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Rough first attempt unfinished Dfreeed 19/03/16(Sat)09:13 No. 26010 ID: 2fc4cd

Tags mFg bd inc rp slave drugs reluc licking Ped bi

"Mommy slave! Where the fuck is my pretty nasty whore mother and slutty little pet daughter? And why arent they waiting by the front door ass up and face down?" I'd just gotten home from a particularly shitty shift and was in no mood for her to play games. Pet mommys don't get to play games. Pet mommys have games played with them. Pet mommys don't get to do things. They get things done to them.. And if this bitch that birthed me was one thing absolutely, it was my pet. Completely and utterly, I owned her. Well, I say pet because it brings to mind the collar and doggystyle and submissiveness, all of which definitely applied to mommy, but really she was lower than a pet. Lower than an animal. She was my property, a dirty fucking piece of flesh for me to have my way with. But she wasn't where she was supposed to be. Where she'd been everyday for the past 8 years since I'd drugged, cajoled, and finally forced her into her New role. Though really it wasn't that new, and the force she'd made me use had been because she wanted to see it. She'd known she was destined to be nothing but a piece of fuckmeat since she was conscious of her pussy, and I think she suspected the reason I was born was to own her. Our daughters purpose had always been even clearer. Before she was born, even before she was a desperate, horny twinkle in our pedo moms eyes, she was fated to be property.
"Ma-!" I started to yell angrily again before I saw a note by the stairs.
" your mother and her cunt hole cannot apoligize enough for disobeying her sons standing order, but i wanted to surprise you with something I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy. We're upstairs in the bedroom, apologies for not welcoming you home but we're a little incapicated." Written in her elegant cursive, in red ink, it was signed with two dark purple lipstick stains, one much much smaller than the other. I smirked despite myself, I didn't mind her doing something on her own every now and again if it's purpose was solely to turn me on, and i had a feeling this would. Either way of course they would both be punished severely for disobeying.
I sprang upstairs, ripping my shirt off and unbuckling my belt. When I pushed open the door to the bedroom the three of us shared, I was not disappointed. Spread eagle, tightly tied, and wearing nothing but nylon thigh highs, gloves, and cat ears, were my girls. Our whore mother was on her back with our daughter lying stomach down on top of her. Their pussys were perfectly aligned so I could rub against both at the same time, and our little girls face was centered right in between our mothers tits. Their mouths were forced open by large ring gags, and they both dripped huge quantities of drool. By the bed I saw two syringes, one about half full. A note under them read,
"So our brains and bodies can better serve you. A speed heavy hit of speedball with a little something special for Jade." I grinned and met mommys thirsty and evil looking eyes, picking up my little pedophile mothers brain candy. Just some of the evil that she needed to make her pussy flood and my grip my dick dick like a vice for at least 24 hours. I straddled my mother, resting on my knees with my legs tightly up against her, and my dick just over jades tiny ass. I lay down and rubbed my torso into our tiny dolls body. I brought the needle up my slave breeders neck and smelled her eager anticipation roll sweat down into our baby's hair. I pulled out her gag and murmered in her ear,
"Does my whore want her son to get her high? To give her drugs so her Nasty little junkie pussy can have more fun doing nasty B d s m incest and pedophilia?" She whimpered and met my eyes longingly.
" your mommy slave needs it master! She's a dumb, dirty, druggy, whore, and she wants her son to give her speed coke and oxy straigth into her filthy fucking jugular." I slid my cock in between my cunts and rubbed hard against my mommys while I obliged, watching a wave of filthy joy shoot up her spine into her eyes and lips. Her pupils dilated and I saw fresh beads of sweet sweat on her forehead. While she ground her nasty pussy into my dick and her daughters nubile body, breathing deep and looking at us both with sexy as hell slut hunger.

I ran my hands over our little toys smooth sweaty eggshell skin, through her dark orange hair, smelling deeply. As I picked up and aimed her smaller but unique dose at her wrist sized neck, I asked our mommy with a mischievous smile,

"what's the something special for my little loli?" She giggled like a schoolgirl who's been naughty.

" just a full adult dose of quality lsd I found online sir. Mommy thought her master might wanna see his incest brat go fully weird while he fucked her tiny 6 year old pussycat ass." I grinned a wild, evil grin. As she heard her mom and saw my frightening reaction, her previously sleepy, sensual look of expectation turned to horror. The pretty little ginger bitch was no stranger to drugs, she'd gotten started with smoke blown in her face since as a baby. We'd worked up from weed to crack, and by now she a was drugged up loli cocksleeve pretty much 24/7. Often that included not even sleep. She loved to be high. From writhing and jittering with amphetamine adrenaline and voraciously bobbing on the head of my cock, to half passed out in a fog of morphine while i railed her pussy and dragged her around the house like a rag doll. Psychedelics though, she had never had.We had told her about them, and had tried to associate them for her with a sense of fearsome scariness and doom. When the time came, we told her, we'll shatter your mind into a million pieces while we fuck you, for days. You'll see demons and Angels. You'll feel like your in hell for a million years, then heaven. You will become fully what we made you to be. Pure sexual essence, a nymph. From our experience with the drugs , we knew expectations to play a big part in what you actually experienced, and we wanted to take our little girl to hell, and heaven, and maybe , never bring her back. Watch her drift off into a sexual fog that enveloped her. Her tiny, tight, 3 foot nothing, flat chested body. Her slight, smooth, shiny, red, slut slit.

