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Roommates Continued OP!T1tXaJv9os 19/02/21(Thu)03:12 No. 25977 ID: b49468

Since the old thread finally hit the bump limit, I'm posting the entire story so far in a new thread, minus the comments, so that I can continue to work on the story.


It all started when I was 19, in my first semester at college. I'd moved away from home and into my first apartment, and got my first roommate as well. He was a year younger than me, but unlike me he hadn't spent a year after graduating highschool saving up his money for tuition and rent. His parents died in an avalanche at a ski resort, and between their considerable savings and the payout from the life insurance, he could afford college and not have to work for years. I hadn't known it when I met him at orientation and we decided to share an apartment, but he also had custody of his 11 year old sister.

The apartment was big, and nicer than I could have ever afforded on my own, so all three of us had separate bedrooms (hers was supposed to be a laundry room or something originally.). I also discovered my roommate was a bit of a dick who neglected his little sister.

I don't think it was intentional, more a result of losing his parents and having to adjust his plans for the future to revolve around caring for his sibling, and he probably wasn't ready for that sort of responsibility. But unless he needed to give her a ride or buy her something she needed, he basically didn't interact with her. He also barely did anything with me; maybe once a week he'd play video games with me, but he spent nearly all his time in class or shut in his room studying.

His little sister was cute, with her blue eyes, freckles, and short, light brown hair, but obviously way too young for me. She didn't play with dolls or anything, so I guess she was mature for her age, but she also spent all her time shut in her room when she wasn't at school. And I don't think she had any friends at her new school either.

After a month or so with my new roommates, we'd settled into a routine. If they weren't exactly friendly, they weren't bad either; quiet, clean, and they were the only way I could afford a really nice apartment just a block from campus.

I wish I'd known then what I know now. It'd have saved me a lot of grief.

One morning, I wandered into the kitchen for breakfast and poured myself a bowl of cereal, then sat at the table. As usual, my roommate was already there, eating toast and orange juice and engrossed in a textbook, oblivious to my presence. I wished I'd gotten juice too, but didn't feel like going to the effort of getting it and just dug into my cereal.

It wasn't long before his sister wandered in, with messy hair and sleepy eyes. I glanced at her and noticed she was wearing her usual morning attire: a nightshirt and panties, and nothing else. It startled me at first that she'd walk around the apartment like that, but I quickly ignored it; my family was always pretty relaxed about that sort of thing too, after all. Still, I wasn't family. I noticed that her panties today were white with a little blue ribbon on the front, then directed my inappropriate attention to my cereal.

After a couple minutes, she perched herself in the chair across from me, drew her knees up to her chest, and began nibbling on some frozen waffles without much enthusiasm. I finished my cereal, tossed it in the sink, then looked at my watch.

"Hey Bill, time to go."

My roommate nodded, closed his book, and carefully put his dishes in the sink, then gathered up his things and left. I went back to my room, grabbed my backpack, and headed for the door.

His sister was still nibbling at her waffles. I frowned and glanced at my watch again. Then I struggled to remember her name for a few seconds.

"Hey, uh, Sara, don't want to be late for the bus."

She nodded and continued nibbling. I waited around a little longer, then decided I had to go if I didn't want to be late for my first class. It wouldn't be the first time she'd been the last to leave the apartment, she had her own key, and if she was late for the bus that wasn't my problem. Besides, it was only a ten minute walk to her school anyway. It was a small town, and almost everything was in walking distance, which saved on gas.

I slipped my backpack on, locked up, and headed off for class.

By lunchtime, I decided I was just going to skip my one afternoon class for the day. It wasn't a habit I wanted to start, but I just couldn't must the motivation to sit through another monotone lecture. Universities should never hire a tone-deaf professor, I don't care what his credentials are.

So I left the cafeteria and walked the block back to the apartment and let myself in. I noted a half-eaten waffle remaining at the table with mild annoyance, but kids will be kids and she probably had to rush for the bus, so I let it slide. I tossed my backpack on my bed, shut the door to my room, and checked myself out in the mirror.

I was pretty skinny and had no upper body strength, so I'd decided to start working out. Partly it was so I could avoid the legendary Freshmen Fifteen, but mostly I was just hoping to attract some girls. I'd never had a girlfriend in high school, being the skinny nerdy type, so I was going to start working out to change that.

After doing a bunch of situps, pushups, jumping jacks, some bicep curls, and a grand total of one chin up (and I don't think it counts if you sort of hop to get started) on a chin up bar I installed in the closet door, I'd worked up a decent sweat and needed a shower. So I set out some clean clothes on my bed, stripped naked, and stepped out to go to the bathroom.

Oh shit.

My roommates little sister was frozen in mid-stride in the hallway, probably as surprised to see me home at this time as I was to see her. Did she skip school too? Probably, she was still in her night shirt and panties.

Then her eyes went down and I remember that I was standing stark naked in front of an 11 year old girl. Like I said, my family was always pretty relaxed about the dress code and they'd seen me walk to and from the shower naked countless times, but c'mon. Not the same thing, dude.

I quickly ducked back into my room and shut the door. After a few seconds, I heard the door to her room click shut and I stuck my head out; she was gone. I darted into the bathroom and shut the door, then got the shower started.

Dammit. I didn't have to look in the mirror to tell my face was red, I could feel it. I fretted about the accidental encounter for a few minutes, then decided to just not worry about it. Accidents happen, right? And I just pretended nothing had happened, she probably would too. It's not like she talked to her brother much anyway.

I finished my shower, carefully wrapped myself in a towel, and got back into my room and shut the door behind me. Ok, she was still in her room, good. I quickly got dressed, then headed into the living room. I really needed something to distract me, and some XBox sound like just the thing.

I'd only been playing for a few minutes when I noticed motion out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see Sara emerging from the hall. She looked at me, blushed, then went to the fridge to pour herself a glass of orange juice. I deliberately turned my attention back to my game, and after she'd finished her juice she went back to her room.

Bill got home a couple hours later and went straight to his room without saying a word. Typical.

They were decent enough roomies, but they could have at least tried to be a little more sociable. I didn't see either of them the rest of the day, but I heard one or both of them microwave dinner while I was in my room studying for an exam.

Breakfast the next morning was identical to the day before, except Bill's textbook had changed to a different subject and his sister's panties were pale pink. I made a deliberate effort not to look at her as I ate breakfast and headed off for class. I had only morning classes that day, but Bill didn't get in until evening because of his late biology class. I didn't see his sister until she emerged from her room for dinner.

Odd. She was still dressed in her night shirt and panties; normally she was only like that in the morning before she got dressed for school. And I didn't remember hearing her come in the front door; did she skip school today too? Bill acknowledged her presence with a grunt and a pat on the head, stuck her food in the microwave for her, then retreated into his room, nose buried in his book.

Damn, dude. I know you want to make a good impression on the professors your first semester, but maybe at least try to have some sort of life or social interaction?

Then again, I guess I wasn't much better.

I wish that'd stayed true.

By the end of the week, I'd become certain that Sara was skipping school since she never bothered to get dressed and I never saw or heard her go through the front door to the apartment at any time.

It wasn't any of my business though; it's not like I was her dad or brother, after all. So I said nothing.

The weekend went normally enough (dead silence, and rarely seen roommates. Relaxing, in its way, but also strangely... not, relaxing.), and when Monday rolled around again I noted Sara getting dressed for school and putting on her own backpack, so I decided not to worry about her skipping school. Hell, her parents had died only a few months ago; I could understand skipping school for a few days.

It wasn't until Thursday that the usual routine got screwed up again. I got home after lunch, enjoying my afternoon with no classes, and went through my workout routine again. I hadn't noticed any real gain from my exercise, but at least it didn't make me sore like when I first started, so I decided I was making some progress. I laid out clean clothes again, then tossed my sweaty ones into the hamper and went to the bathroom.

Crap. I normally kept my towel in the bathroom, but I'd tossed it in the hamper yesterday. And I wasn't about to use somebody else's towel. I turned around to get a clean towel out of my room and damn near ran into Sara as she emerged from her room with a dirty plate.

We both froze and I could feel my face turning red again. What the hell? I thought she went to school today? At least she was dressed this time. I, on the other hand, was naked as a jaybird. Again. In front of an 11 year old.

After a long moment of staring at each other in startlement, her gaze went down to my crotch again; a blush spread across her face, but she made no effort not to stare. Dammit, ok, play cool. It's no big deal. You walked back and forth from the shower naked at home all the time, she walks around in her panties all the time, this will only be a big deal if you make it a big deal. Ok, so...

"Uh, shouldn't you be in school right now?"

