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Mika, Mika Anonymous 19/06/30(Sun)04:34 No. 26107 ID: 273d8d


Inspired/influenced by the biggest masterpiece of our time, "Roommates", is an attempt at the genre of my own (though nowhere as good as Roommates). Takes place in an unnamed Scandinavian country; it's my first story and English isn't my mother language so it's probably pretty stiff.

Day one

Like many other places around the world, Japanese culture had become rather popular in the capital of my country, so a number of years ago, a two-day open-air Japanese culture festival had popped up to be held every spring, in one of the bigger parks close to the center of the city. As a closeted weaboo, it was only natural for me to go there. The first year I went alone, not having any friends at the time also into Japanese stuff. The festival was pretty typical, I assume, with Japanese food stalls, different games for the kids, and performances of martial arts, dances and so on. In contrast to “real” festivals in Japan, however, this was held during the day.

The stalls and performances were okay, but what really caught my surprise - and interest - was all the cosplay taking place, so I spent most of the two days looking at that. It was a real thrill to see my favorite characters being brought to life, but I was too shy to approach any of the cute girls walking around. Talking with someone one-on-one would have been okay, but they were always in groups with their friends, so I didn’t know how to join in, especially just when I was just wearing plain clothes.

So with nothing much happening, I skipped out going for the next couple of years. Entering university, I made a circle of fellow weeaboo friends and one of them suggested that we go to the festival that year. Figuring it would be better to go with someone else than alone, I agreed. Barely anything at the festival had changed, perhaps for some furries having showed up for some reason. After making our round to visit the stalls, we kept our eyes out for any cute girls to chat up. However, even though we could now act as wing-men for each other, we didn’t have much luck in getting to know any of the cosplayers. First of all, most of them seemed to still be teenagers, while we were in our early twenties, and once we did find someone our age, they had obviously gone to the festival to flirt with strangers. It probably didn’t help that we were not cosplaying ourselves, but we thought that that would be overdoing it.

The following year, my friend suggested we go again, and with nothing else to do, I agreed. An extraordinarily warm day for spring, I showed up earlier than planned, and wandered around while waiting for my friend. That’s when I saw her for the first time. In the midst of the sea of middle-aged people studying the exhibit of a Japanese garden, and the cosplayers with their big, complicated costumes, I caught a glimpse of a simple and traditional sailor school uniform. The pureness of its whiteness was glittering between the orange jumpsuits and pink fursuits. She seemed out of place, seemingly wandering around alone. I discreetly followed behind her, but my eagerness to talk to her faded when I saw her face. Oh, not that there was anything wrong with it, quite the opposite. She had long, dark brown hair that was tucked behind her ears, revealing a cute face, with small lips and soft eyes that darted nervously around, scanning her surroundings. No, the problem was that she seemed far too young for me, probably barely even a teenager yet. Even then, I still couldn’t keep my eyes off of her - I had always had a thing for those sailor uniforms, and she was so beautiful in hers. A white short-sleeved shirt, red ribbon on her chest, navy blue skirt that stopped mid-thigh, and black shoes and socks. It must have been the real thing.

She squeezed herself past a line of people waiting for a free tasting of sake, when my phone suddenly vibrated. My friend had texted me to say that he had made an error in his calendar, something about an aunt’s birthday in the other end of the country he had to go to, using up both days of the festival. I rolled my eyes at his forgetfulness, and put my phone back in my pocket to continue following my new object of admiration. Alas, she had disappeared in the crowd, and despite being taller than average, I couldn’t catch sight of her again. Oh well, she was way too young for me anyways, I thought. Being stood up, I considered going home, but now that I was here, I might as well look if the festival has anything new to offer this year.

After watching a few rounds of people duking it out in inflatable sumo suits while I munched down some melon bread, I got bored and decided to head back to my bike. The festival wasn’t that interesting anymore - my obsession with Japan was fading; I still do watch some animay now and then even today, but turning 24 years old, adult responsibilities and university was requiring most of my mental energy. I had also decided to spend my time exercising rather than binge-watching cartoons, as I wanted to get as far away from the stereotype of the neckbeard weeaboo as possible. Luckily, my parents had passed on their slim builds on to me, and I made sure to keep my hair kept short, in addition to using contact lenses instead of glasses.

I walked behind the main stage to head to my bike when I suddenly saw the girl again, standing alone in the shadow of the festival’s big stage screen. There wasn’t any performance on at the moment on the stage, and the small area behind it was surrounded by tall bushes, so we were pretty much alone in the narrow clearing - there was only a dad trying to feed his toddler some sweet bread on a bench nearby. She stood with her hands clasped behind her, still looking seemingly anxiously around. I slowly stepped closer - my bike was in that direction anyways - my eyes again fixed on her, on her slim, bare legs disappearing up under the skirt, on her dark hair glittering in a ray of sunlight, and her cute little nose. I then realized that she was now looking at me, having noticed my gaze.

Pretty uncomfortable at having been caught staring, I figured that it would be best to at least make some kind of comment, instead of creeping away in silence. Meeting her eyes, I tried to crack a smile, and said the first thing on my mind.

“Nice uniform, on your way to school?”

She giggled a little, nervously glancing down over her attire.

“No... not today.”

Her voice was soft and sweet, spurring me on to drop my plans of darting to my bike, instead stopping up to stand with my hands behind my back as well, facing the same direction as her. We both glanced sideways at each other, and I quickly thought of more small talk to justify stopping up besides her.

“Is it a real one?”

I lowered my eyes to her uniform. While the ribbon and collar made it a bit hard to judge, she barely seemed to have much of a chest under the shirt.

“Yeah… My dad got it for me, in Japan.”

“Oh really? Cool, I’ve actually been there, you know.”

As I hoped, that seemed to impress her, as her eyes widened slightly. I had backpacked around in Japan before entering university, just doing normal tourist stuff.

She kept looking at me, with a somewhat airy expression - she reminded me a bit of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, only with dark brown hair. After a few seconds of silence between us, I thought that I might as well get the cat out of the sack, and face my one concern about her.

“So um… How old are you?”


She replied without any hesitation, and I quickly had to turn my face the other way to hide how I winced at realizing that she was about as young as I had guessed.


I turned back to her, still with a somewhat crooked smile.

“Um… twenty-four”.


I had expected my answer to end the conversation, by her being grossed out by a guy my age hitting her up, but she seemed completely unfazed. A few more seconds passed as I stood somewhat bewildered, until she glanced at me with a “What now?” expression on her face. I was about to excuse myself, but she was faster than me.

“What’s your name?”

“David… And yours?”


Oh wow. Either she was deep in-character in a cosplay, or her parents had actually given her a Japanese name. She was definitely not Japanese, not even a halfu.

“Really? That’s pretty cool.”

“Thanks...So... do you wanna walk around, or something?”

We walked back around the stage and over towards the stalls again. I couldn’t think of much to say, shocked that this strange, beautiful girl had asked if I wanted to hang out like this. It was too hard to talk in the crowds around the stalls, so after picking up some sandwiches for lunch, we agreed on heading away from the festival area, instead going over to the other end of the park. It was much better to be away from the noisy festival, and I was happy to get a better look at Mika. She was very petite, and only tall enough to reach up to my chest.

“So your dad’s been in Japan? What did he do there?”

“Some kind of business trip. He’s like a consultant on all things Japanese. Oh, do you know that anime convention they hold over in the Culture Centre every winter? He actually started it.”

“Wow, really? Yeah, I’ve been to that con once, some years ago”.

That explains her Japanese name, I guess. Her dad must be a pretty big weeaboo as well. She continued talking about her dad, and how he had dragged her along to that convention as soon as she could walk, so she had pretty much grown up to be immersed in Japanese pop culture. We aimlessly made circles around the park, Mika still doing most of the talking, which she seemed to loosen up a bit. Apparently, she had been stood up as well, having agreed to meet with a cosplaying friend who was running late. I silently thanked both of our friends for bringing us together like this, even though I was just keeping Mika company for the sake of it. Surely she was only talking with me because she was still naive about what guys wanted from pretty girls like her, right?

After some time, Mika complained that her legs were getting tired, and I remembered there used to be a café in the corner of the park, where we could sit down and get some rest. We made our way over there, but it was closed down for the weekend, so instead we headed over to sit down by the edge of a pond next to the café.

Mika sat down with her legs bent to one side, kinda like The Little Mermaid, and I sat cross-legged close next to her. The hem of her skirt were still sitting at the middle of her thighs, her white legs glowing in the sun. We unpacked our sandwiches, and ate them while throwing chunks of the bread to ducks in the pond. Yes, I know it’s bad for them and for the water, but she liked the cute ducks, so what could I do?

“I kinda wanna cosplay too, actually. Maybe just a normal guy’s school uniform, they’re pretty cool.”

“Yeah, that would be cool. I made a presentation about cosplay at school, but nobody really cared. Even dressed up in a bunch of ‘em.”

Mika gazed down at the ducks gathered in front of us. It sounded like she were pretty alone with her interests; she lived with her mom in a smaller town outside the capital, and didn’t know anyone in her town that also liked anime. Her mom and dad were divorced, and her dad was traveling most of the time; it was only because he was home for the weekend at his apartment here in the capital that she could come to this festival, as she could then sleep there.

“Ow… My leg still hurts…” Mika frowned a bit and rubbed her calves.

“It probably doesn’t help to sit like that… Come here, I’ll give you a massage.”

I patted my lap, and she nervously obliged by stretching her legs out, putting one of them in my lap.

“It’s only this one..”

I immediately went to work, carefully rubbing my fingers up and down over her shin and calf. Mika leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows, looking at my hands. I ran my eyes up to her skirt again, but even with her legs spread slightly apart, they skirt still did its job of keeping everything covered.

“Thanks…. I guess I’m not used to all that walking.”

She spoke softly, watching the ducks compete to get the last crumbs of our sandwiches.

“Me neither. Well, these aren’t exactly hiking shoes either.”

I patted the black loafer sitting on her foot.

“No, but it’s part of the uniform. Ugh, that reminds me, it’s not the only problem I have with it… When I bike, the wind can often… you know… and on the way here, an old man commented on it, saying he could see my…”

She pointed to her skirt, glancing up at me with an embarrassed look.

“But he couldn’t have, because I’m wearing shorts underneath.”

“Oh, really?” I raised an eyebrow, looking back at her with a devilish smile. “That’s pretty clever. Can I see?”

Mika hesitated for a second, and then slowly pulled the front of her skirt up to her hips, revealing a pair of very short shorts, black and covering the upper part of her thighs.

“Wow, I’ve never thought about that,” I said, “You’re actually pretty smart, aren’t you?”

Mika smiled shyly and let the skirt fall down on her thighs again.

“I think my leg is okay now.”

She began to pull her leg back, but I immediately grabbed on to it with both hands, keeping it on my lap.

“It’s fine, better safe than sorry. Besides, you’ve got nice legs.”

Mika blushed a bit, but accepted having her lower leg in my lap for me to rub.

“Hey, do you… Have a boyfriend?” I tried to ask as nonchalantly as possible.

She looked shyly at me, her head tilted slightly down, causing some of her hair to fall down to her chin.

“No, but… I have had one… What about you?”

“Yeah, I’ve had a couple of girlfriends.”

I shrugged, and returned my attention to her smooth leg, my hand slowly sliding up and down over her skin. It would be so easy to push my fingers up under her skirt, but I thought that I better not rush things too much.

“Should we get up and see if it’s good to walk on again?”

I patted her leg before standing up, stretching my body. Man, I’m getting too old to sit on the ground. Mika nodded and I helped her up.

“Should we circle around the pond and then go back to the festival? Maybe your friend has arrived.”

Mika nodded and we walked back to the path of the café, but she started out on the trail leading out of the park.

“Wait wait, it’s this way.”

Instead of just pointing to the right path we were supposed to take, I took the opportunity to wrap my arm around her waist, rotating her to point in the right direction.

“Oh, r-right…”

She didn’t move right away, but kept to my side, not opposing my arm around her. I took this as a sign that I could leave it there, and I began leading her down the trail going around the pond, holding her body close against me. She felt very warm, even through our clothes, and she let me guide her way as we walked together.

One side of the pond was pretty overgrown, with large willow trees keeping a portion of the trail hidden in shadows. I stopped up in the middle of the trail, turning to Mika.

“There’s just one thing I wanna do before we head back,'' I said, my heart now pounding in my chest.

I had never been this direct with a girl before, but for some reason Mika seemed to accept me being completely in control. She looked up at me, also a bit flustered. I quickly leaned down and kissed her, and she immediately kissed back, much more than I had expected from a girl her age. I broke the kiss and looked down at her in surpise.

“Not your first kiss, I guess?”

Mika giggled lightly. “No… I told you, I’ve had a boyfriend before… but we didn’t do anything else, I only dated him for a week or so.”

I nodded and went back down to kiss her again, my arms wrapping around her slender body. She did not seem shy at all anymore, and we kissed deeply for what seemed for a long time. Her lips were softer and sweeter than anything else I had known; it was like her mouth sent pure pleasure into me. I slowly ran a hand down over her back, then over her behind before pausing at the bare skin of her thigh. I slowly broke the kiss, gazing down into her eyes.

“Hey, sweetie… You’re… gonna be here tomorrow too, right?”

Mika nodded slowly, looking questioningly up at me. I smiled reassuringly down to her, and whispered, “It’s not proper part of the uniform, so tomorrow…”

I slid my hand up under her skirt, and lightly tugged at the fabric of her shorts.

“I don’t want you to wear these… Okay?”

She gulped but nodded again, and I rewarded her with a smile and another kiss. Then, grabbing her hand, I lead her back to the festival. I didn’t really wanna stick around any longer, I sensed I better not overwhelm Mika in one day, and she probably had a friend to find.

“I gotta go home for today, but here’s my phone number… Text me tomorrow when you’re here again, alright?” Mika coded my number into her phone while I unlocked my bike. We looked at each other, and she genuinely seemed saddened that I was leaving already.

“See you tomorrow, sweetie”. I gave her one last hug to cheer her up, and couldn’t resist but kissing her again. She kissed back just as before, and I actually felt a little bad at how attention-starved she must have been. It was hard to let go, but I got up on my bike and set off, my stomach full of butterflies and my head full of confusion.

Surely, I shouldn’t get my hopes up of seeing her tomorrow; she most likely will go home and realize how crazy it was for her to make out with someone ten years her senior. Well, even then it was fun, and as I sped down the streets of the city, the blissful image of Mika in her school uniform standing nervously behind the stage remained on my mind.

Gragnost 19/07/06(Sat)08:18 No. 26109 ID: 148e41

Looking forward to the next part.

Anonymous 19/07/06(Sat)14:36 No. 26110 ID: 1fe118

I like it.

Anonymous 19/07/08(Mon)15:00 No. 26112 ID: 0a0aa9

Finally, a story worth following again. This is good stuff, looking forward to the next part.

Anonymous 19/07/09(Tue)04:53 No. 26114 ID: 086cd7

Reposting day two after proofreading it

Day two

I woke up the following day somewhat earlier than usual, and my mind instantly began to fantasize about what the day might bring. I spent a few minutes daydreaming in bed before dragging myself out, and trudged out to my kitchen to fix myself some coffee and breakfast. I always felt so fancy standing in “my” kitchen, but I couldn’t really say that I have my very own place yet. I was lodging with a friend of my mom’s, a divorced lady in her sixties who had a fancy apartment in the rich part of town. I sometimes wonder why she let me rent a room, since she certainly didn’t need the money, and she even converted her storage room next to mine into a kitchen, just for me. While small, I thus had both a bedroom and kitchen all to myself, separate from the rest of my landlady’s apartment, save for the bathroom which we shared. I even had my own, private entrance, being able to take the back stairs of the apartment block directly up to the hallway connecting my kitchen and bedroom. Having the apartment split up like this, we rarely saw each other, and she was also on a two months trip to the States right now anyways. She traveled a lot, so I think the real reason she rented out a room to me was to have someone look after her cat while she was away.

Anyways, I went through my morning routine while keeping an eye on the clock. The festival starts at noon, so I figured I better skip out on my morning gaming session (what else is there to do on a sunday?) and get going. I checked my phone while putting on shoes; no messages yet, to my slight disappointment. I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up, that I probably wouldn’t see Mika again, but with nothing else planned for the day, it was worth a shot heading out. I gave my landlady’s cat breakfast before jumping down the stairs, and hopped onto my bike to make my way to the festival again. As typical for a weekend day, traffic was good and I found myself pedaling a great deal faster than usual, eager to find out if there was a brown-haired schoolgirl in a sailor uniform waiting for me somewhere.

I parked my bike at the edge of the park, the same place I had said goodbye to Mika the day before. Looking at the stream of people trickling through the path towards the festival, I kept my eyes out for any white school uniforms. There was the occasional chick with a colorful uniform from a specific anime series, but Mika was the only one I had seen with a completely plain one. I checked my phone again; one new message. “Im sitting on the bench behind the taiyaki stand”. My heart immediately jumped up into my throat, and fighting the urge to set off into a sprint I calmly made my way over to the festival stands, trying to remember which one were selling those fishy pastries.

Of course, it was the last one furthest away from my entry point, and I quickly maneuvered around the line already forming to get behind the tent. There was nothing but storage boxes and gas tanks, however, leaving me puzzled to where Mika could be. I then remembered that there’s a small playground in the park behind the clearing where the stands are, so I proceeded down another path circling around a group of trees, hoping to find Mika there. And sure enough, a few hundred metres away I spotted a glittering white school uniform, a navy blue skirt, and the pretty girl wearing them sitting on a bench next to the playground. I tried to make sense of her logic while I made my way over to her as casually as my nerves would let me; if drawing a straight line from the stands, I guess she was technically sitting behind the taiyaki vendor.

“Hey baby!” I said a little too eagerly, sitting down next to Mika. She was sitting with a half-eaten taiyaki in one hand, and phone in the other hand, from which she glanced up with a shy smile.


She returned her attention to her phone, seemingly texting with someone. I wrapped my arm behind her back and gave her a squeeze, and leaned in to plant a kiss on her cheek. Although we were somewhat out in the open, I had hoped for a more enthusiastic reaction, but she was still focused on her phone - at least she was still smiling, now with a faint blush over her cheeks to compliment it. Satisfied that she had not jerked back in sudden repulsion over me yet, I took another look at her while she finished up her taiyaki. I guess she was average height for a girl her age, with long, slender legs and arms, but her hips were still boyishly narrow, with no sign of puberty yet. Thanks to the uniform I still couldn’t make out if the same was the case for her chest, but it didn’t look like there was anything yet.

“My friend from yesterday,” Mika suddenly blurted out, still looking at her phone, “She’s gonna be here soon, so we’re gonna meet up under the cherry trees.”

“Oh…” I replied quietly, trying not to sound disappointed. I had hoped to have Mika all to myself today as well, but it figures she didn’t just show up for my sake.

“Better go look for her.” Mika continued.

“Uh, me too?” I asked, wondering if she was assuming I would go meet her friend as well.

“Yeah… If you want to.” she replied, looking up at me.

I hated situations like this; you only have a split second to make a decision, and you’ll look like a weirdo if you don’t give an answer fast.

“Sure,” I nodded, “Let’s get going.”

I instantly regretted my answer. Mika might not think that it was weird for us to hang out, but her friend probably wouldn’t like having a grown up guy join them. I tried to think of some excuse as we stood up and went back towards the festival area, with me keeping enough distance to Mika to hide that we were anything but friends. Not that I knew what we were, if we were anything at all, anyways.

We only had to wander around among the growing crowd for a couple of minutes before a voice rang out, yelling Mika’s name. I guess I’m not the only one with an eye for that pure white school uniform, huh? A small figure ran over to us, greeting Mika who answered back with a relieved voice. To my surprise, it was a girl even tinier than Mika, only reaching up to her shoulder. She wore a beige loose-sitting kimono, but what I really noticed was the huge smile plastered on her face. You know what I’m talking about, right? She was one of those girls who were always just one big smile, beaming with gentle laughter and happiness. She didn’t even lose the smile when Mika motioned over towards me, and I introduced myself.

“Uh, hey, I’m David.”

The small girl looked somewhat puzzled up at me for a second; I guess Mika hadn’t mentioned me in her texts. Her hairstyle was pretty much like Mika’s, just shorter and a bit lighter - I think it’s what they call strawberry-blonde. She was carrying a picnic basket, which looked comically huge being carried by her small arm.

“Hi, I’m Jospehine!”

I found myself to be surprised that she didn’t sport a Japanese name, like Mika. She quickly looked back at Mika, who was already scouting out the grass lawn under the cherry trees for a place to sit, not thinking of explaining why she was with a guy obviously much older than her. The lawn was already getting crowded, as many people wanted to get an authentic experience of hanami.

“What about over there?” Mika asked, pointing to an empty spot next to a group of goth-looking emo types (I am constantly surprised by how diverse groups of people this festival attracts).

“I’ll just pop over and buy something to eat, too.” I said quickly, motioning toward one of the food stalls.

“Okay, we’ll sit over there!” Jospehine replied cheerily, and took Mika’s hand to spring over to the empty spot before someone else got to it. Mika looked over at me over her shoulder for a moment, and I sent her a smile to signal that everything was okay. I stepped over to get in line for the sushi vendor, and took a deep breath. One thing was sitting with Mika somewhere secluded in the park, but now we were not only gonna sit in the middle of the crowd of the festival, but also together with one of Mika’s friends, multiplying the risk of me getting in trouble. I seriously considered bolting out of there as I waited; it was not like I specifically lusted after a young girl, it was just what fate had given me, and I didn’t feel like I had enough luck with the ladies to pick and choose.

The line moved faster than my thoughts, so I ended up ordering a box of rice balls. I took a few steps away from the stall and glanced over at the lawn; my gaze met Mika and she perked noticeably up when she saw me, her lips turning into a smile. I sighed and went over to sit on a picnic blanket they had spread out, Mika scooting a bit closer to my side while Josephine was too busy trying to explain the plot of the last manga she had read while trying to eat her lunch at the same time to take much notice of me. Both of the girls were sitting with a tupperware box of sandwiches and a bottle of soda, and I began to dig into my rice balls as well. Josephine was mostly leading the conversation with Mika responding now and then, while I just gave the occasional “Oh yeah, I’ve seen that one too” reply to whatever series they were talking about. I was too paranoid about what other people would think if they saw me like this, but it was my first time hanging out with girls who was as much into anime as I had been, so it was pretty cool.

We were almost done with our lunch when a dark figure in dirty clothes suddenly towered above Jospehine, his looks being a sore spot in the crowd of the festival. He pointed down at Josephine’s almost empty soda bottle with one hand, his other holding a tight grip on a big plastic bag full of empty bottles and cans. “Bottle, give me bottle.” he said with a heavy accent, and Jospehine looked frightened up at him. You see, whenever we buy a bottle or a can a small fee is paid, which is returned when the bottle is deposited back at the store for recycling. While I like protecting Earth-chan, it unfortunately have had the sad effect of attracting growing numbers of people who make a living out of scourging the cities for littered bottles.

Josephine clung the bottle in her hands, shaking her head. “N-no, I’m not done!” Mika grabbed onto my shoulder and leaned over to hide behind me, and the hobo repeated his order. “Empty bottle, give me!” At first I was too befuddled to do anything, shocked that the bottle collectors had sunk even lower than their usual method of just rummaging through garbage. But Josephine looked scared out of her mind, and I realized that I was the only one in a position to get rid of him.

“Hey!” I said, looking up at him. “She said no, so back off.”

I hoped the man hadn’t noticed that it was not exclusively a group of girls he had approached and that my height would be enough to scare him off, as I wouldn’t exactly put my money on myself in a fistfight. It didn’t work at first however, and he looked back at Josephine to again say “I need bottle!” I quickly got up on my feet, stepped over to him and yelled “She said no! Fuck off!” Thankfully, before we made a further scene out of it the hobo decided it wasn’t worth the almost worthless value of a single bottle, and made a grimace before scurrying off.

I plopped back down on the blanket beside Mika and gave a sigh of relief. Mika gently held on to my shoulder again, but my attention was turned to Josephine who had lurched forward towards me, crawling on all fours with stars in her eyes.

“That was so cool! Thanks, David!” I simply shrugged, not feeling particularly cool, just happy that it was over.

“Yeah, David is pretty cool. Y’know, he’s even been to Japan and he speaks Japanese.” Mika said with a hint of pride in her voice, she was now hugging my arm.

“Wow, really?! I wanna learn Japanese too!” Thankfully it seemed like Josephine had regained her pep again, gleaming up at me with admiring puppy eyes. For some reason she was still leaning forward on all fours in front of me, and I noticed that her kimono indeed was pretty lose. I guess whoever bought it for her expected her to grow into it. I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing much underneath, which I can’t blame her for, as it was again a pretty hot day. With gravity pulling the beige fabric down, I caught a glimpse of a smooth, flat chest and stomach, all the way down to where the sash of the kimono sat around her waist. Alas, while I talked a bit about my trip to Japan Josephine sat back to sit more comfortably, her robes falling into place again.

“I wanna go to Japan too, but I wanna learn Japanese first… and I can’t take classes until I enter high school, and I’m only in fifth grade…” Josephine sighted, returning to her lunch. I did some quick maths in my head while the girls talked about what they would do in Japan; in our school system, that would mean she was probably either eleven and twelve years old. Damn, except for Dragon Ball I don’t think anyone in my class had ever heard of anime when I was that age.

With me having taken a natural senpai role to the girls, I had become relaxed enough to notice that Mika seemingly had done the opposite, appearing slightly anxious and shifting between glancing at me and at Josephine. Even though she was still holding on to my arm, I was growing afraid that she had become jealous of Josephine’s admiration for me. It seemed like Josephine had noticed it as well, as she suddenly began packing everything back into her picnic with an understanding smile.

“I gotta go find my mom and dad, they should be done with the sake tasting by now!”

Oh boy, I almost froze in place when I heard that Josephine’s parents apparently were around. I helped Mika up as well and we folded the blanket back together, handing it to Josephine who looked up at me with her big smile.

“Thanks so much for getting that creep away, David! Hey, we should totally do a picnic again! Then you can teach me Japanese!”

I could somewhat understand if Mika thought it was exciting to spend time with a boy, but I was surprised that Josephine now also wanted to meet me again. I promised I would and we both waved her off, even though I didn’t count on seeing Josephine again. I can’t possibly have two cute cosplaying girls wanting me, that stuff only happens in harem series.

As soon as Josephine had disappeared with her big picnic basket, Mika tugged at my arm.

“There’s… too many people..” She said in a quiet voice, looking nervously around.

I guess that explains her fidgeting before too, maybe she has a minor case of social anxiety?

“Yeah… let’s take a walk in the park again,” I said to her, and we made our way out of the festival grounds and back on to the same route as yesterday.

As soon as we weren’t surrounded by people any more, Mika immediately seemed to relax and we strolled past the pond where we sat yesterday, the same ducks still swimming around.

“So where do you know Josephine from? She seemed a lot uh, smaller than you.” I asked Mika, hoping I had been wrong about my jealousy theory.

“Oh... we met on the internet,” she replied naturally. “Yeah, she’s younger than me but she loves anime too and she’s really fun. She lives here too so I don’t get to see her in real life that often.”

I guess it was harder for Mika than for me to make friends with her narrow interests, living in a small town. I have lots of opportunities to meet similarly minded people here in the capital, I guess Mika just had to take what she could get.

“Yeah, she seemed fun… Anyways… We better be careful not walking around too much today, sweetie.”

It felt liberating to be able to talk more intimately with Mika once again, and the pink blush returned to her cheeks.

“Actually, I think I remember another place where… We can sit… I used to go there last year, when I needed a break.”

Mika suddenly took my hand, and she lead me around the pond before diverting off a path going up towards the overgrown part of the park, and I found myself being dragged up on a small hill hidden between the trees and bushes. I faintly remembered something about the pond being part of a moat around a fort that the park had originally been a part of, I guess this hill had served some purpose in that regard too. With Mika in front still holding my hand, she led me up through an almost invisible path through the bushes. Reaching the top, there seemingly had only been this one path up here, and the sides were sloping steeply downward. Standing on the edge, I could look down over the pond and the spot where we kissed yesterday.

“Ugh.” Mika made an obvious annoyed sound, staring blankly down at the charred remains of a picnic bench. Almost all of the wood was burned completely black, with the metal frame covered in sod. “I thought we could sit here”.

“Hmm.” I looked at the sad act of vandalism. There was nothing else on the hill, save for the bushes around the edges.

“We’ll just have to sit on the grass again, I guess. Don’t worry, I can massage your legs if they start hurting again.” I suggested, hoping for a repeat of yesterday.

“But… My uniform might get dirty…”

Mika held an arm over her clothes, gazing down at the ground. I wondered why that hadn’t been an issue yesterday; if anything, the grass up here looked cleaner than down by the pond. Anyways, I wanted to keep Mika’s school uniform sparkling white too, so I took my jacket off, spread it on the ground, sat on it with my legs crossed and patted my lap.

“Here, this way you’ve got a double layer of protection,” I said playfully, smiling up to Mika. She hesitantly stepped over to me and sat down in my lap, with her back against my chest.

“Oh, hold on, gotta protect your skirt too. Lift up your butt a bit,” I said, patting the side of Mika’s hips. She looked at me over her shoulder with a puzzled expression, but complied and raised herself back up slightly. I quickly grabbed onto the part of her skirt she was sitting on and pulled it up over her behind, and had her sit back down.

“T-thanks..” She said quietly before leaning back against me, and I wrapped my arms around her in a tight hug, having longed for this moment all day. I could feel Mika calming down again, her breathing getting slower and she closed her eyes, leaning her head back on my shoulder. It was amazing holding her in my arms like this, it was like the warmth from her body was converted into pure happiness as it streamed into me. I slowly brought a hand up to cup her cheek, turning her head towards me so I could lean down and kiss her, our lips only touching ever so lightly at first before we found the spark from yesterday, and she kissed me back deeply. We probably sat like that for a few good minutes, just making out like a couple of teenagers (well, that was halfways true), exploring each other’s lips and tongues.

I finally broke the kiss and leaned back a bit to look at Mika’s face, which was now covered in a light red blush. Her eyes were still closed, but she had a blissful smile with her lips still slightly parted. I rested my head on her shoulder, and gazed down over the whiteness of Mika’s uniform, its glittering in the sunlight only broken by the red of the ribbon and the blue of the skirt bunched up on her lap. Good thing I had taken my jacket off; with both sunlight and Mika’s body heat, I was getting quite toasty.

“Aren’t you hot… in this thing?” I asked quietly, and lightly tugged at the fabric on Mika’s stomach.

“Nuh-uh… Not really.” She replied hazily, still lying comfortably back against my chest.

“Oh right, I guess you’re not… Wearing anything underneath…?”

Mika didn’t answer, so I slid my hand up under her shirt, my palm feeling a soft, bare stomach underneath. Now Mika opened her eyes, and looked down at my hand with the blush on her cheeks growing darker.

“What about…” I gently ran my hand higher up over her stomach, and my fingertips soon made contact with some sort of fabric covering her chest. I raised an eyebrow; from my perspective above her shoulder, it still didn’t seem like there should be anything to warrant a bra. Watching Mika’s reaction, I continued moving my hand up until it was sitting directly over her left breast. Underneath a small sports bra, there was a hint of a bump on her chest after all.

“I only... Have a bra because all the other girls in my class have one…” Mika stammered quietly, but didn’t make any move to pull my hand out of underneath her uniform.

“Oh?” I replied curiously, and slid my other hand up under her shirt as well, joining the other on her chest. Gently caressing both of her budding breasts, I watched the ribbon on Mika’s chest dance as I explored the area underneath it.

“But I guess you don’t really need one, do you?” I probed. Most of what I felt was just the padding of the bra, there really was barely anything underneath.

“Nuh, I guess not… My mom says I’m a late bloomer.. She was too, she said.”

“Aw, I see… But don’t worry about that, sweetie, I think you’re really cute. Especially up here.” I said playfully, giving her chest a soft squeeze. Mika gasped lightly at my touch but relaxed again, reassured by my words.

“So you don’t think… I mean, don’t guys like ‘em big?” She asked shyly, glancing up at me. I shook my head and smiled back down to her, and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Some do, some don’t. Every guy is different, and I like ‘em… I like what I’ve got here.”

“T-thanks..” She leaned her head back again, seemingly comfortable with having my hands resting on her chest.

“I guess that means that you haven’t had… that, either, yet?” I asked, glancing down at her skirt. Mika quickly shook her head, and pressed her thighs together.

“Oh, that reminds me… Do you remember what I asked of you yesterday?” I glanced down at her face with hope in my eyes, and slowly pulled my hands out of her uniform. She tensed up a bit again, her legs fidgeting slightly around.

“Y-yeah… No shorts..”

“Mmh,” I nodded. “Can I see?”

She kept quiet for a few seconds before slowly nodding, lowering her hands to grab onto the hem of her skirt. My heart began to beat faster as I watched more and more of her slender, bare thighs come into view as she slowly pulled her skirt up, and a white triangle of cotton finally became visible between her legs.

Classic, I thought to myself. White panties, I guess that’s part of the uniform. To my surprise, Mika didn’t stop but kept pulling her skirt up all the way to her stomach, giving me a full frontal view of her underwear. They were white and pure, like her uniform, with a tiny bow at the front.

“Pretty.” I said, and lowered a hand to brush a fingertip over the bow on Mika’s panties. Even though I was looking down over her body, I could see that her face had blushed dark red, but she kept her skirt clenched in her hands over her stomach, simply watching my hands.

“.... I guess that you don’t… Have any…” I glanced down at her face for an answer, but Mika just squirmed around in my lap, breathing slowly while she kept her underwear on display for me. Not getting a reply, I then hooked my thumb under the waistband of her panties and pulled outward, giving me a clear view of what laid underneath them. I could see nothing but silky white skin, and just the hint of her womanhood, like a tiny fold between her legs.

Of course, all of this had not gone by without its effect on my body, which perhaps explained Mika’s squirming around in my lap. My boner was pressing awkwardly against her butt, so I put my free hand on her hips and tried to nudge her to the side, which she willingly accepted. With the light movement of her body, I let my thumb push down underneath her underwear, my fingertip brushing against the softest skin I had ever felt in my life. With the panties stuck between my thumb and index finger, I couldn’t do much more than lightly feel around at the top of her slit, poking the soft squishiness of her lips.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t really succeeded in getting Mika’s weight off my erection, and it became uncomfortable enough to force me to abort my exploration of her nether parts, and I reluctantly removed my hand. Mika slowly let go of her skirt, and sensing my discomfort, got off my lap to sit on the ground beside me, looking quizzically at the bulge in my jeans.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” She asked, the curiosity seemingly having already overcome her shyness of having had her privates touched.

“Actually, yeah…” I grimaced. Sitting with my legs crossed like this, these jeans sure wasn’t the right pants to get excited in.

“... Wanna help?”

“He-help with what?” Mika asked nervously, looking up at me.

“Haven’t you had sex ed in school yet?” I asked playfully, and undid my belt. Mika nodded slowly as she looked on, her eyes widening when I finally let my penis out of its prison.

“But I’ve never seen one… Like, for real… Like this.” She blushed red again, staring at my junk. I leaned back a bit, letting her get a look.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do. Here, come with your hand.”

Mika hesitated for a second before scooting a bit closer, and moved a hand over in my lap. I gently grabbed her wrist and guided her over to me, and she carefully began stroking my shaft, seemingly already having the general idea. With all the porn on the internet these days, I guess she knew all the theory and was just lacking the practice.

“I just keep… doing this, right?” She asked shyly, her eyes fixated on her hand pumping up and down in a steady rhythm. I nodded and leaned my head back, the pleasure starting to form from her touch.

“You can… Make it even better too though, actually.” I mumbled out into the air, but closed my eyes to focus the jolts of electricity shooting through my member.

“But you don’t have to, this is really…”

I then gasped out as I felt something hot and humid wrap over the head of my penis, and I looked down to see Mika having taken the tip of me in her mouth. Her eyes were closed and her lips were stretched around my meat, and she carefully felt me up with her tongue. Her face looked so small like this, her tiny mouth impaled by my penis. She began sucking, and returned stroking me with her hand, sending me off to a realm of pleasure I had not imagined possible. She was slow and kinda clumsy, but the soft feeling of her wet mouth around me were more than enough to do the job, and I soon felt a rumbling building up inside me.

Any paranoia I might have had over being found was now completely pushed aside as Mika was blowing me, and I shut my eyes closed, the sight of her mouth sucking on me remaining in my mind. I then thought back at the moment just before, at the view under her panties, and I imagined myself pulling her underwear all the way down, to touch her slit all over, and spreading her tiny little lips apart… My stomach then suddenly clenched together and I came stronger than I had ever achieved with my own hand, and I felt nothing but Mika’s warm mouth around me as I orgasmed. With the rush gone, I quickly felt like shit for coming in Mika’s mouth without warning, and I blinked my eyes open just in time to see her swallowing a big gulp, before wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

“Shit, I’m sorry… I…” I stammered out, but Mika just wiped her lips again, her face still beet red. She glanced up at me and tilted her head slightly.

“Isn’t that… What I’m supposed to do?”

“Supposed…? What do you mean?”

“But that’s what they do in… doushinji, right?” Mika looked away in embarrassment, but snuck a peek at my shrinking member.

“What? Oh, doujinshi?” I laughed out a bit at her mispronunciation and patted her back, and she faced me again.

“Yeah, I guess so… It sure did feel amazing, that’s for sure.” I wondered why on earth a thirteen year old girl had been reading dirty manga on the internet, but I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. She perked up again by being praised, and leaned over against me.

“I’m glad I could help”.

“Yeah, you sure did, I’m all good now.” I quickly pulled by jeans back up and laid down on my side, giving a yawn. Mika looked puzzled down at me for a second, before lying down next to me.

“Do you get tired…. From..?”

I nodded again, looking into her eyes with a smile.

“Yeah, coming usually makes a guy tired.”

“Oh…” She replied with a shy look, glancing down towards my crotch.

“But in those doujinji, it usually makes the guy um… Y’know, then they do it for real, right?”

I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her in close to me.

“I guess so, but…. Let’s just relax a bit….”

“Okay.” Mika said, snuggling up against my chest. I moved my arm up to stroke her long hair, and we stayed like that for a couple of minutes, just enjoying the feeling of being close together. I had never imagined coming this far with her in my wildest dreams. I usually had a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life, so assuming she would have stopped me and dumped me for good, I figured I might as well get as far with her today as I could. But here she still was, cuddled up peacefully next to me, a peaceful smile on her lips, and unexpectedly, my seed in her tummy. Looking at her, I guess she was my girlfriend now, even though she wasn’t even out of school yet. But never mind that, she was only here in the city for the weekend, right?

“Hey, baby? You’re going home today, right?” I asked, looking down at her. She squinted her eyes open and looked up at me, a sad look crawling over her face too.

“... Yeah..”

“When can you come back? Next weekend?”

“I don’t know.. Maybe.”

“Let’s keep in touch, Mika. We’ll figure something out.”

She nodded and hugged me, hiding her face against my chest. I didn’t like the thought of her spending even one single week away from me, alone at school with classmates that doesn’t share her interests at best, or even bully her at worst, and I got an urgent sense of needing to protect her. But as long as she was a minor, I had better not get officially involved in her life.

We didn’t end up going back to the festival; we figured we had both pretty much seen it all the previous years anyways. This time, I was the one to send Mika off on her bike as she went home to her dad, who would then ship her off to her mom. I told her again that we would stay in touch, and I gave her one last kiss before she rode off, her uniform fluttering in the wind as she biked. A week seemed like an eternity to wait to see her again, and there was still the risk of her coming to her senses and blocking me from texting her. I went home, severely more worried than last time. All I could do now was keep a close eye on my phone, and hope for another message from my little schoolgirl.

Anonymous 19/07/09(Tue)04:54 No. 26115 ID: 086cd7

Day three

Back to reality, and back to daily life. I was supposed to focus on my studies, but of course my mind was somewhere completely else… namely on a sunny, hidden hill in a park with a cute schoolgirl in my lap. Going to my lectures had almost been a complete waste, as I had barely been able to concentrate on taking notes. Instead, I had been sitting with my right hand in my pocket, hoping for my phone to vibrate. I had decided to wait for Mika to message me first, even though everything in me wanted to be in contact her again as soon as possible. But, if there was one thing the internet had taught me about dating, it was that desperation was the possibly biggest turn-off for girls. Plus, there was also the problem of text messages being evidence of our relationship. I wasn’t proud of breaking the law, but I told myself that as long as I didn’t force Mika into anything she clearly didn’t want, it was morally justifiable… at least to myself.

Day four

So that was another reason that I was sitting in a lecture again today, Tuesday, trying to keep myself from grabbing my phone to text Mika. Also, ff she genuinely liked me, she would sooner or later text me again, right? That’s what I tried to tell myself anyways, as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pressed ‘Reply’ to her text message from two days ago. Even though I knew that neither my professor or classmates cared, I kept my phone hidden below my desk and slowly typed in my message.

“Hey Mika, how’s it going? Out of school yet?”

I looked at the time; at 16:28, school would most likely be over for her. That’s one of the things I loved about university: Most of my classes were in the late afternoon, and that’s when I feel most awake. I put my phone back in my pocket and tried to pay attention to my lecture, even though microeconomics isn’t easily understood through a thick italian accent. So far, only half of my professors hadn’t been foreigners, but at least most of them…. Shit, my phone suddenly vibrated in my pocket.

“Yeah, whatcha doing?”

Okay, keep it cool, don’t seem desperate… She asked me a question back instead of just replying with a ‘yes’, that’s a good sign, right?

“I’m in class, super boring. Any plans for next weekend?”

I sent off my message with shaking fingers, and kept my eyes on the screen while I waited. Ugh, my question reeked of desperation to see her again.

“Not really”

I wondered if she was trying to say whether she was free, or not interested. Of course, I had already thought about what we could do next weekend, if she could come to town again.

“You haven’t seen ‘The wind rises’ yet, right? Wanna go watch it?”

Not only did we have Japanese festivals now, they have even begun screening anime movies in the cinemas now. What a time to be alive, and watching a Ghibli movie felt like the most obvious way to justify hanging out with a thirteen year old girl in public. I figured it was still too early to invite her back to my place.

“I gotta ask my mom, im not supposed to visit my dad until weekend after next”

Oh, right… This is where I kinda wished I was dating a girl my own age, who could go do what she wants, when she wants. I had hated been dependant on my parent’s permissions as a kid, and now I was kinda stuck in that situation again. I was about to look up if there was any suitable movies screening in Mika’s town when another message came in.

“I said i was going to see the movie with josephine, so my mom said ok”

Jackpot! Another weekend with my schoolgirl girlfriend… or at least a few hours in a cinema.

“Cool! See ya saturday then!”

It would be a long wait, but now I had something to look forward to. I put my phone away and was about to sketch out a supply/demand curve on my laptop when my phone unexpectedly vibrated again. Oh well, probably just a “See you” message back at me.

“But im coming thursday”

… what.

“What? Don’t you have school?”

“Theres easter holidays thursday and friday”

Oh, right. Damn, those easter holidays always fucks my plans up every year, with the supermarkets closing and everything. My lectures didn’t have a set monday-friday schedule, so if I had a day off, I usually wouldn’t know if it was because of holidays or just classes being rescheduled.

“Oh. Okay, cool I guess. See you thursday then!”

That would work out too, I guess, though I wondered if that meant I could be together with Mika for a whole four days. Surely her dad wanted to do stuff with his daughter before she became too independent and rebellious, too. Anyways, so far, so good. A date had been set, so now I didn’t have a crippling urge to text her anymore. Now I just had to wait.

Day five

With Mika off my mind for now, I had more success following the day’s lectures. I arrived home in the afternoon and cooked up some quick dinner, before settling down to half-heartedly read up for next week’s classes, mixed in with some good old gaming sessions every ten minutes. It was kinda funny; for both comics, cartoons and music I preferred Japanese stuff, but for games I liked western games a lot better. Guess I had never gone full weeb, huh. I didn’t have as much time for games anymore anyways, and they just didn’t seem as fun as when I was a kid. Especially not when my soldiers got massacred, as they did right now in Xcom.

I gave up on Operation Gunplank and checked my phone for the time. Wait a second… a message? From Mika? One hour old, dammit, my game had been to loud for me to hear it.


Oh no, that didn’t sound good. Plans cancelled? She finally realized she didn’t wanna see me anymore?

“Hey, what’s up?”

I idly browsed around on the internet while I waited for her reply. Didn’t have to wait for long.

“Just bored”

Okay, crisis averted… I hoped. Maybe she really was just bored? Another message quickly followed.

“I miss you”

Aw…. That stung my heart a little. I was probably reading too much into it, but in my mind I imagined all the kids her age hanging out to prepare for the easter vacation, watching movies and stuff together, and with poor Mika just sitting home alone in her room.

“I miss you too, sweetie.”

Fuck it, my girl needed me. I just had to run the risk of my sweet words being saved on her phone.

“Do you like me, david?”

Oh shit, this had better not be a trap. Maybe her mom, or a ‘friend’, had gotten hold of her phone… but even so, there was no proof of what we had done at the festival.

“I wouldn’t have asked you on a date if I didn’t, would I~?”

“Tomorrows a date??”

Hmm… I guess it was kinda cute how clueless she could be. But I also hoped that she hadn’t had the wrong idea about tomorrow… of course, I wanted to repeat some of the more… intimate things we did last time.

“A guy asking a pretty girl to the movies… Of course it’s a date, silly! I really like you, Mika.”

“I like you too”

Whaddaya know, maybe I really had secured myself a girlfriend after all. I guess she’s only just realized it now herself, even though she’s, ahem, already given me a blowjob. Okay, if I have to spell things out for her, I gladly will.

“I want you to be my girlfriend, Mika.”


That was awfully abrupt… better think of something to keep the convo going.

“I really miss seeing you… you looked so cute in that uniform.”

A few minutes passed, and I was beginning to be afraid that I had scared her off. Then her reply finally came, in the form of a picture message. Mika was standing in what must have been her room, phone in hand, having used a mirror to photograph a full body image. Of course, she was wearing her sailor school uniform.

“Damn… That’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen”, I quickly texted her.

I had never been good at compliments, but I don’t think Mika had ever received that many yet, so hopefully they would work. It wasn’t the best photo, the room was too dark, but her long, white legs still made my heart race.

“Hey, you’re still following the no-shorts rule, right?”

If she was willing to send pictures of her own will, I might as well take advantage of it.

“Yeah… Im just at home so why would i need shorts”

“Oh yeah, that’s right… But you better send proof, though~”

Those squiggly tildes are probably considered pretty cringy nowadays, but I hoped it would make my messages seem more playful to Mika. I guess it did, because another picture quickly arrived.

Still with phone in one hand, Mika had now pulled her skirt up, just enough so that I could make out a blackish shape above her thighs. Hey wait, why was I trying to decipher what the pixels on my phone we trying to show me, when I had a nice, big monitor right in front of me? I quickly logged onto the web client of the messaging service on my computer, and blew up the image in glorious 26 inches.

Yep, she was flashing me a black pair of panties, alright. It looked so innocent; she was standing naturally in front of her mirror, legs only pressed slightly together, the skirt of the uniform defying gravity by being held up by her fingers.

“Perfect… Different underwear, huh? Can I see them from behind too?”

It was the most erotic pictures I had ever seen, despite the measly quality. The camera of her phone is garbage compared to today’s technology, and she didn’t have a clue about proper lightning or using a timed shutter, but damn. Mika sent me a picture where she was sitting on her legs, Japanese style, her torso turned so she could take a picture of her backside. She had pulled the skirt up so it clung to her waist, showing off the top of her pantyclad butt. The panties must have been what is called bikini style; they were only covering around half her buttocks. I also noticed that in this shot, I could see that Mika had skipped out on wearing shoes and socks for tonight’s show.

Of course, by this time I had no other choice than to push my jeans down and relieve myself. Any worries about sending words such as “sweetie” and “girlfriend” to a thirteen year old girl were gone by now, even though this was of course much more serious. Nevertheless, with one hand I hastily typed another message to her.

“Black suits you really well too, sweetie. You look amazing”


I kept the last two images open on my screen, jerking myself off. Even though I knew I would see Mika in person tomorrow, I couldn’t get enough.

“Can you show me what you’re wearing up top, too?”

A few seconds passed and I received an image of Mika still sitting on the floor, now facing the mirror. She had now pulled the shirt of her uniform up over her chest, giving me a clear view of her stomach and two tiny breasts. At least it looked like there was a hint of the shape of her breasts, and at least two tiny nipples were clearly visible through the murky image quality. A text message quickly followed; “Nothing”.

That’s all it took for me, and I came with almost as much intensity as I had into Mika’s mouth last sunday. I cleaned things up, and sat back at my computer, wondering if I should do anything with the pictures. Whatever, they had probably already passed by the NSA’s server on their way through the messaging app, so might as well leave them be in our chat history.

“You’re too goddamn cute, baby” I wrote to Mika. She really was, especially in that uniform.

“Thanks. Sorry that my boobs are still small”

Oh, I don’t think I would like them any other way.

“Haven’t you read that manga where they say a small chest is a virtue? I love them, I think they’re perfect!”

I didn’t just want to boost her confidence, I genuinely believed that. I had always preferred petite girls, especially ever since animay introduced me to that blue-haired girl, and that pink-haired girl, and that green-haired girl… what were their from again…

“Its getting close to my bedtime, i’ll text you tomorrow. Luv u”

Aw, I had kinda wanted to charm some more pictures out of her, but I guess she better not give her parents any excuse to call off her trip tomorrow.

“Love you too. Sweet dreams”

I took another look at the four pictures Mika had sent, before starting Xcom up again. I knew I would just obsess over her, and what I could get away with doing with her on our date tomorrow, if I didn’t occupy my mind with something else. It's gonna be a long war waiting for tomorrow.

Anonymous 19/07/09(Tue)15:19 No. 26116 ID: 912946

The pace makes this story what it is more than anything else. Also, your english is better than most from what you've posted so far so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Keep going at your own pace, this story is great.

Anonymous 19/07/10(Wed)05:31 No. 26118 ID: 086cd7

Why thank you. Your support has summoned yet another chapter.

Day six

I usually had classes on Thursdays, but thanks to the surprise easter holidays, I had the day off, which was nice. What was even nicer was that I was that I could look forward to sit with my cute little girlfriend in the darkness of a cinema for a couple of hours. What was not so nice was that I was looking out through my window at a flimsy rainy weather. It was nice that you, of course, watch movies indoors, protected from said weather. It was not nice how the weather forecast advertised rain all day. In my originality I had planned on taking Mika to the nearest park after the movie, to find a private spot where we could, ahem, enjoy each other's company. What were we going to do, now that the weather made sure any time spent outside couldn’t be enjoyable?

At least I had woken up to a nice surprise, with a message from Mika already on my phone.

“When is the movie and where do we meet”

Oh, that wasn’t a nice surprise after all. I got angry at myself for not having told her yesterday, but I had been pretty blown away from the nice little picture show I had received. Thankfully, there was plenty of time until the movie.

“Sorry sweetie, it’s at 15, just meet me at Westgate station.”

“Ok, see u”

I considered sending a request for some more pictures, wanting to see Mika in her sleeping attire, but I knew it took at least an hour in the train for her to get here, and she probably had to pack her stuff and get ready.

I got out of bed and showered, followed by a close shave in an attempt to make myself appear as young as possible. Not that I was really worried about being found out by going to the cinema with Mika; she probably just looked like my younger sister, right? I was ready to go, but too excited to read up on any of my lectures to pass the time, so instead I turned my computer on and joined some mindless Team Fortress 2 match. I don’t know what was worse: That the game kept getting crappier with every update, or that I didn’t have anything better to play.

This time, I made sure that Mika could count on getting in contact with me, by having my phone right in front of me with the volume turned up. Around an hour after midday a message finally arrived, and I immediately quit the match when I saw that it was from my girl.

“Im at my dads place now, gonna get going”

That sent my flying out the door, I didn’t know where her dad lived or how close it was to the station, and I was too excited to sit still any longer anyways. I biked my way through the rainy city and parked near the station, before hurrying down to where I expected to find Mika, if she had gotten here before me. I hoped she would be a bit more logical with her whereabouts today, but I was counting on me being here first. The rain still wasn’t too heavy, and thanks to my trusty jacket/improvised school uniform-protector blanket, I hadn’t gotten too wet. When I made it to the small plaza in front of the stairways leading down to the rail tracks, I immediately spotted a familiar face… but sadly, belonging to a girl in unfamiliar clothes.

Mika was sitting on a bench in a corner of the plaza, looking at her phone. The city municipality had been so kind to build a cover over the bench, to keep travelers dry, so thankfully it didn’t look like Mika had gotten wet either. For some reason, I had expected to find her in her school uniform today as well, even though the festival was long over. Of course, she was now in her regular clothes. She had on a simple, black hoodie, black jeans and black sneakers. It didn’t look bad, it just looked… normal. She looked like any other girl now, but I guess I shouldn’t complain. She still had the same cute face, the same long, pretty brown hair flowing down over her back, and the jeans seemed to nicely compliment her legs.

“Hey, you’re here early,” I said, approaching her with a crooked smile. Damn, did that uniform really matter that much to me? “Been waiting long?”

Mika looked up and smiled when she saw me, and shook her head.

“Nuh, I was just about to text you.”

I sat down next to her, and like last time, gave her a squeeze and a kiss on her cheek. She still seemed to feel a little embarrassed about it even though we were now officially dating, but her smile widened a bit.

“Where’s the uniform?” Damn, I really couldn’t let it go. Mika giggled and put her phone away.

“Today’s a holiday… no school.”

“Yeah, but still…” I mumbled, running a hand down over her denim-clad thigh. Damn, it just wasn’t the same.

“And we’re not in Japan y’know, I don’t really wear it to school.”

“I know,” I chuckled. School uniforms aren’t a thing in this part of Europe, which I don’t really know how I feel about.

“It just looked so good on you... but I guess it’s back home at your mom’s place now, right.” I sighed; there went the mental picture of most of my fantasies for the day.

“Nuh, uh, I actually forgot it at my dad’s place last time… I guess I could go get it, if…”

“Um, no, better not.” I said hastily, and against my actual desires. Now that weren’t at the festival any longer, strutting around in an out-of-place uniform would draw unwanted attention. “Can’t risk running late to the movie, you know.”

“Oh… okay…” Mika seemed a bit down, I guess she felt bad about disappointing me. I would have felt bad if I had actually found her sitting here in that uniform though, it wasn’t a hot day like last time and it probably wouldn’t have kept her warm in this weather.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie, I still think you look good.” I leaned in to give her cheek another kiss which caused her smile to return, and I stood up to check the time on my phone. “We better get going, if we want to get some snacks on the way too.”


Mika got up as well and we set off, with me using my phone’s GPS for guidance. I rarely came to this part of the city, since it’s where all the fancy shops, restaurants, and nightclubs are. None of which I frequent. On the way through the streets, we popped into the first open supermarket on the way (some are small enough to be allowed by labor laws to be open for business during holidays), and we got ourselves a small selection of candy - no way I was paying triple the price at the cinema.

Time was on our side, and we made it to the cinema early enough to get some good seats. Actually, I don’t think time would have mattered at all; anime still isn’t popular even today to fill up a theatre, and only a dozen other people had bought tickets for the movie, from what I could see when picking our seats. Lucky us, I thought. Not only would that make it easier for us to get intimate in the darkness, I also remembered how Mika had gotten anxious the last time we were sitting in a large crowd.

With us being on a date, I of course picked two seats at the row furthest back. When I took out my credit card to pay, Mika widened her eyes in surprise.

“You’re paying for me here too?”

I shrugged with a smile and plugged my card into the reader. It was a small, artsy cinema so it wasn’t exactly cheap, especially not for a thirteen year old girl who probably only had an allowance from her parents. As for me, I would gladly have paid the amount ten times over, given the situation.

“This is nothing for me, silly.” I said when we had gotten our tickets and were headed for the theatre. “I’m your boyfriend, so of course I’ll take care of that.”

We found our seats at the back and sat down next to each other, and waited in silence for the show to start. It felt like an eternity of having to sit still, with Mika right next to me but so far away, an armrest between us. Those modern cinemas today with sofas in the back have really made things nicer for couples, huh. I waited until the lights went out and the advertisements started rolling, hoping that everybody who were gonna watch the movie had sat down by now.

I put my arm over Mika’s shoulders and she instantly responded, leaning in against me. With the armrest in the way we couldn’t get any closer, however, and we sat like that for the first hour of the movie, sharing the candy between us. To this day, I can honestly not tell you what ‘The Wind Rises’ is about, other than something with airplanes and a lady who paints. My attention was on something completely else.

With Mika leaning in against me, I could slide my arm down below her back, and I moved my hand down to her thigh. I stroked it for a few minutes, but it wasn’t much fun with the jeans in the way of going further, so eventually I ran my hand back up to her hips and slid my fingers down under her jeans, just as far as they would let me. Sitting like this, Mika’s jeans sat too tight around her hips to let me get more than a couple of centimeters down underneath the waistband, so I had to do with just brushing my fingertips against the side of her underwear. She didn’t seem to mind, as she continued watching the movie in silence.

I was growing a bit more restless, though, and my arm was starting to ache from being stretched out so far. I gently nudged Mika against me and whispered down in her ear, “Come sit up here, sweetie.”

She got the idea, and slowly moved up to sit in my lap, being careful not to make a sound. We sat almost the same way as we did last time on the hill, and I joyfully wrapped both my arms around her little body, snuggling her in against me. Satisfied for now, I tried giving the movie some attention, but how could I when I was finally reunited with my cute girlfriend after several days apart, and with free reign to feel her up as I pleased?

Trusting Mika to stop me if I went too far, I started out with putting both my hands up under her hoodie, nuzzling my palms against the warm skin on her stomach. Man, she was soft as silk, and I could feel her relax in response to my touch, her breathing slow and calm. Repeating the pattern from last time, I slowly moved a hand upward over her torso, feeling the ridges of her ribs. I then paused when I realized there had not been any bra to stop me today; my hand was over one of her bare breasts. I guess she had taken my insinuation about not needing a bra to heart.

Mika’s body twitched when I accidentally ran my thumb over her nipple, and I quickly whispered out a “Sorry” in her ear. I looked down at the rows in front of us; most of the other moviegoers were sitting a good distance away, and even if they looked up, they probably wouldn’t have been able to see anything but a guy letting his sister sit on his lap to get a better view. The theatre was dark for most of the scenes; my jacket was black and so was all of Mika’s clothes, making it impossible to discern what was going on between us.

Keeping in mind where I had touched her nipple, I carefully explored the curvature of her chest. I could only feel the faintest beginning of a breast, and I slid my hand over to confirm that the same was true for the other one. My other hand was resting on top of her tummy, and I considered putting it to good use as well, but I decided that jamming it down between her legs would be going too far in a place as public as this. Plus, I wanted to let at least one of us have a chance to watch the movie, so I better not distract her too much.

We stayed like that for the remainder of the film, and when the credits began rolling I reluctantly pulled my hands out of Mika’s clothes. We nonchantally got up and followed the other moviegoers outside, but went right back in to the cinema’s lobby as it was still raining. Sitting down by the complimentary cafe, Mika checked her phone and made a worrying, disappointed noise.

“Oh no… It’s my dad, he’s got to go inspect something where they’re gonna hold the next anime con, he gotta go today…”

At first I had been afraid that it was something serious, like someone died or something, so I had grabbed Mika’s free hand while peeking down at her phone.

“... so I have to go home today already.. He said that, when I asked if I could stay, that it’s in the middle of his schedule so he might be called up and…” Her voice trailed off and she slowly lowered her head, her long hair falling down to hide her face.

“Shit… Can’t you… just stay, anyways? Even if he’s gone?”

“No…. I don’t have a key.. I’ll be locked out of the lobby if I go out.”

“Hmm”, I strained my brain to find a solution. We had not even kissed yet, there was no way I could just say goodbye to her like this. I considered asking if I should go with her, and have the both of us stay in her dad’s apartment the whole vacation, but that would be way too risky. There might be neighbors, security cameras, or he might come home unexpectedly.

“How… about… You come stay with me, then?” I still thought it was too early, this was only our third day together, but I had barely had a few hours of what was supposed to be four full days with Mika. At least I had counted on another blowjob.

She slowly leaned back up and looked at me, considering my proposal.

“But… What am I gonna say? My mom will know something’s up when I’m not coming home. My dad’ll tell her to pick me up.”

“Right.. Hmm.. Oh, didn’t Josephine live here too? …. You could say that.. You’re staying with her.”

Mika looked at me for a few seconds, her nervousness becoming even further visible on her face. I guess she didn’t like the idea of lying to her parents.

“Come on, she’s nice, right? Maybe she can help us out.”

Mika slowly shrugged and turned back to her phone. I saw how she opened up a different messaging app, pressing a contact with a pink-haired anime avatar that revealed a chat log full of smileys. Or emojis, or whatever the fuck those things are called now.

I watched as Mika quickly typed in a message to Josephine, asking if she could do her a favor. It was a bit hard to see from my position, but it looked like she instantly got a reply back that read something like “oWo is it 4 daaaavid <3 ??”

Uh oh, I guess they’ve been talking. Better sort that out later. A few more messages back and forth, and Mika sighed.

“Okay… She’s willing to help… it’s as thanks for scaring that guy away, with the bottles.”

I shrugged, looking off to the side to hide a boastful smile. “Just did what I had to.”

Mika then texted both her mom and her dad, begging them to let her stay with Josephine for the vacation, saying it would be a waste to go home now that she was here, that Josephine had already agreed and so on and so on. Using all the tricks in the books.

Finally, Mika sat back with a sigh and put her phone on the table in front of us.

“Dad’s gonna drop me off at her place… And then I can try to sneak over to you.”

Yesss! I thought to myself. If we could pull this off… Would this really mean I would have Mika staying with me, at my place, in my bed, for a whole four days? Even though I had fantasized about, well, what I wanted to do with her naked in my bed for the past five days now, I hadn’t actually counted on it becoming a possibility.

“I gotta go home and get my stuff then... What should I do after he drops me off?” Mika looked at me with fearful eyes. I figured she had not gone behind her parent’s backs before.

“Well… where does she live?”

“Uh, hang on.” Mika opened the GPS on her phone and showed me Josephine’s address. The outskirts of the city… It would be too far to walk, especially in this rain.

“Oh, see that bus stop over there? I’ll pick you up there and we’ll just take the bus, pretty sure it goes right to my front door”. I recognized the bus line, as I had sometimes taken it when I was going home to visit my parents.

Mika nodded slowly and looked at me again, still visibly uneasy.

“It’s gonna be alright, baby. Trust me, I’ll take care of everything.” I took Mika’s hand in both of mine, trying to reassure her. “Just get your stuff and I’ll see you at that bus stop.”

A quick kiss later and Mika was on her way back to her dad’s place, and I was on my way to the area where Josephine lived. It was raining more now, and the sky was getting darker, but I wouldn’t let it stop me. Following my trusty GPS, I biked up to our meeting place and accepted having to leave my bike behind for now, locking it in a bike rack nearby. Thankfully, there was a café on the opposite side of the bus stop, so I went inside to take shelter from the rain.

With my phone in front of me in case of any messages from Mika, I waited while keeping an eye out for anyone approaching the bus stop. It was a relative normal area of the city, with middle-class apartment blocks mixed in with typical 1970’s rows of houses. The rain had increased even further, and I feared the worst for Mika’s health, or at least, feared she would catch a cold. It wasn’t fair that she had to go through all this trouble while I was sitting in here with a nice cup of coffee.

Just as I had feared, I eventually saw a small, dark figure trudge through the rain towards the bus stop, a hoodie over the head and a backpack on the shoulders. I quickly zipped my jacket up and headed out, running across the street to the figure. It was getting dark by now, and through the twilight I could see that Mika was getting more and more soaked by the minute, still only wearing her black hoodie.

“Mika!” I said worried, quickly taking my jacket off to drape over her shoulders. To my surprise, she glanced up at me with a tiny smile, though she was clearly uncomfortable.

“Guess… it’s working out… huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, shivering from the rain hitting my tshirt. “We’re almost there, sweetie… Just hang in there.”

This was not exactly a popular spot for the bus to stop, so there was no shelter to be found at the stop here. We stood close together in the rain for far too many minutes, before the bus finally pulled up. Stupid holiday time schedule and its limited service. I helped Mika inside and swiped my travel card on the reader. Shit, what about Mika?

“Uh, hi… Kids ride for free together with an adult, right?”

The driver glanced at me with a pair of tired eyes, and then looked at Mika. She still had her hoodie on, and was looking down at the floor, her face hidden.

“.... Twelve years old and younger.”

“Yeah, uh, cool. Thanks!” I motioned for Mika to go down through the bus, and we sat down in an empty seat. I breathed a hidden sigh of relief and we rode the bus in silence, water dripping from both of our soaked clothes. Mika leaned against my shoulder and grabbed onto my tshirt with her small fingers; I guess she had had enough of being out in public for today.

Reaching our stop, I took Mika’s hand and we exited the bus. Not wanting to take the extra time going around the building to “my” entrance, I lead Mika through the front door to the apartment building and we climbed up to the fifth floor.

“Ugh, we’re soaked, huh... You’ve got some spare clothes with you, right?” I glanced over at Mika’s backpack while I unlocked the door to my landlady’s apartment. Good thing she was still gone.

“N-no… I mean, not really…”

Oops, not good. But first we had to get out of our wet clothes, we were both shivering at this point. I instructed Mika to take her shoes off, and doing the same I lead her through my landlady’s living room, our shoes in hand, and I made a mental note to clean the floor before she got home. My landlady’s cat watched us as we walked past, though I don’t think Mika noticed it.

Finally, I had Mika standing in my room, and I quickly relieved her of my jacket and her backpack. It was a bit hard to move around; even with just one guy and one small girl, my tiny room already felt cramped. Mika had now pulled her hood down from her head, and was looking curiously around my room.

“Just um… We gotta get dry, Mika… Just put any wet clothes on the radiator.”

Mika looked at me before turning towards the radiator standing by the wall behind my computer, before finally looking down over herself.

“It’s all… wet.”

I hated being wet and cold, so I was already stripping my own tshirt and jeans off. Ugh, not exactly the way I had imagined I would reveal my body to my girlfriend. I guess the clammy feeling of wet clothes eventually got to Mika as well, and she slowly started getting undressed too.

“Um, here. You can have this.” Not wanting to make a bad situation for Mika even more uncomfortable, I quickly searched through my closet and pulled out one of my black dress shirts. Better follow the lady’s color scheme, right? I put the shirt on my chair before leaving for the bathroom, grabbing my bath towel to dry my hair. Just standing in my boxers, I looked at myself in the mirror, shaking my head at the situation. While the thought of having Mika undressing herself in my room would normally have been exciting, I was too worried about how she was feeling about it to celebrate.

I spent a minute in the bathroom to give Mika a chance to compose herself before going back to my room, taking my towel with me. My door was still open and I slowly entered, holding up the towel in an attempt to cover my chest by feigning drying off my neck. I found Mika sitting on the edge of my bed with my dress shirt sitting loosely on her body, only two buttons buttoned up over her chest. Being a tall guy, my shirt was way too large for her, acting almost like a tiny dress. Sitting like this, at least, it reached down over her thighs as well as her school uniform skirt had done. Since Mika hadn’t buttoned up the bottom of the shirt, I had a pretty clear view of a small pair of black panties. I guess the white ones were reserved for the school uniform attire?

Thankfully, Mika didn’t seem too uncomfortable, despite sitting in an older guy’s bedroom, practically naked. She had found one of my manga volumes, slowly turning the pages.

“It’s in… japanese? You can actually read this?”

I snorted, and sat down beside her with a crooked smile. It didn’t take much Japanese knowledge to get through Yotsuba&! volume 3, which is exactly why it’s a good baby’s-first-manga.

“Pretty much, yeah. It’s very easy…. That series, I mean. You don’t know Yotsuba?”

Mika shook her head, turning some more pages. I looked down at her; with the oversized shirt, I could peek down at her naked chest. Her tiny brownish nipples were standing diagonally out from her body, and she had goosebumps all over her skin. I was pretty cold myself, I noticed. I rarely turned on my radiator, since I hated the way it makes the air in my room stuffy and suffocating.

“Hey, let’s get you warmed up, sweetie. Come up here.”

I tugged at Mika’s arm and directed her over to sit up against the wall, sitting against a couple of pillows I had for that purpose, and I took my duvet and wrapped it over her body. I usually sat like that when I watched TV, which I had placed right by the foot of my bed, hooked up to my computer. Mika just followed my instructions, with her attention still on the manga.

“Here. Better dry yourself off.”

I handed Mika my towel; with her long hair, she figured she needed it more than I did. She put the manga aside and dried off her hair, though it seemed like the hoodie had kept most of it protected. Speaking of which… Glancing over at my radiator, I saw the hoodie, as well as Mika’s jeans and socks now hanging on it.

“I’m hungry.”

Mika was looking up at me with big, round eyes, the manga still open in her lap. I hadn’t counted on getting visitors, so I didn’t exactly have much to offer. I got up to put on a shirt myself, trying to remember I had in my kitchen.

“Do you like… instant noodles?”

The staple food of the university student, huh. I actually hate instant noodles, as it had been my after-school lunch for years as a kid, and one day I just got fed up. But as an adult, I had learned from experience that they were perfect for keeping in the kitchen as emergency rations.

Mika’s eyes lit up and she nodded; I guess she was hungry enough that any instant food would do. I quickly stepped out to my kitchen to set some water to boil, before returning to my room. Mika had put Yotsubato away, and was now looking out through the window above my bed. This was the top floor of the building, so the upper part of my wall as well as the window was following the roof with its 45 degree angle, so I had a nice view of the waterfront of the city. Even though it was completely dark outside now, Mika apparently spotted something and she pushed my duvet aside, got up on all fours and crawled over on my bed to the window to look outside.

“Whoa… You can see the ocean from here..?”

Leaning her elbows up on the window sill, Mika pressed her face up against the glass to peer out. Standing behind her, I regretted not having given her a smaller shirt, as it covered what would otherwise have been a nice view of her behind. Still, it was kinda funny how she didn’t seem embarrassed about her state of undress before me. Perhaps we had crossed that line very early; I had already fondled much of her body to my heart’s content already.

“Yeah, it’s pretty, isn’t it? … Hey wanna watch something while we eat?”

Mika peered over her shoulder at me, before glancing at my TV.

“Oh, you have your own TV? Um... what about your parents? Are they sleeping?”

“Huh? Oh, haha. My parents don’t live here” I sat down on the bed again, smiling to Mika who was still standing up against the window sill.

“The living room in there is my landlady’s, and she’s gone for like, a month. I’m all on my own, at the moment.”

I guess Mika hadn’t considered that a 24 year old would be living by himself.

“So there’s… no one else here..?” She asked slowly, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. Looks like she hadn’t considered that it would just be the two of us alone, either.

“Nope… Except for a cat. But she’s probably sleeping now, I’ll let you meet her tomorrow.”

As expected, Mika seemed to like cats as much as your average weeaboo girl as she visibly perked up for a second.

“Oh, cool… So um, what channels do you have?”

She sat back up against the wall and pulled my duvet over her again, covering her body. I leaned over to turn my computer on.

“I don’t watch TV… There’s no anime worth watching there, is there?”

Mika tilted her head cutely, looking at my computer booting up.

“Sooo, I got a nice little library of series I’ve watched here… Right to put on the TV. Hey, if you liked that manga, I have an anime that’s pretty much the same style.”


I guess Mika was too tired to be critical of what to watch. It must have been a long day for her, we had already sat through one anime movie and here I was about to put more on. I sure hoped she wouldn’t think it was weird for a guy to have cartoon series about cute high school girls on his computer…

I heard the water come to a boil in the kitchen, so I went out to pour up two bowls of instant noodles. Coming back, I handed one to Mika before setting episode one of Azumanga Daioh to play on my TV. I sat up next to Mika, and we ate our sorry excuse for dinner while watching the show. I glanced down at her now and then, and was relieved that she seemed content with both the food and the entertainment. I was kinda perplexed that she hadn’t watched it before, it’s one of those series that EVERYBODY has watched, isn’t it? Maybe it’s gotten too old?

We finished eating our noodles, and the credits for the episode rolled over the screen. Mika looked over at me, her eyes visibly tired now but she seemed relaxed and happy.

“Can we watch one more?”

“Of course!” I replied with a big smile, happy she liked the series. I got up to put the next episode on, and scooted back to sit close up against Mika. Now that I wasn’t busy eating anymore, Mika again seemed like the more interesting object for my attention, but I decided not to do anything else than lightly stroke my fingers against her thigh under the duvet. Of course, to be honest, what I most wanted to do in that moment was to yank off her panties and have my way with her, but I was still afraid of screwing things up. Of course it was nice that she seemingly would let me touch her as much as I pleased, but by now I also cared deeply about her. I didn’t want to do her any harm.

Episode two ended as well, and Mika gave a soft yawn, signalling that it was getting close to bedtime.

“Better get ready to go to sleep, baby. Let’s go brush our teeth.”

Mika nodded and got out of my bed, rubbing her eyes. It felt kinda silly having to tell her to do that, but I figured that as long as she was with me, it was my responsibility that she got taken care of. She dipped down into her bag and found a toothbrush, and I lead her out to the bathroom. We then both stood in front of the mirror, brushing our teeth, and I thought about how small she actually was compared to me. It also looked pretty erotic in its own way, the way Mika was sleepily brushing her teeth in my oversized shirt, her stomach, underwear, and legs not covered by the fabric.

Back in my room, Mika rummaged through her backpack again, but quickly made an irritated sigh.

“I forgot to bring something to sleep in.. My dad was in such a hurry, I...”

“Oh..” I mumbled, having already stripped my own shirt off to get back in bed to escape the cold midnight air.

“It’s okay, you can just sleep in my shirt. Or… Like, however you want.”

Mika slowly stood up, looking down at the black shirt she was wearing, the sleeves falling down to comically cover her hands.

“... Dad’s really fuzzy about his shirts, he says they’ll get wrinkly if you sleep in ‘em.”

I shrugged, keeping a half closed eye on her.

“I don’t really mind, I can just iron it tomo...row..”

I lost my voice as I saw Mika tug the shirt off, putting it up over my chair and sliding in under the duvet next to me. Of course, I hadn’t taken my eyes off her, getting a nice view of her naked body, now only her black panties protecting her modesty.

“It’s okay… You’ve… kinda seen me naked already, right..?” Mika laid down on her side facing me, looking up with her big, brown eyes. “.... In those pictures, I mean.”

“Yeah, I guess so” I answered, and slid down to Mika’s level, laying on my side as well to face her.

“Did you… like them?”

“Haha, are you crazy? I loved them, you blew me away..!”

Mika smiled and looked down, a blush spreading on her cheeks. She then slowly pushed the duvet upwards, allowing me to peek down underneath it. She was fidgeting lightly, her slim legs drawn slightly up in an angle.

“W-well… You can look now for real, if you want..”

And look I did, though again, lightning was a bit of a problem. I had only left my desk lamp on, on my night table behind Mika, so I could only see the outline of her nudity underneath the duvet.

I knew where this would end if I didn’t stop myself, so I gently took Mika’s hand and lowered the duvet back down over her, to her apparent confusion. I was deeply happy that Mika also seemed to have a desire for doing naughty things with me, but I had better make something clear between us first.

“Hey, sweetie… I really like you, so..”

“I like you too!” she quickly interrupted with a nervous voice, looking worried at me.

I chuckled, and squeezed her hand. “So I just want you to know… I don’t wanna do anything you don’t like. If I… do something that doesn’t feel right, just… stop me, okay? You’re still… I mean, it’s kinda early to have a real boyfriend for a girl your age.”

“... Hmm…”

Mika looked off to the side, and scratched her chin. Oh.. shit.. So I HAD crossed the line somewhere. Molested her. But she was so desperate for love that she had soldiered through it, and was now offering her body to me to avoid being cast out in the rain. I’m the worst.

“Actually… You kinda tickled me at some point..”

Huh…? It didn’t look like she was thinking about something horrible I had done to her, more like she was trying to remember what she had had for breakfast two days ago.

“Um.. I’ll be careful from now on, then..” I said in a quiet voice, wondering if she was pulling my leg.

Mika smiled for a brief moment and closed her eyes, and brought my hand up to her chest.

“David… I know that I’m… too young for you.. Which is why I’m so happy you… like me.”

Hmm, isn’t it the other way around?

“It’s just like… Romeo and Cinderella…”


“Nobody’s ever been this nice to me… ‘cept for my family...”

Some of my initial concerns about Mika being lonely seemed to be correct, huh. Didn’t make it okay for me to take advantage of her, though.

“I’m here for you, sweetie. Just promise me… Tell me if I go too far, okay?”

I squeezed Mika’s hand again, and she opened her eyes to look at me with a soft smile, nodding. I then wrapped my arms around her small body, hugging her tightly in against me. With nothing but our underwear between us, I could feel her warmth streaming into me again, calming me down. This is what happiness feels like, I suppose.

“Sweet dreams, Mika.” I reached over and turned my desk lamp off, leaving us in the dim light of the cloudy sky outside the window above us.

The tiny girl in my bed nodded her head, hiding her face against my neck. Oh, wait, there was one thing I had wanted to do today still remaining. I tilted my head down and gently found my way to Mika’s lips, kissing her softly. She responded and we stayed like that for some time, making out. Eventually, my hunger for her taste was satisfied and I drifted off into sleep, Mika still snuggled in against my chest.

Anonymous 19/07/10(Wed)14:43 No. 26119 ID: db6ee3

Loved that chapter, and everything looks good editing wise, so unfortunately I don't have anything to offer in terms of criticism. Moar please.

Anonymous 19/07/14(Sun)02:39 No. 26123 ID: 88f464

Day seven

I’d like to think Mika and I slept in each others’ arms throughout the whole night, but of course things don't work like that. I think I’ve read somewhere that you’ll never really be deep asleep the first night in a new place, and there was at least one time where I woke up by Mika getting out of bed, probably to go to the bathroom. My bed was what I think is called small double sized bed, which partly explained why I didn’t have a lot of space left in my room, my bed taking up half. Thanks to Mika’s small size, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a problem with a normal single sized bed, but it was nice with the extra space. Even though I had the cutest little girl lying defenseless next to me, I had decided not to feel her up in her sleep, so I mostly just slept with an arm over her body, and she sometimes did the same.

Morning came, and the position of my window meant that I could expect a ray of sunlight right down on my face around 8, given the sky was clear. The rain had not let up, however, so it was getting closer to 10 before I woke up. I sleepily turned my head over towards Mika, who was laying on her side with her back to me. I could hear the sounds of her small fingers tapping against a smartphone.

I rolled up on my side to spoon Mika, and peeked over her shoulder at the screen. From the amount of smileys all over the place, I could guess she was chatting with Josephine.

“Morning sweetie… whatcha doing?”

“Talking with… Josephine..” Mika replied hesitantly, not turning her head to look at me.

Hmm, Josephine already knew Mika was here, but I wouldn’t like anyone to know just what the two of us were doing. We could risk Josephine telling on us, either by a slip of her tongue or deliberately. I remembered from my own school years how treacherous girls could be to each other… I had better find out how much she knew.

I waited a few seconds, stroking the side of Mika’s thigh. She scooted her butt a little closer in against me, but didn’t explain any further.

“How much have you um… said about us?” I asked, trying not to sound as worried as I was.

“Just that I… Like you.. But she wanna know more..” Mika whispered out.

Josephine had seemed like a smart girl, so she could probably put two and two together. We were relying on her cooperation to have Mika stay with me, and we might have to rely on her again in the future. Better get on her good side and satisfy her curiosity.

“Do you think she can keep our secret?”

Mika turned her head to look back at me. She didn’t seem particularly worried.


I gulped, looking into Mika’s eyes. This seemed like a bad idea, but I was deadly scared that Josephine would begin blackmailing Mika into telling her what we were doing, or something in that department. If we could perhaps get her to feel like a part of our secret, she would probably want to help keep it a secret.

“I guess you can… tell her that we’re dating… That’s what she wanna know, right?”

Mika turned back to her phone, and sent a message off.

“I think she wanna know everything.. She hasn’t had a boyfriend herself yet.”

That figures, given her age. Yet here I had a girl just a few years older in my bed, only in her panties.

“If you’re SURE she won’t tell anyone… I’m fine with uh, you two talking.”

Mika nodded, and sent another message before putting her phone away. She then turned around so she was facing me, and she looked up at me with that usual wondering glance she had.

“What are we gonna do today?”

It was still raining, though not as bad as last night. I hated going outside when it was raining, and what could possibly exist outside my room that was more interesting than what was in it at this very moment? I shrugged and looked up at the gray sky.

“I dunno…. Doesn’t seem like weather for doing stuff.”

Mika moved a little closer, and rested her cheek against my chest.

“Not doing anything… sounds okay too.” She said sleepily, snuggling against me. If this counted as ‘nothing’, I couldn’t agree more. I wrapped my arms around her body, my hand naturally landing on her butt. We laid still like that for a few minutes, with both of us enjoying not having to get up and go to school. Sleeping in by myself was good; this was like heaven.

