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/sm/ Anonymous 19/09/08(Sun)07:14 No. 10556

File 156791966492.jpg - (1.14MB , 3619x2360 , mac_1.jpg )

The entire /sm/ board isn't loading. (404 not found, nginx/1.15.8) Is it an error, or is it being removed? Thank you, appreciate that you've allowed it all.

Anonymous 19/09/08(Sun)07:41 No. 10557

Came here to post this. /ss/ is still up, so what's the deal?

Anonymous 19/09/08(Sun)10:10 No. 10558

This happens frequently enough. Someone (probably someone anti-gay) reports the board for CP to the host, who shuts it down pending investigation. Sometimes they hit /ss/ and /cake/, too; but usually it's just /sm/.

It'll be back in a few days, if history is any indication.

Anonymous 19/09/08(Sun)12:04 No. 10559

I noticed a couple days ago someone posted a long-ass screed about how everyone posting in /sm/ was going to hell and were pedophiles. Whoever that shithead was probably reported it.

Yet another thing to blame on 8ch.

Anonymous 19/09/10(Tue)06:58 No. 10561

when /sm/ board going to be available?

Anonymous 19/09/11(Wed)05:45 No. 10562

I'd say that the jesus freak needs to be IP banned to keep him from bothering us again. As he's shown a pattern of attacking /sm/ and overlooking the straight kiddie boards, he's never going to stop that until he's forced out or destroys 7chan.

Anonymous 19/09/14(Sat)11:13 No. 10566

I liked following that SFW Screencap thread in /sm/.

So I hope it comes back.

Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)11:09 No. 10567

File 156888418986.jpg - (114.88KB , 760x503 , Spiders.jpg )

The problem is jesus freaks believe jesus wants them to use VPN to hide their tracks, primarily because they're pedos guilty of everything they rail against.

Anonymous 19/09/21(Sat)05:30 No. 10570

Already two weeks, /sm/ board still not up

Anonymous 19/09/24(Tue)07:25 No. 10571

Russia works slowly when you don't bribe officials.

Anonymous 19/09/26(Thu)05:48 No. 10573

Can we get an ETA, at least? Not many places left that let you post naked shotas.

Anonymous 19/09/28(Sat)10:36 No. 10576

*chan /b/

Devoted eyes 19/09/29(Sun)02:25 No. 10578

File 156971670072.jpg - (103.30KB , 907x510 , pink-lake.jpg )

F in the chat boys

(pic not related)

Anonymous 19/10/01(Tue)16:39 No. 10582

Can you please get /sm/ back up?

Anonymous 19/10/02(Wed)23:40 No. 10584

File 157005240544.jpg - (1.18MB , 1115x1238 , 64477823_p1.jpg )

Too bad a few days turned into a month.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 19/10/04(Fri)02:24 No. 10588

Sorry it's taking so long. The takedown request happened right before I went on holiday so I simply didn't have the time nor financial resources to switch hosting providers. It's also very difficult to find new hosting as this is now the 4th (I think?) time this has happened. Once I get that all squared away, it should come back up. No ETA though.

Anonymous 19/10/06(Sun)04:19 No. 10589

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous 19/10/06(Sun)12:55 No. 10590

Well, that definitely sucks, but we appreciate you putting in the effort to get it back online, mod

Anonymous 19/10/06(Sun)14:19 No. 10591

Any update?

10588 moonwolf8 19/10/11(Fri)03:47 No. 10592

Sorry you haven't had any success yet in restoring /sm/. I hope you can find a server that will work with you.

Anonymous 19/10/19(Sat)03:02 No. 10597

File 157144694395.png - (291.36KB , 881x475 , 1467866411036.png )

Hope it comes back soon.

Anonymous 19/10/24(Thu)08:07 No. 10599

File 157189726113.png - (644.14KB , 959x504 , Youngnaruto.png )

Come on. I need my fix of beautiful boys...

Anonymous 19/10/26(Sat)18:34 No. 10600

I miss /sm/ :(

Anonymous 19/10/31(Thu)16:06 No. 10604

File 15725344043.jpg - (115.88KB , 724x1023 , EIH-Ee5UYAAhk39.jpg )

RIP /sm/

Anonymous 19/11/04(Mon)04:53 No. 10607


Anonymous 19/11/08(Fri)22:30 No. 10608


Anonymous 19/11/11(Mon)19:10 No. 10610

please come back

Anonymous 19/11/13(Wed)04:37 No. 10654

File 157361624140.jpg - (88.24KB , 820x1192 , 090804.jpg )


Anonymous 19/11/20(Wed)05:35 No. 10658


Anonymous 19/11/21(Thu)17:40 No. 10659

Any plans to get it back up, or is it not worth it?