I couldn't wait, I couldn't hold back. I slammed three fingers inside her pretty preschool pussy. I had only ever been able to get one all the way, and close with two. Mommy groaned and smiled like a witch, closing her eyes and rest her head on its sides in pure bless as she felt her daughter, her half granddaughter, jerk against her cunt. I admired the lovely freckled cheek and lapped at it, roughly, like a starved dog. The matching little cum dumps were sopping and sticky, as I stubbornly forced my pinky ring and middle into that perfect pedophile bait fuck pocket, my thumb and pointer pounded my mother roughly and explored inside her. After I had made exactly half of her face red from tongue scraping, I came up and looked down at the quivering elf underneath me. I asked ,with my voice dripping sadism,

"how many doses did you buy for our daughter the space cadet cum dump?"

"Enough to keep her in a sexy space hell for the rest of her life, even if it's a long one, which..." She giggled darkly and I stopped a renewed spit soaking of my mommy pets face hesitantly slowly, to look at the angelic, flawless, little girl we had made. She was still eyeing my left hand and the promise of madness it held with a look of soon to be shattered innocence that made my cock swell, in-between my family, my slaves. I gave her the shot right in her jugular as I my dick went happily back to the warm, dick sucking, motherly cunt I owned and ruled.

Eight years earlier as I first smashed into my mommy pets soaking pussy, grabbing her sweaty neck, bending her ass off the bed to meet my cock with the other, I whispered in her ear.
"I'm going to be your master now. Not just sexually, but entirely, for the rest your life. Your first act of submission will be to give me a daughter, a gorgeous little angel that I will raise to take her daddy's dick all the way in all her holes before she's ten.
In most respects, excpet the ones that make my dick hard, she won't really be our daughter. She'll be a pet, property like you. And if you've been good, if I think you've been the worthy whore for her son that you can and should be, she'll be bottom bitch. When I'm not away, she'll be your slave. to lick and be licked by, to tie up and tie down. To slap torture and tease whenever you feel the need for power." I saw it then, the look that would come to be her resting face. I had seen glimpses for years, and as I had wined and dined her that night i had seen it emerging. Now that we had gotthrough the rough patch separating slutty flirtatiousness and fantasy- to the reality of feeling her son rape her- bound, fucked up and tweaking on the kitchen counter- she remembered what she was at heart. Her eyes narrowed and seemed to fill with sexual smoke. Her frightened shouting and begging turned to silence. Mouth twisted into tightly pursed arousal.
"Oh fuck," she murmered in a high fragile moan. Her mostly ineffective struggle against my hand lifting her ass not only stopped, she jerked her hips forward as far as her tightly tied arms and legs would let her and began to jerk around my cock as fast and hard as I was thrusting.
As soon as I saw she was broken, before she could get in more than a few pumps, I sneered with pure sadism and withdrew. I forced her hips into the stone with my fingers in her like a bowling ball. My middle and index jammed with what took surprising force into her asshole, just to the first knuckle. My thumb dipped just barley into her delicious, sopping folds, enough to get a firm grip. I pulled back my hips just enough so she could feel the heat of her masters dick and a string of precum but none of the flesh she needed impaling her. I kept our faces equally as near and tightened my grip on her neck, keeping her head in place with my thumb on her chin . Her eyes went madwoman wide as her whole being attempted to get her nasty cunt back around the dick that it birthed. Her mouth opened wide and I saw tears of frustration pooling, her faint green eyes gleamed like the animal she finally knew she was.
" pleeease," she squeezed out in a breathy squeek.
" that's it. That's my girl." I waited a moment, relishing the beginning of both of our real lives. Looking over every tiny pore of her slick, reddened, makeup smeared face, I was hit with a wholesome love for the beautiful woman that created me. Before that thought could call into question what was about to happen, it perverted into a ferociously hungry licking, kissing and sucking of that inarguably amazing face. I was consumed with consuming her, I needed to know her taste, her skin, every curve of every part of her- completely. No better place to start than the top. She choked and and gasped as I maintained a force around her windpipe just soft enough for her to stay conscious as I began to know my mother as I had always needed to. As my property. "Do you need my cock mommy?" I whispered into her ear Inbetween long sloppy tongue caresses. " if you do, and I know you do, then in a few moments when I let you breath some, your gonna take a deep breath or two and convince me to give it to you. Your gonna tell me what you are, in your own words and mine, in the most degrading and colorful language your stupid slut brain can manage. Your gonna tell me what you need, tonight and every fucking day for the rest of your life. Your gonna tell me what you want to do to our daughter, what you want me to do, what she will be. And your going to beg. Once you can make my cock as hard I ant it to be when impale you, I'll put it all the way in back in your hole and cum. I'll breed my dirty mommy." Her brow furrowed slightly as she focused, determined to follow the orders to the T, to ace her debasement. When I let off the pressure, her face relaxed, eyes closed. She breathed deeply for a moment and when she opened her eyes her face was the wanton, seductive, desperate fuck me stare of incestous slut who wanted to be owned forever.