Of course, everything in me still wanted to do more with Mika than just cuddle her. Listening to her soft breathing, I fantasized about rolling her over, pulling her panties off her legs and taking her for my own satisfaction. However, as much as I wanted to do that right now, I had already decided pretty early on that if it were to be up to me, Mika would be losing her virginity in her school uniform. No other way seemed right, so until she could go pick it up, I accepted that we couldn’t go all the way just yet.

My perverted fantasies had its natural effect on my body, and a growing erection was soon pressing against Mika’s stomach. Noticing it, she lowered a hand to the front of my boxers, curiously feeling my shaft through the fabric. She did so for a couple of seconds, before looking up at me with a shy smile that seemed to ask “May I?”. Surprised that I was not the only one who had an interest in exploring my partner’s body, I pushed my boxers down to my knees and Mika quickly slid under the duvet, so her head was level with my crotch.

I closed my eyes and relaxed while Mika explored my manhood, her tiny fingers gently feeling around on the hardness of my erection. I thought it was pretty funny how she wanted a close look now, since she had already sucked me off before, but I guess we had both kind of rushed things back up on that hill as we had been out in public. Now, in the privacy of my bedroom, Mika could take her time on getting to know what I presumed was her first penis.

“It needs to… y’know… when it’s like this, right..?” Mika asked in an embarrassed voice from underneath the duvet.

“Yeah.. You can do what you did last time again, if… you want.”

A morning blowjob didn’t sound too bad, and my wish was quickly fulfilled when I felt the tip of my member being put against a pair of soft, wet lips. Still in the process of getting to know my body, Mika at first just moved her lips around the crown, not yet taking it into her mouth. I slid a hand down under the duvet to gently stroke her hair, giving her all the time she needed.

Holding my shaft in her hand, Mika then finally let her lips be penetrated by the tip of my penis, slowly letting it slide into her mouth. The last time I had measured myself (all guys have done that at least once, right?) I had been surprisingly close to average in size, but I guess it was still a mouthful for a thirteen year old girl. At first, Mika just let the head of my manhood rest in her mouth, her tongue lightly tickling the underside of it. For some reason I had never been a big fan of blowjobs, but man, this was something completely else. I guess my previous girlfriends had just tried to get it over with as quickly as possible, while Mika here seemed to do it to satisfy her own curiosity as well as wanting to make me happy.

For all I cared, we could stay here like this all day. Mika was trying out different ways to stimulate me, alternating between licking, sucking and rubbing her lips up and down over my penis. My reactions whenever she sent a bolt of pleasure through me guided her to what worked and what didn’t. Eventually, she began stroking me with her hand as well, her mouth also finding a rhythm by bobbing up and down, though she couldn’t take me very far. Not that I could complain, and Mika slowly but steadily kept working under the duvet, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

I wondered if Mika was planning to let me come in her mouth again, as she had done the last time. I figured I better make sure.

“H-hey… You don’t have to… swallow.. I mean, I can uh… Finish into something else..”

Damn, I felt so clumsy saying that. Mika let my penis pop out of her mouth just for long enough to answer.

“Nuh, it’s okay… unless you don’t want me to…?”

Huh, I guess she really wanted to do it just like in the dirty mangas. I considered whether I should go for a facial this time, picturing my sperm covering Mika’s face and bare chest. I didn’t wanna make my bed dirty though, so down Mika’s throat it would go.

“I want you to… It feels great, baby…” I patted Mika’s head as encouragement, and she immediately took me into her mouth again, now also stroking me eagerly. The idea of Mika wanting to swallow my seed turned me on like hell, so it didn’t take long for her to bring me to climax. I exploded into her mouth, and she kept her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft while she held still. In my post-orgasm haze, I faintly felt Mika lick around on my sensitive penis, dutifully cleaning me up.

“A-ah, careful, it’s super sensitive now.”

Mika pulled away and I rolled over on my back, breathing out. After a few seconds Mika came back up to my level, looking expectedly at me.

“Was it good...?”

“Yeah, are you crazy…. You’re getting really good at that.” I smiled up to Mika and patted her arm. She smiled in her usual shy way, glancing down.

“There’s not as much as um, I thought there would be.” She said in a quiet voice. I raised an eyebrow; just where had she gotten the idea that there would be more? I guess the answer was obvious.

“Manga isn’t real life, you know. It’s totally exaggerated.” Mika peeked up at me with a hint of surprise on her face. I better clear up any more misunderstandings she might have.

“And um, girls don’t have like, that ball inside them that you see in those x-ray shots, where the guy shoots like a fountain up inside. And it doesn’t automatically make the girl cum.”

Mika blushed bright red and hid the lower half of her face under the duvet, peeking up at me with her big eyes.


Hmm, might have been a little too explicit. Oh well, better make things clear now, so she wouldn’t have too high expectations when… if… that time came. I couldn’t help but smile, as it was too silly to be true if Mika had really gotten all her ideas about sex from dirty comics. At least it had provided me with two blowjobs so far.

I felt like I had to repay the favor, so I stretched my body to prepare it for the day.

“Better get you some real breakfast, sweetie. Just stay here.”

Mika nodded and I crawled up over her, getting out of bed. I went out to my kitchen and popped some slices of rye bread in my toaster, afterwards setting over half a pot of coffee. I hoped Mika hadn’t expected me to do what she had just done to me, I was starving by now and it was also my responsibility that Mika wouldn’t go hungry either. There was plenty of time to pay her back for the blowjob later today.

Spreading peanut butter and jam on the toasted bread, I returned with Mika’s breakfast on a plate which I put up on the window sill. She was sitting up against the wall now, the duvet pulled up to her neck, and to my delight she perked up when she saw the pieces of toast.

“Wanna watch some more Azumanga while we eat?”

“Sure,” she replied, taking the plate down in her lap. I booted up my computer and prepared two more slices of bread while it started up, Mika hungrily digging into her breakfast. I went back and forth like that a few times between my bedroom and my kitchen as I put on the episode, brought in my coffee, went back to get Mika some water, and finally I could sit down next to her with my own slices of bread. Once Mika was done eating, she leaned against my arm while I finished up my bread and coffee, and we then laid back while watching the antics of Chiyo-chan and co.

After the episode ended, I turned my computer off before quickly returning to Mika’s side, and we both laid down again. Mika snuggled up against my chest, closing her eyes with a blissful smile on her lips.

“I can’t remember the last time…” she said, a small yawn interrupting her, “That I’ve had breakfast in bed.”

I smiled and kissed the top of her head. “Well, that’s how we do it up here.”

“I like it up here, then... I like being together with you.”

I rolled up on my side and hugged her tightly, planting a kiss on her small nose.

“I like it up here when you’re up here too.. I mean, because of you. It’s nice.” Wow, I was such a smoothtalker. Mika giggled and moved her face against mine, and we met each other in a kiss. With no plans for the day, we might as well stay in bed for a while, making out. Honestly, I think just kissing Mika was better than anything else I had done with her so far.

I think the time was nearing 12 when we ended our lazy make-out session, Mika sitting up to stretch her body. She twisted her arms up in the air, and with the duvet having fallen down in her lap, it gave me a nice view of her chest.

“Do you think… We can go get some candy today? Me and my mom always have candy on fridays.”

“Of course,” I said, stretching out myself before grabbing my phone. Ugh, it was nice staying in bed but laying down for so long made my body stiff.

“Depends of course, if we can find somewhere that’s open for the holiday.”

“Oh yeah…” Mika said, frowning a bit. She got up on all fours to look out the window, just like she had done yesterday. This time, with no dress in the way, I could get a good look at her rear, as Mika stuck it out almost directly in my direction. The black panties complimented her butt perfectly, and I could almost make out the outline of her vagina underneath the fabric. It was still raining outside, and Mika sighed.

I forced myself to take my eyes off of Mika’s rear for long enough to check my phone for whether there was an open supermarket nearby. The one I usually shopped in was closed, but thankfully there was another one a bit further away. Guess we had to make a trip out in the rain after all, but at least I had an umbrella this time.

“Alright, there’s a place here… How about we get dressed then, we might as well get it over with.”

Mika sat back down and nodded excitedly. “Is it far away?”

“Nah, but it will probably be pretty packed with people, since it’s the only place open today.” That put a visible damper on Mika’s excitement, and I remembered how she felt about large crowds.

“You can stay here, if… If it’s too scary. I’ll go get something for you.”

“Nuh uh,” she quickly said, looking straight at me. “I tried letting my dad buy candy for me once, and he got those icky marshmallows. Besides...” She then looked off to the side, a troubled expression on her face.

“I don’t… wanna be alone..”

The poor girl really seemed to have loneliness issues.

“Alright, alright. Well then, we better get dressed.” Mika nodded and sprang off the bed, and went over to her bag. “But first… I gotta go to the bathroom.”

I was suddenly feeling a certain side effect of the coffee, so I quickly got out of bed as well and went out to the bathroom to take care of business. I then went through my usual morning routine of washing my face and brushing my teeth before returning and to my big surprise, I found Mika standing in the middle of my room in her school uniform, fidgeting with getting the red ribbon sitting right. When she noticed me, she smiled and lightly spun around on the spot, holding up her skirt just a bit. I could barely utter a word, my mind not comprehending the sight.

“Wha… Where… I thought… You had left it at home…?”

“Yeah, at my dad’s place.” She replied, playfully swishing the skirt around. I caught a glimpse of something white underneath; she must have brought a change of underwear with her as well. “I picked it up when I went back there yesterday, since… You said I looked good in it.”

She hadn’t thought about bringing any sleepwear, but had remembered to pack her uniform. Damn, I loved that girl.

“You… Certainly do.” I stepped closer and put my hands on Mika’s hips, looking down over her body. She looked almost exactly the same as she had on that first day, except her hair was a bit unruly now. So innocent and pure, the whiteness of the fabric seeming to light up my room. Mika was looking downwards in shyness, the smile still on her lips.

“But…” I looked over at my radiator, where her clothes from yesterday were still hanging.

“Oh…. They’re not totally dry yet, so…” Mika fidgeted a bit, rubbing her hands together in front of her skirt.

“But are you sure… I mean, we’ll go out, and people will see you..?” I guess she didn’t care about walking around in cosplay in public, and I remembered she had already done that already, walking in the park with me.

Mika shrugged, and her cheeks blushed light pink.

“I don’t care as long as… I’m with you.”

That pretty much melted my heart, and I leaned down to lightly kiss my girlfriend. She kissed back willingly, and I had to force myself to break away after a few seconds, knowing things would escalate if I didn’t. That uniform was really lighting a fire within me, but I didn’t want Mika to think that I was just interested in her for her body. I really enjoyed being with her, she was the first girl I had met where I felt totally relaxed and like I could just be myself around her, without having to act in a certain way. It was probably because she was the quiet type, like me.

“You’re so sweet… And so beautiful…” Mika smiled widely at my compliments, blushing a tint redder.

“Let’s get the shopping over with, though. We also need some dinner.”

Mika nodded and I got dressed, having to change into some dry clothes myself as well. We grabbed our shoes and took the shortcut through my landlady’s living room again, Mika now looking curiously around. As my landlady was pretty well off financially, it was probably different from what Mika was used to. I didn’t see the cat anywhere, maybe it was napping in my landlady’s bedroom. I grabbed an umbrella and the two of us went down the stairs, and out onto the rainy street below. Being taller, I held the umbrella between us, which sadly meant we couldn’t hold hands. But it still felt pretty romantic, with Mika walking close next to me to stay dry. We idly chit chatted along the way, something I usually sucked at. But with our shared interests it suddenly seemed so easy, and Mika told me about how she had used to cosplay a lot more when she was younger, her dad having taken her to pretty much every convention in the country as he was apparently a key figure in my country’s convention community. Sadly, it sounded like her dad had been losing his energy as he was growing older, so without having him to help put together costumes and bring Mika with him to conventions, and with no one else in her town with the same interests, Mika only had the school uniform she was wearing now, having outgrown all her old costumes.

“What a shame… Maybe I should buy you some new costumes, that could be pretty fun.”

“Really? You can sew and stuff?” Mika looked surprised up at me, clearly excited.

“What? No, haha, I can’t sew for shit. I can just order ready made uniforms online, I mean.”

“Ohh… Isn’t that… Expensive?”

I shrugged, and pictured Mika in some of my favorite attires from my favorite shows. Maid uniform? Catgirl? The possibilities were endless.

“Getting to see you wear them would be worth anything in the world.”

“O-okay…” Mika blushed and looked down at the pavement in embarrassment, keeping her smile the rest of the way.

We made it to the supermarket, and it was as crowded as I had feared. I sighed and folded the umbrella together, and found Mika immediately clinging to my arm.

“It’s okay, sweetie… Just leave it to me. Oh, if you can hold this, that would actually be helpful.”

I made Mika hold onto a shopping basket, and then I took control as we made our way through the crowd of holiday shoppers. Out of all the stupid laws in my country, the law that prohibits stores above a certain size from being open on holidays is the one I hate the most. Anyways, I picked out some vegetables and canned goods to put in our basket, before heading over with Mika to the candy aisle.

“Just pick anything you want.”

“Anything…?” Mika looked up at me in amazement. Thankfully, she seemed okay so far despite the amount of people around us, having me for support. I had noticed quite a few stares our way, but nobody had said anything.

“Yup… You wanted some candy, right?”

Mika nodded and scanned the selection of sweets.

“But how much… Can I…”

I shrugged, just wanting to get home again at this point. How much could such a small girl eat?

Back at the apartment, I was putting our groceries away while Mika played with the cat in the living room. Fluffy, as I think its name was (and wtf kind of name for a cat is that?) was quite old and friendly, and it had suddenly made its appearance when we came home from the supermarket. I was listening to Mika’s childish “Aww”s and “Ohh, you like scratchies?”s from my kitchen. Where did I even have room for all this chocolate, and these cookies, biscuits, and popcorn…. I hoped it was supposed to be a stockpile for further visits, and not intended to be eaten today. On the other hand, as skinny as Mika was, she could perhaps use some extra calories.

Having put everything away, I went back to the living room to check up on the two girls. My landlady let me use the living room as thanks for helping with the cat, so it was cool. Mika was on all fours on the floor, happily scratching Fluffy behind its white ears. I lowered my head a bit… Sadly, no pantyshot for me. I then had an idea.

I stepped over to kneel down beside Mika, who still had her attention on the cat. I actually felt pretty sorry for that poor, old cat, stuck up here on the fifth floor with no way to get outside, and left alone for most of the time. I gave it some pets now and then, but I was much more of a dog person, so I never gave it much affection. Thank you, Mika, for playing with it.

I reached over stroked my hand up and down Mika’s back, glancing at the school uniform again. I hoped it wouldn’t get too covered in cat hairs.

“Hey… You’re planning on wearing that all day today, right?”

“Yeah,” Mika nodded. “I’m actually kinda happy you like it. I almost never get a chance to use it, y’know.”

“Oh yeah, that’s a shame… So, I was thinking…” I ran my hand down over Mika’s butt, and tugged at the skirt to pull it up a bit over her thighs. Mika looked at me before turning her head to look at my hand.

“Y-you want me to… Take the skirt off?”

“Haha, no no, it’s part of the look.”

“Then… I’m not wearing shorts, if… if that’s what you’re…” Mika was cutely blushing light red now, looking puzzled over at me.

I smiled at her cuteness and shook my head, letting go of the skirt. “I was wondering if… You could make it shorter, you know, like…” This is one of my biggest cognitive dissonances when watching anime: The skirts are almost always impossibly short, while in real life they usually goes to at least the knees.

“Ohh…” Mika slowly stood up, and twisted her body to look at the side of her skirt. “Maybe… I can try.”

She then tugged her fingers under the waistband and rolled it up, raising the skirt up over her thighs. Nice, not bad.

“Like this...?”

“More,” I said greedily, having gotten up as well to get a proper view. Mika rolled up her skirt a little higher.


The blush returned to her cheeks and she continued, more and more of Mika’s thighs coming into view. It looked as sexy as it was impractical.

“... more.”

Mika glanced at me before rolling her skirt up again. Damn, the hemline must be right below her crotch now. Practically the whole length of her thin legs were now visible.

“Try turning around.”

Mika turned her backside to me, looking down at how much, or rather how little, of her legs were covered. As she spun, I caught a glimpse of the white underwear on her rear as the skirt fluttered around.

“... Perfect. Yep, just keep it like that for the rest of the day.”

Mika was still blushing, and she made an attempt at tugging the skirt a bit down again at the front, without much effect.


“You can go back to playing with the cat, if you wanna.”

“N-nuh, I think I’m fine..”

Aw, too bad. Fluffy was still laying on the floor by our feet, and I could only envy the look it had from down there if it would bother to look up instead of stretching its legs. Oh well, we had other things to do. It had now been a few hours since we had had breakfast, and I knew I would probably get hungry soon.

“I don’t really have anything we can eat for lunch, so how about we get cooking now.”

“Okay… Bye, kitty.”

We went back to my section of the apartment, closing the door to the living room behind us. I sent Mika out to my kitchen while I myself went to my bedroom to grab my tablet computer, which I mainly used as a cook book. I then went out to my kitchen as well, where Mika was looking around at all my foodstuffs. I loved to cook, mainly because I hated almost all convenience food.

“What are we making?”

I swiped around on my tablet, finding one of my bookmarked recipes.

“Curry. Indian curry though, not Japanese… It’s pretty easy, just needs a lot of vegetables to be cut. So good thing I have you to help.” I said playfully, putting my tablet on the counter. I then picked out the vegetables we had bought, putting them in the sink to be washed. Mika looked at them, before looking down at herself.

“Curry… But my uniform…”

Oh… Dang. I would never forgive myself if I caused even the tiniest stain on that white fabric. But I didn’t have the ingredients for anything else, and I didn’t wanna go out in the rain to shop again.

“Oh, wait here.”

I left for my landlady’s kitchen and quickly returned with one of her aprons, holding it up over Mika’s chest. Nice; it covered most of her torso, and the shirt had short sleeves, so it should be okay.

“You just help with the vegetables, then I’ll handle the rest.”

“Okay…” Mika still didn’t seem too thrilled about having to cook in her uniform.

“Don’t worry, if it comes down to it, I’ll buy you a brand new uniform if I have to.”


And thus we got started on the dish, with me handing Mika the washed and scrubbed veggies to chop. Turned out she wasn’t very experienced in a kitchen, so it took some time in the beginning teaching her how to slice and dice each vegetable. I didn’t mind spending some extra time with my girlfriend though, especially not now when her skirt rode up over her butt every time she got up on her tiptoes when leaning forward to get something out of her reach. I was only able to keep my hands off of her because I admittedly really like cooking.

“There… And now it just has to simmer for an hour.” I set a timer on my tablet and wiped some sweat off my forehead, the dish now sitting in a pot on my electric stove. Mika took her apron off and carefully inspected her uniform; fortunately it had survived the ordeal and sat spotless on her body.

“... So what are we gonna do now?”

I had already figured out that Mika preferred to have me in control, I guess it gave her a peace of mind to know that someone else was in charge of what to do.

“How about we just go relax on my bed… My back’s starting to get a little tired.” Oh, how I hate getting older.


We went to my bedroom and I plopped down in my bed, with Mika slowly crawling in besides me afterwards. I let my eyes take in the pretty sight of my girlfriend, of her white uniform and her milky white legs. Hey, now that she had her uniform with her after all, that meant that I could fulfill my fantasy of…

“Come here, sweetie.”

I motioned for Mika to come closer, and she obediently scooted over to me. I then raised myself up and gently rolled Mika over on her back, getting on top to straddle her hips. She looked up at me with her big eyes in anticipation, her breathing getting a little faster. I leaned down and kissed her passionately, her small lips parting to meet mine. I brought a hand up to lightly nuzzle her cheek, and after a little while she seemed to have relaxed again. I then broke the kiss, gazing down into her eyes with a smile.

“Can I still… Look… Like you said last night..?”

Mika immediately blushed beet red and hesitantly nodded, biting her lip. I sat up again and grabbed onto the hem of her uniform’s shirt, and began pulling it upwards. Mika complied by arching her back, and slowly her belly button, ribcage and chest came into view, two tiny nipples laying flat on her breasts. This was my first time getting a good, proper look at Mika’s upper body, only having had a grainy picture until now. Mika brought a hand up in front of her mouth as I shamelessly stared at her nudity, her small torso expanding and deflating in rhythm with her breathing.

Moving on, I scooted myself downwards and repeated the same motion with her skirt, though at its modified length I barely had to. I flipped the fabric up to Mika’s hips and looked at the sight before me, a small pair of white panties stretched out over her crotch. I could quite easily make out the shape of her vagina, and I thought back at when I had had a peek under her panties when we were sitting up on that hill. Wanting to get a proper look here too, I slowly put my fingers on the waistband.

“A-are… Are we gonna… do it..?”

Mika’s voice was shaking as she peeked down at me, and I looked back up at her face. She didn’t exactly seem excited about the idea, and I could see how she bravely tried to remain calm.

“... No.. We don’t have to.”

“Okay…” Mika said quietly, visibly relieved. She pressed her thighs together and bit her lip again.

“You can still… Look… If you want…”

I nodded understandingly and turned my attention back to her crotch, not saying no to that offer. I slowly peeled her panties down, and little by little I could see the tiny bulge of her mound of venus, followed by a thin, hairless slit, only the outer lips of her vagina visible. It was the most inviting sight I had ever witnessed, she looked so pure down here and like I would corrupt her beauty just by looking at her. Mika helped me out again by lifting her hips, allowing me to pull her underwear further down. With the waistband now pulled down, the fabric of the panties were stuck between her thighs just below her crotch, inverting the underwear into a triangle. Mika fidgeted around some more, and I looked up to see her biting the knuckle of her thumb, watching me nervously.

I figured I better pause for now, so I sat straight up to get a full picture of the girl underneath me. I kinda felt bad for her parents, having sent their daughter off thinking she would just hang out with a friend, and instead here she was in some guy’s bed with her shirt pulled up over her chest and her panties pulled down to her legs. Mika had probably done herself a favor this morning by taking the steam off my libido, otherwise I don’t think I could have held myself back at the sight of her. Her cheeks were blushing a deep red, and she idly moved her arm around on over exposed chest, not knowing where to put it. She looked up at me as if she was worried that there was something wrong, probably wondering why I had stopped.

I moved down to lie on my side next to her, putting my arm over her stomach to snuggle her in against me.

“You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.”

Mika calmed down a bit and she smiled shyly at my compliment, closing her eyes. She didn’t make any move to adjust her clothes back into their proper position, accepting lying there on her back with her body exposed. Perhaps it was more embarrassing to be seen than to be touched, I thought. Fine with me, I would be more than happy to feel around on Mika’s soft skin today too. I kissed her cheek and began circling my hand around on her stomach, enjoying the warmth I could feel radiating from her. Mika turned her head towards me and we kissed, slowly and tenderly. I began widening the circle my hand was making on Mika’s stomach, considering whether I should move it upwards or downwards. If only my other hand was free so I could do both, I thought to myself. I eventually decided that I had already cupped a good feel of Mika’s chest yesterday, so I sent my hand down over Mika’s skirt, my fingers crawling down between her legs.

Mika gasped out against my lips but otherwise didn’t move a muscle, as I carefully began exploring her nether regions. Her legs were still pressed lightly together, but I could still feel the shape of her small labia, feeling like nothing more like a skin fold that could barely be parted. Man, puberty really hadn’t begun its work yet on this girl. I kept tracing my fingers up and down over the outside of her vagina, carefully listening for any reactions from Mika. She was softer here than anywhere else on her body, her slit smooth and delicately squishy. Oh man, I wanted her so bad in that moment, but I wanted Mika to want it too, for her first time. I just had to do with some light petting until then.

“I’m cold...”

Mika had broken our kiss, and were looking at me with pleading eyes. Oh yeah, I myself were still fully dressed while I had basically let Mika lie naked in my chilly room. I looked down over her body, and she had goosebumps on her arms and chest again. My duvet was right behind Mika, so that would be easy to fix.

“I’ll cover you up if I can take these off.”

I tugged at her panties still stuck between her legs. Mika nervously looked down at her underwear, then back up at me.


I smiled and kissed her nose before sitting up, hooking my fingertips under the waistband again. I easily slid the panties down over Mika’s legs and feet, slinging them to the floor. I then reached over for the duvet, pulling it over us both. Mika moved up on her side and pressed herself against me, nuzzling her face against my neck, and I welcomed her into my arms.

It felt nice to cuddle Mika again and I quickly felt myself warm up too, having also gotten a little chilly. I wasn’t done feeling her up however, especially not now when she was bottomless under her skirt. At first I began with stroking her back to warm her up, the shirt still mostly stuck up on her torso which let me touch her skin directly. I then lowered my hand down, passing over the skirt to gently grab onto her small naked butt. I could almost fit it entirely in my hand, and I gave it a tight squeeze, feeling its plumpness. Mika didn’t seem to mind being touched there, as she continued to press herself against my chest, squirming around while murmuring happily against my neck. I was happy to know she enjoyed cuddling as much as I did, and I leaned my head down to kiss the top of her head.

While her round little behind was nice to grope, I didn’t feel satisfied only having gotten a look at her most precious parts. I carefully slid my hand down between her legs again, following the curvature of her butt. Mika froze, having noticed where my fingers were heading. I gently pushed my fingertips up against her, and could feel my digits digging into the soft flesh of her vagina. I tried to feel around some more, but with Mika’s legs closed together it was hard to reach in much further.

Mika laid still like that for a while, but then suddenly raised her upper leg, putting it up over mine. This kept her legs spread apart a short distance, giving me full access to the treasure between them. I looked down in surprise at her but she averted my gaze, biting her lip. I accepted the invitation and ran my fingers up over her slit, all the way to where it faded out into the flat skin of her abdomen and then back down the full length, inadvertently brushing against her rear entrance as well. I quickly recoiled and kept my attention on her vagina, gently stroking the soft labia. It was better than silk, better than anything I could imagine.

“It… it’ll hurt if we… did it… right..?”

Mika mumbled out against the tshirt on my chest, her voice shivering with embarrassment. It was pretty cute in its own way, I could tell how she has probably debating with herself whether she wanted to do it or not. I sure as hell wanted to, even though I had serious doubts whether we physically could. Her vagina didn’t look or feel like anything more than a tiny wedge, I couldn’t even make out where her clit or entrance was from touching her on the outside. I better give her an honest answer.

“Well… I think it hurts for all girls, their first time.”

“But… It’ll get better, right?”

“Yeah, it should.”

“... What about… protection..?”

“Don’t worry baby, I’m a hundred percent sure I’m clean.”

“I mean… I mean, I don’t wanna get pregnant…”

“Oh… But didn’t you say you hadn’t gotten your…?”

“... Oh...”

Mika tried to hide her face in my tshirt with even greater embarrassment, and I could almost feel her heartbeat on my stomach. I could also feel how she radiated heat out from her crotch, and she squeezed her thighs together against my hand stuck between them.

“Y-yeah… I haven’t…”

“Then it’s not a problem, sweetie.”

“But… But in school they said, that… That you gotta use protection no matter what.”

“Hmm… Just trust me, baby. It’ll be fine… But promise to tell me when you get your, you know, okay?”

Mika nodded her head, and she fidgeted her legs around some more. I laid completely still while she thought it over, my fingers snugly laying flat down between her legs. We were both then suddenly startled by the sound of my alarm going off, my tablet signaling that our curry was done. Ugh, even with decades of setting alarms to get up early in the morning I had never regretted setting one as much as I did in that moment. I reluctantly pulled my hand away and rolled over to shut it off. I noticed I was pretty hungry all of a sudden, so maybe things weren't all bad.

“Food’s ready.” I said with a hint of annoyance in my voice, to make clear that we were done fooling around for now. It felt awkward to suddenly talk about such mundane things like food again, the atmosphere of us doing something special still lingering in the air. Mika slowly sat up and pulled the shirt of her uniform back down, and tried without much luck to do the same with her skirt. I got out of bed and turned my back to Mika, rearranging the boner I had developed to not bulge out in my jeans.

“Are we gonna eat lunch here too?” Mika asked, standing up next to me. She bent down to the floor after her underwear, but I had gotten too fixated on the idea of having that cute butt run around naked under the skirt to let that happen.

“Yeah, can you go in and turn the stove off? Um, better hurry. I’ll put some anime on in the meantime.”

“O-oh, okay!” She quickly replied, forgetting about her panties to run in to take care of the food. Yes, just as planned. I kicked the panties in under my desk to keep them out of sight for now. I then joined Mika in the kitchen, the scent of the curry welcoming me. Mika stood over the pot, happily looking down at the fruit of our labor. She was standing on her tiptoes again to get a proper view, and just as I had hoped for, it left the lower part of her behind uncovered.

“Looks good,” I said, patting Mika congratulatory on her back.

“Smells good too! I’ve never cooked something like this before.” She smiled proudly up to me, and I leaned down to give her lips a quick kiss.

“If you scoop it up into these and bring them in, I’ll have the anime ready.”

“Okay!” I showed Mika where I kept my bowls and spoons, before leaving the kitchen to let her try her hand at serving the soup. It was funny how she had suddenly gotten much livelier than usual, I guess it was a mixture of pride over having cooked something for the first time, and the remains of hormones from having had her privates touched by someone for the first time just a minute earlier.

With another episode of Azumanga ready on the TV, I sat in my bed to wait for my little girlfriend. It didn’t take long before she came in, carefully carrying a bowl of curry that she put on my nightstand, before returning to the kitchen to bring in a bowl for herself as well. She then got up next to me and nuzzled against my arm, before I rolled the episode and we digged in. The food was really hot so it took some time before we could get it down, by which time the episode were already over.

“It was really yummy! … Can we watch another episode?”

I was happy to hear that the food was a success.

“Sure, we can watch as much as you want.”

“Can I… Can I have some candy too? For dessert.”

Wow, I was feeling pretty full after that bowl, but I’ve always had a small apetite.

“Sure, go help yourself.”

Mika sprang up from the bed again, giving me a quick glimpse of her butt before zooming back to the kitchen. I put on episode four and Mika came back, this time moving up to sit in my lap. She leaned back against my chest to enjoy the show, ripping open a bag of chocolate-covered biscuit balls. She offered to share them with me, which I unfortunately had to decline.

As you can probably guess, I didn’t just sit back to watch TV having such a cute little angel in my lap, and with my hands idly left to their own devices. Being careful not to distract Mika too much, I quickly had a hand up under her uniform again, enjoying the softness of her small breasts. We sat like that throughout the episode, and after that one ended too, Mika only remained still for a few seconds before turning her head to look at me.

“Do you think I can go in and… Play with the cat again?”

Oh well, I guess a kitty was more fun than a horny some times. I nodded and she kissed my cheek before getting off me, going in to the living room.

“I’ll stay in here and read up on some homework,” I yelled after her, getting one of the books from my course. I hoped I could trust Mika to be unsupervised in my landlady’s living room, but she seemed far too timid to be the type to steal or break anything. Besides, I could hear her playing with the cat while I tried to make it through “Chapter 9: The Agency Problem and Incentive Schemes for Managers” in my textbook.

After a good ten minutes, Mika came back and plopped down on the edge on my bed, a smile on her face.

“It’s a really nice cat.”

“Yeah, I think so too,” I replied, quickly finishing the paragraph I was reading. I glanced up at Mika, who was casually looking around my room. I still couldn’t believe it, the sight of a girl in a real Japanese school uniform looking so out of place among my stuff. I was getting afraid that Mika was getting bored, as I didn’t really have anything interesting in my room. She would probably have been impressed if she had seen my room at my parent’s place, where I, to my current embarrassment, had plastered the walls in a mix of video game and anime posters and cutouts from magazines. I even had some figurines on my shelves, but all that was now stored in boxes in my parents’ basement. My current bedroom was exactly as bland and neutral as I wanted it.

“You wanna do something?” I looked out through my window, but the rain hadn’t let up. Still no going outside, and it was getting dark now too. “You can play a game on my computer, or watch something on my TV.”

I felt a little bad having to leave Mika to entertain herself, but I really had to get some reading done, I didn’t wanna fall too far behind.

“Nah, I just… Wanna relax here.” Mika crawled in under my duvet to lie next to me and reached out to grab her phone from my nightstand. We spent some time like that, with me reading and reaching down from time to time to stroke Mika’s hair, while she sprawled around in my bed looking at her phone. From the occasional intensive texting I guessed she kept Josephine updated, but I tried not to worry too much about how many juicy details Mika was relaying. For now, it was surprisingly nice to just lazy around underneath the warm duvet with her like this, neither of us doing anything important - my book was too boring to feel like something “important”.

The rest of the evening went by like this, and we had some more curry for dinner while watching some more anime, exactly like before. Apart from my hands inexplicably ending up under Mika’s shirt from time to time we didn’t do any more naughty stuff either, but just enjoyed each other’s company. Evening turned to night, but neither of us felt tired yet, so we put on yet another episode of Azumanga. Good thing I had a large library of series saved on my computer, considering the speed with which we were going through this one.

Mika was sitting in my lap again while we watched anime, and as part of our already established routine my hands were on her bare chest, keeping themselves entertained. By now I had gotten to know the shape of Mika’s small breasts quite well, but there was still a part of her I hadn’t explored fully. Hoping I wouldn’t distract her too much, I thus slid a hand down between her legs, the skirt still so short that it wasn’t in the way. I lightly stroked my fingers up and down over the inside of her thigh, and after a few seconds Mika opened her legs just a tiny bit, giving me better access.

She still had her attention fixed on my TV, but I took it as a sign that I could continue. I traced my way up to Mika’s crotch and applied a little pressure, my index finger slipping in between the lips of her vagina. Gently feeling around, I found a little nub at the top and began circling it with my fingertip, causing Mika to squirm quietly around in my lap. I brought my other hand down as well, to push her thighs apart even further, which she obliged to. Mika’s breathing had now gotten more shallow, and she was clearly feeling the effect of my petting.

“... Remember that you can tell me to stop… If you don’t like it.” I whispered down to her, and she nodded faintly. She put her small hands on top of mine, but not to move them away. I kept massaging her clit, and with my other hand I began probing at the lower part of her cleft, wanting to get to know that area too. I found an area where I felt slightly less resistance when I pushed my finger against it, and I began applying a bit of pressure. Penetrating her small labia, my fingertip slipped inside and I could feel a tiny hole, with just a hint of wetness inside it.

The episode of Azumanga came to an end, but neither of us made any move to change positions. Mika’s eyes were now closed, and she still kept her hands on top of mine as they worked on her private parts. She was clearly getting wetter, the lubrication allowing me to push a finger up inside her, just to the second knuckle. Damn, would I really be able to take Mika’s virginity when she was this incredibly tight? After finding out she had brought her uniform, I had kinda counted on eventually doing it today, as I thought it would have been cool to pop her cherry within just one week after meeting her. Oh well, for now I would just focus on the present. At least until she would stop me.

Mika was squirming around more in my lap now, cute little sounds escaping her lips. I kissed the top of her head to calm her and I began moving my finger inside her back and forth, while also still keeping my attention on her clit. I forced my finger in a little deeper which made Mika moan out, and I could see how her face was getting flustered. I don’t know how long it took as I had lost track of time while I entertained myself, playing with the poor little girl who sat helplessly in my lap, legs now spread wide apart. Her cute little moans were mixing with the sound of the rain hammering down on my window, the sky pitch black outside. Suddenly, she held her breath for a couple of seconds before beginning to moan rapidly but still quietly, and her stomach muscles seemed to cramp together a few times. I let my movements between her legs come to a stop, and she laid limply back against my chest, panting heavily.

“It’s so… hot…”

Oh, I hadn’t thought about that, she must be burning up right now. She was still in her uniform, and sandwiched in between me and my duvet. I pulled my hands away, some of my fingers sticky with wetness, and I pulled the duvet off of her. She looked so cute, completely knocked out with her head resting on my shoulder.

“Was that your first time, um… coming?”

Mika hesitated for a bit, before hazily shaking her head no.

“But it’s never felt... This good… Before...”

Phew, I was relieved to hear she had liked it. I hugged her caringly from behind, her body feeling much warmer than usual.

“Things like this is usually better when you’re doing it together with someone you like.”

Mika laid still, and gave a soft yawn after a little while. Guess I had run my little girl tired.

“Looks like it’s bedtime, huh. Let me help you with these.”

I grabbed onto the hem of her shirt, and pulled it up over her body. Mika slowly raised her arms to let me undress her, and afterwards let me remove her skirt too, leaving her naked. I carefully laid her down on my bed, and she glanced shyly up at me.

“What about my panties…?”

“It’s okay, you can sleep without them.”


I pulled the duvet back up over her, tugging her in.

“I’ll be right back, sweetie.”

Mika nodded and I got up to put the curry in the fridge, doing a quick cleanup of the kitchen. After brushing my teeth and shutting my computer off, I undressed down to my boxers and got back into bed next to Mika. She blinked her eyes open and wiggled over to me, putting her arm and her leg up over me while resting her head on my shoulder. She yawned again, and nuzzled her face against my neck.

“I love you…”

Even though she had already said that in a text message, it felt completely different to hear it from her in real life. It felt like nothing would ever be the same again.

“I love you too, sweetheart. Sweet dreams.”

I turned the light off and I gave Mika a light kiss on her lips, her breathing getting slow and relaxed and she seemed to be fast asleep within minutes. At least she never reacted while I petted her, stealing light touches from her naked body until I dozed off myself as well.

Anonymous 19/07/15(Mon)04:10 No. 26125 ID: f56ae5

Thank you for sticking with this so far. This is a great story and the pace you've set for things happening within the setting has been perfect thus far. You said in your first post that this wasn't the same caliber as roommates and I'm inclined to disagree. This is among my top 10 for this board and I'm looking forward to more.

Anonymous 19/07/26(Fri)16:09 No. 26128 ID: 82778b

Any more planned?

Gragnost 19/07/28(Sun)09:27 No. 26131 ID: 3743c6

Please don't let this be over.

Anonymous 19/08/01(Thu)03:42 No. 26140 ID: 086cd7

More is coming but it's gonna take a while this time.

Anonymous 19/08/09(Fri)04:53 No. 26142 ID: 086cd7

I guess it's better to split the days up in several parts now, since they're getting so long, and taking much longer to write now.

Disgusting. Freak. What are you doing? I’m surrounded by police officers. They’re looking at me with equal parts repulsion and equal parts hate. Sicko. Ew. My parents are looking at me, eyes open wide in shock. Failure. An embarrassment. Josephine is looking at me, scared for her life. She covers her face with her arms before backing away. Mika is looking at me. How could you? I’m only a child. What is wrong with you? My friends are looking at me. I’m sick to my stomach. I didn’t want this, she was just so…. Everything’s spinning all around me. I try to make eye contact with Mika again but her face is just a blank slate with those two big eyes staring at me. Pedophile. Suddenly something starts shaking violently right next to me, almost like someone having a seizure.

I turned around, not sure what was up or what was down, but I managed to get up on my elbows, looking down at Mika besides me in the darkness. She seemed still now, she must have been having a bad dream to have shaken so much to wake me up.

“Wha… what is it?” I stuttered, hoping to wake her up. But she was already awake, looking worried up at me.

“It’s… okay…” Mika said quietly, reaching over to lightly stroke my arm. Good to know that she was alright. I laid down again, my mind in a haze, coupled with a slight headache as well.

“Was it a nightmare…?” I looked over at Mika again, confused. “You were shaking…”


Mika scooted over and pressed herself against me, her warm skin quickly calming me down. I noticed my body didn’t feel right, like my muscles were tired after having gone through great stress.

“It’s okay now…” Mika gently rubbed her head against my shoulder, and I closed my eyes again. So tired… Wonder what all that was about.

Day eight

Another rainy day. I woke up but didn’t feel particularly well rested, with no desire to get out of bed. Some mornings were like these, where I woke up feeling like I had barely slept, but also unable to sleep any more. Good thing it was still weekend, allowing me to stay in bed for as long as I wanted to. Clearing my head, I realized I at least was much more comfortable than usual. I was lying on my side, spooning a little naked girl who was still fast asleep. I had an arm around her, our bodies pressed close together. I decided I had no reason to move or get out of bed, not wanting to wake her up. I could feel her breathe peacefully, the subtle movement of her body having a calming effect on me.

My brain slowly got into gear and I noticed I had woken up with a case of morning wood, which was pretty usual. What wasn’t usual was that it was now sandwiched between my abdomen and a cute round butt, only my boxers being in the way. I instinctively pressed my hips up against Mika, which only hardened my erection even more. It felt crazy being so close but not able to do what my body wanted me to do - some light fondling might be okay, but I was not about to jam my dick up inside her in her sleep. I would just have to make do with rubbing against her for now.

A few more slow thrusts against Mika’s backside and my body was catching on to the fact that it wasn’t getting any closer to what it wanted. I yearned for more, so I slipped my hand down to fish my erection up from my boxers just enough to point it down at the exact spot where Mika’s thighs ended and her butt began. I tried to push forward, but without much luck. Her hips were still boyishly narrow, without any thigh gap to penetrate. Still, with the tip of my spear now practically pointing up towards the area between Mika’s legs, it was better than just squeezing it flat between our bodies.

A spent a few minutes poking my manhood against the outside of Mika’s tightly shut vagina, and eventually I guess I squirmed around a little too much, as Mika slowly began moving. I laid still, my penis still in position up against her. She wriggled her hips a little, then turned her head around towards me.

“What are… you doing…?”

“Ah, sorry sweetie. Just my um, body acting on its own.”

“... Oh…”

She wriggled her hips some more, rubbing her behind against my hardness. Moving a hand down, she then sleepily tried to feel what was going on, tracing the length of my member right up to where it pressed against her vagina.

“Why is it… like that…?”

Despite feeling a little guilty over having woken Mika up, her fingers weren’t exactly helping in making my erection disappear.

“It just gets like that in the mornings, sometimes. And also… Because... you’re here.”

I kissed Mika’s shoulder to let her know I wasn’t bothered by my erection, and I could feel how she squeezed her thighs together.

“Oh…. Should… should I do anything…?”

Oh yes, you should definitely stick your butt out some more and let me… Ah, but she’s still not in her uniform, I really don’t wanna miss out on that.

“Nah, you don’t have to, sweetie. It’ll go away again by itself.”

It would take a while, but Mika had just woken up so I didn’t wanna push her to do anything. She didn’t seem to be about to fall back asleep though, as she kept feeling up my shaft with her fingers.

“Oh… Okay.”

Well, there was no chance of it going away with Mika touching it like that.

“Actually… It probably won't go away if you keep doing that…”

Mika didn’t say anything, and after a couple of seconds she suddenly disappeared under the duvet. Oh boy, second day in a row where I start the day with a blowjob, huh.

“Hey… You don’t HAVE to do this, you know..”

I guess she wasn’t listening, since I suddenly felt a tight grip around my erection. Why couldn’t I just lean back and enjoy getting sucked off by a thirteen year old girl? I always let me conscience get to me.

“But… you like it, don’t you…?”

“Yeah, of course… but…”

“I wanna do it if you like it..”

How could I say no to that. I once again felt a pair of lips envelop the tip of my penis, and I resigned myself to the feeling of Mika using her experience from yesterday to suck me off. She didn’t seem to try taking me any deeper in her mouth, but deepthroating had never been my thing anyways. She just kept the tip in her mouth, while using a hand to stroke my shaft, much like yesterday. Today, however, I decided I didn’t want to just let Mika have all the fun.

“Hey…” I said quietly, reaching down to pat Mika’s head to get her attention. “It’s not fair if you get left out, Mika.”

She let my penis slip out of her mouth, and I could hear her lick her lips before answering, her voice muffled under the duvet.

“Oh… What should I do…?”

“See if you can turn around so you can get your butt up here.”

Mika laid still for a couple of seconds, probably thinking it over before she began moving around, trying to lay in the other direction with her head by my crotch and her hips up by my head. However, this wouldn’t work out as her legs were colliding with the wall, despite her efforts to find a suitable position.

“Hmm… Try to get on top of me.”

I rolled over on my back, and Mika looked puzzled over at me. She then crawled up on top of me, pushing the duvet aside, and laid on all fours with her head over my member, and her butt hovering above my chest. Admittedly, my first time in the sixty-nine position, and I instantly liked it. I obviously had a clear view of Mika’s vagina like this, exposed in all its glory before my eyes. Mika had figured this out, and she was nervously fidgeting around, glancing back at me with a bright red blush on her face.

“There you go!” I said encouragingly, and patted her thigh. “Just relax and get back to what you were doing, don’t mind me.”

She nodded and turned her attention back down on my penis below her, and leaned down to take it into her mouth again. I let her keep herself busy with that while I admired the view, Mika’s thighs rising up in an inverted V shape to meet in her small round butt, and her womanhood still barely much more than a thin line. The outer labia were still puffy and had barely parted in this position, despite Mika’s legs being spread slightly like this.

Mika was still clearly embarrassed by having her privates exposed so clearly to me, and were only idly nibbling on my penis, holding it up to her mouth with one hand. Proceeding slowly to let her get used to the situation, I began with just running a hand up and down over her thigh, still satisfied with just the view of the outside of her slit.

Thankfully the weather was a little warmer today, despite the continued rain outside, and neither of us seemed to be getting cold just yet. Mika was more exposed though, so I figured I better do something to warm her up. I was also dying to explore Mika’s body further, and to get a proper look at where I had touched her yesterday. I brought my hand up to rest on her butt and used my thumb to gently pull her labia aside, revealing the pink flesh within. Mika tried to squeeze her thighs together and broke off her fallatio to look back at me again, her voice shivering.

“W-what are… you doing..?”

“Just, you know… You’ve seen me up close, so it’s only fair I get to see you up close too, right?”

She swayed her behind slightly from side to side, clearly embarrassed by being looked at.

“I... guess…”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. Just focus on getting yourself some breakfast.”

I patted her butt and she obediently wrapped her lips over me again, and I resumed my exploration of her body. I brought my other hand up as well and gently spread her vagina open with both my thumbs, her labia peeling apart. Everything looked so tiny and neat, with a small clitoral hood at the bottom and a likewise small opening up top. I slipped my thumbs up and tried to spread Mika’s entrance open, though she was so tight that I could only make out her pink flesh fading into black darkness. There, I thought. Now I had seen every part of her, with nothing left uncovered. My heart was pounding in my chest, it was a view out of this world, and I could barely believe I had been able to fit even a single finger in there yesterday.

Mika was only half-heartedly sucking me off, which I didn’t mind since it let me focus on her, but it still felt nice as always. I took my sweet time satisfying my curiosity, poking and prodding around to my heart’s content, this time being able to see where I was touching. I was also paying attention to Mika’s reactions, and predictably she responded the most whenever I touched her clit. So this is what I began doing, having finally seen everything that I wanted, and I began rubbing my thumb over the small nub between her folds, keeping her lips pried apart with my fingers. Mika quickly gave up on sucking me off, and laid her upper body down on me with her head on my hips, cute little sounds occasionally escaping her lips.

Keeping my thumb busy on Mika’s clit, I poked the index finger of my other hand around above it, circling the tight little hole of her entrance. She was clearly wet by now, and my digit quickly became lubricated, which let me slide it inside her just a bit. I could fit one finger in here before, so perhaps I could try with two this time. After pushing my finger in to the second knuckle, I withdrew it to now penetrate her with both my index and middle fingers, going slowly while listening for any sounds of pain. I glanced down at Mika who was laying limply with her eyes closed, resting her head on my thigh with only her butt sticking up into the air above my chest, and she unsuccessfully kept trying to hold back her quiet moans. I worked my fingers back and forth until they were again in to their second knuckle, Mika’s vaginal lips spread tightly around them. Damn, I had some work to do if I wanted to do it for real with her any time soon.

It sounded like she enjoyed it, or at least didn’t dislike it. There was nothing to prevent her from rolling off of me, but she kept herself in that position with her butt up in the air, which I took as permission to keep going. I was still only slowly fingering her, afraid to hurt her if I went too fast or too deep, but we had all the time in the world. I still didn’t see any goosebumps on Mika (would be fun if she got them on her ass, though), but I was beginning to get cold myself. I wasn’t getting any stimulation anymore, and Mika was mostly raised above me, leaving pretty much all of my body uncovered and now freezing. I figured I had seen what I wanted to see by now, and it wasn’t exactly easy on my arms either, in this position.

“Hey, baby…”

I slowly pulled my fingers out, and saw how they were glistering with Mika’s wetness. She raised her head to hazily look back at me.

“Get back up here if.. you… wanna continue.”

I patted the space beside me with my non-sticky hand, and Mika slowly turned herself around again and dumped herself down by my side, laying on her back with her big eyes looking nervously up at me. I quickly pulled my duvet up to cover us both, and rolled up on my side towards Mika to snuggle her. Of course, I also quickly slid a hand down between her legs to continue what I was doing before, and she willingly spread her legs for me, closing her eyes again.

I smiled at Mika’s obedience and gave her a kiss on her cheek as a reward. I pushed my middle finger and ring finger back up inside her, making Mika exhale in a drawn-out sigh, and I could feel how she was clenching the muscles in her thighs, but she kept her legs open for me. I did my best to push the palm of my hand down against the upper part of Mika’s vagina, trying to stimulate her clit as well, but it was pretty awkward in this position. She didn’t seem any less pleasured though, and it only took a light rubbing of my fingertips up against her insides to make her lean her head back, her face looking almost pained, or in deep concentration. I guess I had found the right spot, and I began to rub my two fingers back and forth in a slow rhythm. Mika leaned her head over against me, trying to get closer, so I scooted my other arm down underneath her and we paused for a few seconds while we both tried to reorganize ourselves yet again, ending with us sitting half-way up against my pillows, my arm around Mika’s waist, and my fingers still inside her. We were sitting almost like we were gonna watch a movie on my TV, except that we were naked and that Mika’s legs were spread open underneath the duvet.

Mika’s body felt really warm pressed up against me chest, but I would rather be hot than cold. She gently rubbed her face up against my neck and I slowly began fingering her again, resuming my stimulation of that special spot inside her. It still felt super tight, but she was so wet that I could easily move my two fingers back and forth, but I resisted the urge to push them deeper, just settling on doing what seemed to feel good for now. And I got the confirmation that it did, when Mika suddenly held her breath before moaning out in small, quick successions again, followed by her stomach muscles convulsing a few times. I stopped moving my fingers and just laid there with her for a while, holding her close in to my chest. I was unsure what I should do with my fingers, but after a while I figured it would be weird if I did anything but remove them, so I slowly pulled them out and let my hand rest on Mika’s thigh. Mika were resting her head against my shoulder, breathing softly with her eyes still closed, but I can’t say I was that relaxed myself. My hardness had never gone down throughout all this, but Mika looked too peaceful to make me want to ask her to resume sucking me off.

“Hey… Remember how it’s uncomfortable for a guy if he doesn’t, you know…?”

Mika opened her eyes to look up at me with a slight hint of guilt on her face.


“It’s okay, just relax. I’ll just take care of it myself.”


I moved my hand down to my crotch and began stroking my hard-on, using the wetness on my fingers as lube. With the images from my exploration of Mika’s body still fresh in my mind, it was no problem building up the pleasure, and I quickly had to think of what to do with the inevitable result. Mika had not moved, but was watching the movement of my hand under the duvet in anticipation.

“H-hey… You’re up for um… Taking care of it again…?”

I had to slow down so we wouldn’t have an accident; I would rather go to the bathroom to finish than spilling jizz on my bed and duvet. Mika looked back up at me with a shy look.

“You mean… With my…”

She then parted her lips just a bit, showing me what she meant and were too embarrassed to say. I nodded and quickly moved up on top of Mika, straddling her with my crotch just in front of her face. It was just too adorable, the way she had no objections to swallow my sperm, like she thought it was her duty or something, but at the same time she couldn’t hide her embarrassment from doing something she knew was dirty. I jerked off furiously and glanced down at Mika’s face looking back up at me, her round eyes watching me expectedly and her mouth still half-open, patiently waiting to receive today’s breakfast. The sight set me off and I pushed my hips forward to slip the tip of my penis inside Mika’s mouth, just in time for her to wrap her lips around me as my orgasm washed over me. I put my hand on Mika’s head for support while I ejaculated into her mouth, and finally I dumped back down to sit beside her, almost tired enough again to go back to sleep right away.

Catching my breath, I saw Mika wipe her lips with the back of her hand, before leaning back in against my shoulder. Not a sight of my jizz anywhere, she must have swallowed it all. I felt a little bad about jamming my dick into her mouth, but she seemed pretty content as always, lightly nuzzling her cheek against my arm. Still, I wanted to make it up to her… again.

“Hey, I’m gonna go get you some real breakfast again, alright?”

I was about to get up but Mika quickly grabbed onto my arm, pulling me back down.

“Nuh…! It’s… my turn now.”

“Huh?” I looked surprised down at her, but she glanced shyly down at the duvet.

“It’s my turn… As thanks for…”

“Foooor…?” I could guess what she meant, but her cuteness made it irresistible to tease her a bit. She lowered her head a bit more, and tightened her grip on my arm.

“You, y’know… Anyways just stay here.” Mika crawled over me and got out of bed, quickly darting out of my room, not taking her time to get dressed or anything. I heard her go to the kitchen, and then quickly coming back to peek around the corner of my doorway.

“J-just… bread again is fine, right?”

“Yeah, and coffee. Can’t wake up without my coffee.”


Mika disappeared again and I folded my hands behind my head, sitting back in my bed to get comfy. I guess I better get her maid uniform soon, huh.

Anonymous 19/08/09(Fri)09:35 No. 26143 ID: 2fb1a0

Thanks OP.

This is deliciously hot and adorable, just love it. Hope to see you update again, but don’t force yourself.

Anonymous 19/08/23(Fri)06:32 No. 26200 ID: 21cbdd

Any more on the way?

Anonymous 19/08/25(Sun)03:53 No. 26213 ID: 086cd7


Yes, in the near future

Anonymous 19/08/28(Wed)09:41 No. 26227 ID: 086cd7

I tugged my boxers back up in place before reaching out for my tablet, setting out to read today’s news while waiting for my breakfast. It already felt surprisingly homely, laying in bed while listening to someone working in my kitchen. I couldn’t make out exactly what Mika was doing, but it did sound like she were able get the bread in the toaster and the coffee grounds and water in the machine. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes Mika came into my bedroom, proudly carrying a plate with some toast on it. But more importantly, she surprised me by now wearing the apron from yesterday.

“Looks good, sweetie!” I was both talking about Mika’s appearance, and her success with the bread at the same time.

I put my tablet down to accept the plate from Mika, who carefully put it down on my lap with a small confident smile I hadn’t seen before. The bread was not toasted as much as I preferred, but I didn’t complain. Especially not when Mika turned her back to me to return to the kitchen, giving me a view of her naked behind, save for the strings of the apron. I wonder if she was intentionally playing out the ‘naked apron’ trope, or if she actually was nervous about something splashing up on her.

I set out to eat, longing for my coffee that I always had with my breakfast. I figured Mika had done things in the ‘wrong’ order; the coffee machine should be started first, in order for it to be ready at the same time as the bread. Oh well, shouldn’t be too long now… or so I thought. I managed to eat both slices of toast without any coffee, and after another couple of minutes, Mika shyly peeked around the corner with an embarrassed look on her face.

“I think… I did something wrong…”

Oh… I could already guess what had happened. I got up and followed Mika out to my kitchen, and was greeted with an idle coffee machine, only a tiny amount having dripped down into the pot.

“I tried to do it… like I’ve seen my dad do it… but there’s not coming any more out…”

I stepped over and opened the lid to the filter funnel, and just as I thought, it was full of water, meaning the nozzle was clogged.

“Ah, I know what’s wrong. You probably pushed down on the bottom of the filter when you put it in, right? That usually breaks it, and then…”

I had begun to set up a bowl and another filter to save my precious coffee when I noticed how Mika had lowered her head, and was clutching her arms in front of her stomach. Her face looked hard and lifeless, her eyes staring blankly down at the floor.

“... Sweetie?”

“I’m sorry… I thought I knew how to do it…”

Whoa, she’s acting like she broke the machine itself, and not just a filter. Was it really getting her down that much to have made such a small mistake? I stopped what I was doing and stepped over to her, putting my hands on her hips.

“Hey, it’s alright, baby. It’s just the filter.”

“I wanted to serve you breakfast… in bed… But I can’t even do that...”

This poor girl really has some issues, if something as small as this can ruin her day. I hugged her in to my chest and stroked her hair, trying to calm her down.

“Silly girl, what are you talking about. I’ve done it plenty of times too, it’s because I bought some crappy filters, they’re the wrong size too… Everybody makes mistakes, it’s okay.”

Mika wrapped her arms around me and put her cheek against my chest, but she was still looking down at the floor, not saying anything.

“I’ll show you how to put the filter in next time, okay? It’s okay to mess up, that’s how you learn.”

“... Mmh..”

Mika nodded faintly.

“How about you toast some more bread for us, while I sort out the coffee. And then we can watch anime in bed again.”

“... Okay.”

She nodded again and I kissed the top of her head before returning to my coffee machine. Mika popped some more slices in the toaster, watching me in silence afterwards while I poured the clogged coffee mixture into the bowl, before running it through a fresh filter in the machine. Guess there wasn’t much to do for her while waiting for the bread.

“There, it should be alright now again. How about you do some dishes until the bread is done? Then I’ll get my computer ready.”


The coffee was dripping down into the pot once more, to Mika’s visible relief. Perhaps she really did think that something had broken. She then set out to clean up some of the bowls we had been eating dinner out of, and I gave her bare butt a pat before returning to my room, turning on my computer. I only had to wait a few minutes this time, before Mika came in with both my coffee and the plate, now with four slices of toast for us to share. She still seemed a little down, but some breakfast and morning cartoons would probably bring her back to normal.

I reached over to hit the spacebar of my keyboard and the opening to Azumanga Daioh began playing, and I motioned for Mika to get in bed next to me. Mika had untied the strings of her apron but hadn’t taken it off yet, but was standing next to my bed with a faint blush on her cheeks.

“... Is it alright if I um… Get dressed now…?”

She sounded so cute, the earnesty in her voice telling me that she probably would accept having to spend the day naked if I said no. As fun as that could be, I didn’t want her to get cold, though.

“Yeah, of course.”

She quickly picked up her white panties from the floor and slipped them on before taking the apron off, putting it on my chair. She then picked up her black t-shirt from my radiator, pulling it down over her before slipping in under the duvet next to me.

“... That’s it?”

I had expected her to get fully dressed.

“It’s… mostly my arms that gets cold… Should I put my pants on too…?”

Not for my sake.

“Nah, it’s fine. It would be a shame to hide those nice legs of yours.”

I slipped a hand down under the duvet and ran it up over Mika’s bare thigh, reinforcing my point. However, this wasn’t the time to begin touching each other again already, and we set out to enjoy our toast (and coffee, for my part) while watching yet another episode of Azumanga.

Twenty-three minutes later, the episode ended and I stretched my arms out, considering whether or not I should get out of bed yet. Neither of us seemed to have any reason to do so, so I slipped down to lie on my back and Mika did the same, her body half-sprawled over mine.

“Thanks for the breakfast, sweetie. It was really nice.”

Mika closed her eyes and smiled, nuzzling her face against my neck. I was happy to see that she was in a good mood again, and I turned my head down so I could kiss her, which she happily accepted. We probably spent around half an hour like that, snuggling and lazily making out while we enjoyed the privilege of being able to stay under the warm duvet for as long as we wanted to. However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually Mika broke away, looking off to the side with a slightly annoyed expression on her face.

“There’s… something I gotta do today…”

“Oh…?” Anxiety immediately hit me, though I couldn’t guess what it could be she had to do. Maybe she just has to go home already?

“I got some homework that I brought… with me… for monday.”

Phew… I drew a deep sigh. Mika didn’t seem to notice.

“There’s still tomorrow but I promised my mom I’d do them here…”

“Better get it done then, sweetie. What subject is it?”

“... math.” The tone of Mika’s voice told me everything I needed to know about her feelings for mathematics. Can’t blame her.

“Aw… Yeah, that was the worst for me too. Well, you’re free to sit up by my desk.”


Mika got up and went over to her bag, taking up a textbook and a notebook. Holding them in front of her chest, she slowly turned towards me.

“I’m… um… do you think you can… help me…?”

As a university student, I’m sure some grade school math should only take a few minutes for me to explain. But… Might as well get something for it. My lips turned into a crooked smile.

“Probably… If you’ll do something in return.”

Mika’s cheeks blushed a faint red, and she nervously shifted her weight from one bare leg to another.


“Since it is schoolwork, after all… Wouldn’t it only be natural to put your school uniform on, to do it?”

“Oh…. T-that’s it…?” I guess she had expected having to do, ahem, more intimate favors.

“Yeah, that’ll be plenty of a reward for me.”


Putting the books on my desk, Mika then turned her back to me to strip her t-shirt off, quickly replacing it with her white school uniform. She slipped her black socks on too, before finishing the attire with clasping the navy blue skirt around her hips. Once again, the embodiment of an angel was standing before me, purity radiating out from her.

Seeing from the look on my face that I approved, Mika sat down at my desk and opened her books. I got out of bed as well but only put on a t-shirt, since I was planning to spend most of the day in bed. I just wanted to take care of the kitchen first - I swear that just two minutes of activity in my kitchen produces a mess big enough to take triple that time to clean.

“Just let me know when you need some help, alright?”


Mika nodded, her attention already on her worksheet. She was idly twisting some of her hair around a finger, before scribbling down some numbers. Good to know that she at least made an effort herself instead of just asking me to do it. I gently patted her arm before heading out to my kitchen, sorting out the mess that was still my coffee machine. After cleaning out the filter funnel, I tidied up some other stuff we had left out, almost bringing my countertop to a presentable condition.

“Da… David…? Do you think you can help me?”

Yes, I would love to. The devil on my shoulder reminded me that the more she needed my assistance, the more I could ask to be rewarded afterwards. Of course, just putting the uniform on wasn’t enough.

I returned to my girlfriend and leaned over the desk, looking down over Mika’s shoulder at where she had gotten stuck. She pointed to the last part she had scribbled down and read aloud from her textbook.

“Last year Jackie sold 200.000 euros worth of computer systems. She earns a 25% commission on all her sales, of which she pays an 8% tax… How much did she earn, and how much tax did she pay.”

Huh, I thought an eight grader would be done with percentages already, but maybe they were doing a special theme on taxes. Mika sounded pretty bored already, and I couldn’t blame her. When I was Mika’s age, math homework was the single greatest source of misery to me. I hope I could be a bigger help than my parents were to me.

“Okay… You know how percentages work, right? … Oh, you already did some up there. So you just do the same, first 25% of the amount, then 8% of the result.”

“... Oh… Okay.”

I was finally able to put my finance skills to good use. Mika seemed to have caught on and she continued her calculations, while I grabbed one of my own textbooks and sat back down in my bed to get some reading done. We thus both dutifully studied in shared silence, only broken by Mika occasionally asking me how to solve something. After a little while, she swiveled my chair halfways over towards me and put one foot up on the seat, her attention still absorbed in her homework. I assumed it was unintentional that she this way was now giving me a view of her panties, her thigh having pushed the skirt up. It made it a little harder to focus on my book, but I didn’t complain.

Midday had passed but the clouds were still dark gray outside, with a few drops of rain dropping down on my window. Taking a break from my book, I looked out and let my mind wander for a bit. Was it really alright that we had stayed cooped up in here, in my teeny tiny room, for almost three days straight? I somewhat had the idea that in the beginning of a relationship you went on dates and such, to get to know each other. Mika probably had to go home tomorrow, so today was the last day we could go out and do something.

“Hey… You wanna go out somewhere when you’re done?”

Mika looked up from her book, not to check on the weather but to look at me, a somewhat puzzled expression on her face. I assumed it wasn’t because of the math.


“Why? Aren’t… you bored? We’ve just been in here the entire time.”

“I’m not bored.”

Alright, guess it isn’t too boring when you are spending the holidays having your first sexual experiences with a guy. But still…. Actually, why was I so insistent on getting out anyways? I guess I felt like it was my duty to keep Mika entertained. Doesn’t girls like exciting and active guys?

Mika brushed some of her hair behind her ear, looking down at the floor.

“I like it when… It’s just us… I don’t like being out where there’s a lot of people.”

Oh, right… There was also that. I better shut up and stop trying to push the poor girl out of her comfort zone. Well, except when we’re talking about naughty stuff, at least.

“Alright, I won’t ask anymore. But just tell me any time, if there’s anything you wanna do.”

“I wanna get this over with.”

Mika sighed and tapped her pen against her notebook. Me too, sweetie… I was beginning to feel lonely, not having her in bed with me anymore. I then thought that I might as well use the time where I couldn’t do stuff with Mika to do something productive, and it was getting close to our lunchtime. But if we had the last of the curry leftovers for lunch, we wouldn’t have any dinner. I put my book away and stood up, Mika immediately looking up at me.

“How about I run down and get us some lunch, I’m getting hungry. We’re running out of food so I was thinking…. how about some sushi?”

In the back of my head, I noticed how I really liked to say “how about …”. I guess my years of being the silent type had left me with a limited vocabulary. Anyways, Mika’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Sushi….? … B-but… Isn’t that expensive…?”

True, compared to normal, low-grade fast food, sushi costs me around four times as much for a meal big enough to fill me up. But around every second month or so, I permitted myself such a luxury. For Mika, I would permit it as much as my bank account would let me. I patted Mika’s head, shrugging my shoulders with a smile.

“I’m a grown up, remember? I’ve got enough money for sushi, don’t you worry about that.”

“O… Okay… I love sushi…”

Of course my perfect little weeb loves everything Japanese, though I wonder if she’s aware that the sushi here is always made by Chinese immigrants and are pretty far from the real thing, delicious as it nevertheless is. Mika nervously fiddled with her pen, an excited smile on her lips. I guess her mom could only rarely afford sushi, and that Mika was feeling a little embarrassed about getting spoiled. I grabbed my tablet and put it over on the desk, loading up my app to order takeaway food. I already had a nearby restaurant saved and selected the usual eleven pieces box I used to get, and let Mika scroll through the menu.

“Is it okay if… I get this one…?”

The 15 pieces box, wow. That’s a lot of food for such a little girl.

“Of course. I’ll run down and pick it up then, just text me if anything happens, alright?”

Mika smiled and nodded, and I gave her a quick kiss before getting dressed so I could go outside in the gloomy weather. So much for staying in bed all day, and although it pained me to separate myself from Mika, I was happy that I had found an excuse to go out and burn some energy, even if just with a brisk walk down the street. After making my way outside, I took a detour through the neighborhood to pass the time until the sushi would be ready, and then took the direct route back once I had picked it up. Coming back with our food, I found Mika splayed out on my bed, laying on her stomach with her arms limply at her sides.

“... Welcome back… I got the homework done.”

She sounded tired, even though it was only still early afternoon. Hopefully some food and some cartoons could pep her up again.

“Good job sweety! Here’s your reward.”

I dropped the paper bag with our sushi down on the bed and Mika immediately sat up, looking excited at our lunch. I prepared my computer for some anime watching and got some saucers for the soy sauce from the kitchen while Mika unpacked the bag, staring hungrily through the plastic box at her sushi. We then followed our established pattern of sitting close together side by side to watch anime while we ate, and as I had assumed Mika seemed perfectly used to using chopsticks to eat with.

We were making good progress with Azumanga Daioh, so I had begun to think of what to watch afterwards. Maybe we should check out something more recent... The isekai genre had really exploded in popularity lately, and I had seen a lot of people on the internet talking about a show where some guy is teleported to a medieval world where he builds up a harem of waifus, with a foxgirl being the main girl. It sounded like an interesting mix between Spice & Wolf and Re:Zero, but what had really gotten people talking about it was the fact that the source material had been written by a westerner, apparently. Pretty crazy…. anyways.

By the time I had finished my box of eleven pieces of sushi, Mika was only still halfways through hers. I guess she was really savoring her food. The episode ended and I put another one on, since Mika was still eating. With my hands now idle, I was free to casually feel her up again, though I limited myself to rubbing her stomach under the underform, and running my hand up and down over her thighs. I couldn’t decide if the uniform made it more exciting or if it was just in the way.

After Mika got her last piece down, and we both relaxed while we watched the high school girls go to Okinawa, where of course Mika aww’d at that weird cat that Sasaki picks up. It was actually really nice to watch TV with someone else, as we each laughed at different gags, and it was fun to see Mika react to things I already knew were coming. It somehow elevated the experience, compared to just zoning out to something alone.

The second episode ended as well and Mika rolled over on her side to hug me, happily resting her head against my arm.

“Thanks for the food...”

Ugh, I needed to find a way to turn my computer off remotely, somehow. An app to ssh into it from my tablet would probably do, but that would have to wait for later. There was nothing right now that could get me out of bed, not with my little girlfriend here cuddling me. I scooted down, and Mika followed suit so we could properly lie face-to-face, and I hugged her in against me while leaning my head forward to kiss her. We both closed our eyes and just laid like that for a couple of minutes, making out again. I had my arm around Mika’s waist, but slowly lowered my hand to place it on her butt, giving it a squeeze through the fabric of the skirt. Mika didn’t seem to mind, so I went a bit further and slid my hand up under her skirt, so that now only her white panties was protecting her behind from my touch. After a few more squeezes, I decided that that was too obstructive as well, so I slowly broke the kiss.

“... Think I can get my reward now… for helping you with your homework…?”

Mika opened her eyes and looked at me, a faint blush on her cheeks. Yep, there was more coming after all. I squeezed her rear again to signal what kind of reward I was talking about, and Mika faintly nodded. This was my last full day with Mika for probably a while, and she was finally in her school uniform again, so… this might it. Only a miracle could save Mika from the inevitable now.

I readjusted myself a little so I could reach down with my other hand as well, and I slowly tugged Mika’s panties down over her thighs. Once they were at her knees I couldn’t reach any further, but that was just fine with me. I grabbed one of her legs and pulled it forward, and Mika began drawing both her legs up towards her chest, a little confused about what I was trying to do.

“No… Just this one.”

I sat up to direct Mika’s legs, pulling only one of them up until the foot slid out of her panties, leaving them dangling around the knee of her other leg. Yep, they are part of the uniform so they’re not going anywhere. The skirt was still covering her now naked crotch, with was fine with me. As pretty as she is, I’ve always enjoyed touching more than looking. I laid back down and kissed her again to calm her, as she was understandably nervous again about what I was going to do. With good reason, I must admit.

We spent a few more minutes just cuddling and kissing, the only difference compared to before being that Mika’s underwear was now around one of her legs. I forced myself to be patient despite lusting to shamelessly touch and kiss her all over, and be as close to her body as physically possible. I wanted it to be good for her, or at least not horrible, and I’ve heard many girls regretting their first time because it was rushed and didn’t feel like something special. Thus, going as slowly as I could stand, I started out with pushing a hand up under Mika’s uniform to gently caress one of her naked breasts. She made a muffled sound into my mouth as we kissed, and a few more followed when I began massaging her nipple, my fingers running over the flatness of her chest.

She was reacting more to my touches now, and she gave up on kissing me to press her face down against my neck, breathing heavily out in between her quiet moans. Deciding to go a step further, I left her chest to trail my hand down over the side of Mika’s body to slip it up under her skirt instead, my hand returning to its former position on her rear. Without the panties in the way this time, I dug my fingers into her skin to knead and massage her butt, enjoying its round softness. I then slid my fingers further down, finally making contact with my target between Mika’s legs. Pressing my fingers against her slit, I could feel that she was already pretty wet. I rubbed my index finger up and down over her clit a few times, producing a couple of more moans from Mika’s lips, before feeling around for the entrance to her vagina.

Mika grabbed onto my t-shirt and a drawn out gasp escaped from her lips as my middle finger entered her. I regretted having to get dressed before, and not having undressed before getting started, but there’s still time for that. For now, I had to focus on keeping myself from kicking my jeans off and jumping on top of Mika right away. Good thing we didn’t have my duvet over us, because with our clothes on we had both become pretty hot by now from the excitement. Mika was slowly breathing in and out against my neck, and I slowly moved my finger back and forth a few times before adding my index finger, increasing the volume of Mika’s embarrassed moans. Good thing my landlady wasn’t home; while Mika isn’t much of a talker, she’s not exactly the quiet type in bed either.

I tilted my head down to look at what I’m doing, and the sight was a perfect fulfillment of my hottest fantasy. Mika’s uniform was mostly sitting in place, only having ridden up enough to reveal her belly button, while the skirt had mostly bunched up around her hips. However, with Mika laying on her side like that, I couldn’t really see any of the good stuff. Thus, I decided to slowly pull my fingers out of her, and roll her over on her back. She was completely lost in the moment, letting me move her around as I wanted to, gazing up at me with an awaiting expression in her eyes. I leaned my head down to give her a light kiss in order to distract her from my hand sliding back down between her legs once more, which she willingly spread open just a bit, and my fingers quickly found their way back inside her body.

I wrapped my other arm down behind her shoulders, holding her in to me as I began fingering her in earnest. Mika closed her eyes and surrendered herself to me, her breathing getting quick again with tiny moans mixed together a lot of “mmms”. In this position, I could somewhat manage to press the palm of my hand down against the top of her slit, hopefully giving her clit some stimulation as well while my two fingers steadily rubbed back and forth against the top of her insides. Thankfully it worked, and eventually Mika bit her lip and held her breath for a couple of seconds before moaning out a few times in quick succession, her back arching followed by a few spasms in her stomach muscles. I withdrew my fingers and kissed the top of her head, letting her catch her breath before moving on to the next part.

Admittedly, I had fantasized and debated on how I should take Mika’s virginity from the very first day I met her, and for a while I had decided it would have been best with her on top, as that would allow her to control things at her own pace and make sure she didn’t get hurt by taking me too deep. However, I thought that it would add another layer of nervousness by putting her being in charge of doing something she hadn’t done before, so while I wasn’t a fan of following the cliche of doing it in missionary, there is probably a reason that that’s apparently the ‘standard’ position. I would be in control of things, letting Mika focus on relaxing, and we would be face-to-face, hopefully adding an element of reassurance.

Therefore, while Mika had a little pause I slipped my jeans, socks and t-shirt off, leaving me in my boxers. I pulled Mika’s socks off too before climbing on top of her and she opened her eyes to gaze up at me again, slightly nervous. She had most likely expected this moment to come sooner or later, and knew it was just a question of time. I gently smiled down to her and leaned down to kiss her neck, and she tilted her head back with another ‘mmm’ of pleasure escaping from her mouth. While nuzzling my lips against her soft skin, I reached down to grab the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her chest, Mika helpfully arching her back. I scooted down to hover my head above Mika’s now bare chest, enjoying the sight of her almost non-existent breasts again. Mika raised her arms to grab onto the hem of her shirt, raising her head to look at what I was doing.

“... Shouldn’t I… get na… naked too..?”

“Ooh no,” I replied, quickly shaking my head before planting a kiss on the side of her breast. “You just stay like this, this is perfect.”

She cutely tilted her head a bit before laying her head back down again, letting go of her shirt. I planted a few more kisses around on her smooth chest, occasionally putting my lips directly on one of her tiny nipples. Meanwhile I reached down and pushed my boxers off my legs, leaving me naked on top of my little girlfriend. Mika noticed and slowly spread her legs out underneath me, and I laid down to rest on top of her body, moving back up so my head was level with hers again.

I brought my lips to Mika’s and we made out for a minute or two again, until I could sense that she had calmed down a little. My penis was already standing straight up against my stomach, with the underside pressing down against Mika’s slit, which was slick with her wetness from before. Still kissing her, I began to slowly hump my hips against her crotch, making my hardness rub against her labia. I was prepared that this would be as far as we could go for today, as it seemed impossible for me to fit inside her small body, but I wanted to at least try.

Still keeping her distracted with our kissing, I reached a hand down between us and grabbed onto my member, pointing the tip down towards Mika’s slit. I continued rocking my hips back and forth above her, the head of my penis pressing in between the folds of her lips, getting it slick with wetness. Mika tensed up, so I stopped moving any further and after another minute of lovingly kissing her she was relaxed again, except her breathing having quickened a little. Figuring I could continue, I stopped moving my hips and instead slid my penis up and down using my hand instead, rubbing my tip against her labia a few more times before I positioned it at the bottom of her slit, where I figured my target should be.

I applied some pressure and Mika’s lips parted ever so slightly, but otherwise didn’t budge. Mika squirmed slightly beneath me, and I broke our kiss so I could concentrate on what I was doing. As a replacement, I took one of Mika’s small hands in mine and we intertwined our fingers, squeezing each other’s hands. I wished I could stroke her hair or something with my other hand, but I still had to hold on to my member. Mika grabbed onto my shoulder with her free hand, holding on with nervous anticipation.

Mika’s eyes were closed and she had an expression of resigned concentration on her face, so I kissed her cheek in an attempt to console her. I pressed forward again and once more the tip of my penis slid between Mika’s labia, and I used my hand to steer it around until I found the depression of her small entrance, lowering my hips slightly to push my member against it. Thankfully, it had paid off to bring her to orgasm before, as she was still wet enough to allow the head of my penis to penetrate her, and I felt myself squeezing my way into an incredibly tight and hot place, her entrance stretching open to accommodate me.

Mika winced and tightly squeezed my hand, and I immediately stopped moving. I hated that I was hurting her, but there was no way around it.

“... Are you okay?”

I watched Mika with concern and she opened her eyes, gazing up at me with a slightly pained expression. Her eyes had a blank look in them, and her lips were parted while she took a few deep breaths.

“... Yeah..”

I let go of my member; with the head snugly inside her body, I could finally reach up to stroke Mika’s hair. It felt amazing already, and it took all of my self control not to plunge further into her right away.

“You’re doing great, sweetie. I’m so happy.”

Mika smiled slightly at my praise, and she gave my hand a squeeze.

“... I’m happy too..”

I gave her a tight hug and we kissed again, laying still for a minute while her body got used to having me inside her for the first time. I was thankful that we had all day for this, as I wanted to make it as good for my little girlfriend as possible. After some more hair stroking and tenderly kissing, she seemed ready to continue.

“... Try to spread your legs a bit more… And just relax, I’ll take care of everything.”

“... Okay.”

Mika raised her legs up and out to the sides, so they were sticking directly up into the air now. This also tilted her hips up towards me a little, and I slowly lowered myself a tiny bit down onto her. Mika closed her eyes again and I pulled back up, almost up to the point where my member would slip out of her, before pushing down again to penetrate her slightly deeper. Still holding on to me in a tight hug, Mika buried her head against my neck and a tiny moan escaped her lips.

“You’re doing great, sweetie. It feels so good.”

I kept stroking her hair while I gently rocked my hips back and forth, still only having the crown of my penis inside her body but slowly and steadily beginning to push my shaft into her as well. I pride myself on my patience, and I honestly don’t know how long it took, but probably not as long as it felt like. Mika was so tight that every push inside her felt like I would be unable to go any further, but Mika bravely held on to me and let me penetrate her deeper and deeper, breathing out slowly against my neck. It felt better than with any girl I had been with before (which wasn’t that many, to be honest), and minute by minute I decreased the distance between our hips, until finally we were pressed tight together. Pausing, I raised my torso up a bit so I could look down, and saw nothing but Mika’s now messy uniform, her smooth white chest, and just the top of her slit with my hips pressed down on top. There was no sight of my penis; I had managed to push fully inside her.

I leaned down again and hugged her once more, and Mika melted into my embrace and briefly tensed up again. I decided to give her another pause as we laid still in each other’s embrace, and I planted a few kisses on her forehead and the top of her head while telling her again how great she was doing. I was surprised I had been able to go this far right away, and I could feel a constant sensation of being squeezed by her tightness. I guess I must have broken her hymen at some point, or maybe it had been broken somehow earlier in her life, but the fact was that I had taken Mika’s virginity, my thirteen year old girlfriend having sex for the first time in her Japanese school uniform, and with her panties still around one of her legs. I couldn’t have been more happy.

Mika eventually began squirming around underneath me, and she squeezed my hand again. I guess she was ready to continue, and with my head hovering right above hers, our lips almost touching, I looked into her deep brown eyes while giving my hips a tiny squeeze down against her.

“... I’m gonna start moving, okay?”

Mika gasped out from my movement and nodded faintly, her face already looking like she had just run a marathon. For me, the marathon was just about to start, though. I began softly rocking my body back and forth again, my penis barely moving inside her. I then pulled back a tiny bit before pushing back inside her, her vagina still tight enough to almost feel like I was entering her for the first time again. Repeating this a few times, I finally began making proper strokes back and forth, and Mika tightened her hug around me and began moaning against my shoulder, quietly at first but rising to become proper sounds of pleasure. I kissed the top of her head and we squeezed our intertwined fingers together, and I quickened my pace in tact with Mika loosening up little by little. She suddenly threw her head backwards, eyes tightly shut with a steady stream of moans coming from her mouth in rhythm with my thrusts.

I was now raising my hips until I almost slipped out of her before penetrating her fully again in a steady motion, and she was still so tight that I could quickly feel it building up to my climax. Mika seemed to be fully lost in our lovemaking by now, so I let all restraints loose and began pounding away at her, my bed creaking with Mika’s legs dangling back and forth in the air above my back, her panties still dangling around her thigh. Even though I had already come once a few hours earlier, it didn’t take long until I climaxed and I hugged Mika tightly against me, pinning her under my body as I exploded inside her. Even though I was afraid of hurting her, my body was moving by itself at this point and my hips pushed violently down against Mika’s vagina even though I was already buried fully inside her, ejaculating into her deepest parts.