Anonymous 19/11/24(Sun)04:34 No. 10660

Are you going to move /cake/ and /ss/ to the new host to avoid getting them shut down by the current one?

Anonymous 19/11/27(Wed)04:18 No. 10661

Don't be silly. The host doesn't care about kiddy porn. They only want to punish gays.

Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:17 No. 10663


Anonymous 19/12/04(Wed)01:33 No. 10665

File 157541963191.png - (334.29KB , 441x449 , image-29.png )

I miss /sm/

Anonymous 19/12/05(Thu)07:29 No. 10667

Well, after three months, and it's still too hard to revive /sm/. I'm not aware of a chan that allows gay shota left. The bad guys have won.

Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)02:23 No. 10668

Look, if you're not gonna bring it back can you at least tell us so we can stop waiting and move on.

Anonymous 19/12/07(Sat)15:00 No. 10669

File 157572722818.png - (535.41KB , 795x864 , 1488744620964.png )

this. seriously admin, months since the last update?

moonwolf8 19/12/09(Mon)03:00 No. 10670

I'll pray the following before going to bed for the 40 nights from Dec. 8th to Jan. 16th. Perhaps laying some groundwork in the spirit world will get things moving:

"Patron Goddess of Shonen-Ai, I call upon you Lady Hathor. Inspire the artists and writers of Shonen-Ai to produce more work. Confound, Discredit and Remove the judges, politicians and clergy opposed to Shonen-Ai. Bless the Websites, companies, and retailers that make English language Shonen-Ai available in America with financial success and legal protection. Lady Hathor; Inspire, Defend and Promote the art of entertaining Shonen-Ai.

Patron Goddess of Shonen-Ai, I call upon you Lady Hathor. Inspire the artists and writers of Shonen-Ai to produce more work. Confound, Discredit and Remove the judges, politicians and clergy opposed to Shonen-Ai. Bless the Websites, companies, and retailers that make English language Shonen-Ai available in America with financial success and legal protection. Lady Hathor; Inspire, Defend and Promote the art of entertaining Shonen-Ai.

Patron Goddess of Shonen-Ai, I call upon you Lady Hathor. Inspire the artists and writers of Shonen-Ai to produce more work. Confound, Discredit and Remove the judges, politicians and clergy opposed to Shonen-Ai. Bless the Websites, companies, and retailers that make English language Shonen-Ai available in America with financial success and legal protection. Lady Hathor; Inspire, Defend and Promote the art of entertaining Shonen-Ai.

Lady Hathor bless 7chan and help them bring back their sm pages."

Anonymous 19/12/14(Sat)19:43 No. 10675

Fuck this website I hope the admin gets anal cancer.

Anonymous 19/12/22(Sun)10:20 No. 10682

4 months. Any updates?

Anonymous 19/12/22(Sun)10:37 No. 10683

Does anyone who posted regularly in the SFW anime screenshot thread have an alternative place they post screencaps?

Anonymous 19/12/24(Tue)17:48 No. 10684

File 157720613577.png - (326.13KB , 435x445 , xmas.png )

Guess we're not getting the return of /sm/ as a Christmas present.

Can't we at least know whether it's "eventually" coming back or not? It's still listed in the boards directory.

Anonymous 19/12/31(Tue)22:42 No. 10689

Don't feel bad, for the mods to bring it back they have to find a completely new hosting provider, one in a country where they won't try to pull an extortion racket for hosting an /sm/ board.

Anonymous 20/01/06(Mon)03:05 No. 10695

Last time someone shilled that board here mods deleted it despite providing no updates on whether the board here is coming back.

Anonymous 20/01/06(Mon)16:41 No. 10696

Like clockwork.

Anonymous 20/01/08(Wed)08:25 No. 10697

What's the board again? Don't post the full site name and just give it as a clue or separated into parts.

Anonymous 20/01/12(Sun)01:37 No. 10698

Look for a world where someone named Julay lives.

Anonymous 20/01/13(Mon)09:15 No. 10699

Thanks. I guess the low traffic is as expected, but I'm glad this alternative exists.

