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Mandragora Girl Under the Desk Stonebrow!AN26.8FkH6 15/11/15(Sun)22:34 No. 23985 ID: 324f43

Before we start, let me set expectations: this is just the first chapter- I have vague plans for continuing it, but I just started my first 'real' job, and have basically no time for writing at the moment. If you can't deal with not having moar immediately, pass this by.

Secondly, although I'm happy with it for what it is, I'd say this is almost an outline. It's short, the sex scenes are under detailed, etc. Sorry. My idea behind this was that I wanted to write, but I was having no ideas, so I thought I'd transcribe some h-manga into text form. I'll give the link out at the bottom.

Finally, I think this is my old tripcode. I doubt anyone will remember it, but whatever. It's been years.


Mandragora Girl Under the PC

So. My buddies at high school told me I should post my experience here. I'll be honest, I'm not much for writing, so sorry if it's crap. Um, to get everyone on the same page, you've probably seen people on the internet claiming that monsters are appearing in the world again, right? That thing about the Mayan calendar 2012 nonsense, and all?

Well, it's not nonsense.

We just didn't understand it.

Maybe I should just get to the story. It started one night as I wanked myself to the latest offerings on the various hamster/tube clones. As usual. What was unusual that night was the fact that I came without expecting it, and completely failed to catch my ejecta with the waiting tissue.

It landed on my carpet under the desk, under the monitor. Or so I thought. This being around 10pm, and my ceiling light being off, there was only the glow from my monitor to light the room, and it did a poor job lighting directly beneath it. Especially through the -ahem- 'solid' IKEA "Borgsjö" desk.

Imagine my surprise then, as I was basking in the afterglow, when I heard a high-pitched moan, and felt my big toes grabbed by tiny hands. I think I broke Usain's speed record getting to the other side of the room- I seem to remember the chair hitting the floor after I fell against the closed door.


That was not me, by the way. I'm not ashamed to say I was in full fight or flight mode, and had no spare air for things like words. If you think I was being overly fearful, then you've never had a small monster interrupt you naked, post-orgasm, in a dark, locked room.

I flicked on the light and saw what appeared to be a green five-year-old girl sunk two-thirds of the way into the floor. It was quite clear, however, that it was not human. I have a few friends who like to play pranks, but even on their best day, they couldn't get access to movie-grade prosthetics, apply it to a kindergartener, and then teleport her half into my floor.

As I stood there in a state of shock, the creature, who had been knocked over by my hasty retreat, pushed itself up and looked at me, and I was amazed to realize I could easily discern both curiosity and annoyance. "Hey. Why'd you do that?"

At this point, I gave up all semblance of disbelief. Some sort of plant monster-girl was talking to me. Being a nerd, I had long ago decided that if I ever found myself in a situation seemingly out of fiction, I would skip the part where the character wondered if they were insane, and just roll with it.

"Um, sorry. I didn't expect anyone to appear under my desk. Are you alright?"

The creature seemed to find this acceptable, as it smiled and nodded. "I'm OK."

"Er, I'm Sam. Who are you?"

"Call me Mango!" The creature had the voice of a schoolgirl, and seemed to be busy rubbing herself all over. I didn't give it any thought at that time, as I had a million more important questions buzzing through my head at the moment.

"Sorry if this is rude, Mango, but what are you, and why are you under my computer desk?"

"Hmm? Oh! I'm a mandragora. And I'm here to grow."

"Wouldn't a garden be better suited for that? I only have one window in here, and it doesn't get much light."

At this point, I had walked forward a bit. I was still naked, but seeing as she was as well, and hadn't complained, I felt it probably wasn't an issue. She was obviously a plant based monster… thing(?), and I had absorbed enough mythology to know roughly what a mandragora was, though it was obvious that neither Dungeons and Dragons nor Harry Potter were entirely accurate on the subject.

I assumed, naively as you will soon see, that she found my nudity as sexual as I found a head of cabbage. Granted, there were a few clues. Normal plants, regardless of gender, do not have breasts, minute as they were on her. Also, the mere fact that I automatically assigned a plant as being inherently female should have been a clue for what was to come.