My body came to a rest and I laid limply above her, panting out heavily against her hair. Mika laid still too, but then slowly lowered her legs back down on the bed. It was in this moment, probably due to all the chemicals now swimming around in my brain, that I realized how much I had fallen in love with Mika, and also, in some sick way, proud of having succeeded in getting in into her pants after just eight days. This is what I had lusted after from the very first moment I caught glimpse of her white uniform, and now that same uniform was crumbled around up over her chest with the girl wearing it obediently lying still below me, my softening shaft still buried inside her. Wow, I thought. I actually love this girl.

“Mika…” I said quietly, and she turned her head to look into my eyes.

“I love you.”

Her face was already flushed and her cheeks bright red, but I could see in her eyes how it affected her.

“... I love you too…”

Yesss, that was all I wanted to hear, even if she might not fully understand the depth of that word - at her age, I sure as hell didn’t. More importantly, it didn’t look like I had scarred her for life just now. We rested for a few minutes in each other’s embrace, our fingers still locked together. I felt a tiny bit of regret about not having made Mika cum too, but I guess she had been too nervous. That was also one of the reasons why I made her orgasm before, since I hadn’t counted on her being able to climax during her first time.

As nice as it was, nature was calling and I suddenly felt that I really needed to pee, so I slowly raised myself up and off my little girlfriend. It was almost unpleasant to feel my manhood slipping out of her, as it was still really sensitive, but I also figured that Mika would prefer not to stay stuck underneath me with her legs bent out awkwardly all day. I rolled over to the side and sat up on my knees besides her legs, and gazed down at the sight below me. To this day, that mental image is probably still the hottest thing I have ever seen: Mika laying on her back with her arms at her side, clearly exhausted and her eyes staring blankly into space, her mouth parted slightly as she breathed in and out slowly. Her small, bare chest was rising and falling in a steady rhythm, the white shirt of her uniform still stuck up above her breasts. Her skirt was likewise bunched up on her hips, giving me a clear picture of her small, glistening vagina, a drop of white fluid having escaped from her slit to run down over her butt and onto the sheet. No blood, I noticed, she really must have torn her hymen before meeting me. And of course, to top things off, her white panties still around the knee of her right leg. I could easily have gone back again for another round, but I figured it would be a bad idea to overwhelm her, as she looked absolutely spent. Better just relax for the rest of the day.

“You wanna watch some more anime?”

I stood up and Mika nodded faintly, so I turned my computer on.

“... Da...vid..?”

Mika was glancing hazily up at me, and slightly worried I leaned down to her.

“Can I… get some candy…?”

Oh, Mika. After what you just gave me, I would gladly give you anything in the world.

Anonymous 19/08/29(Thu)00:06 No. 26233 ID: 2fb1a0

Awesome stuff... somehow this is heartwarming

Anonymous 19/09/04(Wed)07:40 No. 26268 ID: bbe66b


They should have sent a critic. The above will have to suffice.

OP!T1tXaJv9os 19/09/04(Wed)18:58 No. 26269 ID: b49468

Just noticed this is a tribute to Roommates; very flattering. I'll have to give it a read when I've got time so I can comment on it.

Anonymous 19/10/02(Wed)15:12 No. 26390 ID: e9a3d8

Oh my lord, this is sweet. A little fast-paced for me, but I can sort of believe a young girl seeking positive attention like this. Especially from how you've written her. Honestly I'd love to see more of this. Both you and OP(roomates) are my two favorite authors on this board so far.

Anonymous 20/09/06(Sun)20:39 No. 26983 ID: 409fb9


Anonymous 21/12/25(Sat)10:41 No. 27469 ID: 8a0503

OK so basically I didn’t see any point in continuing if Roommates were not being continued, even though I had tons of story left in my head that just needed to be typed out. I really really disagree with OP that it was getting stale, for me it had just gotten started. But I can also see how it could have become monotonous and monotonous to write, so I don’t blame him, just lament it immensely. And my own experience of writing this also puts it into perspective. Even so, I BEG OP to return to Roommates. Yes, Hiraeth is awesome too, I love it. But it’s not Roommates. Literally coping and seething these past few years. Anyways, I went to see the new Matrix movie. Did you know that the director agreed to make it after the death of her parents and a friend, as a comfort by bringing back some of her most beloved characters? I haven’t given out any presents to anyone this christmas, so I guess this is my present to y’all.

I smiled warmly and nodded, and brushed some of Mika’s hair away from her sweaty forehead. I quickly slipped my boxers back on and went out to my kitchen, taking a look at what was left of the candy stockpile. I guess post-nut clarity hit me then, as I suddenly felt very awkward. I had just taken a girl’s virginity, and the first thing I do is jump up to put anime on; my emotional security blanket. Was I afraid of something, by staying in bed with Mika? Likewise, Mika… She had just had her virginity taken, and the first thing she does is ask for candy. I picked out some chocolate-wafer bars, and snapped out of it by telling myself that either it was just her quirkiness, or a pavlovian response dictating that TV time means snack time.

Somewhat unsure of how to carry myself, I returned and put the candy bars down on my table beside the bed, and sat down by my computer to put the next episode on. Mika had not moved, but in the corner of my eye I had seen that she had put up a hand in front of her mouth to cover for a yawn.


I quickly turned around, the uneasiness in me preventing me from enjoying the view of Mika’s still-exposed body.

“Actually… I think I’m too tired…” She yawned again. “... for anime…”

I breathed an internal sigh of relief. She really did seem sleepy now, her eyes half-closed. She also hadn’t touched her candy.

“Yeah… me too. That was a silly suggestion.”

I shut my computer off again, knowing that I had something much better than any anime I could use my time with right now. Mika smiled and nodded faintly, and began pulling her uniform shirt back down over her body. I noticed she had goosebumps over most of her body, the cold air in my room beginning to overcome the heat from our lovemaking.

“Oh! Oh, oh, hold on.”

I quickly moved over on the bed, and Mika stopped adjusting her clothes to look at me with a puzzled expression.

“Your uniform! We can’t risk getting it dirty.”

Since the skirt was a dark navy blue, I was afraid that any whitish stains would be impossible to wash out, and glancing down at Mika’s crotch, there sure was a whole lot of white. As it is common around here, my landlady only had a washing machine, no dryer, and I didn’t want to run the risk of Mika’s uniform not being able to get dry before she had to go home tomorrow. I was also unsure whether any particular care had to be taken in order to wash semen out of a school uniform, though in the back of my mind I knew that it was just a matter of time until I would have to find out first-hand.

Mika gazed down over her sticky body, and I swiftly reached out to give her a hand.

“Here, let me. Lift your arms.”

Using what was seemingly the last bit of energy left in her body, Mika sat up slightly and raised her arms above her head, allowing me to pull the uniform up and off of her. I then slid her skirt off as well, taking great care that it did not come into contact with any of the damp liquids on Mika’s thighs. Finally, I pulled her panties off her leg, steathlity checking if they needed to be replaced - which they didn’t, as they had come off before we had really gotten started. Clever boy.

Being naked in my bed yet again, Mika laid back down and hugged herself for warmth, shivering slightly. I quickly laid down on my side next to her and pulled my duvet tightly around us, and Mika immediately wrapped her arms around me and squeezed her small body into me as if she had been on the verge of freezing to death, her face burying in against my chest. I returned the embrace, and we stayed like that while the sun went down and my room got darker and darker, just holding on to each other’s naked bodies (well, save for my boxers, but I knew what would happen if I took them off again…), quietly listening to our heartbeats and our slow, steady breathing. The awkwardness was completely gone; this is how it should be. Just two human beings, whose worlds only consist of each other.

Both my body and my mind was experiencing a calmness unlike anything I had tried before, and I had drifted off to a half-sleep, and had thought that Mika had fallen asleep as well, when I noticed that she had at some point begun to silently cry. The sound of her sniffles and the occasional jerking of her chest immediately brought me to full alert. Was she in pain? That could have an explanation, but it seemed weird that it had only begun to hurt this long after I had put her little body through what we just did. Then, had she not liked it? Had it been scary? Maybe she was even scared now, scared of me..? My heart sank at the thought of having scarred my little girlfriend.

“Mika…? What’s wrong?”

She was hiding her face against my chest, so I could only see the top of her head, her long brown further obstructing my view. She stopped crying, and laid silent for what seemed like an eternity before she spoke in a tiny, hoarse voice, unlike anything I had heard from her before.

“I don’t… wanna go home tomorrow..”

Ahhh… Yeah. I breathed my second internal sigh of relief that day, happy that it wasn’t me who had brought her to tears. I gave her body a squeeze and planted a kiss on the top of her head.

“Yeah… I don’t want you to go either.”

“... I don’t want to go to school.”

“Yeah… School sucks. Sucked for me too.”

“... really?”

She had stopped crying, though her voice was still broken. I began stroking her hair, trying to calm my poor little girl.

“Yeah, man. Like, there were some good parts, but most of it… Was just bad.”

“Bad how…?”

I chuckled a bit at being forced to remember my school years all of a sudden; memories I preferred to leave be as much as possible. Even so, I figured it could help Mika to talk about me instead of talking about her. Maybe talking with someone about their own experiences could be something she could use to reflect her own life in. Maybe she had never had that.

“Just, you know… A lot of bullshit. A lot of people acting like bullshit, just because they could. Both kids and adults.”

“Like how?”

“Weeeell… You knooow…”

My brain was straining at trying to come up with an example I could give Mika from when I was around her age, preferably something that would not be too embarrassing for me. Damn, it was all such a long time ago… An uncomfortable reminder of our age difference. At least I could feel that Mika had calmed down again. I guess it really helps just talking with someone a lot of the time.

“So much stuff you HAD to do, just because, y’know? No reason given, just “DO IT” and I was made to feel so bad for asking why. Also, I really suffered having to do math by hand, like division, and solving for x and so on. Like with pen and paper. And we had to, because “yOu’Re NoT gOnNa Be WaLkiNg aRoUnD wItH a CaLcUlAtOr In YoUr PoCkEt WhEn YoU gRoW uP”. Man, if I met my old math teacher on the street today, I would tell her “Guess what I have in my pocket right now? I have a fucking supercomputer in my phone, bitch!”

Mika giggled from my sudden monolouge, though I myself cringed at having let my repressed, angsty teenager rage rise to the surface after so many years. But whatever, if it made Mika laugh.

“We’re using laptops for everything in math class… But yeah… school is bullshit.”, she agreed quietly. “I don’t like math either.”

“Math itself is actually not that bad, it’s just having to do it all by hand. Like, in high school and university, I liked it a lot more because it wasn’t about just solving equations and shit, but how to solve a particular problem, and why you chose that method. Oh, and you wanna hear a secret?”

Mika slowly pulled her head back to look up at me, and I whispered with a grin.

“I’m a university student, and I STILL can’t do multiplication and division without a calculator! And I study finance!”

Mika giggled again, and we then laid still for a while, with only my hand running down over her smooth hair and back. All seemed good again, but suddenly Mika became teary and her voice started quivering again.

“Can’t you let me stay here… David..?”

It broke my heart. She really, genuinely didn’t want to go back. Everything in me screamed with a primal urge of wanting to protect her, and shelter her away in my room for all eternity, away from all the things that will make her sad. I guess it was only because I was old enough to be rational about it that I overcame the urge to blurt out “Yes, of course!”.

“Please?” Her voice croaked, sensing my hesitation.

“... Sorry.”

She lowered her head back down and pressed her forehead against my chest. I could feel a couple of tears getting smudged over my skin.

“... there’s some bullshit in life you can’t escape. We have to get you back home tomorrow. But I’ll be here for you, you can always text me. Okay?”

We were both silent again. It wasn’t the least bit silent inside my head, though. I felt powerless, a feeling I hate even more than I hate calculating the angles of a triangle by hand. There was nothing I could do about Mika’s situation. Hell, I didn’t even know how bad it was, or if she were just unable to cope with the demands of society with almost no adult support in her life. I forced my thoughts away from Mika, and focused on thinking about myself instead. The one person I do have power over. I can’t do much for Mika right now, but she’s not going to stay a child forever, and it won’t be long before she is old enough to almost make it impossible for anyone to force her to do anything against her will. And what I can do right now is make plans for me, and what person I will be, when that time comes.

Anonymous 21/12/25(Sat)23:09 No. 27470 ID: 8a0503

A word on the criticism of rushing things; yes, and it has been fully intentional. I knew from the beginning that I only had a limited amount of writing energy, and I wanted to get to the action before I ran out of steam, which I also just exactly did. Ideally the pacing would have been almost the same as Roommates, much more slow and gradual and realistic, but I didn’t want to repeat how Roommates took years and years to get to the actual act (though of course, it was worth it). And then it was over almost right away…. Anyways, if I ever manage to finish this, it would be nice to re-write it into an extended edition. I also have an alternative version or two in my head.

Apart from having to reach over to turn on my lamp, we basically spent the rest of the day in bed, still naked, just quietly conversing about this and that. In a way, it was quite a strange experience to spend time not doing anything, but just talking about what was on our minds. It wasn’t something I had really done ever before, least of all with a girl. Sure, I had done plenty of meaningless smalltalk with girls, and talked about video games and movies with my friends, but this was different. Mika also told me some more details about her divorced parents and the difficulties they were each facing in their individual lives. I couldn’t really grasp how they had ended up in the situations they were seemingly both in; neither of them sounded dumb or unintelligent, but both were dealing with either debts, health problems, stress, or a mix of the three. It was also here that I learned that Mika had two half-siblings that she only rarely saw; her mom had two kids from a previous marriage, both adults who had apparently also had some difficult childhoods. Meanwhile, I talked a bit more about how being a university student was different from being in school or high school.

It was like a new kind of intimacy had developed between Mika and me, and we could now talk freely and effortlessly about anything, though a lot of it was honestly centered about anime, games, and other weeb stuff. We probably were also simply leveling up our conversation skills, finding it easier to talk the more we did it and the more we got to know each other. I only realized a few years later that talking with people is a skill that takes practice to develop, just like you have to practice playing a sport or using a tool if you want to get good at it.

As nice as it was connecting on a deeper emotional level, it was equally as nice feeling the warmth and softness from the physical connection of our cuddles. I restrained myself, and for what was probably the first time, kept my hands away from Mika’s chest, butt and crotch. I didn’t want to ruin this special moment, and I also wanted to give Mika’s body a chance to recover. She hadn’t expressed any signs of having been in pain from losing her virginity, but maybe she had simply been hiding it. During a minute of silence between us, I had to indulge in my curiosity of how she was doing after the act.

“Hey… How do you feel, sweetie?”

Mika looked up at me and tilted her head slightly.


I smiled at her cuteness, and slid my hand down to pat her hips to indicate what I was talking about.

“How was it like?”


She lowered her head again with an embarrassed smile on her lips, her cheeks blushing a light pink. I could feel how she rubbed her thighs together ever so slightly, making me wonder how much of my semen was still inside of her. I guess she didn’t mind it staying there. Neither did I. What it meant for my sheet and beddings were not something I dwelled on.

“Mmm…. It was really nice… But I’m a little sore…”

“Ah… Okay… As long as it didn’t hurt too much.”

“... It actually hurt more than I had thought… In the beginning…”

Mika began twirling some of her hair around her finger, still fidgeting a bit from her cute shyness. I felt a little bad that I had been hurting her, but I knew it had been inevitable. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I played it dirty by using the trick of praising her.

“You did so well, sweetie. You were perfect.”


Mika looked up at me with a bright smile, and I smiled back reassuringly to her.

“Yeah…! It felt so good for me, much better than anything else. You were so good.”

Mika’s smile only widened and she closed her eyes, laying her cheek against my chest, content with my evaluation. If she had been a cat, she would have been purring like crazy.

As perfect as it was to stay like this, I could feel myself getting hungry. It was now completely dark outside, and way past my usual dinner timer. I realized I had actually been hungry for a while now, but I guess I didn’t want this moment to end, knowing that we would have to part ways again tomorrow. It was like I thought that we could stay like this for as long as we didn’t let go of each other. Yet, as much as I tried to fight it, my stomach was now painfully insisting on the last portion of curry sitting in my fridge. I stretched my body and reluctantly sat up; breaking away from Mika felt like stepping out from a nice, warm sauna and into a blistering snowstorm. Mika’s eyes followed me with a hint of longingness already in her eyes, while I put on my t-shirt.

“I gotta remember to feed the cat. I’ll also warm up some dinner for us, okay?”


With a blissful expression on her face, Mika repositioned herself in my bed and pulled my duvet tightly around her, making her look like a white cocoon with a human head sticking out at the end. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who loved the comfort of being able to stay in bed while looking forward to being brought food. It also didn’t look like she had any intention of getting dressed again, which suited me just fine. I made my way to my landlady’s living room and scooped up a portion into the cat’s bowl, before returning to my kitchen to heat up the curry in my microwave. While I stood out there, watching the tupperware making slow revolutions inside the humming box, I replayed the events of the day in my head. It felt like a dream come true of having been able to take the virginity of a cute, petite girl wearing a Japanese school uniform, but it was also overshadowed by what had come after. The sound of her crying was still echoing in my ears. The poor girl clearly had issues. It wasn’t so much how she likely had social anxiety to some degree, or that her behavior and interests could be considered a little eccentric for a thirteen year old girl.

No, what really pained me was how clearly unhappy she was in her home environment. And that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, except for being someone she could stealthily text with. Any attempt at entering her regular life would seem suspicious at best, and reveal our relationship at worst. And then it hit me that I had just broken the law, physically consummating our relationship. Of course, all of my fondling of Mika - right from day one - had been illegal, but as long as Mika would deny any accusations, I don’t think anything could happen to me. But now, in the worst case scenario, if her parents… I shook my head and reminded myself that Mika loved me, she had liked what we had just done, so it wasn’t wrong, and nothing would happen, and I’m not a bad person. As long as what happens between us stays between us, everything’s good.

When I returned to my room with two bowls of smoking hot curry, the Mika-cocoon had developed two thin, pale arms with which she held up her phone above her head.

“Josephine just asked me what we’re doing… what should I say?”

Anonymous 21/12/27(Mon)21:02 No. 27474 ID: 8a0503


I stopped dead in my tracks, but the food bowls were beginning to burn my fingers, so I sat them down on my desk before plumping myself down on my bed. Mika moved up to sit against the wall, looking at me for a reply.

“Uhh… I guess you can tell her that we’re eating dinner.”

Mika turned her attention back to her phone and her fingers began dancing over the display, while I made some room on my nightstand to put the curry bowls on. It had become increasingly cluttered with books, electronic devices, and chocolate bars. My mind was racing to come up with what else Mika could tell Josephine. I doubted that our dinner was what she was interested in, but rather what we had been doing.

“Listen… I… I don’t think you should tell her that we’ve, um, you know.”

A feeling of panic almost paralyzed me, and it was only with a great deal of difficulty that I could muster to carry the bowls over to the nightstand. It suddenly seemed absurd to me; in any other case I wouldn’t have cared if it had been publicly broadcast from the rooftops of the city that I had just had sex, but with Mika it had to stay a secret.

Mika put her phone down to pick up one of the bowls, but she found the curry too hot to get started with just yet. She looked at me with a confused and worried expression on her face while she waited for it to cool down.

“But you said yesterday that you don’t mind us talking.”

Oh, shit. I did. I pretty much gave Mika permission to share everything with Josephine, I realized. Even though I was starting to get seriously cold, only sitting in my boxers and t-shirt, I couldn’t move.

“... How much have you told her?”

Mika picked up on the seriousness of my voice. She slowly pulled my duvet up to hide the lower half of her face, her curry coming dangerously close to spilling out on my bed. Her eyes were stricken with fear from realizing that I didn’t seem too happy with what she had done.

“Ju-... just that we… That you… That we’ve kissed…. And touched.. And stuff… Were I not supposed to…?”

“Did you say what we, um… That we… What we just did?”

“No!” Mika shook her head, again making her dinner almost flip over. “She only texted me just now, while you were in the kitchen.”

Oh, right. I knew that she hadn’t touched her phone since at least when I had returned with the sushi. Not all was lost. My panic subdued and I realized how scared Mika had become, frozen in place up against the wall, leaning away from me, staring at me with frightened eyes. She wasn’t scared of the risk of being found out, she was scared of me. Even though I hadn’t raised my voice, she didn’t seem to be able to handle me getting upset.

“Aw… I’m sorry, sweetie. It’s okay.”

I slowly took Mika’s curry and put it back on my nightstand, before crawling up beside her to give her a hug. She immediately hugged me back, hiding her face against my shoulder.

“... are you mad?”

“No, no no no. I just got… scared… I thought we would be keeping things secret.”

I slowly stroked Mika’s hair, calming her down. Would our relationship continue to be this difficult? It seemed like just a minute ago that we were lying in each other’s embrace, without a care in the world.

“But… Josie’s my best friend. We don’t keep secrets from each other.”

“Okay. It’s okay. If you trust her, then so do I.”

That was a lie. One of the only lies I ever told Mika. There was no way I could trust an eleven-year old girl I had only met once with keeping a secret.

“You’ll be seeing her tomorrow, right? On your way home?”

“We both will… won’t we? Didn’t you leave your bike there?”

Huh. I was starting to think that Mika had better memory than me. That’s right, my bike was still - hopefully - locked to a bike rack near a bus stop in Josephine’s neighborhood.

“Oh, oh yeah. So… I guess the plan is that I’ll escort you back to Josie tomorrow? So that I can pick up my bike. Do you know what time you have to be home?”


Mika nodded, and reached over to grab her phone. I couldn’t see the screen the way we were sitting, but she quickly scrolled to what she was looking for.

“She wrote out like, a time table. I have to leave here by one tomorrow, and then she wanna hang out for like an hour, and then she wanna send me home to my mom.”

Oof, that was earlier than I had expected. I think we had stayed in bed this morning until around 12, and she needed to go at 13:00 tomorrow. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

“Okay, okay… Sounds good. Um, if you can…”

I put a hand on Mika’s and gently pushed her phone down to the duvet, to turn her full attention to me. She looked up at me, cautious but listening. I gazed back down into her eyes and tried to keep a smile as I talked very slowly and clearly, trying to put some weight behind my words.

“I would really appreciate it if you could, you know, talk about… those things… only in real life, and not through texts… Okay?”


Mika nodded, and I gave her forehead a kiss. I couldn’t bring myself to outright forbid her from telling Josephine what we had been doing, but hopefully I could prevent there being any evidence of it in the form of incriminating texts. I also wanted to be on Josephine’s good side as much as possible… After all, it was all thanks to her that Mika had been able to spend the past few days here.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, baby.”

We hugged again, and shared a soft, tender kiss. My hunger suddenly came back in full force, now that the crisis was over. I put on some anime, got under the duvet next to Mika, and we were both finally able to have dinner. The curry had become lukewarm at this point, but I didn’t care. I only cared about Mika enjoying her last meal for now with me.

We spent the rest of the evening just lazing around on my bed again. It was getting even colder now that the sun had gone down, so we stayed snuggled up under my duvet while we each were on our respective electronic devices. I made sure to set an alarm for tomorrow, and Mika texted a bit back and forth with Josephine, allowing me to have a peek now and then so I could see that she wasn’t divulging any explicit details. From what I could tell through the flurry of emojis and smileys, Josephine’s responses seemed slightly frustrated at the lack of saucy details, but she was pacified by the promise of hearing more from Mika in person when they would meet up tomorrow. I reluctantly refrained from trying to control exactly what Mika would be telling her, accepting the fact that Josephine would want to get the full story if I wanted to count on her help again in the future.

Some time past midnight, Mika put her phone away and closed her eyes, followed by a large yawn. Guess it was time to sleep. Almost.

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?”

Mika had just buried herself deep down under my duvet, but turned her head back to peek sleepily up at me.


“Gotta brush your teeth, sweetie.”

“... Hmnf…”

Turning away from me again, she cutely wiggled around under my duvet, before rolling over and across my legs to get out of bed - taking the duvet with her, keeping it wrapped around both her head and her body like a huge, white robe. Leaving me in the cool midnight air.

“... Hey! I’m friggin’ freezing!”

“... You’re the only one of us with clothes on~” Mika teasingly stated before suddenly freezing in place, slowly bending slightly forward.

“Eeek…! I can feel it running down my legs…!”

Slightly amused, I watched her tiptoe from one foot to the other a few times before she darted out towards the bathroom, taking my duvet with her. I heard the bathroom door closing, locking, and after a short while the toilet being flushed. While she was out there, I cleaned up after our dinner and washed the dishes in my kitchen, from where I could hear the faint sound of Mika brushing her teeth. Just when I was drying off the tupperware, the bathroom door opened again followed by a pair of brown eyes underneath my duvet peeking out at me from behind my kitchen door frame. She almost looked like a kid at halloween, pretending to be a ghost by having a white sheet over her head.

“... all um, good now.”

I gave her an amused nod and finished up, afterwards going out to brush my teeth as well to get ready for bed. As soon as I switched off the lights and got back under the duvet with Mika, she quickly crawled up on top of me, laying on my chest to hug her trembling body against mine.

“So cold… Need… warmth…”

She really did feel slightly cool to touch, she must have been freezing out in the bathroom. I vigorously rubbed my hands up and down over her bare back, trying to warm her up.

“Poor little girl… Come up here, sweetie.”

Mika crawled up so that we could kiss, and we softly began to make out; at first to warm us up after our exposure to the cold spring air, but continuing even after Mika had stopped shivering. I could taste the familiar taste of my toothpaste in Mika’s mouth. At some point, Mika drew her legs up so that she was straddling my hips, which tilted her womanhood down to press directly on my bulge through the cotton of my underwear. I don’t think it was her intention, but I couldn’t ignore the mood it set for the night. I ran my hands down over her back to tightly grip onto her small rear, pushing her crotch further down against me.


Mika gave a soft moan into my mouth, and I felt her squeeze the muscles in her stomach, her butt, and her thighs. We deepened our kiss, and began working in tandem to gently rock Mika’s body back and forth on top of me, my grip making sure that we were grinding against each other in just the right place. I could feel my boxers becoming moist in the area that was rubbing between Mika’s legs. I broke our kiss to whisper up to Mika, the darkness only allowing me to see the outlines of her face.

“... How do you feel…? Down here…?”

We stopped our rocking motion, and Mika contracted her muscles once more.

“... I’m… Okay….”

“Do you think I can pull my boxers down a bit…”?

“... Yes…”

I had planned to avoid making Mika having to endure having anything inserted up inside her again for the rest of her stay, but since I had met her, I found myself increasingly losing control of my self-control. I put my thumbs under the waistband of my underwear and wiggled around to push them down, Mika raising her hips a bit to let me move around. I was already hard, and once my boxers had been pushed down to my thighs, Mika lowered herself again, her labia being pressed slightly apart by straddling the underside of my shaft.

We picked up where we had left off, our mouths meeting again while Mika slid herself back and forth, coating almost my entire length with a slick wetness. I wrapped my arms around her in a hug and let her move her body by her own speed, listening to how she was mewling cute moans against my lips as she masturbated herself with my hardness. I was tempted to over and focus on my own pleasure as well, but I wanted to give Mika the time to take the lead for a bit longer. She had picked up her speed, and was now resting her warm forehead on my cheek, quietly moaning out against my neck.

After some time, I think her stamina wore out and she slowly came to a halt, a couple of grunts indicating a slight frustration of being close to climax but unable to get all the way there by herself. I took this as my chance to take over, and I reached down between our bodies to grab onto my manhood. Mika quickly picked up on what was about to come next, and she leaned forward to position her hips a bit better. I pointed the tip of my penis up and it brushed against Mika’s vagina, but it just slipped around each time I tried to push upwards. It was simply too slippery down there, and I couldn’t see what I was doing. It probably didn’t help that the opening I was looking for was so small that it had always seemed difficult to get even a finger in there. My boxers were also limiting how much I could move my legs, so I paused to quickly pull them off, also stripping myself of my t-shirt as well.

We both giggled awkwardly at our clumsiness before Mika raised herself up on all fours, giving us some more room to work with. She then too reached down with one hand, and we both fumbled around for a bit in the darkness. Finally, I could feel Mika spreading her entrance open with her fingers, giving me the guidance I needed. I held my penis up against the lower part of her vagina, and stayed still while she slowly lowered her hips again, impaling herself on my hardness. With just the tip inside, she sat up a bit more straight, putting both her hands on my stomach to support her weight. The duvet fell down from her back, leaving us exposed to the cool air again, but neither of us felt cold. A ray of moonlight was now streaming in through my window, illuminating my room enough so that I could see how much Mika was concentrating on taking me in by her own pace, biting her lower lip with her eyes closed.

Feeling a tiny bit more of my length being enveloped in Mika’s tight, wet embrace, I let go of my penis and let her take her time to let her small body accommodate such a large intruder for the second time. She leaned a little more back and winced as the extra weight pushed her a bit deeper down on me, her flat chest illuminated a silvery blue in the moonlight, pulsating slowly as she breathed for air. Once she had taken half of my length, she began moving up and down, the expressions of pain on her face turning into expressions of pleasure. For me, of course, the pleasure was immense, and I arched my back as I felt myself disappear deeper and deeper into Mika’s body. Our moans mixed together with the increasingly loud sounds of wet skin and deep, hard breaths.

I had long ago lost track of time, so I’m not able to tell you for how long Mika was sitting on me like this, riding me faster and faster in the moonlight. At some point, our hands had found each other and had intertwined our fingers. Mika was now sitting completely upright and taking almost my entire length each time she lowered herself, the place where our bodies were joined completely visible before me. Suddenly, Mika squeezed my hands almost to the point of hurting me, shutting her eyes tight and a moment after letting out a succession of loud, drawn-out moans, her stomach muscles visibly undulating under her skin. I watched in surprise as my girl had managed to ride herself to an orgasm on my penis, enjoying the show of howMika first pressed her chin down against her chest like she was using up all the power of her body, then letting her head and eyes roll back as she slowly came down to sit limply on my hips, our hands just barely staying connected by the power of my grip. Oh, and the tightness. She had been squeezing me like mad.

I let go of her hands and slowly sat up, and she fell in against my chest, panting slowly for air. I embraced her in a hug and stroked her damp hair, her skin moist with sweat. I kissed her forehead and began whispering my praises into her ear, telling her how she was a good girl, and how proud I was of her. To sit a bit more comfortably, I lifted Mika slightly up so that I could fold my legs up, sitting cross-legged with Mika sitting back down in my lap, my penis still inside her. She also repositioned herself a bit, wrapping her legs around my waist, causing her to yelp as this made my manhood slip just a hair deeper up in her. Sensing the cold air creeping closer now that my bedroom was silent again, I took my duvet and wrapped it around our bodies. We then sat still like that for a short while, giving Mika a pause to catch her breath while I snuggled her weak body. When Mika began stirring a bit again, I took it as a sign to continue. I hadn’t come myself yet, after all.

“... Do you think you can hold on for a little while longer?”

My question was instantly met with the feeling of Mika’s insides tightening around my length in anticipation, and she shifted her weight around a bit on my lap.

“... Yeah..”

“Good girl.”

I kissed her forehead in approval and tightened my hug around her body, using my embrace to lift her upwards ever so slightly. Seemingly extra-sensitive now after her orgasm, Mika moaned out loudly as I let her drop down in my lap again, and she put her hands on my shoulders for support. I gradually increased the distance I pulled her up before sending her sliding back down on my length again, eventually coming to the point where just my tip would be left inside her tight opening. She moaned loudly every time I lowered her back down again, and breathed in in anticipation every time my almost entire length was pulled out from her wet entrance. It felt like I was penetrating her for the first time with each stroke; like her inner walls were being forced apart anew each time my shaft made its way up inside her body. I then increased the speed as well, making Mika grip tighter onto my waist with her legs as she held on for dear life. It helped that my lover was such a light and small girl, her weight easy for me to handle. My room was filled with the noises of lovemaking again, her butt slapping against my lap as I indulged in the pleasures of her naked body. While it had been unimaginable hot to fuck her in her school uniform before, it was something else when we were now both naked - like it was more raw and emotional.

I closed my eyes and went into overdrive, no longer moving Mika up and down in long, smooth strokes but keeping her close down to my lap, violently jerking back and forth to grind my penis against her deepest parts. I finally exploded with pleasure and I hugged Mika down tight against me with almost my entire strength, using the tiny bit of rational thought I had left to prevent me from squeezing her to death. Mika likewise held on to me as tight as she could, the sounds of her moans shifting slightly in tone as she felt herself getting creampied again. She then exhaled slowly and planted a series of soft kisses on my cheek, even before my penis had stopped twitching inside her while releasing its seed. Perhaps that was her way of praising me, for a job well done? In any case, I was completely spent by now and could only barely manage to keep sitting upright, Mika tiredly nuzzling her face into my neck. The intensity had been just like when jerking off: the longer the build-up, the stronger the climax.

I slowly let myself fall backwards, taking Mika with me to rest on my chest. Even though we were both sweaty like pigs and with more bodily fluids between - and on - our legs than I had thought naturally possible, we stayed perfectly still in a loving embrace. I could feel myself slowly shrinking inside Mika’s body, but my manhood stayed snugly in place in its warm, wet resting place. Mika yawned deeply, and murmured peacefully as she made herself comfortable on top of me. We wished each other good night, and Mika was quickly asleep while I was able to keep my eyes open a little longer, gazing up at the black sky through my window.

A lot of thoughts were crossing my mind while I listened to Mika’s soft, slow breathing against my chest, like going over the trip for tomorrow, going over my university timetable for next week, and generally just thinking about how lucky I had been to be where I was right now. I thought about how I, and likely Mika too, had probably been severely touch-starved until we had met each other, and that that was likely a reason why Mika had let me touch her so intimately right from the beginning. I also thought about how my landlady would come home from her vacation next month, which meant that I only had two more weekends alone in the apartment. Only two more weekends with Mika, her parents allowing… I would have to come up with something by that time… But for now… so… sleepy… Mika… so… warm…

Day nine

Feeling a little too flustered than I would prefer, I turned around in my bed while slowly coming to my senses. I was then struck by a bolt of panic at realizing that I was in the middle of waking up by myself, instead of being awoken by my alarm. Didn’t I set it yesterday? Did we sleep through it? I reached out in a daze, grabbing my tablet to check the time. Phew, I had just woken up early. I sighed out in relief and rolled over on my back. Just like there were mornings where I seemed unable to fully wake up, there were also mornings where I woke up surprisingly refreshed even after just a moderate amount of sleep. Above me, I could only see a single, twirly cloud on a blue sky. Oh yeah, the sky had cleared up last night, and the prospect of finally seeing some improvements to the weather instantly cheered me up.

Oh, and then there was the girl by my side. Lying on her stomach with her face turned towards me, Mika was still sleeping peacefully, her face looking calm but also slightly sad. I guess that was just how she looked when she slept sometimes. I knew from pictures taken of me that I certainly didn’t always look my best myself when I slept. She must have rolled off me at some point in the night… I guess it would be impossible to sleep through the whole night in that position, as hot as I found the thought. A few more areas of my reptile brain came online, and I suddenly felt nature calling.

Careful not to wake Mika up, I went out to the bathroom to relieve myself. Still naked, I was then rudely reminded of the fact that none of us had showered since Mika had come over. Our activities last night had left me a bit more smelly than I was comfortable with, so I jumped into the shower to get clean. Afterwards, I tip-toed around to get dressed, make myself some coffee and breakfast, and checking up on the timetable for the bus. While I sat by my desk eating my breakfast as silently as I could, I looked at the poofy ball my duvet had now taken the shape of, Mika having buried herself in my beddings so only the top of her head was peeking out now, her eyes still closed. She probably also needed a shower, I thought. Not only considering any odours; I can’t exactly send her home to her mom with her belly still full of…

I looked at the time on my phone, and reluctantly decided that I had better disturb Mika from her blissful sleep, so that she could have time enough to wash herself and clean the places that needed to be cleaned. Girls also take longer than guys in the bathroom in the mornings, right? I moved over to sit on my bed, and gently gave Mika a shake.

“Sweetie, wake up… Time to get up.”

“.... Mmmmhhnnn..”

A quiet groan emerged from the duvet, followed by a slow shuffling around.

“Come ooon. I’ll make you breakfast.”


Mika slowly sat up, clutching the duvet against her chest, her hair in the messiest state I had seen it in thus far. She didn’t seem happy to have had her sleep distrurbed. Or maybe she was already sad that today was the day she had to go home.

“Good morning, princess.”

I leaned over to give her cheek a kiss, which seemed to appease her grumpiness a tiny bit.

“We have to get you clean before we go today. I just took a shower myself.”

“... Okay… Ah..!”

Mike suddenly shut her lips tight and looked downwards. I guess sitting up had made gravity do its thing in a certain place.

“... Yeah, that’s what I mean. Come on.”

I peeled the duvet away and put a hand on Mika’s back to direct her out of bed, and led her to the bathroom and into the shower. She walked a little awkwardly, but that should be fixed after a quick cleanup, I thought. I didn’t dwell too much on it, as I am always stressed out when I have something I need to be on time for, like a plane or a meeting, so I wasn’t in a state of mind to enjoy the sight of Mika’s naked body. I quickly showed her how the shower worked and which shampoo she could use, before leaving her alone to clean herself up while I went to my room to pack Mika’s bag. I neatly folded her school uniform up to the best of my ability, and put it in her backpack along with her school books. I laid out her hoodie, jeans, and white pair of panties on my bed. I looked at the time; still good. Wandering aimlessly around for a few minutes while I listened to the sound of water splashing around in the bathroom, I then cleaned up after my breakfast as well as whatever else was left in my kitchen. I sure had become a neat, respectable adult, upholding such a high level of cleanliness.

Restless once again, I returned to my room and decided to check on my duvet and sheets. It wasn’t as bad as I had feared, but I decided to change my beddings anyway. I then went into my landlady’s living room to feed the cat, and sat down on the couch to watch it eat. Afraid that I was overlooking some detail that would reveal us when Mika got home, I thought over everything once more. I wasn’t forgetting anything, was I?


The sound of running water had stopped, and Mika was calling for me from the bathroom. The cat raised its head in the direction of the voice, but returned to its food bowl. I went out to stand near the closed bathroom door.



“... I don’t have a towel.”

Shit, I knew I had forgotten something.

“Oh… Just a second.”

After grabbing a fresh towel from my room, I slowly opened the bathroom door and was met with a room of hot, steamy air containing a light scent of my shampoo. I stepped over and pulled the shower curtain aside, revealing a damp Mika who quickly turned her side to me, covering her chest and her crotch with her arms.


I raised an eyebrow in confusion at Mika’s sudden shyness. She didn’t seem displeased, but was looking up at me with a cute, vulnerable pout.

“Hm? What are you hiding…? You have cleaned yourself up everywhere, riiight?”

“Yea- Yes I have…!”

“Hmmmmn?” I tried to look unconvinced at her, and I guess it worked, since Mika slowly lowered her arms and turned a bit more towards me. Her pearly-white skin was glistening with water drops running down over her chest and stomach, with a number of drops having to make a detour as they were obstructed by two small, hard nipples on Mika’s breasts. Though I would have loved to examine the thoroughness of her cleaning down below as well, I took her words for granted and handed her the towel with a satisfied nod.

“You’re so beautiful.”

I leaned in and gave Mika’s blushing cheek a kiss before leaving her alone to get dry and ready to leave, while I went out to my kitchen to prepare some toast for her. Goddammit, I was gonna miss her. The past couple of days seemed to just have gone by in an instant; an instant of warmth and softness. My stomach hurt at the thought of having to say goodbye for at least a week in just a couple of hours.

We rode the bus in silence, Mika back to her “civilian” self in her black jeans, hoodie and backpack. Mika had texted Josephine when we got on, and she had suggested to meet in the same café that I had been waiting in when I picked Mika up. Sure enough, leaning against the wall of the café with a phone in her hand were that same young girl I hadn’t seen since our picnic at the Japanese festival, now dressed in light blue jeans and thick gray sweater. She quickly spotted us and zipped over to give Mika a hug, after which she eyed me up and down with that same huge smile and sparkles in her eyes as the last time we had met.

“Hi David!”

“... Hi, Josephine.”

“Josie! Just call me Josie~” she quipped; awfully full of energy so early on a sunday morning.

“Thanks for taking good care of Mika!”

Josie grabbed onto Mika’s arm, while Mika looked down at the ground with an embarrassed smile on her lips. Was she referring to… anything?

“Well, yeah, uh, since she’s… You know, my…”

Josie giggled and leaned closer to me, still hanging onto Mika’s arm, and lowered her voice a little bit.

“Your girlfriend! Yeah. Wow! Can’t believe you two ended up dating. I thought you were just hanging out with my girl. You know how shy she is, right? You must really…”

Josie’s voice trailed off, but she kept staring right into my eyes, studying me. This girl was a bit more intense than I could handle. Or maybe I had a hard time coping with a little girl dominating our conversation like this. I don’t think I had even talked to an eleven year old girl since I had been around that age myself - our last meeting at the festival excluded. It felt weird.


Mika shook the arm Josie was holding on to, displaying her uneasiness.

“Ahahah, sorry~”

Josie broke her eye contact with me and giggled, and began swinging her and Mika’s arm back and forth. I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. I awkwardly stepped closer to Mika.

“Uh, well then… See you later.”

Mika nodded and broke off from Josie and hesitated, looking around if there was anyone watching before she gave me a tight hug. I hugged back and picked Mika up, rotating us slowly from side to side.

“It was so nice having you over, sweetie. I know you don’t wanna go back, but just text me anytime you want, when you’re in school, or-”

“Hey, no one’s looking!”

Josie interrupted our little moment, having placed herself right next to us, watching us with wide open eyes. Both me and Mika looked down at her in confusion.

“There’s no one here!”

Josie then made an exaggerated smooch into the air, showing us what she thought we should do.


I sat Mika down on the ground again, and we hesitantly looked at each other.

“Come ooon! Kiss.”

Just wanting to satisfy Josie’s demand, I pursed my lips and Mika did the same, and we quickly kissed goodbye. Satisfied, Josie took Mika’s hand and began dragging her towards the café, with Mika looking back at me over her shoulder, a thankful smile on her lips as a parting gift.

“Byyee Daviiiid!!”Josie yelled. “See ya later..!”

Hmm. That last part sounded less like an usual farewell, and more like a statement. I watched the two girls disappear into the café, before hurrying over to where I had parked my bike. To my luck, it was right where I had left it, and I made quick work of unlocking it and making my way home. So far, so good, I thought to myself. But I also thought about all the things that could go wrong.

Anonymous 21/12/31(Fri)08:58 No. 27482 ID: 8a0503

Back home in the apartment, I aimlessly paced back and forth between the silent, empty rooms. The only speck of life was my landlady’s cat, napping on the couch in the living room. After tiring my feet out, I sat down next to it and stroked its back while I thought things over. There was a lot to think about, and lots of things that had to change. I had to change. First of all, no more skipping classes. Even though a lot of my classes were a waste of time, I had no excuse to stay home if I was just going to slack off. If I got too bored, I could always see if I could exchange a few texts with Mika whenever she had breaks between her classes. Also, I didn’t have any excuses not to give my full efforts to my reports and exams either. I knew I could usually get top grades if I put my mind to it. Second of all, I needed to get a job. Knowing that having experience in a relevant field is the best thing you can do for your future career as a student, I had already been unenthusiastically applying for jobs here and there, but it was time to get serious about it. Not only to boost my CV for when I was done studying, but also as a part of the third thing I had to do something about: money.

We pretty much always need money to get the things we want in life, don’t we? Mika was no different. In the short term, I wouldn’t be too long since my landlady would be back, making opportunities for Mika to stay over much more rare. It was too risky to try to hide her in my room, since my landlady and I shared the bathroom, not to mention having to avoid any noises that might reveal us. Of course I wasn’t forbidden to have girls over, but I was afraid that my landlady would be able to identify the age of my girlfriend if she heard Mika’s voice. This meant that I needed to get my own place. Of course, the costs of living around here had been on an astronomical rise just like most other metropolises, so I needed a lot of money in order to afford my own apartment. I would only consider renting as a last resort, since it wasn’t any easier to find an affordable unit than it was to find an apartment for purchase, and when renting’, your money is just flushed down the toilet, while paying off a mortgage is essentially just putting your money into a savings account made out of bricks and mortar. Or glass and steel, if you’re a rich asshole.

Just as I had been half-assing my studies and my quest for a student job up until now, I had also been half-assing saving up for buying a place to live, but at least I had built up something of a respectable savings account. It helped that I almost never went out to party, so my only expenses were pretty much just rent, food, and buying a new video game now and then. I gave the cat some final pets before I returned to my room to sit down by my computer. I barely got any interest on my savings by just leaving them in my bank account, and it was time to do something about that. Oh, but first… A message from Mika.

“im back home now. all good. luv u <3”

While we texted back and forth, I spent the rest of the afternoon researching how to go about my investment strategy. Since I was a finance student I already knew where to start, and as I was blessed with having been born in a socialist paradise, I could leverage all of my savings since it wasn’t necessary for me to have an emergency fund for medical bills or any other silly stuff like that. After a quick lunch, I settled on dividing my savings into three, planning to put one third into a small selection of global index funds, another third spread out into considerably more diverse and risky opportunities, such as crowdfunded real estate developments, investments into physical objects such as arts, collectibles, and champagne - yes, crazily enough, that is something you can invest in. The last third I kept for… Some things I wanted to buy for Mika. We still had to live, laugh and love while we were young.

Since it was a Sunday, all the financial markets were closed, except for one. When evening rolled around, I had planned out exactly how much money to put into each investment vehicle, and was left with some small change, just a few thousand euros. Somewhat against my better judgment, I decided to yeet them into what seemed to be the most risky thing I could find, and bought a couple of so-called “bit coins”. I could see that they had already seen insane increases in value, and were now outrageously trading for a couple of hundred dollars a coin, completely unheard of. But whatever, I could afford the gamble, and were hoping for just a ten to twenty percent return at best.

Day ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen… I stopped counting.

Monday reared its ugly head, and I forced myself to get up early and get to class. As expected, the lectures of the day were quite easy to follow, leaving me free to begin executing on building up my budding investment portfolio. I sent a text to Mika quite early but expected that she would be unable to use her phone before her 10.00 break, and sure enough, I didn’t receive a reply until then. Declining an invitation from my buddies to eat lunch with them, we then also texted back and forth during our lunch break, and to my relief she seemed to be in good spirits, despite her anxiety last saturday. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was almost like we were eating lunch together, chatting and describing our lunch for each other. Hers sounded quite depressing though, just some dry rye bread with salami, while I was able to buy lunch from the surprisingly nice canteen in my school.

Tuesday didn’t go quite the same way though. Mika sent a text pretty early in the morning complaining about not feeling well, and being allowed to stay home from school. Her mom left her to be home alone, but even then she barely replied to my texts. I found it difficult to concentrate on my lessons, but I reminded myself that I had to stick to the new path I had decided on, and resisted the urge to go home. My anxiety grew the rest of the day, until finally I received a text shortly before bedtime.

“ive started bleeding…”

Ohhh… Oh shit.

“sry i didnt tell u before. its why i stayed home”

I panickedly tried to remember everything I could about the finer details of the female reproductive system. Her menstruation had come just a few days after having sex for the first time, that couldn’t be a coincidence, could it? Had my sperm really triggered her puberty? It would ruin everything if I had gotten Mika pregnant… wait, didn’t menstruating mean that there had not been an inseminated egg for the womb to uh, take care of, and therefore it got rid of the, uh, preparations? Wow, it felt like ages since I had had sex ed, and I hadn’t paid much attention to it back then. In any case, it meant that Mika was not pregnant, right? I had so many questions.

“Are you okay?”

My heart was pounding while I waited for a reply.

“yea. was scared but josie talked it all thru with me”

“shes gonna help me get on the pill. she told me what to tell my mom”

Oh… kay. I went out to my kitchen and cracked open a beer to calm my nerves. It sounded like Mika was in good hands… Man, I wonder how much Josephine was doing for her that I didn’t know about.

Mika became more talkative now that she had told me about what had happened, she had apparently been afraid of how to break it to me. I did my best to reassure her and tell her I loved her, and I agreed that she should get on the pill. No way did I like the idea of using a condom with her. My mind drifted off to last Saturday, which quickly got me hard. But one of the smaller details of the changes I had imposed on myself included a strict ban of fapping. I was gonna save my energy for my beloved, little girlfriend, who might soon not be so little any longer. Even though it wasn’t what had initially attracted me to Mika, it was a little bitter-sweet to know that her body would likely now develop from that of a young girl, and into that of a young woman. At least I would be along for the transformation, and be able to see - and feel - the changes up close.

Spending the afternoons and evenings freely texting back and forth again, much of it consisting of me helping Mika with her homework, we didn’t touch upon the topic of seeing each other again during the weekend until during the Wednesday lunch break. There wasn’t much to think about from my side, and I told Mika that she would be very welcome in my room again. Or to be more precise: in my bed, I thought to myself. Mika, of course, had to be allowed to spend the weekend at Josephine’s again, which meant that we had to rely on that little devil once more. I don’t know how the two girls did it, but after a couple of hours the message came through that Mika’s mom had agreed. Did Josephine also exert her control over her? Maybe Mika’s mom wasn’t able, or even willing, to give her daughter much support in terms of all the practical things Mika now had to consider now that she had properly reached puberty, and thus let Josephine take the reins. Weird, I thought, it was almost like Josie was the older, more experienced girl of the two. She seemed more and more mature for her age in all ways except physically, the more I got to know her.

Since it was a regular weekend, I could only have Mika over from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. Good enough for me, it had become extremely depressing sleeping alone after having spent the nights of the previous weekend with a cute, naked thirteen-year old pressed against me under my duvet. Friday finally rolled around, and I picked up a couple of frozen pizzas to share with Mika on my way home from university. Unable to focus on studying, I passed the time with video games until the doorbell finally rang. Finally.

Mika greeted me with a large, but still cutely shy smile, when I opened the door. I was about to pick her up in a hug when I noticed that something seemed off, and something suddenly moving right behind Mika’s back.


Oh… Oh no you didn’t.

From hiding behind Mika popped out yet another small girl, and a familiar, but not exactly welcome face, gleamed up at me with an infernal grin.

“Gosh! I had forgotten how tall you were!”

True enough, I was towering over her. Josephine must only have been around 140 centimeters tall, her eyes just about level with my solar plexus.

“Wha…. What are YOU doing here?!”

This hadn’t been part of the plan. Mika had told me that she could take the bus by herself from Josephine’s place, now that she had tried it once with me.

“Ehh?! What’s up with that reaction, Daviiiid? Am I not welcome here?”

Josie pouted and put her hands on her hips, exaggerating her demeanor to the point of comedy.

Mika stayed silent but looked up at me with a pained smile, with eyes that were begging for forgiveness. I figured that she had been forced to let Josephine come with her, as payback for her help in letting us meet again. Wait, didn’t that make Josephine a human trafficker? Transporting a barely-teen girl to a man, probably well aware of what he would do to her?

“Uh… Sure, you are, I just didn’t…”

“You promised me that you would teach me Japanese!”

Josie’s verbal skills were well above mine, her loud voice cutting me off and echoing through the stairway. Great, there’s nothing I would love more than having all my neighbors hear how I was having young girls over on a friday night. I bet that Josephine knew this very well. She wrapped her arms around Mika’s and raised her voice even more, putting on an act of helplessness.

“How can you turn me away like this, Daviiid?! Do you really want ME, a poor little girl, to have to go aaall the way home aaall alone aaall by herself in the dark at this time of the night??”

Stop, stop, stoooop! And stop saying my name like that! Josie was obviously not gonna let go of Mika unless I let them both come in, so I rolled my eyes and motioned for them to step inside. After checking that none of my neighbours were peeking their heads out of their front doors to check on the spectacle, I closed the door behind me and turned around to find only Mika standing in the hallway, wearing the same, black outfit as last time I saw her, along with her backpack. Josie had also had a backpack I think, but she had already zoomed through the hallway and further into the apartment, saying “Ojama-jimas! Or is it ojama-pyajamas?” when she had passed by me.

“Mika… what the hell…?!” I whispered.

“Sorryyyy! She… She didn’t take no for an answer.”

Bowing her head down, Mika clasped her hands together and held them up over her forehead in apology. I sighed at the thought of my plans for the weekend now being spoiled by that little, cockblocking brat. I knew Mika was telling the truth, so I sighed and patted her head.

“It’s fine. I was just… surprised. It’s good to see you, sweetie.”

Mika relaxed at the realization that I wasn’t mad, and she stepped in to give me a hug. She was averting my eyes, and I noticed her face was blushing a deep red. Standing up on her tip-toes, she whispered into my ear.

“I… I’ll make it up to you.”

She then let go and quickly darted after Josie, leaving me dumbstruck in the hallway. Oh man, this was gonna be a chaotic weekend. Knowing that I could not spend the next two days standing around in the hallway, I reluctantly followed the two girls and found them in the living room, kneeling on the floor where a very delighted cat had suddenly found itself being the centre of attention.

“Uh… So… Do you wanna see my room, Josie?” I awkwardly asked. I didn’t like her running around too much in my landlady’s living room. I was only supposed to be in here when feeding the cat, it wasn’t a place I could let my guests hang out in.

“Already seen it!”

Oh, huh. Well, it’s a small room, not much to see.

“Looks like a real adult’s room tho! Where’s all the waifu wall scrolls? And game consoles?”

“Hey, I uh. I am an adult, you know.”

“I know! But Mika said you’re a gamer.”

“Yeah, I play a little bit sometimes. On my computer.”

“Ohh! You’re into thaaat kind of games!”

What kind of games? Josie took her backpack off and zipped it open. She pulled a big bundle of wires out, with a black, shiny box attached to the end of some of them.

“Good thing I brought this, then!”

Mika was too occupied with scratching the head of the cat to join in on our conversation. She must be used to Josie’s high level of energy to let it bother her, I thought. Josie immediately began hooking her equipment up to my landlady’s TV, but I quickly explained that we couldn’t hang around in here. With a shrug she then took her stuff to my room, leaving Mika and me alone again.

“Hey… She’ll calm down eventually…. Right?”

I kneeled down next to Mika, who looked over at me in confusion.


I tilted my head over in the direction of sounds of plastic controllers falling onto the floor.

“Oh. Oh. Yeah.”

Mika giggled and lowered her voice.

“When she’s worn herself out. She’s just excited to be here.”

“I am too. That you’re here, of course.”

We smiled at each other and leaned in to share a kiss. My lips, my hands, my whole body was thirsting for intimacy with Mika, but I knew we would be unable to do much more than steal a quick kiss or a squeeze here and there as long as Josie were here. I’m not sure what she had expected, but I wanted to avoid making her feel like a third wheel. I slowly parted my lips from Mika’s, her face having a faint blush on her cheeks again.

“... By the way, how’s it going? With uh, everything.”

I looked down towards Mika’s crotch, and she did too.

“Oh… I’m fine… My mom took me to the doctor, so uh, yeah.”

Mika stopped petting the cat, and it got up to stretch its body before shuffling away. I was about to ask Mika if she had gotten on contraception when we were interrupted by the sound of a video game starting up on my TV, followed by a yell from Josie.

“Yoooo! You two comin’?”

We both rolled our eyes and stood up, and went to my room to see what Josie had set up. Mario Kart was playing on my TV, running on a console I had previously only heard rumors of.

“Is that a… Wii U?”

“Uhuh. I think I’m like, the only person in the entire country who has one.”

Josephine was sitting up against the wall in the far corner of my bed, and motioned for two controllers laying beside her.

“You know how to play this, right David?”

Josie looked up at me with a smug look on her face. Mika had already crawled up on my bed to sit besides Josie, and I followed in to sit besides Mika.

“Pft! Listen here kiddo, I was making laps in goddamn Mario Kart 64 while you were still in kindergarten.”

“Ooh? Is that a chaaaallenge?!”

Josie’s sense of superiority only grew, as did my amusement at the thought of a little girl thinking she had a chance against me in a game I had spent countless hours on many, many years ago.

“How about the winner gets something!”

Mika didn’t join in on our rivalry, and seemed to be surprisingly comfortable with the tense atmosphere between me and Josie.

“Sure, man.”

“Hooow abooout…. The winner gets to sleep with Mika tonight!”

Josie giggled and leaned in against Mika, who just looked back at Josie with a “Huh?” expression on her face.

Oh yeah, sleeping arrangements. I only now realized that that would be a problem. From the tone of Josie’s voice it was also obvious that it wasn’t sleep she was hinting at now, so I declined, as I didn’t want Mika to be treated like she was a prize pony. Josie tilted her head, thinking of another prize for the winner.

“Theeen… How aboout… The winner gets to decide ONE thing… Like make ONE demand… And the others have to obey it…!”

Whatevs, I was getting tired of arguing, and I was sure that the skills from my youth in Mario Kart 64 could be transferred directly to this shiny new iteration, so I agreed. Even if Josie won, what would be the worst thing she could ask for anyways? It would probably just be a demand for candy, or make us do a stupid song and dance, or something. Or to let her watch us kiss again. But surely not anything more than that, I thought.

A little time later, I hoped that I had better be right, because she goddamn won the tournament. What the hell was up with these maps anyways? Not to mention the drifting, I don’t remember it being such a big deal back in the good old days. While the final scoreboard was displaying the final tally, I put my hand over my eyes and sunk down in defeat. Mika gently patted my head for comfort, and Josephine was strangely silent about her victory, the smugness oozing off of her while she traversed the menus of the game. Mika had actually not done too bad herself, having come in just two places below me. But damn, it had been clear which one of us three actually owned the game and had been playing it a lot already.

We played a few tournaments more, just for fun, and I actually had more fun than I had had with a video game in ages. It probably also helped that it kept Josephine silent, except for the obligatory outbursts whenever we attacked each other, as she was using all of her attention on trying to win each round. I slowly got the hang of it and it wasn’t before long that we were trading places coming in first, laughing and teasing each other whenever one of us got blasted by a shell, or squashed by those falling pans. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad weekend after all?

After a couple of more maps, Mika retired and leaned in against me, resting her head on my shoulder while I continued to battle with Josie for a while longer. I had always been competitive in video games, and this was the first time I had played against a girl who was both as determined and able as I was to come out on top. While we were waiting for the game to load the next map after I had beat Josie on Super Bell Subway, Mika shook my arm.

“David, what’s for dinner?”

Damn, it had already gotten this late. I felt a little guilty about having gotten completely engulfed by Mario Kart, when I should be using the little time I had with my girlfriend on having fun with her instead. I could feel that I had also gotten quite hungry while we had been playing.

“I bought a bunch of pizzas we can heat up.”

Good thing that I had picked up a couple of extra pizzas, so that Mika could choose her favorite from the different types I had bought.

“Yay…! I like pizza.”

Mika cutely wiggled from side to side in excitement, and I put my controller down.

“Yeah! I’m hungry too!”

Josie put down her controller as well, and looked at me with anticipation. My suggestion that we pop them in the oven right away was agreed with by the two girls, and we all three made our way out to my kitchen where I pulled the selection of frozen pizzas out of the freezer. We each picked out one, and after putting them in my oven we returned to my room. Mika snuggled up against my arm again while I asked Josie what other games she had on her console, and she showed me her collection of mostly Zelda, Pokemon and Animal Crossing games. I had never been into Nintendo games at all, except for Mario Kart, so I figured that this was a chance to try out something else than first person shooters for a change.

“Hey, do you girls wanna watch some anime while we eat?”

“Sure! Have you watched Death Note? D’you wanna watch Death Note?”

Wasn’t that a bit too… dark, for an eleven-year old? I replied that yes, I have already watched it, so I got over to my computer to show Josie what I had on my hard drive.

“Can’t we continue watching Azumanga?”

Mika’s voice came from behind me, and I turned back to look at her, then at Josie.

“What’s that?”

“It’s real funny. And cute.”

“Sure, if you like it!”

Hearing Josie agree, I put on the next episode from where Mika and I had left off, and was about to get back in bed when Josie protested.

“Hey!! Didn’t it say episode nine?! How am I gonna follow the plot if I begin watching in the middle of everything?”

“Uh… There’s not really any plot, it’s just-”

“Nuh-uh!” Josie crossed her arms.

“I wanna watch it from the beginning.”

Mika stayed quiet, and I didn’t want to spoil the comfy mood that had developed while we had played Mario Kart, so I relented and put on episode one again. That girl really wants it her way, huh. Oh well, I was just happy that I could sit together and cuddle with Mika again, even though I had to keep my hands on top of her clothes this time, and away from her chest as well. We ate our pizzas while watching episode two, with Josie coming up with the genius suggestion that we cut them up into slices so we can all share the three different kinds we had baked, instead of my initial plan of each of us just having the pizza we had chosen. This girl was actually pretty smart.

After our late-night dinner, we watched another episode while I began to consider our sleeping arrangements, seeing as the three of us were starting to get sleepy. I didn’t have any spare mattress or anything I could put on the floor, and it was out of the question to use my landlady’s bed, so that just left the couch in the living room. But hey, then you could get to sleep with the cat. With episode three of Azumanga Daioh over, I suggested that we brush our teeth and get ready for bed.

“How about you girls sleep in my bed. I’ll take the couch.”

It hurt to give up on spending the night with Mika in my arms, but I wanted to be a good host. I didn’t want to send Josephine to the couch all alone, from where she would likely have to listen to the sound of me failing to keep my hands off her best friend’s body. Mika looked sad at my suggestion, while Josie just stared puzzledly at me.

“What are you talking about! Your bed is big enough for all of us!”

“What? It’s… it’s gonna be pretty cramped.”

“It hasn’t been a problem so far, has it? Has it, Mika?”

That was true, while we had been sitting pretty close together in my bed while we gamed and watched anime, always with Mika in the middle, it had worked out just fine.

“No… I don’t think so.”

Mika didn’t mind either, it seemed. Okay, well, if she was sure, we could see if all three of us could manage to sleep in the same bed. Josie would at least have a little distance from me, if we had Mika sleep between me and her. Josephine got what she wanted yet again. I fed the cat and cleaned up after our dinner while the girls went to the bathroom to brush their teeth and change clothes. Through the bathroom door I could hear Josie asking Mika if she had really forgotten to bring her pyjamas, to which Mika unconvincingly tried to say that oops, yes she had. When they came out, Josephine was wearing a pair of black and red plaid pyjamas pants along with a white t-shirt, while Mika was wearing a large, black t-shirt, but no pants, her long, bare legs leading to a pair of black panties. Her smooth skin were already covered in goosebumps so both of the girls quickly went to bed, with Josie having the audacity to start episode four before I was able to join them.

After having brushed my own teeth, I went to my room and stripped down to my t-shirt and boxers, not caring about Josie being there, and her not caring either, her attention being fixed on the obligatory pool episode playing on my TV. Josie had sat herself up in the corner again, leaving a little distance to Mika, who - due to the position of my TV being by the corner opposite of Josie - was lying on her side, facing the middle of the bed and thus also her best friend. I joined the girls who were already underneath my duvet, getting behind Mika to spoon her. This was one of those rare occasions where I was thankful for my height, since it had required me to get an extra large duvet, which was thus big enough to cover all of us. Even with our clothes in the way, it was heaven to again be this close to my little sweetheart, her small body pressing itself against my embrace as if hiding itself from the outside world.

With the duvet hiding us and with Josie visibly enjoying Azumanga Daioh, I allowed myself to put my hand up under Mika’s t-shirt to rest it on her bare stomach while we rewatched the show. And this is the limit, I thought to myself, I better keep my hands still tonight, since Josie was lying right next to Mika. But alas, Mika’s skin was so soft, and I had been blue-balling myself for days now thinking about my next time having Mika in my bed. I had decided against asking Mika to send me any saucy pictures of herself, or of having video calls with me late in the night, as such things would be hard evidence of our relationship if discovered. It had sucked, and now she was finally here in flesh and blood, and I couldn’t do anything more than pet her flat stomach… Except, that wasn’t Mika’s flat stomach I was touching now, it was Mika’s flat chest. My hand must have moved itself by force of habit.

Mika didn’t react at all to having her breast cupped by my hand, and Josie was still oblivious, so it looked like we were still safe. As much as I tried to, I couldn’t resist the heavenly sensation of Mika’s silky skin, the smoothness only interrupted by her soft little nipples, my fingers lightly brushing over them until they had hardened ever so slightly. Something else was hardening as well, to the point of my boxers becoming unbearingly restrictive on my nether parts.

Observing Josie through the corner of my eye, I slowly slid my hand away from Mika’s chest and moved it down to pull my boxers out of the way, my manhood standing up straight to be sandwiched between my stomach and Mika’s pantyclad butt. I paused to see if Josie had noticed, but both her and Mika seemingly had their full attention on the flashy images of my TV. I guess that it was both too loud for Josie to hear anything, and my room too dark for her to notice what was going on under the duvet, the TV being the only source of light. Even so, I didn’t want to make any suspicious movements underneath the duvet, so instead of returning my hand back up to Mika’s chest I let it stay down by our hips instead.

It wasn’t too interesting trying to watch the same gags I had just watched the weekend before, so I quickly got bored of the anime, unlike Mika who seemingly didn’t mind watching the same episodes one more time. There was no way I could fall asleep through the shrill noises of slapstick comedy, not to mention the feeling of Mika’s behind pressing against my still-hard penis. I very slowly began brushing my thumb up and down over the side of my shaft, even though there was something right next to it that I would much rather fondle instead. And so I did, despite how wrong it felt to do so with Mika’s eleven-year old friend sitting just a short distance away from us. I sighed, lamenting how weak I was in keeping my hands away from my lovable, willing girlfriend.

I don’t know if she actually was willing to let herself be touched in that very moment, or if she didn’t want to rat me out by telling me to stop. It was impossible for me to tell in the dim light from the TV, barely illuminating the tiny portion of Mika’s head that was sticking up from underneath the duvet. In any case, she laid perfectly still while I began softly rubbing her rear, my fingertips moving lower and lower down over her round, girlish curves. With nothing to stop me, I eventually began rubbing my fingers downwards between Mika’s legs, occasionally glancing over at Josie out of the corner of my eye every now and then to see if she had noticed what was going on almost right next to her.


I froze in place, and could feel Mika’s entire body tensing up. Josie had turned her head towards us.

“How long is this series?”

“U-uhh…” I stuttered, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Twenty-six episodes… I think…?”

“Cool! Enough for the whole night! It’s actually pretty good, even though it’s so old.”

Josie turned back to the TV, and I waited a minute or two before I resumed my covert actions between Mika’s legs. We didn’t have to get up early tomorrow, so we could keep watching anime as long into the night as we wanted, I thought. Or Josie can watch, at least, while Mika and I did something else.

Even though I could feel Mika’s body burning against my skin, I didn’t relent in playing with her nether parts. On the contrary, I pushed two of my fingers under the legband of her panties, and slid them between her silky labia. While Mika might not have reacted to having her nipples teased before, she had unmistakably reacted to being rubbed through her panties, as I felt that she was soaking wet. I felt the last barrier of restraint leave my soul.

Still moving my hand as slowly as I could, I carefully slid it out from between Mika’s thighs, and grabbed onto the waistband of her underwear instead. I began pulling her panties down over her butt in a painfully slow tempo, and Mika moved for the first time since I had begun touching her, raising her hips just enough to help me get her underwear out of the way. Oh yeah, she must be wanting this as much as I did.

Having already freed my penis from my own underwear just before, it was only a matter of pointing it in the right direction now. Mika again moved by arching her back, tilting her rear out towards me for better access. My hand wrapped around my hardness, and with more luck than the last time I tried to guide it towards Mika’s small entrance, the crown of my penis easily entered her with a slight push of my hips. I focused on controlling my breathing, and Mika was also able to prevent making any sounds that would alert Josephine to the fact that she was getting penetrated from behind.

To my surprise, Josie had apparently queued up a bunch of episodes on my computer, because the next episode began playing without any of us having to get up to do so manually. I reached around to put my hand on Mika’s hips, and she spent the next couple of minutes trying to stay quiet while she was slowly filled from behind with my hard cock. Her naked butt finally made contact with my hips, and we were again laying as close together as physically possible.


Josie was looking down at us again.

“How far did you say you had watched?”

Mika tensed up again, this time clearly felt by my shaft inside her. I coughed a little before being able to answer, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Around… Episode…. Ten…? I think? … Didn’t we get to episode ten, Mika?”

I looked down at Mika’s face, but her eyes were closed.

“Did she fall asleep?”

Josie leaned a bit closer, staring curiously at Mika who then opened her eyes.

“N-nuh… Um… Yes, episode ten…”

Her voice sounded a little strained, but Josie turned back to the TV once more. Mika squirmed slightly around, my penis receiving a couple of more tight squeezes. It felt amazing. Amazing, but I also knew that I couldn’t do much else than stay still like this. Josie could possibly not fail to notice if I began thrusting back and forth, no matter how much I wanted to. I sighed against the back of Mika’s neck, and gently patted her tummy.

Hold on, I thought. We would get found out if I began moving my hips, but Josie hadn’t noticed us when I had just been moving my hand, so maybe I could get away with… While still buried deep inside my girlfriend, I slowly slid my fingers down over Mika’s stomach, down underneath her panties and, after having to apply a little bit of force to push between her thighs, were able to reach the top of her vagina.

I could feel how Mika’s lips were already spread a bit open by having me inside her, and she shivered lightly when my fingertips began moving over her small clit. I saw her close her eyes again, and I began torturing her by massaging her little nub while she fought a hard battle staying perfectly quiet. We spent the rest of the episode like this, Josie still oblivious to my toying with Mika’s poor body.

Despite having at some point begun biting on to my duvet, Mika lost her battle against the pleasure she was feeling and she suddenly released a quiet, albeit revealing long, drawn out moan. She tensed up hard, her legs forcefully stretching out against mine, and both her vagina and her stomach convulsed strongly a few times, my bed shaking slightly underneath us with every spasm of her body. When her orgasm had finally left her, we both looked apprehensively up at Josie who, of course, were now staring right back down at us.

“Hey… If you two are gonna be gettin’ it on right next to me… The least you can do is let me watch.”

I couldn’t tell if she was joking, but it didn’t seem like it. Her strong, energetic voice was now lower in tone, and the broad smile had been replaced by an intense focus on Mika and me. Shit, I had fucked up. Royally. I sighed, and tried to think of what to say.

“We-... We’re not doing anything… anything you should see, at least.”

Josie moved up to sit on her knees, still staring down at us.

“Let me watch.”

“Nuh-uh…! Go lie down.”

Mika kept quiet while she tried to catch her breath, probably having been holding it in just before she came.

“... I won the tournament. This is my request. Let. Me. See.”

“What?!” I was beginning to panick. This was unreal.

“You… You-... You used your request when you said that we should watch Azumanga from the beginning!”

Josie smiled slightly at my rebuttal.

“That didn’t count. I didn’t say it was my request.”

Why you little… This girl had all the right cards on her hands. Here I thought that Mika was a little strange, but now her underage, best friend were demanding to watch her being fucked by a guy slightly more than double her age. She had outplayed me, and after a few tense seconds, I figured that I had no choice. She could ruin everything for us, if we didn’t keep her happy.

I pulled my hand out of Mika’s panties and reluctantly grabbed onto my duvet, slowly pulling it away to show Josie our bodies. Since we were spooning, Josie couldn’t really see anything except that my underwear was pulled down to my thighs, while Mika’s were only pulled down over her butt, still sitting mostly in place on her crotch. I felt a little bad for Mika, but she still didn’t protest, looking down at her legs while biting her lower lip. Josie leaned forward to study us.

“... What was that sound before?”

Josie spoke in an even lower, quieter voice, as if she were in the presence of something extremely delicate.

“... That was Mika.”

“Yeah, but… what was it?”

“She… well… She came.”


Josie looked up at Mika’s face, which was blushing a deep red.

“Did you… Did you come too, David?”

“... No. Not yet.”

Why did I say that? “Yet”? No way I was gonna continue now that we had an audience.



“Do it then.”

“Wha… what…?”

A small smile creeped across Josie’s lips.

“You can’t just stop now, can you…? Come on. It’s fine.”

I couldn’t believe my own ears, but I guess my penis could. It automatically throbbed at the idea, producing a small moan from Mika.

“Lemme just pause this.”

Josie jumped up and reached over to my computer, smashing the space button to pause the anime. She then just as quickly crawled back to the middle of the bed, and sat cross-legged beside Mika and me. It was now completely silent, except for the ragged sound of Mika’s breathing.

“There. Now you can continue.”

We had come this far, and it couldn’t get any worse by doing what she wanted. I put my hand on Mika’s hip again and slowly began pushing our bodies apart, my penis sliding out of her vagina, completely covered in wetness. Just before it slipped out, I pulled us back together again, Mika shutting her eyes tight while she moaned out without restraint. Mika’s thin fingers gripped onto my sheets, and she curled her legs up a bit halfways into a fetal position as I began thrusting back and forth into her, faster and faster, my libido surprisingly still able to work even when observed by an eleven-year old girl.

Josie kept quiet and watched us with her eyes wide open, and after already having been inside Mika for so long, it didn’t take much to bring about my own orgasm. I wrapped my arm around Mika and hugged her tightly as I released all the seed that had been building up for the past six days, filling her pussy with semen. I exhaled deeply now that it was over, and we laid still while Josie kept her eyes on Mika’s abdomen.

“Did you come too now?”

“Yeah… I did.”

“... I wanna see.”


Was this girl still not done?! How much more did she have to embarrass my poor little Mika?

“I wanna see what it looks like.”

I carefully slid my penis out of Mika, staring bewildered up at Josephine.

“See… See what, exactly?”

Josie looked from me and back to Mika’s stomach, and silently pointed a finger towards her crotch. As absurd as the situation was, a familiar rush of lust came over me. I had enjoyed exploring Mika’s vagina just last weekend myself, but that was when it was still in a completely virginial condition. As dirty as it felt, I was actually also curious about how it would look like after having been cummed inside.

I awkwardly pulled my boxers back up to give myself the modesty that I was now about to take away from Mika, and sat up on my knees. I rolled Mika over on her back, and pulled her soiled underwear down to the middle of her thighs. She was hazily looking up at us both, and I felt a slight bit of shame at what I was doing with her.

“Hey, sweetie… Just tell us if you’re not okay with this, alright?”

Mika gulped and slowly nodded, completely surrendering her body to our curiosity. How she was fine with all this I had no idea, but she didn’t resist in the slightest.

“It’s fine! We’ve seen each other naked before.”

I looked surprised at Josie, who responded to my words by raising her eyebrows.

“What? Don’t you think we’ve gone swimming together? Or does it work differently in the men’s changing room, or somethin’?”

Come on now, there was a difference between undressing in front of each other to put swimwear on, and having to your show off your genitals just after having had sex. In any case, there it was, Josie could now look at Mika’s thin slit, her outer labia glistening with a mix of both transparent and milky fluids.

“... Happy now?”

Josie took a moment to answer, moving a bit closer to Mika’s legs.

“Nuh-uh. I wanna get a proper look.”

Oh jeez… I gave up on talking back to her, figuring it would be easiest to just get it over with. I hooked my fingers under Mika’s panties again and pulled them off her feet, after which I motioned for her to sit up against the wall, putting a couple of pillows behind her back for support. Mika shyly complied, and sat up with her knees pulled up and spread wide open for us, her small vagina opening up before our eyes. I then reached out for the lamp on my nightstand and brought it over, turning it on to shine its white light on Mika’s exposed crotch. Mika cautiously bent forward as much as she could, trying to look down at herself as well. Guess she was also at least a little bit curious. Or maybe she just wanted to keep track of what we were going to do to her.

Both Josie and I repositioned ourselves to lie on our stomachs side by side, propping ourselves up on our elbows above Mika’s crotch to get a closer look. Visibly puffier than usual, her labia was hot and sticky from top to bottom, with a big white glob resting in the place where my penis had just been. I guess the hot air from the intense breaths coming from her two examiners tickled Mika’s wet skin, as her muscles suddenly contracted, pushing the white glob as well as a few more drops of sperm out of her entrance and down over her butt. Josie looked like she was staring at a small miracle, mouth slightly open and eyes focused intensely at the sight before her.

I reached up and carefully placed my thumb and my index finger on the upper part of Mika’s cleft to gently spread her labia, revealing the pinkness inside. Her clitoral hood seemed to have had escaped being coated in my sperm, but was still wet with Mika’s own fluid. Josie watched in silence without asking me any questions, so I figured that she knew everything there was to know about the female anatomy, and just wanted to see the real thing with her own eyes. I moved my fingers down a bit and spread the entrance to Mika’s tiny hole, causing a few more clumps of fluid to run out now that they were no longer trapped inside by the tight opening. The place that had been so neat and pink the last time I had done this was now a darker shade, almost purple, though it was hard to tell as there was visibly still a good amount of semen inside Mika’s vagina. How deep my sperm had reached I could only wonder.

“Whooa… It looks completely different.”

“Different? Different from what?”

I looked over at Josie while I still kept Mika’s hole open for her to gaze up in, puzzled that she had something to compare the sight to.

“From, y’know. Manga.”

“Ooh. Yeah, of course. This is real life.”


Josie shifted her head a bit to get a better view at the milky-white fluid still inside her best friend’s vagina.

“But it just looks like, y’know… Spit. With something white in it. I thought it looked like… whipped cream.”

Ah yeah, there were some artists who depicted it like that. I’ve never understood why. I moved my fingers around a bit on Mika’s inner labia, careful not to get myself too dirty.

“So has it looked like this every time you’ve done it?”

“Uh… Probably, yeah. I didn’t check.”

“And it’ll look like this every time you do it?”

“Yeah… When I do it down here, at least.”

“Yeah. It’ll look different if you put it in here, right?”

Josie pointed to Mika’s other, tiny hole, completely covered by the juices that had spilled out and ran down through Mika’s buttcrack. Mika tensed up slightly, and raised her head to look down at us with a worried expression on her face. I had referred to the times Mika had been giving me head, not to putting my dick inside Mika’s butt.

“Yeah. Then it’s all gonna go in there.”

“Have you tried that?”

“No… We haven’t.”

“Are you gonna?”

I glanced up at Mika’s increasingly worried face, before looking over at Josie.

“Not…. Not any time soon, I think.”


Mika sighed with relief. After probing around in Mika’s small folds for a bit while longer, I figured that Josie’s curiosity must have been satisfied by now. In my own case, I knew that I could always do this again another time.

“You’ve seen enough?”

“.... Yeah…”

We moved back and Mika closed her legs back together, nervously rubbing her thighs against each other. Her face had a beet-red color all over it, but she didn’t seem displeased or overly embarrassed. Josie rolled to the side, her eyes still on Mika’s crotch. I moved up to give my girlfriend a hug, and whispered into her ear that she had done a good job, which had its usual calming effect on her. After putting my lamp back to my nightstand, Mika tugged at my t-shirt, looking at me.

“Can… Can I go out and… clean up…?”

“Of course, baby.”

Mika got out of bed and, after a quick search for her panties, went out to the bathroom with her underwear in her hand, thighs pressed closed together. I laid down and glanced over at Josie, who had already made herself comfortable under the duvet.

“I trust that this counts. As your Mario Kart request.”


I had a ton of questions I wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to risk stirring the beehive. This crazy girl had caused me enough trouble for today… I just hoped that Mika had been okay with it all, and didn’t resent me for sharing Josie’s curiosity of wanting to see how her pussy would look after a creampie. At least, it had been her boyfriend and her best friend who had looked at her, and not some strangers… I wondered if they had done something like this before, but put it off for later to decide whether I should ask Mika about what things they might have been doing with each other during their previous sleepovers.

While Mika was cleaning herself up in the bathroom, I turned my computer and TV off so that we could finally get some sleep. When Mika came back, now wearing her black panties again, she got back in bed with me and took the weight of my guilt off my shoulders by immediately snuggling in against me as usual, a sleepy murmuring coming from her lips when I kissed the top of her head goodnight. We wished Josephine goodnight as well, and she did the same, and I closed my eyes being thankful that a busy day was finally over. As I drifted off into sleep, Mika half-splayed over me with her head resting on my shoulder, I wondered what the next couple of days together with this weird combo would bring.

Anonymous 22/01/21(Fri)18:15 No. 27512 ID: 477c5b

I kept waking up throughout the night, twisting and turning before I could fall asleep again. No doubt it was due to Josephine; the sudden lack of space arising from having another girl sleep in my bed was hard to get used to after having always slept alone for so long. I was probably also still pretty tense from being discovered steathily trying to have sex with Mika. That was squarely on me, though, and I could only be thankful that Josie had been interested, and not disgusted, by what we had been doing right next to her. Wanting to avoid such an awkward situation again, I kept my hands off Mika for the rest of the night and was satisfied with feeling her spoon up against my broad back.

Even so, I managed to get an okay amount of sleep, but when the first rays of sunshine began heating up my room, I found my bed too hot and clammy to be able to stay in bed any further. I got up much earlier than I had done in years, and careful not to wake up the two girls in my bed, I quietly got dressed. The sight of them peacefully sleeping, both of them splayed out underneath my duvet, reminded me of my school trips in my much younger days. I tiptoed to my kitchen and made myself some coffee and breakfast, which I took to my landlady’s living room to eat, hoping the caffeine could alleviate the grogginess I felt from getting up so early. I made sure to feed my landlady’s cat too, and we both silently ate our breakfast together in the wide, open room, enjoying that unique tranquility that you only find in the early hours of a weekend morning.

