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John Smith 21/03/27(Sat)05:51 No. 47747

File 161682070425.jpg - (263.10KB , 804x1072 , 1317315895578.jpg )

Hello, John.

I interviewed for a job today. I felt it was going well until I asked how they saw "work/life balance" there. They avoided answering how many hours employees work in a week, but they gave me the impression that they frequently pressure people into working overtime. They tried to make up for this by bragging that they allow people to take a break for a couple hours if they have a dentist appointment or something. They also highlighted the fact that they don't allow people to continue working past 10PM. I was shocked that they felt this was even worth mentioning.

The cherry on top was when they asked me to complete a 4+ hour homework assignment before I'd be considered for a second interview. This confirmed that they have no respect for my time, if there was any doubt. I've lost all interest in the position.

Have you interviewed with any shitty companies, John? What was it like?

John Smith 21/03/28(Sun)04:15 No. 47748

Hello John,

I once was late to my first day on the job. They told me it was fine and I could come in next week. Turns out that should have been a red flag.

Hope your job search goes well,

John Smith 21/04/03(Sat)02:03 No. 47753

File 161740817849.gif - (2.22MB , 250x185 , 1611514891100.gif )

I remember trying to join the electricians union in my state. I learned at the table, with 8 people all just staring at me, that there was nothing available locally for some reason so I needed a reliable vehicle for 40+ minute transit to work every day at the minimum. Later I find out they accepted me but I did not want this job any longer, because I thought as a trade everyone would need electricians but apparently not since they fully intended to give me jobs several hours away without paying for lodging. I ended up joining the Army which was the opposite and made it sound way too good. I can't get out but now that I am at my first unit, it isn't terrible. We all will see if I really fucked up come the next major war

John Smith 21/04/03(Sat)09:38 No. 47754

File 161743552170.jpg - (81.48KB , 421x587 , 1308343968234.jpg )

Thanks for sharing, John and John. I have a particularly uninteresting update for you.

I had my third and final interview with a different company this week. This company sounds much better and I'm confident that I'm an excellent fit for the job. I don't think I floored them, but I did fairly well. An acquaintance of mine recommended I apply and has been heavily involved in the interview process, so I feel my prospects are good. I am expecting to hear back one way or another next week.

I also just received an interview request from another company that I had previously interviewed with and nearly forgotten about. They filled the original position, but they are now interested in talking to me about another similar position. I do not have a great impression of this one - again, for work/life balance issues. I asked the HR person how many hours they worked that week during my initial interview, and he answered 50. You could never pay me enough to accept a 50 hour workweek. I figured I should take the interview anyway in the hope that I can get a quick offer, and use it to negotiate salary with the other company if they make an offer.

I must say I'm very disappointed with the number of tech companies looking for clowns willing to pull 50 - 60 hour weeks. I simply will not do it. I'm already employed and I can afford to be selective.

With cautious optimism,

John Smith 21/04/06(Tue)20:49 No. 47757

Good for you on not accepting a more-than-full-time schedule.

John Smith 21/04/07(Wed)05:37 No. 47758

File 161776664596.jpg - (56.99KB , 500x669 , tumblr_m3bxxjinkq1qc4kdxo1_500.jpg )

Thanks, John. There's a lot of pressure to do that in my industry but 40 hours or less is something I will always stand firm on.

The promising company I mentioned in my previous post made me an offer today. The offer is for 25% more than I'm currently making. The job title is also a step up. I told them I'd sleep on it and get back to them tomorrow, but I'm certain I'm going to accept.

Its validating to have earned the title and the pay that my current employer seems to feel I'm not ready for. Part of me feels guilty for this, but I'm sort of excited to put in my 2 weeks notice. We just started a huge project that is essential to the continued operation of the company, and I'm a big part of the small team implementing this project. I suspect they're going to realize my worth very shortly after I'm gone.

Anyway, it seems my job hunting saga has come to end. I'm on my way to bigger and better things. Thanks for listening, John. I hope whatever saga you find yourself in has a happy ending as well.

Yours truly,

John Smith 21/04/13(Tue)05:31 No. 47760

My brother accepted a full-time job traffic maintenance job. And it's killing him. His boss is a blithering idiot who dumps his responsibilities on his crew to do and because of that his car was low on oil and he didn't even know because he works overnight for seven days a week and is tired as hell.

