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Any guys like transboi dick/big clits? Or is everyone into transgirls? ftmboi 19/08/25(Sun)22:45 No. 107910 ID: fbc537

File 156676594727.jpg - (130.75KB , 720x1280 , xxx3.jpg )

ftm trans boi with a really sensitive little dick and a wet boi pussy. not sure if anyone here is into trans bois or if most people are only into trans girls...its so hard to find guys who are into me.

Closet Homosexual 19/08/26(Mon)02:27 No. 107911 ID: 602775

Post tits.
I'm into it.

Closet Homosexual 19/08/26(Mon)15:11 No. 107912 ID: 87c476

I’m into it too. I especially like when FTMs haven’t had top surgery and have a nice set of hairy tits and a nice belly.

Winter_One 19/08/27(Tue)05:26 No. 107914 ID: fbc0f1

I'm down

Closet Homosexual 19/09/08(Sun)09:15 No. 107928 ID: ad59c4

I'm into it so hard! Would love boyfriend like this.

Closet Homosexual 20/11/09(Mon)02:42 No. 108489 ID: 9cf709

pussy? nah

Hiii Olivrr 22/06/04(Sat)03:05 No. 109099 ID: 443c22

If ur looking for an ftm cutie messge me at ollies_frogs23

Closet Homosexual 22/06/09(Thu)19:44 No. 109106 ID: 7be289

hi cytie can we talk

Closet Homosexual 23/03/20(Mon)21:08 No. 109370 ID: 28d010

lol op posts and never is hard from again

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