As I mentioned earlier, she was sticking out of my carpet, to a height of about half a yard, from just under her barely-formed breasts, to the top of her head. She had hair that seemed to be made of moss and lichen, with a few leaves mixed in. Her arms were proportional in length, but looked too slender. Her hands also seemed small, although if this was from her being young, or the morphology of her species, I couldn't tell.

"No, between the light from the window, and your ceiling light during the day, I'll be fine. There's a lovely minor ley-line that runs just over there, so this spot is perfect!"

"Huh. Well, I'm not sure how I'm going to explain this to my parents, but I suppose… Are you stuck there permanently?"

"Oh, no! Just till I grow old enough to become mobile again. I anchored myself here a few months ago, and I should emerge in time for Fall. Don't worry about your floor, I'm not damaging it."

I filed that bit of knowledge away for another time. "... So you are stuck there for now, I suppose. Well, I guess I'll adapt. In the morning I suppose I'll need to move the desk, to start with-"

"No! How will you feed me then?"


"I picked this spot so you would feed me, silly! It's hard to come by protein when you can't chase down prey."

I'm no genius, but it didn't take me long to figure this out. Especially since I had been watching her rub herself all over, occasionally licking her hands. I think that at some level I had known already, and my brain would have kicked the thought forward as soon as I was done having my personal 'first contact' with fey-kind.

"Um, let me make sure I'm clear. You want to eat, um…"

"Semen. Jizz. Yes. It's a bit saltier than ideal, but we've actually come to like the taste. Mandragoras and humans used to have an understanding- we'd pop up in a teenage boy's room, and we'd get sheltered, protected, and fed, and the town would benefit from a lack of bastard-children. Of course, that was all a few millenia ago now… Ah, I see I picked well!"

By this time I had a massive erection. I had seen the writing on the wall, and what it spelt out was quite erotic, so to speak.

"Are you, um, still hungry?"

"Of course! I'll take as much as you can produce!"

This, I thought to myself, was the start of a beautiful friendship.

"How do you want to do this?" I asked, slowly stroking my cock.

"As long as I get your jizz, I don't care. I can absorb it through my skin, but I like to swallow sometimes as well. I'll be happy to suck it out of you."


I approached, trying to work out the best geometry for what we were about to do. Eventually I sat on the floor and scooted myself across the carpet. My legs wrapped around behind her, and she eagerly leaned forward and grabbed my penis. Her hands were smooth and slightly cool, and I lent back on my arms to watch.

Now I should point out that, if Mango hadn't actually been a Mandragora, that at this point, I'd have probably had bits of me ripped off and eaten. Further research on my part has shown that many monsters are antagonistic towards humans, and quite happy to lie to us. Thankfully for me, all Mango wanted to consume really was my semen. My point is, don't trust monsters off the bat like I did, I was quite lucky.

She started stroking my cock, and it felt quite different than I was used to. By this point my member was fairly dry, and Mango seemed to have absorbed my seed, but her skin seemed lacking in friction. She wrapped her arms around my dick, doing everything she could to get me off.

"Get closer, wrap your legs around me... That's good. Let's see how you taste."

I moved as she directed. I had left some space between us at first, being both a shy virgin, and both eager and yet still slightly apprehensive about getting a bj from what looked like a 5 year old. Needless to say, I lost both my virginity within moments, and my apprehension shortly afterward.

She lowered her head down, and her small mouth just accommodated the head of my prick. I felt her moist, slick tongue go to work. Mango didn't seem to have any teeth, and I filled the entirety of her mouth. I quickly lost all ability to cooly analyse her as she focused her talent on extracting my seed. Energetically pumping my member with her small hands, she simultaneously suckled the first two inches in her mouth. Her tongue, which was really more of a smooth vine, or even a tentacle, wrapped around me, occasionally tickling the very tip, or at times shooting out to caress my scrotum, or even lightly tug on a ball.

Obviously I didn't last that long during my first bj, regardless of all the oddities involved. In fact, I would learn later that Mandragoras have a fair skill for it at birth, having evolved to- but I'm getting ahead of myself. Despite having busted my nuts out maybe ten minutes prior, I only lasted something along the lines of two minutes under the talented assault of Mango's mouth and hands.

