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Anatomy of a Catfight Pt 1 odiscipline!!xlAmp4BJLj 19/02/13(Wed)22:57 No. 25956 ID: 3093c9

Author's note: there's almost no description in this story. This is meant to be read somewhat like a transcript to a nature documentary. I know someone else on here was writing stories in a similar vein, I think it's an idea we have all had at one time or another, so I gave it a shot here.


It is after school, in the evening. Inside the old school building, in the music hall, sounds of Where Discourse Goes To Die™ can be heard.

Here we have the beginnings of a contest, a duel for primal supremacy. Two alpha females, arguing over territory, posessions, and status. In this case, the territory and posession is an alpha male on the football team.

The blonde, Jill, stands tall, wiry, slender and feminine, has been dating and mating with this male for the past 6 months. She is a cheerleader, and is one of, possibly the, most desired girls in the school. Up until now, Jill has mated exclusively with the star quarterback, himself a high status male, both for the sexual pleasure he provides her, and the status it grants her. Jill now seems to believe that her mate is being unfaithful to her.

The challenger, Callie, is a recent transfer into this school system, having been there about 3 months. Callie is on the swim team, and is also a gymnast. Even though she is not as visibly popular as Jill, she poses something of an indirect threat to the cheergirl's popularity. At first glance, the two girls share similar body types, lean, muscular, athletic. Callie is maybe a half inch shorter than Jill, and it looks like Jill has slightly longer reach than Callie. But underneath their private school uniforms, another story is revealed. Callie has about 20% more muscle mass than Jill, gained from her time as a swimmer and a gymnast. Jill, while herself a marvel of fitness, maintains more fat around her hips, thighs, and abdomen. This trait makes her more visibly sexually attractive to the average male in her territory. But when compared to someone like Callie, who has similar endurance, strength, and agility, it could be a detrimental detraction.

The two girls are inches from each other now, shrieking and screaming, arms waving and gesticulating wildly. Each one has tried every physical display of anger and agression they know to get the other to back down, without actually engaging in a physical contest. The blood flow throughout their bodies has visibly increased, the proof of this can be seen in their flushed skin - while resting, both girls are usually pale. Now, their complexion is visibly pink, almost red.

The physical animations are to no avail. Jewlery has been removed, accesories have been discarded. Both girls have crossed over the verbal and social line, and now neither one can back down. Who will strike first.

The blows come almost simultaneously, as Jill snatches for the brunette's hair, and Callie swings at the cheerleader's face. Neither strike is thought out, and in the space of a breath, both girls are wildly swinging at each other.

Jill is in a marginally better position, so it seems: she has Callie's hair firmly in her grasp, and is using that to hold her opponent's head, so she can land blows on her face. These blows however, are not very effective, being landed with the heel of her hand. Callie is flailing wildly as well, but every so often, she manages to land a solid blow on Jill's side. She is landing fewer blows than the cheerleader, but her blows are more solid, and lift the girl in the air with every successful hit.

It is not long before a sweep from Jill takes the fight to the ground. Now the battle is to see who can stay on top, and gain the upper hand. What looks like Jill's one advantage quickly becomes a weakness: Callie has both hands free to wrestle her opponent, while Jill is still holding on to Callie's hair. Callie is quick, nimble, her gymnast's abilities giving her an advantage as she wrestles Jill onto her back. It becomes clear that Jill's strategy, as much as it could be called one, is no longer working, and now she resorts to scratching at her opponent, trying to distract her enough so that she can escape to a superior position, if not back to her feet.

The girls roll and scramble on the floor, knocking over music stands, which they impotently try to use as weapons. They manage to scramble back to their feet briefly, before falling again. It is a catfight in every sense of the word, as both girls flail violently in an adrenaline fueled rage.

With no skill, strategy, or plan in use, this contest has become a battle of attrition, and it will be decided by who has the most endurance.

It is the blonde who finally succumbs to exhaustion, as Callie, having wrestled the girl into a corner of the stair step floor, begins landing blow after blow, and Jill switches from trying to answer these blows, to covering her face and vital areas.

This is futile, and soon, Callie is straddling Jill, landing blows at will, while Jill uselessly tries to cover her head.

This continues for a minute, and soon the cheerleader has signaled surrender, openly sobbing for help. This is a purely reflexive action: even if there were anyone else occupying this building, the music room itself is soundproof, and no one would hear her cries.

It signals clearly to Callie that she is the victor, and the battle is over. The cheerleader has surrendered. But the act of conquest is just beginning.

Firmly atop her vanquished opponent, Callie reaches under the cheerleader's pleated skirt.

The cheerleader tries in vain to clench her legs together, as Callie invades her cunt, the gymnast's fingers invading the loser's defenseless pussy lips.

