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hentai music videos Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)22:55 No. 38590 ID: 7977b2

File 134264490078.png - (764.80KB , 800x600 , aa731cbe21597a5ec010801519498c2fd23f73fc.png )

hello /d/ ive been making HMV's for a while now (see subject) and thought id share my work with you guys. lots of them are /d/ but a few are just /h/ not all of them are labeled as such, just a couple. anyway ima post my folder and start /d/ump while im at it!

here ya go

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)22:57 No. 38591 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)22:59 No. 38592 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:03 No. 38594 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:05 No. 38595 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:09 No. 38597 ID: 5b98a4

check your folders before dumping, some of this stuff belongs on /fur/ instead

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:17 No. 38600 ID: 7977b2

oops your right il be more carefull >.<

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:21 No. 38601 ID: 7977b2

i went back and deleted those :)

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:22 No. 38602 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:24 No. 38603 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:26 No. 38604 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:28 No. 38605 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:30 No. 38606 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:32 No. 38607 ID: 7977b2

Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)23:38 No. 38608 ID: 7977b2

Original Anonymous 12/08/20(Mon)19:38 No. 39254 ID: 58e9bb

Hey on the file "Sensual tentacle" where can I find the original video without the music?

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)18:31 No. 40209 ID: 28c992

Hey, man, you should definitely make a pastebin giving the audio source of a lot of these. I started rifling through them after a certain point because of your taste in music over the videos themselves yet a lot of the audio is unsourced.

Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)05:39 No. 40239 ID: 90d9e2

I guess you wouldn't happen to feel like posting sources on all this, would you?

Anonymous 12/12/07(Fri)02:27 No. 40282 ID: 863cdc

dude, these are pretty good. I hope you find a career doing this kind of work (porn or non-porn!)

Anonymous 12/12/07(Fri)05:29 No. 40283 ID: 941e90

Let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Anonymous 13/10/15(Tue)23:27 No. 42521 ID: a76376

File 138187247652.jpg - (531.80KB , 900x670 , 19dba2dd3b5b7ea324b60077643e8f65.jpg )

source on one with ayane in it?

Anonymous 19/03/31(Sun)16:24 No. 46047 ID: 9f83c8

can we get a re-up OP?

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