My first non-solo orgasm was as wonderful as it was peculiar. I had thought that Mango would be disappointed by my volume, since I had already given her a meal previously, but I was the one surprised, as my nuts ached pleasurably, and I felt jet after jet of my semen get swallowed by my new friend. During this prolonged orgasm, Mango moaned, and kept stroking my cock, using her hands to push the last few drops from the base, up my urethra, and into her awaiting mouth.

I sat there, probably with a stupid look on my face, as Mango sucked every bit of spunk she could out of me, finally releasing my wilted erection with a satisfying *pop*. She smiled at me and asked cheekily, "Was it good for you too?"

I think I moaned before answering. "Mango, that was unbelievable. I mean that fairly literally. I've wanked… well, lots, and I've never come like that. Damn, but if I'd known having a partner was that good, I'd have tried harder with the girls at school!"

"Ah, well…" I watched as Mango's face blushed, only her cheeks and forehead turned a darker shade of green, rather than gaining a red hue. "Some of that was my fault… I hope you don't mind, but I put a… let's call it a pheromone… in my saliva. It made you shoot everything you had, as well as making it feel better."

I blinked a few times. "That's amazing. Um, is it safe? Like, my balls won't break, will they? They kind of ached, but in a good way?"

Mango smiled again. "As long as you drink plenty of fluids, you'll be fine. But if you want to make us both happier, you should ask your elders for a list of conjugal foods. They will fill your loins with plenty of spunk, which will let me use the pheromone more often."

I let that thought percolate through my head for a moment, before grinning. "I've got a better idea. I'll Google it."

Mango tilted her head. "What is a google? Or rather, how does one, since you seemed to use it as a verb?"

I blinked again. It would come to be a habit during conversations with Mango. "Um, do you mind me asking how you know our language?"

Mango chuckled. "Sam, we have only met within the half hour, but we are lovers now, no? Ask me anything, though I may not answer. I would ask the same of you."

I nodded. It seemed perfectly fair. Better than most most of my fellow mankind, in fact. One has to dance carefully amongst the conversational land mines. Not that I'm bad at it, I'm not an aspie or anything. It's just annoying when you ask someone what should be a perfectly innocuous icebreaker, like 'have any siblings?' before finding out their older brother died that week of cancer, or whatever.

But I digress.

Mango continued. "The short answer is magic. The long answer you may be able to understand within your lifetime if you find an Elven scholar and spend your life studying under them."

"I think I'll pass."

Mango grinned. "A wise choice, I think. We'll have more fun together. But about that 'google'..."

I explained, "It is a communications technology. I write a query into it, and it provides me with answers. Although that is just a simple case. Imagine all the libraries and stores and businesses all in one giant market ground. We call that the internet, and we use google to find our way to what we want, since otherwise it would be impossible. Hmm, you really can't see from down there."

I had righted my rolling office-chair, and sat before my computer once more.

"Humans always were so amazing with your 'technology'. Even the Dwarves and Gnomes couldn't quite keep up, and that was before the rift. Well, by all means, consult your Google and find the local fruits, nuts, and meats to give you virility. Meanwhile, I shall just play with this toy you've presented me in front of my face."

I felt her hands on my scrotum, gently manipulating my testicles as if they were Chinese hand-exercise balls, though it took her the use of both hands.

I grunted, and paused my browsing of the first article that had been returned. "Mango, while that feels divine, I'm afraid the well is dry, at least for a few hours."

She giggled in reply. "I'm well aware, Sam. Don't mind me, I'm just laying the groundwork for future fun." That said, she just managed to suck one of my testicles into her mouth, and I felt it start to tingle.

It's actually a good thing I was so naive. It never occurred to me that this lovely creature could be doing anything subversive, and, as it turned out, she wasn't. But as I mentioned earlier, had it been almost any other fey species… I try not to think about it too much.

I read the first six or eight articles that came up, and decided that it would be simpler to buy vitamin supplements rather than explain to my parents why I needed to eat asparagus, beef, oysters, and bananas everyday. Amongst other things. About ten minutes into comparing items on Amazon, I felt Mango switch balls, and I realized that despite having her fondle and suck on me for quite some time, I was not aroused. Don't get me wrong, it felt really nice, but more like a massage, or spooning with your lover.

Focusing on the subject at hand, I ordered the multi-vitamins before looking down at Mango, who was still massaging both my dick and the testicle that she didn't have in her mouth.