Jill begins to moan softly, as Callie fondles and molests her. She tries once more to weakly strike at the girl atop her, only to be punched squarely back into submission.

Satisfied that her opponent is now completely dominated, Callie focuses her attentions on the girl's groin. With expert skill, she violates Jill's tight young shaft, while deftly flicking and stimulating the clit with her thumb. The cheerleader is already exhausted, but it is not long before her body begins to shiver and quake, and soon, another cry of surrender is heard, as she tenses in forced orgasmic bliss.

Callie does not stop with this utterance of submission: she continues fingering the girl writhing helplessly beneath her. If one were to watch this display, without having witnessed the previous physical combat, one would think that these two girls had some affection for each other. Nothing could be further from the truth: this is an act of domination. The pleasure Jill receives from this is purely incidental to Callie's intention - establish her superiority, by forcing the girl's most intimate reflexes to respond against her will.

And the girl's reflexes do respond, again, and again, and again. By this point, Jill has ceased any pretense of attempting to defend herself, her hands at her sides, clawing into the carpet, as she quivers in various stages of orgasm.

When it is clear that Jill has completely acquiesed, Callie strips the girl of her dress, leaving her naked from the waist down. Thick juices of orgasmic surrender leak from her smooth cunt onto the band carpet floor. Like a raptor bird stripping meat from a slain hare, the gymnast buries her face in Jill's slit. The blonde gasps, as Callie's tongue begins to invade and molest her in new, unexpected ways.

She mouth rapes the girl, her tongue plowing in and out of Jill's slit, over and under her clitoral hood and clit. The sounds of sucking and slurping, combined with Jill's sobs and moans, fill the music room.

A dark stain forms under the blonde's crotch, as her leaking juices spill and soak into the carpet below.

Once again, one might be forgiven for thinking that this is a loving act of submission, a girl eagerly swallowing the sexual juices of her lover as she suckles her to orgasm. But context is everything: every so often, Callie purposefully, gently nips Jill's clit with her teeth. It is a reminder to Jill, that Callie controls her completely, that there is nothing she can protect from her, as her very womanhood remains intact only at Callie's pleasure.

When Callie is satisfied that this lesson has been learned, she straddles the cheerleader once again. She has spent the past hour establishing dominance over her beaten foe, now Callie has decided to take the spoils due the victor. Jill lays limply, giving no resistance, as Callie rips open her blazer, buttons popping to either side. With similar disdain, she pulls Jill's shirt open, and tears her bra off, exposing her soft breasts, and pert, erect nipples. The vanquished gives no resistance as Callie pulls the entire ensemble over her head, leaving her completely naked. Callie reaches under her own dress, pulling her panties off - they are dark with the juices of her own excitement.

Now the victor claims her prize: still clothed, save for her panties, Callie stretches over her beaten, sweaty, trembling prey. The cheerleader gasps as their pussies touch, and Callie gives a pleasurable grunt, before forcing a kiss on Jill.

The couple writhes together like worms in a rainstorm: they are driven by Callie's rhythm, and it isn't long before they both seize together in climax. And yet, the expressions of the act could not be more different - Jill cums in defeat, while Callie cums in triumphant victory.

Over and over, they cum together. Callie licks, and suckles, and caresses her prey, as she tribs herself to one noisy orgasm after another. Jill lies there, yielding to every kiss, every touch, every caress, almost catatonic now, save for the constant orgasms being forced upon her.

The coupling, this expression of sexual dominance, lasts until the early hours of the next morning. The sun has just come up when the two girls emerge from their den. Callie looks radiant, energetic. Jill's blazer is tied around her waist; a symbol to all on the campus that she was the victor in their contest. It is well known how conflicts between alpha bitches are handled at this school, and how they often end. No one will ask either Jill or Callie about the outcome, but with Jill's blazer around Callie's waist, all will know who belongs to whom.

Jill is defeated, her lips and nose bleeding, her clothes torn, her skin scratched and bruised. The buttons of her shirt have been torn off, and she shivers from the cold, as she pulls her shirt around her. Her hair drips: most likely Callie has urinated on the girl, as victors in such contests often do when they are done with their conquests for the evening.

Callie forces one last kiss on Jill, and then both part their separate ways to their dorms. Neither will ever speak of this night publicly, but both know how this will affect the social pecking order at their school. Jill will resign as the head cheerleader, and take a less conspicuous role. She will still be in the "in" group, higher than every other group in the school, but from now on, it is understood that she will be at Callie's beck and call. This includes carrying her books, paying for her lunches, and surrendering to the sexual advances, both Callie's and whoever Callie shares her with, whenever and wherever she desires. And of course, Jill's boyfriend now belongs to Callie outright.

Such are the consequences of challenging the pecking order at this private school. The jungle is brutal, whether it be wood or concrete.

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