this question. Somewhere in the wilds of Alaska is looking better and better; I'll take my chances with hypothermia and the bears! In the event of any type of crisis where the Gov. isn't going to be there to hold their hands and wipe their tushies, the people of this country are simply too stupid to live, and I don't want them dragging me down to Hell with them.

Shambler 13/11/11(Mon)22:18 No. 4885 ID: ca12bb

the entire premise of the game is that reality has gone out the window and it's time to own stuff

and it's kind of evident since all the "campaign" title shots are of movie style posters

and the AI thing is called "the director"

Shambler 13/11/18(Mon)13:54 No. 4894 ID: a6feda

Shit. I'm still nomadic, but I'm trying to figure out where to settle down for a while.
One positive is that I'm on an island right now. A pretty damn big island, but that still means smaller hordes.

My dog is my only constant companion. We do work well together finding food, and she keeps guard when we stop to camp (I'm not much of a sleeper either so I wouldn't mind keeping guard for a while if we were out on the road).
She is still young though, and it's possible she would get us killed.
When practicing stealth at night(i.e. running to bushes/treeline when cars come), she thinks I'm playing some fucking game and might start running around, drawing attention.
But then, without her, if I was alone, I might lose my mind.

Shambler 13/10/04(Fri)16:37 No. 4824 ID: 5d5bc0 [Reply]

File 138089743418.png - (80.06KB , 418x198 , WWL.png )

I finally got an opportunity to watch WWZ last night, and, yes, I was disappointed. Anybody else feel that the movie was a wasted opportunity to tell a great story, bore remarkably little resemblance to the superb novel, and spent far, FAR too much time delving into the angst and showcasing the nobility of Brad Pitt's boringly conventional, formulaic character?

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)00:29 No. 4830 ID: 4f15e1

File 138127136682.jpg - (249.98KB , 658x725 , 1377806819244.jpg )

Shambler 13/11/03(Sun)06:50 No. 4875 ID: 687488

File 13834578099.jpg - (73.20KB , 450x577 , ad13[1].jpg )

What are these weird symbols?

World War Z Luis Gardner 13/11/08(Fri)20:56 No. 4880 ID: 1fa12e

Well, I think it was a realistic movie, bur you're right it's not a great movie. I'd rather watch 28 months movie.

Survivalism, hygiene, and human sexuality Shambler 13/02/24(Sun)08:43 No. 4363 ID: 3c081e [Reply]

File 136169183026.jpg - (47.68KB , 443x590 , FidelCastro8617.jpg )

In the event of an apocalyptic event like the ZA, It would stand to reason that the survivors are not all showering everyday.

Assuming basic hygiene standards for health need not be discussed (hookers bath?, basic decency of living?) So where are you all on what's left?

I used a picture of Fidel because of his iconic beard. Anyone who knows the story behind it will basically explain it as "they were fighting in the hills. No one had time to shave".

Long and short of it: We all know about pheromones, no need to bring that up. Water may be in short supply, or at least needed to be boiled. So I imagine shaving, or even bathing might not be the highest priority.

Would you still want to eff when we are all dirty, smelly, hairy?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)00:35 No. 4833 ID: 4f15e1

File 138127173068.png - (142.50KB , 281x244 , 1378756793356.png )

Human sex is a lie.

Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)08:02 No. 4836 ID: f31927

I think after a while we would because we just wouldn't care and it would become necessary for survival

Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)09:42 No. 4837 ID: aff890

>We all know about pheromones, no need to bring that up.
I'm not sure what you mean by not bringing this up; are you assuming that everyone knows about it and how it's supposed to function, or that everyone knows humans can't detect pheromones and has no relevancy at all?

The vomeronasal organ responsible for detecting pheromones lose all neural connections after the embryonic stage and the organ itself normally atrophies away afterwards; so not only can humans not interpret pheromone signals, most can't even begin to detect them.

That being said, humans are one of the rare species that mate for pleasure. In a world where most forms of entertainment are unavailable or too dangerous to engage in, sex would pretty much be the only source of "fun" in town.

