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The Breaking at St. Gregory's odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 19/02/13(Wed)22:49 No. 25955 ID: 3093c9

The children of St. Gregory have prepared themselves for this day. The barbarians have sacked the surrounding city, and now they come for the monastery and diocese. The children know that soon, Heaven awaits them, but first, the barbarians will beat and torture them, to try and get them to forsake their god. But the barbarians will fail: the faith of the children of St. Gregory is too strong, and nothing will make them forsake their god, nothing.

They are huddled in the church, praying, when the barbarians break in. Their swords drip with blood, and every step they take into the church leaves bloody footprints.

The children shudder, as the barbarian strolls towards the altar.

Finally, one of the children, a girl of about 9 or so, approaches the barbarian. Her faith steadies her shaky hands, and quivering voice, as she welcomes the barbarian to St. Gregory, and asks to pray for him.

The barbarians roar with laughter, and the children are stunned. They do not know if their plea has caused the barbarians to reconsider, if the holy spirit of God has filled these vile animals with forgiveness. The laughter continues for a minute or two, and the children find themselves nervously laughing along with them.

When it ceases, the barbarian asks the girl if she is the one in charge, to which she nods. He asks her her name. She replies that it is Alexandria. The barbarian then asks her if she believes in God. Alexandria nods yes again. The barbarian asks if she thinks there is anything that can make her forsake her God. With tears in her eyes, Alexandria shakes her head, knowing of the various tortures that await her.

Then the barbarian says something that shocks her. He points at the sun, halfway across the sky. He says that before the sun sets, that she will willingly defile the altar of God, and forsake him and the saints. With more defiance, Alexandria shakes her head - she knows that her and all of her friends have given themselves over to God, and fear no torture or death, either of themselves or of one another. There is nothing that can make her forsake her God.

The barbarian grasps her by her habit, ripping it off. With a deft stroke, he slits the rest of her clothing with his dagger, leaving the tiny blonde naked before the other children.

The other children are grabbed out of their seats, and similarly stripped naked. When it is finished, the naked children are forced onto their knees, and their hands are bound behind them.

The barbarian says something to his troops in his native tongue, and one of the troops makes a hand motion.

A group of children, the same age as the captives, are marched in. They too are naked, but they look as though they have been naked for much longer. Their blonde hair looks dirty, as though it has been exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. Their feet are also dirty, and their suntanned bodies are covered with nicks, marks, and scratches, in stark contrast to the smooth, pale, clean figures of the St. Gregory children.

The new captives are picked up and laid on the podium where the priest would speak. Their legs are spread, and they gird themselves, preparing for the torture that they have been taught to expect in a situation such as this.

Alexandria feels herself trembling, as she is laid back, and her legs spread. She begins praying silently, hoping for a quick death, and a speedy entrance into Heaven.

She feels a warm, soft kiss between her legs, on her cookie box. She gasps...as an electric jolt of warmth shoots up her tummy, and down her thighs. As she jerks up, she sees a blonde girl, slightly older than her, face between her legs. The other blonde looks up at her, and smiles weakly.

Another kiss, and another jolt of warmth. This...doesn't feel like anything she was told to expect at all. In an unexpected panic, she tries to scoot away, but is held down by the barbarian. She cannot move, cannot escape, from the soft, warm, pleasing kisses that pepper her cookie box.

She was taught to expect beating, cutting, breaking pain, and terrible, agonizing screams. It is what she has braced herself for. But the tingling jolts of warmth, that are shooting through her, causing her legs to jerk and her stomach to clench, are, pleasurable?

She hears not screams, but soft moans, and the wet, sticky, cleaving sounds of kissing and licking. Sounds she doesn't find displeasing.

She feels a thick, wet, slippery wedge slide into her cookie box, and up to her happy button. Alexandra gasps, and without even thinking, her body arches upwards, her cookie box jamming itself into the girl's face.

Is this wrong, is this bad? Is she being tricked into forsaking God in some way? This feels so good, so natural, so right. She hears soft moans of God, presumably from the other children, being licked and suckled the same way she was. She tries to pray, she tries to find the words, to keep her strong, in case this is a trick to steal her soul.

All she can moan is "Godddd," as her tummy quivers, and she feels her bladder empty, as though she had drank too much earlier...and yet, this felt much more pleasing than any squat over the chamber pot.


The children are stood up, male and female. Their legs are wobbly, they are held up by the invaders. Their young, hairless genitals glisten, from being kissed, licked, and suckled. Alexandria finds herself looking at the young boys' hard pee pees - they seem to throb in keeping with the beating of their hearts. Some of the boys have what looks to be honey sap dripping from the tips of their pee pee's.

