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150 Achievements for Z-Day Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:25 No. 4743 ID: 01d7f2

File 137522673765.png - (78.89KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-0.png )

It's been a couple of spins of the Earth since a fair few of us clubbed together to create this. As a nod to the past and for the new guys to I thought I'd release the latest version (not to mention backup purposes). Only a couple of achievements have changed but most of it remains the same.

And of course, feel free to suggest tweaks and more.

Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:26 No. 4744 ID: 01d7f2

File 137522677035.png - (88.65KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-1.png )

Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:26 No. 4745 ID: 01d7f2

File 137522678755.png - (79.96KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-2.png )

Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:26 No. 4746 ID: 01d7f2

File 13752268048.png - (84.21KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-3.png )

Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:27 No. 4747 ID: 01d7f2

File 137522682055.png - (82.40KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-4.png )

Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:27 No. 4748 ID: 01d7f2

File 137522683680.png - (56.70KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-5.png )

Shambler 13/07/31(Wed)01:27 No. 4749 ID: 01d7f2

File 137522686029.png - (57.57KB , 595x842 , 150 Achievements For ZDay-6.png )


Shambler 18/07/21(Sat)02:35 No. 5605 ID: 4dcc03

I thought this thread was dead.

Shambler 18/07/27(Fri)23:23 No. 5606 ID: fa1a6f


Shambler 18/08/07(Tue)00:03 No. 5607 ID: 4267d9

There aren't enough posts to kill threads around here methinks.

Shambler 18/12/10(Mon)22:48 No. 5630 ID: 049bef

I made this thread 5 years ago!

Can't believe it took someone so long to respond... can't believe it hasn't been bumped off....

Shambler 20/09/02(Wed)18:41 No. 5724 ID: c5da03

I killed a Zombie with a Scythe in a dream today does that count for the Harvest Achievement?

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