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TONIGHT ON CHANNEL7 deadbabies!rfBia8M6N2 12/10/16(Tue)09:34 No. 181 ID: ec6e40 Stickied

File 135037284042.jpg - (942.40KB , 2000x1500 , ch7ade.jpg )

I'm making this thread so I can sticky it and people encoding can easily post without having to rely on me to sticky it.

So, check this thread if you'd like to know what's on Channel7 tonight. Of course, if you'd like the most up-to-date information, check #channel7 on irc.7chan.org.


VLC: http://radio.7chan.org:8000/CH7.m3u
Desktop Browser: http://www.7chan.org/channel7.html
Android Browser: http://radio.7chan.org:8000/CH7

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2016-10-17 Tuesday: Anonymous 16/10/19(Wed)04:02 No. 729 ID: 4aca38

File 147684256579.jpg - (127.31KB , 960x960 , 1lj4ryz.jpg )

2016-10-17 Tuesday:
Sleepaway Camp 3, Sleepy Hollow, Maleficent, Pride & Prejudice Zombies, Rockula

2nite Anonymous 16/10/20(Thu)21:00 No. 731 ID: 5f65c1

Startrek.TOS The.Whitest.Kids.U.Know

2016-10-21 Friday: Anonymous 16/10/22(Sat)01:51 No. 732 ID: 4aca38

File 147709388693.jpg - (100.50KB , 1452x968 , wallhaven-189253.jpg )

2016-10-21 Friday:
District 9
Robot Overlords

2016-10-22 Saturday: kinkos 16/10/23(Sun)01:41 No. 733 ID: 4aca38

File 147717968712.jpg - (189.78KB , 1680x1050 , wallhaven-447025.jpg )

2016-10-22 Saturday:

Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance
Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

Cyanide & Happiness

Oct 23 Sunday Barrowight 16/10/23(Sun)11:18 No. 734 ID: 0a99fe

Harmon Quest

Oct 24 AniMonday Barrowight 16/10/24(Mon)09:20 No. 735 ID: 0a99fe

Terror in Tokyo

2016-10-28 Friday: kinkos 16/10/29(Sat)01:42 No. 736 ID: 4aca38

Sorry we(me) have been slacking on posting the playlist for the night. If you ever want to know what will be playing and this thread is not updated. Feel free to check in IRC #channel7 the topic is always updated.

SO for tonight, in case anyone missed it.
Stranger Things Season 1

2016-10-29 Saturday: kinkos 16/10/30(Sun)00:47 No. 737 ID: 076378

File 14777812561.jpg - (564.47KB , 1920x1080 , wallhaven-52255.jpg )

2016-10-29 Saturday:
Crossworlds (Thanks Soup)
Blade Runner (Final Cut)

Oct 30 Sunday Barrowight 16/10/30(Sun)19:54 No. 738 ID: 0a99fe

Phantasm 1-4

2016-10-31 Monday kinkos 16/11/01(Tue)00:40 No. 739 ID: 4aca38

File 147795720935.jpg - (126.91KB , 1440x900 , wallhaven-79386.jpg )

2016-10-31 Monday:
The Evil Dead
Evil Dead II
Army of Darkness
Evil Dead

2016-11-1 Wednesday: kinkos 16/11/03(Thu)14:55 No. 740 ID: 4aca38

File 147818131721.png - (2.21MB , 1920x1080 , wallhaven-271262.png )

2016-11-1 Wednesday:
Rick & Morty Season 1+2

kinkos 16/11/03(Thu)14:56 No. 741 ID: 4aca38

I meant 2016-11-2

Nov 5 Saturday Barrowight 16/11/05(Sat)20:48 No. 742 ID: 0a99fe

V for Vendetta
Fahrenheit 451
It Can't Happen Here

Nov 6 Sunday deadbabies 16/11/06(Sun)22:35 No. 743 ID: 0a99fe

Game of Thrones season 6

Nov 7 Monday Barrowight 16/11/07(Mon)07:35 No. 744 ID: 0a99fe

Log Horizon 1-9
Kaze no Stigma 1-9

Nov 11 Friday Anonymous 16/11/12(Sat)00:49 No. 745 ID: 4aca38

Mr Robot Season 1
Crème Duplè House Music Video Mix
Fucked Up Friends
Retard O Tron

Nov 13 Sunday Barrowight 16/11/14(Mon)00:16 No. 746 ID: 0a99fe

Suicide Squad
Batman: The Killing Joke

Nov 14 AniMonday Barrowight 16/11/14(Mon)09:00 No. 747 ID: 0a99fe

Log Horizon 10-18
Kaze no Stigma 10-18

Nov 20 Sunday Barrowight 16/11/20(Sun)10:22 No. 749 ID: 0a99fe

Snowden (2016)
The Interview

Nov 21 AniMonday Barrowight 16/11/21(Mon)09:39 No. 751 ID: 0a99fe

Log Horizon 19-25
Kaze no Stigma 19-24

2016-11-22 Tuesday: kinkos 16/11/23(Wed)01:59 No. 752 ID: 4aca38

File 147986279360.jpg - (40.96KB , 928x523 , circle_still.jpg )

2016-11-22 Tuesday:
Time Lapse

Nov 27 Sunday Barrowight 16/11/27(Sun)23:22 No. 753 ID: 0a99fe

The Crucible
The Revenant

Nov 28 AniMonday Barrowight 16/11/28(Mon)17:23 No. 754 ID: 0a99fe


Dec 11 Sunday Barrowight 16/12/12(Mon)03:29 No. 757 ID: 0a99fe

10 Cloverfield Lane
Hateful 8
Batman vs Superman

Dec 12 AniMonday Barrowight 16/12/12(Mon)09:19 No. 758 ID: 0a99fe

Hellsing Ultimate

Garden+Gnome 17/06/23(Fri)02:56 No. 860 ID: b9f680

PLEASE! Anything!

