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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/01(Mon)10:18 No. 22364 ID: a887c0

If the text had come from anyone except Megan, I would have simply added their name to my kill-list, and gone back to sleep. Instead, I grabbed my phone and gave her a call.

“I'm going to strangle you.” I said, by way of greeting.

“Why? You at work, cuz?” She sounded tipsy, but lucid, which was actually rather good for her. and she seemed to be forcing a playful tone, which meant she was worried. Damnit.

“I just had three twelve hour shifts in a row during finals week, because my boss is a sadistic twat. I had one final yesterday between my second and third shifts, and my last final is coming up in... just under seven hours. I literally just crawled in bed eleven minutes ago. You'd better be dying.”

“Oh, Ethan, I'm ssoo sorry. I'll be fine. Good luck on the final, and stuff.”

I sighed. “Are you somewhere safe?”

“For the moment, yeah. It's alright, we'll find someone to give me a ride.”

Megan wouldn't have called me on a weeknight if she'd had any decent options, and I didn't want to think about what kind of person they'd find willing to give a bunch of drunk junior high girls a ride. I wasn't be able to rest easy until I heard she was somewhere safe anyway, so I resigned myself to the innevitable and said, “Don't bother, just text me the address. I'm on my way.”

“I really am sorry.”

“Yeah, yeah, fuck you. Be there soon.”

*** *** *****

I let google lead me past twenty minutes of pine forest and fifteen minutes of farms while I focused on not falling asleep. The house was large, and surrounded by acres of fields, a perfect place for an end of the school year bash. To my relief, there were still a good number of cars parked along the gravel road, and to my surprise I could see a sizeable crowd hanging around the pool in back, despite the slight chill. I got my phone out to tell them I'd arrived. Megan must have seen me pull up, because a tiny blonde bullet barreled into me before I'd even finished the text.

She was saying something about 'thank you,' and 'sorry,' but she had her face pressed into my hoodie and she was trying to squish my internal organs out through my ears, so I missed most of the details. I mussed her hair as I struggled to regain my balance.

“You're all ok, right?” I asked. She nodded, and I could see makeup stains it left on my shirt. I also realized I could feel her little breasts crushed against my side and her elbow was wandering dangerously low on my tummy as she continued to squeeze. I'd been too busy to even get solo relief over the past few days and I didn't want my little cousin to feel me getting a boner, so I hooked an arm between my hip and her stomach and flipped her up to sit on my shoulder. She squealed as her feet left the ground, but even drunk she knew the drill. Once I had her up, she rubbed my beard for luck, then leaned back and hooked her legs over my arm so I could spin her to the ground. This little routine had gotten a tad harder to pull off as she'd gotten older, but I could still play it off as effortless. She stumbled a bit when she got back to the ground, but steadied herself by holding on to my arm.

“Where is everybody?” I asked, looking around for familiar faces.

“It's just three today. I've got Steph and her friend gathered up inside. Nikki's still in the pool.”

I growled. “Good, that'll make it easier to drown her.”

“It's not her fault, her clothes are gone.”

I was too tired to even ask. I just handed her the keys and said, “Look, I'll get Nikki. You get the others and meet me at the car.”

“Got it.”

Nikki was shivering in the shallow end, trying to keep as much of her body in the water as possible. Some jock more than twice her size was trying to act concerned and helpful while also getting as close as possible, obviously trying to cop a feel. Good luck there. Nikki had always been able to handle herself, and she was cussing out the big idiot in three languages, but I could see the relief wash over her face when she saw me approaching. She waded over to meet me, and raised her hands to let me lift her out.

This wasn't my first time seeing Nikki in a bikini, but every opportunity is special, and I did my best to etch each moment into my permanent memory while keeping everything calm and businesslike on the exterior. I have a long history of wanting things I can't have, but moments like this were a big part of the reason I put up with my retarded little cousin.

Nikki was a mutt. Her grandmother who was a first generation Chinese immigrant who'd married a second generation Somali man back in the days when people were still getting hanged for that kind of action. The woman was an original rebel, an absolute firecracker, and a total sweetheart. I loved the kooky old bat. Unfortunately, all the good genes must have skipped a generation, because Nikki's mom was a cockjuggling thundercunt who showed up every few years to pretend an interest in Nikki's life and scam some more cash from her own mother. No one but Nikki's mom knew what the girl's father had looked like, but her bone structure absolutely screamed Western European heritage.

Nikki had gotten the best of all lineages. She was mad tiny, mad short and mad skinny without being just skin and bones. She ran cross country, and track and was generally fit as all hell, though her muscles normally didn't show unless she was actively doing something sporty; for instance, dangling from my arm. She had gorgeous bronze skin, track-suit tanlines, and dark, rust colored freckles all over her body. They were dense on places like her cheeks, shoulders, and hips, but sparse in others, like her stomach, thighs, and the tops of her breasts. Her eyes were a light brown that almost looked reflective in the right light, and they had just the slightest almond shape and cant.

Her chosen look also pushed my buttons. The bikini was a departure from her usual tomboy garb, but both looks fit her equally well. Her hair was shaved to stubble on the sides and a handspan in length up top. It was mostly back to her natural black after her last dye job, but the last few inches were still a bright, chili-pepper red. She usually wore it up in a messy horse-mane mohawk, but right now it was slicked back and still damp from the pool. She had seventeen piercings in her ears, four of which she'd done at my place, a tongue stud from a tattoo shop that had been willing to overlook her shitty fake id so long as she didn't actually ask for a tattoo, a small stud in her left nostril, which she'd actually had me do last month, a tiny silver dreamcatcher dangling from her belly button, and from the barbell indentations in her bikini top I gathered that she'd finally stopped waffling and done the nipples as well. I wondered how long it would be before she finally went ahead and pierced her clit hood. I even had to snap myself out of the tiniest of daydreams where I imagined her asking me to help.

Her admirer gave me his dirtiest look and tried to coax Nikki back into the pool, but she just flipped him the bird once I lowered her to the deck. As I was shucking out of my hoodie, I saw him start to size me up like he was trying to decide whether to get out and start some shit, I just smiled, and watched the color drain from his face as he saw me in my t-shirt.

You see, I'm quite literally more than three times Nikki's size, and almost half again as big as Rico Handsey down there. I've never been one of those highly defined types, but I'm 6'5'' (1.9m for everyone in the world who uses a sane system of measurement), 290lbs (132kg's), and three years ago, I was a linebacker on full scholarship to a division one university (fractured my C6 vertebra on a kickoff freshman year, which put an end to that). I'm a little more cuddly than I used to be during my playing days, but I'm back down below 25% bodyfat (finally), and the veins in my forearms were starting to show beneath the hair. I've got a good scowl, and I gave it to Professor Persistence full force. Then I draped my hoodie over Nikki (She looked like she was trying to wear a goddamned circus tent), and picked her up so she wouldn't have to walk across the gravel in bare feet (Hi, I'm Ethan, and I'm addicted to parenthetical statements). The other girls were already in the car with the heater running by the time we arrived, so I just tossed Nikki in the back and let the girls sort themselves out.

“So what happened to Nikki's clothes?” I asked once I'd squeezed myself into my tiny hatchback and started navigating out towards the main highway. Before they could even answer, a thought struck me and I added, “If she had shoes or a phone, or anything else I forgot to pick up, one of you little fuckers are running back for them.”

Nikki pulled the hood back and said, “There wasn't. I left it in Kevin's car with the rest of my stuff.”

“And why would this Kevin give you guys a ride?”

The girl I didn't recognize piped up. “Because he thought Nikki liiiiiiiked him.”

“Right, and I can't imagine how he might have gotten that impression.” I gave Megan the eye. She at least had the grace to look embarrassed.

“Anyway, when we got there, and he saw Nikki being... Nikki, well, he kinda took her clothes and stormed off.”

“He didn't take my clothes.” Nikki objected. “At least not on purpose. I'd just left them in his car. I didn't think he'd just leave like that, without even telling anybody.”

I grunted. “And then that idiot in the pool. Are they really that blind, or are do they think you'll just switch teams, because they're so awesome?”

She grinned and shook her head, “Hope springs eternal.”

I was ashamed on behalf of my sex. I caught the eyes of the one I didn't recognize in the rearview. She looked Indian or Pakistani. “You, Chuckles, what's your name?”

“Laila.” Her accent was pure American teenager, totally assimilated, this one.

“You going back to your place, or one of the others'.”

“My place.”

“Of course you are.” I said, resigned.

Steph pipped up “But it's not that far, and I'm staying with her, so there's that.”

Poor Stephanie didn't have much in the way of looks or brains, but she was an absolute sweetheart and it was impossible for me not to smile at her. I got the general location from Chuckles, and as I'd suspected, Steph's incredibly bad sense of direction had struck yet again. It wasn't just further away, but that whole area had been planned by a drunken orangutan and there were no good direct routes to get there.

I handed Laila my phone and said “You're first, then. Plug the address in my GPS.” The poor girl seemed baffled by the android interface, and I wondered if Steph may have found her intellectual peer. Fortunately Nikki sorted it out for her long before I needed to turn off the main road. I let the girls chatter and gossip without interference the rest of the way. I let it wash over me, getting perhaps one word in ten, but even if I'd have been paying attention, I probably wouldn't have done much better.

When we got close, Laila told me to let her off at the end of the block so they could sneak back in without her parents knowing. I waited around, wondering if they'd get lost on the way, but eventually she texted that they were both in bed, safe and sound, and I drove off.

I didn't have to use the GPS anymore. Uncle Rick's and Nikki's Grandma's were each less than five minutes from my place, though in different directions. Hell, the girls biked over to my place to smoke out almost every school day. I could have driven them home with my eyes closed.

“So, which? Or is it both?” I asked as I wound my way out through the suburb.

Nikki piped up from the back. “Not my place, it's the family reunion this week and half of them are fucking racist homophobes. They'll make all their snide comments in Mandarin, about Grandpa ruining the bloodline, then I'll start yelling, and they'll start yelling and Grandma will be all embarrassed and try to keep the peace. It's better if everyone thinks I'm staying with Megan.”


“Megan's place was my safety net.”

“Right, stupid question. Sorry, I'm really short on sleep.” I thought for a moment. “Who was Plan A, out of curiosity?”


“Jenny... Jenny... Do I know that one?”

“She was my counselor at the Christian daycamp I went to. I shared the photos on facebook.”

“Lifesized barbie looking girl? I thought I recognized her, but she had some guy's hand down her pants, so I figured I was imagining things.”

“Nope, that was her.”

“Oh, sorry. Went back to her ex?”

“Nah, conscience caught up to her. She heard a sermon on abominations or something, and the age thing didn't really help.”

“Oh god, Leviticus?”

“Maybe, but she was quoting Romans: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.”

“You memorized it?”

“I get it a lot.”


“Not so much. I don't think she even liked the guy, she was just trying to ward me off with cock or something.”

“Wasn't she drinking too?”

“Like a fish.”

“Oh god! I love it! I'm sorry, Nikki, I know it sucks, but that's just priceless.”

“I don't really mind, it was just fun to corrupt her, plus she had her own car and her own place. It was nice not having to sneak past parents all the time.”

“Alright, so I'll drop you off with Megan, then?”

“Actually, is it ok if I stay with you?”

“Something wrong at Uncle Rick's place?”

“They're out hunting...”

“...Isn't that a good thing.”

“...So Jason has all his friends over for a 'Last Summer Together LAN Extravaganza.'”

“What, you're nerdaphobic?”

“I just don't want to have to pretend to sleep while Megan's gagging on Stephan's dick.”

Megan actually gasped at that. “God, why are you such a bitch tonight?”

Nikki snorted. “Why'd you let him fuck you in the garage during Jason's birthday? Why do you let that backbirth touch you at all?”

“Why are you being so mean? Just because you don't fuck guys, I can't either?”

“When have I ever given you shit before? I don't care if you wanna get plowed, but Stephan? Really? You can't find some guy who's not a complete dickbag. And I always have to cover for you! You didn't even wipe your butt prints off the fender of the brand new car that everyone was going to come out and see, and He doesn't even covering up his condoms when he throws them in the trash. And it's hard to pretend to be asleep while you're moaning in the other bed, begging him to cum on your tits. He was gonna wipe it off on me before I 'woke up!'”

The girls were still pretty drunk, and neither seemed to remember I was even in the car. I decided to end things before they could get ugly. Nikki liked to twist the knife sometimes, and Megan had a temper. “Play nice girls, or you can walk home.” I said it light, but I with enough steel behind the words that they knew it was time to back off.”

Megan smiled, willing to be distracted. “Nuh-uh. You're a softie. You wouldn't leave us out here to be kidnapped and raped.”

“You're right.” I agreed. “I'd just drive behind, laughing at you while you walked back.” I continued before Megan could get in another nuh-uh. “It's fine, Nikki. I don't mind, I just won't be much fun. I've got my test tomorrow, and then I've got some serious catching up on sleep to do. I'm not even sure what we'll do about your clothes.”

“That's shouldn't be a problem.” Megan said, completely in a good mood again. “I'll call Kevin tomorrow and guilt him into dropping off her stuff.” I winced. I wasn't exactly thrilled about some lovestruck teenager seeing a nearly naked Nikki staying at my place. I doubted anything would come of it, but it wasn't wise to tempt fate. Megan read my expression easily, and immediately added “Don't worry, I'll have him drop it off at my place, tell him Nikki's pissed at him, or some shit. You can come pick it up from me after.”

“If you don't have it by a little after I finish my test, tomorrow, I don't know when I'll be able to come by.”I turned Nikki. “Do you want me to leave my phone with you, just in case?”