She was still staring at my junk. "Didn't feel like going today."

Ok, this wasn't working. I'm just going to casually walk into my room, grab a towel, and pretend like everything's cool.

It would have been nice if that had actually been how it went. Instead, Sara pointed and asked, "Is that your penis?"

Shit. Ok, just... no biggie. No biggie. Play it cool, man. Casual.

"Um, yeah."

After a moment, she met my eyes and blushed an even brighter shade of red.

"Ummm... Can I touch it?"

Hell no. I should've said hell no. I should have just gone to my room, or backed into the bathroom and shut the door. Instead, like an idiot, I just tried to play it off.

"Uh, sure. I guess."

After a few second's hesitation and a glance at my face to make certain it was ok, she quickly reached out and poked my penis with a fingertip for a split instance, then withdrew her hand like it was burned or something. She stared at it a few moments longer, then, childish curiosity fulfilled, she wandered off to put her plate in the sink and I quickly ran into my room and shut the door. I didn't leave again until I heard her door click shut, and I took my shower in record time.

I really hoped she didn't say anything to her brother. I strongly suspected he'd kill me or something.

I was still alive Friday and over the weekend, and Sara had gone to school Friday, so it was safe to assume she hadn't mentioned our encounter to Bill. Still, that was twice, and I wasn't eager to repeat those encounters, so I decided I had to be more careful and just go to the shower clothed from now on.

63 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
Anonymous 20/02/28(Fri)06:15 No. 26625 ID: b4c072

You wasted your own time by caring about it. This story has never been anything but mediocre at best whereas you have AnonyMPC pumping out at least a few good tales to completion every year. I have zero idea why you guys care about this shit so much. It reads like the author is a mildly talented highschooler.

Anonymous 20/02/28(Fri)19:47 No. 26629 ID: 6247bd

AnonyMPC has only posted two or three stories about two partners when his niche is multiple partners and non-vanilla fetishes. OP, however, isn't excusable.

He should let any of us finish this story since he doesn't seem to care from what we saw with his new one.

OP!T1tXaJv9os 20/03/02(Mon)04:14 No. 26642 ID: c36f33

Roommates is pretty much dead. I've largely lost interest in the story, every time I've tried to finish up the next chapter I just stare at the text on the screen and then pound my head on the keyboard, and the attempt at realism made it drag unnecessarily.

So we've got two options:

1) I abandon the story and post a synopsis of where it was going and how it was going to end. If someone wanted to pick it up and continue it from there, following that outline, fine.

2) We wait until I feel like working on it again. Which probably isn't going to happen.

Vote now.

Anonymous 20/03/02(Mon)05:53 No. 26644 ID: 5200af

>the attempt at realism made it drag unnecessarily

It worked fine for me. The characters are well-defined and clearly your readers are invested either way. They've hung in this long and their appetite hasn't diminished. If chasing realism is dragging the effort down then drop it for a session and have fun with what you've built.

Anonymous 20/03/02(Mon)08:01 No. 26648 ID: 6247bd

Just write the ending, and leave it that way

Anonymous 20/03/03(Tue)04:18 No. 26649 ID: e1a6ed

Post the synopsis and go away.

Like another anon pointed out there is a lack of loli/adult vanilla stories with a direction and at least some basis in reality.

Anonymous 20/03/05(Thu)06:39 No. 26653 ID: 49bcd2

As someone who has followed the story from the very beginning I'd appreciate the ending. You've come a long way OP, no dishonor in throwing in the towel when you know the motivation has left you.

Gragnost 20/03/06(Fri)07:55 No. 26654 ID: 6e8f81

I say finish it.
Have him knock her up, get arrested after being caught by her brother, have her DPed by him and her brother...
Do whatever you plan on doing, but please finish the story.

Anonymous 20/03/06(Fri)08:59 No. 26655 ID: b79e81

Go ahead and post the ending. If you later get struck with the motivation to fill in the rest later I'm sure we'd all still love to read it.

Anonymous 20/03/06(Fri)18:14 No. 26656 ID: c72188

It's always been about the journey for me so the ending isn't that important to me but do what you feel is right. Where can we find your other work op?

Anonymous 20/03/06(Fri)20:49 No. 26657 ID: 2769a0


Meh any ended would be hack kneed. No reason to ruin something otherwise great.

Just say it's over and move on then. You clearly don't want to do this now, so I'd rather it end at a time you did

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)09:02 No. 26658 ID: 6d0371

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I will tell you this.
Not all stories like this have to end badly. Not every kid suffers in the end and not all adults are monsters full of abuse.
Think about the legacy you created with your story and what kind of a message you want to send. Morals and laws change every ~50 years.

Be the beacon, not the dread.

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)14:23 No. 26659 ID: 27774f

>Think about the legacy you created with your story

You're joking right? This story is shit propped up by being on a dead board with basically nothing else on it.

Anonymous 20/03/15(Sun)02:52 No. 26671 ID: 6d0371


Anonymous 20/04/06(Mon)10:54 No. 26679 ID: 136f2f

I'd say just write down what was going to happen. Either it will give you enough motivation to continue a bit longer or it won't and then you'll be relieved of a project you don't want to continue.

Anonymous 20/04/11(Sat)00:12 No. 26682 ID: 8546fd

Post your synopsis and let someone else continue. If you're ready to give up on this story then it's unlikely you'll ever find the motivation/muse to continue, and in the event that you do you can always just write what comes to you and post it anyway.

OP!T1tXaJv9os 20/04/13(Mon)01:55 No. 26688 ID: b49468

Ok, here's a basic synopsis of where the story was going:

>Sara buys a sundress and hat on their shopping trip, partly because she likes it but mostly because Scott (MC) thinks it's cute, and she wears it on dates to the park and a trip to the beach
>Scott (MC) and Sara continue having sexy times until Sara stays home from school complaining of stomach cramps
>Sara freaks out and calls for Scott, then realizes she's having her first period and it's nothing to worry about; Scott takes her shopping for feminine products for the first time, both of them clueless, but a woman at the store helps Sara pick out what she needs
>Scott freaks out realizing he could have impregnated Sara with all the times he shot his load into her and they go back to blowjobs and fingerbanging for a while
>later, Sara gives Bill a letter from her school saying they need a parent-teacher meeting, but Bill is heading out of town that day and writes a letter authorizing Scott to go in his stead, assuming it's a routine thing
>school counselor meets Scott and calls him Mr Paxton (yes, the joke is that Bill's name is Bill Paxton. I had that joke in mind since literally the first chapter.) and Scott realizes she thinks he's Bill and doesn't correct her mistake or show the letter; counselor says Sara applied for free birth control through the school, which they provide, but have to inform her parents/legal guardian; Scott has a brief moment of panic which the counselor misinterprets as an older brother being embarrassed over his little sister's sexual activity, but tries to cover it by saying he doesn't think Sara is sexually active and just wants birth control pills because they reduce the length and amount of menstrual bleeding; the counselor buys this and the meeting ends
>sexy times resume
>Sara starts blossoming into a young woman, hips developing, breasts getting bigger, etc.; Sara is initially shy and awkward about puberty accelerating, but gradually gains confidence in her looks thanks to Scott
>at age 13 into 14, Sara distances herself somewhat from Scott, both romantically and sexually, when boys at school start paying attention to her; she's no longer the class pariah
>Scott is both heartbroken that their relationship, which has grown into a genuine romance by this point, seems to be ending and happy for Sara now that she's interacting with boys her own age and developing normal relationships with her classmates
>it all comes crashing down for Sara; first the girls at school that always picked on her escalate the bullying because they're jealous of her good looks and the attention it gets her from the boys, then she overhears a conversation between the boy she likes most in class and some others talking about how he plans on getting her to send him nude pics and then humiliating her by spreading them around the school
>thoroughly crushed, Sara comes home crying, Scott comforts her, they have sex again for the first time in weeks, and Sara announces seriously that she really does love Scott
>age 15, Sara very nervously tells Scott that they need to talk about something; Scott thinks it's about how he and Bill are about to graduate from college and how he'll have to think of some way for them to stay together if he has to move out of the apartment
>she decides to put off whatever she has to tell him until after they have sex
>they left the door open, not expecting Bill to come back for hours, but Bill returns to the apartment to grab something he forgot and discovers Scott banging his little sister doggystyle
>Bill beats the shit out of Scott while Sara frantically tries to stop him; Scott doesn't fight back, honestly believing that he deserves it
>Bill calls the cops and Scott is arrested
>Scott pleads not guilty, hoping to get off, while his lawyer urges him to plea guilty, say it was a one time mistake and he'll never do it again, so he'll hopefully get a lenient sentence
>Scott is once again heartbroken when Sara tearfully testifies that he 'raped' her on a regular basis since she was 11
>she also reveals what she was going to tell him before: she's pregnant
>Scott changes his plea to guilty and is sentenced to ten years
>Scott informs the reader, who is interviewing him, that he never got raped in prison but he did get in several fights, and that "big black dicks are a hoax perpetuated by the porn industry; you learn a lot in a prison shower"
>Scott starts to receive letters from Sara, saying that they wouldn't allow her to write him before but now they can't stop her since she's 18; she's sorry for what she said in her testimony at his trial and angrily says the prosecutor coached her on what to say and insisted she had to call it rape 'because that's the legal definition of what he did'; Bill pushed her to get an abortion, and then the state pushed her to give up her baby for adoption, but she fought to keep it
>Scott has a son named Matthias, after Sara's deceased father
>Scott, wallowing in depression, guilt, and self-loathing, never writes Sara back and declines to allow her to visit him in prison, but reads every letter she sends him; she writes him every month and sends him photos of his son growing up, and money he can spend in the prison dispensary
>Scott is finally released on good behavior after four years in prison; his parents and older sister have disowned him as a child molester, and all of his friends refuse to have anything to do with him, so he has nowhere to go
>Sara picks him up in the prison parking lot when he's released; she's now grown into a beautiful young woman, but is still very petite and pale, his 'porcelain doll'
>he breaks down crying and says he's sorry he ruined both their lives; Sara says her life hasn't been ruined and she doesn't regret their relationship one bit; she's only sorry for what it cost him
>Scott meets his son for the first time and breaks down crying again; Sara asks him to marry her and he agrees
>the reason Scott is being interviewed by the reader is because the reader saw an article about a young woman marrying the man who 'abused' her as a child and wanted to write a book about the case
>in the final interview, Scott admits that life is still hard since he's on parole and nobody wants anything to do with someone who went to prison for child molestation, he regrets his mistakes and how one bad decision led to another, but he's happy now
>Sara, wearing a sundress like the one he bought her before and visibly pregnant, comes in with their son and remarks that she's happy now too
>the interviewer writes an epilogue, the first time in the story we see anything from anyone's perspective but Scott's, and comments that while Scott obviously did a very stupid thing that could have easily damaged Sara for life, their love for each other was genuine and everything turned out ok in the end