John Smith 21/04/15(Thu)03:58 No. 47761

Eazy-E in cat form.
Rolling down the streets in the 64

John Smith 21/04/17(Sat)21:14 No. 47763

I was going to read this and give it some serious thought and get back to you with some well-considered opinions, but did none of those things, and well, here we are.

John Smith 21/04/20(Tue)00:36 No. 47766

Dear John,

You're better than somewhere than somewhere that would treat you like that. How many Johns do you think they trick into doing days and days worth of work for free? There may not even be a real position at the end.
You'll find somewhere better.


John Smith 21/12/28(Tue)16:39 No. 48050

Today, a huge number of people cannot find a job, simply because they either do not understand the Internet and cannot find a website with vacancies or fall into the clutches of scammers. If I understand everything correctly, then on https://ca.jooble.org/jobs-private-nursing/Lethbridge%2C-AB you can find a huge number of good vacancies. I am sure that you will be able to find a job this way.

John Smith 21/12/28(Tue)18:14 No. 48051

File 164071164071.jpg - (75.21KB , 640x796 , j3ea23ncai781.jpg )

Every time I go to town there are more 'help wanted' signs then advertising signs. Huge bonuses in the medical field.
Makes this the easiest time in history to get a job you actually want.

John Smith 22/03/24(Thu)07:55 No. 48153

>I haven't looked at the signs in a while but last year there were like mom & pop places promising $15/hr (not great for the area but not bad

Since when did mom and pop places pay $15/hr?
And when is $15/hr mediocre money?
I thought $11/hr is the minimum wage?

>That's about how easy it was to pick up a beginner's job when I was a teenager and gas was somewhere around $1.

Are you born before 1970?

John Smith 22/03/26(Sat)18:05 No. 48154

File 16483143445.jpg - (11.66KB , 248x267 , 1303739719513.jpg )

Hello, John.

OP here. Curious that this thread should be at the top today.

I have just decided to leave the job that I described accepting in >>47758. It was not all that it was made out to be.

I have been made two offers for what again amounts to a 25% salary increase. Fully remote positions with much more room for growth. I am still deciding which offer to take.

John Smith 22/04/17(Sun)03:34 No. 48171

So you're an Xennial then.

John Smith 22/04/17(Sun)19:10 No. 48173


Xennial is more known as Generation Catalano, a reference to the character Jordan Catalano, played by Jared Leto, from the 1990s teen drama My So-Called Life. Slate says it pretty much defines anyone who was born in Carter's presidency.

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)22:57 No. 48180

Up and down are determined by gravity.
Also, good and bad are actually not as clear-cut.
Also, what war with east Asia? Trade wars?
The last great trade war the West had with China was the Opium Wars I think.

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)23:04 No. 48181

I honestly am starting to think that this economic/industrial shortage is because of people losing self-sustennance.
Think about it: money is debt. The creation of money is the creation of debt. Why are green paper rectangles of currency called bills?
Aren't bills a statement of consumed services that need compensation?

The reason why people are poor in the first world is because there's TOO MUCH money, not TOO LITTLE. People think themselves too good for blue collar work or living simply. They want suburban mansions with cushy jobs, despite the fact they already were born with modernized amenities and ample fresh food.
Western conservatives blame communism/socialism. But it's not. It's neoliberalism.

John Smith 22/04/22(Fri)18:47 No. 48182


>People think themselves too good for blue collar work or living simply. They want suburban mansions with cushy jobs, despite the fact they already were born with modernized amenities and ample fresh food.

If you think that's bad, imagine the dual pronged shitstorm to come when you have young people who EXPECT such a lifestyle in the West, and Third World youths who WANT such a lifestyle. Neither side will accept the oligarchic fossils in charge pulling up the ladder in the name of "climate change," because they will just assume:

>So, what, you had your fun, and now we can't? Fuck you!

Most responses to climate change revolve around the idea that we can make everyone on the planet live like Americans do currently. This isn't possible, of course.

John Smith 22/04/25(Mon)06:37 No. 48184

Actually, the denialism against climate change are oligarchal fossils and conspiracy theorists.