Just NO MORE fucking Bill Nye!!

Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)02:56 No. 861 ID: b9f680

PLEASE! Anything!

Just NO MORE fucking Bill Nye!!

Anonymous 17/07/16(Sun)21:15 No. 862 ID: b3b0c1

Please no more bill nye ;(

Anonymous 17/07/17(Mon)01:13 No. 863 ID: f77716

Wow this is actually a good show. I don't get what trumpfkins' problem with it is

2017-7-doesnt fucking matter kinkos 17/07/18(Tue)03:45 No. 864 ID: 0dc001

File 150034232686.jpg - (72.72KB , 375x470 , 4TB.jpg )

Sorry we are (collectively) a shit.
Here are some things that aren't bill nye.

Requiem for a Dream
Naked Lunch
Crystal Fairy

image unfuckingrelated

Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)21:33 No. 865 ID: 7fd13b

I see that list and I get excited. I click on the link and what do I see?

Bill Fucking Nye!!

kinkos 17/07/19(Wed)01:34 No. 867 ID: 0dc001

The stream was already going when I put the list up. So it had to wait until the next day when stream restarts to read new list.
Stream started:Tue, 18 Jul 2017 18:00:01 -0400

you can check http://radio.7chan.org:8000 for when it starts

Anonymous 17/07/20(Thu)06:59 No. 868 ID: da930e



2017-08-31 Thursday kinkos 17/08/31(Thu)12:54 No. 869 ID: f07c45

2017-08-31 Thursday:
Robot Overlords
Ex Machina
Robin Hood Men in Tights
Death Factory

kinkos 17/08/31(Thu)13:03 No. 870 ID: f07c45

File 15041774075.png - (7.81KB , 243x243 , OH BOY.png )


Anonymous 17/11/07(Tue)01:24 No. 882 ID: 4473ce

File 151001429196.png - (755.43KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-11-07 08-21-12.png )

So he built a woman, and then he was surprised when she learned how to not know her place?

2018-02-14 Wednesday kinkos 18/02/14(Wed)19:22 No. 893 ID: f07c45

File 151863254922.jpg - (154.33KB , 1200x520 , black-mirror.jpg )

TONIGHT: Black Mirror Season 1 through 4
with weird breaks

Broadcasting quequotion 18/05/25(Fri)15:21 No. 906 ID: 3ce842

File 152725451779.gif - (292.94KB , 960x540 , 21st-Century-Security.gif )

Channel 7 Radio

Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)20:29 No. 921 ID: eb38d8

File 154161894647.jpg - (77.21KB , 1280x720 , [Kirion] Non Non Biyori - 03 (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC.jpg )

Is it down? Damn, I just rediscovered this and was really enjoying it.

Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)21:52 No. 922 ID: 733df3

The guy that maintains it has some IRL stuff to attend to. He's been communicating with staff and plans on returning once he can.

Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)22:56 No. 924 ID: eb38d8

File 154162781784.gif - (795.43KB , 482x594 , Makoto thumbs up.gif )

Oh, okay. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)17:45 No. 942 ID: fcf526

broadcasting system audio (mostly movies in 5.1 surround)

wrluhpgi@gmail.com 19/04/05(Fri)12:48 No. 946 ID: 18d8ca

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c3 20/04/12(Sun)07:49 No. 973 ID: 094766

Has no one actually posted here for a year? or is something screwed up on my end...?

Anonymous 20/04/19(Sun)10:38 No. 974 ID: 1967b7

Where are you fuckers?
i know you're here somewhere!
You wouldn't be hosting movies & TV shows & i noticed there's certain changes/tweaks here & there if this place were really dead.
What's going on?
Is there a secret chan?
I swear I'll find you people!
This is like that Simpsons episode with the no Homer's club, isn't it!?

Anonymous 20/05/12(Tue)23:30 No. 984 ID: 0bbfe5


Anonymous 20/09/18(Fri)20:54 No. 996 ID: 75a089

We're hangin out on 7chan's comfy IRC network.

2020 SEPTEMBER 25 FRIDAY Anonymous 20/09/26(Sat)01:44 No. 997 ID: 594e0e

Alien Friday? idk i didnt make the playlist

Starship Troopers
Pitch Black
Dark Skies
Area 51
Alien: Covenant

2020 OCTOBER 9 FRIDAY Anonymous 20/10/09(Fri)23:25 No. 998 ID: 594e0e

some kinda horror playlist

In The Mouth of Madness
Re-Animator (Remastered)
Event Horizon (Remastered)
Color Out of Space

Anonymous 20/12/05(Sat)23:35 No. 1003 ID: 117cee

They Live and Soylent Green back to back
Turned slow night to Gold


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