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/d/ - Alternative Hentai

Welcome to /d/, 7chan's board for Alternative Hentai.

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FTP transformation into someone else's vagina Anonymous 10/02/18(Thu)23:21 No. 16103 ID: aa02ff

File 126653167054.jpg - (278.93KB , 900x900 , Arika_Nina.jpg )

Newest one from Gamera on Carrotrukia.org

Anonymous 10/02/18(Thu)23:25 No. 16104 ID: aa02ff

Anonymous 10/02/20(Sat)09:26 No. 16127 ID: 17458e

Anonymous 10/02/21(Sun)05:51 No. 16132 ID: 565c83

Now, isn't this new.

Anonymous 10/02/22(Mon)08:14 No. 16157 ID: aa02ff

Anyone know any artists that might want to draw something like this?

Anonymous 10/02/23(Tue)06:46 No. 16173 ID: fd5a00

i love this fetish but sadly i dont have any

Anonymous 10/02/23(Tue)10:38 No. 16175 ID: aa37da

There is a surprisingly lacking amount of PTF, really wish there was some more stuff for it. Would love to see a good sequence, I posted a FTP here on an earlier thread as well, one of the best I've found in my opinion

Anonymous 10/02/24(Wed)04:38 No. 16184 ID: aa02ff

File 126698269861.jpg - (165.87KB , 600x900 , Tenma_Yakumo_Quad.jpg )

Another new one from Gamera on carrotrukia.org

I wonder if P.chronos would draw ftp

Anonymous 10/02/24(Wed)06:38 No. 16185 ID: 981abe

I want more.

Internet, please deliver.

Love always,

Anonymous 10/02/25(Thu)22:11 No. 16227 ID: 748b89

Series of crap images for this story (But it's better than nothing, eh?):


Anonymous 10/02/27(Sat)08:42 No. 16254 ID: aa02ff

no good artists that can get behind this? I mean I don't really know if any artists hang out on this board...

Anonymous 10/02/28(Sun)03:05 No. 16260 ID: 0a5183

I'll take crap images over no images any day....

Anonymous 10/02/28(Sun)22:32 No. 16277 ID: aa02ff

If we do find some artists that are interested, what are some good ftp ideas for them to draw?

Anonymous 10/03/01(Mon)00:05 No. 16280 ID: fd5a00


Brother unwillingly transforms into sister's vagina

Sister purposefully involves herself in sexual situations


Anonymous 10/03/01(Mon)02:33 No. 16300 ID: 47274d

You called?

And a follow up pic.

Anonymous 10/03/01(Mon)06:46 No. 16306 ID: 981abe

Slowly but surely, this thread delivers.

Dare I ask for more? :)

Anonymous 10/03/01(Mon)17:27 No. 16314 ID: fd5a00

You are my favorite person in the whole wide world

Anonymous 10/03/05(Fri)23:27 No. 16426 ID: e7b9ba


Artist for these goes by Negi, and he's got some more on eka:


Anonymous 10/03/06(Sat)08:14 No. 16432 ID: aa02ff

he needs more practice but it is a good start
seems like he stopped though

Anonymous 10/03/10(Wed)10:29 No. 16502 ID: aa02ff

so there's no artists on /d/?
commission or otherwise

Anonymous 10/03/14(Sun)10:22 No. 16577 ID: 61b72f


Anonymous 10/03/18(Thu)01:28 No. 16684 ID: aa02ff

no bump, commission, commission!

Anonymous 10/03/22(Mon)21:18 No. 16799 ID: 14ab88

Oh, yes! This is awesome. I imagined the thought had only crossed my mind... and bump.

Anonymous 10/06/21(Mon)05:38 No. 16814 ID: 42976f

i would love to see more of this sadly i have nothing that has not been posted

Anonymous 10/06/22(Tue)11:35 No. 16845 ID: 35618b

could always commission more, unless there's artists that take requests

Anonymous 10/06/25(Fri)21:47 No. 16898 ID: 35618b

Found an artist that might do something like this. What should I get /d/?

Anonymous 10/06/25(Fri)22:54 No. 16899 ID: 30f0b4

Ok I give up what does this stand for?
Is it face to pussy?
Face to pussy into something else's vagina?