This isn't the first time on 7chan /sm/ got singled out for shota while the other lolishota boards carried on fine.

Anonymous 20/01/30(Thu)07:33 No. 10705

File 158036603478.jpg - (72.28KB , 1208x1039 , CHMxkxn.jpg )

Wow. I really wish I knew what the fuck this meant.

Anonymous 20/01/31(Fri)22:12 No. 10706

Just type both of those words in Google

moonwolf8 20/02/02(Sun)20:06 No. 10707

Okay, lets try this again:

"So Jonathan and David made a solemn compact because each loved the other as dearly as himself. And Jonathan stripped off the cloak he was wearing and his tunic, and gave them to David, together with his sword, his bow, and his belt. 1 Samuel 18: 3-4

Treat others as you would like them to treat you. Luke 6:31

I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; dear and delightful you were to me; your love for me was wonderful, surpassing the love of women. 2 Samuel 1:26

In very truth I tell you, if you ask the Father for anything in my name, he will give it you. So far you have asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be complete. John 16:24

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Jesus’s name we ask that eight pages each of new Shotacon Male art be posted on 7chan.org/sm/ and Julay.world/sm/."

Anonymous 20/02/14(Fri)22:35 No. 10712

>shotachan dead
>/sm/ still down
>if /sm/ ever comes back the small community will already have moved on from it since we're hitting the half-year mark already
Shotacons have it worse than lolicons.

Anonymous 20/02/18(Tue)02:58 No. 10715

>8ch dies, 8kun takes it place but no /shota/
>Nobody is sure if shotakun is secure, while it being an account site
>Y!Gallery is expected to be back online sometime around half life 3's release
>ATF can only take donations via crypto so who knows how long that'll stay up

At least hiccears is still a thing.

Anonymous 20/02/20(Thu)09:58 No. 10716

and pixiv.

Anonymous 20/03/22(Sun)22:29 No. 10724

7 months.

Anonymous 20/04/13(Mon)09:58 No. 10737

and baraag

Anonymous 20/04/16(Thu)03:03 No. 10744

8 months

Anonymous 20/04/19(Sun)06:11 No. 10745

inb4 1 year

Anonymous 20/04/22(Wed)21:21 No. 10746

Everything happens in cycles. Things grow and things shrink on the internet

Anonymous 20/04/29(Wed)23:10 No. 10769

7ch is one of the last image boards with loli
Julay's World is going no porn in 3 months
8kun banned loli
Fatchan went down about the time 8kun banned loli
But due to how long /sm/ has been down, it doesn't seem like here is a good option either.

Anonymous 20/05/01(Fri)18:39 No. 10770

The end of the era of imageboards is coming, and soon. Not dramatically ending, mind you, but an ending nonetheless. It's rather a bit like the end of the era of stars in the universe. Oh sure, there will still be stars after the last ones have reached the end of their life cycle, but all just like this board: slowly dying corpses of former stars, sizzling away slowly to a post-count of absolute zero, becoming dimmer and dimmer over long timescales.

It makes me wonder where everyone went. It seems the only way to get cartoon CP these days is to put fur on the kid. And even THAT only flies in precisely one (1) place, and who knows how long that will last. The internet is littered with the corpses of titans that were once thought could never die, but were destroyed because they dared host a small cock or a flat chest.

There was a very, very long period of time in between Greek statues of naked boys and Renaissance paintings of naked boys, and then a long period again between that and the invention of shotacon. Perhaps we are just entering a new Dark Age where such depictions simple will not exist anymore. How unlucky we are to have to live in it.

But then, those alive today are unlucky in a lot of ways.

Anonymous 20/05/14(Thu)00:19 No. 10777

It appears that Julay.World has also died. If we can't have shota could we get some yaoi instead?

Anonymous 20/05/15(Fri)11:09 No. 10784

fuck this gay earth

Anonymous 20/05/18(Mon)11:22 No. 10785

the most depressing triple 7s I've ever read fam. rest in penis, julay.

Anonymous 20/05/19(Tue)03:04 No. 10787

File 158985025177.jpg - (677.91KB , 2480x3508 , EQrD8vUU8AAz2qC.jpg )

It didn't matter anyway. Owner was saying he would no longer be keeping boards that were not in his own, personal, interest. So shota was going to bite it anyway.