The end.

If someone wants to continue the story following that basic outline, go ahead. If you want to end it there, fine. I don't think I'll be picking up and finishing Roommates any time soon, if at all, so there you have it.

Anonymous 20/04/13(Mon)08:11 No. 26690 ID: aa9a4b

Well shit OP, thanks for the closure. I've commented randomly over the years but I read this from when you first posted, or very shortly thereafter, and it's crazy to see it finished, even in an incomplete way. It was a fun ride these past...fuck I don't even know how many years.

Wish you the best OP.

Federal Bureau of Investigation 20/04/16(Thu)02:49 No. 26695 ID: 6247bd

I will try writing the rest. However, not in the same quality as OP offered us.

OP!T1tXaJv9os 20/04/16(Thu)03:44 No. 26696 ID: a16bf5


8 years. Honestly, I'm amazed it lasted that long. Both that it took that long to write out that much of the story, and that people stuck around and read it.

Anonymous 20/04/19(Sun)05:17 No. 26703 ID: 44bf56

Jeez. I know you've been telegraphing the 'bad end' the entire time, but I've got to say that I'm kinda happy I'll never have to read that.
Depressing as hell, even if the ending is... bittersweet?
Hope you keep up your other projects. I liked this one a lot.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/04/19(Sun)08:18 No. 26704 ID: 6247bd

OP, this is a sad day for /elit/, as you have no more creative juices to offer us...

But I will try to keep your legacy on. I never tried to write. I suck at writing. My attempt at continuing your work will not give the same quality as you do.


I must try

I must try to fulfill your magnum opus.

A new testament for ROOMMATES.

I thank thee for giving this sweet nectar. And I will continue the legacy.


As the shopping mall was somewhat distant, I suggested to Sara that we go there by car, which she reacted by happily rushing towards the car door and opening it. I sighed and went to the opposite door.

The trip was kind of fast, but it was nice. Seeing my little girlfriend talk nonstop about what we should do was refreshing in away. She suggested we eat in some fast-food restaurant, then buy some new games and movies, and check whatever cute clothes she wanted. And well, it was the idea I had in mind.

We ate at Burger King, checked Gamestop for some games where I bought two games as Sara kept looking around, mesmerized. Blockbuster was empty, as always, so we moved on.

The receptionist at the clothes store asked me if Sara was my sister, and there, I almost had the biggest heart attack in my life. “No, he is my-” I was fast enough to interrupt her and say that yes, she was my sister and that our mother asked us to buy some clothes and underwear. Sara, in a way, shrugged her shoulders in the realization of what situation they almost got themselves into.

Getting home was easy. Sara smiled brightly, excited to try her new underwear, and the clothes she bought. Yeah, mostly with my own money, but whatever. By the way, she chooses to buy a cute hat when I told her she looked cute in it. I was starting to realize Sara's love for me by that point.

But it was no quick realization. It took years for me to... realize what I felt for her.

And I think those feelings I had for her were still in me.

When we got home, I placed the shopping bags in the table, while Sara went into her room to put whatever she bought into place. She was beaming with energy, maybe because it was our first date in away. I felt happy too, and somewhat, the smell of her perfume made me go a little crazy.

Well, putting my sausage on her bum was already crazy.


I turned around, and what stood in front of me was beautiful. To see something so divine, equal to the act of seeing God in the flesh, should be sinful. Her breasts, conforming nicely to the nylon sports bra that she bought, and her frilly panties tucking nicely to her butt and her puffy vulva.

“You... look so beautiful.”

It was no bluff. She made me blush intensely for the first time. I was witnessing the puberty of my lovely girlfriend, and I would be there to see how her body grows; her first period, her cramps, the widening of the hips, fat depositing on her legs, buttocks, waist, and breasts...

And she too, had a deep red blush in her face, so red that it was obfuscating her freckles.

And, without my prompt, she hugged me. Not the innocent hugs you normally would give to anyone, mind you. It was that hug, where the arms reach behind your neck, and the girl goes to kiss you.

She didn't try.

So, I asked her.

“Kiddo, do you know what is a french kiss?”

“Uh... a mouth kiss?”

Ugh! Her innocence was making me crazy, together with the perfume invading my nostrils as in to tell me it is finally time to let go of my inner consciousness and embrace the feral monsters inside me.

And it was at that point that I fell straight into the path where my life couldn't return to normal.

I reached for her chin with my right hand, whereas the other hand landed on her bum as I tried to bring her towards me. Our lips touched. But, she didn't open her mouth or try to interact with mine.

It is my job, as her boyfriend, to do so.

Without warning, I intruded into her closed lips using my tongue, which elicited a sudden intake of breath from her part. But it didn't stop me from exploring her lips with mine. I kept moving my tongue until I fished hers with mine. Her reaction was a moan, which resonated inside my mouth.

The kiss went for about two minutes, so I withdrew my tongue and put her down.

“What did you think?”

Sara was red as a tomato, and she kept licking her lips in what looked like to be an attempt at keeping the lips moist. But, she was just weirded out by the new sensation, one that she never felt before.

And she didn't want to look at my face. She kept moving her eyes away from my gaze.

Before I could ask if she is okay, she hugged me and said. “I never felt something like this...”

“Well, it was my first time too...”

I moved my tongue around inside my mouth, feeling the taste of her mouth which my tongue was inside for two minutes. It tasted like ice cream; she asked me for some during our date.

She, on her part, just nestled her face in my chest. My arms simply moved around her, and we kept embraced. Sometime after, she asked me if I wanted to watch some movies together.

“Sure. Go to my room while I get something for us to eat.”

“I love you, Scott...”

“I do too...”

OP!T1tXaJv9os 20/04/24(Fri)03:31 No. 26710 ID: b49468


>no more creative juices for us

Wrong. Read Hiraeth. I'm much more into that story than I was with Roommates; I can do more with it, and I don't need to drag it out for realism because it's a sexy isekai with foxgirls.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/04/24(Fri)08:32 No. 26711 ID: 6247bd

It's fine, really. Sometimes, a writer gives up.

Just give your opinion on my writing. I want to try finishing this at least, as this story interests me.

Anonymous 20/05/03(Sun)20:09 No. 26719 ID: 0f9d72

Keep going, please...