If the coffee didn’t wake me up, the sudden entry of Josephine into the living room startled me right awake. She closed the door behind her as silently as she had opened it, and she gave me a smile while she slowly came closer, arms politely folded behind her back while she took her time to study the room. My brain not yet fully functional, it took me a few seconds before I was able to come up with something appropriate to say.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, David~”

Josephine stopped up a couple of meters away from me, rubbing the toes of her bare feet against the wooden floor. We looked at each other in apprehension for a couple of seconds, before she spoke to me in a voice that was almost a whisper.

“Mika’s still sleeping”.

“... Oh… Yeah, it’s still early.”

“Yeah. I heard you getting up.”

She nervously took a step towards me, and brought her hands around to fold her fingers over her legs. She had lowered her face a bit, but was keeping her eyes on me with a small, nervous smile on her face that I hadn’t seen before.

“Y’know, David… Mika’s gonna be sleeping for a while longer…”

“... Oh…?”

“She won’t find out if we… y’know…”

Her voice trailed off, but her hands had now grabbed onto both the top of her pyjamas pants and the hem of her t-shirt, and she began pulling them in opposite directions, showing off her small stomach.


I slowly sat my coffee cup down on the coffee table, not really able to comprehend what she was hinting at.

“We can keep it a secret.”

Josephine kept tugging at her clothes, baring her skin from her bony rib cage and all the way down to just above her crotch. She held my gaze with a pair of eyes full of naughty intent, but also an obvious agitation.

“... I don’t think that’s a… good idea…”

You might not believe it, considering my behavior thus far, but even I had my limits, and Mika had already been just on the edge of it when we had met. Actually, she had been a good number of years below my age limit, but that damn sailor uniform had done away with that. In any case, the last thing I needed right now was to cheat on her, or start up some crazy love triangle with her best friend. Josephine stood still in her seducing pose for a few seconds, as if giving me a chance to change my mind, before she suddenly pulled her clothes back in place and stepped over to pet the cat, kneeling down with her back to me.

I blinked a few times in confusion, the only sound in the room being the quiet purring emanating from behind Josie. I guess it would be easiest for us both to pretend that this didn’t just happen, so I finished my coffee and watched as Josie entertained herself for a minute or two with the kitty. She then got up and nonchalantly told me that she would get back in bed, smiling to me as if she hadn’t just basically offered her preteen body to me. I leaned back with my head now spinning, knowing I would be having another difficult day ahead of me. At least the sun only kept shining stronger outside, finally bringing us some warmer weather.

Even so, I was getting cold and lonely from sitting in the silent living room, so I decided to do the same thing as Josie and get back into my warm, comfy bed. Mika was still sleeping, seemingly curled up in a fetal position almost all the way underneath my duvet, while Josie was sitting up in her corner again playing Animal Crossing on my TV with the sound muted. She gave me a brief smile as I entered but turned back to her game, and I slowly sat down in my bed next to Mika. It was still too early to get dressed and begin the day proper, and it was nice enough to just hang out in my bed like we had done last weekend, as long as I didn’t think of what had just transpired in the living room.

I tried to read the newspapers of the day on my tablet while Josie played her game, and Mika snuggled her face in against my upper leg at some point. I wondered if I should offer Josephine some breakfast, but I was still in a state of shock at what she had just done in the living room, so I didn’t dare say a word to her for the time being. I just couldn’t grasp why she had wanted to give herself to me, completely out of the blue like that. Was she jealous of me and Mika’s relationship? Did she want to experience what we had shown her last night herself? She couldn’t possibly have actually fallen in love with me, and tried to make a clumsy move on me. No way.

No, the only possible explanation was that she had tried to obtain something she could blackmail me with, to increase her control of me from being just over my relationship, to being over my whole life instead. But just what could an eleven-year old, admittedly very smart girl, want from a guy like me? While I did have some money she could extort from me, I couldn’t see how she could spend it without her parents asking questions. I couldn’t see how I could give her any other favors either. Even more disturbingly, she was risking her friendship with her best friend by doing all of this… And for what? I didn’t get it.

Josie was right when she said that Mika would be sleeping for a while longer. After getting bored with surfing around on my tablet, Josie noticed me sitting idly and offered to race me in Mario Kart again. Not having anything better to do, I accepted, and as weird as it was pretending that we hadn’t just had a little “moment” in the living room, the fun of competing against her quietly took it off my mind. I guess that we got so much into it that the clickity-clackity sounds of the controllers woke Mika up, as she eventually began stirring before slowly sitting up against the wall, leaning against my shoulder.

“Good morning sweetie… Just gotta race this final round…. Shit!”

One of the asshole CPU players bumped me off the track, allowing Josephine to overtake me while I waited to be carried back up from the infinite depths of space. We finished the race shortly after, with Josie having maintained her lead, and I put my controller away in defeat. Having waited until I wasn’t occupied with the game anymore, Mika laid herself further in against my chest, sleepily rubbing the top of her head against my jaw.

“Aw, come on David! Givin’ up just because you lost?”

I had planned to spend some time snuggling with Mika, but Josie didn’t want to hand over her new rival in Mario Kart to her just yet. She was ready to move on to the next race, looking over at me with her usual smugness. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Aren’t you getting hungry? What about you baby, what do you want for breakfast?

Mika was just about to reply when Josephine interrupted her, her energy level many times higher than Mika who had just woken up.

“Hey Mika, you go make us breakfast so we can keep playing!”

Dumbfounded, I wasn’t able to defend my girlfriend before she replied herself, rubbing her eyes.

“... wha’ do you want?”

She’s actually gonna do it? Is this girl able to say ‘No’ at all?!

“I dunno,” Josie quickly replied, “I don’t know what’s available.”

Josie looked at me for an answer, and Mika turned her head up to do the same.

“Uh… I have like, yogurt, and cereal… And bread. That’s what I usually eat.”

“I’ll have yogurt!” Josie raised her hand.

“Mn…” Mika yawned softly. “... but it’s not like you’re gonna have time to play if I just have to bring you yogurt.”

“Oh. Shoot.” Josie shrugged and shut down the console. “Guess we’ll have to rematch later then, David.”

Mika nodded and slowly crawled over me to get out of bed, not bothering to get dressed before she went out to the kitchen. Josie picked up her phone while she waited for her yogurt, while I sat still not knowing what I should do with myself. I could hear Mika put coffee over, and… Was that humming I could hear from the kitchen as well? After getting my coffee machine started, Mika leaned out from behind the door frame to my room, glancing down at me with a slightly embarrassed look.

“Um… David… What did you want for breakfast?”

I was tempted to say “You, back in bed with me”, but I asked for yogurt as well and Mika disappeared again, her humming returning while she rummaged around in my kitchen. I looked out through my window, only able to count a few scattered clouds on the horizon. Looked like spring was slowly turning into summer, and the temperature in the apartment had also increased enough for Mika to go around bare-legged, much to my delight.

After a few minutes, a still humming Mika began walking back and forth between my bedroom and my kitchen, bringing Josie and me a bowl of yogurt topped with cereal, as well as my coffee, before she finally got into bed herself with her own bow of cereal, sitting back in her usual spot in the middle of the bed. I considered putting some anime on while we ate, but wanted to enjoy what I assumed would be the last silent moment of the day, primarily seeing as Josie wasn’t making any crazy demands while she was busy eating.

Once done with my breakfast, I slumped back down in bed to relax and Mika soon followed, laying on her side with her arm and her leg over me once again. I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed being able to rest for a bit, slightly surprised that Josie was the slowest of the three of us with her breakfast. Once she finished her bowl as well, she nonchalantly put it on my stomach so that I could put it over on the nightstand with the others. Thanks, I guess.

“Well then… Anything you girls wanna do today?”

“Nuh-uh.” Mika shook her head, seeming happy with just lazing around in my bed again.

“Helloo! We have to do our homework.” Seemed like Josie had other plans. Mika sighed with frustration, and she hid her face against my neck. I tried to comfort her by patting her back.

“I’ll help you out, then it’ll be over in no time. Okay?”

“... okay.”

Josie sprang out of bed again and rummaged through her own as well as Mika’s backpacks, and threw an assortment of notebooks, textbooks and pencil cases up on my legs. From Mika’s backpack, she pulled up a thin laptop which she, with a little more carefulness, also placed by my legs. Mika sat up against the wall with an already bored look on her face, and I handed her the laptop. Apparently, she had to write a report on how sickness and healthcare was handled in our country in the medieval ages. Josie took her various books and pencil case and made herself comfortable in her corner again, and got to work on some grammar exercises. With her brain, it was probably a piece of cake for her, and I had to admit that I admired her discipline in making sure that they got their homework done so early in the weekend.

Looking up some resources on my tablet, I helped Mika out by pointing her to interesting things she could write about, how she should get them across in a language easy to understand, and how she could structure her report. Turns out that her report would become the basis for some group work later on, where she would have to work with some classmates to give a presentation on the medieval ages as a whole. The class had been split up into the various ages of ancient history, ranging all the way from the stone age and up till the industrial revolution. Brought back memories of my own school years. Mika was dreading the group work that was to follow, and I assured her that I could help her out with that too.

It wasn’t too bad to hang out with the girls chugging away at their homework, Mika on her laptop and Josephine scribbling away in her notebook. At one point, Mika wanted to reposition herself as she complained that her behind was beginning to hurt from sitting up against the wall - I admit, sitting in my bed wasn’t the most comfortable position, especially not when you were trying to get some work done. With the sun now shining brightly in through my window in addition to there being three people inside my small room, it had warmed sufficiently up so that we could do away with the duvet, allowing Mika to turn around so that she was lying on her stomach facing away from Josie and me, her head down by our feet and vice-versa. Propping herself up on her elbows, she could then continue working on her laptop while her butt got some rest.

It gave me a nice view of my girlfriend, as well. Still not wearing pants, Mika’s white, skinny legs were now out in the open with her small feet waving back and forth in the air. Even better, her pantyclad bottom was on full display, as was the outline of the treasures between her legs, the black cotton being stretched tightly across the contours of her cleft. Even though I have limbs longer than most, I lamented that they were not long enough to reach the places I wanted to reach, and resigned myself to gently stroking Mika’s lower legs and feet, which she brought back down on the bed close to my side in an approval of getting a light massage. I am in no way a foot fetischist, but I surely didn’t mind giving Mika some foot
rubs with one hand while I browsed Wikipedia with my other. With Josephine preoccupied with her own homework as well, we continued to chill out like this for a while.

Not surprisingly, it was Josie who was first to break the peace, though I didn’t blame her. We had been staying in bed like this for a couple of hours at this point.

“Hey, what are we gonna do for lunch?”

Mika turned her head back to look at me for an answer, and I could feel myself beginning to get hungry as well. Having Josie over had totally made me forget all about making plans for what to eat for today.

“Uh… I don’t really have any plans.”

We were all quiet for a few seconds, the girls keepinging their eyes on me. I guess it was purely my responsibility, as the grown-up here.

“... Anything you girls want?”

“Pizza!” Josie immediately blurted out.

“Aw, come on, we just had that yesterday.” As the grown-up, it was also my responsibility to ensure we were eating properly.

Josie tilted her head, straining to think of something else than pizza. Mika sat up and crossed her legs, silently leaving the decision up to us. I had better suggest something myself, or else we would have to settle on one of Josie’s suggestions for fast food.

“How about we make some curry? We can even make it Japanese-style, there’s an asian grocer down the road that sells those cube things.”

I thought I was so smart exploiting the girl’s love of Japanese culture, and Josie seemed excited at the idea, but now Mika spoke up.

“But… We made curry last weekend.”

Oh, right. We did. Even though it wasn’t Japanese-style. Wow, had it only been a week? It felt like a month since I had Mika over.

“Oh yeah, okay. Then how about… Dumplings? That’s super-easy, they’ve got them frozen in that asian store.”

“Cool! I’ve never tried dumplings before!”

Mika gave me a nod with a faint smile, approving of dumplings as well. Nevermind that they are more Chinese than Japanese, as far as I know, I was just happy that we could agree on something a bit more healthy than pizza. And I was looking forward to showing Mika that asian store, I bet they’d have tons of things she would love to try. Perfect chance to spoil my little girl. I put my tablet away and got out of bed.

“Alright then, let’s get dressed so we can go down there!”

Being lighter and faster, Josie quickly crawled past Mika and sprung up on her feet. Mika was about to stand up as well, but Josie turned around and melodramatically put a hand on her own cheek, suddenly putting on an obvious act. Ugh, what is it now?

“Oh, Mika, you’re not done with your homework, aaare you? You better stay and keep working on it, riiight?”

Still sitting on the bed, Mika paused and looked up at us both with her deep, brown eyes. I could see that she was unsure of what to say.

“Yeah… I guess…”

I wanted to protest, but I also didn’t want to start any trouble, especially not by starting to argue with Josephine. I convinced myself to agree with Josie’s sentiment that Mika had better finish her homework, so that we could play around for the rest of her stay. I then also remembered Mika’s dislike of being out in public, and how she had been clinging to me when we had gone shopping last weekend. While I was disappointed that I couldn’t show Mika the asian grocer, Josie got her way again.

“Me and David will take care of it! Shush now David, so that we may get dressed.”

Still speaking in some kind of dramatic theater-voice, I just about managed to pick up my jeans, shirt and socks before Josie pushed me out of my room, closing the door behind me. I sighed at how easy that damned little brat could boss around with me, and went to the living room to get dressed. My landlady’s cat opened an eye from its nap to look at me, and I could hear faint whispering and lots of Josie’s giggles coming from my room. After a minute or two, my door swung open and Josie strode out, now dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a graphic print of some cutesy anime I didn’t recognize. She looked pretty nice, actually.

“Alright David, lead the way!”

“Hold on a second, I didn’t say goodbye to Mika.”

I went back to my room, not so much to say goodbye, but to see what all that giggling had been about. Nothing had changed, however, and Mika was lying down on her stomach again, working on her laptop. Indeed, nothing had changed, since she hadn’t gotten dressed. Mika looked up at me with a slightly nervous expression on her face. I wondered if she was uncomfortable at having to be alone in the apartment, or at the fact that me and Josie would go out without her. I would hate to see our relationship become stained by any kind of jealousy.

“We’ll be back in a bit, okay?”

Mika nodded, and I leaned down and gave her a kiss on her lips, which seemed to calm her a bit. I then joined Josie in the hallway where she had already put her shoes and jacket on. I did the same, and we went down the stairs while Josie excitedly asked me about the store and what kinds of things they had. I could feel that Mika’s nervousness had rubbed off on me, while I tried to converse with Josie as naturally as I could. My uneasiness only increased as we got out on the street, as I thought back to her weird attempt at coming on to me this morning. Oooh… So that’s why she had told Mika to stay, wasn’t it? She wanted another chance to… Do something with me, manipulate me or whatever her plan is. I regretted agreeing to go shopping alone with her.

Despite my fears, the only thing Josie did was tease me with a suggestion of also doing some shopping in a lingerie store we passed by, though she didn’t say whether it was for her or for Mika. When we arrived at the asian grocer, we first picked out a selection of various candies and snacks, with Josie claiming to know what Mika would like. It was a shame she couldn’t browse the wares herself, I thought, but oh well, we made sure to get her some tasty-looking dangos and mochi cakes. We then found the frozen dumplings, and made our way back home - with me carrying the bag with our wares, of course. When I had paid for the items, Josephine had suddenly grown weirdly quiet, and was now looking down at the ground while we walked through the street. Was she depressed over not having had the chance to find some way to manipulate me?

“Hey… David.”

Oh shit, here it comes.

“Thanks… y’know.”

… Or maybe not. She wasn’t teasing now, she had suddenly dropped her voice down to a very serious tone.


“... For taking care of Mika.”

“O-oh… Well, yeah.”

“Y’know she’s having a, umm, hard time, right?”

Josie had raised her eyes from the pavement and up to me, an unexpectedly hard look on her face. It took a few seconds for me to be able to reply, needing some time to process the sudden change of Josephine’s character.

“Um… Kinda, yeah.”

“She’s really been better since, y’know, meeting you at that festival. She’s much happier now than she’s been in like, months.”

“Oh…? Really?”

Josie giggled a little at my lame reaction.

“Yeah. She keeps talking about you.”

“About me? I’m… Not doing anything special, though.” Other than indulging myself in the pleasures of her petite little body at every chance I get, I might add. I nervously scratched my neck. This girl had me utterly confused. Again.

“Hey… Uh, about this morning… What the hell was that about?” I asked after a couple of seconds of silence.

“Hm? Oh.” Josie was quiet for a few seconds.

“What do you think, stupid! I was just teasing you.”

Yeah, right. Even if having seen Mika and me doing it had given her the idea that having sex with older guys was normal, that kind of stuff isn’t something I think an eleven year old should joke around with.

“You almost gave me a heart attack..! What if I had…” I couldn’t find the right words, and made a loud sigh. Josie giggled.

“You’re cool, David. At first I thought I thought it was weird with, y’know, your….” Josie raised her hand horizontally up in the air, like you do when you’re measuring the height of someone. I couldn’t tell if she was referring to our height difference, or age difference.

“But I can tell that you really like her… Like, for who she is. So… I’ll leave Mika in your care, then~”

“In my…. Care…?” I looked puzzled down at Josie, who was perking up again, taking a bit wider steps now. I absolutely couldn’t make sense of this girl.

“What do you.. Just… what are you?”

“Me?” Josie looked up at me with a blank expression.

“I’m just a completely normal eleven-year old girl.”

Back in the apartment, we went out to my kitchen to deposit the spoils of our trip. I had noticed the door to my room was closed, but I was getting tired of carrying the bag with the groceries and just wanted to put them away as soon as possible. Josie had other plans though.

“Just leave ‘em to me! Why don’t you go and check how Mika is doing with her homework~”

“O… kay… Thanks.”

Josie seemed a little too eager to suddenly do the chore of taking care of the groceries, but I followed her advice and went out to open the door to my room. I nearly had a heart attack when I stepped inside. Mika immediately stood up from the bed, now wearing her school uniform. We hadn’t talked about having her bring it here this time though, but what a pleasant surprise. But then I noticed that something was different this time around, that there was now sticking up on top of her head… Cat ears. Of course, they didn’t look exactly like the real thing, like they always do in anime, but they looked pretty close. Brown fur, almost the exact same shade as Mika’s hair, with a patch of white fur on the insides of the ears. Most of all, it actually looked good. Mika had put her hands behind her back, and was rotating nervously from side to side as she let me look at her, a bright blush visible on her cheeks.

“Haha, wow….! Guess this apartment is now the home of two cute cats, huh.”

Mika smiled cutely at my compliment and looked down at the floor in embarrassment, and I stepped closer to get a better look at her. She fidgeted a bit with something behind her back before she slowly brought her hands out front, and it took me a few seconds to process just what it was that she was holding.

“U-um… This is also part of…. Um… But I couldn’t…”

She couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentences out of pure embarrassment, and I couldn’t believe my eyes either. She was holding a cat tail butt-plug. Same brown color as the ears, of course. Then it struck me; this was probably what they had been whispering about while Josie got dressed. This must definitely be one of her ideas… Where the hell did she even get this? Speaking of which, Josie loudly announced from the hallway that she had put the groceries away and would go play with the cat in the living room. Not the Mika-cat, of course, but my landlady’s cat. Taking my eyes off Mika, I noticed that her laptop was laying with its lid closed on my desk now.

“Did you finish the report?”

“Y-yeah… I did.”

Mika kept nervously swaying from side to side ever so slightly, fidgeting with the fur of the tail she was holding. She was probably nervous as hell at what I thought about this, but damn, she was just too cute. I don’t know what went over me, but the addition of those ears to the already lovely sight of Mika in her white school uniform put me on some sort of auto-pilot.

“You did? Good kitty…! Well done.”

I stepped close so that I could pet Mika’s head, and she obediently closed her eyes and tilted her head forward.

“N… Nyaa….?”

As cliché as this was, it all seemed to come so naturally to us. I began stroking Mika’s hair, while she kept fidgeting around.

“Man, I can’t believe I’ve got myself such a cute kitty…!”

“Nnm.. M-meow…?”

Mika opened her eyes again to look up at me with a surprisingly natural smile. She was clearly beginning to enjoy this as much as I was.

“But you’re right, something’s missing.”

I reached down and took the butt-plug from Mika’s hands. The tail was slim and long, and the uh, other end was thankfully on the smaller side, but even so I wondered if it, uh, could actually fit. I had never imagined that I would ever be in a situation like this, I thought it was only something that happened in those funny chinese cartoons I had heard you could read online. But now that I had the opportunity of living out this fantasy, I had better take it and go all the way, right?


Mika looked hesitantly down at the tail, and clasped her hands together over her legs. I guess she needed a little help to complete the costume.

“Get up on the bed on your hands and knees, then I’ll help you out, kitty.”

Mika gulped but obeyed by slowly turning around and crawling up on my bed, tilting her head to look at me over her shoulder. With her rear pointed towards me, I pulled her skirt up over her butt and was met with my third surprise of the day. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Alright… Just try to relax, sweetie.”

I tenderly rubbed Mika’s bare buttcheek, and she lowered her head in anticipation of the inevitable. I looked down at the rubber end of the butt-plug, wondering how to do this. I knew that you are supposed to use lube, and lots of it, for any butt stuff, but I didn’t have any. I glanced at the tiny destination of the tail, slightly nervous that this would be painful for Mika. I took a moment to enjoy the view, the area between Mika’s legs totally clean and exposed to my eyes. I began forming as much spit in my mouth as I could, while I slid the palm of my hand closer to the middle of Mika’s butt, with my thumb right at the place where the tail would be going. She tensed up, but quickly relaxed again.

I let my spit drop down on the black rubber of the butt-plug, and smothered it all over to lube it up as best as I could. I then kneeled down so that I was eye-level with Mika’s rear, and placed the rubber tip right at where it needed to go. Pulling the small hole open slightly with my thumb, I then applied pressure and forced the butt-plug in, ever so slowly. Mika made a quiet grunt and tensed up again, and I paused until she had relaxed her muscles before I continued. It was just a few centimeters of the cone-shaped rubber that needed to go inside before the tail would get stuck firmly in place, turning Mika into a real catgirl. While my spit helped a tiny bit, it was almost too tight without using real lube, and I quietly told myself that there was no way that my dick would ever be able to fit in there. After a few more seconds of pushing, the rubber finally sunk inside and Mika’s poor little butthole closed tightly around it, only leaving the furry tail part sticking out. Mika made another sound, something between a grunt and a moan, having clearly felt the butt-plug lodging itself inside her.

“Good job, kitty! You’re all good now.”


I stood up and patted Mika’s rear, and she slowly crawled backwards to stand back up on her feet again, her skirt falling down by itself. Not bad, it almost looked like it was a real tail sticking out from underneath the skirt. She brought her hands back to her rear and tripped lightly from one foot to the other, while turning her head in an attempt to get a look at the tail. I guess it must have been feeling a little weird. I considered my next move, the bulge in my jeans clearly showing me what my body wanted to do with my new pet. I had just inserted one thing inside Mika, though, so I thought I had better wait a little bit before I inserted anything more. We also had to get started on making lunch… But, were we just gonna let Mika stay like this in front of Josephine too? Well, considering how… intimate all three of us had gotten last night, I guess this was pretty mild. I guess it was also a way of paying Josie back for getting Mika to dress up like this, she probably also wanted to see what it looked like.

“We found the dumplings, let’s go and get them started, okay?”


Mika looked up at me with a slightly panicked expression. I grabbed onto her arm and took her out to my kitchen. Josie, having heard us, immediately joined and clasped her hands delightedly together at the sight of Mika.

“Aww, how cute! And you got the tail, too!”

Shyly looking down at the floor, Mika tried to hide behind me, but couldn’t help smiling at being complimented again.

“Yes, she’s very cute.”

I gently ruffled Mika’s hair, being careful not to move the headband with the cat ears around. She whined softly in embarrassment and hid her face against my arm. I bet this poor girl had never received this much adoring attention before.

“Man, I’m pretty hungry now. Let’s get cooking, alright?”

The girls agreed and I readied my frying pan on my stove, while Josie began opening the bag of frozen dumplings. She then raised an eyebrow when I also took some cabbage and carrots out of my fridge, as if vegetables had no business being in a kitchen at lunchtime.

“What is that?”

“It’ll be boring to only have dumplings without anything on the side. Gotta eat some veggies too.”


I didn’t really blame her, I hadn’t been a big fan of vegetables when I had been her age either. I washed them before adding some oil to the pan, at which point I realized that it was quite small for the task of frying a whole bag of dumplings. It was better suited for frying an egg, or some sausages or other small things like that.

“How about you two take care of the salad while I fry the dumplings?”

Teaming up, it didn’t take long for Mika and Josie to cut out and grate the vegetables, and I had only fried a couple of dumplings before they were - under my guidance - done mixing the salad together with some oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. They watched the dumplings sizzle in the pan for a few seconds, before Josie had another one of her brilliant ideas.

“Hey, I can take care of that, y’know. Then you two can go and play with the cat!”

Me and Mika looked at each other, then at Josie who rolled her eyes.

“The other cat! In the living room. Go on, I’ll handle this!”

I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea to let Josie handle the blistering-hot pan, but she took the spatula out of my hand and succeeded in flipping some of the dumplings over. Oh well, guess we could settle for her original suggestion of pizzas if she messed it up. I instructed her on how long the dumplings should have on each side before I put my hand on Mika’s arm again, leading her out of the kitchen and into the living room where my landlady’s cat was in the middle of having a drink from its bowl. It looked up at the newly arrived feline. Mika cautiously kneeled down on the floor and held out her hands towards the cat, and it willingly pattered over to get some pets. Those fake ears and tail couldn’t fool the real thing, of course.

While keeping some of my attention on the sizzling sounds coming from my kitchen, I sat down next to Mika. My landlady’s cat rolled over on its back, happy to be petted by us both. I then switched over to Mika, stroking her hair which made her smile and lean her head a little closer to me. Half-pretending to be a cat suited her personality, I thought.

“I’m so lucky that I’ve got two cute cats to play with now, huh.”

Mika giggled and lightly swayed her shoulders from side to side, clearly enjoying being petted while she herself petted a real cat. The real cat wasn’t too smart, though, as it suddenly rolled away from Mika, but still looked up at her in anticipation of more pats. This was something I had seen in most cats I had encountered, it’s as if they don’t realize that we can’t reach them if they move out of our reach. Not wanting to give up, Mika moved forward on her hands and knees to get in range of the cat again. The fake tail was still sticking out from underneath Mika’s skirt, limply swaying around whenever she moved. I guess she had gotten used to it by now.

I hadn’t really gotten used to it just yet, though, at least my body certainly hadn’t. There was just something incredibly arousing at the sight of a small catgirl in a Japanese school uniform innocently crawling around on the floor. If I tilted my head to the side, I could almost see up Mika’s skirt since the tail was slightly holding it up, and the knowledge of Mika not wearing any underwear underneath was making it all the more alluring. I then remembered that I didn’t need to just fantasize about Mika’s bare behind while she gave my landlady’s cat some scratches, and that I should make use of this opportunity now that me and Mika would be alone for a while, thanks to Josie being occupied in my kitchen.

I scooted a little forward and reached out to flip Mika’s school uniform skirt up over her butt, letting me see her small, smooth slit underneath the tail sticking out of her rear. Startled, Mika turned her head to look at me over her shoulder, and I grabbed onto her tail and gave it a little pull. It didn’t bulge at all, sitting snugly in place.

“Eek…! W-wha…?”

Mika stood still on her hands and knees, and I tested the firmness of her tail, my other hand grabbing onto the side of her butt for support.

“Do…. Do you want to take it out already…?”

I shook my head and gave the naked skin of her rear a gentle rub.

“No no, I just want to see how my cute little kitty is holding up”.


Mika held still while she allowed me to gently pull and push at her tail, as I tested just how tightly it was stuck in her. Pretty tightly, I found out, my spit having dried out long ago. Having come to this conclusion, I turned my attention down to Mika’s small vagina, lightly brushing a thumb up and down over her labia before I pulled one half of them to the side, just so that I could enjoy the view. I had never had much interest in the visual aspects of the female anatomy before, but with Mika I couldn’t get enough of just looking at her most private parts. No matter how many times I did it, I always loved to see what she looked like down there, maybe because it always made her so shy and flustered, each time being as embarrassed as the first time I did it. As tame as it was, I’ll admit it’s kind of a weird fetish I had developed.

“Wha… um… Oh…! Um… W-what are you doing, ma-... master…?”

Huh…? Did I hear that right? I looked up at Mika, who was blushing bright red and biting her lip. This must have been another one of Josie’s clever ideas.

“Why, I’m just playing with my kitty.”

I grabbed onto the base of Mika’s tail with my other hand, its firmness effectively functioning as a handle, to keep her still while I played with her nether parts. A few rubs over the area where her clit laid hidden sent out a quiet moan from Mika’s lips, causing my landlady’s cat to get up and walk away. I didn’t let Mika follow it this time, but kept her in place while her head limply drooped down from being rubbed by my fingers between her legs, her breathing becoming stained and the inner folds of her labia quickly becoming moist.

“Nnhh… Masteerrr…” Mika had turned her head to look back at me again.

“M-master, I’m sorry…”

“Hm?” I stopped moving my hand, worried that she didn’t want to do it like this. I sure as hell did.

“My knees hurt..”

Oh, that was it. Yeah, it couldn’t be too comfortable resting your bare knees on this old wooden floor for this long. Holding on to Mika’s hips, I stood up and she obediently got up with me, and I led her over to my landlady’s couch. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this in the living room at all, but nothing short of a natural disaster could stop me now. I guided Mika back down on her knees on the couch, her body leaning over the backseat, which pretty much put her butt at just the right height for my hips. Perfect.

I didn’t even bother to close the door to the hallway, the sizzling sound of Josie frying the dumplings still clearly audible. I pushed my jeans and boxers down and freed my already hard member, and put it in position just below Mika’s tail. I wondered if the tail would get in the way, but it didn’t look like it. Holding onto Mika’s hips, I rubbed the head of my penis up and down between her lips a few times, and feeling that she had gotten sufficiently wet, I forcefully pushed inside her.

Mika arched her back and cried out a long, drawn-out moan. There was no way that Josie could not have heard that, but I didn’t care. I wondered how it felt for Mika, having something stretching out both her butt and her pussy at the same time. It felt a little tighter for me, but I couldn’t tell if it was because of the butt-plug or if it was just Mika tensing up. Instead of starting with a slow, gentle rhythm as I had always done until now, the fantasy of a little school-cat girl getting railed in her uniform by her owner made my instincts completely take over.

Getting a tight grip on Mika’s narrow hips with both hands, I thrusted in against her again and again as fast and hard as I could, not having a care in the world that the wet sounds of our skin slapping against each other and the loud moans from Mika were echoing throughout the entire apartment. At one point I thought I saw something in the corner of my eye, something moving behind the door frame to the hallway, but I was too lost in the moment to look. At that point, I would honestly have been surprised if Josephine hadn’t peeked on us, and since it was basically her who had given me this opportunity, I would have let her in either case.

Holding onto the backseat of the couch for dear life, Mika tried and was more or less successful in turning her moans into meows, and the sight of her cat ears and tail flopping back and forth each time I pushed into her, combined with the intensity of my thrusts, quickly brought me to an explosive orgasm, and I almost fell forward on top of Mika as the muscles of my legs almost gave out. I managed to put one hand on the backseat for support, while my other arm wrapped around Mika’s waist to hold her in place while I emptied my load deep inside her. I had to stand still like that for a few seconds, leaned in over Mika while I catched my breath, the poor little girl doing the same while she patiently stood still with my hardness lodged inside her small body. When I had finally regained some strength, I moved back and slowly pulled out of Mika’s vagina, a groan escaping from her lips before she fell forward, resting her body against the backseat. With her butt sticking slightly out like this the tail prevented her skirt from falling down over her rear, allowing me to see a large, white glob slip out of her vagina and trail halfway down over her inner thigh. We were both pretty sweaty from the workout.

I just then remembered where we were, and how much I really didn’t want to get any funny fluids on my landlady’s couch, or anywhere else in her living room. I told Mika to hold still for a moment, and rushed over to get some paper towels from my landlady’s kitchen. Back at Mika’s side, I gently cleaned up first her thighs and then the outside of her vagina, the paper quickly becoming wet from the gooey fluids leaking out onto it. We must have looked pretty weird to Josephine, who suddenly made her presence known behind the door frame.

“Heey, when you two are done, there’s some slightly-not-burned dumplings ready for you.”

“Right, uh, we’ll be there in a bit!” I replied, and Josie disappeared from our view again. Mika looked up at me with a pair of hazy eyes, along with a huge blush on her cheeks.

“Mas… master.. I’ll go clean up so we can eat… I mean, may… May I go out and…?”

I nodded with a smile and patted Mika’s head, and she slowly got off the couch and awkwardly made her way to the bathroom. I dumped the soiled paper towels in the trash and made a mental note to take it out soon. Checking my surroundings, there were no signs of what we had just been doing in the living room, so I went out to the kitchen to see how well Josie had handled our lunch. She proudly showed how she had found one of my big tupperware bowls, which was now filled to the brim with steaming hot dumplings, although they were in various stages of being done. Oh well, good enough. Just when I was about to go to my room to boot up my computer for some anime, Mika faintly called out for me from the bathroom. I went out to see what she needed, but she didn’t say anything until I closed the door behind me, granting us some privacy.

“We… um.. We’ll be sitting in the bed again to eat lunch, right? I don’t think I can… sit with…”

She shyly turned to the side, pointing with her eyes down at the tail still swaying around from under her skirt. Yeah, it would probably be impossible to sit down with that thing placed there. I wondered if it was still part of the roleplay, with Mika being so helpless and now looking up at me with big, pleading eyes. I might as well continue to play my role as well, then, and a grin spread across my lips.

“What do you mean? Cats eat on the floor, don’t they?”

“Eeeh…?” Mika’s face turned from an expression of begging to an expression of panic. She probably really wanted to lie down to get some rest, after what I had just put her through. I crossed my arms, pretending to think it over.

“Hmm… Well, if you ask nicely, then maybe I’ll help you out.”

I couldn’t help but smile at hearing Mika give a small whine, before turning her backside towards me while lifting her skirt up over her butt.

“Pl.. please help me, ma-… master…?”

I chuckled at how she actually did it, and leaned down to give her cheek a kiss.

“Get up on the toilet, then I’ll take care of it.”

Mika nodded and put the toilet lid down, before moving up to stand on her knees yet again, sticking her naked behind out for me. Just as before, I placed one hand on her butt and one hand around her tail, and I slowly began pulling. This time, with Mika cooperating, I succeeded in pulling it out, and Mika made a deep sigh at the feeling of the buttplug popping out of her rear. It looked completely clean, and looking down at Mika, so did she. It must have been Josephine again who had taught her all about being hygienic. I deposited the tail in the bathroom sink for later cleaning, and Mika stepped back down from the toilet, smiling gratefully up at me.

“Thank you, master.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”

I pulled her in for a hug and leaned down for a kiss, and we stood still for a few seconds with our lips tenderly brushing against each other. Damn, we hadn’t really been kissing or making out at all since she got here. I missed that. I also missed having my hands on her chest, but our lunch was waiting for us, so we both returned to Josie who had already arranged the dumplings and the salad on the desk in my room. Sitting down in our usual positions with a plate of food and a fork each, we continued with Azumanga Daioh. Mika fell asleep as soon as she was done eating, and me and Josie shared a smile at how Mika was leaning in against my shoulder with her empty plate resting in her lap. I guess it was like a new bond had formed between us, after our little talk on the way home earlier. I still wasn’t entirely sure what to think of Josie, but she had done an excellent job helping Mika and me have fun today. And it was only afternoon, all three of us still had the whole evening to play around in.

Anonymous 22/01/28(Fri)01:27 No. 27518 ID: 477c5b

We watched two episodes of anime before Josephine got restless and wanted to play some more Mario Kart. Mika, still sleeping, had slid halfways down under my duvet. I considered having her take her school uniform off so it wouldn’t get wrinkled, but I didn’t exactly want to get her naked right next to Josie, knowing that she wasn’t wearing anything at all underneath. Something I could take off of her, though, was the cat ears, and I carefully removed the headband and placed it on my nightstand. Waiting for the Wii to boot up, I silently hoped that Mika wouldn’t wake up to find some white stains on the inside of her skirt… Actually, thinking it over, I decided that we better get some panties on the girl to protect the delicate fabric of her uniform, in case some of my sperm was still inside her and able to leak out. I looked around my room, but I couldn’t see any undies anywhere. I leaned over Mika to speak to Josie in a low voice.

“Hey, uh… You don’t know where she put her, uh, underwear, right?”

“Huh? Ooh…!” Josie giggled, looking down at Mika.

“Probably in her backpack.”

I carefully slid out of bed and went over to kneel down by Mika’s black backpack, and sure enough, a pair of Mika’s usual black cotton panties were right on top of the rest of her clothes. I took them back over to the bed, and sitting down by Mika’s legs, I reached in under the duvet and directed her feet through the holes so I could slide the underwear up where they belonged. Once I reached Mika’s hips I had to shake her awake, hazily realizing what I was trying to do, she raised her butt so I could pull her panties all the way up on her. She then sleepily wormed herself further down underneath the duvet, only the top of her head sticking out now. With that in order, I sat back up and prepared to race against Josie, who had been watching us while waiting for me to play with her.

“Aww, David~ It’s just like I said, you really do take care of her.”

I didn’t want to admit that I was more concerned with taking care of not getting Mika’s school uniform dirty. I was still paranoid about Mika one day returning home with something that would reveal what we had been doing. That reminded me, why did she have to wear black underwear when coming over to my place? Wouldn’t that be the worst color to choose, when you know that you’re gonna spend your weekend secretly getting creampied?

“Don’t tell me that you uh, normally do these kinds of things for her? Like, taking care of… making sure that she’s wearing underwear?”

We were both looking at my TV while we selected a track and our characters, speaking in a low voice so Mika could keep napping.

“Haha~ No, I would just have told her to put ‘em on herself. Oh! That reminds me, there was one time she was staying over for like a week, during summer vacation, and had forgotten to bring any spares, and then I lent her some of- Ow!”

Mika had suddenly kicked Josie’s leg under the duvet, startling us both. It was followed by an annoyed grunt, and Mika moved closer towards me, putting her arms around my waist. I chuckled and patted her head though the duvet.

“I guess I better tell you not to tease my girlfriend, now that she’s got a big, strong dude taking care of her, like you said.”

I could feel Mika nodding under the duvet.

“Sheesh!” Josie rolled her eyes.

“I’ve got sooo many funny stories to tell you, just wait until she’s fallen asleep again! Like one time in third grade, I mean, Mika was in fourth, we were watching this movie, uuh, I can’t remember the name, and then this girl’s dog died, and she, y’know, Mika, she cried so much that- Ow!”

After having been soundly beaten by Josie in two tournaments in a row, I conceded defeat and put my controller away. The sky outside was getting dark, and Mika had fallen asleep again under the duvet, a very faint snoring having been audible whenever there had been a quiet moment during our gaming. I wondered if Mika had had as hard a time as me sleeping last night too. If she had, I didn’t blame her. While Josie switched to playing a Pokemon game by herself, I thought of something fun to do when Mika would wake up. I didn’t really feel like doing anything that would necessitate getting out of bed though; it had been a difficult week adjusting to being much more serious about my studies, and combined with the stress from worrying about Mika being depressed in school, and how she had begun her period, I felt like… oh, shit! My blood froze to ice at the late realization that nutting inside Mika now carried a certain risk, and I had already done it twice this weekend. I leaned over to Josie again, whispering this time.

“Uhh…. Do you know if, uh…”

Josie turned her head to look at me, sensing my anxiety.

“What?”, she whispered back.

“She’s, uh… on the pill, right? Like, remembering to, uh…”

Trying to hold back her giggles, Josie nodded.

“Yup. I’ve made sure of that. She’s also been very careful about remembering it herself.”

“Phew…!” I let out a deep sigh, and moved back to sit up against the wall. I could feel my panic subduing again, but it was replaced with a nasty feeling of anger. I was angry at myself for having forgotten about something as important as making sure that we were using birth control. Really, as the grown-up here I felt like it was my responsibility, but I had just let my hormones take over and jizzed two times inside my girlfriend without thinking about the risk of pregnancy. While Mika had told me earlier this week that Josie would help her get on the pill, I should have asked her myself before I had gotten frisky last night. I had to do better than this. I glanced over at Josie and whispered a “thank you”, and she nodded in acknowledgement and returned her attention to her game. Mika hadn’t moved at all, her light snoring thankfully telling me that she was still asleep.

With the crisis averted, I could resume thinking about how we could spend our evening. Mika wasn’t as much into gaming as Josie and me, and I was also getting a little tired of Mario Kart myself. Josie had been about to tell a story about her and Mika having watched a movie before, so I thought that that didn’t sound too bad, it would be a pretty nice and chill way to end the day. The question was whether we could find a movie all three of us would want to watch. I was also getting a little tired of watching anime, and felt the need a break from squeaky anime girls with some live action stuff for a change. The question now was whether there was any genre that could be equally enjoyed by a thirteen year old, an eleven year old girl, and a twenty-four year old guy?

“Hey, do you wanna watch a movie tonight?”

“Sure,” Josie replied, not taking her eyes off her game.

“Anything you wanna watch?”

“What do you have?” Josie paused the game and glanced around my room. “Where do you keep your movies?”

“Oh, I use my computer.”

“For movies?” Josie looked perplexed at me. Mind you, this was before Netflix was a thing, at least in this part of the world. Of course, this meant that I had to sail the seven seas, like all guys my age had learned to do in their teens. For everyone else, watching a home movie still meant fiddling around with DVDs, or Blu-Rays if they were film buffs.

“Yeah. Works fine with anime, why not movies?”

“I dunno.” Josie shrugged and returned to her game. While Josephine was tech savvy enough for her age to mess around with game consoles, I guess the technicalities of bittorrent wasn’t really in her interests.

“So… Do you know what kind of stuff Mika likes?”

“Hmm~” Josie thought it over, while trying to desperately evade the attacks of some huge pokemon I didn’t recognize. Weird, it looked more like a fighting game than a normal Pokemon game to me, but what did I know.

“She’s not really that much into movies. But she likes scary stuff.”

“What? Really?” I looked in surprise down at the small bump underneath my duvet. There weren't any signs of Mika having woken up, though.

“Yeah. Like, horror movies I guess. But I don’t think her mom lets her watch them at home, so it’s only when she’s staying over at my place that she can watch them, I think. Or at her dad’s place too, maybe? But I don’t think she’s stayed there for like a year.”


It didn’t really feel right to talk so much about Mika as if she wasn’t right there between us in the bed, but I was curious to hear more about her from Josie, who was probably the person who knew Mika best. Mika herself had basically not talked about her family since the very first day we had met, but I could remember that she had some siblings, and that Mika’s dad was traveling out of the country most of the time. While Josie kept playing, I thought about how it was a good thing that me and her had become sort-of friends, and that I should try to ask her more about Mika the next time we were alone. Mika wasn’t the most talkative person herself, after all, and we hadn’t even known each other for a month yet, so I guess it figured that there were still lots of things we didn’t know about each other. In any case, that would have to wait, we still needed to decide on a movie to watch. Scary movies, huh…?

“Oh, I think I know just the right movie to watch.” I got out of bed, and sat up at my desk to turn my computer on.

“Which one?”

“It’s like… A documentary. A Japanese one. Where they investigate different scary stuff.”

“Like what?”

“You know… They go out to a temple to film at night, and then back in the studio they think there’s a ghost in the background and stuff. Pretty spooky.”

Josie paused her game, and leaned forward to stretch her arms out to the sides. Even she needed a pause from gaming now and then, it seemed.

“A documentary? That sounds kinda boring, though.”

“It’s not. There’s like, real supernatural stuff happening.”

“... Ooh, is it like Blair Witch? Like, fake but looking like it’s real.”

Damnit. There was no fooling this girl. I sighed, while scouting the internet for a torrent of the movie. It had been a couple of years since I had watched it, and had long since deleted it from my computer.

“... Yeah. But…” I turned my head around to look at Josie, and lowered my voice.

“.... Let’s tell Mika it's real, okay?”

“Okay!” Josie grinned, and I winked at her before turning back to the bay of pirates. Ah, there it was… Noroi. Three seeders… Should be able to get it downloaded in around an hour or so. I swung around in my office chair, and looked at the motionless lump under my duvet. Mika had been sleeping for around two hours at this point, a little long for a nap, I thought.

“Hey, does she usually sleep this much?”

Josie had turned her console off and was on her phone now. She half shrugged and half nodded, not bothering to look up.


“... I guess she is just… low on energy…? Overall?” That was the impression I had of Mika, at least. Josie nodded.

“Yeah. Dunno why, but people don’t like it. Like, her teachers and stuff.”

“But you don’t mind?”

“Nah.” Josie smiled and shook her head. “She’s like, easy to hang out with, y’know? And we like the same things.”

That much was true, it was nice to just spend time with Mika. She didn’t ask for much, didn’t really complain about anything, and… Well, she seemed willing to let me do whatever I wanted with her, so far. I silently hoped that I was the first one to take advantage of that.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

I stood up from my chair and stretched my body. If other adults gave Mika shit for being sleepy during the day, I wouldn’t want to bother her about it. After all, my theory was that Mika primarily liked me because I was probably the first adult in a long time who didn’t just accept her for who she was, but adored her for it. My room was to be a safe space where she could feel comfortable and be herself. So, to pass the time while I waited for her to wake up, I cleaned up after our lunch and tidied my kitchen. While cleaning my sink, I remembered that my landlady would finally be back from her trip next week… Which meant that this could be the last time in a long while where I could have Mika over. I could probably figure something out, though… My parents also took weekend trips now and then, during which I sometimes stayed in their house, my old childhood home, to get away from my cramped room. I also had an uncle who had a cottage far out in the countryside, which he often used as a summerhouse when the weather forecast would look good. I could probably borrow it for a few days, whenever he was not staying there himself.

After having given the bathroom a quick cleaning as well - Mika’s tail included - I went back to my computer to work on some of my own homework. I was thankful that I had much longer to write this paper than Mika had to write hers, though of course, it also needed to be much longer and at a much higher academic level. Thankfully, writing a research paper about the changes in retail shopping patterns introduced by contactless credit cards wasn’t the most boring topic in the world for me, and I also had an easier time focusing now that I felt like I had a purpose, a reason to aim at getting good grades. While writing, I received a pop-up in the corner of my screen telling me that the movie had finished downloading. Excellent. I hoped that Josie had been telling the truth about Mika liking scary movies, otherwise she was about to get scarred for life.

I suddenly sensed something moving behind me, Mika having gotten out of bed with a yawn to trot off to the bathroom. I had lowered myself deep into the art of academic writing at this point, so I continued even though Mika had finally woken up. I heard the toilet door open and close, and then immediately open again with Mika coming back to my room. She awkwardly walked over to my side, looking down at the floor with a slightly troubled look.

“You okay?”

“... Mm.”

Mika nodded, and hesitated for a second before leaning down to whisper to me.

“Can you, um, check my bag if there’s, um… Any spare, um…”

“What..? What’s wrong?” I whispered back, getting slightly worried. Mika looked down over her body, biting her lip.

“I don’t wanna… bend down.. Um, I just need a change of…”

Her voice trailed off, so she lifted her skirt instead, showing me her black panties. I looked puzzled at them before looking back up at her, so she hooked a thumb under the front of the waistband and pulled it outwards. I leaned in a bit towards her, so that I could look down under her underwear. With just the top of her slit visible, there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, but… Then I noticed it. The fabric at the bottom of the crotch had a big, white stain on it, still glistering slightly. Guess some of my cum had been seeping out of her while she slept, just like I had feared. I could understand if Mika didn’t want to move around too much until she had taken care of whatever was still left inside her.

“Ah… Gotcha.”

I nodded and reached down to pick up Mika’s backpack from the floor, and rummaged through it to see if there were any more panties. Thankfully, I found a single pair of white undies, and I handed them to Mika who immediately returned to the bathroom. I glanced over at Josie, who appeared to still be scrolling on her phone, though I was sure that she had followed our little interaction.

I finished off the last paragraph I had been writing in my paper before closing the window. I heard the toilet flushing, and Mika returned to stand by my side, cautiously showing me how she had neatly folded her black panties up in her hands.

“Um… Do you think I can… Leave them here…? And that you can wash them…?”

Good idea, it would probably be really bad if Mika threw them in the laundry basket at home. Her mom would probably get a heart attack if she found a pair of semen-stained panties belonging to her thirteen year old daughter. I nodded and pointed her to my own tiny laundry hamper in the corner of my room, to which she went over to deposit her soiled underwear. She then returned back to me, visibly relieved.

“I was thinking, like… Can I also leave my uniform here?”

She grabbed onto the hem of her white schoolgirl shirt, looking down at it before looking at me.

“Huh? Don’t you want to have it with you at home?”

“Nuh… Why should I…?”

I shrugged. I had thought that Mika’s uniform was pretty important to her, not something she would want to leave behind somewhere far from home. It was a real, genuine Japanese school uniform, after all.

“I only wear it when… When I’m with you.”

“What, really?”

“Yeah,” Mika giggled. “Like, it was only my second time wearing it, the day we met.”

“Huh… I didn’t know.”

Mika smiled shyly, looking down at the floor, the big toes of her sock-clad feet idly rubbing against each other.

“I got so happy when… When someone noticed it. Even though it’s so plain, compared to those cosplay-ones, and… I wasn’t cosplaying as anyone, or had cool looking hair, or contact lenses, or… anything…”

“Aww… Come here.”

Ugh… She was just too cute. I pulled Mika down to sit sideways on my lap, and she leaned in against my chest.

“Your uniform is more than enough, sweetie.”

Mika looked up at me, still smiling and now blushing just a tiny bit.

“Really…? You don’t… You don’t want me to dress up, like… Someone you like? Don’t you have, um, like a waifu or anything?”

I chuckled and gently ruffled Mika’s hair.

“No, I actually don’t. And you don’t really need to dress up with funny-colored hair, or anything else. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

Mika’s blush spread wider across her cheeks, and she giddily hid her face against my shoulder. She then realized something, and looked up at me again with a questioning look.

“... But didn’t I actually, um… Dress up, earlier…? With the ears, and…”

“Yeah, I guess you did. But you were still you. Cat-Mika is still Mika, not someone else.”

“Oh.. Yeah, I guess…”

She relaxed again, and blissfully rested her head on my shoulder.

“... I guess I also better keep your Cat-Mika stuff here?”

Mika glanced over towards Josie, and then nodded.

“Y-yeah… That’s also only for wearing… When I’m here.”

Of course, It was much safer to store things like that in my room, since there was no risk of anyone going through my stuff. With Mika, we could risk her mom finding it, even if she tried to hide it in her room.

“... It was fun… Being Cat-Mika.”

“Yeah, it was. I hope I can get to play with her again some day.”

“Mmm.. Even though it… Hurt a bit.”

I chuckled, and patted Mika’s back.

“It’ll probably be a little bit better next time.”

Mika nodded, and I leaned my head down to kiss her lips, my arms holding her in against me in a hug. Mika sighed happily and leaned in against my mouth, seemingly also having missed our usual make-out sessions.

“... A-hem.”

I heard someone make a weird sound behind me, but I didn’t pay it any attention. I was lost in the fluffy feeling of finally being able to taste Mika’s small lips and tongue again, our eyes closed as we enjoyed the closeness of each other.

“Ohhh maaah gaaaawd! Get a room!”

Mika broke away from me with a giggle, much to my regret. Josie had apparently had enough of being witness to our sappy romance, which I later thought was pretty weird, considering her rather extreme interest in the more intimate details of our relationship last night. I also later regretted that I didn’t remind her that we were, in fact, already in my room.

“Hey, Mika! David found a movie we can watch.”


Mika looked over my shoulder at Josie, and then up at me.

“Uh, yeah. A documentary, actually.”

“Oh yeah, oops. A documentary!” Josie corrected herself.

I opened up the folder with the file on my computer.

“It’s something I found, uh, uploaded on an image board somewhere. Apparently, there was a Japanese TV station who had a reporter investigating paranormal stuff. But… Then he disappeared. And years later… Someone mailed them the tapes with his recordings.”


Mika’s eyes widened in amazement, falling hook, line and sinker for my story. I felt a little bad lying to her, but it would be worth it if it made her believe the movie was real found-footage someone had posted online. Thankfully, from the excited look on Mika’s face, Josie had been telling the truth about her liking spooky stuff.

“Woow, sounds super creepy!” Josie had crawled out of bed, and was following my lead in creating a spooky atmosphere.

“Hey, let’s go get some candy while David puts it on.”


The girls left to pick out some candy in my kitchen, and I made my room ready for movie-time by turning off all the lights. I remembered I had to feed my landlady’s cat, and went out to the living room to fill its bowl while Josie showed Mika all the different snacks we had bought at the asian grocery store. Mika also found some of her candy from last weekend. I hadn’t touched any of it, as part of my “new and better me” plan. Sitting up against the wall in our usual spots in my bed and with candy spread all over my duvet, it didn’t take long for the movie’s creepy atmosphere to have its effect on Mika. We had my duvet pulled up to our necks and I had put my arm around Mika’s waist, and she grabbed tightly onto my arm with her small hands anytime the movie got too spooky for her, only letting go to carefully nibble on some of her candy. She genuinely seemed to be frightened by the movie, but that’s why we want to watch scary movies, isn’t it? I let Mika cling onto me without touching her anywhere like I would have otherwise done, in order to not ruin the atmosphere for her. She seemingly kept believing that it was real, genuine footage, which I bet only frightened her that much more, especially towards the end where the film crew follows their interviewee out into the woods at night and ends up finding… Ah, I’m not gonna spoil it for you.

Josie, on the other hand, had apparently found it a bit too scary, as she had quickly crawled over to Mika around a quarter into the movie, and had been ducking her head down under my duvet during many of the scenes. Even though she knew that it was just a movie, I didn’t blame her, as I only then realized that she was actually far too young for a movie like this. Oh well, it was herself who had suggested a scary movie in the first place. It’s a kinda long movie, so it had gotten pretty late when it ended, but neither of the girls moved when I suggested that we brush our teeth and get ready for bed.

“I don’t… think… I’ll be able to sleep… tonight…!”

Josie was speaking in a shaky voice, clinging her small body to Mika who in turn was still holding onto my arm. I wondered if I had gone far with showing a movie like that to the girls, it definitely wasn’t child-friendly in any way. I turned the lamp on my nightstand on, to hopefully lighten the mood. Pun intended.

“Yeah… That was really scary…! Do you know what happened to the dad afterwards, David?”

Mika looked up at me with her big eyes, but she didn’t seem too shaken by the movie. I guess it had been a success, even if Josie hadn’t exactly enjoyed it.

“Um… No… I don’t think anyone knows what happened to those people. Like… There’s almost no info on the internet, about him or his family. Just… That they’ve disappeared.” I lied again.

“Wow… I didn’t know Japan could be so scary.”

“Hah, yeah well, most places can be scary when it’s pitch black in the middle of the night.”

“... Did you see anything scary when you were over there?”

Josie turned her eyes up at me as well, also wanting to hear my answer to Mika’s questions.

“No, not at all. It’s a very beautiful country, too pretty to be scary, I think.”

“Oh yeah, I had forgotten you had been there!”

Josie now spoke up, apparently calming down now that we talked about something else, which was doing away with the atmosphere the movie had left in my room. I told them about some of my experiences during my backpacking trip in Japan, and they each asked me a bunch of questions about what places I had visited, how I had survived the language barrier, and just as importantly, how I had survived being so tall over there. It wasn’t long before the girls were both relaxed again, and soon began yawning in tandem.

“Hey, um… By the way. My landlady is coming home next week, so…”

I could instantly feel Mika tense up, and she looked up at me with a very nervous look on her face.

“Does… Does that mean that…”

“Yeah… I’m afraid so. I don’t know when I can have you over again.” I glanced down at Josie too, to show her that I was talking about both of them. Mike tightened her grip on my arm, and lowered her head. Josie was looking away too.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll figure something out. We’ll still be… We’re still gonna be together.”

“... okay.”

Mika nodded faintly, and Josie moved back to sit up in her corner again.

“I wished you could come over to my house, David, but… My parents are like, aaaalways home.”

“Thanks, Josie.”

We were quiet for a few minutes, and I could feel that Mika was struggling to not begin crying. I felt terrible, but there wasn’t really anything I could do. This was the price we had to pay, for insisting to maintain our taboo relationship.

“Do you know when you two have to leave tomorrow?”

“Nah, we have like, all day” Josie replied. “I just have to be home for dinner, and Mika… Your mom doesn’t really care anymore, right?”

“She doesn’t… care…?” I asked, perplexed. That didn’t sound quite right.

“Oh no, not like that, just like, she trusts me, so she doesn’t care if Mika stays over at my place for as long as she wants, she just gotta be home for bedtime.”

I guess Mika’s mom had really given Josie full responsibility over Mika whenever those two were together. How Josie had tricked her own parents to be able to stay here I had no idea, and for some reason I didn’t dare ask.

“Oh… Alright… Hey, do you wanna take your shower tonight, or wait until tomorrow?” I looked down at Mika, slowly stroking her hair.

“... Tomorrow…”

“Alright. At least we’ll have plenty of time together tomorrow too.”

“Actually, I feel like I could use a shower.” Josie crawled over our legs to get out of bed, and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Oh, sure. You can take a towel from my closet, over there.”

Josie followed my hand and grabbed a towel as well as her pyjamas pants before turning back towards us, looking pitifully down at Mika.

“Hey, you don’t wanna join me, Mika?”

“Nuh… No thanks.”

“Okay… Oh, and David, no peeking!”

Josie playfully stuck her tongue out at me, and I rolled my eyes as she left my room. I sighed at the depressing atmosphere, and gave Mika a squeeze. It wasn’t long before we could hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.

“... Pretty frisky of her to want to shower with you, huh? Have you done that before?”

“Heh, no. We haven’t.”

I guess Josie had just tried to lighten the mood, somewhat successfully, since Mika seemed to have found Josie’s teasing funny.

“Has she… Has she always been like that?”

“Like what?”

Mika looked up at me.

“Uh, you know… Basically asking you to get naked with her, in the shower…? And… Like… How she wanted to, uh, you know, last night. Look at you.”

“Oh. Yeah. Yeah, she’s always been like that.”


I thought it over for a few seconds, before it hit me. And it hit me like a truck colliding with me at light speed from an orbital descent from outer space. She had always been like that. I could only think of one reason why a girl that young would be so, frankly, obsessed with sex. And so lacking any sense of personal boundaries, or respect for other people’s intimacy. I didn’t want to think about it. My head was spinning. It all suddenly made sense now.

“What’s wrong?”

“… Huh..? Oh, nothing… I just thought that… Uh… I just don’t want her to make you do anything that… that feels wrong, okay…?”

Who was I to say something like that? If someone had said those words to Mika three weeks ago, but with a him instead of a her, would she even be sitting here in my bed right now? I didn’t want to think about it. I don’t want to think about it.

“Wrong…? How… How do I know if it feels wrong?”

I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to think about it.


“Huh? Oh, sorry, I think I’m getting sleepy. I… I’ll go brush my teeth.”

I got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom, but stopped when I saw the closed bathroom door, the sound of splashing water still coming from behind it. I went out to the living room instead, and sat down on the couch. The cat was nowhere to be seen, probably sleeping somewhere in the darkness. The moon was shining in through the windows at an angle, only dimly illuminating my surroundings. After sitting alone with my thoughts for a minute, I saw Mika standing in the hallway. She hesitantly made her way over to me, getting close enough so that I could see wet trails of tears on her cheeks. Standing in front of me, she folded her hands together over her legs and spoke in a quivering voice.

“Did… did I say something wrong…?”

Ugh, great. I was the one feeling bad here, but that had just made my girlfriend think that she had done something bad. So much for my plans of becoming the best version of me, becoming a person who could make Mika happy. Instead I had just made her cry.

“No, no… no. It’s not you, sweetie.”

I reached out and took Mika’s hands, but I didn’t have the strength to look up at her. She stepped even closer to me, and lightly stroked her hand over my hair.

“... Can you tell me what it is?”

“Yeah, it’s just… Everything, you know. I don’t want you to go away either. And that I don’t know when I can see you again. I’m just… Worried, that’s all.”

What an understatement. But Mika’s comforting made me feel a little better, and she seemed more relieved now too now that she knew that it wasn’t her I was upset with. She sat down on the couch beside me, and held both my hands. We sat like that in the silent darkness, just staring out into space while tightly holding on to each other's hands, until Josie finished her shower and made a sudden stop in the hallway, startled at noticing us sitting in the living room all of a sudden. She was now wearing her pyjamas pants, and had her towel wrapped around her hair on top of her head.

“What the… What are you guys doing in there?”

“Uh… We… We just wanted to give you some privacy, in case you were going to change clothes in my room.”

Mika didn’t say anything, but I could see that she and Josie looked at each other for an intense second. Determining that her best friend was okay, Josie rolled her eyes at my explanation.

“Why take my pants with me to the bathroom if I wasn’t gonna put ‘em on out there? Thanks though~”

“Oh, right… Um, I don’t really think we’re sleepy yet, so… You can just go ahead and get to bed, Josie.”

She narrowed her eyes and put her hands on her hips.

“You’re not gonna try to wait and do it again when you think I’m asleep, are you? I’d like to be able to fall asleep without having to listen to you two for a change!”

I sighed, but smiled at her demeanor.

“No, we’re not gonna do anything. We just wanna, you know, look at the moon for a bit.”

“Hm… Alright. Just be quiet about it.”

Josie then continued on into my room and closed the door behind her, leaving Mika and me alone in the silence of the dark living room again.

“Hey… Are you even sleepy at all, after that long nap?”

I turned to Mika, who slowly shook her head.


“Yeah, me neither.”


“... I’m getting pretty friggin’ cold, though.”

“... Me too.”

“Come here.”

I reached over and grabbed my landlady’s big, fluffy blanket that she always kept neatly folded up and hanging on the armrest of the couch. I didn’t exactly have permission to use her stuff as I pleased, but she often lent me things that I needed now and then, and as long as I just put things back where they belonged while she’s gone it’s not like she would ever know about it anyways. I motioned for Mika to get up in my lap, and she sat up with her side towards my chest once again, her lower legs tucked in at an angle on the couch. I wrapped the blanket tightly around us, and it was big enough to cover all of Mika’s head, cocooning her up against me. Even through our clothes, I could feel that she felt chillier against me than usual. I bowed my head down and we shared a few, light kisses. I could feel that I wanted more of her. I didn’t want to go all the way, I just needed to feel something more than her lips. Hesitating a bit, I spoke out in a low voice that was bordering on a whisper.

“Hey, sweetie… Can.. Can I touch you…?”

I put a hand on Mika’s stomach with my fingers pointing up towards her chest, letting her know where I meant. To my surprise, Mika put her hand up over her mouth to hide a small giggle.

“What…? What’s so funny?”

“This is the first time you’ve asked permission to touch me.”

“Oh… Uh, well.. I thought, maybe you might not like it when I just…”

“... I do like it… You’re always so gentle. It makes me feel… wanted… or loved, I guess.”

If the dim light of the moon had let me see colors, I would probably have been able to tell that Mika was faintly blushing right now. I was probably blushing too.

“Aw, okay… I do love touching you, after all.”

“Heh... I can tell. Here.”

Wriggling around a little, Mika managed to grab onto the hem of her shirt with both hands and pulled it all the way up to her neck. Even though the darkness, I could see two small, dark spots on her bare, white chest. I carefully slid my hand up, placing the palm of my hand over one of her breasts. She held her breath for a few seconds, before letting out a soft sigh.

“... Man, I’ve missed this… It’s actually been fun having Josie over, but… I also wanted to… to…”

Mika slowly nodded understandingly, and began stroking my hair again while she watched my hand feeling her up, still holding her uniform up for me. I didn’t want to stimulate her too much since I didn’t wanna get either of us in the mood, but at the same time this was something I had been looking forward to for a whole week. Just being able to enjoy running my fingers over Mika’s small, naked body. Thanks to either the blanket or my touches she had warmed up again, and so had I.

“Can you take this off for me…?”

I tugged at Mika’s shirt, and she leaned a bit away from me to have enough room to move around inside the envelope of the blanket. After she had pulled her shirt up over her head to deposit it on the couch beside us, we hugged each other tightly and kissed again, my hand quickly finding its way back to one of her breasts. We were finally doing what I had been longing to do all weekend, and we made out in the darkness for who knows how long. Eventually, I broke away from Mika’s lips and kissed my way down over her chin and neck, and she leaned her torso a bit back to see where I was going. I paused momentarily at the sharp edge of her collarbone, before continuing down to her chest. Burying my head deeper down through our blanket-cocoon, I made Mika shiver once I finally brushed my lips over one of her small nipples.

“That… that tickles…”

“Sorry… I’ll be careful.”

Mika put both her arms around my head and held still while I slowly explored the shape of her two tiny mounds with my lips, her skin soft like silk.

“Hey… Why do you like my… my boobs so much…?”

What kind of question is that to ask a guy, honestly? … On second thought, it made perfect sense in Mika’s case, since you aren’t supposed to like boobs that small. Or the complete lack of boobs, to be more accurate.

“They’re… just nice. And cute. I just like them.”

“Even though… They’re… that I… don’t really have any yet…?”

“Yeah… Of course. They’re perfect.”

I planted a kiss right on one of Mika’s nipples, making her grab onto some of my hair with her fingers.

“Nh… But… Then what when they… get bigger…? Aren’t you gonna like them anymore?”

Oops… Got me there. I leaned my head back from Mika’s chest and put my hands on each side of Mika’s breasts, and squeezed them together while I imagined what they would look like in a couple of years. I wasn’t even able to make any kind of cleavage, and Mika looked slightly nervously down at me.

“No… I’m still gonna love ‘em. I’m sure.” I sat right back up again and smiled reassuringly down to Mika, who didn’t seem entirely convinced.

“Unless they grow into anime-sized boing boings, I’m gonna like them.”

“Okay.” Mika now smiled back, and leaned her head down on my shoulder.

“Josie said that’s not gonna happen. She doesn’t think they’ll get big at all.”

“Good,” I replied, and brought my hands up to cup both of Mika’s breasts. “I wouldn’t mind if you’ll stay small and cute.”

“... Me neither.. I dunno, it’s like… I feel so small next to you, like… I feel safe.”

“I’ll do anything I can to keep you safe. Even from Josie’s teasing.”

Mika giggled, but I felt a tinge of nausea all of a sudden, knowing that most people would have tried to keep Mika safe from me. I forced myself not to think about it, and reminded myself that Mika was in a good mood again. That was all that mattered.

We kissed for a few more minutes before we agreed to go to bed, even though Mika said she didn’t think she could fall asleep any time soon. She would be fine with just lying with her phone, though, she told me that she often spent her nights like that. We tip-toed back to my room and undressed, Mika taking off her skirt and socks but putting on her t-shirt again. We then crawled into bed, Mika with phone in hand. Josie was fast asleep already, but had left enough space for us. Lying on our sides, we hugged each other tightly while rubbing our hands against calmingly up and down over our backs. To my surprise, I wasn’t able to fall asleep myself either for a long time, though I didn’t mind as long as I had Mika in my arms. After a little while, she turned around to be able to use her phone, and spooning her in against me, one hand cupping a breast under her t-shirt, I was finally able to drift off into sleep.

I woke up the next morning from the feeling of my bed shaking dangerously beneath me. There was also someone calling out from somewhere far, far away.

“Heeey. Heeyyy! Heey!”

In a state of confusion, I raised my head to see what was going on. Josie was sitting up, rocking her body back and forth impatiently.

“Heey! How long are you two gonna keep sleeping? I’m booreed!”


Needing a few seconds to be able to process what she was talking about, I laid back down again in a slightly irritated mood. Mika had also been woken up, as I could feel her stirring by my side.

“It’s almost one o’clock already…! Come oon!”

That was actually pretty late, even for me, but not unheard of either. I turned around, away from the noisy brat.

“Shuttup… Sundays are for sleeping in.”


Josie snorted and stopped rocking my bed. Mika moved closer to me to spoon up against my back.

“Now I know why you two are such a good match for each other. Mika’s found someone who’ll let her sleep all day.”

I wished Josie would stop her yabbing so we could go back to sleep, but I could also understand her frustration. It’s quite boring to wake up several hours before your friends do, and having to stay quiet out of politeness while you wait for them to wake up. It wasn’t like there was anywhere for Josie to go do something fun, up here in the apartment… Great, now I felt bad and knew that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again no matter how much I wanted to. My parents had raised me to always be a good and polite host to our guests. Even though Mika had just snuggled up against me, I slowly gathered my strength to sit up against the wall, blinking my eyes slowly as they got used to the bright midday light coming in through my window. It was a little less sunny today, a few large clouds dotting the sky.

“How can you have so much energy… so early in the morning..”

I made a big yawn, and felt Mika wrap her arms around my legs. Didn’t seem like she wanted to follow my example of trying to wake up.

“I dunno. Maybe ‘cause it isn’t morning anymore?”

Josie just couldn’t sit still, her body swaying back and forth while she idly looked around in my room.

“... Did you eat breakfast?”

“Yeah. You guys didn’t feel me crawling over you a few hours ago?”

“Uh… No.”

I was pretty surprised that Josie had been able to crawl over both me and Mika to go to my kitchen. I usually noticed any major movements happening around me when I slept. I must have been fast asleep this morning.

“Hey… David?”

“... Yeah?”

“... What does it feel like?”

“What does what feel like?”

“Y’know… Doin’ it.”

Ugh… I slowly closed my eyes. This kind of talk, so early in the day…? Well, it wasn’t technically early, but… Too early for Josie to be bothering me.

“Uh… I don’t know.”


I sighed.

“I know, first hand, for a fact that that’s a lie! Come on, tell me!”

“Uh… It feels… nice.”

“Yeah duh. But what does it feel like for a guy? I’ve already asked Mika what it feels like for a girl.”

Yeah, I wasn’t surprised. Mika made an annoyed groan from underneath the duvet, probably getting pretty embarrassed by the revelation that they had been talking about what we had been doing.

“It’s… You know… I can’t really describe it. It kinda feels like… Being hugged…? Just… Down there.”

“Huh. Weird.”

What’s weird is you asking about it, weirdo. I got worried that it probably wouldn’t be long until Josie wanted to see for herself just how it felt like… I would feel pretty bad if I had somehow played a part in making Josie… Ugh, I didn’t want to think about her in that way. She was definitely still too young… After a few seconds, I thought that the least I could do is try to advise her to wait.

“.... Yeah well… It also depends on the other person… So uh, when that time comes, make sure that you’ve found the right one.”

“Yeah. I know.”

I opened my eyes to glance over at Josie, who seemed quite solemn about it as she thought it over. She then narrowed her eyes, her usual teasing demeanor coming back.

“You don’t have a younger brother, do you, Daaavid~?”

I felt Mika tense up besides my legs. Weird, hadn’t I told her that I am an only child? I don’t remember.

“No. Sorry. I don’t have any siblings.”

“Aww, shucks.”

Mika immediately became relaxed again, while Josie shrugged and suddenly laid down to crawl under the duvet.

“Kinda chilly today.”

“Yeah. It’s not really summer yet, huh?”

Josie was still only wearing her sleeping outfit, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to having to get out of my warm bed myself either. Especially not with a lightly-dressed Mika being in it. Speaking of which, Mika finally rose up from underneath my duvet, and sat up against the wall by my side, rubbing her eyes. She had probably realized that she wouldn’t get any more sleep either, now that Josie had run out of patience waiting for us to entertain her.

“... Good morning…”

“Good morning, sweetie.”

I leaned down to give the top of Mika’s head a kiss, putting a little smile on her face.

“‘Morning! Ready to get your go-karting game on?”

Even though she had just gotten under my duvet half a minute ago, Josie quickly sprung up on all fours to crawl down to the foot of my bed, where she turned my TV and her Wii console on. She had probably been waiting for us to wake up so we could play together again, all three of us. However, Mika groaned once more and put her arms around me, her head resting on my chest. She seemed to be a little more clingy than usual… Probably because we didn’t know when we could be together like this again.

“... Yeah, sure… How about you, sweetie?”

“Sweetie this, sweetie that ,y’all are gonna get diabeeties from all that sweetness.”

Being excited and eager to play, Josie crawled back to her corner and looked at Mika who just shook her head. Being able to tell that Mika wasn’t in the best mood this morning, Josie only handed me a controller and we got started on a race. It wasn’t until half an hour later that I realized that neither me nor Mika had had breakfast, so Josie had to race a couple of rounds alone while Mika and I went out to the kitchen to toast some bread for us. I had offered to make her breakfast in bed again, but she declined and insisted on standing in my arms in my kitchen while we waited on the toast and my coffee to be ready.

We ate while watching Josie make easy work of the CPU controlled players, and I joined her once I was done with my toast while Mika slowly kept munching on hers, unenthusiastically taking her time with her breakfast. It was getting quite late in the afternoon now, and I remembered that Mika had better take a shower before they had to leave. I reminded her when she had finished eating, and she groaned again.

“Can… Can you come with me..?”

She looked up at me with begging eyes, and Josie’s interest was clearly piqued as well at the prospect of me and Mika getting naked together in the shower. Or maybe she was jealous that Mika wanted to shower with me, but not with her yesterday. I considered it briefly, but the shower was way too small for anything more than a single person to stand in. I also knew that I probably would want to do… things… If me and Mika had to stand so close together, without any clothes on. And I didn’t want to do such things in a place that gets so slippery. To be honest, I am always scared of slipping and falling any time I take a shower. If global warming isn’t gonna get to me first, I’m sure my (literal) downfall will be in a goddamn shower somewhere.

“You’re a big girl, sweetie. I’ll be right here when you get back, don’t worry.”

Mika grudgingly nodded, and grabbed a fresh towel before heading out to the shower. I resumed playing Mario Kart with Josie, who made an attempt at encouraging me to change my mind and go join Mika, but I just brushed her off. Man, today was such a stark contrast to all the fun we had had yesterday, except for our little misunderstanding before bedtime… I didn’t even enjoy the game, despite doing better than last time. While Mika was in the shower, Josie suddenly paused the game and sprung up from the bed, jumping over to her backpack to search for something she had brought with her. She then came over to me, and handed me a large white bottle of pills, a sly look on her face.

“Here. Almost forgot, this is for you.”


I looked down at the bottle in confusion. Zink? Why would she give me zink supplements?

I looked at Josie in confusion, but she just winked at me before crawling up over my legs to get back to her spot in the corner of my bed so we could resume playing. Mika came back from the shower still in her t-shirt and panties, and with a towel around her hair just like Josie the night before, and didn’t bother putting anything else on before getting right back in bed again. Me and Josie were in the middle of a race, and after finishing it in first place I retired so I could give Mika some attention. I put my arm over her shoulders and she leaned in against me, and I slid my other hand down to gently stroke her bare leg. Her hair and her skin was still damp, and she had the familiar smell of my shampoo.

“... Do you wanna get up and do something?”

… “Nuh-uh…” Mika shook her head. “Can we just stay… like this…?”

“Sure. Wanna watch something?”

“... Mhn..” Mika gave a faint nod, and I looked over at Josie who had switched to playing Animal Crossing. I didn’t want to start arguing with her, so I reached out for my tablet and placed it on my legs so me and Mika could watch some YouTube. I got Josie to turn the volume of her game down and we all sat for a while without talking, my hand enjoying the silky skin of Mika’s bare, inner thigh while we watched random cringy meme compilation videos. It took a great amount of willpower, but I resisted the urge to move my hand up any higher on Mika’s leg.

After a very late lunch, Josie reminded us that we should think about getting ready for the two of them to leave, and they both got dressed with Josie stuffing her console back in her bag. We didn’t talk much while we got ready, and I walked the girls down the stairs to wish them goodbye, me and Mika sharing a long kiss before we parted ways with the girls disappearing out to the dimly lit street outside. The clouds had grown thicker, and I felt bad for Mika having to take the train home so late in the day. I was also worried that she would be absolutely wrecked in school tomorrow from the sleep schedule she had developed here, but I couldn’t do anything about that now. It didn’t take long for Mika to text me, and we stayed in contact for the rest of the day, though we both ended up struggling finding something to talk about. I still didn’t dare to do any sexting with her, as much as I wanted to. I wasn’t sure that it was something Mika would enjoy either.

The following week was a drag, with most of my time either spent studying or worrying about what would happen to our relationship now that we wouldn’t be able to see each other regularly. At least we were in daily contact, thanks to the modern technological wonder of our mobile phones. Nothing of importance happened during the week, except my landlady finally returning home from her trip abroad. I was a bit nervous whether she could somehow sense that I had had girls over, but everything seemed normal and I had made sure to comb through the living room and bathroom for any evidence of Mika’s and Josie’s visit. When I told Mika that my landlady was back again and would be home for the weekend to rest, she said that she wouldn’t have been able to come over during the weekend even if I had still been alone in the apartment, as Josie had advised her that three weekend sleepovers in a row would risk making Mika’s mom suspicious. I desperately hoped that my landlady would go somewhere again soon, even for just a weekend, but it didn’t look like she had such plans anytime in the near future. The days turned into weeks without me and Mika being able to meet up.

I quickly realized that there was no point in doing no-fap as long as I wouldn’t be able to be together with Mika, so I began relieving myself with the few pictures she had sent me back when we had just started texting. Even though she had only sent me pictures of her panties and of her nude chest, I still didn’t want to take any risks by asking for more. Man, it seemed so long ago since we had met, but it had barely been a month. I had trouble adjusting to my new schedule of going to class almost every day, and being on top of all my homework and reports all the time. No matter how early I got up, I never seemed to be able to fall asleep early and was thus in a constant state of sleep deprivation. I was afraid that it was the same for Mika, but when asking her she surprisingly reported that she was doing relatively well. She had done the class presentation with her group, and she considered it a small, personal success - not so much because of the quality of their presentation, but solely because no one had been mean to her. It was a little disturbing to hear, but I was just glad that she seemed kinda happy, even though she said she missed me.

I missed her as never before too, and as the days went by everything began to seem more and more pointless. Day in and day out of going to lectures, writing papers, and applying for jobs and internships. Even though it was encouraged for most of my classes, I gradually withdrew from interacting with my classmates, not having the energy to put on the act of being friendly and social. I began to wonder why they all had to be so… weird… I mean, with Mika, we could just sit around without saying or doing anything in particular and be fine with enjoying each other’s company in silence, but with other people, it’s like there was a constant need to keep a conversation going, no matter how mundane the topic was.

After approximately two weeks of falling deeper and deeper into a slump, I couldn’t take it anymore and told Mika that I wanted to see her. She replied that she really wanted to see me too, and asked how we could meet up without raising any suspicions. There was no way that Mika could go all the way to my city and back again on a weekday without her mom wanting to know why she hadn’t come home from school right away, or if she would have gone on a weekend day, why she had bothered traveling all the way to see Josie without having a sleepover. I asked Mika if she could come “visit Josie” and then hang out with me somewhere in public, but she didn’t want to be somewhere unfamiliar where there would be other people around us. I really hated myself for wanting to create such an unnecessary risk by insisting to meet up, but I asked Mika to begin going for walks in the park at the outskirts of her town. It wouldn’t be too far a detour on her normal route walking home from school, and she could tell her mom that she just wanted to get some fresh air and exercise after being stuck in a stuffy classroom all day. Did you know that we have a law dictating a minimally acceptable level of air quality for all salaried employees? That law doesn’t apply to schools, so classrooms are notorious for easily becoming a deathtrap of carbon monoxide and sweaty teenager stink. Yuck.

Thus, Mika began pretending to have developed a need to take a walk in the park after school most days to clear her head. The park was part of a small forest, which was criss-crossed by narrow trails that only occasionally saw runners jogging around in spandex outfits, or people taking their dog for a walk. I instructed Mika to go for slightly longer and longer walks each time which she found pretty boring, and sometimes she would just find somewhere out in the woods to sit to play games on her phone and text with me and Josie. After another week of this, we decided on a day where Mika would get off early from school, so skipping my afternoon class I hopped on the train that would take me to Mika’s city. It was a nice and sunny day, but with a wind blowing from the northeast forcing me to still wear a jacket.

My heart was pounding while I followed the GPS on my phone to the place in the woods that Mika had suggested, as if I was a hardcore criminal about to walk into a police sting operation. It was stupidly risky to meet up right next to Mika’s hometown; being the capital, there had probably been zero chance of someone recognizing Mika when we had met up in my city, as the only people she knew there was her dad and Josie. But who knows how many people might be able to recognize her so close to her home, and tell her mom that they had spotted her alone together with some strange man out in the woods after school. I cursed myself but continued on through the forest, its leaves just barely having begun to sprout out into the breezy spring air. I noticed it smelled much nicer out here than what I was used to… It reminded me of my childhood.