Anonymous 20/05/27(Wed)03:57 No. 10788

File 159054466734.jpg - (314.50KB , 1718x2048 , ESXJO9xU8AAr7u-.jpg )

There are two other sites with board creation that allow loli/shota porn. One is 9chan.tw, is owned by Null (the owner of Kiwifarms) and has two and half shota boards (/shotacon/, /nemunemu/ and /lolishota/). The other site is 8chan.moe, owned by Acid man (some guy who is popular in the Gamergate movement) and seems to have only one board for shota in general (/sm/).
Alternatively there's plus4chan, which has been up for more than a decade and allows shota porn (but only if it has a western style or is from western characters).

Anonymous 20/08/18(Tue)06:55 No. 10815

Now with /sm/ dead in both 7chan and julay I wonder where everyone went.

Anonymous 20/08/18(Tue)17:33 No. 10816

>Alternatively there's plus4chan, which has been up for more than a decade and allows shota porn (but only if it has a western style or is from western characters).

plus4chan here. If there was interest, we could open a board for eastern content.

Anonymous 20/08/25(Tue)20:14 No. 10819

Check the second website in >>10788

Anonymous 20/09/18(Fri)01:57 No. 10833

And nothing of value was lost

Anonymous 20/09/25(Fri)15:06 No. 10838

the 8ch one is down.

Anonymous 20/09/26(Sat)11:17 No. 10839

File 160111187699.jpg - (136.32KB , 2000x2000 , 56456.jpg )

8chan.moe is back online but is in HIDDEN SERVICE SITE

Anonymous 20/09/26(Sat)15:48 No. 10840

7chan still very much has a shota board in /ss/

Anonymous 20/09/27(Sun)04:14 No. 10841

File 16011728625.png - (486.69KB , 981x1117 , 83720589_p3.png )

Use redchannit.net/sm or redchannit.org/sm. They're Tor2web portals set up by 8chan's admin that let you access the hidden boards (/sm/, /delicious/, /loli/ and /tot/) without Tor.

Anonymous 20/11/05(Thu)07:17 No. 10855

It's also available on the main site 8chan.moe, but only through the from page because autism.

Anonymous 20/12/03(Thu)05:51 No. 10878

File 160697110216.png - (20.93KB , 801x859 , Excluded.png )

Wanna see something morbidly funny and highly suspicious?

You can't even crawl archives for /sm/ on waybackmachine. See picture. Of course, you can look at /ss/ and /cake/ with no trouble; and in the past I've even looked at archives of stuff from 8chan, nasty shit like nazis and gore and borderline-cp before those boards got shut down. None of it censored like this.


Is there literally one dude in charge of the entire internet who hates shota?

Anonymous 20/12/17(Thu)02:35 No. 10889

File 160816892116.jpg - (103.83KB , 1200x900 , 121701.jpg )

what happened to redchannit.net/sm/

Anonymous 20/12/17(Thu)22:27 No. 10890


Anonymous 20/12/22(Tue)06:17 No. 10892

Changed its domain to redchannit.com because the admin is using the .net domain to test other things.

Anonymous 22/03/31(Thu)05:43 No. 11087

File 164869820861.jpg - (124.70KB , 1200x1200 , hotaruikazmr_FObBR24VcAAdQ9w.jpg )

It has been two and half years since /sm/ was deleted.

Anonymous 22/04/01(Fri)00:04 No. 11088

Never Forget.

Anonymous 22/06/04(Sat)06:24 No. 11114

Closing in on three years dead.

Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)17:50 No. 11122

So how did sm get taken down but not cake?

Anonymous 22/07/07(Thu)21:49 No. 11123

File 165722336737.png - (0.96MB , 1920x1080 , 695949110934.png )

So /sm/ is gone... sad times we live in. These things happen, I suppose.

Anonymous 22/07/07(Thu)21:56 No. 11124

It wasn't really the fault of the mods.

Anonymous 22/07/07(Thu)22:14 No. 11125

File 165722484858.jpg - (135.33KB , 1024x798 , 8321001839302.jpg )

Oh no, not blaming anyone, please do not worry. Just sad that the board has been experiencing troubles for as long as it has. Unfortunately, such matters cannot be helped at times.

Anonymous 22/07/29(Fri)21:57 No. 11129

So it's been almost three years since the board went down and any admins said anything about it?

Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)02:51 No. 11131

The board went down because shota specifically is illegal where our servers are hosted.


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