Anonymous 20/05/10(Sun)22:46 No. 26725 ID: 7ec314


Like people are going to trust you on a new story

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/05/11(Mon)06:06 No. 26727 ID: 6247bd

I will, soon enough.

By the way, men of 7chan, do you know why we want to have sex with girls in their room? A territorial ritual?

Federal Bureau of Investigation 20/05/15(Fri)03:18 No. 26738 ID: 6247bd

OP, OP, OP...

I will change the story if you drop Hiraeth too...

A curse may befall your old story if you do.

After her first tongue kiss, and the hug she gave me minutes ago, she retreated to her room in what appeared to be embarrassment, as her face was still hot red. I could tell even from behind her head, as the ears shared the same coloration. It was the first time she was that embarrassed, too.

Yes, more embarrassed than the first time we had sex, and that other time she got wet and mistook it for pee. And calling me by my name... it got me hard, just as when I admire her porcelain body. Hng!

I retreated back into my room, where I exercised some sweat away. Now, instead of doing all the exercises I was doing beforehand, I focused on doing crunches, as my abs were still undeveloped.

Five minutes of crunching and Sara entered my room which door was still open. She focused on my bare chest, my crotch, and then my face as she went to ask what I was doing.

“Why do guys do that?”

In retrospect, I mentioned that my intention with exercises was to attract girls. While my mind kept telling me to lie or make up something, my lower brain went the other way and forced me to say the truth.

“I... uh... crap.”

Self-control took over once again. But I couldn't lie to those sky blue eyes.

“Guys do it to attract other girls.”

“I see...”

“So... girls like guys with muscles?”

“Some do. Don't you, kiddo?”

She looked away from me, in clear embarrassment, and focused her sights on the bed, where my notebook was. Instead of answering my question, she asked something else.

“C'mon, there isn't any new movie in your notebook?”

“Sure there is.”

I downloaded the Austin Powers trilogy before I went to the date, with foreknowledge that she would get bored of re-watching movies. Sara leaped in the bed, and I got to the kitchen to make popcorn.

Yeah, watching Austin Powers with a minor might seem wrong, but I was her age when my father bought me a copy of the movies. Nowadays, with this PC culture, watching it with your kid would land you straight into jail. Combine it with the fact that I really tried to avoid taking away her childish innocence; but since she had sex, there was no reason for me to not watch movies with risky writing.

What started here was the moment I took no restrains with her.

No, she never let me have anal. When I tried to go down on her some time before our first date, I tried to eat her ass too, with the mindset she would like it instead. Her answer was 'my poop comes from there!' with audible disgust. So yeah, no restraints didn't mean 'want me to stuff your butt?'.

I wasn't seeing Sara as a naive kid. I really wanted to make it special for her.

And well, she and I watched it regardless.

“Crap, it's almost midnight.”

She said, clearly copying my choice for words.

And crap isn't really the straight definition of a 'swear word'.

I didn't swear next to her because she doesn't like to hear swearing. Bill does seem to swear very frequently, and she hates when he does. I believe their family reprimanded them for that.

Sara leaped off the bed and slowly went to her room, stopping just near the doorstep to collect her clothes. I had another devilish idea at that moment. Bill wasn't home, and she was still in my room...



“Wanna sleep with me?”

“Like... like we did at the tent?”

“Yeah. What do you say?”


She almost jumped into my bed, and let her clothes fall back into the ground. I stopped her as she did, reminding Sara that Bill could get home tomorrow, and even if we slept together, he would say nothing as long she had clothes on. So, she put them on, and then went to my bed.

I placed the covers on top of her, and took her little body to mine, as we snuggled into a spooning position My crotch was now glued to her butt, and my arms around her in a hug.

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

“Good night... and I love you.”

I moved my lips closer to the nape of her neck, and kissed the area, as I went to sleep. The first thing I felt from Sara before being knocked up by a dose of sleepiness was the goosebumps of her neck hair.

Everything was good... and it would take a very long time for it to be perfect.

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Three chapters on a period of two months.


By the way, I need reviews, criticisms, as I have imperfections!


I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night as the result of a noise of a key, and of the door creaking open. Bill was back, and his sister was calmly sleeping on my arms with a hint of a smile on her face.

She wasn't awake, from what I could tell. Her breathing was still shallow, and her muscles relaxed. And yeah, the fact her brother was back, and my fear of him founding out my dick went inside her this weekend. Yeah, it was not helping my case at all.

What made me more afraid was this: before she came to sleep with me, did she close the door to her room? Did we put our shopping bags away? What if he finds the stuff I bought for his sister?

My worries, however, were what woke Sara from slumber.

I made no point in trying to get her back to sleep, so I shushed her and asked for her silence as my pointing finger went up my lips, or what is known as the universal sign of the phrase 'keep quiet'.


Sara croaked as she nodded. Good girl.

As I came from my room, what first caught my attention was Bill still in the kitchen, putting his stuff away and preparing something to eat. And good, she put her stuff away, and closed the door.

There was nothing to worry about at this point, so I tried to make my best impression of someone that just woke up as I went to the bathroom. He saw me as I came out, clearly worried.

“Oh, uh... sorry for arriving late. The study group was fucking hell, and some shit happened.”

“Sara really got worried about you, dude.”

“Yeah... by the way, did she give you trouble?”

“Not at all.”

“Thanks for taking care of her... my words keep getting slurred, so yeah, need some sleep.”

He went back to the kitchen to grab what appeared to be a sandwich, ate the rest, and retreated back into his room without giving any more signs of his existence for the day.

And as I returned to my room, Sara was sitting on the edge of the bed, worried expression stamped on her face, as she whispered very quietly. “When will he go to sleep?”

“Really soon. Just keep quiet until then, kiddo.”

Sitting next to her, it took little for Sara to grab my hand and lie her head on my shoulders. And in a way, that action was one of many that made me start to realize my own feelings for her.

I'm lying to myself at this point. I always wanted to see my actions as manipulative, all in an attempt to hide what I did. I wanted to run away from my emotions, as my love for her grew steadily.

I started to have genuine feeling for her. I just saw her as a object of sexual relief, but from that point forward, my view of her changed. She was hurt by the dead of her parents, and this guy suddenly appears and starts to show her attention. It all begin with her curiosity about sex, and grew into love.

It was one-sided. I saw her as a little sister, she saw me as a lover. But it had to change at some point.

And that change was carved in stone as I murmured in a whisper.

“I'm really falling in love with you...”

Why all that, you say?

When she suggested that we had sex, back when she, out of breath, declared her love? That memory still lingered on me. And while my feelings of romantic love were no longer being hidden by my guilt...

I also came to regret how it all began.

If there is something I regret more than starting all of this... was that I abused her curiosity for sexual gratification. And I was too much of a coward to not tell her before 'it' happened.

I wonder if this is why I always hear 'stop blaming yourself' all the time.

Well, enough of this inner monologue. She went to her room after snoring could be heard, not before I gave her another kiss, her little tongue now trying to keep up with the rhythm. She really wanted to kiss, since she was pouting at me when my mouth retreated from hers.

“Tomorrow, ok?”


I too, went back to mine and closed the door in tandem to hers. Now, there was no going back: the path was set, and my future changed. And even when there was a chance for one, nothing could be done.

You can't change the past, nor the future, as they say.

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I'm writing more chapters. My English isn't the best one available, but I pump more chapters.

I might finish it faster, or make some changes to not get people bored since we all know what will happen...

But oh well, a new chapter.


I woke up again in the morning, this time without the presence of my young girlfriend. Realizing that I was on my side, with the arm outstretched in the same direction as if there was a person that needs my embrace. Yesterday, we had what could be called our most intimate of moments, the first moment we exchanged our emotions and feelings with each other.

And comparing her to when we met for the first time...

At the start, Sara was a really shy girl. When Bill introduced me to her, the first reaction she had was to run straight into her room as she said her name... and that sweet memory kept bugging me as of late. Maybe that is because she approached me on her own, talked with me, and showed more of herself? I then realized my presence has caused an enormous change to her.

From not talking with her, to having a sexual relationship... and now, to falling in love for real?

Did I... really love Sara as my girlfriend?

My feelings for her, at least from what I was aware, were like those from a brother towards his sister; but, only on anime, this sort of thing happens. In what world, on what reality, does a brother destroy the pussy of his sister? I had to justify this in the right way.

From that moment onward.

"This is so wrong..."


Breakfast was being made by me. Eggs and some toast, and for Sara, bread, and grapefruit, which became her favorite fruit for some reason. Not me, right? Well, enough of this dense idiot realizing the small details he never realized before. Bill, realizing how poor my attention spam was when compared to an autistic child, interjected.

