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Anonymous 17/05/22(Mon)10:57 No. 25108

File 149544342989.jpg - (98.93KB , 300x392 , Superman-Batman.jpg )

Batman is a much better than character than Superman. I understand that Superman's main appeal is that he is a perfect man and his goody persona is heartwarming. But this can only go so far until it gets boring. Batman on the other hand is a self made hero that has many flaws to make him an intriguing complex character. This is because Bruce knows if he gives up being Batman he will find happiness but his vengeance is what drives him. Also I dont know why anyone would root for Superman to beat Batman in a fight. Superman beating Batman is something very realistic and predictable. Watching a god pummel a man dressed as a bat isnt something that would be interesting in a comic book setting. Rather the underdog and the one that relies on brains instead of brawn should be the victor. I am not a batfag, I just know that Batman is a superior character to Superman.

Anonymous 17/05/31(Wed)14:45 No. 25118

"/co/ - Comics: Now you can argue about whether Batman or Superman is better with other basement dwelling virgins."

Are you trying to be meta?

Anonymous 18/07/30(Mon)04:59 No. 25268

The idea that Batman and Superman have to fight is also part of the problem.

Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)21:27 No. 25277

Reality is Superman could tear through Batman like wet paper but ever since DKR the writers have given Batman plot armor to the point of making him invincible.

Anonymous 18/09/19(Wed)21:53 No. 25298

>Watching a god pummel a man dressed as a bat isnt something that would be interesting in a comic book setting.
Actually it would be; A comic where the big G gets sick of pretenders and goes on a smiting spree against false prophets would be comical to say the least. You can always go serious with the story by having the "One True" invoke the wrath of the Hindu pantheon who turn out to be gods in their own right, gets his arse thoroughly kicked trying to prove himself the only true god and is later saved and trained under the remnants of the Native American Pantheons after being almost annihilated by Horus and his friends. For the final act The Big G faces a combined Egyptian/Hindu pantheon alone and armed only with his righteous wrath (Zephaniah 1:14–15)

>Rather the underdog and the one that relies on brains instead of brawn should be the victor.
Basement dwelling power fantasy at it's finest.

Anonymous 18/09/19(Wed)22:35 No. 25299

You would love Irredeemable. It's basically about an analog of Silver Age Superman who fucking snaps because he is tired of everyone's shit. It's brutal and a definite satisfying read.

Anonymous 18/10/21(Sun)05:18 No. 25345

I don't find Superman's goody heartwarming persona boring at all. In fact, with the way everyone and everything has to be so dark and brooding all the time these days, it's actually kinda refreshing.

Anonymous 18/10/25(Thu)21:57 No. 25351

I look at Superman more like a god walking among man and trying to fit in. Because of that, he's burdened with being the good guy, like the anchor that keeps the world together. If he isn't then he loses the only home he ever knew.

Anonymous 18/10/26(Fri)02:52 No. 25354

File 154051517735.jpg - (71.92KB , 437x600 , a1_d7459bb0-7772-4189-937a-f35cf8e07963_grande.jpg )

You're kind of right. DC's heroes have been likened to gods. The classic Justice League line-up gets called the Pantheon and the three largest characters of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman get called the Trinity. Superman is meant to be bigger than life. A paragon of everything just and right in the world.

But people tend to forget that he was Clark Kent before he was Superman. He grew up on a farm in Kansas and in modern times he didn't develop his powers until puberty. So his formative years were normal. In the modern movies he feels detached from humanity, like he's above us, and that's why the movies angered fans because Superman would never view himself as above anyone.

Anonymous 22/06/01(Wed)21:35 No. 26058

The anger is on point. The DC Extended Universe began in 2013. I have my fingers crossed that in 2023 (10th anniversary of the DCEU) "The Flash" will mark the end of the CURRENT DCEU.

Let 2024 be the beginning of an All-New DCEU!

Anonymous 22/06/02(Thu)16:37 No. 26061

2008 MCU & 2013 DCEU comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRsBxtB3uec

Anonymous 22/08/05(Fri)01:28 No. 26220

DC Will Have 10-Year Plan Akin to Marvel’s Playbook, Says David Zaslav https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/dc-movies-follow-marvel-playbook-1235193077/

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