Nikki just smiled. “I can live without a phone for a few days.” Megan looked at Nikki as though she'd said she could live without her hands for a few days, which made me chuckle. “Alright, fine. I'll leave my number on the fridge...”

“I remember your number, dummy.”

“... and if anything happens, go across the walkway to 308 and ask to use their phone. They're always home, and they're not assholes like the guy next door.”

We were pulling up to my Uncle's place by this point, and Megan leaned over and gave me a long hug, then leaned back to do the same to Nikki before she got out. After the door was closed and she was safely away, I sighed and said “I really wanted to tell her to have a nice time with whatsisface.”

“Stephan.” Nikki supplied, “and sorry about that.”

“Don't be. I don't want her getting hurt either. But you're really not doing yourself any favors, you know.”

“Not this again.” She sighed.

“It's not too late to go after her. Crawl in bed with her first, and tell Stephan to fuck off if he shows up. Might just be what she needs to realize you're serious.”

“Serious about what? I've told you, it's not like that. I don't have some secret crush, not on her at least, I just want her to stop wasting her time with losers.”

“Last chance! Just tell her you want to apologize, then go in for the kiss.” The look she gave me was longsuffering, but there was a smile hiding just behind the surface.. She shook her head once, her crimson hair waving with the motion. I sighed, and started driving along the backroads to my place. “You're right, though. He does sound like a twat.”

“I'm always right.”

Anyway, maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. You're good for her, I think you'd make a cute couple, and it'd keep Megan away from the douche canoes for a while.”

“You're always trying to hook me up with everyone. Why is that?”

“Just trying to live vicariously through you I guess. Remember my glory days.”

“How can you be so cool and still be so sad? I bet the last time you got laid was breakup sex with Carla.”

“Not even. She didn't want to live in sin anymore. Tried to hold out on sex so I'd buy her a ring.”

“Christ. But it was just a matter of time. I love you, Ethan, but you have shit taste in women.”

“I've got great taste, it's just I've got to settle for the one's who'll actually go out with me.”

“I think you'd be surprised... if you could ever grow some balls and go for what you want instead of settling for something easy.”

Easy for her to say. Her predilection might still be a bit frowned upon here in the buckle of the Bible Belt, but going after what I really wanted would just land me in jail. “I'm still busy with school. Maybe later.”

“You shouldn't put it off that long. I worry about you, big guy.”

“Yeah, huh. Remind me, why do I put up with you again?”

“Because I'm pretty.”

“You're pretty annoying.”

That earned me an aghast look. “What is wrong with you? that was awful.”

“I'm tired, give me a break.

We were back to my place. I carried her across the parking lot and up the stairs to my place while she played with my beard. It was just short enough that she couldn't get a firm grip on it, fortunately for me I suppose. I set out a fresh towel, another hoodie, and my oldest, tiniest pair of drawstring shorts that would still be absolutely enormous on her. Nothing for it. I didn't have any of Carla's old clothes anymore, and I didn't know if Nikki would even want them if I did. I left her to it, and made up the couch with a few old blankets, a pillow with a fresh case, and a glass of cold water on the coffee table. This wasn't my first rodeo, and it only took me a few minutes to get everything set up.

I didn't wait for her to finish up. This wasn't Nikki's first rodeo either, and she knew where to find the facewash, makeup remover, and a fresh toothbrush. She'd help herself to the fridge if she was hungry, she knew how to work the remote if she was bored, and she knew my computer password if she was horny. I just set my alarm to go off in two hours, then crawled into bed and grabbed as much sleep as I could.

*** *** *****

Waking up was every bit as awful as I'd expected it to be. I staggered up, threw on some ratty old clothes, and barely managed to brush my teeth before I staggered out to the car. Nikki slept through the whole thing, just a bright red and black dot peeking out from the top of the blankets. I left her some money to order food, then eased my way out, doing my best not to wake her up. I drove through and picked up a sausage biscut with coffee, realized as soon as I'd finished that wasn't going to cut it, then drove by the gas station to pick up a couple of enormous energy drinks. Fucking things were poison, and chock full of the high-fructose splooge of Satan, but diet drinks make me gag, and I needed to be as awake as chemically possible. I spent my last half hour sitting in the empty classroom across the hall, going over my review sheet until the doors opened. The next hour and a half was pure misery, and despite how many times I checked everything, I knew there were probably some questions I missed that I shouldn't have, because of last night's shenanigans. Fortunately, when I compared notes with a few friends after it was over, I seemed to have done alright, on the whole. For better or worse, it was all over. I was done with another semester. Only another year and a half, and I'd finally have my BSN, rather than just an RN.

I called Megan, but she was apparently still sleeping off the hangover, either that or she was too busy fucking StephMcGee. I went for a workout and tried again. Once again, voicemail. I showered in the locker room so I wouldn't have to waste any time once I got home. When I got in the car, I tried Megan's phone one more time. The third time hearing her stupid voicemail message didn't make it any less annoying. Fuck it, I'd tried. I was done with school for the summer, I hadn't had worry-free rest in four months. I had more than eighty full hours until my next shift at the hospital, and I planned to find out just how many of them I could spend sleeping.

I got home, ready to dive into my gorgeous king-sized bed, only to find it was already occupied. Fucking bitch had abandoned my perfectly comfy couch, and stolen my goddamned bed! For a moment, I wanted nothing more than to yank her out onto the floor and crawl in to claim the warm spot, but I quashed that idea almost before I even had it. I did consider picking her up and carrying her to the couch again, but then I realized I was being petty, and more than a little hypocritical. After all, if the couch was good enough for her, why wasn't it good enough for me? I'd abandoned my bed after it had been nothing but good to me. Perhaps it was only right that it had finally abandoned me in turn, finding comfort in the arms of another. I didn't deserve my bed, not after the way I'd been treating it.

It should, perhaps, be noted that I may or may not have been delusional at this point in time.

I turned to go sleep on the couch, but Nikki's muffled voice called out as I was leaving. “Don't be a fucking baby.” She said. “This bed is ridiculously big, and no one's going to tattle.” I turned her statement over over a few times, poking at it with my tired mind. Eventually I decided that if there was a flaw in that argument, then I was simply too tired to see it, and the best thing I could do is consider it again after a nice long nap in my nice comfy bed.

I climbed under the covers, still in my clothes, and my body instantly began throwing off consciousness like a stifling winter coat on a hot summer day. As I was drifting off, I realized that Nikki was still wearing the hoodie I'd given her at the pool rather than the nice clean one I'd laid out with her towel.

*** *** *****

Something was tugging at my neck, and it wouldn't let go. I tried to make it release its grip, but it kept squeezing tighter, and tighter and...

I started awake, not from any sense of falling, or danger, but just from the sheer cognitive dissonance. I realized my shirt collar had been pulling against my neck, due to my tossing and turning, and I pushed myself up onto my elbow to try and get it righted.

“You've always said you hate wearing shirts to bed.” Nikki said. She had her head against the pillow, but was watching me, a bemused expression in the one eye I could see. Her dark, freckled skin was a strong contrast against the white pillowcase. I looked down at my shirt and tried to pretend I hadn't just been staring. “You should hear yourself when you're high. You'll talk about it for hours. I always thought you were just whining, but I see your point now. You're so big, you just trap it, and it binds no matter which way you move.” I grunted a vague affirmative, still not really capable of more lucid enunciation. I kept fiddling with the collar for a bit, trying to find a way to keep it from tugging. “Just take the damned thing off already. You'll sleep better.”

I hesitated, but I remembered what she'd said earlier. “No tattling?” I asked. I'm not sure if I was asking whether that was what she'd said, or if I was making a request.

“No tattling.” She agreed, amiably. I took off the shirt and tossed it down past the foot of the bed. “Pants too.” she said She was right. I could already feel my pants binding in much the same way. I hesitated again, trying to bludgeon my tired brain into any form of active thought, but comfort won out. It took a bit more wiggling and shimmying to accomplish, but my pants joined my shirt on the floor. “Now the boxers.” The grin gave it away, she was just taking the piss.

I shook my head. “Boxer briefs. Plenty of room, but tight enough that they don't get twisted like boxers.”

“Oh?” Nikki said, and she lifted the covers to take a look. She did it so clinically, so matter-of-factly that it was all I could do not to blush and suck in my gut. It was smaller than it used to be, but I was still pretty self conscious about it. Fortunately, I was still tired enough that I was already starting to fall back to sleep, so that helped. However, when she'd lifted the covers like that, I hadn't been able to see any shorts past the bottom of the hoodie she was wearing. The ones I'd laid out should have reached almost all the way to her ankles, yet her thighs had been completely bare.

*** *** *****

When I woke again, it was completely dark outside, and the bed was empty, except for me. I lay there for a while, but eventually I realized that I wasn't going to get back to sleep, no matter how long I tried. A quick glance at my phone told me it was past midnight. I'd gotten to bed a little past eleven. More than twelve hours of sleep. Not bad for my first leg.

I also had a text from Megan saying that Kevin was gonna come by the next day to drop off Nikki's stuff. I didn't bother to reply. I noticed my shirt was missing from the foot of the bed, so I pulled on the pants, grabbed another shirt from the drawer, and staggered out of the bedroom.

Nikki was out on the porch, my vape pen on the table beside her, forgotten for the moment as she stared out at the pond. I walked out, sat against the railing, topped off the oil, then took a hit. Yea, though I work in the valley of the shadow of the hospital, I shall fear no piss test. I'd been paranoid at first, but soon I realized that most of the other nurses smoked, and in the extremely unlikely scenario that some muckity muck asked for random screenings, there were few places where it was easier to find clean piss than in a hospital, given how many of us were of like mind.

I noticed that Nikki was wearing my missing t-shirt, no sign of the hoodie. The weather tonight was nice and warm, which would have been great for their party last night, but neither weather patterns nor honey badgers give any kind of fuck.

I took another hit, then offered it to Nikki who nodded gratefully. We passed it back and forth once more, then I went inside to turn on some music and grab us some food. She'd ordered pizza, so I warmed up the leftovers and grabbed some drinks.

She was dancing by the time I got back. Most people who dance high look like idiots. I can't dance even when I'm not fucked up. Nikki, though... well. Somehow it just didn't matter that she was dancing in the dark on my shitty little porch in my ratty old t-shirt, with an algae covered pond in the background, she just made it all work. She moved in the baggy cloth as though it was just another part of her, natural, graceful, and sexy as hell. It wasn't the moves that were sexual, rather it was the way she moved with complete confidence, the faraway look in her eyes, as though she were seeing something other than my chipped paint, and pine needles; something magical, and wonderful.

Yeah, I was really fucking high.

She accepted a piece of pizza, and ate it while she moved. We ate and drank in companionable silence, and I just watched her dance until a commercial came on and broke the spell. She came over and sat in my lap. I still hadn't had a chance to fap, and the THC was making me hyper aware of every sensation, so it wasn't long before I popped wood. I tried to move her off it, but grabbed on to the armrests and held on with surprising strength. She was surprisingly strong for such a skinny little thing, and her wiggling was only making the situation worse, so I gave up. She just sighed and nestled into me til she was comfortable, then we sat in companionable silence.

She broke it first. “You ever gone swimming in that?” She asked, pointing out at the pond.


“Why not?”

“Never really came up.”

“You wanna go?”

“Nah, it's gross.”

“It's just algae. The geese don't mind.”

“I'm not a goose.”

“Let's go swimming.”

“Didn't you get enough of that last night?”

“It was too cold last night.”

“That pond is cold as balls.”

“How do you know?”

“It's surrounded by trees, it gets like maybe a couple hours of direct sunlight a day, and the ice didn't even melt completely til March.”

“It's fine, the night's warm enough.”

“Not gonna matter with all the evaporation.”

“Awwww, is da big baby too scawwed?”

“I just don't see the point. I'm warm here, I'm clean here, I like it here.”

“But it's right there, it's tempting us.”

“Tempting you, maybe. Go ahead if you want, but don't cry to me when you get sick.”

“I can't go alone, it's boring!”

“Then stay here.”

“That's boring too! I dare you to go swim with me”

“Are you trying to get me arrested?”

“Who's gonna see us? No one's gonna be down there at this time of night. All we gotta do is walk behind the treeline.”

“Just go with Megan, sometime.”

“Nooooo, it's gotta be now! Can't you hear it calling us? Taunting us? Come on, don't be a baby!”

I gave in. “Fine.” I said, resigned. Nikki jumped up, excited. “Just let me go get my trunks.”

“No, we gotta go now! It's calling me!”

“I won't be two seconds.” But she wasn't having any of it. She grabbed my arm and started to pull. She might be surprisingly strong for her size, but it was still like playing tug of war with a Chihuahua. “You're just making this take longer.” I said, watching her struggle as I held my ground with ease.

“It's the principal of the thing! We have to go now!”

I sighed. What the hell, I could just wear my boxers. I berated myself for being a sucker, but I let her drag me to the door. She grinned, then hopped into my arms so I could carry her down the stairs. I set her down at the water's edge, and shucked off my t-shirt and pants. She watched me the whole while, and I got a little self conscious, standing there in my boxer briefs. It was pretty dark, but there was enough moon and reflected light that we could make each other out. I can fill out a t-shirt pretty well, but I was all too aware that I still had a noticeable spare tire, despite my efforts.

“Stop it!” I said, adding drama and a hint of a lisp to my voice. “You're gonna make me blush!”

“I should have brought some ones.” Nikki said with a grin, then she shucked out of my shirt in one smooth movement, and I saw she wasn't wearing anything underneath. I'd just assumed she had her swimsuit on, for some reason, but there she was wearing nothing but her freckles and a smile. She took her time rolling up my shirt and tossing it on the bank, then she waded in, cussing up a storm. “Jesus, Mary, sweet mother of FUCK that's cold!” She started, before switching to Mandarin, and then to Somali. I just stood, flabbergasted, watching her slowly disappear beneath the green algae and black water. I knew I should be doing something, but the image of Nikki, naked and glorious in the moonlight, had created a log jam, and now nothing else could get through.