Anonymous 10/06/27(Sun)02:11 No. 16922 ID: 0df228

Female into pussy is what I'm going with

Anonymous 10/06/27(Sun)03:15 No. 16924 ID: 35618b

after looking through the site in the first post it says it's frottero transformation partialism
which means turning into the sexual part of someone else's body

Anonymous 10/07/01(Thu)21:59 No. 17080 ID: 35618b

What should I get /d/?

Anonymous 10/07/28(Wed)23:42 No. 17593 ID: 35618b

a month and not a single request? /d/ doesn't want free custom fetish hentai?

Anonymous 10/07/29(Thu)22:41 No. 17614 ID: 2b669a

One where we see the process (like a TF piece), and have a description of what the person feels : mouth becoming something else new sentations, limbs disappearing, etc.

Anonymous 10/07/30(Fri)09:36 No. 17626 ID: 35618b

I'm not rich, it's limited to one or two pics at a time, please

so no sequences

Anonymous 10/07/30(Fri)10:16 No. 17627 ID: a5f269

A busty chinese girl turning her american step sister into her vagina

Anonymous 10/08/01(Sun)21:25 No. 17687 ID: 35618b

How about... you know hentai ideas, since this is a hentai board. Like anime characters and such.

Anonymous 10/08/05(Thu)05:32 No. 17779 ID: 11982d

Pff. If we were going to go with the weird sensation narration bit, why not have the person being changed into said part be male? That would be REALLY freaky, no?

Anonymous 10/08/05(Thu)06:32 No. 17781 ID: a5f269

How about just come up with your own ideas then, fuck.

Anonymous 10/08/06(Fri)00:23 No. 17787 ID: 35618b

because... hentai board

Looking for what HENTAI type ideas people want

Anonymous 10/08/06(Fri)02:17 No. 17788 ID: 0df228

Honestly, I'm damn near desperate for any kind of image related to PTF/CTF. Make what ever you want with what ever character you want, as long as it's dandy. All I ask is that it isn't furry.
But, if I HAD to choose, I have a somewhat comical interest in seeing those girls from totally spies turn into some kind of pussy or cock. /cheesyfetishinterest

Anonymous 10/08/06(Fri)19:15 No. 17797 ID: 001ea5

Well, if I had to make a request, I would second that Totally Spies one...maybe have one of the girls turns into a cock belonging to one, and then those girls have hot futa/nonfuta sex.

Homicide!Gw0ghxAiwQ ## Mod ## 10/08/07(Sat)04:33 No. 17804 ID: fbb46b

Hentai is anime with fucking instead of character exploration and narrative exposition. Ergo >>17801 is on the ball.

I don't fucking mod this board. Whoever reported it is a fuck for making me review this thread.

N 10/08/07(Sat)23:14 No. 17807 ID: ebd001

I'd like to see some stuff where people's mouth/tongue turns into a vagina or a penis, but I can't seem to find much of it on this board. Anyone have any posts/links?

Anonymous 10/08/10(Tue)21:08 No. 17865 ID: 35618b

You'll have to explain more about your totally spies idea since I know about the series but I never watched it.
But if you explain I'll see about using it. Sorry but no cock, this is a vagina centered thread after all

Anonymous 10/08/12(Thu)21:54 No. 17903 ID: 3a82e4

Not a bad thought! I like it! Now, if only there were an artist who could realize it...

Anonymous 10/08/12(Thu)23:43 No. 17908 ID: 0df228

You do what you think is right and dandy, I ain't very picky about story and set up and what not, especially when it comes to this fetish, because there's so little content for it, for both PTF and CTF.
I would much prefer seeing something happen to clover or Mandie or what ever her name is, but you do what you want, I ain't gonna complain either way.

Anonymous 10/08/16(Mon)22:36 No. 17961 ID: 35618b

But I don't know anything about them for a story or setup, I know the characters from fan art and a few commercials for their show.

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)02:22 No. 18174 ID: 0df228

Just draw some stuff, or characters you saw from the show then, I don't care about story and what not, just reallly want to see new images for this fetish.