Mika had decided on meeting up by a pond out in the woods, since it had a trail circling all the way around it with a few basic wooden benches scattered along the shore here and there. I had read up a bit about Mika’s city and the area on my phone to pass the time during my train ride, and apparently the woods had been used as a royal hunting ground a couple of hundred years ago. While it had probably been a century since any royalty had set foot in this part of the country, the town had decided to maintain the forest’s network of trails, streams, ponds, hunting cabins and so on, to offer its growing number of citizens a natural sanctuary from the rapid wave of industrialization that had been changing the city and most its surrounding area sometime during my great-grandparents time

The GPS signal was pretty weak out here under the shadows from the huge, ancient trees, but I finally managed to make my way to a bench where a small figure was sitting with a black backpack at the side, looking out over the pond. Startled by the sound of my footsteps approaching from behind her, Mika turned her head and smiled wider than I had even seen her smile before. She stood up and hesitated for a second before she began to walk towards me, and we both quickened our pace until we met in a tight embrace. I felt all my worries disappear like a huge weight being taken off my shoulders… This was so worth it.

Mika was wearing a large black hoodie, but it was a slightly different one than the one I had already seen her in, and to my surprise, she was also wearing a skirt today. Even though she had spent most of her time with me in her schoolgirl uniform skirt, it had surprised me since the uniform was now neatly folded away in the back of my closet. The skirt she was wearing now wasn’t from a school uniform, but looked a little bit like one. It was dark red with a plaid pattern of black stripes criss-crossing over each other, and a good bit longer than what I was used to seeing her in, as it reached all the way down to her knees. It looked really nice on her, like… She seemed more feminine than the last time I had seen her, when she had been wearing her black jeans.

“What’s with this?”

I reached down and pulled the side of her skirt outwards a bit, and she averted my eyes with a small smile.

“I… I bought it last week.”

I let Mika take a step backwards, and she slowly twirled around so I could get a good look at her. It’s pretty much impossible to see teens wearing skirts or dresses these days, all girls wear now are skinny jeans and tight leather pants, the latter something I had always found unattractive. To be honest, Mika did look a little funny combining a big, androgyneous hoodie up top with a girly skirt down below, but her long, brown hair and her bare, skinny legs gave her just the kind of everyday prettiness that I liked. On her feet were a pair of black sneakers and knee-high socks that added to the schoolgirl-like look of the skirt.

“You don’t usually wear stuff like this, do you?”


Mika stopped spinning, and stood still while fidgeting with the hem of her hoodie.

“Since… y’know… My uniform is at your place.”

Aww, was she transitioning into a new and more feminine clothing style just for me? It suddenly didn’t seem too smart to store her school uniform at my place. But then again, it would have been a bad idea for her to wear it for this. It would have been oddly out of place for her to suddenly and randomly wear it to school, and the white fabric is too visible even out here in the woods.

“It looks really good on you, sweetie. Have you bought anything else?”

“... Um… Yeah…”

Mika suddenly blushed bright red, and lowered her hands to the hem of her skirt.

“... Is it something you’re wearing right now?”

“... Yes…”

“Can I see…?”

Keeping her head down in embarrassment, she shyly looked up at me while slowly pulling the front of her skirt up, revealing a pair of delicate, red-dotted white panties. They had a pointless but cute little bow just below the waistband, just like the panties she had worn on the day we had met, and the leg bands were a light shade of pink. They were only one step up in cuteness compared to the usual, plain underwear she used to wear, but their childish innocence suited her perfectly. I found it a bit funny that she still got so embarrassed with this stuff after all the things we had been doing by this point, but I liked that about her. Seeing my delight at her new choice of underwear, she let go of her skirt again and looked away, biting her lip with a flustered smile from showing off her panties out here in the open. I took a quick look around us to make sure that we were still alone, before I stepped forward to hold her in my arms again.

“And still no shorts, good girl. You’ve really dressed yourself up nicely for me… That makes me happy.”

Mika’s smile widened and she nuzzled her face in against my chest, murmuring blissfully.

“Then I’m happy too.”

We shared a brief kiss before sitting down on the bench, chatting about this and that while looking at a pair of ducks swimming idly around in the water. It warmed my heart to hear how Mika felt that she had been doing slightly better in school and at home since the last time we had seen each other. Maybe her classmates were becoming nicer to her now that she had begun being more feminine?

“So… Have you received any comments about your new style?”

I brushed my fingers over the fabric of Mika’s skirt, and she thought it over for a second before shrugging.

“Nuh… Not really…”

“Oh… So your classmates still just mostly… Ignore you?”

“... Yeah…”

Mika lowered her head a bit, and I felt sorry for her for still not having any friends at school. I guess it was impossible to break out of a social role you had been playing for many years in the same group of people. Mika would most likely be stuck as that weird, quiet, geeky and awkward girl that mostly kept to herself until she could move on to high school in a couple of years, where she would have the chance to make a fresh impression on a new group of classmates... If going to high school was even what she wanted to do. But even so, I found it weird that there hadn’t been any boys that had shown any interest in her yet, since she genuinely was a pretty girl. Not a supermodel in any way, and maybe just slightly above average looking as long as she was wearing hoodies, and she didn’t seem to use any makeup either, but still. But then again, I remembered back to when I was her age, and how oblivious I was back then myself.

“Well, whatever… You know, fuck ‘em.”

“... Mmm..”

“You’re much cooler than any of your classmates anyways.”

“... how so?”

“You’re super cute, and… You’ve got something that they don’t.”

“What? My uniform?”

Mika curiously looked up at me, and I smiled slyly down to her.

“... I bet you’re the first one in your class to be having sex.”

“... O-ohh…”

Mika looked down at the ground again with a big smile and a large blush on her face, fidgeting with the hem of her hoodie again. I didn’t like how I made it sound like a positive thing to begin having sex early, but I needed to come up with something to cheer my girlfriend up. I also lied when I said that she’s probably the first one in her class. Statistically speaking, there would probably be at least one or two other girls in her class that had also done it this early. Just the thought of that made me sick, but… I didn’t want to think about it.

“Even if you can’t say it to them… At least you can say it to yourself, that you’re already not a virgin any more. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?”

“Y-yeah… I guess.”

I changed the topic to something a bit more appropriate, and Mika asked me how things were like for me in my classes. I didn’t go into details about how I was doing, and just told her that it was a lot of work being a university student. While it was nice talking face to face with Mika again, it also pained me that we couldn’t do much more than that. This was risky enough, and it would definitely be game over if some joggers came running past us while I had Mika in my lap with her panties around her leg.

We thus spent a couple of hours just talking, silently watching the pond whenever we were done with a topic, or stealing a few brief kisses now and then before Mika told me that she had better head home. We shared one last kiss before Mika left our little date spot, slightly saddened that I didn’t want to walk her back to at least the park, but I was too paranoid of anyone seeing us if we stayed together while returning to civilization. After waiting for approximately ten minutes, I got up to get back home myself as well, slightly unnerved at trying to find my way back to the train station in the city through the now darkened forest. Finally back home a few hours later, I found myself unable to sleep yet again that night, twisting and turning while longing to have Mika back in bed with me again more than ever. I only managed to get a few hours of sleep before the next day arrived, bringing with it the continuation of the tedious daily life of stressing over my illicit relationship while trying to focus on my university courses. At least the weather was gradually warming up.

Anonymous 22/01/29(Sat)21:39 No. 27523 ID: 96056d

This is fan-fucking-tastic OP, i would never guess based on your writing that English is not your native language. I like the possible foreshadowing that Josie is not all she seems to be, with how she seems much more knowledgeable and devious than you would expect from an 11 year old. This is now my second story i'll be habitually checking /elit/ to see if there's updates. Good stuff, keep it up and cheers!

Anonymous 22/01/30(Sun)17:08 No. 27527 ID: d0356a


Thank you
I'm afraid I only have one more small appearance of Josie planned, as we are nearing the end of the story. I guess it would be possible to write a spinoff story with her as the heroine, if people want more of her.

Anonymous 22/01/31(Mon)23:09 No. 27531 ID: 51e80b


I was hoping for a threesome :(
Please, at least give us an hot scene before she leaves.

Anonymous 22/02/01(Tue)01:23 No. 27533 ID: ee78a4


Your honor I second this motion for a threesome!

Anonymous 22/02/02(Wed)20:24 No. 27538 ID: 5c9a02

Great story

Anonymous 22/02/02(Wed)23:54 No. 27539 ID: 477c5b

Hmm, I guess I have myself to thank for this. Originally, Josie wasn't even supposed to be there at the second sleepover. I have some ideas if you all really want her to get a piece of the action too, but it's gonna delay the rest of the story to make such a big change.

Anonymous 22/02/03(Thu)16:23 No. 27540 ID: f4aa38

I don't think it even has to be a threesome per se.

There seems, to me to be a very organic way to write a scene though. Josie is obviously interested in sex, which means she likely masturbates. It's already been set-up that Mika and David might let her watch. As well the idea that Mika needs Josie to help her cover her relationship with David.

So the next time Mika and David have a chance to be together in private invent a reason for Josie needs to be there. For example Josie offers her place because her parents are going away for a couple of days. They agree to let Mika sleepover.

From there the motivations pretty much write themselves. David and Mika have been doing nothing but kissing for a while. They want to do it pretty badly but they feel weird about Josie being there and it being her place.

Josie isn't blind and suggests they go ahead as long as they're not like this all weekend but she makes one request. That she can watch.

While watching, she starts to masturbate and then things can escalate from there. You might not want to go full threesome. Since while Josie is sexually curious I wouldn't say she's been portrayed as actually wanting to do it (assuming she was telling the truth about testing David with the sex offer)

Anonymous 22/02/06(Sun)15:18 No. 27542 ID: ba2522

Just caught up. Great story OP even if you blue balled me a bit with Josies visit and teasing. I like her character.

Anonymous 22/02/06(Sun)16:26 No. 27543 ID: 477c5b

I don’t know if the zinc supplements had a hand in improving my mood, but having something to look forward to certainly made my days a little more bearable. I began regularly meeting up with Mika two to three times a week, going for walks with her in the woods after Mika would be off from school. Being able to take these breaks from my new, boring life of being a good and eager student made the days go by much faster. On the days where I wouldn’t go see Mika, I amused myself by shopping online for fun things to buy for her with the money I hadn’t put into my investments. It wasn’t all easy cruising, though; I was still wrecked with paranoia of meeting someone Mika knew every time we walked around together in the forest, but being able to see each other regularly made us both feel confident that we could continue going out, even though we had to do so secretly.

Mika now wore skirts almost every time we met, and it became sort of a game for us to have me check what panties she was wearing each day we were together. Even on the days where she wore jeans we would find some place a bit off the trail and have her open the front of her pants to show me. She was gradually transitioning away from her usual plain black or white cotton panties to a more diverse collection of different cute designs, and she was eager to show me every time she had purchased a new pair. I never checked the inside of her panties, as I deemed that too risky to do outside, but I often spent a few minutes with my hands up under her blouse when we managed to find a secluded spot inside one of the old, rustic hunting pavilions, or when we sat down in a somewhat closed off sunny spot surrounded by tall and twisted bushes. Spring was in the air, and I was thankful for the blooming leaves that helped with hiding our make-out sessions. I still couldn’t feel any changes on Mika’s chest, and she seemed a little unhappy that she was the last girl in her class who still hadn’t started growing breasts, but I reassured her every time I felt her up that this was just the way I liked her, and that she shouldn’t compare herself to her stupid classmates. Of course, we didn’t have any sex, that was totally out of the question. But we did kiss a lot, and Mika had become quite good at it by now.

I eagerly waited for either my landlady or my parents to one day let me know that they would go somewhere for the weekend, so that I could have another sleepover with Mika. I didn’t exactly want to have Josephine over again, as it did limit how much Mika and I could enjoy ourselves in the way I wanted to. Even though the warm weather continued throughout the spring, it was apparently still too unattractive a weather for people to voluntarily leave their homes. One day, while looking at my calendar to check my classes against the days where Mika got off early from school, I saw that our constitution day was coming up next week. This year, it would fall on a monday, which meant a three day weekend for both me and Mika. I was dying to be able to get Mika naked in my bed again, and I decided that I had to see if it would be possible to use this opportunity to get together with her again.

I casually asked my landlady if she had any plans for the weekend, but she was planning to stay home to get some rest after having gotten back to her job after her long trip. I likewise asked my parents, but they weren't thinking of going anywhere either. As a last resort, I called my uncle one afternoon and asked if he was going out to his summerhouse, and if not, if I could borrow it for the weekend. Surprised by my sudden request, he asked why in the world I wanted to go out there so early in the year, when it was still too cold to really enjoy being outdoors. His cabin was pretty rustic, with no TV or internet, so there wasn’t a lot to do if you weren’t planning on spending your time in the yard, at the beaches, or in the forests. Of course, thanks to the modern development of mobile broadband, our phones, tablets and laptops could provide both internet and TV nowadays, but then you might just as well stay home. He also warned me that the area was extremely sparsely populated at this time of the year, since all the neighboring summerhouses were empty as well, and all the nearby shops and stores would likely be closed too. I replied that I wanted to have myself a little get-away from the city in order to focus on a big report I had due, and that the quieter the area would be, the better. A bit puzzled that I had suddenly turned into such a diligent student, he accepted my request and would let me stay there for the weekend.

Alright, the first hurdle was cleared. I felt a rush of adrenaline while I said my gratitudes to my uncle, and immediately texted Mika after hanging up. Not even a minute afterwards she sent me an invitation to a group chat, and already having an idea of who it could be that wanted to be a part of our weekend plans, I grudgingly accepted. Of course, Josie immediately asked me what I had planned as soon as I joined. I didn’t like the idea of leaving additional digital traces of our relationship - especially since Josie immediately changed my nickname in the group chat to “hentai with senpai” - but since we still required her help to allow Mika to get away from home, it couldn’t be helped. Suspecting that Josie wanted to come with us, I wrote that I had secured my uncle’s cottage to stay in, but it was so underdeveloped that it didn’t have any electricity. Since that meant no anime, no movies, and no gaming (at least, until the batteries of your mobile devices run out), Josie let us know that it sounded super boring but wished us a nice trip. Thank Odin. After a few more minutes, Mika sent a message saying that her mom had agreed to let her stay over at Josie’s from friday to monday. Finally… I could look forward to spending some real quality time together with my girlfriend again.

The next couple of days seemed to take forever, but also seemed to be much easier on my mental health at the same time. It also helped that a couple of packages arrived with some of the goods I had ordered online… Perfect timing. Nothing extreme, just a few fun things for Mika and me. When friday finally rolled around, I could barely concentrate on my lecture. Macroeconomics was so far the worst subject for me, and I didn’t see what use I would have of macroeconomic theories unless I was planning to make a career for myself in academia, and at this point, everything academic was almost making me throw up. Instead of listening to my professor, I planned out how me and Mika would get up to the summerhouse. Mika was getting off annoyingly late from school today, so it would probably be very late in the afternoon before we would arrive at the cottage. Being so far out in the countryside, public transport in that area was pretty sparse. While I wasn’t too far away from our destination, Mika was pretty much in the opposite direction and would have to change trains twice before we could even meet up at a station in the far suburbs of my city, from where we would have to take yet another train that we would have to ride to the end of the line, from which we would have to walk a couple of kilometers to reach the summer house. It was bothersome as hell, and I had already considered asking my parents if I could borrow their car, but that would require me to first travel all the way out to them to pick it up, and they also lived pretty far away. I also didn’t want anyone spotting us up at the summerhouse and report the number plate to the authorities, in case they got suspicious of such an uncommon couple being alone together.

Having packed a small suitcase for myself, I impatiently sat around in my room waiting for Mika to be able to text me once her final class of the week would be over. When she finally did, I sent her a description of the route she had to take to get to our meeting point. I didn’t need to get going myself until Mika would be at least halfways on her way to the station where we would meet up. After a few anxious minutes, I received a text that made my heart drop.

“i dont wanna go”

What? Why? Had I done something wrong? Could she be scared of being alone with me for three days far out in the countryside? I desperately thought it over, while trying to think of a reply… Had she finally come to the realization that I was primarily after taking advantage of her body? But that wasn’t true at all, I genuinely cared about her… True, I had been feeling her up almost all the times we had met up out in the woods by her city, but I had limited myself to her chest and thighs. Could it be Josie? Had she convinced Mika to not spend the weekend with me for some reason? Suddenly, my phone beeped again with another message, except this time it wasn’t from Mika.

“dude u cant expect her to go alone on a trip like that”

it was Josie, texting me directly instead of posting in the group chat. I didn’t really understand what she was talking about, Mika would only have to travel by herself in the beginning. I texted this to Josie, and quickly received a reply.

“she hasnt taken those trains b4. shes scared to go alone somewhere she doesnt know”

What the hell was this now, Mika was more than old enough to be able to figure out how to get on the right trains, she could even use her phone’s GPS to see when to get off. I remembered Mika's anxiety about being out in public, but still… I wasn’t in the mood for this. I really should have just borrowed my parent’s car, but that was too late now. I sent Josie a :thinkingface smiley before composing a message for Mika, being careful to word it in the friendliest way possible.

“Hey sweetie. I know it’s scary having to take a train for the first time to a place you haven’t been to before, but I know you can do it. I can guide you along the way, okay? It’s just two trains, then you can leave the rest to me.”

A minute went by before I received a reply from Mika.

“but what if i miss my stop”

“Then you can just take the train going in the opposite direction. Don’t worry, we’re not in a hurry. I’ll help if anything happens.”

A few more minutes passed by while I waited in excruciating suspense. I don’t know if I could handle having to cancel our trip just because she was too scared to go somewhere by herself for a bit. I wondered how she had been able to take the train last time, but she was probably used to that line since it’s the one she would have been taking to visit Josie. I wondered if the two girls were discussing it among themselves right now, but I didn’t want to put any more pressure on Mika, even though I was growing impatient.

“Ok. im scared but ill try”

Phew… Finally. I laid down in my bed in relief. What is it with this girl? I was beginning to get scared that she would be having a hard time growing up if she couldn’t even manage to go somewhere by herself. Well, she was already having a hard time, but it would just get worse as she got older. Oh well… For now, we just had to focus on getting her up to the train station where we could meet up. Better send her another message to encourage her to get going.

“That’s my girl. If you want you can call me, and we can stay in touch all the way until you get up here.”


With my phone silent again, I laid around waiting until I had to get going myself. But I was too restless now to relax, so after half an hour I decided I might as well wait at the train station where I would meet up with Mika. Grabbing my suitcase, I bid farewell for the weekend to my landlady and her cat before going down the stairs, having to take the back stairs again now that I couldn’t just wander through my landlady’s part of the apartment. Shortly after getting out on the street, my phone rang.

“Hi? Mika?”

“... H-hi.”

I double-checked the display, and it did have Mika’s name on it. But it didn’t sound like her.

“I’m… I’m at the train station now.”

It did sound kinda like her, but… She sounded extremely anxious, her voice quivering and louder than how she spoke when we were together face to face.

“Which train station?”

“Uuuh… Knis… Knisbygda station. Sorry.” That’s the station in Mika’s town.

“Okay. Do you see the train anywhere?”

“Uhhh… No… Sorry…”

“Relax, sweetie. You’re doing okay. Hold on.”

The delay from Mika’s initial reluctance to go had caused her to miss the train I had originally planned for her to get on, and while it shouldn’t be long until the next one, I’d better check my travel app for details on Mika’s train. It would delay the rest of our trip a little bit, but that was fine. It was a little difficult trying to find my own way to my bus stop while keeping my eyes on my phone, and it didn’t help that it was starting to get dark.

“Hey. The train should be at track one in twelve minutes. That’s the one you gotta get on.”

“Oh… Okay..”

“... Are you alright?”

“Yeah… I… I just..”

I could hear Mika’s labored breathing through the crappy audio quality, I guess she was rushing to get to the right platform even though she had plenty of time.

“I… I don’t like talking on the phone… sorry.”

I realized that this was actually the first time we were speaking over the phone… I guess that was the reason. Maybe she had trouble decoding verbal communication without being able to see the face expressions and body language of the other person? Just one more of her quirks, I guess.

“Oh, well just hang in there. It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize.”

“O-... okay.”

Some time passed without either of us saying a word, the only thing I could hear was the background noise from other people talking, a PA system making inaudible announcements, and the distorted sounds of trains coming and going. I boarded my bus while keeping my phone to my ear, occasionally checking the display for the time to make sure that Mika would get on her train. I didn’t have to remind her, though, as she announced herself that her train was approaching, and I heard her getting on board. Apart from letting her know when and where to get off to change trains, combined with some more words of reassurance, we still didn’t talk but just sat silently with our phones to our ears while we each slowly neared our common destination. Mika was still unusually anxious, but managed to get off at the right station and board her next train with my guidance, and I even managed to get off my bus myself at the right time. I let Mika know that I was at our meeting point now, and that it wouldn’t be long until her hardships would be over.

Mika’s train finally rolled in, and I even spotted her zoom past me through the window while I waited for her on the platform. We kept the phone line open until Mika had gotten off and had spotted me, and we walked towards each other until we met in a quick hug. There were quite a number of people around us, probably also going somewhere for the extended weekend, so we couldn’t be any more intimate than that. She seemed immensely relieved from not being alone any more, but she wasn’t exactly in a nice mood either. It would be around ten minutes before the arrival of the other train that would take us out to the countryside, so we sat down on a bench after making our way to the right platform.

“Hey…. You okay?”

“... mmhhn.”

Mika just shrugged, looking down at the ground. She wasn’t sporting a skirt today, but was wearing her usual black jeans as well as a thick, dark blue winter coat. I wished I had grabbed my coat as well instead of my light windbreaker, as it had gotten quite cold now in the evening.

“... Are you upset that you had to go out alone?”

“... Mm… Maybe… a little bit.”

“Aw… I’m sorry for making you do that. But you made it, didn’t you?”

“... Yeah… I guess.”

“You thought you couldn’t do it. But you tried. And you did it…!”

“... Yeah..”

She was warming up a little, I could even see her shoulders drop slightly as she became less tense.

“That’s really cool, you know. I’m proud of you. You’re really growing up.”

“I am?”

Mika looked up at me, and I nodded with a smile.

“You’ll be fine as long as I’m here to help you.”

“O-... okay… Thank you…”

I put my hands around Mika’s and gave them a squeeze, and reluctantly let go before anyone would notice. We talked a bit about the usual school stuff while we waited, and it wasn’t long until her grumpiness had seceded. I could feel that Mika was beginning to get sleepy, but I wasn’t sure that I would be letting her get much sleep tonight. My body was aching for her, I hadn’t masturbated for a few days at this point, not since I had come up with the plan of using this weekend to get together with Mika. Our train arrived, and Mika followed me to a seat at the very rear end. Since it was a small local line, it was a much smaller train car and didn’t have many people in it to begin with, and as we rode further and further out into the countryside the amount of passengers steadily decreased. At one point I deemed it safe enough to put a hand on Mika’s thigh, but she grabbed onto it with both of her hands instead and held it tightly, and we rode through the darkness while sleepily continuing our sporadic conversation about this and that. Her hands were cold.

Mika wasn’t looking forward to having to walk the two kilometers from the station and out to the summerhouse so late in the evening, but I assured her again that it would be alright since she was with me now. Finally reaching the end of the line, we made a stop at a convenience store that had moved into the former stationmaster’s building to stock up on food and snacks, as well as a six-pack of beer, before heading out onto a long, dark path leading from the area around the train stop and out along silent and windswept wheatfields. I was getting worn out from having to drag my suitcase behind me, and Mika was also burdened by her own backpack as well as our groceries, but at least we were completely alone now, which both of us enjoyed - albert for different reasons. We ate some of the snacks we had bought while we walked, which gave us the last bit of power we needed to continue our trip.

The path led us in the direction of the ocean, and after approximately half an hour the fields were replaced by singular plots of land, slightly overgrown grass laws with cute little houses that all laid dormant while they waited for their owners to come out here to enjoy the upcoming summer. My uncle’s summerhouse was part of a large cluster of such dwellings, and almost all of them had large hedges or bushes surrounding their respective plots in order to give people some privacy to enjoy their holidays. I paid great attention to any signs of the houses being occupied, but I didn’t spot a single house with lights in the windows or a car in the driveway. This meant that Mika and I would probably be completely alone out here. Annoyingly, it also meant that the few shops and stores that dotted the area would also be closed, just like my uncle had said, so we would have to go back to the store by the train stop if we needed anything.

Using my phone to guide us to my uncle’s summerhouse, we were finally able to turn away from the road and follow a narrow driveway up to a small, cozy-looking building. It was pretty much built like a mixture between a traditional, swedish-style homestead and a regular modern bungalow that had been scaled down to roughly half the normal size. The summerhouse only occupied around one fourth of my uncle’s plot of land, the rest was mainly a mix of messy grasses that could function as a football field once trimmed, and tall, old trees that could provide shade from the summer sun. Even though it all felt alien to me now in the middle of the night, I felt a rush of nostalgia making my way up to the front door. It had been many years since I had been here, but it looked just like I remembered it. The hedges fencing off my uncle’s little plot of land had grown thicker than what I remembered, though, which just meant more privacy from anyone passing by on the gravel roads outside. Mika was slowly turning her head around to take in her new surroundings, and neither of us seemed to be sleepy anymore after the brisk walk in the cold midnight air. It was almost a quarter to twelve now, but at last we had made it.

My uncle had told me that he hid the key to the front door behind a birdhouse on the back of the building, and after retrieving it we stepped into a dark, silent hallway. While mostly outfitted with all the modern amenities you would expect from a vacation house, the interior was built in a very rustic style with wooden walls and no ceiling, the massive wooden beams of the roof visible above us. I flipped the lightswitch in the hallway so we could take off our shoes and coats, and it took Mika a couple of seconds before she realized that something was a bit different from what she had expected.

“Wait… Didn’t you say that.. There wasn’t any electricity here?”

“Oh, you’re right… I guess my uncle has had it installed since the last time I was here as a kid.”

I gave Mika a quick tour of the house, and she excitedly followed me around. The hallway was connected into a tiny but modern kitchen you would have to pass through to get to the main room, which functioned both as the living room and the guest room for when my uncle had visitors staying over. Aside from that, there was just a single tiny bedroom with a queen sized bed and a dresser, as well as a bathroom plus an old shed out in the back. Everything had the same comfy and homey feeling that I remembered from my childhood, with old but soft furniture taking up most of the floor space in the living room along with a fireplace in one of the corners. The kitchen wasn’t too bad either despite its limited size, it had a fridge, a stove and an oven, but washing up had to be done by hand. The air was murky from having stood still all winter and the bed needed to be made, but something else occupied our minds as soon as I showed Mika the bathroom.

“There is… There’s a bathtub…?”

“Yeah…. Anything special about that?”

“Nuh… It‘s just that I’ve… Never tried a bathtub.”

That made sense if she had been brought up in a cheap apartment, seeing as her mom wasn’t exactly well off. It gave me an idea.

“... You wanna try it?”

“Eh? Like…. Right… right now…?”

Mika looked up at me almost with sparkles in her eyes, like a kid who’s been told they’re going to Tivoli.

“Yeah, you could use one after the long trip up here, right? It’s also very Japanese, you know. They take baths at night, right before sleeping.”

“... Ooohh… Yeah… I wanna try.”

I kneeled down by the tub and fiddled with the tabs, and luckily the water pipes had survived the winter. I plugged up the drain and stood back up, with Mika standing by my side to watch the water slowly filling the empty space of the bathtub. This looked different from what I remembered, and taking a look around in the bathroom, it all looked very new. My uncle must have had it renovated at some point. He had certainly made quite an investment, as the bathtub was on the larger side… Just like my uncle is himself, so that’s probably why. I slightly envied that he had the money for this, and told myself that that’s another reason I gotta focus on school.

“Hey, it’s gonna take a while to fill up. Let’s go make the bed and get ready to go to sleep.”


We went back to open up some windows to air out the summerhouse, Mika thankfully being in good spirits. I felt a little bad that she had never tried vacationing like this before, but it was fun watching her search for the bedsheets and duvet covers with an impressive childish energy. Once the bed had been made, I closed the windows again and turned the bedroom’s small electric radiator on before we both returned to the bathroom where the tub was almost filled completely up by now. Mika stood still watching the big body of steamy water, but turned around towards me as soon as I began taking off my shirt.

“Wha, why… Do you wanna go in first?”

“Hey, just look at it, the tub’s big enough for both of us. I could use a bath too.”

I took off my jeans, while Mika just stood motionless with her face slowly getting redder and redder.

“Do… Do you mean… At the same time…?”

“Yeah. It’ll be nice, we can help each other get clean.”

I stripped down to my boxers, but Mika wasn’t following suit. I stepped over to her, and she shyly looked up at me with excited, but insecure eyes. I smiled reassuringly down to her and reached down to grab the hem of her black hoodie. It was always the same old song and dance with this girl, acting like she was about to let me see her naked body for the first time yet again. It was almost like she was a small present I had to unwrap myself each time.

“Lift up your arms, sweetie.”

Mika closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head, and I quickly had her hoodie pulled up and off her. She was wearing a black t-shirt underneath today, and it quickly came off too. The white skin of her flat chest was an almost blinding contrast to her black attire, and I kneeled down to unbutton her jeans. Except for her school uniform and her recently acquired skirts, all this girl had was black clothes, it seemed. I pulled her jeans down over her legs as well as her black panties, and took a moment to take in the view of her small vagina. Her inner labia was still tucked in as always, but… Something seemed a little off today. I leaned a bit closer, noticing some small, almost invisible spots just above her cleft.

“Hey.. Did… Did you shave?”

I looked up at Mika, who had put her hands on her cheeks out of embarrassment, peeking down at me. She nodded faintly.

“Jo-... Josie said I should… ‘n told me how.”

“Aha… Cool. You’ve done a good job.”

I lightly brushed a thumb down over her mons and the outside of her lips, which still felt as silky as ever. I was thankful that I had had the fortune of meeting Mika almost immediately before puberty had hit her, and I was determined to make the most of my time together with her immature body before it began to change too much. I helped her step out of her pants and socks and took my own boxers off before we stepped over to the tub. I turned the water off and carefully climbed into the tub first, the hot water overflowing and splashing down on the tile floor which made Mika shuffle around to avoid getting her feet wet. I should have been more careful with adjusting the temperature as it was almost unbearably hot, but I had steeled my body in the blistering onsens of Japan many years prior, so I was still able to sink my body down to lie back against the end of the tub. Mika hesitated for a bit, standing still with goosebumps while absentmindedly trying to cover her crotch. Seeing that I had survived my descent, she reached down with a hand to test the water.

“Ow… it’s burning…!”

“The trick is… To move as slowly as you can… So you create a…. Layer of cooler water…. Around you…”

I spoke slowly while trying to breathe as little as possible, as even the heaving of my chest brought swirls of hot water to my skin.

“What… What do I do?”

While the tub was long enough for me to extend my legs fully, it wasn’t wide enough for two people to sit side by side. I patted my lap, still as slowly as I could.

“Climb in slowly like I did... and… Sit down here.”

I knew it was very un-Japanese to get in the bathtub before washing off, but it’s not like the bathroom was built to do so anyways. Mika grabbed onto the edge of the tub and swung her leg over, giving me a nice view of her open crotch, before she cautiously began lowering herself down in the water. She sucked in some air through her teeth from the uncomfortable temperature, but managed to sit her butt down on my thighs with her back towards me. She carefully turned around, looking at me with slightly pained eyes.

“It’s… hot…!”

“Yeah… You’ll get used to it in a bit.”

After a couple of seconds where we both sat perfectly still, Mika began leaning back until she laid down against my chest, with only her head still above the water. I slowly wrapped my arms around her, and we both breathed a sigh of relaxation.

“This is…. Pretty nice…” Mika sounded like she was in heaven, and I had to agree with her.

“Yeah… Nothing beats a warm bath after a long day.”

“Mmm… I like taking baths.”

“Me too… Hey, if you can duck your head down under the water, then I’ll wash your hair for you.”

“... Okay.”

Closing her eyes tightly and holding her breath, Mika gradually sank herself lower until the top of her head went under the water, her long brown hair spreading out in a big, wide circle. She then sat upright again, her wet hair sticking to her bare skin.

“Sit still, sweetie.”


I could really hear how she was enjoying this. Reaching over to grab a shampoo bottle from a shelf a bit above my head, I squirted some into my hands and began carefully massaging it into Mika’s scalp. She had closed her eyes again and was murmuring happily while I rubbed the foamy shampoo into all of her hair. I also remembered to give my own hair a quick splash of water, and I washed it while Mika ducked down under the water again to rinse the shampoo out. Again, I knew it wasn’t the smartest idea to wash our hair like this in our bathwater, but I had suspected from the start that we would be getting the water dirty with something sooner or later. With both of our hair sparkly clean, we leaned back again to blissfully enjoy the feeling of the warm water around our naked bodies.

“So… You’ve started growing hair down there, huh…?”

Mika tensed up, and I felt her squeeze her thighs together.

“Um… n-no, not really… It’s just that… Josie said that you probably wouldn’t like… a hairy p… y’know… So I should remember to take care of it.”

Thanks Josie, I guess I owe you again.

“Ahh, I see. That’s very good of you, you’re really getting more and more mature.”


“Yeah. Just like how you were able to go on those trains all by yourself today. You’re doing really well.”

“... eheh… Thanks…~”

Mika squirmed happily around on my lap, and I put my chin on her shoulder to look down over her naked body. I couldn’t see any signs of her body developing from this viewpoint, to be honest.

“I wonder if you’ve also started… Getting more mature somewhere else?”

“Somewhere else…?”

Mika opened her eyes again and turned her head to look over at me, but she quickly shifted her eyes to both of my hands which had slid up to her chest. I carefully felt around on her breasts for any changes, but I couldn’t really tell if there had been any developments up here. Maybe they had gotten a little more defined since our last meetup in the forest? At any rate, it was still a shame to call them breasts, as there were still barely anything but two tiny, pink nipples on two very gentle slopes on her chest.

“Hmm~ I’m not really sure, I think I’ll have to take a better look here later.”

Mika giggled, and I lowered one of my hands to her flat tummy.

“Speaking of Josie reminding you to take care of stuff… You’re also remembering that other thing, right?”

Mika’s face was already flushed from sitting in the warm water, but she squirmed around a little and nodded a faint yes.

“Mm… I took one this morning.”

“Good… Good job sweetie… Then it’s not gonna be a problem to…”

I slowly moved my hand on Mika’s tummy downwards, my fingers reaching the top of her tiny slit. Mika didn’t nod or shake her head, but just watched in suspense at my hand gently but firmly pushing down between her legs just enough for me to grope her crotch. Mika made a sigh and leaned her head back on my shoulder, surrendering herself to my fingers by spreading her legs open a bit. I gave her breast a squeeze in return and began working my fingertips up and down over Mika’s vagina, making small circles around the top where her clit laid hidden before probing carefully at the tight entrance in the bottom. Mika closed her eyes and arched her back for a brief moment, and a steady hum began emanating from her lips in rhythm with the movements of my hand.

I spent some time making sure that the area between Mika’s legs was as clean as possible, my fingers even dipping down to rub against her tiny rear opening for a light scrubbing. I could feel her muscles contract, and I returned my focus to the other hole hidden inside the folds of her vagina. Of course, my penis had grown to its full size at this point, lying sandwiched between my stomach and Mika’s lower back. Even though I had planned to play with Mika like this for a little while longer, I couldn’t take the uncomfortable position of my penis any more and wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her up a bit higher on my lap. The relaxing effect of the hot water combined with my stimulation of her genitals had made her like butter in my hands, and she willingly supported her own weight a bit while I positioned the tip of my penis up towards her crotch.

I was thankful that I had accidentally left the water temperature on such a high setting, as it also meant that it would take a longer time before the water would cool off. Even though I had gotten Mika quite wet, and I’m not just talking about the bathwater, we went very slowly having her sit back down on my thighs while my hardness slowly spread her labia open to penetrate her vagina. I wondered if her pussy was regaining its tightness whenever it went without having my dick inside it for a while… Naah, that’s not how it works, but it sure felt like it. Mika leaned forward again and curled her body together a little, putting more of her weight down on her hips until she finally sat her butt down on my lap. She gasped out and relaxed again, and I moved my hand down between her legs again to feel around at the area where our bodies were now connected. I couldn’t really see much from my viewpoint, but it felt like she had pretty much fully taken me inside her. There was barely anything left of my shaft, and I could feel how Mika’s opened labia were almost pressed down against my balls.

The bathroom had gotten extremely steamy by now, and had grown silent while we sat still for a few seconds while I let Mika get used to having me inside her again after such a long time. It had been a while after all, but it felt much, much better from what I remembered. I hadn’t removed my hand from where I had left it between Mika’s legs, and I continued curiously feeling around at the place where she was impaled by my penis. My other hand had found its way back to one of her breasts again, with my fingers lightly moving up and down over her hard little nipple under the water. Getting more and more comfortable, Mika’s body began melting again as she laid back against my chest, her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted. A steady stream of murmuring and moaning began echoing against the bathroom tiles once I began applying a bit more pressure with my fingers between her legs, and I felt her vagina give a hard squeeze around me. It was crazy how different it felt from doing it with my hand, it was like my most sensitive organ had been enveloped into a warm and wet hug that felt tight all the way from the root of my shaft to the very tip of the head. I didn’t even feel any desire to begin moving or to change positions so I could begin thrusting into Mika. Even though I would need some stimulation in order to come I was just satisfied with finally being inside her again.

I guess Mika had inadvertently loosened up some of her restraints now that we were completely alone without anyone around us for at least a couple of kilometers. She began moaning out almost non-stop while she slowly twisted and turned her head, my fingers relentlessly massaging the top of her slit where I could feel her clit having gotten slightly harder and bigger. Suddenly, she grit her teeth and froze up, and I increased the pace of my fingers until she tensed up hard, and it was only my hand on her chest pressing her down against me that prevented her from curling up as the muscles of her stomach and legs contracted, and a couple of loud groans filled the moisty air until everything suddenly went quiet again. She had been squeezing around my penis too, and I could still feel a few spasms around my shaft while she slowly came down from her orgasm, her body having gone completely limp on top of me. I kept my hand still between her legs still but continued lightly brushing my thumb over her nipple, and I planted a few kisses on her sweaty forehead while giving her a moment to rest. The water was beginning to get slightly cooler by now, but we could probably still stay like this for a few minutes longer. I wished I could have stayed like this for the rest of my life.

After a few moments Mika began stirring ever so slightly again, and we cuddled for a while each with a big smile on our lips. I was equally parts happy of having sex with Mika again, and equally parts happy that I had made her happy, especially after the rocky start of her trip. Eventually, I had to face the fact that we had to get out of the bath at some point and go to bed, and I gave Mika’s tummy a pat.

“I think it’s time to get up, sweetie.”

“... Mmh… Just a little longer…”

“Come on, we can take a bath again tomorrow. It’s not gonna go anywhere.”

“Mmm… Yeah… Okay.”

Mika turned her head to give me a big kiss before she leaned forward, and she began raising herself up from the water. Of course, my penis had remained rock-hard the whole time and she had to go very slowly since she was still sensitive down there, and having such a large thing scrape against her walls while it slit out caused a few more grunts from her. I finally popped out of her and my penis swung up against my stomach like a spring, and we both stood up in the tub on shaky legs. I was about to step out first, when Mika turned around biting her lip, glancing down at my hardness.

“Um… You… You haven’t… right…?”

As much as I wanted to have cum, I calculated that I had just been inside her anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes in total, and I didn’t want to wear her body out on the first night together in such a long time. I shrugged, hoping my little friend could calm down once we got into bed and could let our sleepiness fall over us. It seemed like Mika was feeling a little bad for me not having orgasmed though, as she reached out to carefully brush her hands against my wet penis.

“Do you… Do you want me to…”

“It’s… it’s fine, sweety, you don’t have to. You must be tired.”

“But… I… I want to.”

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, her wet hair sticking to her forehead and shoulders. I didn’t know what to say to that, I had assumed that it had mostly been me who had wanted to do stuff so far, but she determinedly wrapped her fingers around my shaft. Deciding to accept her offer, I put my hand on the top of her head and gently pressed down to steer her towards my penis. She sent a large, shy smile up to me before she got down on her knees, taking my hardness in her hands to study it for a bit. She then leaned forward and effortlessly slid the tip between her lips, and began greedily sucking with a happy sigh.

It wasn’t the same as being inside her vagina, but it sure was good to be inside her mouth again and I quickly found myself having to steady my balance by putting a hand on the wall beside me, Mika’s eager tongue almost overwhelming me with pleasure. Since it had been stuck inside Mika’s tightness for so long, it didn’t take much time for my penis to become sufficiently stimulated by Mika’s small, girlish mouth and hands, and I almost lost my balance when I blew my load. I had to lean slightly against the wall for support while shocks of pleasure rushed through me, my penis twitching while several days worth of semen shot out to fill Mika’s mouth. She had to pull away and desperately cupped her hands below her face in a feeble attempt at catching the thick drops of liquid that she was coughing up, as well as the last couple of discharges that shot out from me to land all over Mika’s face.

It took a few seconds before Mika was able to handle the apparently unexpected volume of my semen, giving me a moment to catch my breath and steady myself while I could hear her alternating between swallowing and coughing. Looking down, I saw her normally so expressionless face being in a very messy state now, one of her eyes closed with a thick line of white fluid crossing over it, another stripe of whiteness in her brown hair, and several strands of semen and spit dripping down from her lips and chin. She was helplessly holding her hands up in front of her face, both of them glistening with more of my cum.

“... hueeeh…”

“Damn… You alright?”

It almost looked like a scene from a porn movie, and I couldn’t understand how I could have produced such a large volume of semen. While getting a facial did look good on Mika, this was almost unnatural. Was it from not having jerked off for just a few days that had made it build up so much? I kneeled back down in the water, and Mika looked at the strings of cum between her fingers before glancing at me with a sad look in her eyes.

“Sorry… I… I couldn’t keep it all in my…”

“Haha, it’s okay, sweetie. This is the perfect place to get dirty anyways. Here, you can just wash it off.”

I took Mika’s hands and pulled them down under the water, but she pouted a bit while she rinsed them clean.

“I wanted to… to drink all of it…”

“Aww… Well there might be more where it came from tomorrow. Let’s just get you clean again so we can go to bed.”

Mika nodded and leaned forward to wash her face, and I gave my penis a quick splash of water too before stepping out of the shower, being very careful to not slip on the wet floor. It had been pretty careless of us to drop our clothes on the floor, but it didn’t look like any of it had become wet. Hoping that my uncle kept the cupboard under the sink stocked with something we could use to dry off, I was delighted to find it full of big, fluffy towels. I began wiping my body with one of them, and handed one to Mika once she had stepped out of the bathtub too, having pulled the plug at the bottom so the cum-soiled water could drain out. She looked all nice and clean again, having even managed to get the semen out of her hair.

Once we were both dry, we made a short sprint through the cold, short hallway to dive down under the duvet in the bedroom. While the radiator had warmed the room up slightly, we quickly found comfort in the body heat of each other again by lying on our sides in a tight hug, our arms around our torsos and our legs intertwined. Mika brushed some of her damp hair out of the way, and we kissed for some time while I rubbed my hand up and down over Mika’s bare back. Her skin felt silkily soft, and she had a nice smell of the shampoo we had used. Neither of us seemed to be sleepy yet, even though it had gotten so late. No matter, we could sleep in tomorrow for as long as we wanted… Actually, I wasn’t sure I even wanted us to get out of bed at all ever again. I finally had made my wish come true of having my girlfriend naked in bed with me once more.

I still didn’t understand why I had suddenly begun producing so much sperm, that was a little weird. But it had been nice to have received a blowjob again, and it had even been Mika’s own desire to drink my sperm. I suddenly had a flashback to our second day together, when we had sat down on the top of that hill and I had begun touching her for the first time. I remembered how easy it had been to get Mika to touch me too, and how she had almost by her own will begun sucking me off.

“So… You like giving blowjobs, huh?”

I had broken our kiss, and Mika turned her eyes away in embarrassment.

“Mm… Y-yes…”

“Did you like it before you met me too? Or was it after we begun…”

“Be… before too…”

“Huh? But didn’t you say that… You hadn’t done anything before me?”

“Yeah, I hadn’t…! But I um, liked it when they, y’know… in manga…”

Oh yeah, she had also mentioned that back then. Man, it felt like it had been years since that time.

“Hahah, I see. Wait, just how have you been getting your hands on…. That kinds of manga?”

“Uhhh… Josie… showed me…”

Damn, why was such a young girl as Josephine reading hentai? Whatever, I didn’t want to ask any questions about that little brat. This weekend would just be me and Mika, without any annoying guests to prevent us from having sex all day.

“Huh. Well then… Do you like doing it for real as much as you liked reading about it?”

“.. Mm..” Mika nodded. “... I like it when you… y’know, in my mouth… When I dri-... drink it…”

“Aw… You should have told me a lot sooner, then we could have done more of that.”

Fidgeting around, Mika put a hand up to brush her fingers over her lips.

“I… I almost wanted to ask you, every time you came to see me in the woods…”

“Awww, my poor little girl. I’ve got a lot to make up for, huh?”

It all made a bit more sense to me now… How she had woken me up with blowjobs on our first two mornings together.

“.... I.. Um.. Last time, at your place with Josie… I was actually a little sad that I, um… I didn’t get to, y’know…”

She really did like to suck dick, she had just been too embarrassed to say she wanted to do it in front of Josie on our last sleepover, I assumed. I’d have to remember to let her suck me off more in the future. Mika looked down and bit her lips, obviously embarrassed from having to put words on her earthly desires. It was kind of cute, and all this talk about doing naughty things had its effect on me, even though we had both just been touching each other in the bathroom. I slid my hand from Mika’s back and down over her butt, my fingers slipping in between the folds of her vagina.

“Where do you like it the most? In your mouth, or…?”

Mika shook her head, and I could sense how she was getting all flustered.

“... Then where?”

“... I like it in my… in my pussy…”

I grinned at the self-conscious way she was almost whispering now, and I could feel the area around her entrance going from being moist from the shower to becoming slick with wetness. I pulled her closer against me, my fingertips probing at the hole between her legs.

“And what do you like me to do there…?”

I was whispering now as well, taking my time to toy with her. Mika gasped out at the intrusion into her body, and I felt her thighs clench tightly together.

“... Nhg.. I… I like it when you… cum in me…”

“And where do you want to be cummed in?”

Of course now I was just going in circles, but it was too fun to mess around with her since it was still so easy to embarrass her. I slowly pushed two fingers up inside her, and she hid her face against her pillow to cover a quiet moan.

“Nnmmm… D-deep… inside me…”

“Well then… I better give my little princess what she wants!”


Mika raised her head in surprise to look up at me, seemingly in disbelief that I was able to go for another round, but with my hand on her butt I effortlessly rolled her around on her stomach and I quickly crawled in position on top of her. I was pretty surprised myself that I had gotten in the mood again already, but our little talk had made me rock hard. Using my weight to keep her in place, I began grinding my hips down against Mika’s behind while she helplessly squirmed around underneath me. I didn’t exactly want to fuck her against her will, so I nuzzled my face against her neck and planted kisses all over her humid skin to show her some love. We didn’t need to exchange any more words, and Mika made a sound that was a feeble attempt at a protesting whine. Reaching down between us, I grabbed my hardness and forcefully pushed it down at the spot where Mika’s thighs lead up to her butt, and she wiggled her behind around from side to side while I tried to steer myself towards her entrance once again.

I kissed my way up over the side of her head and up to her ear, and she finally surrendered with a sigh by opening her legs a bit, granting me access to the treasure I was seeking. Being careful to point myself at the right hole, I pushed forward and felt the tip of my penis slip between her labia for the second time of the night to push against the entrance of her vagina. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders with both of my hands, and with one smooth motion I pressed my hips up against her butt, my shaft disappearing into the same tight, warm embrace I had enjoyed just a few minutes before in the bathtub. Mika cried out a long, drawn-out groan against her pillow, her voice muffled but clearly telling me that I had found the right spot. Unlike before, I was no longer content with just letting my penis stay still inside her, and I wrapped my arms tightly around her chest to keep her still while I began rhythmically pumping my hips back and forth. Mika had closed her legs again which had just made her vagina even tighter, and it felt like I had to force my way into her every time I had drawn back until only the head of my penis still remained in the entrance of her pussy. We were both grunting and moaning loudly, our voices coming out in rhythm to the sound of my waist slamming down on Mika’s round butt with every thrust.

Our bodies were no longer damp from the bath but from the sweat of our lovemaking, and I kept her trapped in my embrace until I was satisfied. I think Mika also came at one point, since she suddenly began worming her body around underneath me all of a sudden while her moans paused before resuming in full strength, her stomach and legs shaking a few times. I was too into the moment to take notice, and ceaselessly kept moving until I made one final push all the way inside her, and my body cramped together while my penis twitched wildly again as it shot out the second load of the day, making Mika hoarsely gasp at the feeling of being filled up with my seed. My whole body relaxed again, I laid still on top of my poor girlfriend while I breathed desperately for air against her wet hair, and she did the same although with a bit more difficulty from being slightly crushed under my weight. Realizing that I was probably pretty heavy for her, I pulled out of her which produced another restrained moan from her lips, before collapsing down on my side again next to my girlfriend. We both looked at each other through the darkness, a very tired but also very affectionate look in Mika’s eyes.

“... Th-.... thank you for the meal…”

I chuckled slightly at her silliness, and moved a bit closer to stroke her hair. Thankfully, it seemed like she had enjoyed the unexpected session.

“I would say it was in the bath you had a meal, not here.”

“Ahh, mmm… Yeah…”

“Or I guess you could say that you’ve received a meal both up top and down below now.”

“Yeshh… I have…”

Mika slowly closed her eyes and exhaled a deep sigh. I was also suddenly overcome with tiredness from this unexpected excursion of lust, and I closed my eyes as well to let sleep overcome me.

… or, that had been the plan, at least. I think that after having gone for so long without having Mika naked by my side, with countless days spent thinking about being able to do her again, fantasizing about her naked body, and jerking off while picturing her in my head, my libido was simply unable to calm down now that I finally had my girlfriend available to my heart’s content. I fell in and out of trance-like dreams full of sex, me and Mika doing it in all sorts of ways and positions inside my head, and throughout the night I would wake up a few times to make those dreams come true. Mika never even once protested when I would either roll on top of her again or, if I had been spooning her, enter her from behind, and I’m not even sure that she even woke up all of the times that I disposed another load of my seed inside her poor body, though she would silently moan every time I took hold of her body. I was again slightly puzzled at how I was able to continue releasing even more sperm in such a short amount of time. While I couldn’t see anything in the dark, it was easy to tell that Mika’s crotch and thighs were in a constant state of stickiness, and the fluids I continually left inside her vagina made it easy to enter her anew as I pleased before I would fall back asleep again. I also think that Josie made a couple of appearances in my dreams, but those occasions were too convoluted for me to understand what the three of us were doing.

Eventually, I woke up from one of my dreams and realized it was now early morning, a dull silvery light entering through the small wood-paned window of the bedroom. I had woken up hard again and was just about to move on top of Mika’s sleeping figure once more, but with the light now allowing me to see her sleeping face I pitied her for having such a restless night, so I decided to give her a break for now. At this point I was unsure how much of the night had been real and how much of it had only happened in my dreams, so sitting up at the end of the bed I raised the duvet a bit to peek up underneath it. Mika was lying on her stomach with one of her legs drawn up to the side, and I could see the glistening shape of her vagina with a streak of white blobs stuck right between her labia.

Huh, I guess it hadn’t all been in my dreams… I sure hoped that her contraceptives were working. Also, we would definitely have to change the bedsheet when Mika woke up. Even though the sight didn’t help with bringing down my hardness, I really had to pee so I let Mika sleep while I went out to the bathroom to do my business. All of our clothes were still lying on the floor out there, so after doing my business and washing my face I picked it up and brought it back to the bedroom. Not feeling sleepy any more, I got dressed and began looking around for where to put Mika’s clothes. I didn’t want to make any noises by fiddling with the old, heavy dresser, so I simply left her socks, t-shirt and hoodie on my side of the bed. For her panties and jeans, I didn’t see any reason for her to wear them anytime soon so I took them out to the hallway to hide them in the utility closet. Pretty childish of me, I know. I think my mind was still affected by all of my dreaming.

I cooked myself some breakfast and made myself some coffee, and sat down by the dining table in the cold living room and popped one of my zinc pills before digging in. I was especially thankful for my morning coffee today, as the hot beverage warmed me up in the cool morning air. The bedroom was the only place that had heating installed, and I didn’t want to bother with the fireplace so early in the day. Once I was done eating, I wandered around the living room looking at all the old books, posters, and maps that my uncle had decorated the place with. I could remember most of them from my childhood, it was all very nostalgic to me. I especially studied the large map of the area that was adorning one of the walls, searching for somewhere I could go with Mika for a walk. It shouldn’t be a problem to go outside now that we were somewhere where there wouldn’t be people who could trigger her anxiety, and we had both had a nice time going for walks in the woods by her city, so why not here too? Once the sun had come up high in the sky I went outside, and walked around to relieve my childhood memories in the yard around the cabin. Today was a pretty windy day, so even with the sun shining down on me it was pretty chilly to be outside. Circling around the house, tons of memories came back to me… There had been a brief period of time when I had been a teenager where my whole family had gathered every year up here, and we had barbecues and played ball and went to the beach and… I wondered why we had all stopped doing that. It dawned on me that it had been a really long time since I had seen many of my cousins and aunts and uncles. If only they knew what my uncle’s summerhouse was being used for this weekend…

I went back inside and aimlessly walked around in the living room for a bit, enjoying the quietness of being so far away from the city. No noisy cars, no sirens, no neighbors using power tools. While living close to my university and to all the shops, stores, and potential employees and so on was nice, I could also see myself moving out to the countryside in the future. To pass the time, I began doing a bit of cleaning here and there, wiping the winter dust off of all the stuff in the living room and kitchen and familiarizing myself with all the things that was stored away in the various cupboards and drawers. I was quite fine with just lulling around like this, being in good spirits from looking forward to enjoying my saturday together with Mika, just the two of us with absolutely no one coming to bother us. A bit past noon, I heard something move around in the bedroom, and it sounded like Mika was finally getting up. I didn’t recall it being this easy to hear sounds between the rooms of the house, but it made sense as it was only a simple, wooden wall that didn’t offer much soundproofing separating the bedroom from the living room. I heard Mika open the bedroom door and she slowly tiptoed out to me in the living room, holding her black t-shirt up over her chest to cover herself. She still looked very tired, but I was in the middle of putting some books I had dusted off back up on the top of a bookshelf to greet her with a morning kiss.

“Um… David…?”

“Hey, good morning. What’s up? Did you leak something on the floor?”

“No… I mean, y-yes, I did… But…”

“But what? Just a moment, I’ll show you where the-”

“No… I mean… Josie is coming over… Like, right now. She’s on her way right now.”

Anonymous 22/02/08(Tue)23:38 No. 27545 ID: 8ac253

Wow I’m so glad this got updated, awesome job. Really love the mix of adorable and hot that you have going on. Cat mika is the best… I’m really liking the friend too, hope we get a threesome

I also think this story exceeds Roommates in many ways so kudos to you

Anonymous 22/02/09(Wed)12:09 No. 27547 ID: c87d92

Thank you so much for adding more to the story! Some of us are eagerly awaiting more!

Anonymous 22/02/11(Fri)23:01 No. 27554 ID: 477c5b


Several of my uncle’s old, heavy books fell down on the floor with a succession of loud thuds. Mika took a step back, startled and cowering behind her t-shirt.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I… I just woke up to a text on my phone… From an hour ago, when she got on the train…”

“From Josie? Josie’s coming here?”


“Like right here?” I pointed down at the ground.


“Like… She’s coming here? Out here? To the summerhouse?”

Mika nodded nervously, slightly frightened by my reaction. I couldn’t believe it. My precious three-day weekend together with Mika…. Fucking ruined.


“I don’t know… She didn’t say.”

I began pacing back and forth in the living room, gritting my teeth until my jaw got sore. Mika watched me without saying anything, and took another step back when I finally turned towards her again.

“Why? What the hell does she want? Didn’t she say it sounded boring being out here?”

Mika just shrugged, not having any idea of how to answer my questions. I didn’t even care about taking notice of how she wasn’t able to cover her crotch with her t-shirt.

“Mika…. Did you…”

“I… I didn’t invite her, I swear…!”

Mika thrusted her hand out towards me, and only now did I notice she had also brought her phone with her, its black cover had made it invisible against the black fabric of her t-shirt. I could see her text conversation with Josie was open on the screen, but I didn’t bother getting close enough so I could read it. I believed her.

“Okay, okay…. Okay. Shit.”

“What-.... what’s the matter? Do you hate her…?”

“No no, no. I just…. I just don’t like surprises… that kind of surprises.”

I knew that as a man it would be wise to stay on good terms with your girlfriend’s best friend, and that doubly applied to me since I was still in debt to Josie for being able to sleep with Mika. Again. I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down, and Mika didn’t look scared anymore now that I had cooled off.

“Okay, okay. So, she’s on the train? How far is she?”

“Uhh… I dunno… She only sent me a single text, about her getting on.”

I resumed pacing back and forth, thinking it over. If she had gotten on the train that would take her out here an hour ago - and I don’t think she had to take any other trains considering where she lived - it sould be approximately another hour before she would arrive at the same stop Mika and me got off yesterday, the end of the line. To be safe, we better go down there to pick her up right away, I wouldn’t trust her being able to, or appreciate, having to find her way out here by herself. I don’t even know if Mika had given her the exact address, or just shared her route from yesterday with her.

“We better go back to the train stop and see if we can find her. Go and get dressed.

“Eehhh? But…”


Mika was looking at me with a pained expression on her face, and she was holding a hand between her legs now.

“I… I don’t think I can walk that far again today… I’m… pretty sore…”

Oh, oops. That would be my fault. Walking all the way back and forth to pick up Josie did mean a trip of about four kilometers, so I could understand if Mika wanted to take a time out today. I felt like she’d earned it. My anger from before was immediately replaced with concern for my girlfriend.

“Huh? Oh... how bad is it?”

Blaming myself for not having considered what effect my abuse of Mika’s body might have had, I walked over to her and put her hands on her bare hips. She bit her lip, looking down to the side.

“Nhg… ‘s okay, as long as I don’t move around too much.”

“Alright, you can just take it easy today. I’ll head down there alone. Anything I can do for you?”

Mika was visibly relieved at being allowed to stay behind, and she moved a hand up to scratch her cheek.

“... Nuh… But if it’s alright with you, I think I’ll go back to bed…”

“Of course, sweetie. I’ll get going now, I hope I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay. Me too.”

Even though it was quite windy, the walk back was much nicer now that I wasn’t out walking in the middle of the night for a change. The sunlight didn’t seem to help improve my mood however. I was fuming. Why did that little brat have to ruin my precious time with Mika again? Sure, we overall had fun together last time, but… And what was she even planning on doing out here? Even if Mika had revealed that the place actually did have electricity, and if Josie was bringing her Wii, it’s not like there was a TV for her to hook it up to. She would only be able to play by herself, using that weird controller with the screen built in. Once I reached the train stop I sat down on a bench by the empty tracks, churning my head to make sense of it. There would pretty much nothing for Josie to do other than play games alone or be on her phone while having to listen to her best friend getting railed in the bedroom right next to her. Was that what she wanted? If so, she probably wanted to do more than just listen…


The train had arrived, and a couple of people were getting off but I didn’t spot any small girls among them until I heard a cursed voice call out something in Japanese. A highly energetic girl had rushed out of the train and was coming at me fast, wearing a thick, light-pink coat that reached all the way down to a pair of bare legs, just below the knees. I sat frozen in time on the bench, staring at Josie like a deer staring at a car coming right towards it.

“Onii-chan came to pick me up, yaaay!”

She came flying at me and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a tight hug. A lady walking past us stared at the scene, and I hoped that we really did just look like a pair of siblings meeting up.


Being unprepared by the sudden physical contact, Josie almost knocked the air out of me. I hesitantly hugged her back, trying not to cause a scene. Satisfied, Josie pulled back and turned her head around to take a look at her new location.

“Wooow, this really is out in the boonies, huh! Why is there even anything out here, like at all?”

“Uhh, people probably live here.”

“Poor souls.”

Josie clasped her hands together and closed her eyes, as if saying a prayer. She then spun around, glancing up and down over the platform.

“Oh! Where’s Mika?”

“She’s uh, probably sleeping.”


Josie rolled her eyes. I could feel that I was already getting worn out from her energy.

“So where are you two staying? Over there?”

She pointed to a random house a bit down the road. There were a few small apartment complexes and houses bordering the train stop, the buildings now more visible to me in the daylight.

“No, these aren’t summerhouses. Didn’t Mika tell you we were staying in my uncle’s vacation home?”

“Yeah, she did. So which one is it? Is it that one?”

She pointed to another building, almost right next to the first one. I sighed.

“No… It’s a bit further out from here, in that direction.”

I waved my hand in the general direction of the path to the summerhouse area. Josie immediately set off, not waiting for me to take the lead.

“So do we get on a bus? Or do you have a taxi waiting for me?”

I got up so I could follow after her, regretting that I hadn’t pointed her in the opposite direction in which case I could have let her continue walking all the way to Germany.

“Wait wait, wait! I want to get some groceries here first, it’s the only store in the area.”

Josie stopped and turned around, and followed my eyes to the convenience store me and Mika had dropped by yesterday. We hadn’t bought enough supplies for three people yesterday, so I might as well pick some up now that I was down here again.

“But I’m tired! Can’t we wait until we’re out by your summerhouse?”

Funny, she sure as hell didn’t seem tired.

“No, as I said. It’s the only shop here.”

“There’s no supermarket out there?”


“There’s no Seven Eleven?”


“No Lawson?”

“No. I mean, what? This isn’t Japan.”

“Fine, if you say so.”


I was about to say something to protest her nonsense, but she had already gone inside the store. She was remarkably fast. I followed her into the shop where she was already carrying a few bags of chips in her arms. I didn’t bother to tell her that we had already bought snacks yesterday, and let her pick out whatever she wanted, knowing that I would have to pay for it all. I still had to be on good terms with her. I picked out and paid for some frozen meals and other stuff we could eat, and we set out on the path with me carrying all our groceries.

“So where’s your taxi?”

“You think I’m a millionaire? We have to walk.”

“Ugh! For how long?”

“Around…. ten minutes, I think.”


Josie moaned dramatically in disapproval, but kept trodding along by my side. The breezy weather made it a little difficult to walk straight, and despite a few curses at the wind, Josie was finally quiet. As much as I enjoyed the silence, I needed to know just what the hell she was doing here.

“So… Did you change your mind? About it being boring coming out here?”

“Nuh-uh, it’s probably gonna be super boring.”

Josie grabbed onto some long straws of wheat she was passing by and pulled them up to swing them around.

“Then what did you come out here for?”

“For you of course, David!”

Seeing that I didn’t find her joke funny, she dropped her voice down to a softer level.

“B’cause, basically, my parents decided to have a biiiig party last night.”

“Oh? What for?”

Josie shrugged, looking down at the ground which she randomly wacked with her straws.

“They just do sometimes, they’ll be like, “oh mah gawd come to our place and have a good time”, like, inviting all kinds of people.”

“That sounds pretty fun though.” I would have thought that a girl like Josephine would enjoy having people come over to party and have fun, but she just rolled her eyes.

“You’ve ever been to an ADULT party? All they do is drink and, and, go around making a mess of everything, and… Like, even my room.”

Josie suddenly threw her straws of wheat back out to the field on our left, though it didn’t fly very far.

“Like… Last time, some people barged in and threw all my make-up on the ground, and, and, put some dust of some sort on my mirror that they all gathered around.”

She was frowning with a look of frustration on her face that I hadn’t seen before, and we continued for a few seconds in silence. It now made perfect sense to me why she had wanted to escape for the weekend.

“Damn… That sounds pretty bad.”

“... Yeah. So… I packed my shit this morning.”

“Huh…? Didn’t you say your parents had that party last night?”

Josie snorted, and slapped her hand against some of the tall grasses that were growing on the edges of the trail.

“Once the house is like that… It’s gonna go on until people have to get back to work.”

“Oh… Yeah, that sucks. But are they fine with you leaving?”

“Mhm. They’ll be too drunk to even notice I’m gone.”

“But… Why come out here? If you think it’s gonna be that boring?”

“Why not?”

“I mean… Don’t you have some other friends you could stay over at? Or some family?”

“Hmm, kinda, yeah.”

Josie began twirling some of her hair around her index finger. Now that we were speaking more normally, it kinda felt the same way as it did hanging out with Mika… And glancing down at Josie, they looked pretty pretty identical too. It was mostly their size that set them apart, and their hair, with Josie’s being a bit shorter than Mika’s and a much lighter shade of brown.

“But I’m like, not as close with them as I am with Mika. I can like, be myself around her.”

“Ah, yeah. Guess that’s why you’re best friends.”

“Yup~ So this way, I get to hang out with her… And I get to have fun with you too, onii-chan~!”

She was turning back to her normal, teasing self. I cringed a bit.

“I’m not your… onii-chan.”

“Bah. I thought guys liked being called that.”

Hmm… Maybe if it was Mika…. Uh oh, better not think of her like that right now. Also, even though I now knew why Josie had come out here, I could also feel that I needed to know something else. I would go crazy if I didn’t learn why she was…. like that.

“So… Anyways… Those people coming over to your parents…. Do they ever… Or have they ever….”

I began feeling sick in my stomach again. This was a pretty hard topic to open up.

“Ever what?”

“Ugh… Like… Being interested in you?”

“In me? Do I look like a bottle of wine to you?”

Josie looked up at me like I was crazy.

“So… They’ve never… Or like, your dad… Or anyone else… Has ever…”

“What? What is it?”

“Y’know, wanted to… Do the same stuff me and Mika do… Or tried to… Or…”

“Ooooh!” Josie laughed. “Aww, are you worried someone got to me before you, Daaaaviiid?”

“What?! No…!”

“Don’t worry, all the adults I know like sexy women with big, bouncy boobies. They’re not interested in a little girl like me.”

Phew… Even though Josie made her point clear by patting her flat chest, I suddenly felt much better. All my worries about Josie had been for nothing, thankfully. She wasn’t a victim of any sort, she really had just been reading too much naughty manga online. Truly, the industrial revolution and its consequences.

“.... Are you interested in me, David?”

Josie now looked up at me with a serious, but unnervingly friendly expression. It didn’t sound like she was joking around. Just when I thought I could put my parades down.

“It’s okay if you are.” she added.

“Wha…? How can that be okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do I… Like, the fact that I’m with Mika…! We’re, like, dating, you know. We’re serious about each other.”

…”Yeah, but…” Josie looked down at the ground again, and pushed some of her hair behind her ear. “If we all talk about it, then… She might be fine with it, y’know.”

Just as I had calmed down, this little girl was making my heart race with what she was saying now. Was she implying that if she and Mika talked it over, then Mika would let me… With her best friend….? I didn’t get long to think about it, since Josie suddenly groaned out loudly again.

“Jeez, how much further do we have to walk?!”

Josie was surprisingly low on energy when we entered my uncle’s summerhouse, I guess she wasn’t used to walking. She only bothered with taking her boots off before she continued onwards to leave the hallway. Seeing that Mika wasn’t in the living room, she barged into the bedroom which startled poor Mika awake. Mika didn’t seem to mind though, and the two girls happily greeted each other with Josie almost jumping up on the bed as she gave Mika a hug. They probably hadn’t hung out since our last sleepover either.

“Hey, hey! Look what I’ve bought!”

Josie took her coat off and threw it over to me, like I was her butler. My attention was immediately caught on Josie’s bare legs, above which she was wearing a short, slightly frilly black skirt, with a thin white layer of frills at the end and around a dozen small, silky bands of red fabric woven into tiny hearts circling around above the edge. Up top, she was wearing a black spaghetti-strap shirt which made it clear how flat-chested she is. She reminded me of the emo-kids of my youth, with a sprinkle of lolita fashion on top. If she had just dyed her hair black and put some make-up on she would have been ready for the goth scene. Mika tilted her head with her hands clasped together in front of her, sparkles in her eyes while she watched Josie show her apparently new pieces of clothing off. I saw that Mika had put her black t-shirt on, but the lower half of her body was under the duvet.

“Aww it looks so cute! Where did you get it?”

“That EMP store that’s a bit, y’know, the arcade at the town hall! My dad got it for me.”

I was slightly relieved to hear that Josie’s dad was a good enough guy to buy his daughter pretty clothes. Maybe Josie’s family were functional whenever they weren’t partying. She really looked cute in a skirt, even though I was worried that Josie’s arms and legs were completely bare while the weather was still kind of cold, as it was still only spring. Mika kept fawning over her best friend’s new look.

“Lucky yoouu… Aww, I wanna try it˜”

“Sure! By the way, I’m really hungry, I left without having breakfast.”

“Oh… I can show you the kitchen, and also where you can sleep.”

Mika was about to get out of bed, but stopped and looked up at me, seemingly only now taking notice of me having returned.

“Uhm… David… Have you seen my… My pants….?”

“Your pants? Uhh..”

I scratched my neck nervously. Mika was about to say something, but was interrupted by Josie.

“Waaait wait wait, what do you mean, where I can sleep? I’m not sleeping in here with you guys?!”

Of course she wanted to sleep in here with us… Even though the bed was probably big enough, I had hoped Josie would be fine sleeping in the living room so I could have sex with Mika all night again. Mika looked up at me for my decision on where Josie would be sleeping.

“Uhmm… Well, you see, both of you.”

Josie now also turned towards me.

“My uncle has this rule for his summerhouse. Girls aren’t allowed to wear pants, if they wanna sleep in the bedroom. Or panties. So, sorry, Josie.”

It sounded pretty dumb, even to myself, but it was the best I could come up with. We were all quiet for a little bit, and I hoped my stupid lie could somehow let me and Mika sleep alone together. But of course, Josie simply reached up under her skirt and with a defiant “Hmpf!” pulled her panties down and off her feet. I saw that they were surprisingly intricate, black silk pantieswith red hearts on them to go together with the skirt, and they were quickly yeeted over into the corner.


To further make her point of wanting to sleep in here, she jumped up on the bed and got under the duvet beside Mika. I threw my hands out in resignation, knowing it would be pointless to argue. Mika just giggled.

“Ahh, it’s good to be able to lie down and relax after that looong hike. Actually, I didn’t get much sleep last night so I think that… Ew, why is it all wet down here?”

Josie recoiled away at where she had begun making herself comfortable, scooting away from the middle of the bed. Mika didn’t say anything, but sheepishly looked away.

“Uh, yeah, guess we might wanna change the sheet before you-”

“Nah, it’s fine, I don’t care if Mika has been drooling in her sleep again.”

“Hey…!” Mika crossed her arms, but didn’t seem to want to tell Josie the truth. I wondered just how Josie had imagined that Mika had drooled all the way down there. Josie rolled up on her side with her back to Mika, and yawned loudly. I guess she wasn’t that hungry after all… Me and Mika looked at each other.

“So uh.. You wanna sleep some more too?”

“Nuh, I think I wanna get up now…”

“More room for me!” It seemed like Josie really did plan on taking a nap, as she curled up in the fetal position under the duvet. I waited for Mika to get up, but she nervously motioned me over towards her.

“Uh… About that no-pants rule… I… I didn’t bring any skirts…”

Wait, did she really believe that there was such a rule, and that I was planning on enforcing it? Well then, I might as well.

“Come with me, then I’ll see what I can do.”

Josie probably needed some much needed peace and quiet if she had had a rough night filled with drunk people, so I decided to take my suitcase and go to the living room, with Mika following close behind while pulling her black t-shirt down in an attempt to cover herself. I went to the living room and kneeled down to zip my suitcase open to consider which of its contents I should make use of today, while Mika stood around with goosebumps all over her bare legs while she looked at how the living room was arranged now that there was daylight. Hmm, what to choose… Maybe the maid uniform I had ordered online? It was tempting, but… There was really only one obvious choice as the first thing dressing Mika up in.

“You brought my school uniform?”

Yep, nothing beats the original. Mika would probably agree, since her eyes were sparkling at the reunion with her white and navy blue, one hundred percent genuine and exclusively imported Japanese high school sailor uniform. Or was it a middle school uniform? Whatever. I had been very careful packaging it so it wouldn’t get too wrinkled, and Mika held her hands out ready to put it on. But I had brought something else with me as well.

“Yep, but you see… Now it’s a part of a set. It goes together with this.”

Ladies and gentlemen, after the success of Cat Mika™, I’m proud to announce… Dog Mika. I held a headband with a pair of brown, flappy dog ears up for Mika to see.


Of course, there was a long, bushy tail to go with it.


“Yup, these go on before I can give you your uniform. You know the drill, sweetie.”

“... Uuu…”

Pouting at the degrading prospect of becoming a household pet again, Mika slowly got down on the floor and stuck her bare butt up in the air towards me, laying her head on the wooden floorboards in resignation. This time I was prepared, and I took a bottle of lube from my suitcase so I could more easily attach Mika’s new tail to her rear. It looked a tiny bit larger than the cat one, but I was sure that it was nothing she couldn’t handle. Getting into position behind her with the lubed-up buttplug of the tail in hand, I first spread her labia as had become customary of me. I could just barely make out a hint of something white in there. I then put my thumb and my index fingers on either side of her rear hole to open it as well. She seemed to still be all clean after our shower last night, and I placed the tail at the dark entrance and gave it a nudge forward.

“Aauuu… It’s cold...”

Mika was already almost whimpering like a dog, but the lube allowed the buttplug to easily slide inside her. I gave her buttcheek a few pats as a reward, and she moved up to stand on her knees and reached down to put her hands around her new tail, a red blush now on her cheeks. The tail fit her as nicely as the other one had done; it was made in a poofy brown kind of fur and a bit stiffer than the cat tail, so it wouldn’t flap around as much.

“Owwie… Do I really have to wear… this thing…?”

“Shush, dogs can’t talk, now can they?”

Mika looked up at me with a cute kind of despair in her eyes, but I went ahead and placed the headband down on top of her head. The color fit pretty nicely here too, and the two fluffy ears flopped slightly around whenever she moved her head.


“There, good dog. Now you are allowed to get dressed.”

We both stood up, Mika much slower than me now that she had something lodged in her rear, and she helplessly held her arms up in the air so that I could slide the shirt of her uniform down over her body. I then attached the skirt around her hips - making sure it was rolled up pretty far - and the transformation of Dog Mika was complete. I patted her head, and she looked up at me with a pair of big puppy eyes.

“Does doggie want to get some breakfast?”

Mika opened her mouth and was about to answer, but bit her lip and nodded eagerly. It was well past noon now, and I don’t think she had had anything to eat yet. We both looked over towards the kitchen section of the hallway, and Mika was about to set off but I grabbed onto her shirt before she could go anywhere.

“Whoa whoa whoa. Dogs can’t walk around on their hind legs.”

Mika looked back at me with an even more panicked look on her face, but she quietly got down on all fours again.

“Good girl. Now we can go see what we get you.”

I trodded over to the kitchen, and could hear the sound of Mika crawling on the floor to follow behind me. I hadn’t planned on taking it this far, but as long as she didn’t protest… I wondered how far I could go.

“Does doggie want cereal with milk?”

I looked down at the dog girl by my feet, and she looked back up at me and nodded. I poured a bowl and we went back to the middle of the main room, and I unceremoniously sat the bowl down on the floor. Mika’s eyes darted back and forth between the bowl and my face, a troubled look in her eyes. I just crossed my arms and silently smiled down to her, until she crawled forward and lowered her head towards the bowl. It looked like she really tried her best to eat directly from the bowl, but her long hair kept falling down and getting in the way, so I went to fetch a spoon for her and allowed her to sit on her shins holding the bowl so she could eat normally. I didn’t want it to be too difficult for her, and I felt a little bad that she couldn’t sit comfortably on her butt since the tail was in the way.. But she was still down on the floor, at least.

I let Mika eat her breakfast in peace and cleaned up the books I had dropped on the floor earlier. No sounds from the bedroom either, I guess Josie had really fallen asleep. I had honestly expected her to dart out to bother us as soon as she heard us having ‘fun’, but she had probably dozed off. I wondered if I should keep this up the rest of the day, or if it would be too much for Mika to crawl around like this in front of her best friend…

Once Mika was done with her cereal, she handed me her bowl with a big smile, apparently happy now that she had gotten something to eat. I put it in the sink in the kitchen and went back to kneel down beside Mika, and she eagerly got back on all fours and crawled over to me to rub her head against my arm. Huh, maybe she just needed to be fed in order to be happy in this role? In that case, I better make sure that her tummy is full…

“... Does doggie want a dessert?”

Mika looked up at me with questioning eyes, and I sat properly down with my legs crossed and put my hand on my crotch. Seeing this, Mika’s cheeks blushed a light pink again and she faintly nodded her head yes. She lowered her body down towards my legs, and glancing up at me for my approval, reached over to unbutton my jeans and push down my underwear. I was only semi-hard, but she quickly fixed that by tightly wrapping her thin fingers around my penis to hold it up for her to take it inside her mouth. I rapidly grew to full size between her wet lips, and in the back of my mind I was thankful that I hadn’t warmed up some of the spicy microwave meals we had bought yesterday for her instead of the cereal. I leaned back and began stroking her hair, and she glanced up at me again with happy eyes while diligently sucking on the tip of my penis. I was totally in the mood to pin her down on her back and do her properly like this, but she was probably still sore. This was good enough for now though. After a minute she began bobbing her head up and down over my shaft, the dog ears flapping slightly around in rhythm with the movements of her head, and she also began shaking her hips from side to side ever so slowly, almost making it look like she was wagging her tail. It really suited her.

It took a little while for her to make me cum, probably as a result of me still being spent from last night, but that just gave me more time to enjoy the feeling of her wet tongue rubbing against the head of my dick. When I could finally feel the pressure building up in my crotch, I tried to dampen my moans as much as I could to not wake Josie, and my sounds let Mika know to prepare herself, unlike last time in the bath. Mika kept her lips wrapped tightly around my tip while I ejaculated, my hand still on her head while she dutifully swallowed it all. Once she had sucked the last remaining drops out of my tubes, she moved back up on her shins and wiped her lips with the back of her hand, looking at me with an embarrassed but slightly proud look on her face.

“Phew…. Good job, doggie! That was really good.”

“Eheheh, thanksˆ”

Mika scooted over and leaned in against me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Oh, I didn’t know that I was making magical jizz that gives dogs the ability to talk?”


Mika hid her face against my chest, and I gently ruffled her hair with a chuckle.

“Haha, it’s fine, I guess I can let you talk a little as a reward. And as another reward, I’ll take doggie out for a walk!”

“Huh…?!” Mika moved back to look perplexed at me, seemingly surprised that I was taking it even further. But I was… Just a little further, though. I reached over and pulled my suitcase over to me, and rummaged through it again to find some more stuff I could put on my poor, hapless girlfriend. I mean - my cute, little puppy. Mika waited anxiously for the next thing she would have to endure, but she looked a little relieved when she saw what I took out. A black, shiny latex choker, studded with rectangular pieces of metal all around it. At the opposite end of where it closed together hung a hollow piece of metal in the shape of a heart, functioning like a small necklace. Mika curiously tilted her head.

“Come over here, sweetie.”

Doggie-Mika obliged, and leaned a bit closer to me while tilting her head backwards. I put the choker around her neck and clasped it shut at the back. Not bad, it almost looked like a dog collar, but it could also function like a kinda gothic piece of jewelry… I think. I don’t really know shit about fashion. Mika curiously felt around the black material now clasped around her throat, running her fingers over the metal studs. I had considered getting one where you would need a key to unlock it, but I liked the design of this one. I just needed to add one more thing, and from my suitcase I pulled up a long leash made out of black nylon. I clasped it onto the metal heart on Mika’s collar, and stood up while she sat bewildered on the floor.


“The laws say to keep your dogs on a leash in this municipality.”

“But… but…”

“No buts, let’s go outside and get you some fresh air.”

I tugged gently on the leash, and Mika sighed in resignation and crawled after me. The tail sticking out of her rear bopped from side to side with every step she took with her bare knees on the floor, and I made sure to walk slowly so she could keep up. Pausing to put my shoes on in the hallway, I opened the front door and went out to the yard with Mika close behind me. The sun was shining brightly, but it was still pretty windy which forced Mika to pull her hair out of her face a few times whenever the wind swept it around. Mika looked nervously around as I led her around in a small circle in the yard. I considered going out on the road to go for a proper walk, but it would be pretty weird if we met anyone on our way. It would probably also be too rough on Mika’s knees, at least here the grass was long and soft. It was probably also a bad idea to go for a proper walk even if I allowed her to walk normally in case she was still too sore down there. The yard would have to do for now.

“Dav-... Mmm… Master…?”

“Yes, Mika?”

“Do…. Do you also want me to… To go to the bathroom out here…?”

Wow, there really were no limits to what I could make this girl do. But that was a bit too extreme, even for me - sorry if I got your hopes up.

“No, my uncle doesn’t allow anyone peeing in the yard. I remember he yelled at me one time when I was like eight… You’ll have to ask for permission to go back inside if you need to go.”

“O-okay… I don’t.”