“You coming in?” She called, “Or you just gonna stand around like a pussy?” I stood for a moment, undecided. All reason and logic told me that the pussy option was the wisest course, that I should put my clothes back on and walk away. Instead, I stepped down into the water.

It was cold enough to squeeze the air out of my lungs by the time it had reached to mid calf. I could feel the algae sticking to my skin right above the water line, and the bottom was covered with mud and freshwater seaweeds that squelched between my toes. When the water reached my boxers, capillary action worked against me, and my balls attempted to crawl up inside my body to repurpose themselves as ovaries. When I reached belly button depth, I pushed off the squishy bottom and dove under.

The first minute or so is always the worst, so I swam around, trying to build up some kind of body heat. Nikki was splashing around nearby, but I didn't let myself think too much about that. Eventually I found a good spot where I could stand up straight without exposing more than my head and neck to the spiteful, heat stealing, wind. Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms drape themselves over my shoulders from behind, and a tiny pair of breasts nestled themselves between my shoulder blades.

I froze. I literally stopped all movement. I had no idea how to react at this moment. I knew for a fact that Nikki was just messing with me, I knew that... but she was warm, and she was surprisingly soft, and there was absolutely nothing between our upper bodies. “You were right. This is really gross.” She said in my ear, and I could feel her cheek move against my ear as she said it.

A pair of somethings started worming their way into my waistband. After a split second of panic, I realized they were her toes, and she was trying to push my boxers off with her feet. I pushed them away, but she just tried again. We went back and forth a few times, until she huffed an annoyed little breath, and pulled herself around to my front to look me in the eye. She floated there, a little less than arm's length away, her hands still on my shoulders holding her up, and her toes still wiggling in my waistband.

“It's not polite, you know...” She said, “... Making a lady swim naked all alone.”

“Where's the lady? I'll go keep her company.”

“Why are you being weird about this? You don't usually let me get to you this bad.”

“You're not the one about to be put on the sex offender registry for exposing himself to a minor.”

“No one's coming, besides you can just hold them in your hand and put them on again if anyone does show. How are they supposed to know?” That was actually a good point. I mean, I was already pretty fucked if someone showed up, but I wouldn't be any more fucked that way.

Nikki saw me thinking it over, and started to push down slowly with her feet. I didn't stop her, and she pushed more insistently. The freezing water had shocked my boner away, so it wasn't much of an obstacle and she moved past with ease. I even closed my legs a little to make it a little easier. She was able to push them down a little past my knees, and I stepped out from there, hooked them with one foot, and brought them up to my hand.

“Show me.” she said. I shrugged, and brought the soggy bundle up above the surface. When she saw it she cheered, then swam away laughing like a madwoman. I'd pretty much gotten used to the cold by this time, and we puttered around aimlessly, splashing at one another, and trying not to get any algae in our mouths.

The second time she swam up to me, she grabbed on to my boxers and looked me in the eye, daring me. We played a gentle kind of tug-o-war for a few seconds, but she wasn't trying to take them, she was asking me to give them up. You might have noticed a trend where I'm pretty much incapable of saying no to Nikki for any extended length of time. I let her have my boxers, and she held my gaze as she wound up slowly, then tossed them away.

We stood there for a while, her hands in mine, her feet on my knees. After a few moments she twisted and put her back to mine, still holding my hands. She pulled them around so I was hugging her around her stomach. After a few seconds of this, she pushed on my wrists, and I let them fall back down to the side. She turned and looked at me, annoyed for some reason, then pulled my arms around her again, this time making sure my hands were solidly gripping my elbows. Even as small as she was, this didn't leave her much room, and her entire naked back was pressed against me. It was pressed against me even harder when she started pushing against my arms again. All her writhing put a lot of her skin in direct contact with mine, and I could feel Mr. Winkey starting to come out to play. I let again before she could be introduced directly to my embarassing little friend, but she was having none of it. This time she actually let out a frustrated sigh, and jerked my arms around her again.

Didn't know what she wanted, but I decided it was time to end this game. She wanted me to hold on to her? Fine. I always moderated my strength around the girls, but I released a couple of internal inhibitors, and gave her a hug modulated to make her bones creak, just a bit.

Her breath escaped in a huff as I bore down, but it changed pitch and timber towards the end, becoming a moan. An unmistakably pleased moan.

My boner grew three sizes that day, and it tried to nestle right between her thighs. Immediately I let go again, and swam away, backwards.

Nikki wasn't having any of that. She swam after me and started grabbing at my hand again. I snatched it away, but she just grabbed further up the arm, where I couldn't move it as fast. I had to start dodging with my whole body, and she kept moving her target up and up. I was so busy trying to avoid her hands that I didn't even feel her legs wrapping around my waist until it was too late. She locked her feet behind my back, and when I tried to push her off, I just pushed her butt right up against Mr. Furious.

I was strong enough that it wouldn't have been much of a problem to break her lock and get away, except that I was of two minds on the issue, and at the moment the lower mind was hogging all the blood supply.

She waited for me to stop struggling, then she spun around again and pulled my arms around her. She had to have felt how hard I was, but she didn't seem to mind it pressed up against her. She wasn't really grinding against it or anything, but she wasn't trying to avoid it either.

Again she pushed against my arms, and again I bore down. I didn't squeeze her quite as hard as last time, but this time I didn't let go either. She moaned again and began to thrash in earnest. Her hands and feet were flailing dangerously, so I gathered her arms in mine and squeezed. I tried to trap her feet between my thighs, but the scummy pond water was too slippery, and she was too strong. Instead I pulled her legs up and, with difficulty, wrapped her arms around her knees so I could hold them both at the same time. Then I held her as she struggled, helpless.

She seemed to grow more and more desperate, but I'd left her enough room to breath, and the only sounds she were making were grunts of effort, and the occasional moan that seemed to fly out of her as if against her volition. I waited for her to stop, or say enough was enough, but she just kept straining silently. My dick was trapped between my stomach and lower back, and absolutely loving whatever the fuck this was. I held out for what felt like hours, but finally I couldn't stop from giving her a little push, the tiniest of thrusts.

She stopped struggling. For a moment we just stayed perfectly still. She broke the standoff, pushing against the encirclment of my arms. I tried to hold out again, but I didn't last nearly as long before I thrust again, sliding my dick along her narrow back.

Again she stopped, though only for a second this time. Struggle, thrust, pause, repeat. Eventually, she stopped pausing at all. A few seconds later, I stopped pausing as well, and simply thrust against her with wild abandon.

Suddenly I realized I was on the verge of cumming, and it hit me exactly what I was doing. I pushed Nikki away, splashed to the shore, as quickly as I could, and started putting on my pants. It felt a bit odd, going commando, and it was hard to zip up, as hard as I was, but I managed. I was looking for my shirt when I heard Nikki splashing up behind me, and a second later I felt her arms wrap around my waist.

“Please don't... don't run away. Don't just leave me behind.” She took a breath that had more than a little shudder in it. “Don't throw me away.”

“I took a deep breath, then stood up and ran my fingers through her hair without really looking. “Sorry, kiddo. I... I'm sorry” I decided I was being a bit childish, so I knelt down, ruining my pants in the muck, and putting myself eye level with Nikki. I hugged her tight, and did not allow my hands to slid down and grope her pert little butt, no matter how much they begged me. I couldn't think of anything to say, so I didn't say anything. Instead I just pulled back and looked at her face. To my complete shock, I could actually see she was crying. I'd never seen her look anything other than completely confident, smug even, but the girl in front of me looked confuded, frightened, and despreately in need of reassurance. I wiped her tears away with my thumb, kissed her forehead, then grabbed the nearest shirt, draped it over her, and helped her get her arms and legs through. Once that was done, I hugged her again, long and hard.

“I'm not going anywhere, kid. I'm staying right here.” The wind picked up a little, and I started to shiver. “Except, maybe I'll stay right here, up at my place.”

She gave me a pity chuckle, waited for me to put on my shoes (I was gonna need to wash those socks) and let me pick her up. I grabbed the other shirt, tossed it over my shoulder, and carried her back up to my apartment. Fortunately we didn't run into anyone on the way up, which avoided any awkward stares on the stairs. We were both clothed, to one degree or another, so it wouldn't have been that bad, but even so, I figured it was something better avoided entirely if possible.

We got back to my place, and I set her down. “That wasn't how I pictured it going.” Nikki said, almost sheepishly.

“You had some kind of plan?”

“Not really, I just... I like feeling your arms around me. I like knowing I can't get away, no matter how hard I try, no matter what you do to me. It makes me feel safe.”

“That makes no sense.”

“You don't understand.”

“Isn't that what I just said?”

“I like it because you're you.”

“You like it because you're messed up in the head.”

I started the water running in the shower, and got out another towel for her. I was about to grab another shirt for her to wear, but she grabbed a hold of my waistband, with her hands this time, and pulled me up short. I turned to face her, and she started toying with my button.

“Nikki, that's a really bad idea for a lot of really good reasons.

“I know.” She said, then unclasped the button entirely. She grabbed my zipper and started walking backwards toward the bathroom, unzipping me a little further with each step.

“Nikki, I don't want to hurt you.”

She hooked a finger in my fly and pulled me back another step, into the bathroom, closer to the shower, then another. She looked me in the eyes. “And what if I want you to hurt me?”

She eased the tension, and my pants fell around my ankles. My dick was pointing straight at her, and she wrapped her hand around it, so warm, so soft. She stepped backwards into the shower, and pulled me with her. It's impossible to fit me and any other person in my shower comfortably, even someone as tiny as Nikki. One person gets the hot water, and one person is left in the cold. That matters a lot less, though, when you're pressed up body to body. Nikki soaped me up from head to toe. She had me lift her up so she could wash my hair and beard, then she filled up the loofa with shower gel and scrubbed my shoulders and arms, my back and my chest, all the way down. She didn't use the loofa on my dick, thank god, but she still soaped it up, not spending any more or less time than she did for any other part. She even soaped up between my ass cheeks, then worked her way down my legs. When I was fully soapy, she poured more shower gel into her hands, stood behind me and put one arm between my legs and snaked the other around my hip. She then proceeded to jerk me off, slowly, so painfully slowly. She worked my balls with one hand and the shaft with the other, and the whole while she planted little kisses against my back and ribs. I was going on four days, and the past day and a half had been intense, spending so much time around her, having her so close. Now she was touching me, yet she was still working me with agonizing patience.

“I should make you beg.” She said, when she saw how close I was. “I do that sometimes, hold it hostage, make them plead and cry before I finally let them cum. It's not so different with a guy. Is that what you want?”

“Not really my thing.” I said, honestly.

She smiled at that. “Good.” She said simply, then turned me around and rinsed off the soap. I was tempted to beg just like she'd described, but I don't really get off on being subservient in bed, and besides, I sensed it would be something of a misstep here. She finished rinsing me off, then had me step away from the stream. She looked up at me and smiled, then she opened wide and swallowed my whole shaft in one smooth motion. I could feel her throat working as she swallowed repeatedly, but she didn't gag, and she just stayed there, , tongue licking my balls, and throat working my shaft and head. I was already on edge, and this was too much too fast. Ten seconds in, I started shooting down her throat. She just kept swallowing, and held me in place.

It took a long time to come down from that one, especially since she kept sucking the whole time, only taking short breaks to pull back and catch a few quick breaths now and again. Eventually, I slid out of her mouth, completely spent. I thought I should probably feel bad, but all I could feel was immensely satisfied. She pulled me down to my knees for a quick kiss, then she looked me in the eye.

“Next time, you're not getting inside me without a fight.”

I panted for a bit, considering how to answer. Eventually, I simply couldn't fight off a manic grin. “Bring it on!” I replied.

Nikki just smiled, and kissed me harder.

Anonymous 14/09/01(Mon)10:50 No. 22365 ID: 9ac72f

I loved it!

Anonymous 14/09/01(Mon)13:24 No. 22366 ID: 054fb4

You sure are writing a lot these days. I am not complaining though.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/01(Mon)20:07 No. 22367 ID: a887c0


my last story left something of a bad taste in my mouth. I think it had a lot of potential, and I just wasted it. Then I read a confession thread that mixed with a couple other things I'd had knocking around upstairs, and this pretty much sprang to life all on its own.

Anonymous 14/09/02(Tue)04:16 No. 22368 ID: f5b1c2

no tags, no read

Kal 14/09/02(Tue)04:16 No. 22369 ID: 9ce57a

Any plans on continuing this one, Rick? It's rather good.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/02(Tue)04:50 No. 22370 ID: a887c0


Hey, sorry about that, man. I usually add the tags after my title, but it was so long that it got cut off without me noticing.

My stories are always Mg centric, with various kinks thrown in along the way. I've got a thing for anal, but that doesn't really come into play in this story, at least not yet. I'm not sure how to describe this one. Piercings, bear hugs, and daddy issues maybe? I try to subvert most fetishes anyway, find the heart of what makes something sexy rather than just slapping on a label, but maybe that's just me talking out of my ass Anyway, sorry about that.


Started the update three times now, and nothing seems to feel quite right. I definitely want to write a follow up, but it may end up something of a post-script if I can't find the right arc.

Either way, I'm glad you like it. I'm having a lot of fun with these characters.