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)20:09 No. 18187 ID: 35618b

I'm not an artist, I'm buying FTP commissions for /d/. People are going to have to be more specific in their requests. Characters, situations, who gets to be the vagina, etc.

Anonymous 10/08/27(Fri)00:55 No. 18190 ID: 97f33b

Here you go you sick bastards.

Anonymous 10/11/01(Mon)01:45 No. 19053 ID: 91046a

What are some artists that do this kind of thing?

Anonymous 10/11/02(Tue)06:14 No. 19057 ID: c3e63a

Since I'm not paying, here's something that should be specific enough. From totally spies, clover turns into Mandy's vag. Bedroom, getting ready to masturbate. nude ofc.

Anonymous 10/11/02(Tue)13:42 No. 19058 ID: 4d23a5

Glad to know I wasnt the only one watching a show thats target demographic was 12~15 year olds

Anonymous 10/11/02(Tue)14:39 No. 19060 ID: 4d23a5

How does everyone feel about an Ace Attorney version of this.

Mia somehow intervenes and takes form of Maya's body and turns Edgeworth/VonKarma into her vagina and Phoenix unknowingly participates?

Anonymous 10/11/04(Thu)00:00 No. 19066 ID: d7d5f0


Actually not in to this but felt this was proper?

Anonymous 10/11/04(Thu)18:59 No. 19071 ID: 4d23a5


lold... so hard

Anonymous 10/11/05(Fri)18:25 No. 19079 ID: 141197

I think I was within that demographic when it came out, though just barely

Anonymous 10/11/08(Mon)00:43 No. 19105 ID: 91046a

Is the person who was asking for requests even still here? that was like months ago

Anonymous 10/11/22(Mon)00:08 No. 19216 ID: 91046a

I guess not... anyone know any artists that are good to commission?

Anonymous 10/11/23(Tue)04:47 No. 19236 ID: b661ab

File 129048402843.png - (1.96MB , 1968x2322 , weird7chanrequest.png )

You're weird /d/. But I love you. Have a draw thing.

Anonymous 10/11/23(Tue)05:12 No. 19237 ID: b661ab

Btw, drawfag from above here, I figured since you folks were hurting for original content you wouldn't mind something western and a bit chubby. This board, futa, and straight-shota have been my goto places for discovering new hentai for a long while now.

Anonymous 10/11/23(Tue)16:15 No. 19239 ID: 535f0d

I approve.

Anonymous 10/11/25(Thu)07:40 No. 19253 ID: 91046a

it's not really like the other stuff in the thread, but as long as you're being creative

Anonymous 10/11/27(Sat)10:30 No. 19267 ID: 0444ed

I like !!! Thanks.

Anonymous 10/12/13(Mon)08:20 No. 19313 ID: 91046a

7chan is back!
Did we find any artists for this yet?

Anonymous 11/02/03(Thu)04:22 No. 23398 ID: 5a0985

this is just entertaining to look at

Anonymous 11/04/21(Thu)18:30 No. 25121 ID: 91046a

File 130340342346.jpg - (439.18KB , 1500x1061 , 130335270021.jpg )

finally something new

Anonymous 11/04/22(Fri)00:47 No. 25124 ID: 343d41

File 130342607341.png - (649.56KB , 2000x1200 , 130237458285.png )

Anonymous 11/04/22(Fri)02:24 No. 25128 ID: 11a4a7

This is so awesome... I want to see this combined with tentacles.

Anonymous 11/04/24(Sun)17:14 No. 25213 ID: 91046a

I tried to talk to that artist for commissions but he was just rude
so I will keep looking for a good artist to help this thread

Anonymous 11/04/25(Mon)05:25 No. 25223 ID: 1561df


Anonymous 11/05/13(Fri)19:19 No. 25528 ID: 02645e

>>25121 sauce mandatory plox!

Anonymous 11/05/26(Thu)16:37 No. 25689 ID: 91046a

the artist was called hitori I think

Anonymous 11/05/29(Sun)05:33 No. 25704 ID: 9fad7a

Correct, as far as I know, he does more stuff in other alternative areas, and currently has a rather large thread on 7chan of his artwork...

Also he hasn't done alot of FTP, but this is part of some art pack for $10 or something...