Shambler 13/03/31(Sun)21:30 No. 4491 ID: 1c9f3d [Reply]

File 136475821845.gif - (1.97MB , 362x369 , ice-cream-cone.gif )

/zom/, I'm a military vet, and I know a thing or two about first aid in the field, but what was never clear to me is how to control severe arterial bleeding in the neck. In almost all cases of severe bleeding you would just apply a shitload of pressure to the wound and pinch off the artery at a higher point, but replicating this in the neck will shut the brain's blood supply down and will kill your patient. The best thing I can think to do is to clean the wound as best you can and suture it on the spot, but with uncontrolled bleeding this presents additional complications, not the least of which would be the swelling causing the sutures to pull free, potentially making the wound worse.

Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?

15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)00:33 No. 4831 ID: 4f15e1

File 138127161470.jpg - (55.95KB , 1280x720 , 1377668711995.jpg )

You're making stuff up, bro.

Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)00:34 No. 4832 ID: 4f15e1

File 13812716765.jpg - (63.67KB , 1280x720 , 1375997792361.jpg )


Shambler 13/10/09(Wed)01:19 No. 4835 ID: 591639

File 138127436228.gif - (1.92MB , 400x300 , mma5UVo.gif )

I feel like perhaps too much attention has been given to the GIF I posted, and perhaps not enough on the question itself...

Shambler 13/09/30(Mon)17:55 No. 4812 ID: cb9fa8 [Reply]

File 138055652613.gif - (36.99KB , 728x90 , 16356821399740046238.gif )

When does our hobby become survivalist paranoia?

I'm talking to the preppers here, rather than the horror fans.


I just caught myself looking at sailing directions should I have to escape my continent.

Now I think that's a sign of a problem.

Anyhow, Mr. Abbots gonna use drones on that border anyhow.

Shambler 13/10/04(Fri)05:48 No. 4820 ID: 5d5bc0

You can look at it in one of two ways.

A: A person becomes a paranoid survivalist because he is clinically...well, paranoid. He is mentally ill, a psycho, a whack-job, a nut-case, and if self-medicating his broken psyche by purchasing MREs by the pallet gets him through the day, then good for him.

B: He becomes a paranoid survivalist because it is FUN! We're talking fun toys, here; the weapons, the radios, GPS, camping and hiking gear, and all the other shit associated with survivalism, is fun to play with. It is an expensive hobby, sure, but not as expensive as some. Also, if the zombies ever DO beat down your door, then your $100K collection of Renaissance paintings isn't going to be nearly as useful as my old AK47.

THE GAME Martyn Grim 13/07/30(Tue)06:11 No. 4740 ID: 435599 [Reply]

File 137515748276.png - (961.55KB , 1500x1731 , Zombie CYOA mark V_finished_1.png )

The lack of CYOA threads here is disturbing. Here's some OC I whipped up. Enjoy.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/09/20(Fri)02:37 No. 4797 ID: 0efd22

No rifle grip firearms? What the fuck OP?

Martyn Grim 13/09/20(Fri)03:35 No. 4798 ID: 435599

This was intentional. Too much variability to cater to everyone and cover the basics as well. Seemed easier to reduce the decision to hashing the differences between quality models of a specific type of gun (pistols), rather than rely on the vagueness of generic titles like "Shotgun", "Rifle", "Pistol" to cater to everyone (including someone looking to break the system).

Those who wish to rely heavily on firearms would be wise to choose the bandolier or bag-of-holding, and take on Jill as a partner.

CandleJack 13/10/01(Tue)03:15 No. 4813 ID: 2ea14f

>Fire Ax

I'm not going to be melee-combating zeds if I can help it, so I'm going with this for its utility value. Not very useful, however, unless you apply magical properties such as "never gets dull/corroded and is unbreakable", though. All items in the top row can be found lying anywhere, so it's silly.

>Glock 9mm

Just a simple gun, more for defense against other humans than zeds. Why the heck would I want something with hard-to-find ammo and huge recoil just so I can feel like goddamn Clint Eastwood? However, its utility is also negligible unless also magical (ie: never runs out of ammo); I'll pick up other firearms somewhere else.


A nice middle-ground of size and complexity. The humvee is too large/complicated to be useful, and the dirtbike too small to carry much cargo and/or passengers easily. I can easily find parts for and maintain/repair the ATV myself, something I can't do with the hummer. Segway is retarded: there will be nowhere to charge the thing two days after civilization collapses, and it's too delicate to survive in the dust out there.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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