Anonymous 14/09/02(Tue)20:42 No. 22372 ID: 653aef

Uncle Rick, holy shit. you are the bomb. do you have an asstr account or something like it? your writing is right up my alley, I wish I could just go back and visit all your stuff once in a while. also, do you sign body parts?

lovelovetinylovestories!2UMHv8AVGk 14/09/03(Wed)08:12 No. 22374 ID: bd6b8f


What this guy said. I'm always looking for an author whose work hits all the right notes for this kind of fantasy and your story definitely hits those notes well and hard! If you have more to read at ASSTR, I''d really love to know where to look.

I'm hoping there will be more to this (even though it appears to have all the elements of a harem just waiting to be assembled in the right order.) I will say that I loved how well you painted the characters, even the ones you didn't use in this chapter. Some stereotypes, but stereotypes make great outlines, nuance comes when you fill in the detail--like you did with Nikki. What was at first the typical hellcat lesbian slowly matured in the telling to a sexy young girl who is trying to tease\reach the one guy she feels safe with.

The main character is originally the outline of the typical college crammer trying to study hard before the exam and slowly as details fill in becomes someone human. A genuine nice person who is trying to respect people according to how they present themselves and treat them all as kindly as possible. Flawed, but *human* as a result.

Skinny dipping is one of my guilty pleasures in erotic fiction. I really enjoyed seeing the interplay in the water with the algae adding some slickness to the motions.

The only thing missing is perhaps more exposition on the emotional state of Nikki and how she came to the point were she is laying naked (except for the hoody) in bed with a man. I expect this in later bits to come as adding it to what is already written would likely break the flow. Besides people sometimes just act; only in fiction do people really sit there and plan out their most intimate moves. In real life any such plans are swiftly washed away by changing events around us.

So, umm.. yeah about that ASSTR? I'd love to know if there are other archives with your work...

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/05(Fri)09:02 No. 22382 ID: a887c0

The update's humming along nicely, but it's not quite ready yet. I just wanted to stop in and thank you guys for all your kind comments. I completely agree with the negative reception Tacit Permission got here, and I value those comments that helped me get my head out of my own ass, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this kind of reaction a lot better.

I've never really compiled my stories anywhere, mostly because I'm lazy, and several of them are lost to the ether, but I may see what I can do about getting an ASSTR page up and running.

>do you sign body parts?

Signing is so transient. I prefer branding.

>I'm always looking for an author whose work hits all the right notes for this kind of fantasy and your story definitely hits those notes well and hard!

That's exactly why I write these stories. It's so hard to find this kind of material in the first place, and when I do, there just always seems to be something about it that kills my boner. The writing, the characterizations, some fetish that I just can't get over, there's almost always something. Wizard on ASSTR is the closest I've come to an ideal elit author for my personal tastes, though I tend to skim through most of his boy stuff. Pseeker on Mr. Double really revs my engines for some reason, which is odd, because his stories are VERY different than mine.

I'd be interested to know which other stories and authors work for you. I'm always on the lookout for something new.

>I'm hoping there will be more to this (even though it appears to have all the elements of a harem just waiting to be assembled in the right order.)

What can I say. It's the dream. I'm a shameless To Love Ru fan, mostly because of Momo.

>I will say that I loved how well you painted the characters, even the ones you didn't use in this chapter. Some stereotypes, but stereotypes make great outlines, nuance comes when you fill in the detail

I completely agree. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and yet no two people are ever completely alike. I do try to play on expectations subvert the occasional trope now and again, but that's completely worthless if you don't play things straight once in a while as well.

>--like you did with Nikki. What was at first the typical hellcat lesbian slowly matured in the telling to a sexy young girl who is trying to tease\reach the one guy she feels safe with.

>The main character is originally the outline of the typical college crammer trying to study hard before the exam and slowly as details fill in becomes someone human. A genuine nice person who is trying to respect people according to how they present themselves and treat them all as kindly as possible. Flawed, but *human* as a result.

Glad that all came through.

>Skinny dipping is one of my guilty pleasures in erotic fiction. I really enjoyed seeing the interplay in the water with the algae adding some slickness to the motions.

I don't think I've had a story yet where water doesn't play a major role. Showers, hot tubs, skinny dipping, I love it all.

>The only thing missing is perhaps more exposition on the emotional state of Nikki and how she came to the point were she is laying naked (except for the hoody) in bed with a man. I expect this in later bits to come as adding it to what is already written would likely break the flow.

Nikki tends to prefer action to talk, as a rule. She doesn't mind banter, or good conversation, but she despises empty formalities and wasting time. She's also not really big on talking about herself. I wonder why that might be?

>Besides people sometimes just act; only in fiction do people really sit there and plan out their most intimate moves. In real life any such plans are swiftly washed away by changing events around us.

That's actually something I was going for here. I realized I was being too talky in some of my other stories. Ideally I want everyone to know what they're getting into beforehand so they can make an informed choice, and so I was killing the tension with dialogue. It's sad but true, asking permission is just so damned unsexy.

>So, umm.. yeah about that ASSTR? I'd love to know if there are other archives with your work...

I really wish I'd saved some of my old stories. I never really planned to write as much as I have, and I've lost most of them over the years. Most of them were shit, sure, but they were mine. Anyway, I'll see what I can do about getting some of my more recent efforts cleaned up and compiled all nice and neat.

Anonymous 14/09/06(Sat)11:03 No. 22388 ID: e9a2d9

Is there a lesbian in your life that you'd like to convert, Rick

Anonymous 14/09/06(Sat)17:57 No. 22389 ID: dd8838


Not as such, but the hottest girl I've ever seen was a butch lesbian at this party I went to. Tomboy clothes, hair, and skinny as a rail, but perfect little apple sized breasts jiggling beneath her tank top while she danced with a very femme looking chick. She caught me staring which was embarrassing, but I just raised my drink in salute. She didn't seem to mind me looking, in fact she smiled and pulled the other girl closer, then started kissing her neck, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. Saw her a few more times at the party, but was too chickenshit to go up and talk to her (I was pretty young, and incredibly naive).

Anonymous 14/09/08(Mon)21:04 No. 22401 ID: 37c171

Man the story was very well written but the whole concept was bullshitty. I mean Nikki comes off as a total lesbian at first then just suddenly at the end we learn she sleeps with guys aswell, plus the fact that Megan even said Nikki didn't sleep with guys and one is lead to believe that they're best friends. There's just so much wrong with the story itsself though as I said it is very well written.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/08(Mon)22:13 No. 22402 ID: a887c0


Some people are absolutely 100% straight or 100% gay, sure, but most people fall somewhere in the middle on the spectrum.

Nikki's in Junior High, did you have yourself completely figured out in Junior High? Did your friends know everything about you?

I'm not writing this story to somehow say that every lesbian secretly craves cock, I know they don't, but there's a lot of confusion and hormones going on at that age. Even a lot of lesbians I know talked about experimenting with guys when they were younger.

This is not supposed to be a blanket statement about sexuality, it's supposed to be a story about a guy and the confused little girl he has a crush on.

I understand the mental disconnect, but I think I'm well within the limits of plausibility, at least on this one aspect of the story.

Honestly, if I were going to critique one thing about my own story, it's that I write the girls older than their age, mentally. Megan, Steph, and the other girl are my nods to normal junior high troublemakers, and even there, they talk older than their age. My characters almost always go for the most precocious girl in any given group, and that's Nikki.

I do appreciate your honesty, and I value all honest criticism, but I just don't agree with this specific point. No offense intended.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/09(Tue)08:11 No. 22403 ID: a887c0

I found Nikki leaning against the counter of the ward's main desk. She and the cute Tech I worked with were laughing at something on the girl's phone and I took a moment to admire my girl in action as well as to give her time to finish up. She looked festive today. Her hair was hot pink up front, pearl white in the middle, light blue in back and mussed to perfection. She wore a subdued pink lipstick that provided a sweet contrast to her dark eyeliner and was rocking a simple deep necked white tank top with some band name splashed across the front, blue jeans rolled up to expose a scandalous amount of ankle, and some kind of flat-bottomed black sneaker. Nikki beckoned the girl down to whisper something in her ear. The poor thing had already been flushed pink above her scrubs, but suddenly she went bright red and put a hand to her mouth, then burst out laughing again. Nikki took the girl's phone while she was distracted, and her fingers flew across the screen absently as the two continued to chat. When she was done she handed back the phone and leaned against the counter again, looking like a cat staring at a canary. She threw me a jaunty wave behind the girl's back, my signal to start walking again, then leaned in to whisper something in the girl's ear again. I was too far away to hear what they were saying, but I clearly saw Nikki's lips form the words 'call me.' She pushed off the counter, threw her backpack over her shoulder, and fell in step beside me while the tech giggled and shot me a nervous glance. I just gave her the same tired smile as always, told her I'd see her in a few days, then went to clock out.

“Go easy on her.” I said mildly, once we were out of earshot. “She was home schooled.”

“I know, isn't she delicious?” Nikki was as self satisfied as I've ever seen her, hell she was practically purring, but she never dwelt too long on a conquest. She looked around curiously. “I've never seen where you work before. It's nice.” She said as she peeked in at the bright décor in one of the vacant rooms.

“Yeah, the hospital's been doing a lot of renovation, all the ICU's got moved to new facilities last year.”

“This must be like heaven for you, all the little girls, waiting for you to save them. Hey, I never thought to ask, do you ever get to give them their sponge baths?”

“I lost one of mine today, Nikki.”

She looked up at me, stricken. “Ethan, I'm so sorry...”

I smiled at her, “It's not your fault. Any other time... I'm just not ready to joke about my kids right now.”

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“Preemie, fetal alcohol, probably drugs too. Did what we could but he didn't make it.”

“That's so sad!”

“That's the job.” I tried to change the subject “How's your grandma doing?”

“Doc says she's healthy as a horse. She wishes I'd spend more nights at home, but I'm gonna go to her scrap booking party to help make up for it.”

“We all deal with guilt in our own ways. Speaking of, does she like the roses?”

“She sniffs them every time she walks by, I'm not even kidding. She literally stops and smells the roses, and you didn't see her drooling over you when you were over there planting them. She's been trying to think of ways to get you back over there with your shirt off.”

“I better watch myself next time I go mow her lawn.” I said, waggling my eyebrows.


“Where's your bike?

“I didn't know where you parked. I chained it up at the main entrance.”

“No worries, we'll drive around to it.”

The bike fit in the back easy enough, once I folded down a seat. I'd had enough practice that it didn't take me long to get everything situated. We left the hospital and drove through a beer barn for ice and drinks, then went straight to Uncle Rick's house. The whole drive took a little over ten minutes, beer run included. The neighborhoods between Nikki's grandma's and the hospital weren't places I would have wanted Nikki to have to ride through after dark, but during the day, it was fine. The drive from the hospital to my Uncle's place were considerably nicer, and she could have probably rode naked wearing a flashing neon sign that read 'do me baby,' and she would have only had to worry about getting arrested by one of the cops that regularly patrolled the area.

Most everyone had shown up earlier in the afternoon, but there were still a few stragglers like me making their way in. Some of the kids were playing with sparklers on the front lawn, and a few others were writing on the sidewalk with smoke bombs, but the main displays wouldn't come til after sunset. I brought the ice and booze inside, and Nikki carried in the fireworks. She'd helped me pick them out, and we had enough mortars to outfit a small army, in addition to everything else. I had Nikki resupply the kiddos, throwing in some black cats, roman candles and spinners to boot, then we went around back. Uncle Rick's place was on almost two full acres of land, and it was filled with laughing kids, tipsy adults, and the smell of barbeque. Zoe, my uncle's youngest, flew in and glomped Nikki from behind, nearly causing her to drop the fireworks. I'm pretty sure that form of greeting is genetic.

“Finally!” She said, seizing Nikki. “Everyone's here but you! What took you so long?”

“I'm fashionably late.” Nikki said, doing her best to look down at the girl despite the fact that they were nearly of a height these days. “Besides,” she said, pointing at me, “I had to wait on my ride.”

Zoe gave me a mock glare and stuck out her tongue at me, then transitioned easily into a beaming smile and said “Heya, Ethan.” I returned the greeting, but she was already dragging Nikki off, gossiping and giggling. I walked off in the other direction towards the coolers, both to deposit my payload, and to get some distance between me and Nikki, what with all the watching eyes.

Lady came up to say hi, and I reached down to scratch her behind the ears. She was a rescue, some kind of blue heeler mix, and friendly as fuck, though once she realized I didn't have any treats she wandered off to find another sucker. When I watched her go, I noticed Stephan sitting on a bench, eying Megan's ass wistfully. My cousin had finally cut him off more than a week back, and the girl he'd come with looked like she'd eaten girls Megan's size in one sitting. I relished my moment of Schadenfreude like a hot fudge brownie sundae.

I managed to scarf down some brisket and a roll before I was dragged into the pool by a herd of munchkins for kid-tossing duty; best thing for me really. It's hard to be pensive, or morose when you're surrounded by happy mini-me's. I would have done it for that alone, but this gig also had fringe benefits that I couldn't overlook. Between all the splashing, tickling, tossing, dunking, and wrestling, I got to feel every little girl's body without even really trying. I never groped or lingered excessively, but they would latch on to my arms, or my sides, or crawl up on my shoulders with only a thin layer of cloth between my skin and the promised land. Then, whenever I took a break, I had parents coming up to thank me for my patience and for making the night special, to tell me how the kids looked forward to coming every year because they got to play with Uncle Ethan. A couple times Nikki was within earshot of one of these conversations, and she'd shoot me a knowing smile.