When that sight failed to have any affect on my penis, I began to suspect something was up. Or rather, (going) down.

"Mango, are you using more pheromones on me?"

She looked up, and nodded, never ceasing to service me.

As naive as I was, I understood that it was a dangerous precedent for her to just pump me full of whatever chemicals she wanted. I had no wish to throw myself overboard from hearing the siren's call.

"Could you not use any pheromones on me without my permission? I'd like to at least know what you're doing to me."

Gods, I was naive. Thankfully, Mango was just as innocent, if not moreso.

She looked down at my ball in her mouth and frowned, but reluctantly spat it out. "Sorry, it's instinct. I can do that. Right now, you're out of semen, and if I understand humans as well as I think I do, it is nearly time for you to sleep. So I thought it would be best if you didn't get horny while I improved your testicles."

"... Huh?"

She looked sheepish. "You seemed excited about the idea of me using the other pheromone, and intent on getting the foods as I suggested. So I thought I'd kind of… supercharge your orchids." She caressed my testicles and continued, "It'll only last a few weeks unless you ask me to maintain it. You'll get a bit hungrier, but in exchange you'll produce more semen, and more sperm, faster, and be able to shoot larger loads. I seem to remember most males enjoying it. "

I pondered that before asking, "Are there any side effects?"

Mango shrugged. "Not really. Although you really shouldn't mate with any fertile females, unless you want to be a father."

I snorted. "That's probably not going to be an issue. Alright, go ahead."

Mango smiled, and immediately sucked my ball back into her mouth.

It's amazing how quickly one can adapt to a situation. There I was, sitting in front of my computer, reading The Three Musketeers, as an alien (for she was not, strictly, of this world) gargled my balls and infused me with a chemical cocktail.

Eventually she released my ball and leaned back, stretching. "All done!"

I smiled at her. She was cute. "I was thinking, I'm not sure how my parents are going to react to you living in my room. Especially if they realize you're living off my spunk. They're pretty chill for parents, but… it may be best if they just... don't find out about you."

Mango looked thoughtful. "Things sure have changed. Used to be that having a Mandragora was a sign of prestige. Oh well, if you say so. I can hide pretty well, so don't worry about it."

I was intrigued. "Could you elaborate?"

Mango shrugged. "A basic camouflage glamour should work fine, unless your parents have mage blood in them. And before you ask, that's unlikely."

"Huh. Well, unless there's anything else, I'll see you in the morning, I suppose."

"Sure! I'm getting tired anyway, we'll talk in the morning."

End Day 1

manga link:

Stonebrow!AN26.8FkH6 15/11/15(Sun)22:48 No. 23986 ID: 324f43

Whoops, formatting error. There should be a foot note where Mango says "... I seem to remember most males enjoying it.*"

*A side note- I would later find out she was referencing a kind of racial memory, but I didn't notice the peculiar wording at the time, as she often spoke oddly, and inconsistently as well. A well known trait of the fey.

Anonymous 15/11/16(Mon)09:19 No. 23989 ID: 4c2b43


Anonymous 15/11/17(Tue)03:16 No. 23991 ID: 5cc649

Neat writing.
Do you plan to do more?

Stonebrow!AN26.8FkH6 15/11/17(Tue)04:29 No. 23993 ID: 324f43

>Neat writing.
>Do you plan to do more?
Let me refer you to the very first paragraph:
>Before we start, let me set expectations: this is just the first chapter- I have vague plans for continuing it, but I just started my first 'real' job, and have basically no time for writing at the moment. If you can't deal with not having moar immediately, pass this by.
In short: maybe. In long: not soon.

Anonymous 15/12/02(Wed)00:11 No. 24019 ID: c9caef

hold the phone, are you the guy from that one RV story?

Stonebrow!AN26.8FkH6 15/12/06(Sun)22:25 No. 24027 ID: 324f43

yeah. I have no further plans for that though, in case you were curious.

Anonymous 19/01/25(Fri)10:49 No. 25939 ID: 9481a9

So glad I found this before it got pruned.
Great adaptation of the doujin. Bumping this so more people can see.

Anonymous 19/01/29(Tue)01:24 No. 25944 ID: f7d3f6

A very good adaptation; I think I like it better than the doujin. Well bumped, Sir.

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