The slave children, also have glistening genitals. Some of them have hair growing on their pee pee's and cookie boxes. The sap that drips from between their legs looks thicker. For some reason, Alexandria wants to taste some.

She finds that her wish is quickly granted: she is forced onto her knees, a blade placed to her throat. She is told to suck, as a young blonde boy of about 12 or so, stands before her, erect pee pee in hand.

It tastes bitter, his pee pee, as he slides it into the little girl's mouth. She sucks, not just because of the blade at her throat, but because of curiosity, of eagerness. She can taste the sap leaking from his pee pee, getting ever thicker, like juice from the slit of a fruit. She also feels her cookie box getting warm again, and a tightness in her nipples.

The boy grabs her by his hair, and slides his pee pee in and out of her mouth, moaning as he does so.

He gives a grunt, and freezes: Alexandria's mouth is filled with something thick, hot, bitter, yet somewhat tangy. She swallows, even before she is told to. It seems the right thing to do. When the boy withdraws his pee pee, a thin, whitish rope drips from it. A perverse curiosity struck her, as she wondered, if that was what she had swallowed.


The schoolchildren lay on their backs now, their mouths filled with the happiness of their molesters, their own happiness on naked display for all to see. Like farm animals, their captors mount the slave children onto the school children. No coaxing is needed: pleasurable moans are given, as eager wee wee's slide into wet cookie boxes, and vice versa.

Alexandria feels a new pressure in her netherregions. Not a licking, wandering tongue, like before, but something longer, thicker, deeper. She gasps as she feels her entire cookie box being filled, presumably with some boy's wee wee. There is a bit of pain, as he shoves himself into her. She doesn't care.

Next to her, one of her classmates, a boy, is mounted, by one of the slave girls. Immediately, he moans helplessly about having to pee, wanting to pee. The slave girl stymies his cries with a forced kiss.

Go ahead and pee, Alexandria gasps, between thrusts and involuntary muscle spasms. They have been forcing the children to "pee" all day. Whatever other faults lay in their situation, this was not one of them.

The boy plowing her leans over her, forces a kiss on her. Alexandria returns it, eagerly, willingly. Unexpectedly, a spasm of warmth floods her body, spilling from her tummy, and washing over her like a warm surf. Her young body tenses, her cookie box clamping around her invader's wee wee.

He too, grunts, and tenses, as he hunches over her, like a dog mounting another dog. Is that what these barbarians are doing now, turning them into animals? Alexandria doesn't care, as she wraps her legs around the boy's hips, and pulls him closer into her.


The sun has almost set now, as the children are paraded, naked, before the statue of the crucifixion. They are wet, glistening, with sweat, and the juices spilled onto them by their rapists.

As they stand naked before the cross, the barbarians begin massaging, diddling their aroused pee pee's and cookie boxes, until each child is almost ready to collapse from happiness. And then they stop.

Alexandria falls to her knees in despair. Why would they do this? So close to release, to pleasure. This was torture!

The barbarian leader speaks to Alexandria. He tells her that she and her schoolmates have a choice to make.

They have been allowed to keep their lives, and given a preview of the happiness and pleasures they will be able to partake in, should they choose to. They will live lives similar to that of the children that they have been paired with: always naked, mostly bound. Their exposed genitals will be used in a similar way that those of the slave children have, both for the pleasure of their captors, and other children they capture. But when they are not being used, they will be allowed, even encouraged, to engage in the play that they have been, all day, every day, for the rest of their lives.

Or they can side with their god...and if he should, for some reason, stay the blade of the barbarians, then the children will be allowed to live.

She is so close to eternal pleasure, so close to eternal bliss, he tells her. All she has to do, is kneel before the cross...and wet it.

The young girl approaches the cross, knees week, wobbly, from fear, from bondage, from pleasure and release. She looks into the face of the figure on the cross. All her life, she was told to pray in her hour of need, that God answered prayers, that no harm would come to those who believed in him.

She knew that all of that was a lie: the clergy of St. Gregory had believed in God, and they all lay dead on the grounds of the church and monastery. She was told that the barbarians would torture her beyond belief. All the barbarians had done was make her feel good all day. They offered to let her feel good every day. All she had to do was accept their offer. All she had to do was to defile the cross.

She fell to her knees.

She reached between her legs.

She felt for her happy bean.

Heaven awaited her.

The End.

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