The older girls joined in after about half an hour, and suddenly I was a lot less popular with the tweenage and teenage boys. Megan pretended she wasn't simply reveling in all the attention she was getting. Steph, as always, followed Megan's lead, as best she understood it anyway. Amy, who had actually emerged from her cave for the holiday, kept a quiet eye on everyone and made sure no one felt left out, particularly poor Steph. Nikki was, as ever, the instigator, and led the girls in coming up with competitions to torment the boys. The girls were free to participate too, of course, but seeing as the guys were the ones willing to endure pain and humiliation in the faint hopes that one of the girls might let them cop a feel, the listings were almost exclusively male. When they got to the bellyflop contest, rivalries grew intense, bellies turned pink, then red, faces twisted in grimaces of pain, and all the while Nikki sat back, beholding what she had wrought with mischievous glee. Eventually I took mercy on the boys, and ended the competition by showing them what a REAL bellyflop looked like.

Once we refilled the pool, it was determined that I was the winner, and someone suggested a breath-holding contest. Most of the girls joined in on this one, and I sat back to rest and observe. Nikki used the confusion to swim between my legs, reach up my trunks, and give my cock a squeeze, She surfaced on the other side of the pool and gave me a wicked grin, which I returned in kind. I might have returned the favor, but Zoe latched onto my arm, begging to be thrown again. I tossed the kiddos for another thirty minutes or so, then informed the munchkins that I was tuckered out and they'd have to entertain themselves for a while.

Nikki floated over to me after a few minutes, grabbed my hand, and slipped it inside her bikini bottoms. It had gotten pretty dark, and we always left the pool light off on the Fourth, so the fireworks would reflect better on the water. No one could see as I slipped my fingers along her bikini's edge, pushed the thin fabric down. I could feel her veins coursing over her taut abs, barely visible unless she was straining, but easy to feel just beneath the surface. A significant portion of me was just itching to stick her for an IV. It's a nurse thing, don't worry about it.

I slid my hand further inside, pinched her pussy lips together and rolled them around her clit. Pool water isn't the greatest medium for a good fingering, but there were plenty of other ways to have fun. Nikki continued talking to me normally, but I knew her well enough to see her eyes glaze over as I worked, to hear her stop and search for words she'd normally have available instantly, hear the slight hitching of her breath when I got the pressure just right. I couldn't push her over the edge, not without moving my arm too much and giving the game away, but I was able to get her pretty well worked up. Eventually one of the younger boys tackled her, and they splashed away.

I floated around a bit, talking with one of the moms as I bobbed, until Uncle Rick came up and offered me a tumbler of single malt scotch, neat, which I accepted dutifully. I know it was Single Malt scotch, because that's all my Uncle ever offers me. I honestly would have simply preferred the dollar value, but then, I was the guy who'd spent two hundred dollars on fireworks, on a nurse's salary. As ever, I tried to broaden my horizons and enjoy the experience. I'm not really a whiskey kind of guy, and when I do drink, I prefer bourbon to Scotch since I'm not a fan of whatever that “peaty” taste is my uncle keeps going on about. Even so, I had to admit, this was better than whatever I'd had before. I handed him back the empty glass, made polite noises about the taste, and he asked me what I thought about the NFL offseason. He always asked me about football when I came to visit, and I just didn't have the heart to tell him that I really didn't care anymore. I could still speak intelligently about the subject, but I was mostly just repeating what I heard from the Monday morning quarterbacks and fantasy junkies at the hospital. He was just starting to relive one of my old high-school games for me when Amy came up and asked him a question that distracted him just long enough for him to forget what he'd been talking about. She gave me a wink and mouthed “you owe me” once my Uncle wandered off. I gave her a little salute, and went to grab some more barbeque and another beer.

There were already some morters going off down the block and they cast pretty reflections on the water. Nikki came over again with Megan, Steph, and of course, Amy in tow, whom I thanked for her earlier assistance. Amy was the prototypical ginger whose nearly-translucent skin looked as though it hadn't ever seen sunlight before today, which wasn't terribly far from the truth. There are only two types of gingers, so despite her spooky pale skin, willful ignorance of fashion, almost complete lack of makeup, prominent braces, and frizzy, fly-everywhere curls, she still had more than her fair share of boys panting after her, including Jason... and me. She was the most developed of the crew, and could pass for a high-schooler if she wanted to. More importantly, she was my vidya buddy, though if I'm honest, she was far better than I'd ever been. She specialized in MOBAs and RTS style games, but she played pretty much everything, to one degree or another. She smiled at my rant about Vendrick and Freya, commiserating that they even ruined her speed runs from time to time. I freely admitted that I'd thought the game was too easy when I was watching her stream, but when I actually played, I could never manage to consistently make those perfect dodges and parries that seemed so effortless for her. To tell the truth, I mostly made it through by dint of dogged persistence, unabashed shield cheesing, and, to my shame, online guides. Her teasing was gentle, and she was kind enough to point out how I could still hold my own on most mouse and keyboard FPS's. I knew she was just mollifying my ego, but I appreciated the gesture nonetheless. In return, I listened to her woes about wannabe stalkers, misogynists, and general purpose internet trolls. She'd even had someone attempt to call a SWAT team on her ass, though fortunately they'd had the wrong address. We both laughed at the idea of some poor old granny getting her door busted in by an armed response team, sobered ourselves and agreed that it was incredibly dangerous, irresponsible, and not at all funny, then we burst out laughing again.

We all got out when people started migrating to the nice wide concrete area next to the old shed that served as our launch pad. Nikki showed me where she'd put my share of explosives, and I crowded in with the other dads, uncles, and older cousins. We always coordinated the launches so there was never too much downtime, and would gradually pick up the pace until we were firing three or four morters per-person simultaneously. It's really not that hard to accomplish. You just set your launch tubes close together, tie up the fuses, drop in one shell per tube, and light them all at the same time. Last year, Uncle Rick had picked up a few small propane blowtorches which made lighting even easier. I could almost imagine Hank Hill watching over us from above, tears of pride brimming in his eyes. When we really got going, we'd have twelve mortars going off all at once, which got even crazier once we started using the double and triple shells together with the all in one packages.


At least that was the plan. I was just gotten the first few launches off and was busy tying more fuses together when I got a text from Nikki to slip away and meet her upstairs. I immediately told Jason that I wasn't feeling well and deputized him to set off my share, which made him the happiest little pyromaniac in the world. Everyone was looking up, dazzled by the display, so it was the easiest thing in the world to slip away, largely unnoticed. I felt a tiny pang to be missing the show, but I figured I'd soon be experiencing fireworks of a different variety. I was about halfway to the door when I got a second message from Nikki. This one just said “Quietly!” I tried texting back, to get her to clarify, but I didn't get a response.

The music was still on inside, and the fireworks were going off at a pretty good clip by now, so there was plenty of background noise. Even so, I took Nikki at her word and eased my way up the stairs, rather than skipping up three at a time as I'd planned. I padded down to the end of the hall, and found Nikki waiting for me. When I got close and started reaching for her, she shook her finger 'no,' then gestured for me to peek through the slightly open door behind her. I couldn't see a face from this angle, but even so, I'd recognize that hair, that skin, and that body anywhere. She was completely naked, legs spread wide and hanging off the foot of the bed, and Lady had her head right between them, licking away. Nikki slid in beneath my chest, and we both peered in like some kind of two headed voyeuristic monster, and watched the dog eat out the little girl like her pussy was made of bacon.

The questions piled up, one after the other, but more than anything, I couldn't help but wonder what had made Zoe choose her sister's room for this particular activity.

What, you were expecting someone else? Why on earth would you think that?

After a minute or an hour, I'm not sure which, I shook my head, backed away from the door and tugged on Nikki's shoulder. She turned around to look at me and I motioned that we should go back downstairs. She shook her head, grinning, and signed that she was going into the room. I started to shake my head no again, but I caught myself. Nikki watched me patiently as I thought the situation through. Zoe could probably could really use someone to talk to right now, and it was better that she be found out by Nikki than pretty much anyone else. Megan loved her sister to bits, so she'd try to be be understanding, but she'd still freak, and sisterly relations for the next few months? Well, awkward wouldn't even begin to describe it. And that was the best reaction she could hope for. My Uncle would yell and threaten and traumatize, and my Aunt would simply have the poor dog put down, and I had the sinking feeling that Jason would try to blackmail her somehow. Honestly, if she was doing this in her sister's room with the door not even fully closed, it would only be a matter of time before she got caught, weeks, months, or even years from now, it would happen, and it would be bad. Better to let Nikki handle it, right here, right now.

Eventually I shrugged and gave Nikki the go-ahead nod. She looked smug, but still pulled me down for a quick smooch that reminded me of all the reasons I thought I'd been coming inside. She rubbed her cheek against mine, catlike, and whispered in my ear “I know why you thought I called you up here. I'll make it up to you tonight.”

I nodded, gave her a smile and a quick grope of her gorgeous little ass, then forced myself to turn and walk away. I'd gotten almost all the way down the stairs when I heard the first shriek. For a moment, I debated whether I should go back to try and get another peek, but eventually I just shook my head and sneaked out to watch the rest of the show.

To his credit, Jason gamely offered me my spot back as soon as he saw me return, but he just looked so happy, I couldn't bring myself to that away from him. Besides, I was still busy committing what I'd seen to my permanent memory.

Zoe would be going into the fourth grade next year and physically she looked like miniature version of Megan, though their temperments were wildly different. I love Megan, but she was, quite simply, the prototypical Junior High queen, addicted to fashion mags, reality TV, and buying into every fad marketed to insecure tweenage girls. Her room was fifty shades of pink, and covered with posters of every boy band and heartthrob the commercials told her she was supposed to like. She had her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and he bought her whatever clothes, makeup, jewelry, or accessories she said she wanted. To her credit, she wasn't really all that stuck up or haughty, and only moderately spoiled. True, she was naïve, vapid, often thoughtless, and constantly in some form of trouble or another, but she was also fiercely loyal, oddly considerate, and always so genuinely grateful when she got bailed out, or given a gift, that it was hard to hold the rest against her.

Zoe had the same dirty blond hair, well it would be the same if Megan wasn't constantly lightening hers, the same shocking blue eyes, and the same wholesome girl-next-door looks, but she had completely different priorities. Zoe had nigh boundless enthusiasm and energy, and a competitive streak a mile wide. Her first love was soccer, which she played full bore. She wasn't the most naturally athletic girl on the pitch, but she'd grown to become the star of her team through sheer guts, constant effort, and coachability. She wasn't a true tomboy, she liked dressing up and being girly, but for its own sake rather than for getting attention. She cared far less about looking good than she did about chasing her passions with reckless abandon. She was more likely to come home covered in mud and scratches than makeup and perfume, and she hated going shopping, so Megan usually picked out her clothes on her behalf. She was too busy exploring the creek, learning how to walk on her hands, or playing with the dog...

… which now brought up all kinds of new connotations.

I tried to focus on the fireworks.

I met with mixed success.

Nikki and Zoe wandered out sometime after the finale while we were getting everything cleaned up. Zoe looked a bit shaken, but also relieved, and even a bit giggly. She gazed at Nikki with an expression somewhere between holy dread and awe. I could empathize. She'd had a secret she'd never expected to be able to share with another human being, something she hadn't thought anyone could understand, something she'd thought would alienate her forever. The idea that someone could understand, not only that but freely accept such a secret had probably never even occurred to her. It had certainly never occurred to me.

Most of the families had gone home once the fireworks ended, but I knew from experience that the stragglers would be up for hours yet, drinking around the bonfire next to the pool. I was exhausted from a twelve hour shift, followed by hours of kiderobics, but of course my Uncle called me over and handed me another glass of Scotch. Amy and Nikki walked by, arm in arm and gave me a look as though asking if I needed help, but I waved them off. This was all part of keeping good familial relations, and avoiding suspicion. It was hours before the vortex of alcohol and inane conversations subsided, and I realized I'd been up for almost twenty four hours straight, and that was after averaging five hours of sleep the past two nights. I walked up to the guest room stripped down, and crashed in my usual bed. My feet hung off the end, but even so I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

*** *** *****

Nikki rode me into consciousness, and for several minutes I couldn't really tell where the dreams ended and reality began. I was still drunk off my ass, but she'd gotten me hard anyway, and was running her hands gently along my chest and stomach making the skin tingle while impaled herself in a steady rhythm. The house was dead quiet around us, and there was just enough light from the streetlamps streaming in through the partially closed blinds, to outline her silhouette like an old noir film. Shadows played across her skin as she moved on top of me, and for a while I simply lay there in sleepy admiration. Backlit as she was, I could see all the soft little vellus hairs that were usually the next best thing to invisible, and the play of her muscles beneath her smooth, speckled skin seemed even more pronounced than usual. She'd spent between two and five nights a week over at my place since the school year ended, and we'd met up for quickies even on days where we weren't together; I'd seen her naked dozens of times in dozens of ways, yet I never got tired of looking, never failed to find something new in her loveliness.

I reached a hand up to her cheek, expecting her to brush it away. That was the usual game. To my surprise, she leaned into the caress, allowing me to cup the side of her face in my palm and brush my thumb across her lips. I could see the shiver travel along the length of her body, gooseprickles rising along her arms and abdomen as she licked my thumb, then closed her lips around it and slid it slowly in and out of her mouth. I sat up so I could look her in the eyes, which meant we had to reposition a bit awkwardly, but we were grinning while we did. I put one hand on her lower back, and wrapped my other arm around her upper body, pulling her to my chest while simultaneously steadying her hips. Once again, she didn't push away or struggle. When I kissed her, she didn't turn her face away half a dozen times before letting my tongue past her lips, she simply opened up. She didn't just allow me to hold her, she actually wrapped her arms and legs around my body, and pulled herself even tighter against me.