"Dude, are you OK?"

"Nothing, it's just..."

I needed to make some excuse...

"I ate out yesterday, and I think it made me sick."

"You went out? Well, what about Sara?"

"She bothered me to come, so..."

Bill looked at me with the eyes of a predator, and my poor mind had executed many scenarios resulting from that, all in record time. Him finally deciding to finish the circumcision process by tearing off my member? A punch to my chest, which will result in my immediate death, and a reason for that cliche 'younger sibling wants to kill older siblings for revenge' plotline?

"Scott, you realized my sister has a crush on you, right?"

"I think you should not give her the wrong idea. She has no friends, and well..."

"But don't worry. I know you won't do... anything to her, right?"

Of course, I realized she has a huge crush on me. She said 'I love you' many times before, and we just had sex this weekend. But what worried me is that Bill himself might have realized something fishy was going on and has asked me to not give her the wrong idea to get me to confess...

Or maybe he thought I would reject her by being a good person by heart, and cause her some distress.

"I know. She is always too cheerful around me, and my presence has caused her to change somewhat. But I would never do that since I see her as I would see my sister."

"Sorry for asking that. It's just... the world is a dangerous place nowadays."

"Are you two talking about what?"


Sara arrived from her slumber, still with the usual combo of green frog panties and a T-shirt. She looked at me, then at Bill, and me again.

"Oh... uh... we were talking about..."

"Cars, right?"

"Yeah, those jockeys overdo their little races nowadays..."

"Right. So, is breakfast ready?"

She sat down and went to gobble the breakfast I prepared, as her brother ate Cup Noodles. Finishing it, he takes the backpack from the ground and goes for the door, not before tapping me in the shoulder and whispering to my ear; "Yeah, so... make sure to not give her the wrong idea, right?" He relaxed somewhat, thinking I was aware of the implications behind his words. Bill didn't suspect me, he just didn't want her to feel sad when I reject her feelings as a responsible adult. And I had to break the promise we made...

Bill opens the door and closes it as he leaves for the stairs. Sara waited until the noise of boots crashing on the concrete stairs were no longer audible to ask me what we were discussing.

"He said you got a little crush on me, and that I shouldn't give you the wrong idea."


Of course, her expression changed from curiosity to shyness instantly, followed by a flushing of her cheeks and nose bridge.

"Wrong idea?"

"I... will explain after school. It's complicated, kiddo."


After a while, she came out of her room wearing a pink skirt, leggings, and some type of sweater. I must say, she looked beautiful regardless of her choice in clothes, even if they were an ugly combination. Still, she didn't go to the sink or to the side of the table where the plates were. She went for my side, with one hand on the bottom of the sweater. Well, well, well...

I already knew what it was.

"Are you wearing it?"


She lifted the sweater, revealing her small buds being firmly held by a pink sports bra. And boy, it was sexy. It made them stand out, and appear somewhat more like breasts, not just little swellings on her chest and nipples. My hands went to them automatically, groping them slowly and carefully so she won't feel sore.

"Does it hurt?"

"No. But it feels weird."

"It always does, kiddo."

I took my hands away, and she lowered the hem of her sweater back into place. In time, since the bus could be heard coming closer. Before she went to the door, I hugged her from behind and gave a little peck on her lips, and as we separate, she opens the door and prepares to go down the stairs.

"So, when you get home, I will explain everything."


"I love ya."

"Me too!"

After there were no more signs of her silhouette, the weight on my body was gone. Bill realized something he should never have, and now I had to explain to my girlfriend about how wrong our relationship was, and that Bill would not just kill me, but send me to jail and let everyone know about my crime. My friends, family, career, it would be all over instantly.

But that little scare? It wasn't the first time it would happen...

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/06/14(Sun)02:40 No. 26789 ID: 6247bd

The last chapter was awfully bad. I'm sorry for deviating THAT MUCH from the original.

I want to make some changes, but that was too unrealistic. Even for an attempt at making this fun.

So yeah, please forgive me. I won't do that again, if possible. Let's retcon it as a dream...



As I arrived at the apartment and opened the door to the dormitory, Bill was waiting for me alongside his sister as they both sat at the table.

"Care to explain this bullshit?"

Sara appeared to be crying, as she confessed to her brother all the awful things that happened to her this weekend.

"He... he... he had sex with me this Saturday... and..."

Reality seemed to distort as Bill jumped straight at me, tackling me down to the ground while preparing for a mighty punch...

And it was at that moment where I realized...

Everything was a sickening dream.

I woke up in a panic, rushing my hands desperately towards the alarm and checking the clock. Yeah, it was a dream, or else it wouldn't be noon. Well, everything seemed weird when Bill said to my face that his sister had a crush on me, pointing to the fact it was all just a weird dream. If he realized that, for sure he would punch me at the first opportunity.


That dream was too weird for words. I couldn't describe it. It was either too realistic or very weird. But for one thing, it made me somewhat relaxed, as I didn't have to explain everything to my poor girlfriend. However, it sent me a powerful message; that we had to be more careful from now on.

It even gave me a boner. Weird.

"Now I'm too late for class. Might have to send a message..."

My classes started at 10 AM, and Sara goes to school at 9 AM. Bill goes to his classes at the same time as me. Yeah, all alone at home because of oversleeping, and more reason to get yelled at by the biology teacher. Great, second day of the week and it goes straight to shit. No wonder Garfield hates Mondays, shit always happens on this day.

And my inner monologue was broken by a knock. It meant only one thing.

I got out of bed and went to the door. Instead of opening it at first, I just asked the person on the other side the following.

"Sara, why didn't you go to school?"

As I opened it, a distraught Sara greeted me with a little punch to my stomach. I fell into my knees, trying to fake that the punch had its intended effect.


"I didn't want to."

"Come on, if you stay at home too much, your brother will suspect us."

We were always careful with that, but after that nightmare, taking more precautions as necessary. I wonder if this was what led to her ignoring me...

Enough of that, right?

After getting up, and giving my girlfriend her deserved pat to the head, I headed for the shower as I undressed on the corridor. As her boyfriend, I couldn't fathom giving sexy times while I was dirty and sweaty. Sara just stared at my junk, then at my legs and finally, at my chest, and casually asked me.

"Is hair supposed to grow this much in guys?"

"Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"On this weekend, there was some hair in my mouth, so I just wanted to know."

"Hair from my crotch?"

Oh boy, how much I loved seeing that redness over those cute freckles when she got embarrassed. I became able to tell when she wanted to say something embarrassing, and I always say it out loud, just to get that reaction from her. Yeah, our talks went from innocent to more lewd ones as time went on, but this will be relevant later.

"Yeah, it's getting hairier. I will shave it, then."

"Can... I help you with it?"

And so, we went together to the bathroom. While I sat on the border of the bathtub, she readily approached my crotch area, only possible because my legs were wide open, her little hands checking out some of the hair growing there. Soap was being spread all around the balls and the crotch, only the penis being spared from the soaping.

I approached my nether regions with the razor after Sara helped to spread the soap bar, getting the hair shaved while she watches intently.

"I have to do that when I get all hairy?"

"Guess so."

"Will you help me when it happens, then?"

"Of course. After all, you helped me as well."

My crotch still had some sparse hairs left, but at her insistence, she had to get it completely shaved, leaving only the balls intact.

"Great, now you won't get my hair on your mouth."

She smiles at me, her hands moving through my member up and down, as she masturbated me with all of her efforts. When she went to suck it, she took her mouth away from my dick, saying how much it tasted like soap. After some washing up, she went downtown, giving it some taste with her tongue, and then...

Sara went to give some small kisses to the glans and got to lick the sides of my shaft before going back to sucking, now at a faster rate. I didn't teach her that, so either she figured it out on her own, or she watched something naughty without my knowledge. Now that I remember, one of those pictures I showed to her, it had a girl doing this...


Semen flooded her small mouth as I ejaculated vigorously, the head of my dick still on her lips as she took the shaft out. Finishing it, she removed her mouth from my dick as she swallowed my load. God, it was the BEST blowjob she ever gave me, and it prompted me to ask what needs to be asked; where the hell did she learn that?!

"God, where did you learn this?"

"I searched it up..."

Holy mother of all that is sacred. My little girlfriend searched for a new way to please me...

Wait a minute.

Did she just... search for pornography? Sara was too innocent for-

But to be fair, I watched some hardcore stuff when I was her age. She was growing up, and I had to understand she won't stay a child forever. In today's society, girls her age already talk about having boyfriends, some are already saying all sorts of profanity. And well, it isn't fair to treat her like a child, we just had sex this weekend: twice, even!