Mika smiled softly up at me, relieved that I wouldn’t make her act out that part of being a dog. After one more time up and down across the lawn, I got a little bored of just walking around. I took Mika over to one of the trees in the yard, and tied the leash around its trunk.

“Wait here just a minute, I’m going to get something from the house.”

“Oh…? Okay..”

Mika sat down on her shins and looked at me while I went back inside, waiting patiently even though there was nothing preventing her from untying the leash. I didn’t want Mika’s precious uniform to get dirty, and I remembered that my uncle used to keep some outdoor stuff in one of the closets in the hallway. And after a quick search I went back outside with a picnic blanket under my arm, and Mika began wagging her rear from side to side once she recognized what I had taken with me, her mouth open in a small smile with the tip of her tongue sticking out. I folded the blanket out on the ground next to the tree and untied Mika’s leash, and she willingly crawled over to me once I sat down.

“Is… Is it playtime…?”

Mika beamed up at me with an eager look in her large, brown eyes, and I nodded before lurching over towards her, pushing her down on her back while shooting my hands up under her shirt to tickle her sides.

“Oohhh nyoooo!”

Mika laughed happily and fought back, and we rolled around on the blanket trying to tickle each other. We had to pause for a second after we kept getting tangled up in her leash, allowing me to unclip it from her choker after which we resumed our play-wrestling. After a short while, we calmed down and ended up just snuggling on the blanket while kissing each other, one of my hands solidly planted on Mika’s bare behind. After having made out for a solid three minutes, we laid back with Mika snuggling up against my chest, murmuring blissfully.

“... Doggie likes playing and going on walks with Master~...”

“I’m glad you like it. Mika is a really good dog. She deserves lots of pets!”

I clapped Mika’s butt, and she giggled and wriggled her body from side to side again. She really did seem to tremendously enjoy this roleplay… And as for me, I couldn’t remember ever being happier. Even though it was a little chilly with the wind.

There was a snake in our paradise though, and while Mika was resting up with her head on my shoulder, I glanced over at the house to see Josie standing in the window to the bedroom. We locked eyes for a moment, before Josie slowly shook her head with a funny grimace that made it clear that she thought we were crazy. Whatever, I turned back to my doggie girlfriend. It didn’t take long for me to be interrupted by Josie again however, as she suddenly opened the front door to storm out towards us. She was still wearing her skirt and her t-shirt, she probably hadn’t bothered getting undressed for her nap.

“Hey!! David! You lied to me…!”

I sat up to see what the hell she was talking about now, and Mika did the same with a nervous look on her face.


“I was getting some breakfast, and getting some milk out of the fridge…! And… And… Then I thought, like, how can the fridge work if there’s no electricity?! Didn’t you say that there’s no electricity up here?!”

“.... Oh.. Oooh… Huh….! Guess my uncle had it installed since the last time I was here.”

My lie seemed to work as well on Josie as it had on Mika. Josie put her hands on her head and made a loud, annoyed sigh.

“You’re telling me that I could have brought my Wii, so I could have something fun to do other than watch you two weirdos roll around on the ground outside?!”

“Uh… I guess, except there’s no TV, y’know.”

“.... Oh… Oh, right. But still…! You could at least- Wah!”

An especially strong gust of wind swept past the yard, blowing Josie’s skirt wide up in the air. She wasn’t fast enough with her hands to push the fabric down over her crotch in time, and I inadvertently got a clear, but short look at her exposed vagina. It looked like a tiny line between her legs, even smaller than Mika’s. Josie snorted once she had gotten her skirt back down in place, and spun around to go back inside. I turned back towards Mika and shrugged, and she did the same.

“... You think she’s gonna be mad for the rest of the day?”

Mika tilted her head to the side, thinking for a bit. “Mmmm… Nah, probably not…”

“Anything we can do to uh, cheer her up?” I didn’t want Josie to be pissed off even though she had come here without permission in the first place.

“Find something to play with her, I guess…?”

“Hmm, I do think my uncle has some old board games stored away somewhere… Oh, that reminds me, I needed to talk to you about…”

“.... yes…?”

I looked down at the picnic blanket, trying to find the right words.

“How are we gonna, y’know… It’s gonna be a problem if Josie insists on sleeping with us in the bedroom again.”

“Oh… Y-yeah…”

Mika looked away too, scratching her neck.

“Would you, y’know…. Would you care if she was right there? Next to us?”

“Why- … Why not…?”

“Y’know…” I felt pretty stupid, suddenly having such a hard time with words. I ran my hand down to the side of Mika’s hips, giving her a squeeze. She pressed her legs together, understanding what I was hinting at.

“O-oh… Um… No, I don’t think… I’ll care…”

Mika blushed bright red, and moved up on her elbows and drew her knees up a bit.

“Like, we already… Last time, right…? We don’t really keep secrets from each other anyways, and she knows that we…”

“Yeah, but still… You don’t care if she wants to, uh, watch us?”

Mika stayed still for a few seconds before shrugging.

“And what if she, you know… Want to do more than just watch?”

“... I dunno… What about you?” Mika nervously looked up at me, and I could feel my heart racing while I looked into her deep, questioning eyes.

“I… I only care about you, sweetie. As long as you’re fine with it, I… I don’t mind keeping Josie’s, uh, curiosity satisfied.”

“... Okay.”

We looked at each other for a little while, and it felt like we had come to an understanding. I slowly leaned in and we shared a deep kiss, after which I whispered into her ear - her human ear, that is.

“... You’re the only girl that I love.”

“... Me too… I mean, y-you’re the only guy… Uh…”

I chuckled, and Mika giggled too at her mess-up. We kissed again, and I stood up as I thought that we had better go in and try making peace with Josephine. Mika moved up on her knees as well, but looked up at me with pleading eyes.

“M-master… Am I allowed to walk like a… like a human again? My knees kinda…”

I looked down at her legs, and her knees now had a clear hue of green from crawling around on the grass. I nodded and she stood up beside me, and I clasped the leash back to her collar so I was still the one leading the way. We went back inside with the picnic blanket, and nervously approached Josie who was sitting up on the couch in the living room with her phone. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like she was angry or anything, and she looked up at us with an indifferent look on her face.

“Oh, you’re done playing already?”

“... Are we…?” Mika looked over at me and brought her hands behind her back to touch the tail sticking out from underneath her skirt. I shook my head no. Even if Mika was embarrassed about being a dog in front of Josie, I wanted to keep her that way for a little while longer.

“Hey, we might not have any video games but I think we might have some board games. Wanna give them a try?”

“Board games? Isn’t that like, super old fashioned?” Josie didn’t look impressed. I shrugged.

“Well, that’s kind of the whole idea of having a summerhouse, you know. It’s to get away from everything, from all the stuff you normally do, and kinda live like they did back before computers and stuff, for a little while.”

“Hm. Sounds weird.”

“... Yeah, but you were the one who decided to come here yourself.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Josie sighed and stood up, stretching her arms up towards the ceiling.

“Hey… We can have some of the candy while we play… Right, David?” Mika came to my assistance in trying to please Josie, and I said that it sounded like a good idea.

“Okay, I guess I can give these so-called board games a go. Maybe you can even do better than you did in Mario Kart, since I bet that you’re just as old as whatever we’re gonna be playin’.”

Mika giggled at Josie’s stab at me, and I just rolled my eyes. It was probably a good sign that Josie was teasing me again, that meant that she was having fun. I went over to open the dresser in the living room where I vividly remembered the board games being kept, and sure enough, beneath a thin layer of dust was a cardboard box. It had a fancy looking drawing of a submarine on it, I had expected something a bit more ancient… Someone in my family must have added it to the collection since the last time I was here.

“Here, let’s try this one. Let’s see… It’s about working together to survive on a sinking submarine.”

“Work together? Then how can I beat you?”

Josie put her hands on her hips. Sheesh, our rivalry was the only thing that mattered to that girl.

“Uhh… Well, I think you can beat me by… Surviving better than me…?”

“Hm! Okay, should be easy.”

That didn’t really make any sense, but she seemed to accept the challenge. We laid the game down on the floor to set it up, with Mika having to lie on her stomach since her tail prevented her from sitting properly. I really wanted to lean over to look up under her skirt, but that would be too obvious to Josie. We got the game going, and it was surprisingly complex compared to any other board game I had ever played, and the girls got hooked right away too. In the middle of the game, Josie moved around so that she was sitting cross-legged, and since she was sitting opposite me - as befitting our rivalry - I could easily see up underneath her skirt. She still hadn’t put her underwear back on, and while it was a little dark, I had a nice view of her tiny slit again. The distraction seemed to help, as Josie got the upper hand in the game with Mika following close behind, while I struggled trying to fix a number of hull breaches all by myself down in the lower compartment of the submarine. Josie went up to the kitchen a few times to get snacks for us, so at least I could comfort myself with some waffles we had bought yesterday.

Mika then politely asked me if she could be allowed to take her tail out so she could sit properly, and after granting her her wish she excused herself to the bathroom. While waiting for her return, Josie decided that she needed to revise her strategy for the game, so she began scooting around on the floor to look at the game board from different angles. Sitting still watching her study the submarine, I was treated to a few more views up her skirt as she shifted around. She then laid down on her side diagonally to my right, propping her head up with her hand and with her knees drawn a bit up towards her chest. This gave me an even clearer look at her butt and at the area between her legs, her small, thin labia puffed out between her thighs. I figured that she was intentionally showing off to me now, but we both seemed to pretend to concentrate on thinking about the upcoming battle with the sea. She was still completely smooth, and overall looked mainly like a slightly scaled-down version of Mika, with the same thin legs, narrow hips and small butt as she had. If they had told me that they were sisters the first day we had met, I would have believed them.

Mika returned and sat down right next to me, leaning against my arm while we resumed the game. I noticed her knees weren't green any more, but she was still wearing her doggie ears. I slowly began petting her hair while we played, but unfortunately Mika met a gruesome end in the game and was captured by an octopus. I thoroughly re-read the rules, but it didn’t mention anything about tentacle rape. Mika resigned herself to sit up against me while I continued working on keeping our submarine intact together with Josie, who had straightened out her legs when Mika had returned so that I couldn’t see up her skirt anymore. I was a bit ashamed that I had enjoyed getting a look at her privates, as I didn’t want to feel attracted to anyone but Mika. But… On our walk up here, Josie had kinda planted the idea in my head that she would still allow me to get intimate with her, even though I had rejected her offer the last time we had hung out.

The game came to an end with me and Josie ending up on the bottom of the ocean, but it had been fun nonetheless. Josie had gotten sleepy again since she had only had a short nap, so she excused herself back to the bedroom, leaving me and Mika to chill out by ourselves - or as Josie put it, continue our weird playing around. I considered it, but Mika had already gotten rid of her tail, so I took her ears off of her as well but I allowed her to keep her choker on, as she said she really liked how it looked on her. We spent the time sitting closely together on the couch with a couple of more snacks, showing each other funny videos or browsing the web on our phones. Evening rolled around, and Josie woke up again just in time to help Mika and me make ourselves some dinner. There wasn’t much work to be done since we had mainly bought stuff that just needed to be heated up, but there was a good atmosphere again while we worked together in the kitchen, with me and Josie sending teasing remarks off to one another while Mika giggled away at our jokes.

The good times came to a brief end as soon as we sat down around the table in the living room to eat, however. Josie was busy telling Mika about some drama among the girls in her class when I decided to open up a beer, which made Josie immediately spin her head towards the sound. She looked almost frightened.

“You… You drink…?!”

“Huh? It’s just a beer.”

The girls were suddenly quiet while I poured my drink up in a glass. Josie stared nervously as I brought it to my lips, and Mika looked uneasy too.


“How… How much are you gonna drink?”

Josie’s voice was much smaller than its normal, loud self. I couldn’t see what the problem was, so I just shrugged.

“Just this one. Look, I’m not gonna get drunk from just a single beer. I won’t even be able to feel it.”

I guessed that Josie’s drunken parents and their guests had given her a bad impression of alcohol. I couldn’t blame her, but I also wanted to be allowed to enjoy a drink together with my dinner. She didn’t seem to have been reassured by my answer, and we all sat still while our food sat untouched in front of us.

“.... You wanna try having a taste?”

I handed my glass over to Josie, and she hesitantly took hold of it with both of her small hands. She stared intensely at it and brought it up to her nose.

“Ugghh! It stinks!”

I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction, and I glanced over at Mika.

“You wanna try too?”

Josie was happy to hand the beer over to Mika, who likewise also carefully sniffed but went a bit further and took a small gulp. She quickly swallowed it before handing the glass back to me.

“Blergh… No thanks…”

I nodded and took a big gulp myself, and began eating my dinner. The girls followed suit, and the mood had lightened a little as the girls resumed their chattering, but Josie still seemed uneasy about me and my beer. Funnily enough, of all the things I had done - or would be doing - with these girls, offering them to drink from my beer was one of the things which were not illegal.

We finished our dinner, and Josie returned to her usual self when she realized that I really wouldn’t be drinking any more alcohol for the day. We spent the rest of the evening messing around on our phones again, the girls talking and chattering away. Josie also asked me to teach her some Japanese words and phrases, and she was surprisingly good at being able to remember them. I got so distracted that I even forgot all about the fact that both girls were bottomless under their skirts, and I didn’t get to have any further peeks at their privates. Eventually, the temperature dropped to the point of it being uncomfortable, so I announced that I would go to bed so I could get warm under the duvet. I still couldn’t be bothered getting the fireplace in the main room started. Mika, always wanting to be by my side, said that she would follow me, and of course, Josie did the same. Oh well, it would be pretty boring for Josie to stay behind in the living room all by herself.

The bed wasn’t placed up against a corner like my own was back in my room, so Josie didn’t really have a spot to sit where she could gain some distance from me and Mika. Thus, she had to sit pretty close to us while I ended up getting pretty frisky with my girlfriend, as I was missing getting physical with her again. I had gone for so long without having any sex these past few weeks, and had planned on making up for it this weekend, but just as I had feared, Josie had completely ruined my plans of me and Mika spending the whole day today naked in bed. The blowjob earlier today was nowhere near enough, and now I didn’t care anymore that we weren’t alone. As my hands found their way under Mika’s uniform and t-shirt while we made out, I got more and more in the mood despite Josie sitting with her phone right next to us. She had already kinda seen us have sex, and she could just leave if she had a problem with it. Fuck it… I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, and I pushed a knee in between Mika’s legs to get her to open up. She broke our kiss to look worried up at me.

“I’m…. I’m still sore…”

Dammit… Had I really been that hard on her last night? I sighed, and Mika seemed to regret that we couldn’t do it as well. Then I noticed that Josie was looking over at us.

“Hey.... Maybe I can help.”

Anonymous 22/02/12(Sat)23:01 No. 27557 ID: 8ac253

Mika is a good girl…. I like where you are going with this


Anonymous 22/02/15(Tue)08:16 No. 27559 ID: 8ac253

Josie is so wholesome, hope we get some ffm

Anonymous 22/02/19(Sat)16:52 No. 27560 ID: 477c5b


I looked over at Josie. So did Mika, seemingly just as bewildered at Josie’s offer as I was.

“You’re too sore to do it… Right Mika?”

Josie had a weird, excited look on her face. Mika bit her lip, and looked away.

“Wha… What do you mean…?” I tried to play it dumb, like it hadn’t been obvious what we had been about to do if it hadn’t been for the state of Mika’s nether regions. Josie rolled her eyes.

“Oh please! You were SO just about to get into Mika’s pants. Well if she was wearing any… And right next to me! You think I wouldn’t notice if you two began humping right beside me?”

She talked like she was deeply offended by our lack of consideration, but the wide grin on her face clearly revealed that she was proud of having “discovered” our plan of getting it on. My intent was pretty clear with me laying on top of Mika like this, even though we were under the duvet. Even though there was no use trying to deny it, I still tried to come up with a lame excuse.

“Uh… Well, things just got a bit out of hand, it’s not like we were gonna…”

Josie snorted and put her phone down on her lap.

“Yeah you were. And even if you had gone to the living room, Mika just said that she can’t do it. Oh yeah, I know about last night.”

“Huh? ... How?”

I looked perplexed down at Mika, who was hiding her face with her hands out of embarrassment, before I looked back over at Josie. I didn’t recall the girls having been alone together thus far, how could she know? Josie rolled her eyes again.

“She told me herself, duh.”

Mika spoke up underneath me in a slightly shaky voice.

“We um… texted a bit… While you were sleeping…”

Huh, guess I hadn’t been the only one who had been waking up every so often last night. I got a little uneasy at the thought of Mika telling Josie, probably in great detail, just what we had spent the night doing. I guess it made sense that they had been chatting if Josie also hadn’t been able to sleep due to the party going on in her house. I rolled off of Mika and sat up against the wall. Only too late did I realize I had rolled off to the wrong side, placing me in the middle of the bed between the two girls. There wasn’t much room between us, our elbows basically bumping against each other.

“So just what the hell do you mean with ‘help’ us? Like, do you know a way to uh, not make it hurt?”

With Josie’s apparent mature interest in the female physiology, it actually wouldn’t have surprised me if she knew some trick to relieve Mika of her soreness. I had considered going out to grab my lube from my suitcase, but even with that I wouldn’t have wanted to take the chance of it hurting for Mika in any way.

“No, I don’t.” Josie shrugged. “I don’t think there’s any helping Mika being sore down there.”

“Then how can you help?”

I was staring down at Josie, and Mika had sat up as well to look curiously at what her friend had in mind. Josie, unexpectedly, turned her head slightly away from us and brushed some hair behind her ear. Was she… Blushing?

“W-well, I was just thinking that… If you wanna do it, and Mika isn’t able to… Then maybe I can…”

… Just what the hell was she suggesting? This couldn’t be one more of her weird tests, right? Not in front of her best friend. She wasn’t seriously saying that she would help me cheat on my girlfriend right in front of her just for some stupid prank, right? Right?

“... You…. Can…. What? Take her place?”

Josie half-shrugged again, nervously looking up at the corner of the ceiling.

“I dunno, I just thought that it would be bad if Mika had to, y’know, again. Since she needs to be able to walk back to the train tomorrow.”

“She does? Why?”

I looked over at Mika who just shook her head, just as confused as I was.

“To go home?” Josie looked at us as if we were stupid. “Since it’s sunday tomorrow?”

“She’s not going home until monday. Monday is constitution day, didn’t you know?”

Mika nodded in agreement with me. Josie’s overconfident look turned into one of embarrassment.

“Oh, it is…?”

“Yeah. You probably don’t have school on monday either.”

“Oh…. I guess I can…. Stay here too, then, tomorrow… If you don’t mind…”

Why was she suddenly acting so out of character? Could it be that she hoped that I would take her up on her offer of helping me…. Or rather, of helping Mika not having to endure another night alone together with me?

“Anyways....” I sighed, conflicted about what I should say. “It’s nice of you to want to help, I guess, but look.”

Josie looked at me.

“There’s just no way that I… You know… Can fit in you, basically.”

Josie blushed again, and tilted her head.

“... How do you know?”

“Come on man.” I really had to explain it to her? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mika drawing her legs up to her chest, listening carefully to the two of us talking.

“You’re just too… small. It was difficult enough with Mika. And she’s like two years older than you, right?”

“But you can do it just fine with her, right? I mean, as long as you stick to doing it once a day.”

Josie grinned, like she was amused at how I had ended up doing it with Mika several times last night.

“Yeah well, it’s still…. Only just barely able to, y’know…. Right?”

I turned to Mika for some support. She thought it over for a few seconds before nodding with a bright red blush spanning from ear to ear. I also felt pretty awkward having to talk so openly about all this stuff in front of Josie.

“Mm… Sometimes it still hurts a little, um… When he puts it in…”

Josie shrugged, looking down at the blanket.

“I dunno, maybe it won't be so bad.”

I was beginning to get the idea that Josie really wanted this, not so much for Mika’s sake, but for her own. Maybe she really had become jealous at hearing about all of Mika’s sexy experiences all the time, and felt like she was missing out on the fun. She didn’t seem like a girl who would accept missing out on any kind of fun she knew her friends were having. We were all silent for a couple of seconds. I could feel that it would put some pretty bad air between us if I rejected Josie now. She had opened up with an offer of helping us, and seemed emotionally vulnerable for the first time I had known her, at least considering how she had seemingly just been messing around with me the last time back home in the apartment. Even though I thought she was annoying as hell a lot of the time, I didn’t want to hurt her by rejecting her, especially since she would be getting shot down in front of Mika.

“Hmmm… I think you should at least see, like… The size differences. Between, you know…. You and me and… Mika.”

Both of the girls looked puzzled at me.

“Like…. Me and Mika can get into position. So you can see uh, how big I am even for her. And then we can… Do the same, so you can see the difference.”

It sounded crazy, and it would pretty much require me and Josie to put our genitals close together, but I thought it was the clearest way to show her that it would be a bad idea for her to try to take me. Josie thought it over for a couple of seconds, glancing at me and Mika.

“... Okay.”

I looked over at Mika. Even though she probably wouldn’t protest if I just went ahead and did it, I still wanted to be assured that she was fine with all of this.

“Okay.” Mika agreed too. Man… This was already so weird.

“So… How do we do it?” Josie looked eagerly at me. She seemed to be somewhat back to her old, excited self.

“First I guess that you should see, uh, just how big I am. Maybe that’ll be enough to convince you.”

I can’t believe I was actually going to do this… While I knew that I had been doing something that most people would consider wrong with Mika, it had all felt so natural. Now I just felt like some creeper exposing myself to a small kid. I pushed the duvet down and fiddled with my jeans, getting them down as well together with my underwear. Josie leaned a little closer, curiously staring down at my penis.

“... It’s all soft…?”

“Nah, it’s like… Halfways. It can’t stay hard if I have to concentrate on something, like - you know, chit-chatting.”

“Then we better get it hard, right?”

Without asking for my permission, Josie reached over and determinedly grabbed my half-chub.

“We?” I wasn’t sure what she meant.

“Yeah… This is my first time, um, touching one of these things… I need help from someone who’s tried it before.”

Josie glanced over at Mika, who hesitated but also reached over to put her hand on my dick. This was escalating pretty fast.

“... Just do it… Like this.”

Mika began moving her hand up and down, and Josie quickly followed suit so that they were both stroking my shaft in tandem. As expected, Josie was a quick learner. I can’t say it felt twice as good having two small hands on your penis as it felt having one, but it was more than enough to get the blood flowing. My dick was soon at its full size, and while I still am just about averagely sized, I sure did look bigger than normal now that Josie’s thin fingers were curled around my shaft.

“There’s a way to make it even bigger, right?”

Josie looked at Mika for advice, while I sat back watching the girls work together on pleasuring me. I was too stumped at this development to interfere, not to mention I couldn’t complain about the pleasure I was feeling. Mika liked her lips instinctively, nodding thoughtfully.

“Yeah… You can use your mouth.”

I wasn’t sure what they were expecting, I was already at full mast. Nevertheless, Josie mimicked Mika by licking her lips as well before crawling up on top of my leg, lying on her stomach so her head was just above my crotch.The girls stopped stroking me and Josie looked intensely at the tip of my penis before she leaned down to put it between her lips. A surge of warmth flowed through me at the feeling of having a hot, wet mouth sucking me off for the second time of the day, even though it was a different mouth than earlier. It felt slightly different, probably mostly because Josie was simply different from Mika, but also psychologically at how I wasn’t used to the girl taking the lead.

Now Mika followed Josie’s example and moved down as well, laying down on my other leg right next to Josie. They were both still holding my penis, and they took turns putting me in their mouths as Mika instructed Josie on how to suck me off. I was getting pretty hot at this point, not only from the two bodies warming my legs up, but also at the sight of having two giving me a blowjob at the same time. Once Josie had developed a technique of having just the tip of my penis inside her mouth while she sucked and rubbed the head with her tongue, Mika ended up stroking me while Josie kept working with her mouth and tongue, making sucking motions and looking up at me for my reactions. I was breathing pretty hard by now, which Mika also noticed.

“... He’s getting close now.”


Josie looked over at Mika for guidance.

“... You wanna keep it like this?”

Josie hesitated for a second but then nodded, signalling that she wanted to try receiving my ejaculation in her mouth. I don’t think I could have protested even if I had wanted to, since Mika immediately began stroking me harder and faster, making the pleasure build up exponentially in my body. It kept growing until I had to close my eyes and my back arched as everything came to a sudden release, and I grunted out as I felt the muscles in my groin contract. I could also feel that Josie tried to keep her lips tightly sealed around the head of my penis, but when I opened my eyes I looked down to see that some had overflowed from her mouth and were slowly oozing down over my shaft. Josie laid still with her eyes wide open, and I saw her make a couple of big swallowing motions before she coughed out loudly.


Mika didn’t take much notice of her friend, but put her head back down to my penis to suck up the drops of sperm that had run down from the tip. She was so careful and attentive, cleaning me up until the only wetness left on me was the spit from the two girls. Josie watched her friend with a weird expression on her face.

“You… You really like drinking that stuff…?!”

“... Mm..”

Mika nodded with a blush on her cheeks, and only now looked over at Josie.

“Oh… You got something here…”

Josie licked her lips to get a few milky-white drops of liquid from her cheek, but Mika reached over and scooped some up from her chin with her fingers which she immediately brought to her own mouth.

“Hey…! Who said you could have any?”


Mika neither looked nor sounded any different from her usual, soft-spoken self. She slid her now clean fingers out of her mouth and put them to Josie’s chin again, apparently having found some more she hadn’t picked up the first time. I don’t know just how much I had ejaculated, but I assumed that Josie hadn’t been able to keep most of it in her small mouth, which is why she seemingly had drooled out a good bit of it. Instead of taking it for herself, Mika held her hand up to allow Josie to suck the rest of my sperm off of Mika’s finger. I just laid still watching them without saying a word, my mind in a haze. I couldn’t make sense of whether Josie liked the taste or not, hadn’t she just complained about swallowing it? Maybe she somehow felt that Mika shouldn't be allowed to take something she had earned mostly by herself, by doing the work of sucking me off.

“Hey, it’s getting soft again!”

“Yeah, it starts getting smaller like, just as soon as it, y’know.”

Josie put her hands back on my penis and excitedly began stroking me again, but now I had to stop the madness.

“Ow ow ow, hold on, hold on…! Time out.”

The sensitivity of my penis had almost made Josie’s touch painful, and Josie looked questioningly up at me.


“I can’t… I can’t just keep going so soon after…”

“You can’t? But isn’t that what you did last night?”

Josie looked over at Mika, who shyly looked down and bit her lit.

“No, I uh… We went back to sleep again between each time. It needs a pause to recharge.”

“Oh.” Josie made a small sigh at the prospect of having to wait until we could continue, and she rolled down from my leg. Mika didn’t move away but put her head down to rest on my hip, her face just inches away from my junk. She brought a hand up to gently caress my softened penis, as if caring for a hurt animal.

“Weird. I don’t need to take a pause.” Josie was looking at Mika touching my penis, and I turned my head to her in surprise.


“I can just keep going.”

“Keep going… With what?”

Josie now blushed bright red, apparently having realized what she had been saying. I guessed that that was not something she had planned on me knowing.

“Y-you know, when I… Y’know, touch myself… I uh, I can just keep going, after I…”

So the little girl wasn’t a total newbie, huh. She had at least begun to masturbate. I didn’t want to embarrass her, so I just shrugged and nodded.

“Oh, yeah, girls can do that. Guys can't.”


Josie rolled up on her side, propping her head up with her hand as she still watched Mika. Mika, in turn, glanced up at me.

“Um… Is it okay if I… Put it in my mouth too…?”

“Huh? But I just…”

“I-... I know. I just… Also wanna… Um, I’ll be careful..”

I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant, but she was looking up at me with her pleading puppy-eyes, so I nodded yes. It was the least I could do for her, as thanks for her help. Resting her cheek back down on me, she carefully guided the tip of my now limp penis into her mouth, and then just… Laid still. Without sucking. Only occasionally would she feel around me with her tongue. Josie sent me a look of “Oh yeah, that’s SO much her” before glancing down over her body. We hadn’t pulled the duvet back up, so everything except our feet were uncovered.

“I should… Probably take my skirt off, right…? I don’t want to get it dirty.”

Josie still seemed slightly nervous, and not as teasing and bubbly as she usually was. That made pretty good sense, considering what we were doing tonight. I had never imagined that I would be fine being practically naked in front of her, and letting her touch me. I guess it was only natural that she got undressed too, seeing as we weren’t done yet.

“Yeah… If you want to. Especially if it’s brand new, right?”

Wait, why was I cheering her on now? Did I want her to get rid of her clothes, even though there was no reason to do so until I was able to get hard again? Unless she was planning on pulling the duvet back up to cover herself, it would mean that she - seeing as she wasn’t wearing anything underneath - would pretty much be showing off her vagina to me. And to Mika too, I guess, though I had no idea how much they had already… been doing this kind of stuff together. It didn’t seem like Mika cared at all, not about Josie being fine getting naked with us, or at having my penis in her mouth right in front of her best friend. Mika seemed completely relaxed, like… A baby having been handed its pacifier.

Josie nervously nodded as a reply to my question about her skirt, and she reached down to slowly push it over her legs. Leaving it down at the end of her feet, she then stayed on her side but had left her arm hanging down over her crotch, blocking my view of the goods. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, and our eyes met a few times as she kept glancing up at me while we idly waited for me to recharge. I considered mentioning that her spaghetti t-shirt might also, in the worst case scenario, get some ugly white streaks on them, but that would probably be too opportunistic. Eventually, and with a blush that went from her ears and all the way down to her chest, Josie casually lifted her arm to brush some of her hair away from her face, letting me look at her uncovered vagina. I instinctively really wished I could move down and get a better look, but for now I just had to do with staring at the thin crack between her legs. There was barely a hint of her outer labia, just a straight line disappearing down between her thighs. I felt myself beginning to grow harder inside Mika’s mouth.


Mika made a sound, having felt it as well. She gave me a single suck before she pulled back, letting my penis blossom to its full size again. Both of the girls stared intensely in anticipation of what would come next. Josie had a bright look of excitement in her eyes, but also a look of nervousness on her face. Mika sat up, and looked at me.

“Do… Do you want me to take my skirt off too, David?”

“Sure… And your shirt too, it’s only fair.”

Mika nodded and undressed herself, leaving her only with a black t-shirt on her body, just like Josie. Mika looked at me for what to do next.

“Lie down on your back, and spread your legs.”

Mika was obviously embarrassed about being asked to move into such an explicit position right in front of her best friend again, but she willingly laid down and drew her knees up and out to the sides. Meanwhile, I took my jeans off so I could move around more freely, leaving me with only my t-shirt on me, exactly like the girls. I got into position, and placed the tip of my hardon right at Mika’s vagina.


Josie sat up mermaid-style right besides us, staring attentively down at our genitals.

“With a, uh, body this size… Then I’ll reach all the way up to…”

I pushed forward but let my penis slide up and across Mika’s labia, simulating how far it would reach inside her by keeping it pressed down against her skin. Josie slowly nodded.

“... pretty far…”

“Yeah. It’s just barely possible.”

Mika nodded as well, also keeping her eyes down at the display.

“Som-.... Sometimes it still hurts a bit, when it… Hits uh… The end…”

“Hmm~” Josie tilted her head. “But it’s not like I’m much smaller than Mika.”

“We’ll see. Now you get into position, like this.”

Josie wasn’t wrong, there wasn’t any noticable difference between their body sizes. Mika was around a head taller than Josie, but I assumed most of that difference was in the legs. Looking over at Josie who was now lying down on her back as well, I began to doubt if we could see any difference at all. I moved over, but Josie had kept her legs straight, and was looking down at her body with a flustered look on her face.

“It’s… It’s pretty embarrassing after all, huh…?” I could hear the nervousness in her voice.

“Oh, so you’re fine with making Mika spread her legs so you can get a good look at her, but don’t wanna do it yourself, huh?”

I couldn’t help but speak in a slightly mocking tone, seeing how she was now hesitating doing something she had made Mika do on our last sleepover.

“Huh? I didn’t get a good look at her, your dick was like, blocking the view?”

She looked up at me confusedly, but eager to bicker.

“I’m talking about last time. When you wanted to see what it looked like after I had… you know.”

“O-oh… Right… Guess this is nothing compared to that…”

Mika had sat up by my side, and we both looked down as Josie slowly opened her legs - though I’m sure I stared much more intensely than Mika did. Josie’ breathing had become a little staggered, but I wasn’t gonna let her get out of this now it had come this far. After embarrassing the two of us twice now, it was time she got a taste of her own medicine. I moved down between Josie’s legs and put my hands under her knees, and slowly but firmly pulled them up diagonally in each direction, putting Josie in the same position Mika had just been in. To my surprise she didn’t protest, but I saw her gripping the sheet with her small fingers.

“Alright… So if I were to do it with you…”

I brought my hips down, and pointed my penis towards the area between Josie’s legs. Her vagina hadn’t opened up at all even though her thighs were spread pretty far apart, there was only a thin line running down between a pair of barely noticeable outer labia. I repeated my motion from before, and ran the length of my penis up across Josie’s vagina, simulating me penetrating her. She felt super soft underneath me, and surprisingly hot. I could feel the heat radiating from her private parts onto my balls.

“... Yeah..” Josie almost whispered, nodding faintly. All three of us were looking down at how my penis laid flat down on top of Josie’s crotch, the tip pointing up towards a tiny belly button. The difference in size wasn’t as obvious as I had expected, but she did look a bit smaller underneath my hardness, to my eyes at least.

“See…? It would reach all the way up here. I don’t think you’re, uh… Able to take that much.”


Josie narrowed her eyes.

“But… It’s not like you have to put all of it in, right?”

“All of it? Uh… No, I guess not.”

“So even if, like, you can only put half of it in… Won’t that be enough?”

Josie and I looked at each other, and she had a weird kind of hopeful, but also scared look on her face. This felt like a more and more stupid way of trying to make my point that it was too early for her to be having sex. Mika just sat motionless beside us, listening.

“W-well, it’s not only the length that’s the problem. It’s also the uh, diameter. You know, the thickness.”

“You… You think it’s too… Thick, to go inside…?”

“... Probably… You’re still pretty small down there, I bet.”

“I’ve… Um….” Josie was beginning to blush bright red.

“I… Can fit two fingers in there, though…”

“Your fingers are pretty tiny too.”

“Nuh-uh, it’s just your fingers that are thick as heck!”

Josie shot out her tongue at me, and I rolled my eyes.

“In either case, I don’t think we can-”

“My dad always says that you shouldn’t THINK you know something, you must KNOW that you know something.”

Damn, she was still trying to argue with me. We locked eyes again, and I could see Josie’s chest rising and falling in rhythm with her nervous breathing.

“You don’t know until you try.” Josie’s eyes were like diamonds. She really wanted to press on. This was crazy… I glanced over at Mika, but her eyes were fixated on our genitals. Were she really gonna let her boyfriend and her best friend have sex right in front of her eyes? There was only one last argument I could make.

“Come on, I don’t think…. Like, you need to get, you know, wet. You can’t have sex if the girl isn’t wet.”

“You don’t think I can get wet…?” Josie looked up at me like I was stupid. Was it possible for such a small girl to get aroused? Wait, she had just revealed that she masturbates… And to prove herself, Josie reached down between her legs and, after pushing me a bit back, dipped her fingertips between the folds of her vagina. She closed her eyes for a second before bringing her hand back up, holding her fingers apart for me and Mika to see. They were glistening slightly.


I don’t know why I was so puzzled. Probably because I had, until this evening, not thought of Josie in a sexual way at all.

“I wanna see if it fits.”

I looked down at Josie’s small vagina again. There was no way… Not without it being really painful for her at least. Okay, if that’s what she wanted, I could show her just how bad an idea this was by pressing against her until she would give up from the pain by herself. I grabbed my penis, and pointed it downwards again. I could see Josie tense up at the realization that she had finally won, and propping herself up with her elbows, she reached down by herself to put her fingers on either side of her slit, pulling her labia apart as much as she could. I couldn’t see much from my point of view above her body, but I guided myself to the lower half of the pink area I could see between her legs, and gave a push forward. Nothing… My penis just bent a bit to the side, not going anywhere.

“Hey, sweetie… Can you give us a hand with some lubrication?”

I looked over at Mika, who nodded and quickly got down on all fours and put her head to my crotch. Taking my penis in one hand, she bopped her mouth down on it to coat my shaft in as much of her spit as possible. After a few seconds of trying to get me as slick as possible, she moved her head back again to look at the result of her work. I put my hands back on Josie’s legs to help her support keeping them pulled up, and I moved my hips forward again with Mika guiding my shaft to the tiny hole between her friend’s legs. I couldn’t believe how or why Mika agreed to help us like this, but I was too into the moment now to care. I could feel that I wanted this too now. Just to see if it was possible, of course.

With Josie still holding her labia open, and with Mika having a better point of view to guide the tip of my penis to the right place, I was able to push directly against the tight entrance to Josie’s vagina. However, even with Mika’s spit it wasn’t enough, and Josie grit her teeth as I slowly tried to force my way into her. I sighed, and retreated backwards again. I’ve always been a softie and I hated inflicting pain on others, even if they were asking for it, like Josie obviously was. I thought of one last thing we could try.

“Mika… Can you go get the lube from my suitcase?”

Mika had to think for a second before she nodded eagerly, and she quickly jumped off the bed to go fetch the lube I had used on her earlier. I still didn’t get why she was so eager to help, she reminded me of a dog running off to go fetch something… I looked down at Josie who grinned up at me. The atmosphere in the bedroom seemed pretty tense… It was completely dark outside, the only light in the room came from a small lamp on the wall. It was likewise uncommonly quiet, the only sounds were the trees rustling in the wind outside, the sound of me and Josie’s concentrated breathing, and the faint sound of Mika rummaging around in my suitcase in the living room.

“... Guess I’m not the only one who wants this anymore, huh~?”

This girl had no business being cheeky in the position we were in. I put the palm of my hand down on her lower tummy, and pressed my thumb right down at where I guessed her clit would be. She made a quiet yelp and grabbed my wrist with both of her hands, but I didn’t let her budge me.

“Who said you can touch me…?!”

“Just making sure that you’re staying wet, that’s all.”

I circled my thumb around on top of the upper part of her cleft, and Josie leaned her head back with her eyes closed. I couldn’t really feel much of a difference compared to Mika, they were pretty similar down here. Soft, silky, and warm. I dipped the tip of my thumb down to Josie’s entrance. Here I could clearly feel a difference… It sure was tight.

“I’m sure it’s… the beer… Making you do this.”

I didn’t get to respond as Mika came back, and she hopped back up on the bed to hand me the lube. I quickly removed my hand from Josie, but I didn’t take the tube Mika had brought me. If she were so happy to be of assistance, why not make use of it. I placed my hands back on Josie’s thighs to move them back up into position. I even pushed them a bit more backwards, almost to the point where Josie’s knees ended up by her head.

“I think it’s better you handle it, sweetie.”

Mika nodded again and nervously fumbled with the tube, and she leaned over to squeeze a huge amount directly down on my still erect penis. Now I knew how it had felt for her earlier… That shit sure felt cold. Mika stroked her hand up and down over my shaft to get it all lubed up before placing it down towards Josie again, and this time she also reached down with her other hand to spread Josie’s labia apart for me, sparing Josie from having to do it. I was surprised that both of the girls were totally fine with Mika touching Josie down there, it truly didn’t seem to be the first time they were playing around like this. All three of us looked down in anticipation as I began moving my hips forward, the tip of my penis going in between Josie’s folds. This time, with the help of the lube, I managed to stretch the small hole open enough for the head to slide in. Josie grit her teeth again, and let out a small grunt. I paused.

“Y-yeah… That does feel… Pretty big…”

Mika was keeping her fingers wrapped around my shaft so it wouldn’t slip out of Josie, and she looked worried down at her smaller friend as she tried to bear the pain. I really wanted to let out a “told you so”, but she looked too uncomfortable to be in the mood for one-liners. I stood still for a few seconds, Josie breathing heavily with her eyes hazily focused on the area where we were connected now.

“... I think you can… Keep going…”

I nodded and, with Mika letting go of me, gave another push forward which caused Josie to yelp out again. Lowering her legs until they were resting on my hips, she shut her eyes tight and clenched the sheets again as I forced myself a few centimeters inside her. While it was warm and wet, it felt like I was tearing something open that wasn’t meant to take anything bigger than a pencil. I spent a few minutes slowly moving my hips back and forward without going any deeper, with Josie having a pained expression on her face the whole time. Eventually, when I tried to move deeper into her a tiny bit, her body suddenly tensed up, and she dejectedly shook her head.

“No… It hurts too much…”

I sighed, partly at having made the little girl feel pain, and partly because I wanted to continue, but I slowly pulled out until I slipped out of the tight hole. Josie pouted, but didn’t change her posture.

“Guess you were right... I wanted to feel what it's like getting cummed in, though.”

Oh, so maybe that was her plan all along. It made sense, seeing as how she had wanted to get a close look at what it had looked like when I had ejaculated inside Mika during out last sleepover. We had come this far… Maybe there was a way to make her wish come true.

“We can still do that. I think.”

“We… We can…?”

Josie looked up at me with hopeful eyes, and Mika looked at me too.

“Since I’m all lubed up… If I stay like this, then… Mika can finish me off. And then I can, you know.”


Josie nodded, picturing it in her mind. She glanced up at Mika and made puppy eyes.

“Please? It’s unfair if only you get to have all the fun.”

I wondered if Mika had ever described the experience of me cumming in her as being “fun”. Oh well, what do I know, I’m not a girl. Mika looked down at her friend, and shrugged.

“... Okay.”

Without hesitation, Mika scooted a little closer to put both of her hands back on my penis, and she began steadily rubbing them up and down over me once more. Josie kept her legs spread, and was looking with anticipation at how Mika jerked me off. With the help of the lube, it was easy for Mika to masturbate me to a climax, and my view of having an almost naked Josie spread out underneath me helped as well, to be honest. Even though I assumed that Mika would be able to tell again when I was about to come, I had better give her a warning.

“O-Okay… I think I’m…”

I tried my best to keep myself still while Mika increased the pace of her strokes, my breathing getting more and more jagged. Keeping her attention on my face, Mika continued until she, with expert timing, pointed the tip of my penis down towards Josie. I gave a small push forward, just in time for the tip of my penis to enter the little girl. With an orgasm rushing through me again, I couldn’t help but grab on to Josie’s hips and push a little further inside her in order to maximize my pleasure. I was apparently shooting a big enough load into Josie to make her gasp audibly out, and she raised her eyebrows at the feeling of receiving my sperm into her pussy for the first time. As soon as I felt my body return to normal, I moved back again with a big gulp of white liquid following the exit of my penis from Josie’s vagina. Josie immediately sat up and leaned forward, trying to get a good look at her crotch. I was pretty tired by now, and I moved over to sit up against the wall next to Josie. Mika apparently shared Josie’s interest and was studying Josie’s creampie too.

“Ugh… I can’t really see anything…”

Josie twisted and turned her head, but there was a limit to how far she could curl forward. I found my boxers and put them back on, relaxing while looking at the girls. Mika turned to me.

“Um… Do you know if there’s a mirror somewhere…?”

“A mirror? Like, a portable one?”

Mika nodded shyly.

“Maybe in the bathroom. In one of the drawers.”

Mika sat off for the third time. I was too tired to make any conversation with Josie, even though I wanted to make a comment about her peculiar behavior. I was actually getting pretty sleepy. I had probably been more awake for longer than either of the girls today, with Mika sleeping in this morning, and Josie having taken two naps after she got here. Mika returned with a small, rectangular mirror in hand, and she crawled up next to Josie who took it and placed it between her legs. Sitting up with her legs spread, she took her time to explore her nether regions, prodding and pulling her labia apart.

“Looks almost like… When you two had done it, last time.”


“It felt pretty weird, when he… came… It still does.”

Mika nodded, following Josie’s eyes. I couldn’t see anything from my position, so I just laid down and got comfy under the duvet. Josie eventually put the mirror away and the girls got under the duvet as well, with Mika crawling over and across me to get to the other side of the bed, leaving me in the middle of the two girls. Weird, I thought, last time Mika had been in the middle. Laying on her side, Mika snuggled in to me and put her head on my shoulder. To my surprise, Josie did the same.

“Huh…? What are you doing…?”

Josie glanced up at me with a hurt look on her face.

“What? I’m cold.”


Honestly, I was mostly worried about Mika’s reaction, as well as the fact that Josie didn’t seem to have any plans of going out to clean herself up. Mika didn’t seem to mind sharing me, though, and she was yawning by now. Josie wrapped her arms around mine, holding it tight against her body.

“You suddenly don't want me touching you after what we’ve just done?”

“Uh… No, that’s not…”

“It’s unfair that only Mika has someone to cuddle with. I like cuddling too, y’know.”

“Well… If she doesn’t mind sharing…”

Mika slowly shook her head, having closed her eyes already.

“It’s… fine…”

Oh boy, what had I gotten myself into. Would I really be able to sleep with not just one, but two panty-less small girls clinging to me? They were both pretty warm, though… The last thing I thought about before falling asleep was how none of us had brushed our teeth. Oh well...

Anonymous 22/02/20(Sun)11:01 No. 27561 ID: 8ac253

So much awesome, Mika and Josie work so hot together…

Now I’m curious about her backstory. Keep it up man.

Anonymous 22/02/21(Mon)13:09 No. 27562 ID: dadee4

Great work OP!
Am I imagining things or are you foreshadowing a bit of girl on girl action? :)
And please, don't forget there is a hot tub available!

Anonymous 22/02/23(Wed)00:41 No. 27563 ID: 8ac253

Good thinking there...

Anonymous 22/03/19(Sat)07:42 No. 27574 ID: 7dfd28

I'm really liking this story. Better than roommates actually. And I really do like Josie's character too. I think it's worth a delay to integrate her in the story a bit more.

The fact that Josie is acting as a big-sister to Mika even though they're not related and Josie is actually a bit younger really has me wondering what was going on these two girls' lives before David found them.

Can't wait to see the next part. Keep up the good work OP.

Anonymous 22/04/10(Sun)00:21 No. 27581 ID: 477c5b

Now that I've taken a short hiatus I've resumed writing again, but I just wanna tell ya that you're gonna be disappointed if you're hoping for girl-on-girl action. It wouldn't make sense for them to suddenly get interested in each other after having been best friends for a number of years, just because one of them got a boyfriend.

Anonymous 22/04/12(Tue)15:21 No. 27584 ID: 477c5b

I slept surprisingly well, considering the situation. It sure felt comfortable having a warm body on both of my sides, despite the resulting lack of space. I was woken up at some point during the night by Mika getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. When she returned and slipped back into bed with her back towards me, I moved over to spoon her with my hands snaking around her to take hold of her private places. She wriggled around and quickly turned her head in the darkness to whisper up to me with a voice that had a bit too much vigor.

“Hey, just where do you think you’re touching?!”

I was still half-asleep, and Mika’s unexpected protest at having hands shoved up under her t-shirt and between her legs confused me.


I came to my senses enough to realize that it of course hadn’t been Mika who had gotten up, and who I now was spooning up against. Mika was fast asleep behind me.

“Oh… My bad. Force of habit.”

I slowly moved my hands away and let them rest on Josie’s stomach. I didn’t want to move around too much, I wasn’t sure that Mika would like to wake up to find that I was cuddling her best friend instead of her. Josie didn’t move away either, apparently being fine with laying in my arms with her back against my chest. After a few tense seconds, she whispered to me again.

“Is that how you two usually sleep? No wonder you did it so many times last night.”

“Uh, well… Last night was special. Because it had been so long since we, y’know.”

“But I guess it wasn’t enough, huh, if you’ve moved on to wanting to do it with me.”

We were both quiet for a while, the only sound being the quiet snoring of Mika behind me. I could feel Josie’s heartbeat with my hand on the upper part of her stomach, and she felt extremely hot, almost burning up. Even though the both of us were still wearing our t-shirts, I could feel her body heat radiate into my torso. It wasn’t the same now that I knew that it wasn’t Mika I was snuggling, but… It still felt nice.

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t trying to do it with you.”

Josie laid her head back down, becoming somewhat relaxed again.

“Hm, if you say so. I wouldn’t have let you either… You can turn around and do Mika if you’ve got the need.”

“Nah… I wanna let her sleep for a change.”

“You sure? I thought you brought her here to have a ton of sex with her for two days straight.”

Damn, this girl could manage to be bratty even in the middle of the night. If it wasn’t because she apparently was fine with me cuddling her I would have been getting quite annoyed by now.

“Uh… Well… Maybe a little bit.”

Josie quietly giggled.

“But if you knew that was my plan… Then why did you come up here and stop us?”

“What? I haven’t stopped you. I don’t care if you just go at it.”

“Oh really? So you really wouldn’t mind if I rolled over, and… If we did it all night, with you trying to sleep right next to us?”

“Not at all.”

I could almost see the smug expression on Josie’s face… This was the complete opposite of what she had said last time, wasn’t it?

“Well then… I guess my plans for tomorrow will be to have as much sex with Mika as I can.”

“Sounds fun.”

Josie yawned, seemingly getting bored by the conversation. We both stayed quiet, trying to fall asleep again.

“... Hey…”


“You can… You can put your hand um, up top, if you wanna.”

“... You mean… Here…?”

Sliding my hand back up under Josie’s t-shirt, I placed the palm of my hand on her flat chest again.

“Y-yeah… But no touching down below…! Just because I haven’t put my panties back on doesn’t mean you have permission to touch me there.”

“Don’t forget the rule… No panties allowed in the bedroom.”

“O-oh, right… What a weird rule.”

“Yeah, but that’s how it is.”

The bedroom fell quiet again, and I spent a few minutes lightly tracing my fingers around Josie’s small, soft nipple. It felt very much the same like Mika’s, silky smooth and almost indistinguishable from the skin on the rest of her breast. Eventually, with the help of her warmth, I drifted off into sleep again.

My quiet weekend truly had been cursed by Josie’s arrival, because I found myself being woken up by her one more time. This time on purpose.

“Hey…! Daviiid. What’s for breakfast?”

I grumpily rubbed my eyes, and looked up at Josie. It was morning now, with the bedroom brightly illuminated by the sun outside.

“Your guest is booored! And hungry…! I’ve been awake for I don’t know how long, how can you two sleep so much?!”

Indeed, Mika still seemed to be sleeping. I pulled the duvet up over my head, not ready to deal with Josie again just yet.

“The kitchen’s all yours, go help yourself.”

“But it’s cold…! Let’s get Mika to make us breakfast again.”

“No… I need her to keep me warm.”

With that, I rolled over on top of Mika, careful not to put any real weight on her in an attempt to not wake her up. I could hear a sigh coming from Josie.


I gently lowered myself down on my sleeping girlfriend, burying my face against the side of her head to feel the softness of her long hair that flowed out across her pillow. I could instantly feel my mood improving, this girl had an almost magical, innate ability to soothe my soul just by her mere existence. I noticed that she had never taken her choker off, the black leather still wrapped around her neck. I became worried that it would be bad for her skin to wear it for too long, so I carefully took it off while Josie jumped up from the bed to go fix herself some breakfast. All this commotion woke Mika up, and I felt her stirring beneath me. She fluttered her eyes open, and smiled when she looked up into my eyes. Josie hadn’t closed the door behind her, and I heard her put something in the microwave.

“Good morning sweetie.”

“Good morning, Da-... Um…. Honey…?”

I chuckled and shook my head. I didn’t particularly feel like honey.

“... Babe…? Dear? … Senpai…?”

Mika tilted her head as she tried to find the right nickname for me. I smiled and leaned down to rub my lips against her neck, lightly tickling her.

“That’s an awful lot of thinking you’re doing so early in the morning.”

“M-mmh.. Yeah…”

Mika smiled again, then looked around the room for her best friend.

“Where’s Josie…?”

“She’s getting herself some breakfast.”


“... Maybe I should get myself some breakfast too…~” I said playfully, and pulled Mika’s t-shirt up over her chest. She giggled while watching me move myself down until my head was hovering above her small, bare breasts, allowing me to lightly lick and nibble on her hardening nipples to my heart’s content. Mika arched her back and put her hands on the top of my head, her fingers curling around my hair. I still couldn’t make out any noticeable growth on Mika’s chest but she was clearly sensitive just the same, quiet murmurs coming from above me every time I ran the length of my tongue over her nipples. It felt like we both knew where this was gonna lead us, but to my annoyance Josie had decided to eat her breakfast in bed with us, instead of in the living room. She suddenly jumped up on the bed right besides us with a plate of pizza slices, and only seemed to realize she had interrupted something when she noticed me shooting daggers up at her.


Mika sheepishly looked down, putting her arms above her chest to grab onto the hem of her t-shirt, but unsure of whether she should pull it back down or not. Josie stared at us for a couple of seconds, taking a bite of her pizza.

“Oh…! You already got started on your plans for today, David.”

“Plans…?” Mika looked questionly up at me.

“Yeah--” Josie tried to talk while chewing.

“David told me last night that he was planning on doing you all day today.”

“Eh..?” Mika seemed a little worried. But only a little.

“Wha, no, I did not say that!”

My mind was a little hazy about our talk last night, but I’m pretty sure this was just the usual teasing from Josie. She just kept nonchalantly eating her breakfast, speaking in a tone as if we were discussing the weather.

“Uh-huh, you said you don’t care about doin’ it even if I'm right here next to you. So go ahead, don’t let me stop you.”

Mika bit her lip, glancing up at me. Seems like she wouldn’t mind either.

“But David…!” Josie interrupted us once more before we even got started again.

“Isn’t poor Mika gonna get sore again if you do it all day?”

I sighed. Even though she was just teasing us, she was probably right about that.

“Uh, well… Probably not if we just uh, do it slower.”

“Oh. Then you’ll also probably have an easier time like, actually spending the whole day doing it.”

Of course, none of us meant it literally when we put it like that, but… The thought of actually spending most of, if not all of the day in bed with Mika did sound quite alluring… Not going at it like rabbits, but just leisurely laying in each other’s naked embrace, cuddling and kissing and napping… All the while with my dick lodged deep inside her…

However, I decided that I didn’t want to give Josie the pleasure of manipulating us into doing that. As sexy as it sounds, I’m sure that both Mika and I would eventually get bored of just laying here all day, and I suspected that Josie would want to join in too if we didn’t give her something else to occupy herself with, and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that. With nothing else to do up here in the summerhouse, she would probably demand to be included if the only activity taking place would be sex… Man, it was too early in the morning to think about that kind of stuff.

While Josie returned her attention to her pizza, Mika looked up at me as if awaiting my decision on whether we should do it right now or not. I don’t think it would have been very enjoyable for either of us to try to get in the mood again with a pizza-munching girl right next to us, and the smell had made me hungry too. I smiled down at Mika to assure her that everything was okay, and gave her nose a kiss.

“How about we eat some breakfast too, huh?”

Mika smiled and nodded, and I crawled off of her and got out of bed. Mika tried somewhat to cover her bare crotch while she got up, and I reached for my underwear and was just about to pull my boxers up over my thighs when Josie almost yelled out at me.

“Hey! What happened to the “no undies in the bedroom” rule?! I haven’t put mine on either!”

I childishly stuck my tongue out at her.

“It’s the “no panties in the bedroom” rule. It only applies to girls.”

“Ugh! Sexist patriarchy.” Josie rolled her eyes. “By the way, I ate all of the frozen pizza slices.”

“Pfh, right.”

I was too hungry by now to want to bicker with Josie any further, and I knew she was lying since we had bought plenty of them when me and Mika got here. We both stepped out to the kitchen and worked together to pop some slices in the microwave, as well as putting over some coffee for me. While we waited, Mika nervously rubbed one of her bare arms before she gathered the courage to look up at me.

“Are… Are we really gonna… do it all day…?”

I smiled and stepped over to put my hands on Mika’s bare hips, shaking my head down at her.

“She’s just messing with us. We can do other stuff too.”

“Mm… Okay…”

Mika smiled lightly and leaned her head against my chest.

“For example… Maybe there’s a doggie who wanna go out for a walk today?”

Mika giggled, rotating her hips back and forth a little bit.

“May-… maybe…”

“Or maybe there’s a cat somewhere who wants to play?”

“You… You brought those too…?” Mika turned her head to look surprised up at me. “Or do you mean… A real cat…?”

“Maybe I mean both?”

I shrugged with a playful smirk, not wanting to spoil what kind of animal Mika might or might not be finding herself turning into later today. That reminded me, I had also brought a maid uniform… Maybe I should combine that with one of the animal sets? Mika seemed just about to press me for an answer when the microwave dinged, and I let go of her to get our breakfast ready.

We returned to the bedroom to eat - the comfiness of a soft bed and a soft duvet beats sitting on a pair of cold, wooden chairs in a living room any time, in my opinion - even if it meant joining Josie on the bed. It also meant that I could prolong the time of Mika being bottomless a bit further. With the girls on their phones, I tried to decide on some plans for today. There were a bunch of possibilities, each involving me sooner or later laying Mika down somewhere and entering her… It was all I could think about, to be honest. It was like I became an entirely different person when Mika’s body was available to me, I almost felt like an addict that didn’t care about anything but their next fix. Mika probably also knew herself that she would end up spending most of the day having my cum inside of her. Must be a very different change of pace from her usual routine of going to school.

All this fantasizing had its effect on my body, and despite the pizza slices having constituted a rather heavy breakfast for us, I wanted to pick up where Mika and I had left off before. Now that it was pretty clear that none of us seemed to mind me and Mika getting it on right next to Josie, I might as well make use of it before we got dressed for the day. I imagined it would be best to have Mika be on top this time, primarily to ensure I wouldn’t get carried away and be too hard on her body, but to a smaller degree also because I felt a bit too heavy to move around too much right after eating. Reaching over to put my hand on Mika’s bare thigh, I tugged at her to motion her over towards me. She looked up from her phone.

“It was nice to get some breakfast, huh?”


Mika smiled softly to me. This girl really was easy to satisfy.

“... I want some dessert too, though.”

“... huh?”

“You know… Just a little something to nibble on.”

I lowered my eyes to Mika’s chest, and it took her a few seconds to realize what I was hinting at.


She began blushing and put her phone down. Since I wasn’t making a move to place myself down at her chest by myself, she looked at me unsure of what to do. I tugged at her leg again, a bit more forcefully this time, and she awkwardly moved up over my lap, standing on her knees straddling my thighs. With me sitting up against the wall, this put Mika’s chest at just the perfect height for me. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice that if I let myself slump down a bit, it would place me at the perfect height to nibble on something else, a cute little thing which was beautifully exposed with just the top visible to me if I lowered my gaze. Maybe another time… For now, I placed my hands on Mika’s waist to pull her closer towards me and she obliged by pulling her t-shirt up over her breasts again. Of course, Josie was keeping track of us through the corner of her eye the whole time, while more or less pretending to be on her phone.

With Mika’s deliciously flat, smooth chest right in front of my face again, I dug right in and began kissing my way around the pair of pale white breasts of my girlfriend. Mika’s tiny pink nipples barely reacted at first, laying completely level with the rest of her skin, but I felt that the tips had hardened up just ever so slightly when I eventually brushed my lips over them. I tried for a little bit to lightly suck on her nipples, but it didn’t really seem to make any sense since she was so flat that there was nothing protruding out from her chest to suck on to, so it felt like I was just trying to place a hickey on her skin. I was also careful since she, despite her lack of breasts, seemed pretty sensitive to the feeling of my mouth and tongue on her nipples. She had put her hands on the top of my head for support and was holding onto my hair, and I could hear her trying to restrain a plethora of mewls and moans. It was surprisingly… Fun, in a way. I could easily see myself doing this for an hour or two.

“I guess you couldn’t resist getting started on your sex-all-day plan any longer, huh!”

I wasn’t gonna let Josie interrupt me this time, so I simply shrugged and kept nibbling my way around on Mika’s chest. I didn’t care that she was obviously watching us by now, if she wanted to watch us have sex, I wouldn’t stop her. I felt Mika shift slightly around, probably to take an embarrassed glance at Josie, but she kept still for me.

“Just be careful that you don’t make her too sore this time, okay David?”

She’s not gonna shut up, is she? Fine, if she’s gonna insist on being a nuisance, I might as well get her involved. I let my lips part from Mika’s now moist skin just for long enough to talk back at her.

“Maybe you should help us out if you’re so worried about Mika, then.”



Both of the girls looked surprised at me. Even though I had sensed that Josie had wanted to join in on the fun in some way, she had seemingly not expected me to suggest it outright myself. I guess she hadn’t been planning on doing anything but tease us with her comments, but now that we had broken the ice of getting physical with Josie too last night, I wasn’t gonna let her get off the hook that easily if she insisted on bothering us.

“Yeah, well, you know…”

I tried to use the same uninterested tone of voice that Josie sometimes used, while keeping my attention on Mika’s chest.

“If you’re worried about Mika getting sore, there’s one thing you can do to prevent that.”

“And… And what’s that…?”

“... You know what it is that can cause soreness down there, right?”

“Yeah…! I mean… Maybe…”

I could see that Mika was looking somewhat nervously down at me, and I didn’t blame her. The two girls had probably not done anything together - other than seeing each other naked, I would assume - until they had met me, and now they were gradually doing more and more sexual stuff together all of a sudden. I was sure that Mika would still let me do anything I wanted, but I wondered if the same would be true for Josie.

I tilted my head a bit to the side, as if Mika’s breasts were a work of art I was contemplating on… Which wasn’t far from the truth. Josie was tensely waiting to hear what I had in mind.

“One of the things that can make a girl sore down there is if there isn’t enough wetness.”

“O-oh…? Yeah… And…?”

“So, since Mika is gonna sit herself down on my dick in just a minute-”

Mika’s eyes widened.

“- … You can help her out by checking if she’s wet enough, before she does that.”

We were all quiet for a couple of seconds, and I could almost see from the tremors on Mika’s skin how fast her heart was beating. Josie gulped, and her voice was now much less confident than how it usually sounded.

“O-okay… I can do that…”

My legs and Mika’s behind was covered by the duvet, and Josie got up on her knees to crawl over to peel it away. While I couldn’t see for myself exactly what view Josie had, it wasn’t hard to imagine: I was hard as stone with my penis sticking straight up against my stomach, and Mika’s bare butt was hovering a good distance above my lap. I could see that Josie leaned forward and tilted her head downwards in an attempt to get a better look at Mika.

“So… Um… How do I… What do I do…?”

Mika had turned her head to keep track of Josie, biting her lip nervously. I leaned myself back against the wall so I could look at her as well, and moved my hands down on Mika’s hip which allowed her t-shirt to drop down over her chest.

“... Do you see any wetness? … Come on sweetie, stick out your butt a bit so she can see.”

Mika reluctantly arched her back a bit, her face blushing bright red from having her best friend look at her most private place so closely. Josie leaned closer, but shook her head.

“No… Not really.”

“You might have to check with your fingers, then. Mika’s so tight that it all kinda, uh, tends to stay in there.”

I saw Josie carefully bring a hand down between Mika’s legs, but from my point of view I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing. From the look of how Mika’s face suddenly tensed up, though, it was pretty obvious to me that Josie was touching her in the right spot.

“Yeah… She’s all wet inside…”

“Good. I thought so.”

“Does that mean you’re ready to… Have sex?”

Josie looked up at me, curious and eager to learn.

“Welll…. Maybe we should take a bit of extra care to make sure that there’s enough wetness.”

“Oh… How do we do that?”

“You can make sure that I’m wet too.”

I hoped that Josie wasn’t aware of the lube I had in my bag, since I had other plans for her. She looked down at my crotch, tilting her head.


“What do you have, that can be used as lubrication?”

“... Me…? Do… Do you mean…”

Josie looked down at her own crotch, and brought the hand she had used on Mika down to cover herself.

“No, no no. I don’t think you can do it like that. What else do you have?”


Josie looked up to the side as she pondered my question, while Mika patiently waited for her turn to receive my instructions. I idly rubbed my thumbs against the soft skin on her hips, and she moved her hands from my head to my shoulders to support her weight a bit.

“My… My spit?”

Josie looked at me like a student would look at their teacher hoping they got the answer right. I nodded encouragingly, and Josie spat some saliva out on her fingers and slowly moved closer to grab my manhood with her other hand. Pulling it out so it wouldn’t lay flat against my stomach, she carefully rubbed her sticky fingers down over my shaft.

“Hmm, I don’t think that’ll be enough. I think you’ll have to use your mouth.”


Josie looked at me in disbelief. I just raised my eyebrows at her.

“You said you wanted to help, right?”

I held her eyes for a few tense moments until she slowly crawled up to lie on her stomach on top of my legs, propping herself up on her elbows. Mika widened her stance a little bit to allow Josie to move her head forward, placing it below Mika’s butt and above my crotch. Both me and Mika looked down between our bodies to watch Josie hesitantly grabbing my penis again and lowering her head down to it, bringing the tip inside her mouth. I could almost feel how her mouth was just barely able to fit my tip inside, and my penis involuntarily twitched when I felt Josie making that kind of sucking motion you make when you try to gather as much spit in your mouth as possible. I didn’t need to give her any further instructions, as Josie by herself were able to produce a large glob of spit which she tried to spread down over the length of my penis, first using her lips and then with her small hands. She slowly moved back again and I could see that she had been able to cover most of me, the skin on my penis now glistering. Josie wiped her lips with the back of her hand.


“Good, that should do it.”

Josie moved back a little again, and leaned to the side to look up at me.

“So now you’re ready to put it inside her?”


I felt Mika’s grip on my shoulders tighten as she anticipated what was about to come.

“There’s just… One thing that I’m worried about.”

“And what’s that?”

Both of the girls looked at me, Mika with worry and Josie with curiosity.

“I don’t really have much control of, you know, when we’re in this position.”


I was bluffing, of course, it wouldn’t be a problem for either me or Mika to reach down between us to guide my dick to the right place. But this seemed a bit more fun. I turned my attention to my girlfriend.

“Hey sweetie, wouldn’t it hurt if you sat down and, you know… It went inside your butt?”

“Y-yeah…! I think so…”

Mika nodded and looked at me with pleading eyes. I smiled at her and turned my head to look down at Josie with an “It can’t be helped” expression on my face.

“So it would probably be best if you could, like, make sure that I end up in the right place. Okay?”

Josie bit her lip and nodded slowly. It seemed like she knew what she had to do, as she shifted forward a little again. Mika, either from fatigue or from nervousness, leaned forward to lay the weight of her upper body on to my chest. I patted the side of her hip, and gave her shoulder a kiss.

“Alright sweetie, just slowly lower yourself down on me. Just take your time.”

It seemed kind of silly to make such a big deal out of it, acting as if it was Mika’s first time again. But the addition of Josie into the mix had put an extra layer of uncertainty and shyness onto Mika, and it’s not like we were in any rush. I wouldn’t mind this taking all day, to be honest. Mika began cautiously lowering her body down against my crotch, with just a little bit of guidance from my hands on her hips.

Since Mika had leaned forward over me, I couldn’t see my penis any more and had to rely on the feeling of Josie’s hands to guess what was going on. I felt her fingers wrapped around me again, and she held me out so that the tip of my penis was pointed right up towards Mika. My girlfriend lowered herself until our genitals made contact, and a sudden widening of her eyes told me that Josie had probably found it necessary to touch Mika’s privates too to make sure that we would join up together at the correct spot. Sure enough, after Mika had moved down a bit more I felt the tip of my shaft make contact with Josie’s fingers, which I guessed she was using to spread open Mika’s vagina for me. Josie shifted my shaft around a bit so that my penis found its way to Mika’s entrance, and with the help of her guidance I finally began penetrating her warm body of my girlfriend - and judging from the slightly strained expression on Mika’s face, she felt it too.

I saw that Josie had to move back a little to give room for Mika’s butt to move down, but she kept herself close to see the act in detail. Even though the head of my penis was now safely lodged inside the correct hole between Mika’s legs, I could feel that Josie hadn’t let go of my penis yet. Mika paused to take a few slow breaths before she let herself drop down further on me, tightly squeezing her grip on my shoulders as she forced her body to take me in. Finally, we had gotten started on the main act… I realized that I had been blue balling myself by drawing this charade out for so long, and it was a heavenly release to finally feel myself enveloped in the warmest and tightest part of Mika’s small body again. Thanks in part to Josie’s spit, I was effortlessly sliding in between Mika’s folds and she continued her slow but steady decline until she, with an audible groan, sat herself firmly down in my lap. Josie had at some point let go of me, and there wasn’t anything of my shaft left for her to hold anymore. I envied Josie’s point of view from behind Mika’s butt, and I noticed that it seemed like she had idly squeezed one of her hands down between her own legs. Her eyes were still fixated on the place where Mika’s bottom was now comfortably sitting on my thighs. I breathed out a deep sigh, savoring the moment.

“Wow… Amazing that you can take all of… it… inside you, Mika…”


Mika just nodded faintly, eyes closed and her upright again now that she was sitting properly with her weight on my lap.

“It… It does feel really big…”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”


Mika shifted her weight around slightly, as if trying to gauge the sensation of having my rod inside her.

“Only a little… Not any more…”

“... Lucky you…”

Seems like Josie was envious that Mika was able to do something she wasn’t, as we had found out last night. I stroked Mika’s hair and gave her nose a kiss.

“You’re doing great, sweetie.”

I leaned my head a bit to the side to look over at Josie again.

“Can you do one last thing for us? Can you pull the duvet up over Mika’s back so she doesn’t get cold?”

Since I was planning on doing this nice and slow, with neither of us moving around too much, I didn’t want Mika to get cold from sitting here with nothing but a thin t-shirt on her body. The spring morning air was still rather cool, though it had helped keep the bedroom warmed up that there had been three of us sleeping in here. Josie hazily got off my legs and dragged the duvet up to us, after which she laid herself down under the duvet as well, staying close to us. I took hold of the duvet and pulled it tight over me and Mika, leaving only our heads and shoulders uncovered. Josie had seen enough for now, and I’m sure it was nice for Mika to get a tiny bit of privacy after having had her private parts being seen up close by her best friend again. Not to mention having been touched by Josie down there… I wondered if that had ever happened before.

Josie idly kept watching me and Mika give in to the pleasures of our bodies, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if she had put a hand between her own legs underneath the duvet again. I reached down to tightly grab on to Mika’s rear and began gently rocking her back and forth on my lap, just enough so that my hardness would make little stabs into her deepest parts. I felt Mika becoming more and more relaxed as she got comfortable with the situation, and we eventually found each other’s lips and began lazily making out. I stopped caring about Josie and don’t really know if she kept touching herself or even if she kept watching us, as me and Mika spent quite a while in our own little world like this. As mentioned, we were not in a rush whatsoever.

One thing I can say about Josie, though, is that I was pretty thankful that she didn’t interrupt us any further. Me and Mika were able to make love in peace, quietly panting and moaning together while Mika rode me in the middle of our little cocoon. Eventually, she began gradually increasing her movements all by herself and I watched her shut her eyes tight and grit her teeth until she suddenly pressed herself hard down on my lap, and she released a long series of hoarse moans against my shoulder while her body shook and shivered against mine. I could feel her tightening around my shaft in long, drawn out pulses, and I let her ride out her orgasm by herself until she slumped in against my chest, after which I placed a couple of kisses on her sweaty forehead.

The restricted range of motion Mika had been moving in thus far had meant that I hadn’t really been stimulated much myself, but I had been completely content on just enjoying the moment and the feeling of being close - as close as physically possible, save for our t-shirts - with my little girlfriend like this. However, as much as I would have loved to spend the rest of the morning sitting with Mika in my lap, I figured that it was probably just a matter of time before Josie would get bored and demand to be entertained… Speaking of Josie, I glanced down at her and to my surprise saw that she had fallen asleep. Huh, I guess she really had woken up much earlier than us for some reason, making it suitable for her to take a nap now. That suited me just fine, it meant me and Mika could stay like this for a little while longer.

We resumed our shared objective of making Mika rhythmically move up and down on my lap, and kept at it until Mika’s insides had stroked me enough to finally bring me to a release. After she had been bouncing around on my lap for a couple of more minutes she ended up receiving a white and sticky dessert of her own in a way, and she found herself being squeezed tightly by my arms while she got filled up with my sperm. With none of us having any other plans for the day so far we stayed in this position to kiss and cuddle for a while longer, my penis staying snugly inside Mika’s body to keep as much of my jizz as possible inside her for as long as possible. Ahhh… This is what I had been hoping for the entire time planning this trip. A nice, relaxing day without a worry in the world, other than making sure that Mika was spending most of her time with a big creampie from me inside her pussy.

Anonymous 22/04/12(Tue)15:26 No. 27585 ID: 477c5b

Alright, since people seem to like expressing their hopes of what they wish to see, I thought of formalizing it with a vote that I totally promise I might not use for anything.

Up next, I want to see...

A. Dog Mika
B. Cat Mika
C. Fuck it... Nudist Mika.
D. Fuck that. Put some of that stuff on Josie for a change
E. Fuck you, I want that girl on girl action
F. Fuck me (leave contact details below)
G. Fucking just make Josie the main heroine already

Anonymous 22/04/13(Wed)11:48 No. 27586 ID: f21594

B & D

Anonymous 22/04/13(Wed)15:31 No. 27587 ID: 587053

I was under the impression that Josie showed an interest to her friend. And Mika, being a submissive type, would just play along.
However you don't need them to be interested to each other. It could start as a joke, maybe they are playing Truth or Dare and David makes a naughty request...

Thanks for your work!

Anonymous 22/04/13(Wed)15:45 No. 27588 ID: 4923cf

I forgot: E & G

Anonymous 22/04/14(Thu)09:13 No. 27589 ID: 48b4aa

Based OP, absolutely based. Love the update, the chemistry you have between the three is really nice to see.

I’m voting BDE.

Anonymous 22/04/14(Thu)09:56 No. 27590 ID: d0b225

This is your story. I expect you to write what feels right to you, what is best for the story in your eyes. I get that you're trying to read the audience, so I'll offer my opinion:

You probably shouldn't do option G. Josie should remain in the story. She's an interesting character and I feel it would be wasted potential if she made an exit, but Mika and David are the stars here.

We still need to find out more about Mika. She's obviously a traumatized girl, and I'm not talking about anything her and David are doing.
- She's agoraphobic. To the point where she would almost rather miss out on spending time with the person that makes her happiest in life, if it means going outside for more than an hour or two alone.
- She's most likely dealing with severe depression (though, David seems to be helping with this). Sleeping as much as she does is an avoidance coping mechanism.
- She's unnaturally dependent. While some of of this could be attributed to Josie's unique personality asserting control, before David met them, Josie was micro-managing aspects of Mika's life that Mika wouldn't otherwise do herself. That apathy from Mika could also be due to the aforementioned depression.

Now, I understand this is elit and most people are here for the sexy time content, but this story is well written enough that character background like this should be explored, even if it's only to help David better understand his girlfriend and fall for her even harder.

Anonymous 22/04/16(Sat)09:11 No. 27591 ID: 48b4aa

So true, there’s actually a lot of nuance and stuff to unpack like the background of mika and josie. Makes the whole thing more real and better.

Anonymous 22/04/18(Mon)00:26 No. 27592 ID: 477c5b

To my regret, the weight of having Mika on my lap for so long eventually put a strain on my lower back and my buttocks. Mika had slumped over my chest again with her head on my shoulder, and had become extremely relaxed if not outright napping just like her friend. I tried to bear the increasing discomfort for as long as possible, but in the end I could feel the need to not only change position, but to get out of bed entirely and go do something. As I had suspected, it was becoming slightly boring just staying in bed all day, and I could almost physically feel how my muscles yearned to be activated. I slowly pulled the duvet off the two of us, which caused Mika to stir slightly and turn her head to sleepily look up at me.


“Sorry sweetie, but it’s time to get up.”


I wasn’t really getting through to her, but my ass was beginning to get pretty sore. I turned to the side to let Mika dump down on the bed, which of course woke Josie up. Just as I crawled off the bed, and Mika crawled under the duvet to get comfortable again, Josie sat up rubbing her eyes.

“... What time is it?”

“It’s late o’clock.”


“Yeah, and that means it’s time to get up.”

I began getting dressed and Josie slowly got up as well to stretch her body. Mika had all but disappeared under the duvet again. While Josie put her skirt on and began brushing her hair, I moved back up on the bed to shake Mika’s legs.

“Hey, come on. You can’t just sleep all day, can you?”


Muffled sounds came from underneath the blanket. Josie shrugged while she brushed her hair, looking at my attempt to breathe some life into my girlfriend.

“Isn’t it gonna be easier to carry out your “Have sex with Mika all day” plan if she stays in bed?”

I sighed.

“As I said, that’s not the plan for today. Come on, the weather is nice, let’s… go for a walk or something.”

Mika’s head popped out to take a peek out the window. It still seemed kinda windy, but the sun was shining down bright on the world outside. After a long and dark winter, I felt myself drawn out to it.

“Is there even anything to go see out here in the boonies?”

Didn’t sound like Josie was excited about going outside either, but I had made my mind up at this point. I felt like my legs would soon begin withering away if I spent any more time today sitting or laying down.

“Yeah, there’s like nature and stuff.”

“Wooow! Nature!”

Josie rolled her eyes.

“I can’t wait to go out and see the fabled, rare, almost-extinct half-lithuanian spot-nosed oak leaf.”

Mika giggled, but didn’t make any move to get out of bed. What is it with these girls? I had to remind myself of how I had also mostly stayed indoors myself at their ages to not go “Ugh, kids these days” in my head.

“Yeah yeah… Well, as far as I can remember there’s a spot on the other side of the woods, kinda like a cliffside, with a great view of the coast that we can go to.”

“... I would almost prefer to go ahead with the “Have sex with Mika all day” plan instead…”

I looked in surprise at my girlfriend. That must have been the first time I’ve heard her say something like that, unprompted… I looked at Josie and mouthed “Could you back me up here?”. She looked a little unsure, glancing down at the now curled-up ball of duvet on the bed. Mika had returned to her slumber.

“Well… I… guess it would be a waste to come aaalll the way out here, without having a look around…”

Josie at least tried to sound like she meant it.

“Yeah. Exactly.”

With that, I grabbed the duvet and pulled it off Mika who then reluctantly sat up to look outside through the window again. After seemingly carefully thinking it over, she sighed and got up. She didn’t seem to outright be in a bad mood, but it still left me a little worried.

The three of us then brushed our teeth and got ready and dressed - Mika in her school uniform, of course, but with her coat on top of it - to go out. It took a little extra time for Mika to get ready, since she had to take care of cleaning herself up in a certain place. We got going, but barely made it out the front door before a strong gust of wind swept over us which of course did its thing to the girls’ skirts. I only managed to get a quick peep at Mika’s bare hip, as I instinctively had turned my head sideways to shield my face from the wind. I took a step forward again, but was stopped by Mika gripping the sleeve of my jacket.

“Da… David..”


Mika was looking a bit uneasy, and was pushing her skirt down over her thighs with her other hand.

“Can… Can I get my panties back…?”

“Why? Even if the wind blows your skirt up, there’s no one here to see it.”

“It’s… It feels too… breezy… down there.”

“Too breezy?”

I looked perplexed down at Mika’s skirt. This time, Josie came to the rescue of her friend.

“Yeah, that’s actually true, David. You can actually get an urinary tract infection if you get too cold there. Well not YOU, but. We can.”

I turned my head to look at Josie, who had put her hands on her hips.

“... Then what about you?”

“I already put my panties back on, stupid!”

With a frown she raised the side of her frilly skirt, letting me see the fabric of her underwear on her hip. I guess I had better give in this time… I’m sure we could find a spot somewhere in the woods that would be shielded enough from the wind to allow me to take Mika’s panties off of her again and…. I felt her tug at my sleeve again.


“Alright, alright. I’ll go get them.”

I briefly returned inside to fetch Mika’s underwear, plus a little something extra. Coming back out to the girls, I held the panties out for Mika to grab but pulled them back just before she could take them.

“If I can’t get to look at your cute little butt while we’re out, then I want something else I can look at.”

From having hidden it behind my back, I handed Mika her pair of cat ears. Josie rolled her eyes, probably thinking that I wouldn’t be able to see Mika’s rear thanks to her skirt and coat anyways, but Mika still put them on so she could be allowed to receive her underwear. While she slid her panties up over her legs I regretted how she needed to put them back on since it meant that she couldn’t wear her tail. It just wasn’t the same.

We then set off again, me and Mika holding hands with Josie walking on my other side, but we only made it a hundred meters or so down the otherwise empty road before misfortune befell us again. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes… A good distance down the road some cunt was walking his dog. So there really were others who had also had the crazy idea of coming out here so early in the year. I hoped we could just ignore him, but Mika had spotted the figure as well and had frozen up, hiding behind my back despite the stranger being so far away from us that we could only see their general figure.

“There’s… There’s someone over there…”

Mika’s voice was quivering, and both me and Josie looked worried at her.

“David… You said we’d be alone out here…!”

Mika kept staring in the direction of the figure in the distance.

“I wanna go back!”

I felt torn… On the one hand I really wanted to go get some fresh air, and it was ridiculous to let just one person stop us from doing that. I don’t even think they were coming towards us. On the other hand it was obvious that Mika wasn’t comfortable with this, to say the least, so this wouldn’t exactly be an enjoyable midday stroll if I forced her to go on.

“... You want to go back?”