Nikki had never let me be this gentle before, not right away at least. She was actually holding me close rather than pushing away. We'd had more than a month together, and we'd had maybe three or four nights like this, and then only after I'd worn her down, gotten past her defenses. More often she was simply passive after the first hard fuck. There was a delight to our usual play, a joy in the taking, but to be accepted so readily, so hungrily; it spoke to me on an instinctual level and I had to hold myself back from coming too quickly, had to fight to make it last. I could see it was getting to her too. I could see each time she bit her lip to stop a moan from escaping, could feel her body shudder each time I pushed inside her. I leaned down to nuzzle her neck, she gasped and threw her head back to give me better access. She'd always been so tiny in my arms, so fragile, but I'd never seen her let herself be vulnerable like this. This wasn't the best position for motion or depth, but that didn't seem to matter to either of us. She was trying to keep up a smooth undulation with her hips, but occasionally she had to break rhythm and dig her nails into my back as she fought to keep from crying out. Slowly, her neck started to fall back, mouth open, eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling. Her modest breasts were mashed against me with every move, her nipples pushing against my chest.

Suddenly she clapped both hands over her mouth to muffle a scream, and I felt her leg shaking beside me. I was turned on as hell, but I'd been holding myself back so long that I couldn't quite manage to come with her when her hips stopped moving, instead just I held her close and rubbed her ears.

...I know it sounds weird, but hear me out on this. I'd noticed that she always tugged at her ears when she came, and when I tried doing it to, she'd absolutely gone nuts. She'd already taken her more elaborate piercings out for the night, so I only had to be careful around the studs. Her hands trembled and she giggled when I leaned around to suckle on one of her earlobes. When she finally began to come down, she turned her head and pulled me into a deep kiss. I would have been content to just sit there, connected and kissing, but after a moment she pushed me back onto the pillow, slipped off me, and pounced on my cock like a cat on a mouse. Not that I'm... look it's proportional so... Just shut up, alright, you know what I meant.

She played with me a lot more than normal, licking the shaft and doing a lot more work with her hands while she sucked on the head. Normally she went straight for the deepthroat like that first night, which was pretty much ideal, don't get me wrong. However, this was a completely different experience altogether, and I found myself enjoying the novelty. It wasn't quite as viscerally satisfying, perhaps, but it was certainly a lot of fun to watch. She kept eye contact with me the whole time, and her butt was in the air waving back and forth, so my eyes were constantly drawn between that and the show she was putting on down at my waist.

When she felt I was about to pop, she gripped me hard with both hands, rubbed one thumb just on the underside of my head, and angled me so that when I shot it fountained up in an arc and landed on my chest and stomach. When I'd finally finished shooting and was only dribbling out, she slid her lips down all the way to the base, working me with her tongue and throat to force out every bit of semen. She stayed there sucking until I started going soft, then she licked around my groin and all the way up my body, lapping up every splash of cum.

When she got up to my throat, I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her full on the mouth, not caring that she'd just been hoovering up my jizz. She moaned into my mouth, and pressed herself against me. If I hadn't just cum, I'd have pinned her down on the bed beneath me. As it was, I'd need at least fifteen minutes before I was ready to go again. I decided I knew how to spend the intervening time. I started pulling her up, kissing my way down her body. She knew exactly where I was going with that, and stopped me. Three weeks ago, I'd have thought this was part of her game, but I'd learned the subtle differences between teasing and a genuine refusal. Confused, I let her fall back to my lap and gave her a questioning look.

“I'll scream, you know I will. Besides, I need to get back to Megan's room before someone notices I'm gone.”

“Just bite the pillow.” I growled. I wanted to taste her so bad.

“NO!” She tried for serious, but she couldn't fully hide her grin. “We've already been stupid enough. We can't risk it.”

I wanted to tell her fuck the consequences, but she was right. This wasn't the most stable bed in the world, and while we hadn't been moving all that vigorously, we had already made far too much noise for real safety.

She pulled me on my side, facing her, and kissed me again. We made out for a few minutes, and I started to give her a massage, trying to get her to stay just a little longer, but she stopped me with a grin. “Lemme go, you big ape! I've got to get back!”

“Do I hafta?”

“Yes, now let go!”

I groaned into her neck and gave it one last lick, then sat up and picked her up by her armpits. I held her there for a moment at arms length, feet dangling inches above the floor, and looked her up and down, wistfully. She gave me an annoyed look, and I finally set her down, leaned in for one last kiss, then turned her around and sent her off with a loud smack on the ass.

“Better hurry and get dressed...” I said, as she rubbed the offended cheek and stared at me. “... someone might have heard that.”

*** *** *****

The next time I woke, it was to far less pleasant circumstances. My hangover had come in full force, sunlight was streaming in through the window, and Amy was leaning over my face, holding my nose shut with a lazy smirk. She let go when she saw I'd started to wake up, then straightened and said “Get up, big guy, you're sleeping the day away.”

“Consciousness is overrated.” I said, turning and trying to get back to sleep.”

“You've already missed dinner, and I need you to eat so I can put everything away.”

I was about to tell her what else she could put away, and where, but I remembered I did owe her, and stopped the words before they could pass my lips. Besides, I was actually pretty damned hungry. Still, I did get my revenge. I whipped the covers off suddenly, and enjoyed watching the rapidly shifting emotions cross her face; Her eyes widened in shock, then dread, then sagged in relief when she saw I was wearing my swim trunks, and finally she gave me a half annoyed, half amused expression while I pointed and laughed.

I followed her downstairs and saw Jason carrying his desktop and keys to the door, but no one else. Jason gave Amy a wistful look when she wasn't looking, but looked away, embarrassed when he saw I'd caught him. I tried to give him a sympathetic smile, but he was already fumbling at the door.

“Where the hell is everybody? And why are you in charge of cleanup?”

“Megan's parents are off on his business trip...”

“Read, 'golf-slash-shopping trip.'” I said, and she smiled an agreement. I remembered hearing something about that, but I hadn't realized they were going so soon. Then again, maybe it only felt soon for me, it was practically evening after all.

“Megan's over at her new boyfriend's house, and I told Jason I'd clean up and keep an eye on Zoe so he could go hang out with Stephan.”

“Doesn't Stephan usually come here?”

“I convinced Jason that it was time for a change of scenery.”

“Yeah, huh... and you stuck around because...?”

“I told you, I'm keeping an eye on Zoe.”

“Out of the goodness of your heart?”

“Your Uncle left money.”

“You make more from one stream than even my uncle would leave. Besides, your dad buys you whatever you want.”

“I have my reasons.”

All the food and utensils were still out and even reheated the brisket was absolutely delicious. More importantly, there was still coffee steaming on the warmer. I staggered over and poured us each a cup of the holy java.

“Trying to stunt my growth, Tiny?” Amy asked with a smirk, but accepted the steaming mug. I wasn't fooled. Bitch drank more coffee than I did. If she got cut, I was pretty sure she'd bleed brown. My uncle had decent quality stuff, but even so I'd been expecting it to be a bit skunky from being on the warmer so long. Turns out, it was a fresh brew. Amy smiled and just said, “I know how you get” as she added her milk and sugar. then we munched away. It didn't take long, and I focused on waking up and filling my belly rather than trying to start any conversation. Amy seemed just as comfortable with the silence as I was. We ate, I slipped scraps to Lady who helped me clean the dishes while Amy put the food away, all without a single word.

Amy pulled out a joint and raised an eyebrow. When I nodded she walked out to the back and led me to the porch swing. Nikki and Zoe were splashing around in the pool and waved at us as we lit up. I hate the stink and aftertaste of weed, which is why I usually vape, but smoking out the old fashioned way was nostalgic as fuck, and brought up all kinds of memories from my younger days, both good and embarrassing.

Nikki came up to share, and after Zoe begged, the girls let her breath in their last hits on the exhale. I wanted to frown in disapproval, but I knew I didn't have a moral leg to stand on. Besides, I knew Megan gave her hits all the time. Instead, I just shared my last hit with Lady, who sniffed, curiously, then sneezed.

The two wet girls were shivering even in the warm evening air, so they ran and jumped back in the pool while Amy and I finished off the roach. After we were good and buzzed and I was scratching Lady's head, idly, Amy casually asked, “So, how long've you and Nikki been fucking?”

It took me a moment for the question to break through the fog-wall around my brain, a few more to think my way through the implications, and just a little longer for me to consider and discard about seventeen different lies and deflections. At least I knew why she'd worked to get the house to ourselves.

“Welp... shit.”

“Not even gonna try denying it? I'm impressed.”

“I'm not going to insult your intelligence on top of everything else. How long have you known?”

“I've suspected for a while, but I wasn't positive until I followed Nikki last night. You haven't answered my question, bee tee dubs”

“About a month now, right at the end of the school year.”

“Yeah, that's what she said too.”

“You've already talked to her?”

“This morning, we went for a walk.”

“Why ask me then?”

“I just wanted to see your reaction, whether you'd try lying to me or whatever. Curiosity mainly.”

We sat in silence for a bit until I couldn't take it anymore. “So what now?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, Amy. You pretty much got me by the short hairs here.”

“Oh fuck you, I'm not going to tell. God! Who do you take me for?”

“Hey, I wouldn't blame you.”

“Well, you can relax, alright? If I didn't report that jackass Stephan, you can be damned sure you're in the clear. Doesn't mean I'm thrilled about it.”

“Didn't figure you would be.”

“But Nikki loves you, I can see that.”

“Nah, she's just working through some stuff...”

Amy actually punched me then, right in the shoulder, and despite our size difference and the awkward angle, it actually hurt. “Don't fuck with me, Ethan, this is my best friend you're talking about.”

I rubbed at my arm and glared down at the little redhead. “Look, I care about her too, but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking this is more than it is. Just yesterday she was hitting on one of the girls at the hospital. She spends as many nights out with them as she does with me. I'm the phase here, and I'm ok with that.” I had more I was going to say, but it was hard to keep my train of thought. It was probably for the best, everything I was thinking sounded like an obvious justification.

“You really don't see it, do you?” Amy was staring up at me, as if amazed that I could be this stupid, and still breathe.

“See what?”

Amy paused a moment, considering me, then asked, “How much has she told you about her past?”

“Nothing I haven't known for years now. I know her Grandma's family hates her, I know she never knew her dad, and she lost her Grandpa only a year after she started staying with them.”

“She hasn't said anything about before her mom took off?”

“Not really. Why, what's she told you?”

“Nothing. Think about that for a minute. Absolutely nothing. Megan and I've been her closest friends for four years, and she doesn't talk about anything that happened before she came to live with her Grandparents, not a single word, to either of us. Doesn't that tell you anything? You're a nurse, you know junkies. Think about the kind of person willing to abandon their own daughter. What happens when that kind of person needs a fix real bad?”

I knew all too well. Amy wasn't telling me anything I hadn't thought of myself at one time or another, but I'd always pushed the thought away. I took a moment and gave the problem my full consideration. It wasn't pretty.

Amy's voice softened. “Don't you remember when she didn't used to let guys near her? Any guy? You always joked that she was tough as nails, but she was more like glass, sharp and brittle and ready to shatter. We all saw her change.” Amy paused to consider for a moment, then continued. “Well, I guess you couldn't realize that she was only different around you, but Megan and I sure as shit saw it. Hell, she doesn't give a shit about sports, but she came to watch all of your games. When we got the news that you'd broken your neck, she broke the fuck down. I've never seen her like that, not even when her grandad died. You don't see the way she looks at you when she thinks no one is looking. That girl loves the shit out of you, and you're standing here telling me it's just a phase? Go fuck yourself, you selfish, clueless... asshole!”

Amy seemed to be trying to decide whether she should punch me again. I scooted as far away as the bench swing would allow.

“Coward.” She said, though I thought I saw the tiniest hint that she was holding back a smile. She sighed, and looked a little embarassed. “I know you're telling me the truth, and I'm sorry for punching you” she said, almost sheepish.

“Nah, I'd earned it.”

“Maybe.” She said, and now she was smirking full force.

“Do you think Megan knows?”

“Are you kidding? Just last semester, Megan thought guys had one more bone than girls do...” Amy went into her Megan impersonation at this point “...because, of their, like, boners!”

“She was just joking.”

“No, she wasn't, she contradicted the biology teacher, she was fucking adamant, I shit you not. Anyway, she's clueless as ever, rest easy. Of course, Steph is the one we have to worry about, she's a crafty bitch.”

“You're horrible.”

“I am. Poor sweet Steph, I worry about her.”

She kicked her legs out and stood up. When I followed her, she turned and gave me a big hug, then pulled me down and kissed my cheek. “I love ya, big guy. Try not to fuck up my best friend more than she already is, ok?”

“I'll do my best.”

We stepped apart and Zoe took that as her queue to jump out, run over and grab my arm to tug me towards the pool. “FINALLY!” she said. “You guys talked forever!” I set my phone and keys on the table, then let myself be dragged off. She got behind me to push and I leaned back on her, but let her get me right up to the edge before I matched her for a stalemate. Amy came in from behind and tipped the balance so that I was going to fall in, t-shirt and all. When I'd passed the point of no return, I stood straight to attention and whipped off a stoic salute, then hit the water with my full side. It stung a bit, but you've got to be willing to suffer a bit for good physical comedy. Zoe was having a giggle fit, which might have had something to do with the schedule one controlled substance I'd tacitly permitted her to have behind her parent's back.

I saw Amy was standing too close to the edge, and I reached out and grabbed her thigh. She tried to struggle, but I pulled her over my shoulder, checked her pockets and found they were free of both electronics and narcotics, then I fell back into the water while she screamed bloody murder. Zoe cheered, then jumped in. Amy had to run inside, but she came back out in her bikini, rarin' for some payback.