Sara said so before. She didn't want to be treated like a child: she wants to be treated like a person.

People see that kind of stuff.

Yeah, a pedophile having a moral dilemma about teenage girls with porn access, while at the same time, he has sexual relationships with a little girl...

"Did you watch naughty stuff?"

Ouch. The way which she looked at me, with guilt on her eyes...

"Don't worry, it's okay for people to do that. I did it too."

What a crazy day it was. Way better than that weird dream I just had...

And it goes even crazier from that day forward.

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A new chapter, but treat it as a continuation from this last one I posted. As always, criticize some of my mistakes, or else I won't know what errors to avoid from now on. Words said, let's get to it.


After our bath together, we went to my room almost immediately. Sara got on the bed first, and I joined in, with her body lying on top of mine as we cuddle together. She smiled at me, one hand on my chest while her head lies on my shoulder while she tried to hear my heartbeat. After placing mine on top of hers, she snuggled to my neck, appearing to be satisfied with my presence.

"Good girl," I whispered.

I got her hands intertwined with mine, and moved them slowly towards my crotch. I was making sure that her fingers could feel the outline of my not-so-apparent abdominal muscles. After all, why waste those gains if my little girl doesn't like them? From her part, she plucked her lips as her face moved to my general direction, waiting for my kiss. I obliged, of course.

"Wanna do it?"

Her little nod, the smile she gave me as her face retreated, and the way she squeezed my rod, signaled to me that yes, she wanted to have sex again. I wanted to try something else today, attempts at new positions so that Sara would try more than just Doggystyle. "Can we do that another way?

"Sure, but how?"

"Sit on my lap, as if you are riding a horse."

She raised herself over my lap, and sat straight at where my dick was. Her hands moved up to my shoulders, a grin stamped on her face as she started to hump the shaft with her labia, the wetness of the vagina apparent after her juices lubricated it all. Was she trying to get my dick jelled before it entered her entrance? Smart girl...

She was getting too smart for my liking...

I lowered her body to me, growing tired of the humping. As much as I loved that, my growing fascination with foreplay had me with other interests. I started to go bold with my cuddling, moving my head towards her neck, full of freckles just like her face, where I kissed and gave small licks, which she appreciated since she gave a high moan. It didn't end just there, my lecherous hands giving her butt a little squeeze as they moved from their stationary position at her hips, which I placed there while she moved her little hot dog bun over my sausage, towards her behind.

"You like that?"


My lips lowered to her chest, planting kisses as I went towards those cute, little breasts. Unlike my attempts to get down on her, she welcomed my mouth as it moved down on her breasts, licking the nipples and giving a very delicate suck. "Hmm!" My curiosity satiated, I nibbled on her pointy nipples, earning me a slap on my shoulders from her part. "Don't do that!"

A few moments after some cuddling and tongue kissing, we moved to the main attraction. My left hand held the shaft of my dick, while my other hand rested on her back, while she lowered herself slowly until my head contacted the entrance to her wet pussy. Her hands now reaching for mine, Sara then lowered herself, requiring no further assistance as the head and half of my pole went in.

"So, does it feels good?"

"Too good."

I guess she meant it, lowering herself over my dick a little too quickly, which resulted in what I would call... well, you know, those moans from porn videos? I used to think they were fake until then. But my little girlfriend proved to me how much I was wrong. Her left hand went for her mouth, and she let out a muffled but very sexy moan that wouldn't normally come from a twelve-year-old.


"That's so hot..."

Sara smiles at my remark, my dick still fully burried on her pussy. Putting all of her weight on my hands, she made a small effort at riding my penis, giving sweet little moans along the way. And well, she did move in a very shallow way, not very fast while being enough to make me feel good. I wanted to go faster, to test if she can take it hard, but the way she did it was good enough.

She bit her lower lip, apparently too tired to continue moving. So, my hands went from hers, towards her shoulders, where I placed them, all in order to push her body to mine, dick still on her. "Scott-" There it is, my opportunity to test my hypothesis.

I kissed her lips, tongue going inside and fighting with hers, whereas my hands moved from her shoulders to her bottoms, which I grabbed. My hips went into a frenzy, pumping my dick inside of her, going faster each time my head slams straight into her cervix. Sara's moans resonated inside my mouth as I fucked her hard, and her vaginal walls got thigher as the result.

She was cumming. I was feeling her muscles tense up, the thighness of her entrance too much for my rod, and her mouth distancing away from my own as she let a high moan. Yeah, let me tell you, she moans too loud at times: even if Bill wasn't around, there were the neighbors to worry about as well.

But whatever.



I came deep inside of her, my little descendants swimming around the pool of white liquid that formed inside her uterus while being unable to ovulate my undeveloped girlfriend. Sara laid on top of me, her head on my chest, breathing heavily as she looked at me with those beautiful eyes. No expression on her face, just her looking at me while gasping for air.

"Let's take a bath again."

Which of course, we did. Bath is done, we both dressed up in our clothes and went to the couch, where we cuddled together and watched TV, some documentary called Ancient Aliens being broadcasted. Sara looked up at me after the documentary ended, asking wholeheartedly; "Those guys that believe in aliens are so dumb."

"I agree."

Aside from her remark on the Alien Guy having a funny hair, and ufologists being dumb, nothing noteworthy happened that day, unless Sara kicking my shins while we ate on the table is considered noteworthy. Well, not like we expected THAT from happening the next day, which is important for this story. A very important happening, indeed.

Federal Bureau of Investigation 20/07/20(Mon)05:55 No. 26883 ID: 6247bd


Cunny is forever.

I woke up early in the morning, not wanting to skip class like yesterday, with a morning wood so big that my penis sneaked out of its housing, which are my boxers. Well, had sex for the third time, so of course my dick got hard while I slept. Or maybe, it was my bladder reflex making it stand up?

Okay, okay, enough of medical trivia. I will leave this for later.

After jumping out of bed and putting some old clothes I had scattered around my room, I went to the kitchen. Some bread and strawberry jam for my girlfriend, and the usual toast and eggs for Bill. For myself, just some ham and fruit, not wanting to get carbohydrates this early in the morning. Sara got out of her room exactly at the same time I placed the breakfast onto the table. Oh my. She was using one of my T-Shirts, possibly mixed from when we got them from the washing machines on the condominium floor. They hanged over her left arm, which showed part of her sports bra. As for her privates, they were covered in cute pink panties, which were getting really small for her since they were caving into her butt. Welp, there goes another boner.

"Why aren't you eating?"

As she sat on the chair, I realized she hadn't been eating any of the breakfast I prepared for her.

"My belly hurts..."

"Wanna take a painkiller?"


Taking a glass of water, I fill it up while I search for some paracetamol in the balcony. I gave a pill to Sara, alongside a glass of water, which she drank half of it. Realizing that her pain could be due to how rough I fucked her the day before, my left hand moves towards her right cheek, caressing the region before hugging her body to mine. I got guilty, thinking the pain was because of me.

"I'm so sorry, sweetie. Was I too rough?"

Sara blushes, apparently knowing what I meant, and then shyly denies it. Of course, she returned my hug back.

"N-no... it's not because of you."

"Yeah, now that you say it... the dinner from yesterday tasted funny."

She giggles at my choice of words, and goes rushing to the bathroom. I wait for her to finish before going in as well. Bill aparently had to leave a bit earlier, probrably for his study group.

Sara steps out of her room at the exact moment I step out of the bathroom, dressed in a long skirt, pink sweater, and a dark hoodie. Yeah, winter was getting close, and it was a bit chilly as well. Before going to my room in order to get dressed, I go over my little girlfriend and give her butt some good squeeze, which she answered with a grin, and a slap in my chest.

"Are you wearing it?"

"Yeah, but it feels weird on my chest."

"Well, you will get used to it."


"Kiss me, like we did yesterday."

And so we did, my lips sucking hers slowly before my tongue forces its way inside her mouth, searching for the little tongue residing there. With the target found, we moved both of our tongues in unison. While at it, she grasps at my shirt, and my hands wander down to her butt, not squeezing it, just landing them here. Sara was eager, putting more force into her tongue and tucking my shirt, afraid that maybe her boyfriend was going to run away from her grasp.

"You like when I use my tongue?" I ask, minutes after removing my lips from hers, a trail of saliva following and vanishing away as we both retreated our heads. My angel was blushing in deep red, mouth agape, with a glint on her blue eyes so bright I could see my own reflection.


"Would love to kiss you some more, but I got to go, and so do you."