“I want to go back…”

I looked at Josie again in case she had an opinion, but she shook her head as if saying “It can’t be helped.”

“Baby, I really wanna go for a walk, it’s been ages since I’ve been out here.”

I turned back towards Mika, who was cowering close by my side. I sighed.

“Alright… I’ll just go for a quick walk by myself, you two can just chill in the summerhouse.”

Mika looked up at me with thankful eyes, but Josie put her hands on her hips again.

“Hey… I don’t wanna turn around already, now that I’ve gotten dressed and everything. I wanna see what’s so special about this so-called nature.”

Ugh, the one time the girls had to disagree on something, it’s in a situation like this. Wait a second, isn’t Josephine implying that she wouldn’t have put her clothes back on if we hadn’t gone out? Whatever.

There was a few seconds of awkward silence before Josie spoke up again. She suddenly reached up to Mika’s head and grabbed hold of the cat ear headband, which she placed on her own head - albeit backwards.

“Here! I’ll even wear my stupid cat ears if that’s what you want, David.”

“YOUR ears?”

“Yeah? Who did you think bought them?”

Whatever, that wasn’t important. I turned my attention back to Mika, while Josie adjusted her cat ears so they were facing the right way.

“You wanna go back by yourself?”

“... Yeah… I wanna go back.”

I handed Mika the keys to the front door, and gave her nose a kiss.

“We’ll be right back, okay? Be a good girl and wait for your master.”

Mika smiled slightly at my words and nodded before turning around to return to the summerhouse, and I assume, to the bed. Me and Josie waited until Mika had disappeared between the hedgerows before we turned around towards the way to the forest again. The dogwalker had long since disappeared out of sight, probably without taking notice of us. Mika’s reaction just seemed… dumb.

“... Am I a good girl too since I’m going with you on a walk?”

“Huh? Uh, sure.”

“I bet you’re super disappointed that I’m not wearing the tail, though~”

“Haha, sure.”

We set off again, but the awkward silence lingered over me. I’m not sure what I thought about Josie wearing the cat ears, it looked somewhat out of place sitting on a girl that was wearing an ordinary jacket and a black gothic skirt, instead of a white and blue Japanese school uniform. But she did look… kinda cute.

It didn’t take long until we reached the forest, and its light-green spring scenery and serene silence soon soothed my saddened soul. Despite Josie’s earlier mockery of this so-called nature, she seemed to be in a perfectly good mood again, and we began talking about video games and anime. Josie did most of the talking, though, and she sure had a lot to tell me about pokemons and some place called High Ruul or something. I realized how the friendship between the two girls, or by now I should say the three of us, was pretty funny - Josie could talk a lot, Mika barely talked at all, and I fell somewhere in between. I guess it was nice for Josie to have someone a bit more conversative to talk with about her interests for a change. She lamented the lack of Mario Kart 9, and we made a promise to play it when it would launch on Nintendo’s next console, whenever it would come out. We’re still waiting, by the way.

I could faintly remember which way to go, and we eventually reached the coast where the forest bordered right up to steep, but not too deep drop down to the shore. Funny, I remembered it as a much more dramatic cliffside, but now that I was here as an adult it didn’t seem that dangerous. Josie was seeing it the same way I had when I had been her age, though, since she only very cautiously approached the edge.

“Eep…! Looks scary.”

“Yeah. Be careful where you walk.”

The path we had followed from the forest continued to run alongside the coastline, so we kept walking with Josie nervously keeping her eyes on the drop down to the water.

“Da… David…?”


“It… It’s a bit scary… Can… I hold your hand?”

“Huh? Uh… Sure.”

Josie’s hand felt cold. The trees had been blocking most of the sunlight from reaching us on the way out here, and I guess the wind had cooled her down.

“Am I a good girl for asking for permission?”

Josie had moved her gaze to the ground, and seemed slightly flustered. Must be from the sunlight, now that we had no shade from the trees.

“Haha, yes, I guess you are.”

“Heh… I’m not used to ask for permission, I guess.”

“Yeah, I can tell! I might have said no if you had asked for permission to come out here.”


Josie playfully bumped her shoulder against my side.

“I dunno, I’m just used to doin’ what I want, I guess. Mika doesn’t complain, unlike some doofus dude I know.”


This time I bumped against Josie, which would have ended in a bad way if it hadn’t been because we were holding hands. Josie was the one who was walking closest to the edge of the cliff, and being much larger than her, I almost sent her flying out into the water if it wasn’t because she had my hand to hold onto.

“You tryin’ to kill me or something?!”

I could feel Josie holding my hand tighter, even though she wasn’t really in any danger of falling down.

“I don’t know… Maybe that’s why I wanted to come out here?”

We both laughed and leisurely continued up the coast. The wind was drumming the waves up quite violently in the distance, and combined with the bright sunlight it was an especially beautiful view from up here. I was afraid that the wind was strong enough out here to blow Josie’s cat ears off, but since her head was probably a bit smaller than Mika’s they were likely sitting on her pretty tightly.

“It’s not like you ask for permission either, though.”

Josie looked smugly up at me.

“What-... what in the world do you mean?”

“I don’t remember hearing you ask Mika for permission to put your dick in her this morning, for instance.”

“Oh, uuuuh… I dunno, I’m just used to doin’ what I want, I guess.”

“Sheesh!” Josie rolled her eyes.

“Anyways, I bet you had fun helping us out.”

“Um… Maybe..”

Josie’s voice trailed off a bit, and she was squeezing my hand again. Seems like this was the only way I could intellectual gain the upper hand over her; she was smart and could talk back no no matter the topic, except for when it came to sexual stuff.

“Haha, maybe you even secretly wish that it was you who were able to do that kind of stuff?”

Josie was quiet for a little while.

“Is… Is it bad if I do?”

We both slowly came to a halt, with me looking surprised down at Josie who was still staring at the ground. I was just trying to tease her, but… I don’t think she was joking around any more. The world was quiet, except for the constant white noise of the waves below us, and the sound of the trees rustling in the wind behind us.

“Uh… No… I don’t think so.”


“It’s not bad to, uh, think about it, I guess. But we found out that, y’know, it hurts if you try to do it… With me at least.”

“What…? So you think I should find someone else to do it with?!”

Josie’s sudden outburst caught me off guard. I turned so I was facing her.

“No no, no. I didn’t say that. I just mean that… Uh…”

Josie finally looked up at me, with a serious and unexpectedly vulnerable look on her face.

“It’s fine to think about, but maybe you should wait a little while until you do any more than just think, right? You probably won’t even have to wait that long, aren’t you gonna turn twelve in a bit? Then it’ll only be another couple of years before-”

Josie slowly shook her head, slightly puzzled.

“... My birthday was like, two months ago.”


That means that she had only turned elleven like a month before I had met her. Weird, she seemed much smarter than someone who had only been ten years old until just recently, I would have guessed that she’d be almost twelve, at least. Josie pouted.

“Huh… Well then. Then you see. You’ll probably have to wait until you can do more than uh, the kind of stuff that you should normally do with boys at your age.”

“... And what kind of stuff is that, exactly?”

“It’s, uh… Stuff like talking with them. And… stuff like holding hands…”

We both, with an almost comical timing, looked down at our set of hands that was still holding on to each other. The wind was picking up, making Josie’s hair fly violently around.

“And… Uh… Stuff like kissing…”

We both stood frozen like that for a couple of seconds, until Josie slowly moved up on the tip of her toes and tilted her head up towards me, with her eyes softly closed and her lips just slightly pursed. With the beautiful display of nature all around us, the sun warming the top of our heads and the wind making our hair and clothes flutter around, Josie had her first kiss ever. Her hair kept getting in my face.

We didn’t hold hands on the way back, and the mood had gotten somewhat awkward again. We didn’t talk much, but this was mainly due to Josie getting physically tired from walking. This was entirely my fault - I had insisted on continuing onwards until we had been able to circle around through the woods back towards the summerhouse, instead of going back the way we came, and this turned our little walk into a somewhat longer journey than I had planned. All this walking proved tiring for Josie, who obviously wasn’t exactly used to taking long hikes, but she soldiered on with only a few complaints here and there. In a way, I was happy that we could still keep up our banter. When we finally got back, we were both pretty exhausted.

To my surprise, we didn’t find Mika in the bed but in the living room. She was in the middle of dusting off my uncle’s books and paraphernalia on the shelves, quietly humming to herself until we entered the living room. I felt strangely nervous approaching her, considering what had just transpired between Josie and me… What did it mean? I was afraid that Mika would sense that something had happened, and it sickened me to the stomach to consider the idea that I had in a way just cheated on her. However, Mika just fluttered over to me and stood up on her toes to kiss my cheek.

“Welcome back.”

Josie collapsed on the couch with a heavy thud.

“Ughhh… Good thing you turned around and went back, Mika, we just walked and walked and walked.”

“Yeah… You were gone for a while.”

Mika looked down at Josie, who looked like she could pass out at any moment. Drama queen.

“Ugh…! I’m so sweaty.”

She took the kitty ear headband off and flung it over on the table. Mika scratched her neck, seemingly deep in thought.

“... There is that big bathtub in the bathroom, you know.”

“Oh, yeah…! Now that you mention it, a bath sounds pretty good.”

Josie jumped up, almost without any sign of exhaustion. Mika nodded.

“Yeah. It feels really nice. Right David?”

“Uh, yeah. It does.”

Josie locked her eyes on me.

“... You’re probably all sweaty too, right David?”

I stared back at her for a few seconds.

“Maybe… Kinda.”

“You could use a bath after the walk too. Right David?”

I shifted uneasily from one foot to the other. I looked at Mika, who didn’t really seem to react to Josie’s words.

“W-well… I bet Mika also needs a bath. After um, this morning. Right?”

Mika blushed a bit, and shrugged.

“Why don’t you two go ahead first, then I’ll take a bath afterwards. Then we’ll all be sparkly clean again. Hm?”

Josie and Mika traded glances, before Josie turned her attention back towards me. Was she also blushing now?

“I… I don’t know how to operate the shower.”


“You know…! Every bathroom is different. I don’t know which knob to turn and so on. I don’t wanna scald myself.”

“... Mika can show you.”

“Um… I don’t know either.” I couldn’t figure out if Mika was lying, or if she really hadn’t paid attention to how I had turned the water on and adjusted the temperature two nights ago. This was ridiculous… The bath wasn’t THAT hard to use, I knew that Josie wouldn’t have any trouble figuring it out. But without Mika to back me up, I knew there was no point in trying to argue with her. I shook my head in defeat.

“It’s gonna get pretty cramped if we all three try to sit in the bathtub.”

Josie shrugged, followed by Mika shrugging as well. Then Mika had a bright idea.

“I can just sit on your lap again.”

“Okay… Sure.”

We all stood still for a few tense seconds, before I had enough of the awkwardness and decided that we might as well get it over with. I began undressing right there in the living room, and the girls began following my example. It didn’t feel sexy or romantic at all, it felt more like we were a family of nudists in a changing room together before going to the beach. The three of us stopped when we were down to our underwear, and went out to the bathroom together. I leaned in over the tub to get the water running, after which we stood awkwardly around waiting for the tub to fill. Both the girls were hugging themselves, Mika because she was cold I guessed, but Josie was covering her chest with her arms. None of us made the move to take our underwear off, as if trying to delay taking this final step for as long as possible.

“Hey, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen each other naked, right?”

The girls slowly looked at each other, then both nodded to me. What?


“Why would we have seen each other naked before? We’re not lesbians.”

Josie looked at me as if I was crazy. Wasn’t it normal for kids growing up together to now and then see each other naked, be it in the changing room of the municipal pool, or during sleepovers when changing into sleepwear? Maybe it was different nowadays compared to when I was young. Weird.

“No, but… Okay, at least you’ve seen each other plenty of times when Mika has, uh, done stuff together with me.”

“Hmm~” Josie thought for a bit, while Mika blushed at the mention of Josie having seen what we’ve been doing up close.

“But none of us were ever actually naked.”

“We weren’t?”

“No, we were both wearing t-shirts or something.”

“Yeah, okay, but still. You’ve seen… Josie, at least you have seen practically everything, right?”

“I… I guess…”

The bathroom was getting steamy. I was also getting quite hot, perhaps as much from the anticipation of having to cross some kind of barrier in our shared relationships in just a bit.

“... And we saw you too, last night.”

“O-only… down below…”

Josie crossed her legs a bit, and now seemed to blush too. Mika looked shyly at her. I sat down on the edge of the tub to check on the water temperature. It had been quite a bit too hot last time, so I adjusted the temperature slightly.

“So, what’s left? Pretty sure you’ve seen Mika’s chest, so… Only thing that’s left is that we get to see your boobs.”

I tried to act as if telling a barely-eleven year old girl to get naked in front of me wasn’t a big deal. It really didn’t seem to matter that I was about to get naked in front of her too, since she had already seen my junk up close. She had even seen it in action on her best friend.

“I don’t have boobs anyways.”

Josie looked down over her chest and cupped her non-existent breasts. Mika giggled slightly, probably amused at her friend’s unusual uneasiness. She then squeezed her own non-existent breasts together.

“That’s how he likes it, though.”

“Huh?” Josie looked puzzled at Mika, then at me.

“Really? I had imagined that you were, like, really lookin’ forward to Mika growing some.”

“Hah, no no, not at all.”

I smiled and shook my head, and held my arms out towards Mika to beacon her towards me. She happily stepped over to me, letting her arms down down to her sides so I could put my arms around her waist and give the side of her bare ribcage a kiss.

“It’s not the size that counts. It’s, like… Everything.”

Seeing me give this kind of attention to Mika sent a hint of a frown over Josie’s face, and she stepped over to me too.

“T-then… Then… Do you also think… These are… um… cute…?”

Holding her breath, Josie slowly let her arms drop down too, and both me and Mika let our gazes run over Josie’s now uncovered chest. Of course, there wasn’t much to see. Josie had a slim torso that, just like the rest of her body, basically looked like a slightly scaled down version of Mika’s. And of course, it looked absolutely lovely to me. To not make Josie feel left out, I put my hand on the small of her back.

“Mmm. They’re super cute.”

I turned my head from side to side to compare the two girls’ chests. What was so cute about them? I mean, none of them had even the slightest hint of femininity. I guess in some way it was the promise of what was to come that was alluring to me, like I was looking at two blank canvases that soon would begin blossoming with beauty all by themselves. Anyways… The only visible difference I observed during this comparison was that Josie’s nipples were a slightly lighter color of pink than Mika’s.

“... Don’t I get a kiss too?”

Josie was fumbling with her hands in front of her crotch, looking awkwardly down at me. You’ve already gotten a kiss today, I thought to myself… But again, to not make her feel left out, I leaned over and kissed her chest a few centimeters below her nipple. I really hoped Mika didn’t mind. In any case, I was thankful to notice that the bathtub behind me was now pretty much filled up, giving me an excuse to break up this weird triangle formation we had placed ourselves in. I reached back to turn the water off and stood up.

“Alright, bath’s ready, let’s jump in!”

I yanked my boxers down, not caring about exposing my junk to the two girls anymore seeing as both of them had gotten plenty of hands-on experience with it by now, quite literally. I crawled down into the water, which had turned out still a bit too hot for my liking, but not as scalding as last time. Mika was next, and she casually slipped her panties off her legs before crawling in to sit on my lap, just like last time. Thankfully, she wasn’t acting in any way out of the ordinary, and she blissfully leaned back to rest against my chest with her head placed on my shoulder. I turned my head to look at Josie, who seemed a bit more hesitant about joining in.

“What’s up, aren’t you gonna get in?”

“.... Hnnnm..”

“It’s a bit hot, but… If Mika can handle it, then I’m sure that you can too.”

“Well yeah… Of course I can…!”

With that, Josie finally put her thumbs down under the waistband of her blank silk panties and carefully pushed them down over her skinny legs. Her cleft looked just like I remembered it from the glimpses I had caught of it last night and this morning; just a thin line between her legs with a hint of puffiness on either side of it. She then carefully stepped up in the bathtub and sat down opposite me an Mika. Thankfully, due to her small figure she was able to sit to the side of the faucet which would otherwise have been poking a larger person in the back. With my long legs spanning almost the whole length of the tub, she had to sit down between my feet and she immediately drew her own legs up to her chest - both because they would otherwise collide with me and Mika’s legs, and probably also to cover herself. I realized how many limbs you end up having to deal with when you add more people into the mix. Just as I had feared, it sure was cramped.

None of us said anything, but just sat in an awkward silence… Perhaps with the exception of Mika, who was just minding herself and enjoying both the warm water and being physically close to me again. She really didn’t care about Josie being able to see her naked from top to toe… Was there a reason that she didn’t mind being naked like this? She always got so shy whenever her clothes otherwise had to come off for my sake… Maybe that was the difference. She knew, or could maybe feel, that I looked at her in a way that Josie didn’t, especially whenever her clothes would come off. I wonder if the same would be true in regards to being touched by another girl too?

“Hey, sweetie… Since we got so sweaty on our walk, how about you help wash us clean?”

Mika turned her head to look questionly up at me. She didn’t see Josie mouthing a huge “US?!” to me.

I nudged for Mika to sit up so I could reach over and grab a bathing sponge that was sitting behind the bottle of shampoo. Soaking the sponge in our bathwater, I squirted some shampoo into it as well before handing it to Mika. She shifted her eyes from me and over to Josie, who stared back at her with a panicked expression on her face. Oh yeah, you little brat, you’re not the only one who can manipulate people into embarrassing situations. Mika looked back at me again, unsure of what to do.

“You can start with me, sweetie.”

Mika nodded and moved around, and I spread my legs as much as the bathtub would allow me to so that Mika could sit on her shins between my legs, facing me. She began wiping the sponge randomly around on my chest and stomach, until I instructed her to focus on the three main areas where you need to thoroughly wash yourself: Your hair, your armpits, and your crotch. After Mika had carefully washed all of these places on me - being very gentle with the sponge on and around my junk - she turned 180 degrees to face Josie who had silently been watching us.

“Hey, Josie. You’ll probably also need to get up a bit so Mika can wash you too.”

I was leaning to the side since Mika was blocking my line of sight to Josie like this. I could see that she was biting her lip.

“I… I… Shouldn’t we take turns instead? Isn’t it unfair if Mika has to do all the work?”

Hah, now that was rich. All of a sudden she DIDN’T want Mika to toil away for her.

“So you want me to wash you?”

“Um… Y-yeah… That’s only fair, right?”

Josie hugged her legs closer to her chest, clearly on thin ice here. I had the upper hand again.

“I guess, but there’s not enough space for me to move around to be able to reach you, you know. Mika’s in the middle, and she doesn’t mind. Do you, sweetie?”

Mika looked down at me and half shrugged, half shook her head.


“And besides, I’m also deeeaaad tired. Unlike Mika, who’s just been relaxing all day. She can do a bit of work now.”

“... But…”

“Come on, before the water gets cold.”

Josie took a deep breath, and finally moved up on her shins as well. The two girls were now facing each other, completely naked with wet, glistering skin, the water level of the tub only reaching up to their hips. It became even more clear to me now how much they resembled each other… Without any clothes on it was pretty much only the slight differences in size and hair length that made it possible to tell them apart. I could see that they were looking at each other with unsure expressions on their faces.

“Just do the same thing you did to me, baby.”

I was kinda annoyed by the point of view that I had, since I wasn’t able to see much of what was going on. I had to lean a bit more to the side in order to see see Mika begin rubbing the wet sponge over Josie’s chest and stomach, just like she had done with me. It did seem like she was a bit more careful when she did the area around Josie’s nipples, though. However, I might also add that I otherwise had a lovely view of Mika’s backside, seeing as her butt was almost at the same level as my head like this. It was only by keeping an eye on the increasingly intimate moment between the girls that I was able to distract myself from reaching up with a hand between Mika’s slightly open legs to touch her.

After doing Josie’s torso, Mika then squeezed some more shampoo into the bath sponge and attempted to get Josie’s hair soaped up. While it had been easy for Mika to squeeze water down on my the top of my head to get my rather short hair soaped up, It quickly became clear that it wasn’t possible to use the sponge to wash the hair of the girls. It just slid over Josie’s smooth, comparatively long hair without leaving any shampoo on it. I suggested that they move on with the body cleaning, and after giving Josie’s arms, armpits and thighs a quick scrub, Mika carefully moved the sponge in between Josie’s legs while carefully watching her reaction. To keep their balance, Josie put her hand on the edge of the tub for support and Mika put her free hand on Josie’s hip, and she slowly began pushing the soapy sponge up against her friend’s crotch. I sure hoped that the shampoo was mild enough to not cause any discomfort down there.

The girls were still awkwardly looking at each other, as if concentrating on how to deal with having one of them touch, albeit indirectly, the other in a place where they probably hadn’t ever imagined touching each other before. Mika didn’t seem to rub the sponge against Josie in any way that caused a reaction, and after a little while she handed her the sponge so that they could switch roles. I wasn’t able to see exactly how Josie moved the sponge around on Mika’s chest or between her legs, but she seemed to do it exactly how Mika had just done it. We were still silent, all three of us, as the girls focused on each other with me as a spectator. Finally, they both turned their attention to me.

“What about our hair?”

They both seemed to have pretty flustered faces, despite the fact that only their legs were still submerged in the warm water.

“Hmm. I think you should just wash each other’s hair, to save time. I don’t know how you do it with long hair, but try to figure it out.”

Josie handed the sponge to Mika who put it away, and they looked uneasily at each other again.

“... My knees are starting to hurt a bit.”

Josie sat herself down on her shins, and Mika slowly did the same.


They kept looking at each other for a few seconds, trying to figure out how to do this.

“You do mine, and I do yours?”

Josie agreed with Mika’s suggestion, and Mika began scooting forward so that they were in the reach of each other again. Despite the tub being slightly wider than average, Mika had to spread her legs a bit so she could halfways slide over Josie’s knees, since they were both still sitting on their shins. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and squirted some big portions out into their outreached hands, and they began clumsily applying it to each other’s hair. It didn’t seem to be as easy as I had imagined, though, as their arms kept getting in the way of each other.

“Hey, do you mind?!”

Since I could only see Mika’s backside and not her face, a flash of panic rushed over me as it looked like the girls were beginning to get on each other's nerves.

“Well excuse me…!”

Mika reached around Josie’s neck to get to the hair sticking to her back, and then they both giggled while they tried to coordinate their movements. Phew, I got worried for a second there. I don’t think they managed to soap their hair up as thoroughly as they normally would do, as it didn’t take too long before Josie decided they were done.

“Okay, that should be good enough. My arms are getting tired.”

“Good job, both of you. You’re gonna get so clean and pretty when we’re done.”

I could see Josie smile slightly at my compliments, but she then began looking around for a way to rinse the shampoo out. Strangely enough, there was no showerhead attached to the tub, only the faucet behind Josie. I guess my uncle didn’t want to bother standing upright whenever he needed to get clean, so he hadn’t seen any reason to install a showerhead. Josie looked at me for help.

“How do we get the shampoo out?”

“I just did this last time.”

Mika replied before I had a chance to do so, and scooted back to have space enough to duck her head under the water. Rubbing her hands around on her head, our bathwater became more and more foamy. Josie didn’t look impressed.

“You want me to stick my face down in that… stuff? Isn’t the water super dirty by now?”

Not as dirty as last time, I thought to myself, where apart from the shampoo the water had been polluted by an assortment of various body fluids. But… Josie had a point. The water didn’t exactly look inviting at this point.

“You can turn the water back on, and we can drain some out. That should clear it up a bit.”

So that’s what we did, and the girls sat down on the butts again while we waited for fresh, warm water to replace some of our dirty bathwater. Oh, if only I had known how “gamer girl bath water” would become a thing in the future… We probably drained out tens of thousands of kronor right down the drain that day.

Once Josie deemed the water quality to be acceptable again, she turned the faucet off and ducked her head down just like Mika to rinse her hair clean. Mika did so too a second time, and I leaned forward to rinse my own head off as well. Replacing some of the water had also had the positive effect of heating our bath up again, which meant it would be longer until we had to get up. More time for me to spend with not just one, but now two cute, naked girls.

But… Mika apparently had other plans. She stood up and stepped out of the bathtub. Grabbing the same towel she had used last time, she began drying herself off without noticing my bewilderment of her leaving us.

“Hey…? Why are you getting up?”

Mika stopped and looked down at me, not seeming to understand.

“...? We’re… done, aren’t we? All of us are clean now.”

“... Yeah… But… Why? We didn’t get up right away last time either.”

“Oh…. Yeah. I guess.”

Mika put her index finger on her chin, just now realizing why I was so confused.

“Yeah… I guess. But… I was thinking that I wanted to get back to cleaning up the living room. It’s pretty dusty. And there’s also lots of dishes in the sink now. I had lunch while you were out.”

“So you don’t wanna…. Huh. Okay.”


With that, Mika got dry and put her white panties back on before leaving Josie and me behind in the bathtub. I didn’t really get it… I hadn’t sensed any inscincerity in her words. It did seem like a kind of logic that would make sense to her, but… Didn’t she realize that she was leaving her best friend naked behind together with her likewise naked boyfriend? I guess that Mika couldn’t imagine anything sexual happening between me and Josie without her being involved, as she had been up until now. The fact that she saw it appropriate to get up right after getting cleaned up could also mean that she hadn’t been expecting any sexual advances from me, since we had only gotten in the bath to wash ourselves. I guess she hadn’t noticed how I had been pretty hard the entire time. I was now stealthily covering myself by resting my arms down over my body.

In any case, me and Josie were now sitting alone across from each other in the bathtub, gazing awkwardly at each other. I had expected her to get up and follow after Mika as soon as she had realized that Mika wasn’t getting back in, but… None of us made a move to leave. Josie had drawn her legs up to her chest again, hugging her knees.

“... You don’t wanna get up as well?”

Mika had closed the door to the bathroom behind her, but I wanted to at least make it sound like I thought that Josie should get up in case Mika could hear us.

“... No, I… I wanna try soaking in the bath too… If… If you don’t mind…”

“Uh… No… Not at all… I don’t mind having some company from a cute girl.”

… Why did I say that? And why wasn’t Josie acting all smug and snarkily any more? It’s not like we were sitting here because we had been planning to.

“... You… You really think I’m cute…?”

I shrugged, having already regretted my words. Would it make it even more awkward if I decided to get up now to escape this situation?

“Well yeah… Of course.”

Oh, it seemed like Josie had been thinking about the same thing. She abruptly stood up, but… Instead of stepping out of the bathtub, she moved over and promptly sat herself down on my lap, facing away from me. Just like Mika had been sitting before.

“H-hey, what the hell?”

“I… I just don’t want you staring, that’s all…! If we’re like this, you won’t be able to see my… my… you won’t be able to see anything.”

Josie’s voice was strangely shaky, and she seemed super tense. Her logic was quite sound, though: She wasn’t leaning back against my chest but was sitting upright on top of my thighs, so the only thing I could see was her back and just the top of her butt. She wasn’t even sitting on my penis either, though she was pretty close.

“Uh… Okay…”

We then sat like that for a minute or so, with neither of us moving or saying a word. I could see her begin to slump down, though, as her back began to curve forward.

“... Ugh… This isn’t relaxing at all.”

With that, she slowly leaned back until she was lying against my chest. Since she was a bit smaller than Mika, she could rest her head back at the middle of my collarbone, putting the top of her head just below my chin. She apparently didn’t care any more about me being able to look at her, as I now had the same view of the full length of her body as I had had of Mika before. I just sat still, not knowing what to do or what to think. Josie was the first to break the silene.

“... Hey…”

“... Hm?”

“... Do you really like… Small boobs?”

I couldn’t see Josie’s face, but it looked like she was gazing down over her flat chest.

“... Yeah. I do. I know it’s kinda weird, but… They’re cute.”

Didn’t I already have this conversation with someone else at some point? I couldn’t really think straight… The reincrease of the water’s temperature must have begun cooking my brain.

“So that’s why you were fondling my boobs last night.”

“Uh… Well, I was moving around in my sleep.”

Josie snorted.

“... The least you can do is ask, though.”

“... Yeah, I guess. But you didn’t seem to mind, either, after a while.”

Josie shrugged.

“At least you were nice enough to keep your hands up top, like I asked.”

“Yeah, of course. I don’t want to do anything that people don’t like.”

“Yeah yeah, don’t go off tipping your hat to me just yet, Mr. Nice Guy. Not the way you treat poor Mika.”


Josie giggled. Somehow it seemed to calm me down a bit that we had started messing with each other again.

“I’m kidding. I think you’re really good for her.”

“Oh? W-well, I try.”

“But not nearly as much as you try to get in her pantsu all the time.”

I rolled my eyes. Not that Josie could see me do so.

“You’re probably really good for her too. Being her best friend and all, and helping her with a bunch of stuff.”

“... Yeah… Well… That’s what friends are for.”

“You also did a good job washing each other.”

Josie visibly cringed.

“Nhg… Wha, what the hell was that about, making us do that…!”

I chuckled, but was stopped by Josie trying to kick the heel of her foot down on my shin. Thankfully, the water resistance prevented her from doing much else than cause a splash.

“It’s not funny…! Do you know how embarrassing that was? I’ve, I’ve never been naked in front of other people like this!”

“Huh. Lucky us then, I guess.”

“And you even made us touch each other. Jeez.”

“Yeah... Did it feel good?”

Josie briefly turned her head to look at me like I was crazy.

“Feel good?! I told you, I’m not lesbian!”

I raised an eyebrow.

“I thought being metrosexual was the hottest thing for kids to be these days?”

“That’s-... well... maybe. But I’m not. And I’m pretty sure that’s not what it's called.”

“... Still… It didn’t look like you hated it either.

“… Uh… I guess, in a way… I didn’t. But it’s not like I liked it or anything. Stupid.”

We were quiet for a few moments. I could see Josie idly circling her toes around in the water. Of course, I was also enjoying the view of the rest of her body, though I couldn’t see much.

“... I dunno, I haven’t been… Like, there hasn't been anyone touching me, or taking a bath with me since I was, like, almost a baby. Maybe I’m just not used to it…?”

“Huh? Don’t you, like… Give hugs to people?”

“Oh… Yeah, I guess. But… mostly Mika, I guess. And we don’t… Cuddle, or anything, really. Like you did with me last night.”


“And… I dunno… It didn’t feel the same when Mi-... Mika washed me, compared to when you… Uh, last night…”

That was a bit… Weird. I thought girls were much more physically affectionate than guys. Didn’t she say that she liked cuddling, last night? Josie’s voice had been reduced to a softer side again. She almost sounded… lonely.

“Hey… Um, David.”


“I… I know it’s probably a stupid thing to ask, but…”

“.... But?”

“Do you think… That you can try to… Hug me… Like you did last night…?”

“Oh… Um. Sure.”

I sat frozen for a few drawn-out seconds before I raised both of my arms and wrapped them around Josie’s narrow waist. I squeezed her ever so gently in against me, thankful that she was still sitting far enough down on my thighs to make my somewhat hard penis only touch her lower back, instead of pressing right up against her butt. Her skin felt very smooth and warm. I saw Josie close her eyes.

“Also… Uh… I got so sweaty, from our walk, and… I don’t know if Mika managed to, uhhh, get all of it off.”

I could almost feel Josie’s heartbeat against my chest again. She also seemed very tense, sitting completely still.

“It… It looks like she did.”

“... Mayb-.... Maybe you should check…?”


Of course, it was complete nonsense. Any sweat on her would have been washed off the moment she had gotten in the water, right? And even if it hadn’t, it wasn’t like I would be able to sense any sweat on her body with my hands while we were still submerged. Nevertheless… I began feeling her up, with my hands ending up on her chest. Josie sighed, in a strange way.

“... You feel… Pretty clean to me…”

“... Mhm…”

I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think I was thinking. I probably just couldn’t say no. With Mika, it had always been me who wanted to touch her, but now it was the opposite… Wasn’t it? Man, just imagine if Mika had come into the bathroom at this point. I ran my fingertips over Josie’s nipples, and she shifted slightly around on my lap.

“I… don’t know if she washed me properly… down there… too…”

I couldn’t stop myself. Or rather, my hands were moving on their own by now. One of them traveled back over Josie’s stomach, and slid down between her legs. She opened them for my fingers, just a tiny bit at first, but gradually more and more as my fingertips slid down over her slit. It felt very similar to Mika’s… Completely smooth.

I was carefully keeping an eye on my seemingly autonomous hands this whole time, while Josie kept her eyes closed and her lips slightly apart. After I had checked the outside of her vagina pretty thoroughly for a little while, she slowly turned her head up towards me and gazed up into my eyes with a weird expression on her face. Her hair was sticking to her forehead and one of her cheeks, and I could both see and feel her chest rising and falling in rhythm with her breaths.

I tilted my head down towards Josie’s to look back down into her large, brown eyes. Neither of us made a sound, and except for her slightly quickened breathing, Josie seemed completely relaxed now. It felt weird. Gazing into the brown, vulnerable eyes below me, all I could see was Mika’s face. She was looking so intensely at me, but… Sad, in a way. Her lips parted a bit more, clearly in anticipation of something. I couldn’t refuse my girlfriend if she wanted a kiss, so…

After Josie had dried off and put her black panties back on, I sat alone in the bathtub for a few minutes to collect my thoughts. Once collected, I found them quite unnerving, so I decided to dispose of them right away so that I could get out of the bath as well. I felt weird, like… I had probably just been sitting in water that had been too hot for too long. The air was also still damp and warm in here, I just needed some oxygen. I joined the two girls in the living room and got dressed, and immediately felt better in the cooler atmosphere. I could see that Mika had done all the dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen, and she was now sitting on the couch with one of my uncle’s old books. Josie was sitting besides her, staring at her phone. The screen was turned off.

I sat down next to Mika. Josie got up.

“I’m, uh, just gonna go outside for a minute and, uhh… I don’t think I got my hair all dry. I hate it when it’s sticking to my skin, right?”

“Okay.” Mika only briefly looked up from her book.

I got sick to my stomach for some reason. Josie was quickly out the door. I glanced at Mika, expecting the worst, but… She just seemed to be reading about the local flora of the area.

“What are you reading?”

“I’m reading about the local flora of the area.”


“Did you know that there’s lots of different plants that are super poisonous? Like, even here in Sydkarstula.”

“Uh, kinda, I know a few of them.”

“Did you see any on your walk?”

“No, we weren’t exactly paying attention to the plants.”


Mika seemed… Completely like herself. She had put her black t-shirt back on, and had wrapped a blanket around her lower body. I suspected that she hadn’t put her skirt back on, and she probably hadn’t found where I had hid her jeans either. I then saw Josie slowly walk past the window outside. Mika didn’t notice, she seemed surprisingly interested in botany all of a sudden.

“It’s… Kinda scary, actually. Why would a plant be poisonous?”

… Josie had really just gone outside to dry her hair, right? I looked down at Mika’s book.

“Which one is the deadliest?”

Anonymous 22/04/18(Mon)11:00 No. 27593 ID: 48b4aa

I really really like where you are going with this. Josie is so interesting.

Thanks for the update!

Stonebrow!AN26.8FkH6 22/04/26(Tue)00:41 No. 27595 ID: cd969c

Hope this doesn't become the all Josie show though. Mika is a good girl, and very fun to read about. Balance will be key.

Really enjoying this story, thanks!

Anonymous 22/04/27(Wed)05:07 No. 27598 ID: 0f9912

Mika is the main dish and Josie is some really nice appetizer

Anonymous 22/04/29(Fri)20:24 No. 27599 ID: 477c5b

Just discovered a HUGE mistake in the very first chapter:

>and once we did find someone our age, they had obviously gone to the festival to flirt with strangers.

Of course that should be

>and once we did find someone our age, they had obviously NOT gone to the festival to flirt with strangers.

Great, now I have to start all over.

Anonymous 22/04/30(Sat)20:57 No. 27601 ID: 477c5b

Mika flipped through a couple of pages, her eyes attentively darting around. I don’t think I had seen her so focused on something that wasn’t some kind of entertainment media before.

“Hmm…I don’t know, but there are actually surprisingly many that can be deadly. I had no idea.”

“Huh. I even asked as a joke. I wouldn’t have thought that there would be anything growing here that could do anything more than give you rashes, or make you throw up.”

“Yeah. I guess. I think the most dangerous ones are those that look like ramson, since people use that for cooking.”

I scooted over to sit right up against Mika, and we read about some of the surprisingly dangerous plants together. I immediately felt better just by touching her, even if it was only our shoulders. A couple of minutes passed before Josie came back, with a slightly worried look on her face. I tried acting natural.

“Oh hey. Did you get your hair dry?”

“What? Oh, uh, yeah.”

She felt around on her hair, just to be sure I guess.

“I think the weather is… Gonna get bad. I heard rumbling outside.”

“Really? We didn’t hear anything. Right?”

Mika, looking up from her book, shook her head. But glancing out through the window it was clear that it had gotten cloudy while we had been in the bath.

“Ugh.” I groaned. “Just when I thought I could get to enjoy some good weather for a couple of days…”

Josie stepped over to the kitchen compartment and began looking through the cupboards.

“What’s for lunch?”

“I had cereal while you were out.” Mika had turned back to her book, and flipped to the next page. Pizza for breakfast, and cereal for lunch, seems like we’re doing things in the wrong order, huh… Whatever, I was also starting to get hungry. I got up from the couch, and me and Josie helped ourselves to a bowl of milk and cereal each which we brought over to the living room table to eat. While she began eating, Josie looked over at Mika.

“... Whacha readin’ about?”

“Just… The so-called nature.”

Josie didn’t look impressed.

“Wow…! When it’s finally weekend you decide to read boring old books. Nerd.”

Thankfully, Mika just smiled at her friend’s remark. She was probably used to some light teasing from Josie now and then.

“Oh, that reminds me. Do you girls have any homework we need to look at before we go home tomorrow?”



Both the girls shook their heads. Huh.

“I did mine, um… Thursday, I think. And we didn’t get anything friday.”

“Wow, good job.”

Mika smiled over to me. I smiled back and wished I could have patted her head.

“So that also reminds me, do you know when you need to be back tomorrow?”

Mika shook her head. I looked over at Josie, who hadn’t responded.

“Josie… Have you like, talked with your parents at all? Do they know where you are?”

My voice had come out a little more sternly than I had meant to. But I had remembered that it was actually a quite serious ,atter that Josie had just run away from home like she had. Or maybe this wasn’t the first time… She held her breath for a few seconds.

“Yeah, I’ve texted them. As far as they know, I’m at Mika’s place.”

I put my hand over my eyes, facepalming.

“... And as far as Mika’s mom knows, Mika is at your place.”

The girls were quiet.

“... This is gonna go wrong sooner or later.”

“... Why? It’s not like our parents talk.”

Josie looked at me while talking with her mouth full of cereal, not seeming to understand my reaction.

“... They don’t? Don’t they like, check up on you when you have sleepovers and stuff?”

“Hmm. They did in the beginning. But not anymore.”

“... Huh. Weird.”

“Wellll… let’s just say…”

Josie sighed.

“Look, my parents are nice. Even when they’re drunk, though they might get a bit… Anyways. Let’s just say that they don’t really, uh… Are interested in talking with people who, uhh…”

Mika looked a bit uncomfortable. This seemed like a sort of touchy subject for both of the girls.

“Like, my parents have a bit more money than, like, Mika’s mom, so. There.”

“Okay okay, I get it. I know what you mean.”

“... You do?”

“Yeah. My mom has two brothers. So, my uncles. One of whose hospitality you two are currently enjoying.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah.”

“So he’s basically, compared to the rest of my family at least, pretty well off. And he’s also nice, sure, but there is that difference. I know.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

Josie seemed to have calmed down again, and Mika was listening attentively.

“Like… One time he was talking with my mom, and… I think it was in 2008, when y’know, rich people lost a lot of money. And he half-joked that he would soon be so poor that he would have to begin buying his clothes in the supermarket. The horror!”

“... yeah?”

“My mom didn’t really say anything. She’s been buying most of her clothes in supermarkets for decades.”

All three of us laughed. It felt good that we all had something in common, each in our own way.

“Heh… Anyways, to get back to what we were talking about. None of you know when you need to be home tomorrow?”

They both shrugged. Man, their parents were really… trusting in their friendship, or something.

“Okay. We won’t have to get up early tomorrow, at least.”

Mika beamed with happiness.

“Guess we can stay here for most of the day, and go home late in the afternoon.”


“... okay.”

Mika didn’t look so happy anymore at the mention of having to go home. But it couldn’t be helped. We sat around for a minute more while Josie and I finished our lunch. Josie got done eating long before me, and she jumped off her chair to begin scanning the living room for something fun to do right away.

“... So what are we gonna do for the rest of the day? No TV, no games… And don’t suggest I pick up a book like you guys!”

I looked at her and shrugged.

“... Oh, I know. Isn’t challenges also that cool new thing that all the kids are doing today?”

“Yeah. So?”

“Great, I’ve got a challenge for you, Josie. Find something to entertain yourself with!”


Josie stuck out her tongue at me, and Mika held a hand up over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing again. Shame, I thought. Her laughter was music to my ears. Mika then closed her book and put it up on the table before looking expectantly up at Josie. With the two of us staring at her to see how she would solve my challenge, Josie moaned and began scanning the living room again.

“You guys think you are SO funny.”

“Hey… We can play truth or dare…?”

An honestly good suggestion from Mika, but Josie immediately pointed a finger at me.

“With THAT guy? Come on, he’s just gonna dare us to do more weird things.”

“... like what?”

“Yeah, like what?”

Rolling her eyes at us, Josie ignored our question and stepped over to the dresser where the board games were stored and began rummaging around its contents. Mika leaned back on the couch and made a cute yawn. We then all heard a faint rumbling in the distance… I guess Josie had been right about the weather.

“Oh! Wow, cool.”

I glanced over to see what could have managed to impress Josie, and it hadn’t been the thunder. She had just found a regular deck of playing cards, which she was now holding up in her hands like they were some kind of ancient artifact.

“Your uncle actually printed out an offline version of Solitaire. Clever.”

I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. She probably was… She began eagerly flipping through the cards.

“Let’s try playing something with these. Hey, isn’t there a game called… called… strip poker?”

Also a good suggestion, but… Really? I held out my arms in a shrug.

“Come on. We all stripped down in front of each other like half an hour ago. There’s not really any point in doing it again.”

“It’s… also a bit cold in here…”

Mika wrapped the blanket tighter around her body. She was right; I actually didn’t understand how the girls could stand only wearing their t-shirts which were leaving their arms bare when the temperature in here was still rather cool. Josie seemed to have an idea on how to fix that.

“Oh! I know, if you’re cold, then-”

Thankfully I managed to cut her off before she could finish her sentence.

“No, we’re not going back to the “Have sex with Mika all day” plan. Don’t even mention it.”

“Aww… But haven’t you guys only done it once today?”

Mika sighed at having to listen to this topic again. Poor girl, her friend really had a great interest in her sex life.

“Yeah. And maybe that’s enough, you know,” I lied, “And it doesn’t feel right if you do it because you have to stick to some kind of plan. It gotta come naturally.”

“... Oh..? How does that happen, then?”

Josie came over to me at the table just as I was finishing my own bowl of cereal, idly shuffling the playing cards with her hands.

“Hmm… It’s hard to describe. It’s like, you can feel it in yourself when you want to do it. And then you try to feel if your partner also wants to do it.”

Mika turned her head to stare at me. Uh, yeah, I have no idea why.

“Huh. Sounds weird.” Josie dropped some of the cards on the floor, and bent down to pick them up.

“Yeah. I guess it can seem that way. Anyways, let’s try to play something with those cards, okay?”

The three of us sat down on the floor - the table was too littered with stuff - and with the help of being able to look up different kinds of card games on our phones, we played a few rounds of various games whose names I honestly can’t remember any more. Twist…? Pirate? Fish? Seriously, card games have the dumbest names. The girls usually managed to band together to beat me, but that was fine. We were having fun, with lots of teasing and gloating between Josie and me. As afternoon turned to evening, the temperature naturally dropped. Mika had gotten up to fetch her black hoodie, but it didn’t seem like Josie had brought anything to put over her spaghetti strap shirt. She was clearly getting cold by now.

“Brrrr.. David, can’t you put some heat on? I’m freezing.”

Mika nodded, seemingly also cold despite the blanket and her hoodie.

“The only thing in here is the fireplace, and I really don’t want to begin messing with that. The only other heater is the one in the bedroom.”

Josie pouted.

“You just don’t wanna get a fire going so that you can make us go to the bedroom so we’ll have to take our undies off.”


That wasn’t actually at all what I had had in mind. I really didn’t wanna mess with that fireplace, it was all dusty and soody. Mika, sitting right next to me, put her hands on my arms and made puppy eyes up at me.

“David… Please?”

Hmm… Just like Josie had been pulling the strings in me and Mika’s relationship, it also seemed like Mika had found a way to manipulate me. With a lot of swearing under my breath, I began trying to get a fire started in the goddamned fireplace while the girls chatted and messed around with the cards behind my back. More sounds of rumbling rolled over the summerhouse, the thunder apparently crawling closer and closer. After I had gotten my hands all dirty getting a fire going, I got up to wash my hands in the kitchen. I also turned the lights on in the living room, since it had gotten pretty dark by now.

The girls asked me to bring some of our snacks back down to them, and we all moved over to sit directly in front of the fireplace. The warmth it provided almost made the trouble worth it, but it apparently wasn’t enough for the girls. I was sitting with my legs crossed, and Mika moved up to sit in my lap. Just as I had suspected, she was only wearing her white pair of panties down below. To my surprise, Josie likewise moved over to sit up against my side, leaning in against me and Mika. It sure seemed like some barrier had been broken between me and Josie today, as I couldn’t recall her wanting to be physically close to me at any time before we had gone on that walk. Now, it was almost like it was OK for her to want some skinship in the same way me and Mika had. Not wanting to reject her, I took the blanket Mika had been using and wrapped it around all three of us, and we tried to get back to playing cards. We quickly had to switch to doing solitaires though, as it became obvious that we could see each other’s hands in this position.

I let the girls handle the cards themselves with the help of some occasional hints from my side, as I couldn’t really reach the cards on the floor with the girls all snuggled up against me. Leaving them to solve their solitaire games, I simply spent the time cuddling the two girls with one hand enjoying Mika’s bare thighs while I let my other arm simply be wrapped around Josie’s waist. The girls took turns feeding me chips and snacks while we talked and played cards, all the while listening to the increasingly louder roars of thunder outside. I also got Josie to get up to fetch me a beer to go together with the chips, and she also brought both me and Mika our pills with a firm reminder to take them daily. It was… Really cozy. While the chips were delicious - especially when enjoyed together with a beer - I hoped the girls had a more balanced diet at home as it seemed like all these snacks would have to count as our dinner.

The mood quieted down as evening turned into night. White blitzes of lightning gradually began coming in through the windows coupled with sounds of thunder that grew louder and louder. Mika gave a little jump every time a particularly loud crash broke the silence of the night, but we were all remaining calm until a bolt of lightning struck down somewhere pretty close to us. Just a split-second after the living room got illuminated by a series of bright flashes, all the lights went out and an almost deafening roar of thunder shook the walls. The girls shrieked and clung themselves to me.

“W-what happened?!”

The living room was now only dimly illuminated by the fireplace, and both of the girls seemed genuinely scared. My heart was also pounding, and I looked frantically around while my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I had never experienced a lightning strike this close before. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like anything was on fire just yet, and from the brief delay between the flash of light and the sound of the thunder I deduced that it hadn’t struck down anywhere near the summerhouse.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s probably just a fuse that’s blown or something like that.”

We sat completely still and listened to a few more lightning strikes, all of which were thankfully much further away.

“Hey, I’m gonna go see if I can get the power back on. Okay?”

Mika reluctantly nodded and got down from my lap, and I stood up to take a quick look around. Where was the fuse box again? I put some more wood into the fire to make sure we wouldn’t be left completely in the dark before I made a sweep between all the rooms to look out through all the windows to make sure there really wasn’t anything close by that had been hit. I then remembered that there wasn’t any reason for me to walk around in the dark, and I switched my phone’s flashlight on to start looking for the fuse box while the girls stayed down on the floor by the fireplace, seemingly holding their arms around each other.

I remembered to check the utility closet, and after spending a few seconds utterly confused from finding a pair of slim black jeans in there, I flipped some switches into what I assumed would be the correct positions. I returned to the living room, but it was still completely dark except for the orange glow from the fireplace. A few bolts of lightning flashed in the distance.

“Still no light?”

The girls shook their heads. Stupid question, it’s not like any of them had gone up to turn the lights off. I noticed a hum from the kitchen, and went over to find that the fridge was running again. Phew, at least our food wasn’t gonna thaw, and it meant that I had been successful in getting the power back on. So why was it still so dark in here? I went back and checked some of the lamps with the light of my phone, and as far as I could tell all the light bulbs were of the old, incandescent type. Uncle, just…. Why? Anyways, it looked like he would have to replace them all now, as they had all died from whatever tripped the circuit breaker.

“The power is back on, but all the lights broke.”

The girls had followed my example of using my phone’s flashlight, and had placed both of their phones face-down on the floor to shine up in the air. They seemed a little less scared now that the thunder had receded, but still rather tense.

“Hey, smart thinking with your phones. But I don’t think it’ll be good for the LEDs to be left on for the rest of the night. Mika, did you see any candles when you were dusting things off?”

“Oh… Yeah…!”

Mika jumped up with surprising agility and gathered a couple of silvery candlesticks from a closet in the corner of the room. We lit them with the fire from the fireplace and placed them around in the living room before we sat down on the floor again. The girls had this time both sat themselves up on my lap, and after wrapping the blanket around us again we all huddled closely together as if hiding from the dark and scary world around us. It was a little heavy for my thighs, but I was thankful that their slim hips meant that they both could sit comfortably on my crossed legs. The lightning had mostly passed us by at this point, probably drifting out over the sea, but echoing waves of thunder still rolled through the summerhouse every now and then.

I noticed how the girls were now holding hands. It seemed a little excessive how startled they both had become, but I guess it was not entirely without reason. Josie had probably never spent a night in her life out in the countryside, and now she was sitting in a thunderstorm far from home in a remote area with only candlelight and a fireplace to shy away the enveloping darkness. Mika was…. Well, Mika was Mika. Easily overcome with anxiety.

I tried to get a conversation going again, and combined with some more snacks and candy - as well as another beer for me - I managed to get both of the girls calmed down again. Gazing into the hypnotizingly calm flames in the fireplace, we each shared the various kinds of troubles we each faced with school work, dumb teachers, dumb parents, and dumb peers. I already knew that Mika was struggling, but it surprised me how sour Josie actually was about a lot of things. The aura of energy and determination she usually radiated had made me think that she was cruising through life pretty happily and carefree, but she was also dissatisfied with a lot of things.

“David… What’s the meaning of it all?”

“Huh? That’s… Kinda a big question.”

“It is? But you should know. You went to school too. And then high school too.”

“What? Ooh… You mean, what’s the meaning of the stuff you learn in school?”

Mika listened in silence to me and Josie talking, her eyes reflecting the dancing movements of the fire. I think she was beginning to get sleepy.

“Yeah. Like, we’ve spent the whole day together today, and… I’ve noticed that you have not at any point had to solve any equations, or had to recite all the kings and queens and wars, or…”

“Haha…! True. For one thing, it’s the weekend.”

“Oh, yeah. But still.”

“Also, I do sometimes have to solve equations for some of my university courses.”

“Okay… But… You study finance or something, right? When do you ever have to use what you learned in, like, chemistry or geography there?”

I could hear a certain frustration in Josie’s voice. Some thunder echoed far out in the distance, but it didn’t affect the girls anymore. I liked to think that my hands slowly stroking their bare thighs were also calming them down.

“... Never.”

“That’s what I mean! I don’t see any point in having to learn, like, doing math in my head if I wanna be, uh, a nurse or something.”

“Mhm… You’re kinda right. But…. Wanna hear a secret?”

Josie turned her head up to look at me. Mika, apparently not having fallen fully asleep, slowly did the same too. I lowered my voice, as if I was about to reveal a terrible and unspeakable truth.

“Okay, so… This is something that nobody is gonna tell you. And your teachers will deny it if you ask them. It’s something that took me a long time to figure out. You see, I kept asking those same questions myself too.”

Josie was listening very attentively now. Some of the candles had gone out at this point, so it was mainly the flickering, orange light from the fireplace that illuminated our faces.

“... The point with school… At least from like, grade four and up… is not WHAT you learn. The point is… That you learn to learn.”

“Eh…? What do you mean?”

“Equations, differentials, power towers. Poems, fairy tales from the renaissance, literary analysis. Arctic deers in Siberia. The amount of cell phones per capita in Singapore. The chemical formula for sugar. All of that shit… It doesn’t matter, once you’re out of school. It doesn’t matter at all.”

“... Really? Then why do we have to learn all about those things?”

“Well, it will matter if you go for a career in that specific field. Like, of course it’ll matter with the math if you wanna be an engineer or something, and so on. But almost none of the other stuff will, in that case. And there’s so much that will only be used in very specific, niche areas.”

Josie was looking at me in disbelief.

“Then… Then why do we have to learn all that stuff?”

“As I said… The point is to learn to learn stuff. To know how to sit down and do the work to gain knowledge about some stupid topic that might bore you to death. Because that… That’s something you’ll probably have to do a lot, for the rest of your life.”

Looking at the fire, I could almost hear the gears turning inside Josie’s head. Was she too young to hear all this? Or had I perhaps had a beer too many? I don’t know… Maybe it is all stupidly self-evident, but I felt like Josie needed to hear what the meaning of all the bullshit was.

“So, for example. When you get old enough, you’ll have to do super boring stuff like figure out your taxes and your pensions, and what insurance policies you need to buy, and so on. Then you’ll need to do the same thing as your teachers make you do now, when they say you must learn about some historical fact or something. Sit down and learn how to do something, even if it’s boring.”

“... Ohhh…”

“Or like, if you’re gonna be a nurse, like you mentioned. There might come some new crazy virus, or a new kind of treatment that you’ll have to learn about. Then you’ll know how to go about to learn all about it, because that’s what you’ve been training to do in school.”

Josie looked back at the fireplace again. Mika’s eyes had fallen shut.

“... Why can’t they just tell us that? Whenever I’ve tried asking my teachers why we need to learn somethin’, they’ll be all, like, HOW DARE YOU TALK BACK TO ME, SHUDDUP AND DO AS YOU’RE TOLD.”

Poor Mika was startled for a second, but closed her eyes again.

“Yeah. It’s dumb. But if they admit it’s bullshit, would kids make any attempt at learning about something they’ll know they won’t ever use?”

“... I guess not. Hey, is it also the same for you? Like, in university?”

I frowned slightly.

“... Yeah. It is.”

We were silent for a few seconds, while Josie thought it over.

“Wait a minute, then what about P.E.? That’s not a subject where we sit down and study stuff. Not that I dislike P.E., but still. Well, I think Mika hates it…”

“Oh. Yeah. Yeah, unless you’re the sporty type, P.E. is straight up just for giving you trauma and scarring your soul.”

Josie giggled a bit. Mika didn’t react. She was breathing slowly, with her head leaned back against my shoulder.

“Yeah. So… Promise me.” I looked down at Josie, who glanced back up at me.

“Even though you know it’s bullshit.. Just go ahead and do it. Just figure out what to do to get a good grade. No reason to do any more than that. It sucks having to do that for years and years, but… It’ll make sense, in the end.”

“Hm! It better.”

Josie sighed.

“... it better.”

I had to carry the now sleeping Mika to the bedroom. The lights had blown out in there too, so Josie and I used our phones again. At least the heater was working. Josie got undressed while I fumbled with getting Mika’s hoodie off her body, and I decided against undressing her any further. I had wanted to let Josie know that we could ignore the no-panties rule for this last night in the summerhouse, but… After her skirt came off, I saw that it was too late. We all got under the duvet, with me in the middle just wearing my boxers, Mika asleep on one side of me wearing her t-shirt and panties, and Josie on the other side only wearing her spaghetti strap shirt.

Josie was almost immediately awfully… Clingy. I couldn’t really tell why, but she pressed herself in against my chest as if her life depended on it. There was still the occasional rumbling of thunder in the distance, but that couldn’t be why. Josie and I didn’t really seem to be able to fall asleep, so I just laid still stroking her hair while she hugged her little body in against mine. Her hair was awfully smooth, and she smelled really good. So did Mika too, by the way. We had done a good job in the bath today. I felt kinda… Weird. I even thought that it was strange that I was accepting an entirely sexless night together with Mika. We had only done it once today. I guessed that I had released all of my pent-up energy during the two previous days. Once Josie had fallen asleep and drifted a bit away from me, I turned around to snuggle Mika. It was still her who was my girlfriend.

I was startled awake by a sudden and loud noise that pierced through one of my ears. It was almost like white noise, but with voices and other sounds in it. I then immediately felt someone move frantically around next to me.

“Oh, shit.”

I sat up to see what the hell was going on. Josie looked apologetically up at me.

“S-sorry. Forgot to mute my phone.”

She was lying on her stomach with her phone in her hands, a now muted video playing on the screen. I sighed and laid down again. Mika stirred by my other side and made an annoyed grunt, also having been woken up. Once I could feel that the adrenaline had left my body, I turned to Josie.

“... What time is it?”

“It’s, uhh. Early o’clock.”

“Haha. Goodnight.”

It was bright outside already but I didn’t feel like getting up, or staying awake for that matter. I rolled over on my side and put an arm over Mika, who scooted a bit closer to happily snuggle in against my chest. I heard Josie quietly sigh behind me.

“... y’know, I like hanging out with you guys but the mornings are super boring.”

“... Well don’t wake up so early then.”

I could sense that Josie was looking at the back of my head.

“... You guys aren’t gonna do it this morning?”

Sleep… Sleep… I just wanted to fall back asleep…

“Nh… Maybe… Maybe not… We’re tired…”

“Would be a shame if you don’t get to do it before we have to go home. Oh, and also, would you look at that…!”

I reluctantly turned my head to see Josie pointing at something.

“The weather looks super good today! Guess the thunderstorm took the clouds with it somewhere. Would be a shame to, like, not go out and enjoy the so-called nature again.”

Following the direction of Josie’s finger, I looked out through the window. It sure did look bright outside. She was quick to pick up what kind of stuff I liked. I turned back to Mika and gave her a gentle shake.

“What do you say, sweetie? Wanna try going out for a walk again today?”

Mika opened her eyes with a pained expression, and shook her head.


Hmm. Just as I had felt like yesterday, I didn’t want to spend the whole day inside if the weather was good. But I wasn’t sure that it would be a good idea to go out alone with Josie again.

“... I really wanna get out and get some sunlight though. Let’s go out and just chill in the garden today then, okay?”

“... okay.”

Mika seemed satisfied that I wasn’t gonna drag her out on the road again. She yawned widely and closed her eyes to go back to sleep. Josie was watching us, and contrary to Mika she was obviously already wide awake. If she was so eager to get out of bed, she might as well make herself useful.

“Hey sweetie. If Josie will get up and make us some breakfast so we can wake up, then we can go outside right afterwards. You can nap in the garden. Okay?”

“Hey, wha…?! Now I have to make YOU two breakfast in bed?!”

Josie protested loudly, but Mika just nodded while sprawling around on the bed. I looked at Josie and motioned with my head down towards Mika as if to say “It’s either that, or that girl isn’t gonna get up any time soon.” Josie sighed.

“Ugh, fine. What do you guys want?”

Mika, struggling to not fall back asleep, shrugged while I sat up against the wall.

“I’ll have two number nines. a number nine lar-”

“Sheesh, shuddup!”

Josie put her phone down and jumped up, and quickly exited the bedroom so that I couldn’t enjoy the view of her bare butt. I considered asking her to put the maid costume on that I had brought since I hadn’t gotten Mika to wear it yet, but I guess I would have to put it off for another day to get some use out of it. After waiting for a couple of minutes while listening to Josie rummage around in the kitchen she came back with some hastily assembled rye bread sandwiches.

“There. If you want coffee you’ll have to make it yourself.”

I nudged Mika who slowly sat up as well, and the two of us sleepily ate while Josie made quick work of her own sandwich while watching some more videos on her phone. Once we were done with our breakfast, we got dressed and I made myself a thermo with coffee while the girls brushed their hair. I kinda considered asking them to try putting their hair up in different styles so that I would have an easier time telling them apart, but… Naah, that would be a kinda weird request. Grabbing the pillows from the bed as well as the picnic blanket we then went outside and found a good spot a bit behind the summerhouse to settle down. There were hedges all around us, with the house itself blocking the view from the road. Nobody would be able to see us here unless they were trespassing on my uncle’s property.

There was barely a cloud in the sky, and it was already surprisingly warm today. All three of us laid down on the blanket and happily soaked up the sunlight. It really felt good to be able to lie down and relax outside again, it felt like it had been ages since the last time I had let the sun warm me up. Josie, funnily enough, seemed satisfied with the simple change of location we had performed. It’s not like we were doing anything differently now compared to before, I guess she had just wanted to get out of bed.

As the sun climbed higher up in the sky, so did the temperature. Mika had put her black hoodie on when we had gotten dressed, but she now found the thick, black fabric soaking up too much heat from the sun.

“Phew… So hot…”

Taking her hoodie off, the sight of Mika’s pale, white arms gave me an idea.

“Yeah, it’s almost like summer, huh. I’m just gonna go in and get us something cool to drink.”

Making a quick trip back inside, I returned to the girls with some soda and beer from the fridge as well as a bottle of sun lotion I had taken from the bathroom. I sat down and let the girls take some sips from their sodas before I put my plan into action.

“Hey, the sun is pretty bright, and you’re both pretty pale. Getting sunburned in your youth increases the risk of skin cancer when you get old, you know. We better make sure you don’t get burned.”

The bare arms and legs of the two girls were truly extremely pale, Josie’s skin just a bit more white than Mika’s. Not that there was anything weird about it: unless you could go on vacation down south during the winter everybody here starts the summer pale as fuck. The girls looked at the bottle of sun lotion I was holding up. I scooted over to Mika.

“Let’s start with you, sweetie. I bet you’re not used to being out in the sun.”

Perhaps scared by the risk of getting skin cancer, Mika sat up but seemed unsure of what to do. Josie was watching us closely, which gave me another idea. We couldn’t risk that she got bored again, could we?

“Hey Josie, can you give me a hand here? We can split it up so, like, I do one arm and you do the other. And so on. It’ll save time. Right?”

Mika’s eyes widened, and so did Josie’s. She sat up, glancing at Mika. I pressed her a bit more.

“Now we’re out here, like you wanted. And I brought you drinks, didn’t I?”

Josie thought for a second before she nodded, and she moved over to sit on her shins behind Mika’s back. I sat down in front of Mika who then obediently held her arms out in the air. I squirted some lotion into the hands of both me and Josie, and we each began slowly rubbing it into the pale skin of Mika’s white, bony arms. It didn’t take long until we were done.

“Hey, isn’t it too hot for this too?”

I tugged at Mika’s black t-shirt, and she looked down over her body. I saw Josie raise an eyebrow behind Mika’s back; she had probably figured out where I was going with this by now.

“You can get a nice tan all over if you take it off, you know.”

“But… but…”

Mika turned her body to glance at Josie, but she just shyly smiled back to her friend. I gently rubbed Mika’s arm.

“It’s fine, sweetie. You two saw each other naked yesterday, right? It doesn’t matter if you take your clothes off in front of each other again now.”

Biting her lip softly, Mika turned back to me with a small nod. Josie, probably looking forward to where this would lead me and Mika to, sprung into action all by herself and grabbed the hem of Mika’s t-shirt to pull it upwards. After Mika had raised her arms in the air to let Josie strip the fabric off, her upper body was naked for the both of us to see. Josie and I got the sun lotion ready again.

“I’ll do her front and you’ll do her back, okay?”


Mika shivered a bit since the lotion probably felt quite cold against her bare skin, but she sat still while we got her all lubed up. I was happy that it was me who was doing Mika’s front, as it gave me plenty of opportunity to fondle her flat chest. Despite their smoothness, her nipples hardened ever so slightly by having my hands rub the sun lotion over them. Josie diligently worked on Mika’s bare back, almost to the point that she was giving her a massage. Mika had closed her eyes, almost looking like she was enjoying having our hands run around all over her upper body. Once done, her skin was glistering all over and she opened her eyes to shyly look first at me, then down at her school uniform skirt sitting on her hips. Just like Josie had figured out where I was going with this, Mika already knew approximately what I was gonna say next.

“Hey, your legs will get burned too if we don’t get some lotion on them. And… I don’t think we should risk your skirt getting any stains on it from the lotion. That stuff is hard to wash out.”

Mika nodded again and moved down to lie on her back, and after she had slid the skirt off her legs she rolled around to lie on her stomach on top of her pillow, hugging it tightly against her chest. I guess she was embarrassed about being topless out here in the open. She only had her panties left on her body by now, the white fabric only a slight contrast to the pale skin of her thighs and lower back. Mika looked timidly up at me and Josie who had already gotten our hands full with some more sun lotion, and we each began working our way up over Mika’s legs, starting with her feet. Using liberal amounts of the sun lotion, we slowly progressed further up over her lower legs and thighs when I noticed that Josie had apparently not applied any lotion to the back of Mika’s neck. That spot is tricky.

“Oh… Josie, can you take care of the rest down here? I just need to cover up some spots up top.”

“Huh? Okay.”

I scooted up to put some lotion on Mika’s neck. The last thing I wanted in the world was a redneck girlfriend. Meanwhile, I saw how Josie firmly pushed Mika’s legs slightly apart so she could do her inner thighs. Her small fingers were only a few centimeters away from Mika’s pantyclad privates.

“Hey, David…?”

With her hands still on Mika’s thighs, Josie looked up at me.

“Isn’t she gonna get an ugly tan line down here over her butt?”

“Yeah… Probably.”

“Those look so stupid. Your skin is all tanned, and then you got this big imprint of your underwear. It looks so childish.”

“Yeah, I guess….?”

Was Josie…? She glanced down at Mika’s bottom, while Mika was nervously following our conversation.

“David, don’t you think… We should take them off, then…?”

“... Sure.”

I shrugged as if pretending that it didn’t sound like a really good idea, and I watched Josie slowly put her fingers down under the waistband of Mika’s panties to pull them down over the curvatures of her small butt. Josie was staring at her friend rather intensely, but stopped once she got the underwear down to Mika’s inner thighs.

“Uh, David…? Can you come here for a second?”


Mika, having buried her face in her pillow by now, whined cutely while I scooted back down to kneel besides Mika’s legs. Josie, sitting on her shins on the other side, was still holding onto Mika’s panties. Looking down between Mika’s thighs, I saw a thin string of wetness connecting Mika’s labia to the crotch of her underwear. I guess she hadn’t exactly wanted us to know that she had gotten turned on from the massage of her body.

“What is that…? Is it sweat?”


I knew of course that it wasn’t sweat, but… Couldn’t hurt to be sure, right? I reached down and spread the lower part of Mika’s butt open, the thin line of her vagina also peeling slightly apart to reveal where the liquid was coming from. Both me and Josie leaned our heads in over Mika to get a proper look.

“Looks like someone likes laying around naked outside, huh…!”

“Nooo…! Uuu..”

Mika whined again at being teased by me, and Josie giggled and watched as I pulled Mika’s panties the rest of the way down and off her legs. She was completely naked now. I held the bottle of sun lotion out for Josie.

“You were in the middle of taking care of things down here, right?”


Even though they had touched each other yesterday with the help of the sponge, Josie blushed a bit at the prospect of having to rub her friend’s butt with her bare hands. I leaned back to oversee Josie thoroughly massage Mika’s behind, and being very careful with her fingers, she even managed to get pretty close to the precious, delicate areas between Mika’s legs. Mika kept hiding her face in her pillow, laying still for us.

“There. Good job.”

I nodded and patted Josie’s head, much to her delight.

“Now there won’t be a single ray of UVA or UVB that can tarnish the skin of my girl here.”

Josie nodded, admiring the view of Mika’s naked, glistening body.

“Now it’s your turn.”


Immediately turning her head towards me, Josie stared at me in disbelief.

“... What? Do you have sun-resistant skin, or something?”

Mika had raised her head by now, looking back over her shoulder at us.

“But… But…”

Josie stuttered a few times, turning her head back and forth to stare at Mika and me.

“Come over here sweetie, it’s time to repay the favour.”

Mika got up to sit on her shins so that she was ready to lather her friend in sunscreen, apparently having become comfortable with her nudity now that she knew that Josie would be getting the same treatment that she had just received. Josie pouted but recognized that it was only fair that she had to go through the same ordeal as her friend. Sitting down with her legs crossed, she stripped her spaghetti strap shirt off her body so that we could put sunscreen on her. We followed the same pattern as before, with Mika doing Josie’s back while I took care of the front. I took especially good care of her small breasts, which made Josie close her eyes and bite her lip while I circled my fingers around her small, pink nipples. The sunscreen was running low at this point, I better apologize to my uncle later for using so much of it. That shit is surprisingly expensive, for some reason. Must be all the titanium that goes into it.

Once we were done with Josie’s upper body, she opened her eyes to look pleadingly at me.

“Do… Do we have to do my whole body?”

“Of course. Skin cancer can get to your legs too, you know.”

Josie nervously scratched her hair.

“M-maybe this is fine for today, y’know, being outside and all. I’m satisfied! Let’s go back in and-”

I wasn’t gonna let her weasel out of this now that we had come this far, so I grabbed Josie by the waist and flipped her down on her stomach, in the same position as Mika had been in before.

“Hey…! W-who gave you permission to…”

Even though she was squirming around quite a bit, she wasn’t putting up much of a struggle and I could easily yank her frilly goth-y skirt down over her legs. I figured that I might as well go all the way, so I pulled her panties down too and got them off her feet. Josie was now completely nude just like Mika, laying still but glaring up at me. Sitting on either side of Josie’s legs, Mika and I got to work on covering her lower body in lotion. Josie folded her arms under her head, having resigned herself to her fate.

“Hmph…! I have never been this much naked in front of other people until I came out here.”

“It’ll be good for you to get some sun. You’re probably extremely deficient in vitamin D.”

“Ugh… It doesn’t surprise me that you wanna give me some D.”

Mika glanced up at me, but I just chuckled.

“Nah… I think it’ll be someone else who’ll end up getting some D later today.”

It didn’t take long for that ‘later today’ to come. While Mika did Josie’s legs I took care of her cute little butt, though I didn’t perform the same kind of inspection as I had done on Mika’s nether regions earlier. Just like with Mika, there was barely anything to see between Josie’s legs - just a thin slit running through the middle, with just a hint of a depression at where the entrance to her vagina would be, and then another little place that I ‘accidentally’ slipped a finger across while applying the sunscreen.

“Eek! Hey, where are you touching?!”

“Oops, my bad. But that area needs to be protected too.”

We were all done with Josie now, but Mika seemed to be thinking about my comment.

“... It does…? But… We didn’t put any sunscreen on… Um… Down there…”

“Hm, yeah, we didn’t. I don’t think you’re supposed to put it directly on, you know.”

Josie snorted.

“You put something else that kinda looks like sun lotion all over Mika down there all the time, though!”

I sat back with my legs crossed, while Mika seemed to churn her brain some more.

“Mayb-.... Maybe it will also protect against the sun, just a little bit…? Since… Since it kinda looks the same way…”

Was she serious, or did she just want the D already? What a way to say it.

“Alright, tell you what. I don’t wanna get burned either myself, so if you help put some lotion on me, then I’ll put a bit of my own special lotion on you too.”

The two naked girls looked at each other, thinking it over. I wouldn’t have complained if they had disregarded my offer as a joke, as I had already gotten more than I had bargained for. I was sitting by myself with a naked eleven year old and a naked thirteen year old, both covered almost from head to toe in sun lotion that made their skin almost sparkle in the bright sunlight. Yet, to my surprise, they hesitantly nodded to each other before turning back to me, Josie shyly sitting up.

“O-okay. Deal.”

Almost not being able to believe my luck, I began undressing. I had almost accepted not having any sex on this last day in the summerhouse, but if I got naked too then it would be pretty unlikely that I didn’t end up on top of Mika sooner or later. Once I had gotten my t-shirt and jeans off, the girls sat on their shins on either side of me and worked together to lube me up with the sun lotion. Sure enough, the cream was pretty cold but the feeling of having four small hands roam all around on my bare skin made it worth it. Once they had done my upper body and legs, I slipped my boxers off after which Mika slowly did my hips and groin while Josie watched us. When her hands reached my penis, it was already hard and waiting for her.

“Just keep going like that. I’ll let you know when the lotion is about to come out.”

Mika nodded and began stroking my shaft, kinda using the sun lotion as lube. Ahh, this was heaven… A clear sky, birds singing in the trees, getting a handjob from my cute little girlfriend with her even littler and just as cute friend looking on. I would have liked to have her suck me off as well, but I don’t think the sun lotion would have made for a very appealing taste. Since it had now been approximately 24 hours since I last had ejaculated, it didn’t take long for the tingling sensation to build up.

“Alright, let’s get ready… Josie, get on your back and spread your legs.”


“We gotta put some lotion on you down there, right? Come on.”

Josie looked like she was about to die from embarrassment, but with me and Mika waiting she reluctantly lied down and spread her legs far to the sides, knees drawn up a bit so she was fully opened up for us. She had put an arm over her eyes in shame.

“Sheesh… This is so embarrassing…”

Mika stroked me a little faster.

“Hey, use your fingers to spread yourself open down there too. We gotta make sure we get everything covered.”

Josie raised her head to stare up at me.


“Yeah. Come on.”

With a small mewl of protest, Josie brought her hands down to her crotch and placed her fingers on each side of her vagina to pull her labia to the sides. I broke away from Mika and moved over to get in position in front of Josie’s hips, almost as if I was about to enter her. Giving my shaft a few quick and hard pumps myself, the sight of how Josie was submissively holding herself open for me helped bring me over the edge, and pointing myself downward, I shot out a couple of thick streams of semen that hit the pink flesh of Josie’s opened vagina. She still had her head raised up, watching her privates get covered in gooey jizz.


I sat back and wiped my forehead. I had gotten quite sweaty. Josie let go of herself, and brought her hands up to see how they had strings of cum hanging between her fingers.

“Better rub it in to make sure it’ll cover everything. Need a hand with that?”

“N-no, I can do that myself…!”

Keeping her legs open, Josie brought her hands back down and began rubbing my sperm around all over her vagina. Meanwhile, Mika put her hands on my thighs and made puppy-eyes up at me.

“I… I don’t wanna get burned down there either…”

I smiled down to her and patted her head.

“I know, sweetie. You want some lotion too, right?”

Mika nodded with a funny mixture of eagerness and embarrassment.

“Alright. I don’t think I can go again so soon twice in a row, though… At least not with just the help of your hands.”

“T-then… What can we do…?”


I ran my hand down over Mika’s bare back and glanced down over her glistering body. The handjob had been nice, but I recognized that this was my chance to get my daily sex.

“With you, I think you’re a big enough girl to be able to handle an… internal injection, instead of an external application.”

“... huh?”

Josie had closed her legs at this point, though she had kept a hand nudged in between them. She was looking at us in anticipation, probably knowing what I meant.

“What I mean is, it might require a bit of extra work to get some more lotion out right away.”

“O-oh… Okay… What do I do?”

“Hmm… Try to lie down on your stomach, with a pillow below your hips, then I’ll see what I can do.”


Mika did as she was told, and moved her pillow over so she could lie down with her crotch on top of it. This made her butt stick up in the air a little bit, and she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder.

“T-then what…?”

I moved up to straddle Mika’s legs, our skin feeling slick against each other thanks to the sun lotion. The view below me was already making me hard again, though I could only briefly see the outside of Mika’s vagina since her legs were tightly closed in this position.

“See if you can reach around and open yourself up for me. Like Josie did.”

Mika looked more embarrassed than ever, and seemingly became unable to face us from having to present herself to me like that, since she put her forehead down on the blanket to hide her face. She then slowly reached her hands down to her butt, and grabbing onto the area where her buttocks met her thighs, she tried to pull herself open as much as she could. While it still looked like it was gonna be a tight fit - thanks to Mika’s slim hips - the bottom part of her labia peeled apart just enough for me to be able to sense the tiny little hole that laid hidden inside her folds. The wetness from when Josie had removed her panties was still there, and it was still obviously not sweat. Pointing my penis downwards once again, I leaned forward and placed the tip at her entrance.


Mika made a cute little sound and momentarily tensed up in anticipation of what was about to happen. With my knees straddling over Mika’s thighs, she wasn’t able to spread her legs but tried instead to use a bit more force in holding her butt open for me, I suppose in an attempt to make it less tight and thus difficult for her to get penetrated. Josie had moved up on her side to watch us, and I didn’t have to guess any more what the hand between her closed legs were doing - she was definitely slowly rubbing herself. Just to make sure that all of her skin was covered in my sun-blocking semen, I’m sure she would say.

Even though I had a good view of Mika’s privates, thanks to the pillow and how Mika was holding herself open for me, I still made sure that I had placed the tip of my penis at the correct hole before I began applying pressure by moving forward. The head of my penis forced its way in between Mika’s outstretched folds, causing her to make a muffled moan down against the picnic blanket. Due to our position, it was tight as hell so she kept holding herself open while I made my way inside her with a few slow, long thrusts. Once the lower part of my abdomen made contact with her butt, she let go of herself and I paused to let my little girl get her bearings. Breathing heavily, Mika hazily reached over to grab another pillow and put it under her chest so she could hug it for support. Josie scooted a bit closer, looking at Mika with big eyes.

“... You okay?”

“Y-yeah… Nhh… Just… Feels so big…”

“Yeah, I bet…”

Slipping her hand out from between her legs, Josie held her index fingers out as if measuring something, placing one finger on the side of Mika’s hips and the other finger up on the side of her stomach.

“It must be like… Reaching almost all the way up to your belly button…”

“N-nnhh… Sure feels like it…”

I chuckled and gave Mika’s butt a rub.

“I don’t think it’s going that far in. But pretty far, yeah.”

Josie giggled and laid back with a hand between her legs again, watching us as I began slowly moving my hips back and forth.

“And I thought I had a hard time getting some of David’s special sun lotion, huh!”

I couldn’t tell if Josie was envious or relieved that she hadn’t had to go through this to get her privates covered in my jizz, but for now it seemed like she was sufficiently entertained by watching her friend clutching her pillow while she got filled up with dick from behind. Since I had just orgasmed minutes before, I could feel that I was too sensitive to do anything but move in the slowest rhythm I could muster, meaning that this would probably take a while. Good thing we had almost all day.

Josie eventually rolled over on her stomach, but she kept visibly touching herself. I was pretty thankful that Mika was the quiet type during sex; while she made plenty of small, strained sounds, they were muted even more than usual from being uttered down into the pillow she was burying her face down in. Even though there were no paths or roads on the other side of the hedges surrounding my uncle’s yard, it would still be pretty clear that it wasn’t exactly a full-grown woman making these sounds if anyone happened to hear her voice.

I felt myself being able to speed up my thrusts a little bit, but the weather was preventing me from exerting as much effort as I would have wanted to. With the sun beaming down on my naked back, I could feel that I would simply overheat if I were to move around too much. Poor Mika seemed to be in it for the long haul. Josie had an easier time getting off, it seemed, and I noticed how she had closed her eyes and had begun raising her butt a little bit up in the air. As she was lying next to us, I couldn’t see just what her hand was doing between her legs, but she eventually beat me to the punch of coming to a climax. She suddenly pressed her face down against the picnic blanket and made a series of unexpectedly vocal moans, her body visibly tensing up before becoming fully relaxed. I paused my thrusts as both me and Mika were looking surprised over at her.

“Whu-... what?”

Josie had opened her eyes and was hazily looking back at us, her face flustered and covered with drops of sweat. Mika didn’t say anything, and from the look on her face I guessed that it was also the first time she had witnessed her friend masturbating.

“What?... now that I’ve seen you two do it plenty of times, I don’t care if you see me… um…”

I shrugged, trying to convey that it wasn’t a big deal.

“Yeah, you’re right I guess. You can do it if we do it.”

“... mhm..”

Appearing pretty serene by now, Josie slumped back down on her stomach with her arms down her sides, relaxing while she watched me begin to go at it on top of Mika again. My back was beginning to get tired from sitting upright, so I laid down on top of Mika while placing my weight on my elbows so she wouldn’t get too flattened by me. Even though it would make it even warmer for me, it was nice to get close to Mika again and I hugged her tightly while continuing the slow and steady oscillations of my hips. With our naked bodies now pressed together - my stomach and chest touching almost all of Mika’s back - the sun lotion and our sweat were mixing together to make it a very… slippery experience.

As much as I had been enjoying the slow pace, after a while I managed to speed up enough to make me cum again. Josie had at some point kinda lost interest, and was just lazing around and enjoying the sun. After I had tightly squeezed Mika in my arms while my penis squeezed a load of sperm into her, I slowly got off and plopped down between the two girls. I was pretty much drenched in sweat, and so was Mika. She hadn’t made a move yet, and was probably relieved to have some cool, fresh air dry off her sweaty backside and butt. Josie had raised her head and was looking at us again.

“Wow, that took a while. Trying to set a new record?”

“Ha-ha. Sure, let’s say that. Phew… Now I’m also done for today.”