Even as late as I'd slept, we still had almost an hour of playtime before it started getting too dark to see easily. There was only a sliver of moon in the sky, and all the lights in the house were off. Lady was barking a little too much so I got out to put her back inside. While I was up, I used Amy's stash to roll us another joint. I had to show off a bit, and I put all my years of expertise into its crafting. I used several papers to roll an absolute monster that used up all the remaining pot. I'd get her some more later to make up for it. I took it back and we smoked this one in the pool. The girls got pretty giggly and Marco Polo became a lot easier. I was just thinking about turning the pool light on when something splashed down by my head, which turned out to be a bikini top. I swam over, grabbed Nikki's arm, and pulled her away from the other girls.

I held up the top and said “We can't do this, not until Zoe goes to bed at least.” Nikki just grinned, I could only tell because I could see her teeth reflecting the dim moonlight. She didn't take the top. “Nikki, please, don't make me put it back on you.”

She still didn't do anything. I sighed, then turned her around to get a better angle... and I felt her top already in place, right where it should be. I looked closer at the top in my hand, and realized it was too big for Nikki anyway.

“Amy?” I asked, incredulous.

“I have a confession to make.” Nikki said, reaching behind her back to untie her own top. “Last night, before I woke you up...” She said, as she untied the strap around her neck and tossed the whole thing to the pool deck. “I snuck Zoe in and had her hide in the closet.” She reached down, then pulled her bottoms up above the waterline, let me see them drip, then tossed them away to join her top, “She saw the whole thing. She especially liked it when I... 'made you pop.'” She started toying with the knot on the front of my trunks. “I know it was bad.” She said, pouting. “I know I should have at least asked you first, but you looked so cute sleeping there, and I couldn't help myself.” She pulled the string, and the knot came undone. At the same time, I was bombarded with another bikini top and two pairs of bottoms from behind. “She was so wet when I got her back in her bed, and I just had to have a little lick.” Nikki said, hungrily. “She tastes like strawberries, and sunshine, and lost innocence.” She pushed my trunks down, and I stepped out of them. “And when she cums, she sounds like a baby bird.”

I should have been furious with her, but I was so high and so hard that I couldn't keep a single thought in my head except for how bad I wanted her. I pulled her close for a kiss, but she squirmed out of my grip and swam away, laughing. I started going after her, but stopped to toss my trunks and the other girl's suits up on the deck with Nikki's.

Nikki swam by again and I lunged after her, catching hold of her ankle, but I didn't have a good grip, and she pushed with her other foot and freed herself. The other girls were laughing and swimming away too. I caught Amy first, probably because her pale skin was the easiest to see in the dim light. I pulled her close, and she gasped when my hard-on rubbed against her stomach. She didn't fight all that hard, but this close, I could see the uncertainty on her face. I decided not to push things too far, not right away at least. I pulled her up onto my shoulder so she was sitting on my hand, then launched her across the pool shot-put style. She was the tallest and most developed of Megan's group, but she wasn't even in high school yet, and I'd had a lot of practice at this kind of thing over the years. My thumb may have slipped between her cheeks as I pushed off her bum, but that can't really be blamed on me, now can it?

Zoe was swimming nearby, obviously wanting me to catch her, so I obliged. She put up a pretense of a struggle, but she was too busy giggling to really sell it. Her legs wrapped around my thigh, and I could feel her starting to hump. I reached down to cop my first glorious feel, and I felt something strange. When I felt around a bit more, I realized she was wearing a butt-plug, the same type that I'd used on Nikki, and not a small one. I looked over at Nikki, but I couldn't make out any details in the dim light. I toyed with the plug a bit, and Zoe quivered against me. When I reached down between our bodies to play with her little pussy as well, she cried out and let me pull her around so I could cradle her in my arms like a baby. She was already pretty well worked up from the plug and whatever Nikki had been doing to her, so it only took about thirty seconds to get her off. Nikki was right, she did chirp like a little bird, tiny staccato cries that sounded as though they were being ripped out of her.

I waited for her to just start to come down, then I picked her up by an armpit and a thigh and tossed her away WWE style while she was still in the first blush of afterglow. The sound of her outraged yelp was cut off when she went under, and it was just about the funniest thing I'd heard in weeks. Amy and Nikki had started making out while I'd been playing with Zoe, but they cried out and separated quickly when I got close. I caught Amy again, and this time I pulled her against me for a good grope. I nuzzled her neck, cupped one breast, and slid my other hand between her thighs. Once again, she tensed up, so I pulled my hand back and just gave her a bear hug instead, then I grabbed her under the armpits and tossed her away.

I set my sights on Nikki. She yelped when I started coming after her, and swam to the edge of the pool. Then the little bitch shimmied out and started running across the lawn. I got out as well and chased her down, though she didn't make it easy. She looped around the big oak, which fortunately had not begun to shed acorns as of yet, ran through the narrow gap between the shed and the fence, and sprinted back towards the pool. I tackled her right before we were about to run out of lawn, and the grass was soft and itchy on my skin as we rolled together.

This was the Nikki I knew. She fought me as though her life depended on it. She tried to scratch me, but I was ready for that and pinned her hands above her head. She tried to bite, but I didn't leave anything in range. She struggled against my grip, but I had her firmly by the wrists, and I turned her over, switched my grip, and twisted first one, then the other arm behind her back so I could hold both wrists with one hand. I pushed her face into the grass, and pressed my full weight against her, driving the breath from her tiny body. I heard that same pleased moan I remembered from that first night, and so many others in the weeks since. I waited for her struggling to slow, then I let her breathe, just a bit, and pressed back down.

I had to do this a few more times before she was docile enough for me to start positioning her. I didn't bother checking to see if she was ready, she would be, I just raised her hips, kept a firm grip on her wrists, positioned myself behind her, and thrust home. She cried out when I entered her, and there was some pain in it, but it was unmistakeably a pleased sound. I pulled her against me again and again, using her wrists as leverage, then I leaned forward on my other arm, pushing her face back into the grass.

I had to admit, some part of me really got off on this, the total domination of it. I felt like a lion taking an antelope, a caveman stealing a mate. It was primal and visceral, and it satisfied an urge that had absolutely nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power.

I pressed forward again, and pushed her down flat, her legs together between mine, my cock still lodged deep inside. I pulled her arms around, one in each hand, and trapped them beneath her chest, then grabbed her shoulders and used them for leverage to pull me deeper inside her. I never lasted long once we got here, and after another minute of frantic proneboning, I started to splash inside. I'd had a vasectomy almost a year back, and Nikki had started on the pill the week after that first night we'd spent together. I use condoms with anyone I don't know, but I consider them a necessary evil.

We stayed like that for a moment, then Nikki turned her head and kissed me hungrily. This was always the way of it. The first time was something of a ritual with us, and I always had to take her by force. No cuffs, no toys, she didn't even like it if I used her own clothes to trap her hands. She wanted me to hold her down and fuck her while she struggled the whole time to escape. Once I'd cum inside her once, she'd be docile as a lamb and I could do anything to her I wanted. She liked it best when I was rough with her, and if she had limits, I hadn't run into them yet. She liked if I used toys and cuffs, never that first time of course, but she was into anything that caused her to lose control. Oh she liked being in control too, don't get me wrong, but I think she usually scratched that itch plenty with her girls, and she went absolutely wild whenever I took charge.

“Wow!” I heard a voice say, and I realized it was Amy. To tell the truth, in all the excitement I'd practically forgotten about everything that wasn't Nikki and my cock. “That was intense.” She and Zoe had gotten out of the pool and were sitting only a couple feet away, buck naked and staring. Zoe's eyes were practically popping out of their sockets, and Amy wasn't doing much better

“It's sooooooo good!” Nikki said beneath me, still a bit breathless. You guys don't even know.”

“Wow!” Zoe said. I don't think she even realized that she was touching herself.

I rolled over and pulled Nikki on top of me. I was still inside her, and she started brushing the grass off her stomach, idly. The lawn tickled my back, reminding me of my old football days. Of course, I hadn't been butt ass naked back then, but it was still a nostalgic feeling. Nikki stood up on shaky legs, then ran and jumped in the pool. Amy and Zoe came and helped me up, then we all followed her, laughing.

We splashed around in the pool for a bit, then Nikki pulled Zoe over to the stairs, and started kissing the younger girl's neck and shoulders. I grabbed Amy and was about to do the same when I felt her tense up once more.

“I'm sorry,” I said automatically. “I shouldn't ha...”

“It's alright.” She cut me off, sounding embarrassed. “I want to, and all, I just... I've never...”

I let go of her and waded around to face her, though I stayed at arms length. “You've never?”

“No.” I couldn't see much in the dim light, but I was almost sure she was blushing.

“Not even...”

“No. Nothing. I've never done anything.”

“I just saw you kissing Nikki like two seconds ago.”

“That was different. I mean, sure we fooled around a little, but it was just practicing. No boys though. I've never had a guy... touch me like that.”

“But you've been out with Megan so many times. I just assumed...”

“I've seen stuff, like tonight. I kinda like watching... really like it, actually, but I've never... not myself.”

“So all those jokes?”

“Just things I heard, or saw.”

“How did you keep them off you?”

“What do you mean?”

“All the guys panting after you? What, did you fend them off with a stick?”

“No. The ones that... There was never anyone I liked, or at least the ones I liked didn't like me back.”

“Then they're idiots.”

She actually laughed then, not a giggle, but a full blown laugh, albeit a little short and nervous sounding. “I knew you were gonna say that.”

“Well, I'm a guy, so I'm predictable, but it's true. I mean all guys are idiots, but anyone who'd turn you down has to be fucking insane. Still, it's not anything you should be worried about, I mean it's perfectly normal. I didn't really get anywhere with a girl until Sophomore year of high school, and a lot of my friends didn't do much of anything til college. I guess with all the times I've come pick you guys up, I just thought... I mean sure, I figured Steph probably hadn't, but...”

“Oh she's done everything.”

“What do you mea...”

“I mean everything. Trust me.”

“Yeah, I'll take your word for it. Are you saving yourself or something? I'm really sorry, I just...”

“Ethan, you dolt, I wouldn't have thrown my fucking bikini at you if I didn't want... If I wasn't... I like you, ok? Nikki and I talked about it. We want you to be my first.”

“You two just decided that, huh? Amy, tell me the truth, are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, dummy. I'm sure, but... I'm a little... It's scarier than I thought it'd be. I thought I was ready to... Can you... Can you just hold me a bit?”

I pulled her in close, and walked us over to one of the bench seats on the side of the pool closest to the house. She was trembling; I shushed her and kissed her forehead, then I stroked her hair. It was too curly and too wet for me to run my fingers through it, so I had to stroke her like I would Lady, open palm running over her head and neck. She curled up in my lap and leaned against me as I stroked her softly. I whispered soothing nothings in her ear, with the occasional little joke to make her giggle. I felt some of the tension leave her, and I started to knead the muscles in her shoulders and back. She was sitting sideways on my lap, so I could only really use one hand, but that just meant that I had my other hand free to use on her front. She tried to shy away when I rubbed my palm over her tummy, but I didn't go for any of the danger areas. I just kept rubbing in circles until the skin of my hand started to tingle. I rubbed across her hips and all the way up just beneath the undersides of her breasts. Meanwhile, my other hand was starting to work on the long muscles beside the spine, all the way down to her tailbone.

We must have sat there for a good thirty minutes like that, just letting her get used to the feeling of my hands on her body. Slowly she leaned harder into my chest and her body posture grew more relaxed and open. Her arms unclenched from across her breasts to fall to her side, and she rested her head in the hollow of my neck. When she finally put her arms around me and kissed my neck for the first time, I knew she was getting close.

I cupped her breast again and it filled my palm like a perfect orange. I could see they were uneven and not fully developed with wide puffy nipples, but that only made me want her all the more. My boner started to return, and I could sense when she felt it pressing against her thigh from the way she tensed up. I just kept doing what I was already doing, and felt her relax herself once more.

I picked her up and pulled us both out of the water til we were sitting on the side, my feet dangling. I sat her on my lap with her back facing me, my cock trapped between my belly and her back, and her legs draped on the outside of my thighs. She was starting to breath heavily, but she didn't fight me, and just sat there, obviously focusing on staying relaxed.

I went back to rubbing her stomach, this time with both hands. I didn't go between her legs yet, but I used a tip an old stripper friend of mine had taught me and pressed my palm hard against the Mons, right where her bikini would normally cover. You have to press surprisingly hard to do it right, and I eased the pressure from one side of my palm to the other and then back again. That won me my first moan, and she actually put her hands over mine, pressing me against her even harder, and moving my hand in a circle just above her pussy.

While I was following Amy's lead, Nikki had Zoe giving off these little huffing, frustrated cries. I looked over towards the sound and I could barely make out their outline, but I sensed they were watching us. I gave them a wink that I wasn't sure whether or not they could see, then kissed Amy's neck.

Amy started putting more emphasis on the downward motions, but I teased her, going everywhere but where she wanted me to go. She grew more insistent, and I kept diverting my fingers off course. Just when I felt her draw in breath to say something impatient, I cupped her pussy and ran my middle finger along the groove, then spread her lips and used my thumb to run along the length of her clit hood. I didn't even try to expose the little bugger yet, just 'worked the shaft.' Soon I had Amy giving off those same little huffs, and her hips started to rock impatiently, which felt all kinds of interesting against my cock.

I eased my middle finger into her, tenatively, but I met with no obstruction. She was tight, sure, but there was no noticeable hymen. Soon I even had my second finger up inside, and I could really go to work.

Nikki and I brought the girls up at roughly the same pace, and they came within a minute of one another. I held Amy as she came down, then snagged a nearby foam raft that was floating by, pulled it up beside us, and laid Amy down on it so her legs were dangling off into the water. I slid back in the pool, draped her legs over my shoulders, and went to town. I had to adjust our position a bit, but it worked surprisingly well. She was almost at the perfect height. The pool didn't have a true deep end, it was the type that got deepest in the middle then came back up to another shallow end, so I could stand comfortably in almost the deepest area and still only have to lean forward a tiny bit to munch away. I had fantastic control over her hips, from this angle to keep them from bucking, and I could reach up and cup her breasts without having to stretch too much.