" Ohhhhhh my fucking God, my son is my master," She began what was at first an almost silence chant that never repeated but only said one thing. "I am my sons whore!" She slowly spoke up, eventually growling with an insanely cock pleasing ferocity and staring into her masters eyes." I am my sons whore. I am your mommy slut, I am a cumdump for my son, I am a dumb horny slave for you, you own your mommy, please do anything you can imagine to me, I am your pet. Your fucking mommy slut pissrag kitty cat. I need to have you in all my holes. I need every drop of your cum in my pussy though. Until you put the little loli child fuckpuppet were going to raise in your mothers belly, I need to keep my fucking worthless breeding bitch cunt leaking your cum. Your mommy, your stupid cumslurping attention whore bitch mommy, needs to feel her cunt leaking your cum. I want to make a toy for my master. Give my son a daughter sister little kitty baby cunt. When do you wanna fuck her master? Obviously we can do plenty from day one, but how ripe of a little girl makes your dick solid? I wanna cook one up for you that's ready by 6, 7 at the latist. Your mommy has always been a Pedo. Did you know.? I tried dropping hints here and there, mommys only lesbian with little girls. Not woman. Not high school girls. Usually grades 1-5 make your nasty pedophile mommy slave cum the hardest. Small enough to be lifted with one hand. And to fit an arm up my slutty cunt. You wanna see our little girl fist and lick her mommys cunt while you rape her for the first time? While you hold her tiny a little head in the palm of your hand and paint with her skinny doll tongue all over mommys face and body? Oh god I can't wait to see cover her face in spit and finger her throat. Taste every inch of her like your going to do with mommy. Then tie her up and ram her quarter sized little pussy, using her body like a fleshlight." My Mommy slut moaned and raved like a zombie every few sentences of filth representing a mini climax as she squeezed my dick. My mother, who I had to restrain and jam pills into to fuck, was now without limit. I started up the slut and it would never stop. I grabbed her hair roughly, j raked her face up to me and spit on it, again and again, until she could barley see and her was matted and sticky. Then flipped her and tied the ropes to my hooks in the ceiling, lowered her to my cock.
"I want to breed you a harem master. Your mommy wants to be pregnant with new cunts for you as often as possible. Please breed mommy? I'm gonna cum so fucking hard when I feel your cum shooting up into my womb. Your slutty whore mothers womb. You own your origin son. Fuck mommy like she's a piece of meat. That's all I am son. Rape your dumb cum dumpster mommy master. Put little girls in me so I can be a lesbian pedo mommy too. I wanna suck our 6 year old daughters cunt master! Mommy needs it!
Mommys so horny, such a desperate nasty Pedo whore. I'be wanted your cock in me since I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to be chained and treated like shit by my own son, and I've cum thinking about it and least once a day for as long as I can remember. When you first started jerking off I would suck the cum out of your crusty laundry and jerk my cunt by your door while you masturbated to nasty incest porn. Of course you left the sites open often enough that I found my way to the same things, and pretty soon was rubbing my incest whore pussy literally against your doorknob while you came thinking about mastering me. Mommys so fucking horny..." She trailed off into a whimpering purr accented with each cock assault. I looked at this beautiful 35 year old woman hanging from the kitchen ceiling and my cock twitched to know that she was mine.
"Goddamn mommy, you are the fucking nastiest incestous pedophile whore to ever exist." I leaned over her gleaming freckled back and rubbed it up to her neck, around her chin, her cheeks. Her eyes closed in bliss and I felt every atom of her quiver. I pounded slower but harder. As hard as i could, smashing myself back from where I came. I stroked her beautiful silky red hair in my left hand and my right found her mouth. My fingers needed to hold her tongue, to feel around her wet insides, every hole. They needed to be sucked, by this lovely worthless slave that was my mother.
"Like a lover now dumb cunt, I want my mommy to make love to fingers with her mouth." Her eyes locked onto mine inches away as she bobbed, licked, sucked and suckled her sons whole hand eventually. Over the course of a half hour of hard, down tempo, soul shattering, incest.

Anonymous 19/03/16(Sat)13:21 No. 26011 ID: 0817ca

Holy shit that was a guilty nut. Keep going !

Anonymous 19/03/19(Tue)04:16 No. 26016 ID: beff8e

As a fan of Nick Fellheimer, I wholeheartedly approve of this shit. Well done. Keep at it, you dirty magnificent mother-fucker.

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