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Hermaphro High Hermaphro High 18/10/04(Thu)08:21 No. 25803 ID: 75a564

Futanari Softcore Highschool Drama

I should have put on my condom. I was in a rush that morning, and was already out the door before I had realized my mistake. At that point I decided that I could brave the day without the protection. Now I was on the bus, with no condom between my sensitive dick and the tight, ribbed fabric of my cock sock. I should have worn a long skirt, fashion be damned. Still, I could take it. I wasn't like most girls, drooling my way through two, maybe three condoms a day. I could usually get by with just one, and not even toss it full when I changed after school. Maybe I'd need two if we had gym. Regardless, I kept looking around to see if anyone had noticed my missing article, as if they could see my penis in all its nakedness. Shifting in my seat, I tried to not let my vulnerability bother me. This train of thought was keeping me gently throbbing, which certainly wouldn't help. At least I had worn black socks, so maybe with careful management I could get through the day without anyone noticing.
I glanced across the aisle, and sitting a couple seats back from me was Brook, texting on her phone. Her forearm-sized penis was dangling below the seat between her legs, clad in a striped stocking. Brook was the embodiment of a ripe fruit, plump and dripping with juices. We hadn't even gotten to school, and already her condom was forming a bulbous protuberance at the end of her dick, slowly filling with fluid. I faced forward and smirked to myself. If she ever forgot her condom -excuse me, condoms-, she'd be spattering the floor in minutes.
The bus made another stop, and Michael stepped on. I self-consciously adjusted my penis as I saw him casually check me out. We locked eyes for just a moment before he started walking towards his seat, and I felt my heart flutter. I also felt a small drop of precum soak its way into the end of my sock. I sighed and rolled my eyes. This wasn't going to work.

I had made it through most of the day without incident. A few slow dribbles had been coaxed from my penis by a daydream involving Michael, his tongue, and my naked body, but otherwise my sock remained relatively dry. As I was pulling some books from my locker, I glanced across the hall and saw Braden forming a cage against the wall with his lean, muscular arms. Gazing up at him with wide eyes was meek and buxom Brook. I saw her dick started to fatten and twitch from beneath her pleated skirt, and she squeezed it between her thighs. Braden was known to be a bit of an animal, and all of the girls' dicks drooled for him. Trapped between him and the wall, Brook was practically pleading to be ravaged. I bit my lip in erotic sympathy as I saw Braden run a hand down Brook's face, then down her blouse, which was tented by her torpedo tits topped with obscenely erect nipples. I guess I wasn't the only braving the elements. She bit her lip and turned red as he tugged on one of her teats, and her fat dick throbbed from between her clenched thighs. I saw her striped sock distend as she released into her condom, and with shuddering gasps she slid a couple of inches down the wall. Braden gave a cruel chuckle and strode away, leaving her slowly blinking the lust from her eyes. Brook quickly looked to see if anyone had been watching. Then she looked down at her dick with a dopey smile, and prodded the dangling sack of cum. As casually as if it were routine, which it frankly was, she pinched the condom where it met her dick to keep it from falling loose and trotted off to the bathroom, cum sloshing and breasts swaying.
I released my breath, and suddenly became aware of a wet sensation. My own penis was throbbing with my heart beat, fat and swollen, and I could see the beginnings of a wet glisten forming at the end of my moistening sock. Dammit, this wasn't going well. I wasn't soaked through yet, so maybe if I tried really hard I could make it through the day without starting to drip on the floor.
"Hey Lizzy, what's got you so hot and bothered?"
It was Alison, my best friend, who had just arrived to get her books from her locker. She was looking expectantly at my still turgid dick, and hopefully hadn't noticed my uncontained run-off. Alison was a thin, athletic girl, with pert breasts and a long penis. She often teased me for my girth and my wide hips, but it was all in good fun.
"You should have seen it, Alison. Braden grabbed Brook's tits and made her fill her bag."
Alison unconsciously placed her hand at the base of her dick. It gave a slight twitch, dangling in a white sock from beneath her daringly short skirt. She knew she was long, and she showed it all off. I could see she had a bit of pre collected in the tip of her condom, though not enough to warrant a change. "Oh my god, I wish I had been here for that. Braden is such a stud. And listen, I know this is really weird to be counting and all, but I think that was Brook's fifth condom today."
I guffawed. "Are you serious? I mean, I guess that makes sense. She's a like a leaky faucet."
Alison was absently playing with her balls now, with gentle tugs, so her panties disappeared between them. With her hand beneath her miniskirt, she was giving me a generous view.
Personally, I preferred briefs and usually kept my balls covered.
"Again, I know this is weird and all, but sometimes I watch her in class and I swear I can see her condom filling." Alison was kind of a pervert. She had a voyeuristic streak, that's for sure. "And Elizabeth, you won't believe what Jenna told me. She said she saw Brook drinking her own cum when she went to change. She probably does it all the time."
Alison was right, I didn't really believe it. But that didn't make it any less hot.
Her eyes glazed and she licked her lips. "I'll bet that's why she spews like a public fountain, the slut." She suddenly leaned down with a puzzled expression and I felt her breath on my penis, evaporating my cum and giving me chills. "Lizzy, did you dip your cock in the toilet or what? Your sock looks wet."