Nikki shamelessly stole my idea, though she had to stay in the shallower water to make it work on Zoe. I don't know how long we stayed down there together, but I only stopped when Amy pushed away my head after yet another orgasm.

“Too much!” Was all she could manage to say, though she repeated it with every panting breath. “Too much... Too much...”

I crawled up with her, ignored the discomfort of the hard pebbled deck on my poor knees as best I could, and kissed my way up her body, stopping for a while to suckle her breasts before continuing up. When I got to her jaw she threw her arms around my neck and frantically sought my lips with hers. I lay against her, fitting as much of my body on the raft as I could without crushing the poor girl. She tried reach down and fondle my junk, but that wasn't what I wanted her focusing on right now. I grabbed her hand, worked my fingers through hers, then pulled it up above her head. She was a good kisser, and I recognized Nikki's influence on some of her technique. We made out until I couldn't ignore the hard pool deck digging into my ribs.

I adjusted us both, pulled her up fully onto the raft, then straddled her with my knees and elbows. This time when she reached down and wrapped both hands around my cock, I didn't stop her. She tried to jerk me with inexpert motions while I stared into her eyes and our breath mingled. Her lack of experience showed, but it didn't matter, I was as hard as I'd ever been. I put one knee between her legs, then the other, and I pushed out. She opened for me willingly, and I pulled her ankles up over my shoulders. It wasn't my favorite angle, but it was the classic freshman fucking position for good reason.

As soon as I'd gotten between her legs, she'd been lining me up for entry, but I'd held back. She kept rubbing me up and down on her slit, which felt intense on my head, but still I held back.

“Ask me.” I whispered in her ear. She shook her head. “I'm not going to do anything unless you ask me.” I said. I was conveniently ignoring all the things I done earlier in the night of course, but no one ever said pillow talk had to make sense.

“I...” I waited, but she looked away, embarrassed. “You're looking at me!”

I grabbed her chin and turned her back to look in my eyes. She was still rubbing me up and down along her slit, but that seemed to be something her body was doing automatically. The girl looking into my eyes was terrified. “Do you want to get on top? You could control...”

“NO!” she said, too forcefully, then she calmed herself and tried again. “No, I like... this is good. I want...”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to...”

I leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Just say it.”

“Oh god! I want you inside me. Please!”

That was good enough for me. I pressed forward and speared her slowly. She winced as I entered her, but she grabbed my hips with her hands and tried to push me in even faster. When I was inside up to the hilt, I stayed motionless for a solid minute, just kissing her and letting her get used to having me inside. She was giggling in little bursts, as though releasing pent up nervous energy, and when I kissed her cheeks I could taste her tears.

“Are you really ok?” I asked gently. “We don't have to...”

“Oh fuck that shit!” she said, only the slightest little tremor in her voice. “Shut up and fuck me!”

I was happy to comply. I tried to start slow, but I could feel her impatience, and I started thrusting hard enough to make a clapping noise each time my hips hit her legs. We kissed as long as we could, but suddenly she threw her head back and cried out. “Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fucking fuck me!” It went on along that line, and I hated to break the mood, but my elbows were feeling every pebble of the pool deck, even through the foam pad, and I just had to change positions.

I spun her around to doggie and slammed back home. Within seconds it was as if we'd never missed a beat. I fucked her like a Khal, and she stretched her arms out in front of her, resting her head on the little pillow while I slammed into her.

I don't know how many times she popped, at least twice, but it could have been more. It gets kinda hard to tell after a while. I was so close, but now my knees were killing me, so I had to change the position one more time.

I pulled her up to my chest, then flipped us both around so that I was lying on the raft with her back against my chest. I'd tried to do it while staying inside her, but I'd slipped out during the transfer. She reached down and lined me up again, then ran her fingertips along my flanks and hips, up and down, back and forth. I used one arm to hold her chest, cupping the far breast in my palm, and the other arm to control her hips, diddling her clit with my fingers. After a few thrusts, her arms left my sides and clenched into trembling fists that shook near her shoulders. I kept up a continuous litany in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was, how good I felt inside her, how hard she made me, all that stupid shit that sounds good in the moment. It doesn't really matter what you say anyway, it's all about how you say it and whether you make her believe it. She turned her head so she could feel my lips brushing against her earlobe, which I took as a good sign.

I thought about pulling out, I really did, but she just felt so good, and I wasn't really thinking straight. Besides, why have a vasectomy if you're not going to use it?

When she felt me coming inside her, Amy let out a squeal, and her leg spasmed hard. I felt a tongue lick my balls, then kiss right beneath them while I was still pulsing, and I knew Nikki had joined the party. Zoe crawled on top of both of us and reached her arms around for an oreo hug. I laughed and kissed her forehead even as my cum continued splashing inside Amy. Nikki milked me, working my balls and massaging my perineum while she also sucked on Amy's clit, keeping her orgasm going as long as possible. When I started going soft, she pulled me out and cleaned me off, then lapped greedily at Amy, not seeming to mind the unholy mess. Amy made some noises of protest, but I held her fast while Zoe squirmed and Nikki licked. If she'd really wanted to stop us, I would have let her, but she didn't put up more than token resistance.

When I'd caught my breath, I grabbed Nikki's arm and pulled her up with the rest of us, so the girls were all in a dogpile on top of me. I kissed each girl in turn, then sat up, keeping them all trapped in a bear hug, staggered to my knees then onto my feet, picked all the girls up off the ground, then waddled over to the pool's edge. I stood there for a moment, savoring their dire threats and imprecations but finally I fell in, taking all the girls with me.

They tried to cry outrage, but there were too many giggles mixed in for me to take them seriously. Things devolved rapidly, and soon we were playing an even naughtier version of the chasing game again. Everyone was familiar with everyone else's body by this point, and what were once quick gropes were now full on feel-ups. The girls swam between my legs and grabbed my limp cock on their mouth, threatening with teeth, but never truly biting. The only real surprise came when I licked Amy's asshole for the first time. She made a noise like a surprised ostrich, but I just wiggled my tongue against her sphincter tasting chlorine and little girl skin. Nikki went for the sixtynine when I licked hers, though she couldn't really keep it up too long since she was upside down underwater, and Zoe just giggled when I licked around her plug.

We roughhoused for a little bit, but we were pretty much all pooled out. We got out, dried off, and went inside. Between the weed and the workout, we'd all worked up a good healthy appetite, and none of us really felt much like having barbeque for a third, or fourth in the girl's case, time in a row. Once we got to talking, we also realized we were out of weed, and none of us really felt like hanging around, just waiting for Jason or Megan to come home early and stumble across us all humping like rabbits. We left them a note saying Zoe was staying over at Amy's place, and piled into my car.

It wasn't quite eleven, so there were still plenty of restaurants open. I let the girls choose, and we ended up going to Cheesecake Factory, which was fine by me since they have huge portions and a lot of options. We didn't bother making up a cover but we did keep the conversation above the belt. We ate, and I bought us each our own slice of cheesecake. With the crazy portion sizes, the girls all had plenty to take back to my place.

We went back to my apartment, threw the leftovers in the fridge, piled on the couch, and Nikki picked out some foreign movie on Netflix that had a lot of very explicit sex scenes, straight and lesbian. We passed the vape pen freely, and clothes started to magically disappear. We ended up with Zoe in my lap while Nikki knelt between my legs, toying with both of us, and Amy sat off to the side, watching the proceedings and rubbing herself slowly. During one of the most intense scenes, Nikki lubed up my cock, pulled out Zoe's butt plug, checked to make sure everything was Kosher, then lined me up for entry.

At first I could barely fit the head inside, and even that was painful, but I didn't try to move at all, and Zoe insisted she didn't want me to take it out. She sat there trying to adjust while the lesbian lovers fucked onscreen and Nikki ate her pussy like the professional she was.

Zoe began to relax and accept more of me inside, and after another half hour I was almost completely in. I began to slide in and out of the little girl's ass, so slowly. It was maddening, but we were laying the groundwork here, and tonight it wasn't about me. I knew that things would be much better in the long run if Nikki's body learned to associate this kind of stimulation with overwhelming pleasure. So I held back, and barely thrust at all, an inch in, an inch out. I only managed to cum when Nikki rimmed me for almost ten minutes. AfterwardsI pulled her up for a kiss, not because I like the idea of tasting my own ass, but because she fucking deserved a kiss after everything she'd done for me.

I was so drained I couldn't even think of getting it up again tonight, but I lay there, kissing Nikki for the rest of the movie. Zoe went to sat on Amy's lap, and whenever we weren't kissing, we all tried to figure out what the hell the movie had actually been about.

We were all drooping by the time the movie ended, but was still had just enough energy for giggles and gropes when we crammed in the shower together. We had to resort to soaping up body to body for the most part, there was just so little room, but that was fun in and of itself. Afterward we all dried off, and fell in bed together. I knew I'd done well, because the girls didn't even stay up talking at all, they just fell right to sleep. I fell asleep drained and surrounded by gorgeous naked flesh, and I still had three more days before I had to go back to work. I started to make a plan for the next day, but I fell asleep before I could come up with anything good. I was confident we'd find some way to keep ourselves occupied.

Anonymous 14/09/09(Tue)10:54 No. 22407 ID: 6e5fdf

If the "girl invites her friends to fuck to protagonist" shtick has become a cliche in pedo elit, it's one I'l never tire of. Especially when it's the redhead and the younger sister. Excellent sequel.

Slight error at the very end there, to update your own file:
>I knew that things would be much better in the long run if Nikki's body learned to associate this kind of stimulation with overwhelming pleasure.
Should be Zoe, not Nikki, I assume.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/10(Wed)22:23 No. 22413 ID: a887c0


Dude, that cliche is what I live for. I don't know of a single story of mine that doesn't involve it somehow. I'm all about the swinger loli who likes to share. Hell, I figure if I'm going for an impossible fantasy, might as well make it THE impossible fantasy.

And yeah, I was pretty damned tired by the time I got to that point, both in the writing and in the re-read. I'm not surprised it slipped through. I did actually do an out-loud re-read which makes for a much better result than my normal once-over, but I'm not really a grammatically minded individual, and a lot of times my ideas outpace my fingers.

Glad you liked it, broheim.

Anonymous 14/09/17(Wed)11:37 No. 22448 ID: 7b67e1

With all the parallels to uncle Rick, you shoulda just worked this into being a Rick update. Converted damaged lesbians, girls recruiting other girls, watery locations, tons of trash talk/12 year olds acting 20, drugged up and drunked up scenes. For gods sake thy both had successful gaming streams. Honestly if this story doesn't end with 2 chapters outlining the protagonists financial success ill just be disappointed.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/18(Thu)22:06 No. 22460 ID: a887c0


Meh, I don't apologize for liking what I like, but I agree the end of Uncle Rick was pretty damned weak, same with Tacit Permission. I think I might have subconsciously wanted to get the story right. Wizard did the same thing. Several of his stories feel like the same story rewritten.

The good news is I pretty much have it out of my system. Don't have any desire to write in this vein anymore. Still, I'm terribly sorry that my stories had parallels. That must have been quite traumatic for you.

Shadow 14/09/22(Mon)08:00 No. 22474 ID: 3756c5

The jump between the first parts and the update was a little jarring, but at least you went back and filled it in later.

A little bummed that you're not continuing this, but it's a nice fun story as it is. I like the depth you gave Nikki. And you really know how to make girls come alive.

I echo the sentiment to see more of your works here and perhaps on ASSTR. Don't listen to the haters. Write what you like. Hope you'll share it with us.

Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/23(Tue)11:07 No. 22483 ID: a887c0


I'm glad you like it. If I ever get around to putting my stories on ASSTR it will be under whatever form of Uninvited is available.

Also, I dislike the term 'hater.' It's just a catch-all expression that people use on anyone who disagrees with them, it allows them to discount the other person's opinion without ever really examining it. I value criticism, it helps me get outside my own head. I may not agree with every point, but at least I know I'm getting their honest opinion, and it leads to good discussion.

Anonymous 14/09/23(Tue)17:23 No. 22484 ID: 8f4400

Sorry, I never heard of you before, but do I understand you correctly that you wrote more stories next to this one and Tacit Approval? If so, how can I find them?

Anonymous 14/09/23(Tue)19:38 No. 22485 ID: 54b2c5


I also wrote Uncle Rick, The Laws of Hospitality (unfinished), and Cheats. They're all on this board somewhere.

My other stories about a shapeshifting loli who fights another creature like her, and a super soldier kid who survives a government kill order then goes into hiding, I think that one was called The Need, or something like that, and a story about a high school football player, we're all posted here and on 99's elit board, but they got lost due to board wipes. I don't know where they are now, and no I don't have copies of my own. They were all unfinished anyway, but you might be able to find them somewhere in the depths of the way back machine or something.

Bkil 15/02/22(Sun)09:49 No. 23309 ID: ddaa83

For the high school football story was it a long story called New Friends?

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)18:49 No. 24358 ID: ea95d8

Not my bent but too good of a story to scroll off

Anonymous 16/06/22(Wed)00:52 No. 24374 ID: 0f9ea3

Wow, I remember the loli shape changing alien story. Only vaguely, cause it was nearly a decade ago, I think. And I didn't save it sadly.

It was really good though. Didn't it end with the protagonist morphing alien loli using a thermite bomb to blow up the evil morphing loli alien? Good stuff.

Anonymous 20/01/07(Tue)07:47 No. 26559 ID: bbe66b

this doesn't deserve to be shoved off the edge.

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