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Speaking of 8chan Anonymous 19/08/23(Fri)22:20 No. 10543 [Reply]

File 156659162638.png - (1.64MB , 904x474 , Heh_ Heh_ Heh.png )

I've been tooling around looking at potential board bunkers. Assuming 8chan ever returns, what would 7chan's position be on your own /lit/ board being designated the official bunker for 8chan's /lit/ ?

Anonymous ## Admin ## 19/08/23(Fri)22:43 No. 10545

File 156659303459.jpg - (262.37KB , 640x640 , go sell crazy someplace else.jpg )

> being designated an "official" bunker for 8chan
Or you could just use the damn board without all this marketing circlejerkery.

Overboard? Anonymous 19/07/03(Wed)05:36 No. 10498 [Reply]

File 15621249607.jpg - (113.51KB , 720x540 , 1551061148591.jpg )

A lot of newer imageboards have an "overboard" that aggregates posts from every board onto a singular one. Would you ever consider adding something like this? It makes sites with a lot of boards way more convenient to browse

Anonymous 19/07/07(Sun)03:32 No. 10499

>>/roulette/ exists. how exactly do you imagine this overboard would function?

Anonymous 19/08/21(Wed)08:30 No. 10536

It would fetch all threads from every board, and then order them based on last bump

Anonymous 19/08/23(Fri)22:33 No. 10544

Overboard's collect together all the recently active threads across the site onto one board. If a user enters a thread from the /overboard/ they are forwarded to the relevant thread on the proper board.

It has advantages and disadvantages. An OB is touted as a means to increase visibility and user activity on a low traffic board. I've never seen it function as such.

It does seem to have that very same effect for a low traffic site as a whole.

One big issue is that OB functions as a giant /b/ board. People may end up camping there exclusively, using it as such. This can be aggravating, comical, and sometimes helpful for any given board in question as it does encourage drive-by posters.

Improvement ShiggiestofDig 17/04/21(Fri)05:32 No. 9200 [Reply]

File 14927455567.jpg - (45.18KB , 500x698 , 1491018493317.jpg )

Is there perhaps a way we can change the catalog to show more than just the OP pic

Anonymous 19/08/13(Tue)20:07 No. 10526

I guess it's possible, but I'd much rather have thread titles.

Request for a new board. Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)07:30 No. 10515 [Reply]

File 156541502043.jpg - (43.16KB , 477x700 , b8e7de8855c297b353d227e57e3738cc.jpg )

Good afternoon friendly admin.
I'm from /ausneets/, we were a good natured board on 8chan dedicated to Aboriginal supremacy and the NEET lifestyle.
I was wondering what the process would be for the creation of a new board for us.
At present we are residing on endchan but it is not suitable for our needs.
We regularly could go through a thread a day and for that reason I think it would be best if wherever we do end up, we have our own board rather than 'taking over' an already existing board.
There is around 20 regular posters but often many others who find their way there.
Can you facilitate what I am asking?
Sorry if you can't, I'm just looking for options and out of the imageboards I have frequented in the past, 7 is definitely one of the better ones.
Thank you.

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Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)16:11 No. 10520

stingy white cunt aye

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)16:36 No. 10521

You could always request the next /777/ to be whatever the fuck this is.

If you get enough posts in /777/ then you get a board.

If you don't, or if it's just bots trying to make it look active, then you won't.

Anonymous 19/08/11(Sun)01:39 No. 10522

Cheers cuz.

Anonymous 19/08/09(Fri)10:29 No. 10511 [Reply]

File 156533934135.jpg - (27.79KB , 432x388 , 51ce4a5b74b2a_image.jpg )

Hi, for some reason my /VIP/ account won't sign in when I'm not in my home country. I'm currently in Thailand and /VIP/ is treating me like a pleb. Has anyone else ever run into this problem?

Anonymous 19/08/09(Fri)12:18 No. 10512

Get ipv6 working faggot.

Anonymous 19/08/09(Fri)15:47 No. 10514

File 156535844585.png - (232.57KB , 1920x976 , Screenshot from 2019-08-09 13:37:50.png )

/VIP/ is region locked based on your IP.

I'm assuming you remembered to temporarily disable the region lock in your settings before you left or did you forget it only works for 7 days?

If you're going abroad for any longer than that and need access to /VIP/ it's a good idea to set up a proxy from your home beforehand.

Works fine, but is pretty much dead.

Anonymous 19/08/08(Thu)09:27 No. 10510 [Reply]

File 156524922538.png - (405.92KB , 1200x1200 , 1200px-HAL9000_svg.png )

Remember when this was autob&?
>>/b/792347 >>/b/792348 >>/b/792351
That was a good idea. We should do that again.

Maybe add one for this too >>/b/792392

The Old Woman Anonymous 19/07/17(Wed)20:52 No. 10502 [Reply]

File 156338954911.jpg - (31.95KB , 600x458 , Jeremy.jpg )

The bread Is Packed we can eat lunch now at 7.30 PM in Tottenham Court Road

Anonymous 19/06/02(Sun)07:00 No. 10480 [Reply]

File 155945165359.png - (373.79KB , 1751x771 , Screenshot from 2019-06-02 13-03-43.png )

LOL, someone spammed with today's IP roll two years ago.

Anonymous 19/06/02(Sun)12:39 No. 10482

ecks dee roffle mayo!

Anonymous 19/05/30(Thu)12:53 No. 10477 [Reply]

File 155921363276.jpg - (53.16KB , 256x256 , rotkot.jpg )

/vg/ and sometimes other boards seem to be infested with a particular strain of spam, whereby an on-topic reply is posted with a link to a site. It is obvious that the only reason these posts get written is so that the link could be spammed.

I have reported this before and the report was ignored, so I wanted to know whether mods are actually fine with this kind of thing or just don't care.


Anonymous ## Mod ## 19/05/30(Thu)18:28 No. 10478

One thread is about Halo, one thread is about Final Fantasy IX, one thread is about people's favorite video games, one thread is about Super Smash Brothers, one thread is about Kawase, one thread is about the hardest games people have played.

The only thread that has a link is the Final Fantasy one. They are not being removed because they are legitimate threads.

Anonymous 19/05/31(Fri)02:53 No. 10479

I was not referring to threads themselves, but replies, which got deleted shortly after me making this thread (probably by another mod).

The /vg/ posts were obvious, but sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's genuine conversation or subtle spam. With spammers willing to create more elaborate on-topic posts, where does one draw the line? For example, what's the general policy on something like:


Anonymous 19/06/02(Sun)07:03 No. 10481

Speaking of /eh/, what do you make of this? >>/eh/46936

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