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ABORTION thread - Backalley Polydicks edition The+Red+Barron 22/06/26(Sun)11:07 No. 2214 ID: 7cb4c3

File 165623443662.png - (418.39KB , 1216x1258 , truthpill.png )

So are you for or against abortion? I'm against it

Anonymous 22/10/14(Fri)16:20 No. 2236 ID: 466a42

Do you want a real debate or did you just come here to circle jerk with your fellow pieces of shit?

Anonymous 22/12/19(Mon)14:25 No. 2240 ID: 31beea

Pardon me, princess

Anonymous 22/12/19(Mon)14:32 No. 2242 ID: 93183a

On one Hand, less violent crimes.
On other, hoes.

Anonymous 22/12/24(Sat)19:31 No. 2245 ID: e96e18

Boy you really overestimate the ability of people to sell pussy. Most women who start whoring do so because of drug use. The people pumping out whores would also be looking to kill you, you would not have any.

Anonymous 22/12/30(Fri)00:18 No. 2246 ID: 1c4a6b

File 167235592344.jpg - (400.31KB , 1000x1000 , Little girls insight on dumb adults 1.jpg )


>Most women who start whoring do so because of drug

Wrong, it's about povety, drug addict/alchohol 1 in 20.
Somehe young girls are just easily duped into it about 1 in 7
Then in an unbalanced fake good scociety.
People will sexual expoilt others, male/female young/old.

The illeagel sex trade is always 20 times bigger than the drug trade.
Deal with it....

Anonymous 22/12/30(Fri)12:10 No. 2247 ID: 05c601


Poverty is a symptom of addiction. Without addiction you almost can't be completely broke and living on the street in America

Anonymous 23/01/03(Tue)09:10 No. 2249 ID: a48a6c


Don't live in Yankland, so its different here and I've wtached it change for the last 35 years of my voting age, for the not just the worst. The most slow deliberate Evil.
Killing the poor, is the not common policy, it's the only policy. In my country and from the looks of it all around.
I'd have to say from the outside looking in Yankland is the same. Then you live there and I don't. Although have you live all over Yankland for last 35 years of your adult life.
Learning fisrt hand the different ways people are forced grow up through and then dump into adult life.

Hey these are just my early morning meanderings.

The+Red+Barron 23/01/22(Sun)09:37 No. 2254 ID: 7cb4c3

File 167437664918.jpg - (104.44KB , 850x991 , __android_18_and_kuririn_dragon_ball_and_1_more_dr.jpg )

I live in a small town in the midwest, and even we have "warming centers," places for hobos to go be warm at night in the winter. In other countries I'm sure the poor have it really rough, but here you can even get a job the next day (a shitty one yes but a job) through a temp agency. If nothing else you'll get paid for training, which is like 200$ for nothing. Most people spend it on crack unfortunately

Anonymous 23/01/29(Sun)23:53 No. 2255 ID: 3e05e9

Yeah but they have to believe every lie told to them by the communists or else they'll realize that communism is made of lies and only lies. Take out one structural lie and all of communism falls apart. That's how to beat it, not by falling for more banker wars and communist revolutions.

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