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Shambler 13/07/15(Mon)14:37 No. 4723 ID: 680693 [Reply]

File 137389184544.png - (1.22KB , 77x77 , 1373867693196.png )

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Shambler 13/07/28(Sun)10:02 No. 4738 ID: ca12bb

File 137499852523.gif - (972.92KB , 312x213 , itshappening.gif )

the ron paul revolution of course

it doesn't have to be like this, he tried to warn us, why aren't we stopping it?

Shambler 13/07/28(Sun)10:04 No. 4739 ID: ca12bb

Youtube  just a glimpse into the terrifying future should he succeed

man the barricades, grab your 2nd amendment shotguns and get cracking

Shambler 13/09/29(Sun)07:52 No. 4809 ID: 572183


Revolution? more like evolution of the zombie virus.

Shambler 13/09/07(Sat)15:10 No. 4789 ID: cb9fa8 [Reply]

File 137855940164.jpg - (135.29KB , 386x579 , War_for_Water_web.jpg )


This is THE only way to survive.
There is no other.

Somebody crowdfund this.

Shambler 13/09/20(Fri)08:46 No. 4802 ID: bc2ae1

"propelled in part by the suns rays" sticks out in the article, i suspect it still needs fuel to move, it's just the electrical grid is powered by solar energy.

Shambler 13/09/21(Sat)03:04 No. 4803 ID: 94000d

>While other ships have used solar panels before to power small electronics like auxiliary lights, the Auriga Leader is the first craft to direct solar power into the ship’s main electrical grid. Energy from 328 panels is helping to power the ship’s thrusters, hydraulics and steering gear, providing about 10 percent of the ship’s total electricity usage.

On the bright side when your ship runs out of fuel and you're doomed to drift until your supplies run out/sink/run aground, you'll have plenty of power to watch porn.

Time has past Shambler 13/08/26(Mon)23:55 No. 4778 ID: 9b3a52 [Reply]

File 137755410594.png - (603.61KB , 589x390 , northern Canadian railroad.png )

If you waited long enough on some island or in Canada wouldn't all the zombies rot away after 20 years or so

They need the flesh to move so they cant be skeletons.

Shambler 13/08/27(Tue)15:05 No. 4779 ID: d23a51

Depends on what your preferred zombie fantasy is based on.

Oddly specific version of rabies? They'll starve to death in a few months, if that.

Overly complicated reanimation virus? They'll rot away in a couple years, faster if said virus doesn't discourage flies from laying eggs in the walking corpses.

Hell-has-overflowed apocalyptic zombies? Science goes out the window, can't count on the zombies rotting or ever running out of energy, you dun be fucked.

Shambler 13/08/29(Thu)08:57 No. 4783 ID: ca12bb

not if you find a chainsaw, or play heavy metal while dancing with an axe

or what if you just lit california on fire and helicopter'd into the burnt out area while the fire continues to spread everywhere cleansing the world with flame for your glorious most triumphal return?

Shambler 13/08/31(Sat)11:43 No. 4785 ID: 9b3a52

File 137794222291.jpg - (609.17KB , 2000x1333 , ze backround.jpg )

find a island or mountian

problem solved

there is no need for /zom/

/zom/ Contingency meet up. Shambler 13/07/12(Fri)08:19 No. 4718 ID: 0c4f7f [Reply]

File 137360994934.jpg - (9.59KB , 281x179 , us.jpg )

In case of any disaster from zombies to massive power outages, I ask /zom/ its thoughts on meeting up at a designated area solely for any fellow survivor here.

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Shambler 13/08/23(Fri)03:07 No. 4774 ID: 3c2118

It's a good initial location but the real problem comes when every other survivor location within distribution range comes looking for their chunk of power. You'd be foolish to think they'd all play fair or cater to your demands.

>Even if it's offline, it'd be easier to get working again than most other power generators
Wrong, so wrong. Really, any of these sort of locations are safe as long as you don't touch shit unless such touching is under the control of someone suitably qualified to do so.

Shambler 13/08/23(Fri)23:53 No. 4777 ID: d4fc4c

>tfw in france
>tfw english and I hate the french

Well at least the french are too preoccupied sucking each other off to have anything to do with zombies.


Shambler 13/08/27(Tue)16:03 No. 4780 ID: d23a51

> Even if it's offline, it'd be easier to get working again than most other power generators

Not really, take a gander at this:

Basically everything in that is a bit of information you need to monitor and understand to ensure one of your turbines doesn't catastrophically explode, which generally leads to other turbines being damaged and the power house being flooded (which renders /everything/ useless) - and that doesn't even cover the knowledge required to clean and maintain the turbines themselves, or the operation of the reservoir itself (debris buildup and flooding are two major issues).

It's also likely there will already be a military unit and engineers stationed in a hydroelectric dam; the military will need the power to keep their bases running (even if they have their own generators it'll still be more limited in fuel than a hydroelectric dam, wind farm, or solar farm), keep civilian routes of communications open, and make taking back zombie-infested cities (if possible) easier if operations can run 24/7 rather than whenever the sun is up.

You'll probably be able to find refuge in that situation, but at the same time the Law of Zombie Outbreak pretty much demands such a situation means an overwhelming horde of zombies will be knocking at the doorstep at any moment.

Realism Shambler 13/04/18(Thu)21:58 No. 4541 ID: cb9fa8 [Reply]

File 136631510389.jpg - (15.42KB , 336x252 , clip_image002_011.jpg )

AI will augment human cognition.

Do not be so naive to think zombies will be dumb, or they won't benefit from sociopolitical infrastructure.

What do we do when we are the weaker majority, not the powerful minority?

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
If your poop don't stink That Fellow 13/08/08(Thu)19:24 No. 4758 ID: b0e05f

File 137598265462.jpg - (37.48KB , 500x356 , 1335460946137.jpg )

TSA thought bubble "LOL, she totally thinks I'm not going to stick my hand up her ass. What a rube!"

To your post, preparing for a zombie horde is more cost effective as the preparations one makes for zombies are the same as what you would do to prepare for a mob of looters or a gang.

It is very difficult to prepare for a Count Dracula type monster. They're so specific to make it nearly impossible to be prepared for all contingencies. Most of your defense will come from having a secured house with hidden provisions, a firearm, and the training/practice to make use of these resources.

Shambler 13/08/15(Thu)08:39 No. 4767 ID: ca12bb

zombification through nanobots programmed by someone who wanted to avoid a grey goo scenario but didn't quite get things totally safe, damaging certain higher function areas of the brain making them semi usable, but keeping in tact most basic "any animal has it" type functions

caused by the search to cure alzheimers

maybe they leak down through your sinuses, and this causes bleeding eyes sometimes or something and for some reason they like gum tissue and teeth as well

Shambler 13/08/15(Thu)09:03 No. 4769 ID: ca12bb

Youtube  as for dracula scenarios

predator, elephants, king richard the 3rd and other vampires and frankenstein's monster

distract and destroy, tank and spank, hit them when they're on downtime, and make the area inconducive to their peculiar traits

heavy machineguns work well generally too

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