Also, again, neoliberalism is the idea that everyone can live like American suburbs. That's why they took out trade classes. That's why they took away free time from kids. Kids are forced to stay in school longer because "higher education is important".
Kids whom desire a life outside of excessive academia are called "rebellious".

Society is extending childhood to 35 to compensate for young people being suckered in to advancing their education well after 25.

It's making everyone miserable.

John Smith 22/05/08(Sun)22:49 No. 48188


>Also, again, neoliberalism is the idea that everyone can live like American suburbs.

Anon, you're just repeating what I said, that we've instilled so many people with this very idea that if we told 'em no can do, they'd go apeshit. Can you imagine telling some kid of 20xx that hey, man, the past gens lived like kings and queens, but YOU have to make sacrifices? People don't give a fuck about climate change because to them, it's just unfair. The boomers lived it up and every gen since has to make sacrifices? Maybe they should, maybe they shouldn't, but even if they did, do you think the immigrants still chasing the Western Dream are gonna do so too? Hell no! Hell, their homelands are full of folks trying to Westernize, Americanize, their entire societies. It's like when Japan industrialized, and every Asian country looked up to them as a model, but they usually failed to live up to the standard set. Interesting fact, the Japanese and Ethiopians were bros in the interwar years and many Japanese demanded intervention when Italy invaded...

John Smith 22/05/09(Mon)09:23 No. 48189

Yea sorry about that. But also, the enforcement of this idea is higher education.
Society uses academics as a moral compass for young people, yet the average adult has little time nor patience for appreciating basic science or math.
All adults care about is whether or not you're a golden-egg laying goode.
Instead of initiating the young with blue collar, they rather lock them away with liberal arts.
Hence why the model of plebian-kings is so successful.

John Smith 22/05/09(Mon)18:12 No. 48190


>Society uses academics as a moral compass for young people, yet the average adult has little time nor patience for appreciating basic science or math.

Because we have calculators and science is a satanic Bolshevik/uber patriarchal plot.

John Smith 22/05/10(Tue)14:38 No. 48191

No. Even before calculators, adults didn't care too much about physical science. They rather talk philosophy/politics.
And no science isn't a misanthropic agenda from communists (actually neo-liberals, but Western conservatives confuse the two because Red Scare).

John Smith 22/05/12(Thu)05:25 No. 48193


I was being sarcastic, John.

John Smith 22/05/13(Fri)04:09 No. 48194

Ash burr gurr
Ass burger
Az bir garr

John Smith 22/05/16(Mon)08:48 No. 48195

Factories are always fucking garbage. I worked at a warehouse an hour outside of town that gave you the BENEFIT of:
two fifteen minute smoke breaks (WALKING TO AND FROM SMOKE AREA -NOT- INCLUDED)
one half hour lunch (TIME TO PISS OR SMOKE -NOT- INCLUDED)

Heaven forbid you ever have to take a shit on the job and literally lose your livelihood over something normal and trivial, like shit

John Smith 22/05/22(Sun)21:58 No. 48200

My Dad used to have to find a supervisor and tell them he was going to the bathroom because someone at the mill thought he was taking too many bathroom breaks. This same mill also made you find a supervisor when it was time to take your 15 so they could watch you while on break to make sure you got back on time. I once had a really awkward visit with my Mom at work because her supervisor insisted he stand right next to us while we spoke.

Brickle Group are bad employers, is what I'm getting at.

John Smith 22/05/25(Wed)07:41 No. 48202

File 165345728338.jpg - (396.10KB , 724x1200 , __mokuren_kunoichi_tsubaki_no_mune_no_uchi_drawn_b.jpg )

Geez, imagine how bored the supervisor was and he was likely just following orders as well, ridiculous bureaucracy in those places

John Smith 22/05/28(Sat)00:54 No. 48213

File 165369208818.jpg - (146.60KB , 1519x1009 , DSCF3685-e1501229778421.jpg )

Indeed. I would speak about how these places like to hire immigrants because they're too scared to protest any of this stuff out of fear of deportation, but that's not for here.

John Smith 22/06/01(Wed)09:51 No. 48216

File 165406990255.png - (356.47KB , 999x900 , milkers.png )

nice paint

John Smith 22/06/02(Thu)04:23 No. 48224

It's actually ink.

John Smith 22/06/06(Mon)10:04 No. 48227

even cooler

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