She snickered at my comment, and followed me to the door, and then to the outside of our apartment. We walked across the sidewalk for a bit, her arms around my left one, until we could see the school bus across the street. After hugging me, she got inside the bus and then got on my way. Classes were boring, and there was this worry for my little girlfriend, since she woke up with pain on her stomach. Was it because of how we had sex yesterday?

I didn't really control myself back then. Even if she really liked it, my impulsiveness...

Ok, enough of blaming myself. But still, one of my many mistakes.

I arrived somewhat late, having to explain to one of the teachers about me not giving full attention to my classes and being on their office for almost one hour. Sara still hadn't arrived from school, as it seemed. Well, enough time for me to drop some sweat with exercising, and take a refreshing bath after such an stressful day. And just minutes after leaving the shower, the distinctive noise of keys could be heard, alongside the hinging of a door. My girlfriend has arrived, but instead of greeting me like always...

"Sara, so do you wanna play or do-"

She ignored me, and rushed to the bathroom, one of her little hands grasping the shirt she was wearing at the stomach level. Of course. All of that pain was-


There was a trail of blood across the hallway, going from the kitchen right to the bathroom! I knew it! I did hurt her yesterday...

But before going for any of my famous self flaggeling monologues, I heard her scream my name.


"Oh shit."

When I opened the door, horror overcame me. Sara was pressing a towel on her crotch, and the floor was filled with sheets of blood-soaked toilet paper. It wasn't a olympic amount of blood, rather just small to medium blood spills, which still made me completely terrorized. From her part, she dropped the towel and went straight into my direction, and hugged me on the waist. My girl's face was bloated, tears coming out of her eyes, alongside some residual snout, and with the expression of fear and aprehension.

You know, that was one of the moments that had completely changed her. It changed me as well, making me appreciate our relationship, even if resulted on... this...

I said I wasn't going to blame myself, but you know, it has been just two months since then. But to say that didn't hit me hard... you would be lying. It got me so worried.


"Oh shit, shit... take off your clothes, quick."

I... honestly don't know why, but I was willing to take her to an hospital, bleeding from her vagina and everything.

Believe me, that idea was fucking dumb. A habeas corpus waiting to happen.

My body moved on its own towards the bathtub, turning the water on and rushing Sara to step inside. I took her clothes, and tossed them straight into my room, and returned to clean some of the mess up. Wait a minute... that blood really looked weird. Oh. Oh. Fuck.

I was too dumb to realize what was really happening...

It was her first period.

Breath in, breath out.

I almost relaxed, knowing it was nothing serious, just her first menstruation... and my body quickly recoils in more terror. I fucked her yesterday, and came inside as much as I could. And she had a period. That means I almost got her pregnant. I got more worried as time passed on, thinking of ways to explain this to Sara without scaring her...

"Are you OK?! Please, tell me this isn't bad..." Sara asks me, almost crying. Maybe she got worried, seeing how I was standing right at the door, just looking at her blood.

"I have good and bad news, sweetie."

"What?! I... will... uh..."

"You won't die... but I might."


"You know, when a girl is ready to get pregnant..."

"H-her body prepares a little room inside the body. It's already there, but it needs something more."


"You know the vagina, right? There is more stuff inside there..."


"The cervix, a little wall that separates the inside from the outside, and the uterus..."


"Like I said, there is a room already. It's that."

"And when the body prepares a little room, it's like... putting a little blanket on it."


"So, that's the good news. You aren't."

"When the body sees there is no baby, it destroys this little room... and it comes out like that."

"This is called menstruation. Or period for short. It's... not going to last forever, if you're worried."


"S-so... what happens when it ends?"

"Your body prepares to get pregnant. It can happen when I... uh... cum inside you without protection..."

"We... will have to stop doing it?"

"No. I can use condoms, or pills. You know what a condom is, right?"

"So you don't get those, uh... SDT?"

"STD, but yeah... you can also use it to avoid having babies."

"Ok. But what are pills?"

"A drug that stops you from getting pregnant."

"B-but... what if I want a baby?"

"If you stop taking it for some time, you can."

Quick tangent. Yeah, that part wasn't because of this. Those drugs, believe it or not, can still fail.


"Where can I get them?"

"You... have to talk with Bill about that."

Part 2 soon. Text is too fucking long.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/07/26(Sun)06:45 No. 26906 ID: 6247bd

Part 2 didn't get this long, but oh well. Period chapter out.


"While at it, just... use toilet paper until tomorrow. We will buy some stuff when you come back from school."

I instructed her to do the same thing she did on the camping trip; make some 'baseball mittens' with the toilet paper, and use it temporarily. She then placed it on her panties as she dressed herself up with one of my shirts. Bill didn't seen to mind when she wore my clothes, maybe because she also wore his sometimes. Yeah, that was my suggestion. So that he won't get weirded out.

"Why not now?"

"Your brother will get suspicious."

"Won't... he get suspicious if I ask about the pills?"

Sara was right. Her brother would get just as suspicious if she suddenly asked him to get contraceptive pills. But still, going with her to the pharmacy to buy essentials without telling her brother is a ticket to having my dick ripped off. So I just told Sara to wait for me to find a way. Not that I needed, by the way. That's for later, though.

"I will do something about it."

She went to her room while I got stuck with cleaning the mess on the bathroom. Bill would ask about the blood, then ask Sara, then call the police after she confesses that I took her virginity, and get me into a gigantic mess, and... okay, enough of thinking about the future. Even if it ended up happening anyways. And well, speaking of the devil, I could hear the sound of the door hinging open. He just tossed the backpack on the table after I walked to the bathroom's doorstep. Bill inquired about my presence there, and I just said his sister had a nasty vomiting frenzy after yesterday's diner.

When the day came, I just went to the nearest pharmacy, my girlfriend following suit. I did nothing from my part, as the pharmacist helped Sara with picking the stuff she needed: tampons, pads, wet wipes, all that stuff. We went home afterwards, with Bill asking me about the plastic bag on her hands. After some explaining, he thanked me and gave some cash to cover for what I bought.

Good way to make me feel like a piece of shit.

Some days had passed, and my birthday was this friday. Sara got into a melancholic mood, since she had nothing to give me. "I'm sorry..." "Crap, there is nothing I can give you." Luckily, her boyfriend was enough of an smartass to suggest the following; "what if you just dress yourself with your clothes while I watch?", which got her face into a shade of red.

I love when she gets embarassed...

Nothing stopped her from doing it for me, not even her embarassment. However, what happened when she did it got imprinted in my mind.

Sara, wearing some really tiny short shorts, the ones where the gluteal folds are clearly visible from behind. She got those after trying to cut her normal shorts up, but it resulted on them showing more than what they were allowed to show. From her part, she got really embarassed, more than she did before, after she realized my eyes gazing at her little, firm buttcheeks. Other than that, we threw those shorts away, a decision made mostly by her. Sara never liked wearing clothes that revealed her features, and she went to dress herself more conservatively as time went on.

After a long weekend overdue, where we just had mutual masturbation sessions, my girlfriend decided that enough is enough.

That monday just got me to agree more and more with a certain lasagna-loving cat.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/08/03(Mon)03:30 No. 26933 ID: 6247bd

Sorry for the quality. Being ESL is suffering. But the shitty grammar is a sacrifice I must make for fast, big, and constant posts.


Today... or better said, that Monday, three unusual surprises came. First in the morning, second in the afternoon, and the final and most significant one at night. You can already guess what the last one entails, with all of the foreshadowings. Regardless, one of them already happened the moment I woke up. Sara, snuggled at my side quite nicely while hidden deep inside of the bedsheets, her hair spreading all over my bare chest, and arms. I woke her up by moving a little, and my devious mind came up with the idea of giving her a little scare.

My eyes kept themselves shut, arms and legs immobile, while I felt Sara sitting on my lap; of course, with a little wriggling, as she could feel the sudden volume at my boxers. Yeah, she was wet, but not with the sacred secretions of her nubile vagina, but with the unholy ones. Thankfully, the toilet paper kept it from dirtying my underwear with blood.

"Hey, Scott."

I didn't say anything, just waiting to see what would be her reaction.

Her hands retreated from my shoulders, and went somewhere else, possibly her hair. I couldn't handle it anymore, my hands moving instinctively towards her bare butt. Since she was on her menstrual days, just groping her cheeks would be enough to make the blood move around and make a mess. My primal lust, not wanting to waste this moment, acted for me.

I give her ass some good smacking, slowly but still somewhat strong, which resulted in a yelp, and a slap on my chest which carried the same amount of force as mine.


"Why did you do that?!" She whispered, not really angry since she was smiling mischievously.

"To teach you a lesson. Next time, don't come into my room without telling me first."