Anonymous 11/06/07(Tue)13:56 No. 26065 ID: 770d87

File 130744778755.jpg - (965.55KB , 1500x1061 , 658633%20-%20DC%20Starfire%20TanoshyHT%20raven%20t.jpg )


Coloured version

Anonymous 11/06/10(Fri)04:23 No. 26158 ID: 91046a

if there were a kind of monstergirl that ambushes human girls and turns them into her pussy
what kind of monstergirl would it be?

Anonymous 11/06/10(Fri)09:30 No. 26174 ID: 150cdc

Well is there any kind of link to his other stuff, I've looked around and haven't found it.

Anonymous 11/06/10(Fri)23:04 No. 26180 ID: 770d87


Anonymous 11/09/08(Thu)16:09 No. 29295 ID: 770d87

the hottest fetish

Some+fag+from+Britain 11/10/09(Sun)00:13 No. 29822 ID: eda3de

Something someone threw together for gurochan

Tfed-Artist 11/10/09(Sun)13:48 No. 29825 ID: 696ad5

My work spreads across the net!
My plan of taking controll over the alternative hentai scene is working perfectly!

Bill 11/10/09(Sun)22:30 No. 29826 ID: 0555cd

What other art like this have you done? I love your illustrations, though you really do need to work on your spelling.

Call me pathetic if you want, but I could not fap to this until I fixed the words. Here's the corrected pics:

Anonymous 11/10/11(Tue)19:29 No. 29833 ID: 91046a

you won't take over anything unless you do some more like this

Anonymous 12/02/12(Sun)00:40 No. 32947 ID: 18061b

is there more from this artist i looked up TFA, Scarlet and absorption games. nothing sent me to the person that made this. Help please

Anonymous 12/02/23(Thu)12:13 No. 33021 ID: d378f3

new view on life

Anonymous 12/02/23(Thu)12:15 No. 33022 ID: d378f3

Anonymous 12/02/23(Thu)12:16 No. 33023 ID: d378f3

every post is backwards, oops

Anonymous 12/10/03(Wed)05:17 No. 39430 ID: 0f799c


Anonymous 12/10/20(Sat)08:08 No. 39998 ID: 768d0e


Anonymous 13/06/21(Fri)21:54 No. 41666 ID: 4c3b65

File 137184446235.jpg - (168.76KB , 567x582 , friends_forever_by_najafox-d4lrc4l.jpg )

dang it it bin overe 6 months now so heres another pic

Anonymous 13/09/15(Sun)10:15 No. 42242 ID: 260f38

File 137923291762.jpg - (99.76KB , 857x982 , 1378856027682.jpg )

Anonymous 13/09/28(Sat)01:08 No. 42434 ID: c9f671

> 260f38


Anonymous 13/09/28(Sat)03:05 No. 42435 ID: c1bebf


It came from a drawthread on a certain other /d/. The archived output of these threads is in that booru.

Anonymous 14/01/05(Sun)04:32 No. 42771 ID: 8e0af5

File 138889274217.jpg - (328.59KB , 868x1228 , sister.jpg )

Made something for you guys. Enjoy.

Anonymous 14/12/06(Sat)08:42 No. 44046 ID: 7bfa09

File 141785174146.png - (2.99MB , 1400x3023 , image3.png )

Anonymous 16/08/21(Sun)01:18 No. 45310 ID: 64ef33

File 147173510858.png - (273.12KB , 868x1200 , 1450066482902.png )

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)09:49 No. 45378 ID: 841067

File 147997734464.png - (2.09MB , 2000x2000 , 1476126762_luxianne_26_.png )

Lots of FTP hiding on furaffinity if you can tolerate the filtering.

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)09:53 No. 45379 ID: 841067

File 147997761362.gif - (92.49KB , 632x712 , rubberdridersmall.gif )

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)09:54 No. 45380 ID: 841067

File 147997765396.jpg - (339.32KB , 720x720 , ftprukia.jpg )

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)09:57 No. 45381 ID: 841067

File 147997783074.jpg - (1.14MB , 1057x3955 , 131770199293.jpg )

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)09:57 No. 45382 ID: 841067

File 147997784973.jpg - (1.32MB , 1057x4206 , 132128371961.jpg )

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