I was sitting at my desk in final period, and my sock was still damp, and inescapably growing damper. As sympathetic as she was, Alison didn't have any extra condoms she could lend me, nor an extra sock. Apparently she wasn't one to travel prepared.
Alison was up at the board giving a presentation on the water cycle. I could tell she was still horny from fantasizing about Brook's loose valve and my bare member. She paced in front of the class, and her dick lazily bobbed as only a swollen dick does, instead of her usual relaxed, flaccid swing. Though she had just changed earlier, already there was a noticeable amount of cum collected in her fresh condom. She seemed distracted, and kept looking at the back of the room whenever she was speaking to the class. I turned and saw why.
There was Braden, at it again. He was apparently sexting Brook, as they kept looking at their laps and glancing at each other. Brook's face was flushed. I could just make out her condom slowly filling again, for what likely wouldn't even be the final time that day. What kind of mess must that girl wake up to every morning? She probably slept in the bathtub.
Alison was obviously turned on. Her dick was swinging past her knees at this point, slowly exposing its midriff as it extended. Her unfortunately risqué skirt had been lifted by it just enough to give us a view of her balls. She was stumbling over her words now, and Mr. Reposh, our teacher, watched her presentation with a concerned expression. I could tell that the whole class was captivated by the circles and figure eights her penis's head traced in the air.
Braden, with a devilish grin, suddenly became aware of Alison's attention. He gave her a smouldering leer, relishing the control he had over her, and then blew her a kiss.
I saw Alison's balls draw up. She didn't cum often, but when she did, it was always big. "As the water evaporates it leaves the salt behiiaaafuckohmygod!" Alison's legs buckled, and with a mortified expression she blew her load into her condom, long and hard. Her sock slid halfway down her dick as the condom swelled. Her dick was still throbbing and pumping as she fell to her knees. The balloon of cum hit the floor with a plop, only tenuously attached to the head of her penis. The whole class had been concordant with Alison's sexual tension, but now they gasped and chuckled at her quiet sobs and involuntary lurches.
Mr. Reposh sharply stood up from his desk and strode to where Alison was recomposing herself after cumming in front of the class. "Please everyone, show some respect. This can happen to anyone, and you don't need to be making it harder than it already is." He reached out his hand in a misjudged attempt to help Alison to her feet. He was ignored, as both of Alison's hands were occupied in collecting her burgeoning condom and shoving it back up her shaft as she desperately tried to keep her glans concealed. Mr. Reposh lifted her by her arm instead. He steadied the stupefied girl, then led her to the door. He look purposefully at her, but she wouldn't meet his eyes. "Go change yourself, and please try to keep control in the future."
Alison shuffled from the room, cum in hand.
Mr. Reposh shut the door and turned a hard glare towards Braden, who had been congratulating himself with his buddies, mimicking Alison's mid-orgasm expression. "Mr. Osborn, I saw what you did. I will be speaking to you after class. And by god, Brook, go change your condom. It's much too full." He walked back to his desk. "Okay, we have time for one more presentation. Elizabeth, will you step up to the board?"
I looked up from my desk and brushed my hair from my flushed face. My dick was in my backpack, still dripping through my sock after shooting a sizeable load. I tried to give him a pleasant smile while my back gently spasmed. "I'd rather not, if that's okay."

Anonymous 18/10/06(Sat)17:12 No. 25806 ID: 00bdf0

Really like this story. Good work and please continue!

Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)08:04 No. 25877 ID: 66291a

Chapter 2 please?

Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)23:53 No. 25879 ID: c7c7c4

This premise is ridiculous why am I masturbating

Anonymous 18/12/25(Tue)09:30 No. 25899 ID: 66291a

Anyone want to continue this?

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