She pouted and gave another slap on my chest as she left the covers and jumped out of the mattress, landing safely on the wooden floor. Sara went to her room afterward, not before sticking her tongue out at me. Where the hell does that much energy comes from? Oh well, maybe it was time to wake up and prepare breakfast before I left for college.

Sara came up from her room as soon as I prepared to leave, walked towards me, and gave me a kiss on the cheek as she went downstairs, which was appreciated. The day was exhausting like always, with teachers that either doesn't care or just stopped giving a shit, jocks being the stereotype that they are, some wiggers and mudsharks hanging around with bad elements of the black community. Yeah, that place stopped caring for education a long time ago, now it's just someplace where you join by paying some mediocre loans, and where you leave with a huge debt. American education, fuck yeah. But enough of social commentary, the issue we must discuss is of a worse threat to societal rules.

As I got home, Sara hugged me, and we did our usual kissing-and-groping before her brother comes back. She got really good at tongue kissing but preferred to just suck on my lips and let me take control. My hands moved up and down on her spine and went below the shirt, their destination being her budding, still-in-development breasts, which were covered in the fabric of her sports bra. From her part, no more sensitive breasts, but her nipples became just as sensible to my touch. I was never a nipple fan, so whatever. We kept doing that for one hour, but not on the same spot. We moved to the couch, then to the walls in the hallway, and finally to my bed, where our usual masturbation and blowjob section started.

After we took a bath together and dressed, Bill arrived somewhat late but didn't bother to explain why. His sister gave a letter to him, as instructed by her teacher, and said that there was a class meeting next Saturday. She didn't tell me about it for some reason, a clue telling to what the aforementioned class meeting was all about.

"Crap. I have a class meeting that day."

"Want me to go to your place?" I offered.

"Are you sure? I... don't want you to bother with it."

"I don't have anything to do, so whatever."

Bill nods in agreement and handles me the envelope before returning to his room and turning his music on. Sara looked at me quite often, an expression of fear and apprehension on her face, as I took the letter out. The more I gave it a read, the more my fears came to fruition. Honestly, describing my emotions at the occasion would be complicated, so...

Imagine that I did read it aloud. "To the one responsible for Sara Paxton, we of the prestigious [redacted] institution want to let you know the following. She has requested our local infirmary for contraceptive medication, which we give, but not without your agreement. So, this Saturday, we arranged for a meeting, so that we can talk about this issue."

"Sara... what a hell did you just do?" I said, angry.

Tears almost came out of her, her voice trembling as she realized I got angry at her for the first time.

"I... uhm... I'm s-sorry! I wanted to... to have sex, so I asked them for it, so we could do it..."

"Ask me beforehand! For fucks sake, what if your brother reads it? What would he say?!"


"Let me say this straight; if he finds out, he will beat the shit out of me, call the police, and get me on jail."

Sara looked at me in fear, which I didn't know why until later. She didn't like the idea of someone she loved so much having to suffer because of her, and this is easy to understand why if you look at it from the angle of someone that lost both parents at a young age. Sara hated the fact Bill was more or less ignoring her presence, and the only person that cared about her existence was me. With these factors in mind, that is why she got so obsessed with me, even if said obsession was what made everything work out...

"I was going to ask you, so... who cares. Bill would suspect us if he found condoms on our trash either way." I assured her, still somewhat angry. "But we will have to wait. Your period ends this Sunday since its just five days, so we can only do it on Monday." She bit her lower lip and looked down at her own feet as she kicked my shins since we were still sitting on the table. Well, we ate our food, played some games, and went to our respective rooms for a while, because she kept pestering me to sleep with her again. Of course, I did.

Time passed on, and it was finally Saturday when I went to her class meeting.

"Are you Bill Paxton?"

"Oh, uh... yeah. I am."

"Great. So, you must be aware of what this meeting pertains to."

"Yeah... somewhat," I said, still trembling in fear of being found out. The school supervisor just asked me to calm down, thinking it was just a brother worrying about his sister. But of course, anyone would get nervous over their young siblings asking for something so intricately linked to sexual relations. This educational system is screwed, not caring that prepubescent teens are having sex that young. I had the belief that school handled them over for menstrual cycles, not because they wanted to avoid pregnancy.

"Straight to the matter. Do you think she is... having illicit sexual contact with someone?"

"Of course not. I mean... she just stays home playing games and watching stuff online."

"Are you sure? Nowadays, with the internet and all of that, kids are living on dangerous times. Do you keep watch of what she does online?"

"Yeah. I even blocked stuff like Google and Bing, so that she couldn't search for inappropriate stuff."

I kept inventing stuff on the run, still nervous and anxious that she would find out about my relationship with Sara. But since she thought I was Bill, maybe none of that will happen. The supervisor just nodded as she wrote on a stack of paper on a ring binder, and asked some more questions about her health, where I told about the bleeding and everything else, making sure to not talk about the other stuff. Like hell, I would tell about how much she likes having my fingers on her pussy, or my dick on her mouth.

"So, I just need you to sign this up."

"Sure. There you go."

Yeah, putting the name of her brother on a document that covered up my crimes was a scummy thing. Not that it did work to do its intended job.

"Thanks for having you. We will deliver it this Monday."

"To where?"

"She will take it home if you don't mind."

"Oh, cool. Well, is this everything?"

"Yes. You may leave now."

"Thank you."

After that, we waited patiently until Monday, and we returned to sexual activity. I don't think it's very interesting to talk about the stuff we did. Pretty sure it wasn't like hardcore pornography; our sex was still awkward by that point, more so by my attempts at trying to spice it up. Sara didn't like to cuddle while doing it, but that changed over time. At that point forward, my love for her steadily grew, and I just wanted to cuddle with her, talk all day about what she liked, and just enjoy her presence in a non-sexual way. When love is genuine, you stop caring for sex and start to yearn for more of the preliminary stuff, like hugging and sleeping together, and this happened for us as well. Yes, this will be important.

Since the fall approached fast, my plans to take her to the beach this year were gone. Thankfully, there was something else for us to do.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/09/18(Fri)04:41 No. 27000 ID: 6247bd

Should I keep going, or drop this disaster and start another similar work? I mean, my grammar is too shitty, and my abilities are that of an ESL, so my writing will never get to OP's level.

Anonymous 20/09/23(Wed)23:35 No. 27013 ID: 248a56


Keep going.
Many more vitamin shots for her.
Anal too.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/10/09(Fri)07:34 No. 27022 ID: 794019

Well, I will be dropping this and making something else. There seems to be no interest. OP is a fag btw

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 20/11/03(Tue)02:28 No. 27042 ID: f38cdf

OP, if Biden wins, you will have to finish it up.

Anonymous 21/01/26(Tue)23:22 No. 27149 ID: b18901

I for one enjoyed the fan fiction , thanks

Does anyone have any recommendations for similar stories to this?

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 21/01/27(Wed)03:39 No. 27150 ID: 32bd75

I can write a rushed digest chapter, and finish the story in one go. I hope.

Anonymous 21/04/19(Mon)02:04 No. 27226 ID: f43800

Can somebody make a new .txt file that has all the latest chapters?

The ASSTR edit is the older version.

OP!T1tXaJv9os 21/05/02(Sun)06:23 No. 27229 ID: 0f6c3d


The original inspiration for Roommates was a story found on this board; I believe it was called Chicken Soup For The Little Girl Lover.

Federal+Bureau+of+Investigation 21/05/07(Fri)04:29 No. 27236 ID: 8e49ae

Do you have it saved?

OP!T1tXaJv9os 21/05/09(Sun)16:46 No. 27238 ID: 0ac147


No. It eventually disappeared from /elit/ and I found it once, years ago, after a LOT of effort in tracking it down. I don't think Chicken Soup for the Little Girl Lover is the exact title.

Anonymous 21/05/27(Thu)01:09 No. 27259 ID: 8f9787

>Chicken Soup for the Little Girl Lover
Holy shit, I recognize that title. I have a copy of it saved in the asstr/elit folder on my old ipod touch from over a decade ago that I recently backed up.

Anonymous 21/05/27(Thu)01:21 No. 27260 ID: 8f9787

Oh wait I'm an idiot, that service deletes files immediately after download.
Try this:
and just use like http://grr.la for the email.

Link expired Anonymous 22/09/10(Sat)08:52 No. 27655 ID: e12103


The last link for Chicken Soup for the Little Girl Lover is expired. :(
Anyone else have it.
I'd really like to read it.

Anonymous 22/09/12(Mon)05:34 No. 27658 ID: 8d90db


Anonymous 22/09/13(Tue)20:22 No. 27660 ID: cfb150


Thank You kind stranger!


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