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/banner/ - Banners

Okay, so we need some new banners since there's all sorts of old shit in our banner rotation. However, we don't want shitty banners, and we don't want a clusterfuck, so here are the rules.

  1. Banners must be 300px wide, 100px high. File size must be under 1000KB.
  2. Do not post off-topic shit here. We're pretty lenient about that on other boards, but not here.
  3. Your banner must reference an existing 7chan board, or 7chan in general.
  4. Drama will result in bans, as will breaking of any of the global rules.
  5. Banners will be selected for addition to our rotation pool based on the quality of the banner. This means that we won't be selecting too many MS Paint banners.

Resources (templates, people to bother for help) are in /gfx/. Tutorials are on Google (and here). Fucking use them.

  • Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBM
  • Maximum file size allowed is 1000 KB.
  • Images greater than 200x200 pixels will be thumbnailed.
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Hope you like it! Interest 12/06/24(Sun)23:38 No. 801 ID: 6c411a

File 134057388633.gif - (4.28KB , 300x100 , 7chan.gif )


Bruce Banner 12/09/15(Sat)01:57 No. 863 ID: 06a03b

not as much content, but yeah. its better

max ernst 12/09/23(Sun)17:32 No. 870 ID: b2c660

File 134841433427.png - (70.20KB , 300x100 , 7chan_1.png )


Bruce Banner 12/09/28(Fri)07:08 No. 872 ID: 6943d6

4chan has content? I thought it was full of sawdust, like cheap cereal.

Bruce Banner 12/10/01(Mon)16:34 No. 874 ID: 2bef06

I love the culture here.
If only one could mass produce it.
I don't mind it being slow because I can always know that I can come back and the place will be the same old 7chan I've always known.
I just hope we never turn into those jock bully types. Taking it easy should always be top priority on internet discussion boards.

Bruce Banner 12/10/05(Fri)05:00 No. 875 ID: b1fd6a

I agree with that about always being what you've known. I haven't been here for a few months and it's just the same.

Slowness helps too. I would think most people that would change the place significantly would visit a board, reload a few times and realize nothing is really changing, get bored then leave.

Anyway, with the banner, I liked the pixelated >. Not sure why, but it was a good touch.

Bruce Banner 12/10/15(Mon)09:06 No. 877 ID: e90a4f

I used to spend a lot of my time on 4chan, but after lurking 7chan for about 2 months, I have decided I like the culture better.
Although, I think the main difference is just the amount of activity, 7chan having much less. I think this is good and bad, bad being not as much content, but good being that the content is of a higher quality, due to the fact that 7chan isn't as well known.
Also, the atmosphere is more relaxed. On 4chan, anon is very quick to attack.
Also, I actually do really like the banner.

Bruce Banner 12/12/15(Sat)01:07 No. 928 ID: 150c94

File 135553003413.jpg - (83.21KB , 900x183 , burroughs_smoking.jpg )

I feel the same way about differences of 4ailchan (i was just recently banned for an hour from using the correct name...don't know why) and 7chan. I have been here on 7chan not too long but after seeing the amount of torn anger and blind hate on 4ailchan for while I have come to respect the anon here and looking forward to learning the culture more. Bad ass banner...looks old school :)

Bruce Banner ## Mod ## 12/12/16(Sun)00:50 No. 929 ID: 208b5a

7chan is for 7chan. If you wanna discuss NIGGERTITS, go to NIGGERTITS.

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