“Hey… Mika hasn’t, um, cummed, right?”

I cracked open a beer and took a big gulp, not caring that it had gotten pretty warm by now. Glancing down at my girlfriend, I shook my head and wiped my lips with the back of my hand.

“I don’t think so, I was probably not going fast enough. It’s just too hot.”

Mika fluttered her eyes open, shyly looking back up at us.

“It’s… okay…”


Josie seemed to take pity on her, which made me think that she might be happy to get another opportunity to help her friend out again.

“Hey, we still need to spread the, uh, lotion around on Mika, like you did, Josie. Do you think you can help her?”

“What, me?!”

Both of the girls looked shocked at me.

“Yeah. Then you can also, y’know, help her cum. Two flies with one slap.”

“But why me…?! Why can’t you do it?!”

I leaned back and wiped some sweat from my forehead.

“I’m totally spent, I don’t have the energy. You also know better than me how to do it, since you just did it on yourself.”


“You’re tired too, right Mika?”

The girls looked hesitatingly at each other. They were still not protesting… I was really beginning to think that I could make them do almost anything with each other by just wording it correctly. They might not be lesbians and develop feelings for each other, but… They both seemed strangely willing to follow my requests.

“You also did a good job with yourself, right? You haven’t been burned anywhere, right?”

Josie sat up with her legs crossed and shook her head.

“Let me see. Better make sure.”

I had my eyes set on Josie’s crotch, and she slowly unfolded her legs to show her vagina to me. With a subtle gesture of my hands, she then reached down with a cute pout and spread her labia so I could see her pink insides again.

“Yep, doesn’t look burned anywhere. Just do the same to Mika, the sun is shining right down on her now that I’m not on top of her anymore.”

The girls locked eyes again, and Mika slowly made the first move by rolling over on her back, propping herself up with her elbows. She drew her legs up a bit, but only slightly spread as if she was unsure of whether Josie was gonna come over to help her or not. But seeing her friend make herself ready, she did. Josie cautiously crawled over to sit mermaid-style beside Mika, and they both glanced down at Mika’s crotch. I made sure to sit opposite the girls so that I would have a good view of them, and as Mika spread her legs a bit more I could see her vagina glistening with various fluids. Most of it seemed to be sweat, though, as it didn’t look like much of my sperm was flowing out of her.

The girls were both biting their lips by now - I guess the habit had spread from one of them to the other? - and Josie nervously reached down between Mika’s legs with one of her hands. Mika opened her legs a bit more, and Josie looked like she was really concentrating on her task while she ran her fingers down the length of Mika’s slit. She touched upon some of the wetness, and began spreading it around by making slow circles over Mika’s vagina. Mika seemed a bit more relaxed than her friend, but her chest was rising and falling a bit faster than usual.

“There’s… Uh… There’s not really any… lotion…?”

Josie looked to me for help. I scooted a bit closer.

“Hmm. Maybe it’s still all inside. Try spreading it open for a bit.”

The girls were already at a maximum level of flusteredness thanks to the heat, but they both seemed to get a little hotter and a little redder on their cheeks. Following my advice, Josie put her index and her middle finger on Mika’s labia, spreading her vagina open just a bit. There was a bit of extra wetness visible down at the bottom, but not much. I guess I had given Josie most of what I had before. Speaking of which… Glancing over at her crotch, she was still sticky all over between her legs and on her inner thighs. But back to the task at hand.

“See if you can use your fingers to get it out.”

Mika’s legs were twitching a bit as if she considered closing them to back out of the situation, but she didn’t fully commit and kept her legs apart to let Josie continue touching her in her most private of places. All three of us watched attentively as Josie tried to find the opening of Mika’s vagina, and with a small exhalation of air from my girlfriend, Josie sunk two of her small, thin fingers inside the small hole that had been harboring my penis just a minute ago.

“Wow… It feels so… Weird… It’s all sticky.”

“Really? More sticky than inside yourself?”

Josie looked at me with confusion.

“I… I didn’t put my fingers inside myself down there, dumbass!”

Huh, I guess she hadn’t moved past just rubbing herself on the outside. I just smiled with a shrug at Josie’s stab at me, and we both turned our attention back to Mika.

“See if you can dig some of my lotion out, so you can spread it around.”

Josie nodded slightly and twisted her wrist slightly, which caused Mika to groan out and close her eyes halfways. Josie then slowly pulled her hand back and began rubbing her fingers up and down over Mika’s reddened slit again. I could see how she was managing to spread a sticky mix of white and transparent fluid all over Mika’s vagina.

“Good job. See if you can get some more, and try to apply it the same way you were touching yourself before.”

Josie rolled her eyes at my wording, but she slid her fingers back inside Mika again who drew a sharp breath. I just now realized that I might have been edging her with my slow fucking before, and now Josie was edging her on even further with her fingers.

“I don’t think anymore than this is necessary to protect her against the sun.”

Josie glanced at me while she scooped up some more cum from inside of Mika, her movements clearly having an effect on her friend.

“No, I guess not. But I can see that she needs to cum now after you’ve been touching her so much. Just keep going, you’ll know when you’re done.”

“And just who is it who’s making me touch her…! Ugh. I’m only doing it because she’s my best friend, okay?!”

Josie stuck her tongue out at me, but I just nodded and leaned back to enjoy the show. Josie understood how to alternate between having her finger inside Mika’s body and using the wetness she was finding in there to rub her friend in just the right spot a bit further up. Mika had closed her eyes fully by now, and her lips were tightly pressed together in a thin line as she looked like she was torn between being embarrassed of having Josie masturbate her, and the effect it had on her body. Josie began keeping an eye on Mika’s face too, and adjusted her rubs in response to Mika’s increasingly strained facial expressions and quiet moans.

Josie soon figured out that she should speed her movements up to get the biggest amounts of gasps and groans out of Mika. She didn’t have to keep it up for long, because Mika suddenly curled forward and shot both of her hands down between her legs, putting them on top of Josie’s to forcefully press her friend’s fingers deeper inside her. Josie almost recoiled back at the sudden reaction, but stayed still as we both watched Mika treble slightly while she let out three or four hoarse, long moans. She then slowly came down from it, and lowered herself back down to lie flat on the blanket with her arms at her sides. Josie looked on in awe, forgetting for a few seconds to take her fingers out of Mika’s wettened pussy.

“Whoa… That looked much more, um… intense, than mine..”

“Yeah, that was a pretty big one. Probably because she had my dick inside her for so long.”

Josie turned her head to look at me.

“Will… Will I also get like that i-if… I had a dick in me…?”

“Maybe. Who knows.”

Mika was out of it, laying completely still with only her bare chest rising and falling rapidly as she caught her breath. Josie held her hand up in front of her face, long strings of stickiness dangling between her fingers again.

“Hey, why don’t you try tasting it?”

“What?! Ew…!”

Josie looked at me in disgust and quickly wiped her hand on the grass.

“Ew ew ew. You’re gross, David.”

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Now that all three of us had cum today, with Josie being a first at least in front of me, it was probably time to turn the sexy stuff down a notch. I took another big gulp of my beer and looked up at the blue sky. While it was sad that our little vacation up here was coming to an end, I was happy that summer was finally beginning to arrive. We spent the rest of the time just lazing around to nap, be on our phones, eat lunch (with me and Mika taking our pill each), and in Mika’s case, read some more about plants in the book she had found yesterday. The girls were mostly either on their backs or on their bellies, but always with their legs spread and crotches facing the sun so that the “lotion” between their legs could dry before we had to get dressed to go home. Me and Mika couldn’t cuddle much because it was just too hot at this point, but she received lots of rubs on her tummy and on her butt. I didn’t touch Josie, but was content with having an unrestricted view of her naked body in its entirety.

Sadly, the good times had to come to an end, and we began packing up and cleaning up after ourselves. It felt a little gross getting dressed while still being sticky with sun lotion and - to a lesser degree - semen, but none of us wanted to bother getting in the tub again, and we didn’t have the time or the energy for the activities that would undoubtedly follow if we got in there anyways. I sent a text message to my uncle while the girls worked together to change the sheets, thanking him for letting me stay and apologizing for having a little too much to drink and puking in the bed, mentioning that the beddings we had put in the corner of the bedroom needed a good cleaning.

While the walk back to the station was a bit melancholic, we were all in good spirits and chatting and joking freely the whole time. Mika had put her black choker on again, and it looked really good combined with her black hoodie and black jeans. Josie stood out in her own way too with her light-pink coat, so I felt kinda out of place walking alongside them in my boring blue jeans and beige jacket. I just hoped that people would think that I’m their older brother or something… It’s not too weird for an older brother to hold hands with his two younger sisters at the same time, right?

Thankfully, there weren't a lot of other passengers around us during the train ride home. Mika still felt a little uneasy, but it helped that we let her sit in the middle so she was sandwiched in between Josie and me, and Josie had promised to escort Mika all the way to the station where Mika had to change trains to make sure she would have an easy time getting home. We had bought some pastries in the store by the station for an easy dinner, and were eating while watching the sun set in the distance while various kinds of landscapes zipped past us outside the window… I desperately wished that the train tracks would go on forever, I didn’t want this to end. I didn’t want to let go of Mika and let her go home to her mom, and her stupid school and her stupid little town.

I also realized that I actually, for the first time, wanted to hang out more with Josie too. I didn’t think of her as an annoying and irritating little brat anymore, like I had in the beginning, now I thought of her as a friend, someone I could actually have fun with and joke around with and talk about games with and… Wait, did I only think of her as a friend? The events from yesterday flashed through my mind. I glanced down at her, and she turned her head to give me a huge smile.

“This was actually a really fun weekend! I thought it would be pretty boring.”

“Yeah well, sorry that my uncle isn’t a gamerrrrr, with a big TV and game consoles and an amusement park next door.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that? Like, what does he DO all day when he is there?”

“He talks with his guests, I guess. He doesn’t go there alone.”

The swaying motions and monotone sounds of the train tracks seemed to be lulling Mika to a sleep after she was done eating, as she was now resting her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed. She didn’t join in on our conversation at least… Had I worn her out with all the embarrassing situations I had been putting her in, or something? Maybe she didn’t get enough sleep at home. Josie got done eating too, and washed her dinner down with some soda before she got back to me.

“Well, anyways…. Thanks for having us over as guests too. I’ve never had that kind of, hmm… Vacation, I guess. I don’t think Mika has either.”

“Really? You’ve never been on vacation?”

Josie rolled her eyes, but kept smiling at me.

“Dumbass! Of course I have. But my parents only wanna go to big cities around the world. They’re not into that… so-called nature stuff.”


“Yeah. Not enough bars out in the woods, I guess!”

We laughed silently.

“... What about Mika?”

“Oh, uh… I guess she has gone to like, Germany or Estonia or somewhere nearby, a few times when she was younger. But… Then her parents got divorced.”

We both looked down at my sleeping girlfriend.

“Huh. Doesn’t her mom take her anywhere?”

“... No… It’s not like she has a lot of money, and… You know Mika, she doesn’t like…”

“... Yeah… She doesn’t like going out much.”

Josie nodded.

“Too many people in the airport. And in train stations, most of ‘em. I think she was only able to do it this time, I mean, take the train alone last friday, because it was so late in the day.”

“Oh, yeah. And even then she didn’t want to go at first. But she’s fine with traveling back and forth between her city and your place, right?”

Josie nodded again.

“Yeah, since she’s used to that route. Then it’s not so scary.”

After a few seconds, Josie leaned over towards me. She lowered her voice to a whisper.

“... I kinda think that… It’s kinda why her parents got divorced. Her dad couldn’t, like…”

We both glanced at Mika, but she was still sleeping.

“... She got more and more difficult the older she got, her dad couldn’t deal with it. Or understand it, or somethin’. I dunno.”

“Oh… Damn.”

Josie nodded yet again, and her smile had been replaced with a sorrowful look. I reduced my voice to a whisper too.

“But… She’s got an ok relationship with her dad now, right? Didn’t she stay at his place during the festival?”


Josie nodded one more time.

“I don’t think they’re super close, but they do see each other sometimes. When he’s not abroad traveling, at least. I think she kinda… Tries to act normal in front of him.”

“Oh… I had no idea...”

Josie nodded for the last time before she leaned back in her seat.

“Hey, maybe she should tell him that she’s got a boyfriend now? That might make him think that his daughter is a little more normal now.”

I sighed. I could tell that Josie was joking, but this was the one thing I didn’t want her to joke about. I took a quick look around the train car to see if there could be anybody listening to us. Thankfully, the only other people on this train were sitting too far away to hear us, so I turned back towards Josie.

“Do you realise, DO. YOU. REALISE. SOMETHING? Let me tell you: If the parents of Mika hear your jokes, that you tell in this goddamn train, they could condemn our relationship, and we would have to break up? You get this goddamn idea outta your head here an' fast!“

“.... Jeez! Okay okay, I won’t say anything.”

“Thank you. Have you looked up what train Mika needs to take to get home?”

“I’m workin’ on it.”

Josie took out her phone and began looking up timetables.

“Get working on it, we’re almost at our stop.”


Man, this girl… She could still be annoying sometimes. But I was aware of the risk I was running by dating a thirteen year old and… Maybe… An eleven year old too? As if I didn’t have enough to worry about.

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Thanks for the update!

That was a fun scene with the sunscreen, I'm liking the banter and the hilarious "reluctance" from Josie. And also the complete nonchalence of Mika at all of it.

It makes sense that Josie would want what Mika has seeing that they have similar tastes and backgrounds. Whole thing has a very wholesome feel to it.

Anonymous 22/05/09(Mon)10:26 No. 27605 ID: 0f9912

I think I’m obsessed with this story

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im dieing for an anal scene, or anal play

thanks OP!

Anonymous 22/06/20(Mon)23:30 No. 27620 ID: 030224

Any other works besides this amazing one?

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The tails aren't enough for you?


Anonymous 22/07/05(Tue)08:44 No. 27627 ID: 0f9912

No, but yes. Okay the tail scenes were amazing.

Anonymous 22/07/11(Mon)08:29 No. 27630 ID: 6a64d1

Auther's notes/rants:

Wow, this chapter was a bitch to write, which is ironic since it is the only chaper without really anything sexy going on (so yeah, you can keep your pants on). I have about two or three more chapters in mind before I think it's time to roll it up.


We stayed in contact through our group chat until all three of us had safely made it home. Josie pondered whether it wouldn’t be a problem if someone realized that the girls now had a full body tan and would ask them how they had achieved not getting any tan lines. I suggested that they could say that they had gone to a tanning salon, but thanks to the sun lotion - the real one - their tans would probably not be dark enough for that to make sense. We just had to hope that nobody would notice that they had been sunbathing nude, and once they got home, they each reported back that it didn’t look like their skin had gotten noticeably darker.

It was nice to only have a four-day week, thanks to Monday having been a holiday, but it was still a drag to go back to school. It was even worse than usual to go to my classes and sit through the lectures, I couldn’t get the events of the weekend out of my head, both the good ones and the… weird ones. I kept thinking about the sudden change in Josie’s behavior towards me. What had happened? I thought back to when me and doggie-Mika had rolled around on the grass, and I had spotted Josie staring at us from the bedroom. I had looked like Josie had been thinking we were acting weird, but… Maybe she had felt envious? She had offered to basically take Mika’s place in bed that same night, too.

Ugh, thinking back to the things me and Mika had done over the weekend made me realize how much I already missed the physical closeness I had had with her, and to a lesser extent, with Josie too. The three of us had spent quite a number of hours closely snuggling together, often with little or no clothes on our bodies… Even the feeling of just holding hands was something I was longing for to an extreme degree all of a sudden, and now I had absolutely no one I could have any kind of physical contact with.

Come to think of it, I barely had any kind of real life contact with anyone… at all anymore. I still talked a little bit with my friend whom I had gone to the festival with the previous year whenever we were sitting in lectures together; he complained having accidentally broken his TI-82 a few days ago by slamming his backpack a bit too hard down on a table. Dumbass. I didn’t even know those things were still being used. I also still politely tried to smalltalk whenever I had to participate working in groups or in pairs, but… It’s like, I didn’t really care about it, and the others in my lectures didn’t care about me.

One day, bored out of my mind while our professor was discussing whether corporate social responsibility strategies can be genuine or just hidden attempts at greenwashing, I took a look around at my classmates. I mostly ended up focusing on the girls in my lecture, and I was… appalled by negatively I reacted to them. Lots of bleached hair, plucked eyebrows, makeup, brand-name clothes, expensive handbags, jewelry… Many of them seemed more appropriately dressed for going out for brunch at a fancy new eatery rather than attending a university lecture. Not to mention the stone-cold expressions on their faces, like they were trying to look as disengaged as possible, as if being here was barely worth their time. I felt disgusted, even though I knew that I was judging them too harshly and that most of them were of course nice, normal people. But… Is this what I’m supposed to be attracted to? Someone looking like they’re part of some kind of reality TV program?

I closed my eyes and tried to picture a girl I would actually be attracted to in my head. I imagined a small, petite girl sitting in my bed with a bowl of cereal in her hands. No make up, no nothing, just her long, brown hair, large brown eyes, and a pair of long, bare legs. She was only wearing a black hoodie and a black pair of panties, no designer clothes, no nothing, just a boring, plain-looking girl who had just woken up from a nap after playing video games all afternoon. Sure, she didn’t have the most expressive face either, but she was definitely a lot cuter compared to the resting bitch faces I was surrounded with in my classes. Oh man, how I missed her… I just wanted to jump right up on that bed, and have Mika come over to… Oh, it was time for some group work. I opened my eyes and turned to the guy on my right, and put on my best smile and most sociable behavior.

This is how the next couple of days went on. I hated it. At least, in addition to my regular chats with Mika most days when she had recess, I had begun texting a bit more with Josie too, though not a lot. We mostly just sent each other memes, and I couldn’t sense any difference in her attitude towards me compared to earlier. I also still went out to meet up with Mika in the woods, and while it was nice, it was clear that we were both getting a little exhausted, so we agreed to dial back how often we would rendezvous like this. Neither of us were really the type that enjoyed spending too much time away from the comfy safeness of home, and Mika especially never became fully able to be relaxed out in the open, so we were both looking forward to the next chance to have a sleepover - albeit for somewhat different reasons. I, of course, was very much yearning to have sex with Mika again, while I think that she, on the other hand, primarily just wanted to be alone with me (and optionally with Josie too) somewhere safe and comfortable, where she could peacefully relax with video games and anime sheltered away from the big, scary world. Of course, I assume that she was also fully aware that she would be spending most of that time with lots of my jizz inside of her. Even so, it felt good to know that Mika genuinely wanted to hang out, and that it wasn’t just me who was pushing her to sleep with me.

I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with my goal of being a good and diligent student, despite still attempting to give it my all by going to lectures and putting a lot of effort into my papers. On the bright side, my efforts of trying to find a job finally paid off after having sent out around two dozen applications, as I was invited to an interview at a large pharmaceutical company. That was a boost of confidence I sorely needed, because otherwise I felt like I was beginning to mentally slip into… What was it called again? My memory seemed to be deteriorating. Either that, or… I just had too much to think about.

At least things were fine with Mika, and we texted regularly about this and that. I was actually surprised with myself at how many different things I was able to converse about with a thirteen year old, although admittedly a slightly odd one. I kept texting with Josie too, but what was the deal with her? Had she just been messing with me? Did she just want to try kissing? I better just forget it. It’s not like she’s… I then heard someone ring the doorbell of my landlady’s apartment. I sat up in my bed and listened. The doors of the apartment were not exactly sound-proof, and the apartment itself was sufficiently small to allow me to faintly hear what was going on in my landlady’s living room if I didn’t have any music or anime playing, or gaming going on.

I could hear my landlady open the front door to the apartment. She talked with someone… A girl. Probably just a girl scout having a fundraiser, or something. Wait… I could hear they went into the living room, and talked some more. Okay, maybe not a girl scout, probably a… niece, or something like that. Whatever. I laid down again. Now where was I… Yeah, so I now had an opportunity to secure myself a prestigious student job, and as every student should know, having relevant work experience is more important than having good grades once you have graduated and need to get a “real” job to get your career started. You might even be able to stay with the same company. Thus, if I got the job I would be putting most of my effort there, even if my grades had to suffer. It would be impossible to… I then heard someone open the door to the hallway, and shortly thereafter, two loud, quick knocks on the door to my room. What is it now? I begrudgingly got out of bed and opened the door to my room.



I couldn’t think straight, much less say anything. Josie didn’t care and slipped past me to enter my room.

“Yuck...! It’s so stuffy in here.”

Kicking her shoes off, she nimbly jumped up on my bed to open my window. My landlady was nowhere to be seen in the hallway, I guess she had simply told Josie to go ahead and proceed to my room on her own. I slowly closed my door, and turned to my unexpected visitor.

“Jeez David, what is going on in here? Where did all this garbage come from?”

Josie jumped down from my bed and picked up some of the empty beer cans that were cluttering my desk with an expression on her face that clearly told me how she disapproved of my choice of beverage. She was wearing a pair of slim dark blue jeans, and an open jacket under which she wore a black t-shirt with a big graphic print of some cartoon characters I couldn’t recognize. Josie put the cans off to the side and turned around to begin stacking a bunch of empty fast food boxes sitting on my nightstand in an attempt to create some order in the chaos.

“What… What…”

I couldn’t muster anything more than an awkward stutter. I still didn’t know what was going on, and I was pretty embarrassed at the state of my room. Who just suddenly drops by with no warning like this without first sending a text in this day and age, honestly? At least I was sufficiently well-groomed myself, since I had been to a lecture that day. Josie turned towards me and put her hands on her hips with an accusing look on her face.

“What ‘what’, what?”

“... Where’s… Mika?”

I turned to look at my closed door, as if Mika was just running a little late and would come knocking any second now. Had I made plans with the girls I had forgotten about? But this wasn’t a weekend or a holiday, it was just a normal, stupid-ass thursday. I looked at Josie again, who looked… a little hurt.

“...Probably at home, duh! I’m not her mommy, how should I know!?”

“Then… Then… Why are YOU here?! My landlady….”

I pointed towards the direction of the living room. This is it, I thought… I had been found out. Now my landlady knew that I was having girls over who was not exactly around my own age. It’s over. Josie smirked at me while she took her jacket off, throwing it onto my bed.

“Why, I’m here to get some help with my homework, of course! You have, for your information, signed yourself up as a personal tutor.”

“I have…?”

“Being a university student, it’s an obvious method of earning yourself a bit of extra money, right?”

“I… guess… but…”

“So, that’s what I told your landlady. She seems pretty nice, by the way.”

Oh, of course. Another scheme from Josie. I put a hand on my head, trying to get my thoughts under control.

“Okay, okay. But don’t use the front door, okay? I’ve got my own entrance through the back door, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Oopsie!”

I sighed and looked around.

“... So did you bring any homework at least?”

“Nah, it’s not like I got any I need help with. Come on David, it’s obviously just something I told her in order to-”

I sighed again.

“At least bring SOMEthing next time. It doesn’t make sense to come to get help with homework you didn’t bring.”

“Next time?!”

Josie lit up, shining brightly with a big smile on her face. Damn, what had I just agreed to?

“Uh, sure.”

I sat down on my computer chair, and Josie plumped herself down on my bed.

“... So really… What did you come here for?”

Josie looked a little offended again, but quickly covered it up by pouting cutely.

“What? I can’t come over to hang out?”

“Sure, I mean… Uh, yeah.”

Josie smiled again, and began idly kicking her legs back and forth while looking around at my room. As if it looked any different from last time she was here… The silence got pretty awkward.

“But uuh… Aren’t you gonna get bored? I kinda have to work on a paper, so… It’s not like you can play on my computer.”

“It’s fine! Don’t mind me.”

I reached over to turn my computer on. It was actually true that I had a paper due, so… I might as well try to focus on that. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do together with Josie, now that she was here alone with me. Just why had she come here, if not to have fun and be entertained by playing video games with me? Josie apparently felt my suspicion, as she looked down at the floor and brushed some of her hair behind her ear.

“Okay okay, yeah, my parents are having people over. Today’s “little friday”, as they call it.”

“Ooh, okay. It’s fine, I just gotta, you know, focus on my own homework today.”


I understood what Josie was trying to say; her house was probably about to become a little too chaotic for her again today. She laid down on her stomach facing away from me on top of my duvet and took out her phone while I turned around to open up my essay. It felt a little weird at first, but… Both Josie and her phone stayed quiet, so it wasn’t a problem for me to concentrate on my paper. Actually, after a while, it even felt… Nice, in a way. To have someone else in here with me, a place where I was otherwise always alone. Just the mere presence of another human being in my vicinity, as evident from the almost inaudible sound of Josie’s breathing and the occasional ruffling of my beddings when she moved around, was actually pretty comfy. It reminded me of Josie’s first sleepover here, when the three of us had worked in silence focusing on the girls’ homework. It got me into a good flow of academic thinking, and I was really getting some exquisite sentences typed out, if I’d dare say so myself. Especially considering that I wasn’t writing in my native language, seeing as the course language for my program was English… I was really able to craft some true linguistic gold nuggets about the finer nuances of the disconnection between environmental scandals and stock performance, of which it is evident that-

“Hey… Do you wanna watch some anime, or somethin’?”

Poof, there went my train of thought. I tried to get them back on track for a second. but gave up and spun around on my chair. Josie was looking at me over her shoulder with a slightly shy look on her face.

“... Look, I really gotta make some progress on this paper. I can put some episodes on my tablet that you can watch with earphones on.”

It’s not that I didn’t want to watch anime with Josie, but I had been cutting it real close with my last few term papers, and I could feel that I really was in the zone right now writing this one. Josie’s eyes flickered away.

“... Nah, it’s fine. Nevermind.”

She turned back to her phone, and I turned back to my computer with a slight frown on my face. I re-read the last paragraph I had written, and marked it as requiring re-writing. It’s easy enough to type out something that mostly makes sense in itself, but it almost never comes out right the first time. Having to revise all the crap you’ve been spewing out across page after page of an innocent text document often takes just as much time and effort as typing it all out in the first place. Even so, before I had noticed it, I had managed to draft out a few more pages before Josie interrupted me again. She had gotten up from my bed and quietly stepped over to stand by my side, putting her hands on the top of the backrest of my chair while looking at the screen.

“Whacha writin’ about?”

“Oh, just some super boring stuff. How companies try to make money, and stuff like that.”


I leaned back and yawned, and satisfied with my output I granted myself a mental break. Josie immediately picked up on this.

“Wanna… Take a break and play somethin’ with me?”

“Sure, but… I don’t think I have any games with local co-op.”

“I know some!”

Back to her enthusiastic self, Josie sprung up to sit on my lap and took over on my computer to navigate to a website full of flash games. While she had her usual smile on right now, I thought to myself that she had otherwise been acting a little… odd. It’s not like her to ASK me if I wanna watch anime or play games, is it? I didn’t get much time to ponder it, as she had quickly found a game we could play. It was pretty confusing, but basically we each controlled a huge, flying worm that had to ram the other one into bottomless pits. The mood quickly heated up as we battled it out, though we also talked a little about various, different stuff.

Josie asked me a little bit more about my classes. It was pretty challenging explaining the contents of my courses to someone her age, but I told her about how managers in companies were often the layer between the actual workers and the upper layers, and what kinds of problems that could create. She was surprisingly adept at understanding it, and even began making jokes off of it. She wondered if someone was in charge of managing the bottomless pits in the game we were playing, and what terrible bind they would find themselves in if they one day found out that a pit was, in fact, not bottomless. It was pure nonsense, but I guess that’s what made it so weirdly funny. We had fun until Josie had to go home, after which I felt like shit. I reasoned that Josie probably hadn’t told, and wouldn’t tell, Mika about this. It didn’t feel right.

Even so, I wasn’t surprised when Josie came to visit again a couple of days later. She texted me one early afternoon all of a sudden, asking if I could come down and let her in through the backstairs entrance. I didn’t appreciate that I had to leave a pretty good game of Counter-Strike: Source, but if she really was down in the back alley behind the apartment complex, I had better go down and let her in. Putting my shoes on, I made my way down the stairs relieved that my landlady hadn’t come home yet, at least not as far as I knew. Opening the door down at the ground level, Josie gave me a wide smile and a “Hey!” before she nimbly slid past me and began up the stairs. She was wearing pretty much the same as last time; slim jeans and a jacket. Following after her, I would have had an excellent chance of getting a glimpse of her underwear while we ascended the narrow staircase if she had been wearing a skirt… Had abandoning the traditional values of the past really been worth it? I noticed Josie had brought her school backpack with her this time, just like I had asked her.

Arriving at my room, Josie took her backpack, shoes and jacket off and hopped up on my bed. I sat down on my chair, and glanced at my computer monitor that was idly displaying the main menu of my video game. We sat still for a few awkward seconds, with Josie glancing around my room.

“Hey, you’re keeping it cleaner now, at least.”

“Uh, yeah. I guess.”


The silence became awkward again.

“... Did you come here directly from school just now?”

“Yup! Today was super boring. Just more weird stuff that I’m sure I’m never gonna use when I grow up.”

Josie rolled her eyes, but I didn’t pry into what useless stuff she had had to learn about in school today.

“How did you know I was home?”

Josie looked at me and tilted her head questioningly.

“It’s only early afternoon, some days I still have classes this late. I might still have been at my university.”


Josie looked up into the corner with a crooked smile.

“I guess I should text you before I go here, huh?”

“Yeah, But… Like, why are you coming here in the first place? I doubt you actually need help with your homework.”

I half-regretted my choice of words, but I couldn’t think of any other way to say it either. What did she want? Josie looked at me with a subtle, but obviously hurt look in her eyes.

“... You don’t want me to come over?”

“No no, I mean, yes, I do! What kinda guy wouldn’t want a cute girl coming over to hang out? I just mean… What’s fun about coming over here? Isn’t it more fun just going home, or hanging out with your friends instead?”

My flattery seemed to work, and Josie awkwardly began twiddling her thumbs together with a slight smile having replaced her hurt expression. She looked down at her hands before answering.

“It’s… More fun hanging out here.”


“... Yeah… It’s like…”

Josie frowned and tilted her head slightly.

“So I like video games, right? And anime, ‘n stuff… Though not as much as you, you’re just as much of an Otaku as Mika, aren’t you~”

Josie grinned teasingly at me, but I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

“Come on man, I’m not an otaku.”

“Pretty otaku-ish to learn Japanese, I bet it’s just so you don’t have to look away from Mika’s boobs to read the subtitles while you fondle her~”

“Ugh… Sure, whatever.”

Josie got back on track.

“Anyways… My friends.. Other than Mika, like, my friends in school and around here. None of them like any of that stuff. So…”

I nodded. Even with the increasing popularity of video games and Japanese culture, the population density in this part of the world was simply not at a level where an eleven year old girl would be likely to be surrounded by peers sharing such nerdy interests.

“You’re kinda in the same situation as Mika then, right?”

“Huh? Oh… No.”

Josie shook her head.

“Mika’s, like…”

Even though we were alone, Josie leaned forward and lowered her voice.

“She doesn’t really have ANY friends at school. Or where she lives.”


“I got plenty of friends, it’s just…”

Josie returned to normal with a shrug, looking to the side.

“It’s like… I’m not really acting like myself when I hang out with them, y’know? We just talk about normal stuff, and that’s fine too, but also kinda boring.”

“Oh yeah… I kinda know what you mean.”

“Mmm. That’s why I’m best friends with Mika, she’s the only one I know I can talk with about games and Japan and stuff. I feel like… I can be myself, around her. And…”

Josie looked down, and I noticed a blush had formed on her cheeks again. She slowly brushed some of her long, brown hair behind her ear.

“.... I feel that way when I’m around you too.”

I slowly nodded, and turned to my computer to shut down my game. I had been planning to play some surf maps while Josie chilled on my bed like she had done last time, but I didn’t feel like it anymore.

“Yeah, I know that feeling. Like, especially with girls.”

“What? Only with girls…? Why?”

Josie scooted back to sit up against my wall, with her knees drawn up to her chest and looking at me with a puzzled expression.

“There’s no girls in your classes that play video games or watch anime either?”

“Uhhh, there might be one or two, I don’t know. I don’t really think there’s a lot of girls my age who play video games. And even if there is, it’s like, it just doesn’t really feel… Natural.”

“Natural? What the heck does that mean?”

I shrugged, trying to find the right words.

“I dunno, I just… It doesn’t really make sense for me, if a girl says she plays video games seriously.”

“What…! Come on David, don’t tell me you think that all gamer girlzz are fakers who only do it for the attention, do you?!”

I could feel the heat rising from my shoulders and up to my ears. Josie was sternly eying me, her eyes narrowed.

“No no, that’s not it! It’s just…”


I cringed slightly.

“You have to understand… When I was your age, barely any girls played video games. I didn’t know a single girl in my school who had ever played anything beyond solitaire. Video games and girls were like total opposites. As a guy, if you had an interest in one of those, the other would be completely off-limits. I liked video games, which meant that I was just the biggest dork ever to all the girls, and… They didn’t shy away from telling me. Especially in front of their friends.”

Josie listened silently to my rambling. I fiddled around with my keyboard without looking at her.

“So… Even if I know now that lots of girls like video games and stuff, it… Just feels weird, I guess. Because I grew up with girls, ALL girls, being disgusted by games.”


“I actually think it’s the same for a lot of the neckbeardy types who…” I shook my head. “Whatever, it might just be me.”

“... What do you think about me?”

“ What do you mean?”

“Like, me being a girl and playing video games.”

I chuckled and leaned back in my chair.

“Come on man. You can beat me in Mario Kart, you’re obviously the real deal. That’s why I like you. But just try me one-on-one in Counter and-”

Josie cut me off, and I noticed she had tensed up.

“You… You like me…?”

Oh shit… What did I just say? Did I just say that, the way Josie thought I said it…?

“Uh… Uhh… Well… Yeah.”

Josie looked down at her fingers which began making circles on the top of her knees. It seemed like she was for once at a loss for words… which just made the silence that much more awkward.

“Come on, how can I not like you? You’re smart, and funny, and… Come on, this can’t be the first time a guy likes you.”

“M-mm…” A tense and embarrassed smile grew on Josie’s lips.

“I… It’s the first time anyone has ever told me.”


Josie nodded with a shrug.

“Like, all the guys in my class thinks I’m kinda weird. E-even… When I’ve tried talking about video games with them, it’s like… It’s not cool enough for them, to talk to a girl about that.”

“Huh… That’s why you were about to get upset, you thought I might be like them.”

“Yeah… I guess.”

“I think it’s cool, though.”

“Y-yeah…” Josie kept fiddling her fingers around, looking down to the side. She didn’t seem to have the same vigor when talking about feelings compared to when we teased each other, it was kinda cute when she got shy like this.

“That’s… what I like about you, David, it’s like… You don’t care about trying to seem cool.”

It faintly began raining outside, the tilted window in my room working as a drum for the raindrops.

“You’re the first guy I’ve met who’s, like… Want to hang out with me, while I’m being myself…. Like…”

Josie’s voice began trailing off, and she gazed up at the patterns made by the water that had begun forming to trickle down over my window. I looked at the window as well, unsure of where else to rest my eyes. I felt uncomfortable looking at Josie now, since she now seemed somewhat sad.

“Everybody deserves to have friends they can be themselves around.”


Josie lowered her head a bit, her body slumping together.

“... It might just be difficult sometimes. If your interests are kinda… non-mainstream.”

“Mm… yeah.”

We sat in silence for around half a minute, listening to the rain. Thankfully it didn’t seem to get any stronger.

“Hey, wanna watch some anime?”


That seemed to perk her right back up, and I turned around on my chair to put on an episode. Josie scooted a bit over to the side on my bed to make room for me, but… I stayed put on my chair. I knew all too well what it would lead to if I went over to her. I couldn’t keep my hands off of Mika when we watched anime together, and considering what had transpired between me and Josie at my uncle’s summerhouse, I didn’t believe I would have been able to keep my hands off her either, especially not now that we were alone again. I set my eyes on my TV, but could sense Josie occasionally glancing at me a couple of times before she gave up. We watched the entire episode in silence, only sharing a few giggles at some of the gags. After the show ended, things felt kinda awkward.


I looked over at the girl sitting on my bed.


“I think I better head home soon.”

“Oh… Okay.”

“Should I try to… Um… See if I can… Come over for a sleepover again some day soon…?”

Josie had drawn her knees up to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs. She looked so small, sitting all by herself on my bed.

“You mean with Mika too? I don’t think my landlady will be staying the night out somewhere anytime soon.”

“No, just--- just me. If it’s just me, your landlady won’t find out. I can be quiet.”

We both sat completely still, me looking over at Josie, and Josie either shifting her gaze to either my duvet at the end of the bed, or the idle window of VLC on my TV. Even though I didn’t doubt that Josie could be quiet if she put her mind to it, my landlady would find out if they ran into each other in the hallway, seeing as we all had to share the same bathroom. But that wasn’t the problem here.

“I… Um… I’m not sure about that…”

“Hey, just think about-- about how you can touch my chest again all night, ahah~”

She was clearly trying to make it sound like another tease at me, but the nervousness in her voice betrayed her. She probably would actually have let me fondle her in the dark again, though.

“That does sound… Nice… But I don’t think that’s a good idea, that we…”

“... Hahah, yeah, you’re right~”

Josie suddenly sprung up from my bed and began putting her shoes and jacket on.

“See ya later, okay~?”

“Huh? Uh, sure. see ya.”

Grabbing her backpack, Josie dolted out of my room and out to the stairs. She had left me to sit dumbstruck by my computer wondering what had just happened. I mostly felt confused, but also… A certain frustration with myself. Frustration that I honestly would very much have liked to have said yes to having Josie over for a night, just me and her… Even if we would have had to be quiet. I hated myself for feeling this way. Things had already gotten out of control with Josie at my uncle’s summerhouse, and here we were talking about doing the same kind of stuff again. As much as it hurt to disappoint Josie, I had to say no.

A couple of days passed without anything of interest concerning the two girls happening. Still sending out a couple of job applications every day, I was managing to score myself a few more interviews. I went out to the first interview I had received, and while it went okay, I didn’t get the job. No matter, I hadn’t been counting on getting a win on my first try. Mika and Josie both consoled me and cheered me on in our group chat, which also helped.

I went out to see Mika after class on a cold, cloudy day. She showed me what panties she was wearing under her skirt - cotton white with small, flowery laces around the legs - and we kissed, and we talked. I didn’t tell her about how Josie had started coming over to hang out, which made me feel pretty bad about myself. But I was afraid of what would happen if I said it, and if I would end up telling about what had happened at the summerhouse. I didn’t like keeping secrets from my girlfriend, but if Josie didn’t think that Mika should know about her coming to visit, then I would have to trust her. Also, nothing happened the next time Josie came over, though it was again pretty awkward at first. The mood only got better after we played some more flash games again, which we then did until Josie had to go home.

Things got a little more complicated the next time she came to visit, though. I was at this point seriously struggling with my paper, despite having come off to such a great start with it. As it sometimes happens, after having completed the first draft I realized large portions didn’t make sense in relation to the main argument I was trying to make, meaning that several chapters basically had to be completely rewritten. I just wanted to be done with it at this point, but I also wanted to do it right. I had to stick to the plan.

Josie was obediently being quiet while she browsed something on her phone, laying on top of my duvet on my bed while I was on my third rewrite of one of the chapters. After tiring myself out with a particularly annoying sentence, I decided to take a short mental break. While considering what additional sources I could reference to support my arguments, I was snapped out of it when I turned around on my chair and my eyes fell on Josie. She had at some point pushed her jeans down to the middle of her thighs, and was now lying with her panty-clad butt out in the open. She was wearing a light blue pair of plain cotton panties, the fabric stretched tightly over the round forms sticking up into the air. As lovely as the sight was, I sighed.

“Just… What the hell are you doing…?”

“Hm? Oh, uh…”

Josie didn’t turn her head to look at me, but kept her eyes on her phone.

“The weather’s been quite hot lately, y’know?”

“... So you just decided to… Air out your behind?”

“Um, yeah. And for us girls, it can get uncomfortable if our thighs get sweaty and chaf against each other, especially with jeans, y’know.”

Hmm, that sounded like some kind of bullshit Josie would make up. And letting my gaze run down over her thin, slender legs, it didn’t look like an issue she would be having yet, since her thighs were still pretty skinny. It felt like she was just teasing me like usual, so I thought I better tease her back. Grabbing a block of post-it notes, I gently threw it over right at Josie’s buttcheek.


She finally turned her head to look at me over her shoulder, but she didn’t seem particularly annoyed at having her rear end used for target practice. While she was putting on a cute pout, she appeared more to be curious about what I would do next. However, before I could think of my next move, a weird smell faintly tickled my nostrils. It was quite pleasant, and reminded me of when I sat next to some of the girls in my lectures.

“Hey… Did you stop by a florist shop on your way here for lunch, or since when did your farts smell like flowers?”

Josie blushed beet red and pouted even more.

“What the hell, I have NOT farted! Stupid! Dumbass David!”

I laughed and threw a pen at her butt, making her turn around to lie on her side facing me, putting her butt out of range for further attacks. She didn’t seem to care about showing me the front of her underwear, though there wasn’t much to see anyways. Just a very faint outline of a camel toe. I’m not sure where the smell was coming from, but I imagined that she had put perfume on her butt before coming here, or something. Weird. She was looking at me with anticipation, her jeans still pulled down to her thighs.

“Hey, maybe you should get rid of your pants if they’re in the way? Good thing we’re not at my uncle’s summerhouse anymore, at least you can keep your underwear on.”

Josie’s blush had receded a bit, and she stayed quiet for a few seconds before answering.

“... Do you wanna come hang out with me here on the bed if I take them off? I-- I mean, um, my jeans only. And if you’re done writing.”

I quickly regretted my joke, not having imagined that she would be taking it seriously. She didn’t seem to be teasing me, her voice had shifted from its usual, confident tone to one that sounded nervous again. I considered it for a few seconds before I shrugged.

“Come on, I… I don’t think you should be taking your clothes off like that. You can have the whole bed for yourself, it’s fine.”

Over the next few seconds, in what looked like slow motion, Josie’s face gradually transformed and became contorted and twisted as she began silently crying, tears bursting forth to stream down her cheeks. I sat completely paralyzed at the sudden change, having never imagined that this girl, who was always so cheerful and mischievous, could cry like this. Her body slowly slumped down against my mattress and her head dropped down to the bed, and she put her arms over her face while she began sobbing violently. I knew that whatever I would be able to say now would end up sounding pretty stupid.

“Wha… What is it…?”

After sobbing a few times more, Josie spoke out with a hoarse voice from behind her arms.

“Why-- why is it only Mika who gets--, gets to, cuddle and-, and, stuff?!”

She was trying to control her crying, and after a few more sobs she lifted her head up to look at me with a desperate expression on her face, which had become red and her eyes swollen.

“Why did you want to cuddle at the summerhouse but not any more? Have I done something wrong?! You even said you-... that you like me…!”


I leaned back on my chair and put a hand on my forehead, trying to make sense of it.

“I’m sorry, but… I can’t. I’m sorry that I kissed you and stuff, but… We can’t keep doing that. Not when I’m together with Mika.”

Josie slowly lowered her face again, understanding what was keeping me back. She sobbed once more, and was beginning to calm down.

“So… You… You can cuddle ‘n stuff with Mika, but…. Not with me.”

“... Yeah. Since me and Mika are… dating.”

“... yeah….”

Josie nodded and wiped her nose. Her face was a mess, and she reached over for the tissues on my nightstand to dry herself off a bit. Then she began quietly crying anew.

“I… I knew it was a mistake to tag along with Mika, the first-, first time I came here with her.”

“What…? Why?”

Josie grabbed some more tissues while trying to stop herself from crying.

“A-at first I was happy for Mika that she-, that she had gotten a boyfriend, especially since it was something she had done all by herself---”

I hoped that my landlady hadn’t heard what was going on in here. If only she could leave to go shopping or something, so that we wouldn’t have to keep our voices down. If only *I* could leave this messy situation, I couldn’t remember the last time I had made someone cry.

“-... since she’s never, um, able to do anything herself, so I’ve always done stuff for her. So I was proud of her that she had begun, um, doin’ stuff like kissing, and, and…”

Josie made some vague movements with her hands, and I nodded to signal that I understood what she meant. She sniffed and wiped her nose again before continuing.

“And-, she was proud of it herself too, and she told me all about it, and then I wanted to see it for myself, and… and…”

Calming down again, Josie tried to sit up but realized that her jeans were still pulled down to her thighs. She began fumbling around with them, trying to pull them up while she continued half-talking, half-sobbing.

“But then I felt left out, since you two were just doin’ stuff all the time, and playing around and having fun and… and then I… y-y’know, we went on that walk and we… kissed and… But I…”

I lowered my gaze to the floor while Josie struggled to get her pants in place. I felt like crap.

“It’s-... it’s not like I want to take you away from her, like, I think it’ll be really hard for her to find a boyfriend again.”

“Really? Ah… Because she doesn’t go out much?”

Josie nodded.

“Yeah, and because of, y’know… How she is.”

“Hah, hey now, I like her because of how she is.”

Josie nodded again with a slightly crooked smile.

“Mm, you’re a really good match and that’s great, but… I don’t wanna be left out of…”

Josie shrugged, and managed to pull her jeans back up and zip them closed again.

“Mika is always saying how happy she gets from, y’know, hanging out with you and cuddling and stuff, I just…”

“... Yeah… I get it, I think.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. I had fucked up kinda bad, hadn’t I. We had had such a great time together at the summerhouse, all three of us, but I guess things had taken a wrong turn between Josie and me. Now I felt like I was about to lose it all.

“I’m sorry man, I don’t know… I don’t know what to do.”

I opened my eyes to look at Josie, who was now sitting with her legs drawn up to her chest, hugging them. She looked back at me, sad and puffy-eyed.

“... I don’t know either.”

“... You know Mika better than I do… Right?”

“Uh… Yeah…?”

“At the summerhouse… It didn’t seem like she cared about, uh, us cuddling, that night. Or us being alone in the bathtub. And she didn’t mind me putting sunscreen on you. Right?”

Josie tilted her head, trying to follow what I was saying.


“... Do you know why?”

Josie tilted her head the other way, looking up through my window at the clouds above. Then she shrugged.

“I dunno, we’ve just always… Shared stuff. Like, we’ve always told each other EVERYthing-”

Josie looked over at me to put extra emphasis on the word ‘everything’.

“- and … y’know. I’ve always been kinda… the one in control. She’s never said no to something I’ve said or done, she trusts me.”

“Huh… You two really are close.”

Josie shrugged and looked away again.

“Well duh, we’re besties. And I’m like, the only thing she has.” Josie lowered her voice. “... along with you now.”

I rubbed my fingers against my forehead, thinking like crazy. Maybe there was a way to save this?

“Hey, maybe… Maybe, since you two’s always been like that, maybe she doesn’t mind us cuddling or stuff. As long as we, like, aren’t outright dating.”

Something flashed briefly in Josie’s eyes. I felt like I was navigating a minefield, and I heavily considered asking Josie if she had actually developed feelings for me, and also wanted to go out with me. But I decided not to pry into that… Most of all because it was bad enough trying to be in a relationship with a thirteen year old, it was even riskier trying to date an eleven year old.

“... Hmm… Maybe.” Josie slowly shrugged. Our shrugging-muscles were really getting some good workouts these days, huh. “Maybe as long as it’s just cuddlin’, and stuff.”

“... Yeah. Or, as long as she is involved-... Like, as long as she is there too.”

“... Maybe…”

A couple of more tear- and snot-stained tissues were added to the pile on my bed as Josie tidied herself up, and she left shortly after. I think it had helped spilling the beans and talking things over, as she seemed a little more cheerful when we parted. Almost immediately after, while I was fixing myself an early dinner in my kitchen, my landlady came out to ask what had happened, and if there was anything wrong. I made up an excuse about Josie having trouble with her math homework and being afraid that she wasn’t smart enough to become a doctor or something like that, and my landlady seemed to believe me. We chatted a bit about the crazy entry requirements for med school, after which she retreated back to the living room. I returned back to my own room with some fancied-up spring rolls, and sat down by my desk to contemplate the situation while I ate. It didn’t look hopeless, but… it didn’t look good either.

Over the following days, I kept texting with Mika like usual, and she appeared oblivious to what was going on between Josie and me. Josie didn’t text me, though, I guess we both needed time to think. The following Friday, Josie suddenly posted a text in the group chat asking if my landlady would be home that weekend. I replied that yes, she would - otherwise she would have asked if I could feed the cat, if she were going somewhere. I quickly got a reply that said no matter, Josie’s parents wouldn’t be home, and Mika was coming over to hang out, and they asked if I wanted to come too. I was sure that Josie had something in mind, so I hesitated to send a reply. Not only because of what had happened with Josie a couple of days ago, but because of the fact that she wanted me to go to the home of a girl who was a little too young than what is socially acceptable. Even if Josie’s parents had made plans to be out for the entire weekend, it was simply too risky. They might unexpectedly come home at any moment, or the neighbors might see me, or they might have security cameras somewhere.

Josie quickly grew impatient with me, and sent a “?” in the chat. My heart was pounding, I was so conflicted of what to answer. Of course I wanted to go; as always I was longing to see Mika again, even if we might have a difficult conversation ahead of us this time. But on the other hand, being able to be in a bed together with Mika meant that we could finally get physically intimate again. We hadn’t done anything more than kiss and hug since we had been at the summerhouse. But the danger of going to someone else’s house… I gritted my teeth, and sent a “Sure, I’ll come too”. Josie responded with her usual genki-ness, and told me exactly when and where to go tomorrow evening. After a few seconds, Mika also sent a heart emoji in the chat. I put my phone away… If I got caught, I can just try to use the tutor-excuse again, I guess.

I wasn’t able to focus at all on my homework that saturday. I mostly just played video games while I waited for evening to roll around, drinking a couple of beers to calm my nerves. Memorizing the route I would have to Josie’s house, I got dressed and left the apartment to hop on my bicycle when it became time to go. I only had my tablet and a couple of Japanese study books in my backpack to give some credibility to the role of being a tutor for Josie, I hadn’t thought about bringing anything else. Thanks to my skills at memorizing what route to take, I only arrived a few minutes late embarrassingly out of breath. As per Josie’s instructions, I parked my bike pretty far down the road from her house. It was around 11 o’clock and almost totally dark save for some dimly-lit street lamps. I guessed that Josie’s parents had left quite a while ago, and that it was to give me the cover of the night that Josie had told me to arrive this late. It had been a really hot day and even now the air was nice and warm, so I hadn’t bothered to put a jacket on. To seem a little more tutor-ry, I was wearing a nice dress shirt alongside my jeans.

While trying to compose myself to appear as unsuspicious as possible, I glanced left and right to get a feeling of the neighborhood. I was remotely familiar with this part of town, and this street was one of the first areas in the outskirts of the city where apartment blocks gave way to a more suburban neighborhood. With an ideal combination of relatively large plots of lands so close to the city center, this was pretty clearly inhabited by the upper class. Not the wealthy part of the population - no, they either lived further away from the noise and pollution of the city, or in expensive apartments right dab in the middle of it - but the large houses and villas, and the rather expensive cars on the streets and in the driveways, showed me that you had to be well-educated and well-paid to live here. Admittedly, exactly what I was humbly aiming to become myself. I could almost picture Josie’s parents waltzing out the door of one of the white, modern villas, dragging their suitcases down to a waiting taxi for a quick weekend get-away to Berlin.

Following my GPS, I made my way to one of the fancy houses and, inconspicuously and as instructed, quietly walked past a mailbox with Josephine’s name on it, and made a turn to circle around a dark house to enter a pitch-black rear garden. I stopped and sent a message in the group chat to announce my arrival, and after a few seconds a door was opened in a patio at the back of the house. A single light was on inside, and a small figure waved at me to come in. I felt like a burglar, or some kind of stalker, but my nerves gradually calmed down as it looked like I would be able to make it inside without anyone but the two girls knowing I was here. Josie let me into her home, and I followed her in through a dimly-lit dining room to a hallway from which we went upstairs. I didn’t really get a good look at the interior, but it seemed to mostly contain the same kind of expensive furniture and expressive designer objects as I remembered from visiting my uncle’s house. I also hadn’t gotten a good look at Josie, but… She seemed less energetic than usual. I grew worried about what was about to come next.

Anonymous 22/07/12(Tue)01:07 No. 27632 ID: 0f9912

Liking where this is headed. I think it could’ve gone either way (with or without Josie), but this direction is very wholesome. The three of them complement each other rather well.

Appreciate the work OP

Anonymous 22/07/19(Tue)12:57 No. 27637 ID: b559ca

You put me into a moral dilemma. Part of me would enjoy a night only with Josie (she could be lying and be home alone) to further develop their relationship. But I'm also awaiting a sandwich scene with both the girls...

Anonymous 22/08/18(Thu)11:26 No. 27644 ID: 477c5b

Josie’s house was dark and deadly quiet, with only our footsteps breaking the silence. I felt like I was trespassing; an unwelcome guest even though I had been summoned here by the only current occupant. Upstairs was another neatly decorated hallway, containing several doors that were all closed except for one which was slightly ajar with a soft, warm light spilling out making it look like a quest marker in an RPG. With neither of us saying a word, I followed Josie over to it and we silently entered her room. I took a look around; yep, this was definitely the room of a young girl. While I wasn’t outright assaulted by pink walls and boy band posters, it had an overall look of cuteness to it with soft pastel colors and decorative items abound. It was also obvious what kinds of interests the owner had: There were quite a few volumes of manga on a bookshelf, and at the end of the room a bean bag was sitting in front of a TV with two game consoles hooked up to it. There were also a number of plushies spread around on bookshelves, on Josie’s desk next to a laptop computer, and sitting around in her bed - some of them pokemons, some I could recognize from various anime and games, and others just cutesy animals.

Speaking of Josie’s bed… Something stirred underneath the duvet. Josie giggled while she closed the door behind us, and I put my backpack down.

“Guess who’s been napping most of the afternoon~”


A faint protest came from underneath the duvet, immediately lifting my spirits. I quickly took my shoes and jacket off, eager to uncover the creature slumbering in Josie’s bed.

“Becaaauusee… It’s so tiring… taking the train here…”

More muffled sounds came from Josie’s bed, and I quickly stepped over to it. I could only see some long, brown locks of hair snaking out from underneath the duvet, and after pulling the duvet down a familiar face smiled up at me.


“Hey.” I whispered back grinning, and I leaned down to give my girlfriend a kiss. Josie came over to us.

“Better start off slow with her David, she’s been sleeping until I went down to let you in.”

I got back up and rolled my eyes, while Mika stretched her body under the duvet.

“Come on, it’s not like I’m gonna get right on top of her and…”

“Aw.” Josie pouted. What is it with this girl, why is she so insistent on me and Mika doing it? Whatever, what’s important is that both of the girls seem to be acting like their usual selves, I must have misread Josie’s sneakiness from before when she let me in. I had also been afraid of finding Mika sitting teary-eyed, having to confront me with what me and Josie had been doing. Calming down, I realized how physically exhausted I was from the trip here. I sat down on the bed, and while it was definitely nicer and more expensive than my own, I realized a possible problem: It was a single sized bed. Figures; why would a small eleven year old girl need anything larger?

Mika slowly rose up to sit, mermaid-style, by my side leaning against me. Unlike Josie, who was wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans attire, Mika was wearing a black t-shirt and what appeared to be pyjamas pants - dark blue cotton with a checkered pattern. Josie went over to her bookshelf and began rummaging through her manga, ostensibly to give me and Mika a moment together.

“Have you really been sleeping until I got here?”

I reached down and tugged at the fabric of her pyjamas pants on her thigh, since it was a bit too early to be wearing sleepwear. Mika sleepily nodded.

“Just for… A couple of hours…”

“Isn’t it gonna be difficult for you to fall asleep tonight, then?”

“Ha!” Josie snorted, still browsing through her books. “Like you’re gonna let her get much sleep tonight anyways!”


I looked over at Josie, who turned around to look back at me.

“What do you mean? I’m…”

I motioned at the bed. While the girls were small, there was no way it would be comfortable for all three of us to attempt to lie down on it.

“What? … You didn’t think about spending the night here?!”

Josie looked at me like I was retarded. Mika softly grabbed onto my arm, also looking at me.

“Uhh… But….”

I motioned apologetically at the bed again.

“Come on, there’s no way the three of us can fit on your bed!”

Josie rolled her eyes.

“No, of course not. And I’m not too sure I would want my poor bed to get covered in yucky fluids tonight. It’s bad enough that my friend is gonna get glazed like a donut… Or are you opting for stuffing her like a berliner tonight?”

I sighed and leaned back. Mika then tugged at my arm to get my attention.

“I always sleep on a mattress on the floor when we have sleepovers here.”

“Oh… Yeah, of course.”

Why hadn’t I thought of that. It’s not like Mika and Josie would be spooning together in a tiny bed whenever Mika is spending the night here. Josie rolled her eyes again and made a “Tsk” sound before turning back to her bookshelf.

“But… Uhh, I didn’t bring… Anything. For staying the night here.”

Josie sighed and put a hand on her forehead. I was beginning to feel pretty stupid… I really hadn’t been thinking while preparing to come here.

“It’s fine, I shall mercifully donate a toothbrush and toothpaste to you. And it’s not like you’re gonna need a pyjamas, right?”

Talking with her back to me, Josie selected one of her mangas and took it down from her bookshelf.

“Now that I think about it, have I ever seen you sleep with clothes on, ever?”

Coming over to us with her book, Josie sat down on the other side of me. I scratched my head.

“Uhh, during your first sleepover at my place. I think.”

“Oh yeah. But now that you two have come to looove doin’ it right in front of me, I’m sure that you won’t be needing any sleepwear tonight.”

Mika hid her face against my shoulder out of embarrassment, the poor girl again having to suffer the teasing that came from Josie’s abnormal interest in our sex life. I patted her head comfortingly while Josie flipped her manga open and held it up to me.

“Hey, what does it say here?”

I glanced down at the pages, and to my surprise saw Japanese text in the speech bubbles. I didn’t recognize the manga, but from the two pages Josie was showing me it seemed like a typical high-school rom-com. I began reading the text Josie was pointing to, having to take a few more seconds than usual to decipher the runes.

“... oh, she’s saying, ‘ha-ha you fell for it’. As in, a prank.”

“Oh. Makes sense.”

Josie moved her finger to another speech bubble on the opposite page, coming from the same character.

“What about here?”

“Uhh… Something like, ‘Mr. Newlywed is going home’.”


“It’s kinda hard to read, they write her text in a weird way.”

“Weird? How?”

Josie looked up at me curiously. Mika was also following along with interest, still clinging onto my arm.

“Looks like they only use hiragana for that girl. See - there’s no kanji, as opposed to the other’s.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“It usually means that she talks in a very childish manner, when there’s no kanji. Since kids haven’t learned kanji yet.”

Josie tilted her head to the side, flipping over to another page.

“So that’s why… I’ve been trying to read this with a translator app on my phone, and it kinda works, but not really with that girl. It just comes up with nonsense.”

“Ooh… Yeah, figures. It can’t really tell the meaning without the kanji.”

I translated a few more speech bubbles for Josie while we talked about the manga, with Mika resting her head on my shoulder while she listened. It felt good to be close with her again, even though we often sat like this out in the woods as well, but this felt different since we were somewhere private now. I was also relieved that things seemed to be completely normal between all three of us. After a few minutes I had answered all of Josie’s questions about the parts of the manga she hadn’t been able to understand, and she got up to put her manga back on the bookshelf. She then turned around to look down at Mika and me.

“Hey, are you hungry? Who wants some chips?”


Mika immediately spoke up, and I nodded in agreement. Josie left her room and headed downstairs. Me and Mika sat still for a few seconds, alone. I figured this was as good a time as any to do something I’d been looking forward to doing since I got here, and something that I also expected would reveal if there was any change in Mika’s attitude towards me.

“Come here.”

I turned around to face Mika and she did the same, and she willingly let me lean down towards her to kiss her. It didn’t feel any different, and she kissed me back with the same kind of hesitant eagerness I was used to. We only stopped when Josie came back.

“Hey, you should have told me earlier that you are hungry if it’s so bad that you’ve begun eating each other!”

Josie joined us on the bed with a mixed array of chips and sodas. Josie dryly remarked how it was too bad for me that her dad would probably notice if I had some of his beers, and she also told me to remember to take my zinc pill while Mika swallowed her contraceptive. I had to admit that I had forgotten to bring them, to which Josie sighed and said that “Mika for sure would have gotten preggers by now” if she was as ditzy as me, making me and Mika nervously glance at each other. Sitting closely together on Josie’s bed with Mika in the middle, we spent the evening watching funny videos and memes on our phones while we talked, ate chips and giggled. Kids today really live their lives on their phones, huh… I didn’t really get why they wouldn’t rather do something a bit more… substantive, but I knew that it wasn’t that often that Mika and Josie got to hang out together IRL, so I decided to give them some time for themselves. I would be taking my own sweet time with Mika tonight anyways.

It took a while before we began getting sleepy, even though it had already been quite late when I had arrived. Shortly after we had finished eating our snacks, Josie declared that it was time to go to bed which immediately made the atmosphere somewhat tense as we all knew what the night would bring. It might also have had something to do with this being an eleven year old and a thirteen year old girl having a sleepover with a 24 year old guy. I pretty much hadn’t laid a hand on Mika yet, and I was almost going out of my mind waiting for finally being able to sleep with her again. Mika certainly knew this and I noticed she seemed slightly more giddish than usual, knowing what I would be doing to her in a couple of minutes. Josie seemed a bit more energetic than usual too, but… I didn’t speculate too much about what she was planning. She would have to make a move by herself if she had anything in mind for tonight.

After we had brushed our teeth in the large, lavishly decorated upstairs bathroom, Josie fetched a spare mattress and beddings and I helped her lay it out on the floor next to her bed. Josie was a bit too eager to prepare me and Mika’s sleeping arrangements, and she was clearly looking forward to something. Already in her sleep-wear, Mika laid down on the mattress and got under the covers while I undressed myself down to my boxers and got down next to her. Josie seemed to suddenly be conflicted about whether she should undress here right in front of me or not, fiddling with a pair of pyjamas pants in her hands while glancing at the door. With both me and Mika looking up at her in anticipation, she turned her back to us and pushed her jeans down and replaced them with her pyjamas pants, only giving me a short time to admire her panty-clad butt. There wasn’t much to admire anyways; Josie was wearing black panties that, in the dim light of her room, didn’t really show off anything.

Josie crawled up on her bed and we all wished each other good night, but of course me and Mika immediately turned our attention to each other. Josie hadn’t turned the lamp on her nightstand off either, and was lying on her side looking down at us. Me and Mika barely got a chance to put our lips together before Josie interrupted us.

“Hey, when did I give you guys permission to be gettin’ it on in my room?! This has been a sex-free area for like, at least elleven years, you know!”

I rolled my eyes and backed away from Mika, and we both looked up at Josie who was staring down at us intensely with a devious smile that showed that she was just messing with us. Of course she was gonna use her role as our host to toy with us… Whatever, let’s just give her what she wants. I was so horny for Mika by now, I was prepared to give her anything.

“Come on, you can’t make us sleep in the same, uh, bed, and not expect us to… you know.”

“You can’t sleep next to each other for a SINGLE night without HAVING to do it?!”

Josie, acting like she was outraged that me and Mika wanted to get physical now that we were finally in bed together after I don’t know how many weeks, put her hand on her hip while looking at us with raised eyebrows. Drama queen. I glanced down at Mika, who was biting her lower lip in an attempt not to laugh at how I tried to argue with Josie. I looked back up at the brat.

“... no.”

Josie sighed loudly and rolled her eyes.

“.... FINE. I guess it can’t be helped. But the least you can do then is… let me watch.”

So that was what she wanted, huh… Another show of sexiness. She had already been the audience to me and Mika’s lovemaking before, so I didn’t really get why she was making a big deal out of it now. I certainly didn’t care anymore.


With that, I immediately rolled on top of Mika and lowered my head to kiss her. But Josie quickly interrupted us again.


I turned my head to look up at her.

“... what?”

“How can I see what you are doing when you are underneath the covers?”

I sighed at her ridiculous demand and kicked the covers away from us. Tonight was already pretty warm, and I was sure that both me and Mika would get ourselves heated up even further very soon, so it was fine. I resumed kissing Mika, and without any further interruptions from Josie I could let my lust take over so that we could get tonight’s main event started. Mika faintly squirmed around underneath me while she eagerly kissed me back, apparently just as excited as I was. It wasn’t long until I had a hand up under Mika’s t-shirt, caressing one of her flat breasts. However, when I ran my thumb over her nipple, she suddenly winced and made a small sound up against my mouth. I raised my head and looked worried down at my girlfriend.

“It… it hurt.”

Mika seemed worried and was avoiding my eyes, though I couldn’t tell if she was worried about the pain, or worried about my reaction. I very carefully ran my thumb over her nipple again, taking care not to press down on it. Sure enough… I could feel something I hadn’t noticed before. A slight hardness underneath her nipple. Sliding my hand over her chest, I confirmed that the same was the case in her other breast. Mika bit her lip.

“... Does it hurt here?”

Mika nodded.

“Not a lot, b-but… If you…”

I nodded too, and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll be careful.”

Relieved, Mika smiled up to me. Josie, watching us with her usual interest, spoke up. She wasn’t speaking in her mocking voice any more, but sounded genuinely curious.

“What is it? Is it that her boobs have started to grow?”

“Yeah, probably. Let’s have a look.”

I sat up, straddling Mika’s hips, and gently pulled her t-shirt up to her armpits. Mika propped herself up on her elbows so she could look down over her breasts as well, and all three of us studied her chest in silence for a few seconds like it was some intricate artifact that we had uncovered. It might have been the lack of proper lightning, but there wasn’t really anything to see. Still just two undeveloped curves on am immature chest, each topped with small, round nipples.

“There’s not really anything yet… But it’ll come.”

Putting my hand back on Mika’s chest, I lightly cupped her left breast with my thumb making a circle around her nipple. Mika glanced up at me, appearing a bit nervous, so I figured I had better say something to reassure her in case she was worried that I wouldn’t appreciate it if she got bigger.

“... It’s gonna be fun to see ‘em grow.”

Josie nodded in agreement.

“Yeah. I wonder how big they’ll become.”

“Mmm. I’m looking forward to find out.”

Mika relaxed again, relieved that I didn’t mind that she had begun developing breasts. From the looks of the rest of her body - thin arms, narrow hips - I couldn’t picture them becoming very big anyways. I kept feeling around on Mika’s chest for a while longer, careful not to brush over her vulnerable nipples.

“Too bad if it means you can’t touch ‘em as much as you always do, huh David?”

It was kinda funny how Mika didn’t seem to care in the slightest about being the object of me and Josie’s intense study of her developing body. I shrugged.

“It’s fine, it’ll go over at some point.”

“... I know there’s somewhere else you can touch her, though!”

Josie grinned down at us, and Mika glanced down with a sheepish smile, and a blush beginning to form on her cheeks. I played along, acting dumb.

“Oh…? Is there?”

“Mhm…! And I know Mika has made sure that she’s aaaaall ready to be touched there.”

“Has she now? … I better find out for myself, then!”

Wanting to give Josie a good show, I scooted down to sit on Mika’s knees and put my fingers under the waistband of both her pyjamas pants and her underwear, slowly pulling at both of them. Shyly cooperating, Mika raised her butt to let me slide her clothes down to her thighs, revealing her crotch. Leaning a bit closer, I could see what Josie had meant about Mika having made sure she’s ready to be touched down there. While it didn’t stand out per se, I could see that Mika’s skin was freshly shaved and thus still completely bare of any hair. Mika laid perfectly still, letting me and Josie admire the view of her vagina.

“... It sure does look like there’s something down here that’s ready to be touched…”

Speaking in a low voice, I brought my hand down to rest on Mika’s hip with the tip of my thumb placed just at the edge of her slit. It had been so long, I was almost mezmorized… Moving almost painfully slowly, I ran my fingertip down the length of the middle of Mika’s vagina until I bumped against her thighs, which were firmly pressed together, blocking any further access.

“Hey, move your hand. I can’t see.”

Josie interrupted me again, now leaning out over the edge of her bed as much as she could in an attempt to get a better view. She really wanted a close-up view of all the details, just like I had.

“Hey, you just told me I could touch her, how can I do that if I can’t use my hand!?”


Unsatisfied, Josie twisted and turned her head a few times until she finally had enough. Slipping out of her bed, she dumped herself down on the floor and crawled up to lay right next to Mika, but further down with her head at the level of Mika’s stomach. Since there wasn’t a lot of space left on the mattress, she had to basically push herself against Mika, lying on her side just like before while propping her upper body up on her elbow. Hoping that her view from there would be acceptable, I returned my attention to Mika’s privates. Problem was, I couldn’t really access them as long as her pyjamas pants prevented me from spreading her legs.

“Let’s get these off. This is the first time I’ve seen you go to bed with pants on anyway.”

Mika giggled while I moved over to the side to pull her pants and panties down over her legs and off her feet. Josie smirked, watching us.

“And I bet you won’t ever let her do that, whenever she has to sleep with you.”

“Probably not.”

I shrugged with a smile, and having freed Mika’s lower body from her clothes I moved to sit up on my shins by pushing my knees down between Mika’s knees, forcing her legs apart. Mika draped an arm over her eyes to hide her embarrassment while me and Josie took in the view of her nudity, the only piece of clothing remaining on her being the t-shirt bundled up by her armpits. I gently patted her thighs.

“Lemme get a good look at you, sweetie. Maybe you’ve started having changes down here too?”

Taking my hint, Mika slowly pulled her legs up and out to the sides while bending her knees, opening up her crotch for me and Josie to gaze at. Even though it had been a couple of weeks since I had looked at her down there, I couldn’t really see any difference. Her vagina was still just a thin slit down between her two puffy labia, and they only peeled ever so slightly apart by Mika spreading her legs. At the bottom was the deepening to her entrance, and just below it a probably even smaller and tighter hole that I sadly didn’t have a tail to shove into this time. I’d have to give it some attention later somehow, so that Mika wouldn’t completely forget how it felt like to have something inside her butt. She really had taken great care of herself down here, she was sparkly clean and smooth. Even though both me and Josie had already seen her nether regions up close a couple of times by now, I didn’t blame my little girlfriend for hiding her face in embarrassment by being made to show off her most private parts to both her boyfriend and her best friend at the same time - though her breathing wasn’t as staggered as it had been in the beginning. While it didn’t seem like she disliked being made to show herself off this way, it did feel a little unfair that she had to get undressed while her friend could remain fully clothed.

“Hey, it’s not really fair that only me and Mika are getting naked tonight, is it?”


Josie looked at me with suspicion. Just like I had decided in the summerhouse - if she wanted to be part of the fun, she would have to participate. I wouldn’t allow her to enjoy the show without giving something back to us… Or to me, at least. Mika turned her head to look at Josie with a somewhat expressionless face, as if she was waiting for her friend to strip naked so that I would continue my little game of examining the place she had made ready for me to touch. And after a little pout, she did. Josie didn’t seem to have any real reservations about being naked together with us anymore, as she took her t-shirt and pyjamas pants off, leaving her with just her black panties. She looked at me with a slightly nervous look.

“There. Is that enough?”

“... You’re still wearing your underwear.”

“So are you! And Mika still got clothes on too…!”

“Alright, then let’s all get naked.”

I moved first by taking my boxers off, leaving me completely without clothes on. Mika almost immediately followed suit, pulling her t-shirt up over her head. Being the last one to get naked, Josie then somewhat reluctantly took her panties off as well. All three of us were now completely naked, me sitting on my shins in front of the two girls who were lying closely side by side, both shyly pressing their legs together as I took in the view. And what a view it was. Two small, naked girls glancing up at me, waiting for my next move. And we had the entire night ahead of us.

“Well then, where were we?”

Like a starving hobo being let loose on an all-you-can-eat buffet, I leaned forward and crawled over on top of the girls. Mika was smiling coyly up at me, eager to get started properly, while Josie looked up at me slightly more hesitant but still interested.

“Why don’t you make some space for me?”

While Josie and Mika did make a great pair lying closely together all naked, I couldn’t see how I could avoid making one of them feel left out if I didn’t place myself right in the middle between them. Josie was already lying on the edge of the mattress, so Mika had to scoot over to make room for me. I laid down on my back between them, propping myself up on my elbows.

“Let’s do it like we did it last time. If you wanna be a part of this, Josie, you’ll have to act as our helper. OK?”


Josie nodded, a bit more eagerly than she had intended, I think. I guess that she hadn’t expected me to involve her again like this, not after the little episode last time in my room where she revealed that she was envious of the physical contact between me and Mika. I hadn’t planned to take the lead like this, but seeing as Josie hadn’t made a movie all evening except for wanting to watch me and Mika have sex as usual, I was afraid that the issue wouldn’t be resolved if I didn’t do something. Somehow, I wanted to see how much involvement of Josie in our sexy times Mika would tolerate.

“Let’s practice our teamwork, then. You get ME ready, and I get Mika ready.”

“O-.... okay…!”

I didn’t wait to see if Josie had understood what I meant, as I was getting more and more impatient to get started with the main act. I pulled Mika to snuggle up against me on her side, my arm around her with her head resting on my shoulder, and I turned my head so we could kiss. Thankfully, Josie figured out what I wanted her to do, and I soon sensed her scoot down and lean in over my hips. I was already pretty hard, of course, and she carefully took hold of me and began slowly jacking me off. Meanwhile, I slid my hand down over Mika’s back and down to her butt, applying pressure to push my fingers in between her crack. Since her legs were pressed together due to her laying on her side, her thighs prevented me from going further than touching the area around her two small holes, but after a bit of prodding she arched her back to stick out her behind enough for me to progress, allowing me to massage her between her legs. With my middle finger slipping in between her labia, I found the little hard nub at the top of her vagina and began slowly circling my fingertip around on it.

I had already noticed that Mika was pretty moist down here even before I had begun focusing on her clit, and it only took a minute of massaging it before I could easily slide first one, then two fingers into her wet entrance, causing Mika to moan longingly into my mouth. While I hated to break off my kiss with Mika, I wanted to nudge Josie to go a little further. Parting my lips from my girlfriend, I raised my head to look down at Josie.

“Hey. Switch to using your mouth so I’ll get lubricated.”


“Mhm. You don’t want it to hurt for Mika when I enter her, right?”

I felt Mika’s insides clench around my fingers when I said the words ‘to enter her’. Josie looked at me with a hint of contempt on her face, still slowly jacking me off. She should have known that she would have to do the same things she did at the summerhouse when she had agreed to be our helper, but it still didn’t seem like she was too fond of taking me in her mouth. Or maybe she knew that I was bullshitting her with the whole lubrication-thing - with my fingers inside Mika’s pussy I could tell that she was more than sufficiently wet to take my penis. To my surprise, Mika then also lifted her head to look at Josie.

“... please?”

Josie was probably just as startled as I was that Mika now too asked her to give me a blowjob, but after a few seconds she gave a tiny nod and leaned her torso down over my hips. I felt her begin to clumsily suck on my tip while her hands resumed stroking up and down over my shaft, and while me and Mika began making out again, I brought my other hand down to place it on top of Josie’s head to gently push her a bit further down on my penis. I really wondered why Mika had spoken up… Was she really afraid that it would hurt to take my dick if it wasn’t covered in spit? Or… Did she want to join in on giving Josie commands? Maybe she liked that it was Josie who was being told what to do, at least whenever the three of us were in bed together. In any case, Mika now had the luxury of not having to do any real work, as she didn’t have to do much else than make out with me while I fingered her. She seemed a bit more excited than usual, and she even stuck her butt out as much as she could to give me access to her vagina. I couldn’t complain either, getting to play with my girlfriend’s pussy while her friend was, albeit somewhat reluctantly, giving me a blowjob. As nice as this setup was, I decided that I didn’t want to give my load to Josie’s mouth. It had to go someplace else - the place my fingers were currently occupying.

I broke away from Mika, and when Josie noticed me moving she stopped her stroking, but kept the head of my penis in her mouth while she tilted her head to look up at me. Maybe she was beginning to like having a dick in her mouth, just like Mika, despite her earlier reluctance? Speaking of Mika - like Josie, she was looking at me expectedly for my next move, but with much more hazy eyes. Her mouth was still somewhat open, and she was breathing heavily. I began to sit up, and Josie let my penis fall out of her mouth as she understood my next move. Giving Josie a nod as thanks for getting me hard and lubricated I gently pushed Mika down to lie her on her back again before crawling up on top of her, while Josie scooted up to sit mermaid-style beside us to watch. Mika also knew what was coming by now, and she obediently spread her legs up and out to the sides with her eyes focused on my manhood. I didn’t want to waste any more time, and moving down on top of her, I guided my penis to its final destination.


Josie spoke up, determined but also seemingly nervous to stop us. I paused and glanced questioningly over at her.

“I can’t see.”

Josie’s eyes darted down to our hips. With the way I was lying down on top of Mika, my body was getting in the way of Josie being able to see our genitals meet. I thought for a moment before I moved back to sit on my shins, and with my hand pointed my penis downwards towards Mika’s crotch.

“Is this better?”


Josie nodded, her eyes wide open while she stared at the sight of our naked bodies. Mika, meanwhile, moved an arm over her face to cover her eyes. I guess it was still pretty embarrassing to let your best friend watch you get fucked with everything on full display, as if you were acting in a hardcore porno. I continued, straining to bend my hardness down far enough. This is how they always do it in manga, right? It wasn’t really comfortable, though, the angle was too extreme. I let go of my penis and instead grabbed tightly onto Mika’s hips, and raising her butt up while I spread my legs a bit out to the sides, I forcefully pulled her up towards me so that her thighs and bottom kinda came to rest on my thighs. By bringing her up closer to my level like this, it helped with putting our genitals closer together but now I had another problem. I couldn’t steer myself towards her entrance without letting go of Mika’s hips, and it felt too complicated to try to keep everything balanced in this position. But… Why should I try to do it by myself? I had a helper sitting right next to me.

“Hey, give me a hand again.”

“Wha…? Me?”

Josie looked up at me in surprise.

“Yes. Do it like you did at the summerhouse. You just have to point me in the right direction, so to speak. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Josie abruptly nodded and sat up to be able to lean over to put a hand on my penis. While she forced it downwards, I pulled Mika upwards while pushing my hips forward at the same time. Mika, still covering her eyes, spread her legs out a bit wider while Josie guided the tip of my rod to the small hole at the bottom of Mika’s cleft. Her labia had barely opened up even in this position, but Josie knew where my penis had to go. With her help, I pushed forward and penetrated my girlfriend. She tensed up for a brief moment before relaxing while making an audible moan. Josie watched in awe, still keeping her fingers wrapped around me.

At this point, I was equally concentrating on making things work in this awkward position, and equally internally celebrating that I was finally about to have sex with Mika again. I went ahead a bit more roughly than I had planned, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Thankful that Mika was small and light, I used my strength to forcefully pull our naked bodies together to force my penis into her. Josie let go, and sat back down to silently watch. Out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw that she absentmindedly slipped a hand down between her legs. I breathed out in excretion, while Mika had at this point moved her arm away from her face to instead grip onto the sheet below us. Her eyes were still closed, and her face distorted into that special blend of pain and pleasure, and she tried to keep back her voice while I began moving my hips. Now that I was firmly lodged inside her, I was managing to keep her weight on my legs while I began moving my hips back and forth. It wasn’t the most ideal position I’d ever tried, and my penis was straining a bit from having to bend down like that, but it worked. And as required for this occasion, it gave me and Josie - and Mika, if she had wanted to look - a perfectly unobstructed view of the action.

Thanks to the pre-work I had done between Mika’s legs, and Josie’s pre-work with her mouth on my penis, it wasn’t long before I had pushed all the way inside Mika’s body. Her vagina, as opposed to how closed and delicate as it normally appeared, was now spread forcefully open at the bottom where it had taken pretty much the full length of my penis. All sorts of feelings were going through me while I pumped my hips back and forth in fast and hard strokes. While I was filled with both a primal, immense physical pleasure as well as a deeper and emotional happiness of being able to do this again, my mind was clouded by a number of things. I hadn’t resolved the issue of Josie yet… She seemed content for now with sitting besides us touching herself while watching us have sex, but I knew that she wanted more than that. Not necessarily to do the same thing that Mika was doing right now, but… Something.

Also, I was still painfully aware of where I was - in someone else’s house, doing something extremely frowned upon, not to mention outright illegal. If Josie’s parents would happen to come home right now, they would clearly be able to hear Mika even though we were all the way up here on the first floor. Or second floor, depending on how you count ‘em. Finally, I was both relieved and frustrated at the same time at how I could feel that I was already getting close to cumming. I rarely jerked off any more and hadn’t ejaculated for a couple of days, so it made sense that it wouldn’t take much of the real thing to make me climax, but I wanted to enjoy it for longer. On the other hand… I was honestly getting tired of this position. Because of this, I surrendered myself to the pleasure and sped up until I came, making one final pull with all of my strength on Mika’s hips to get as deep inside of her as possible. She gasped out loudly, and after a few seconds I lowered her back down on the mattress, my penis flopping out of her. I almost fell backwards, sitting down on my ass to catch my breath.

“Hey… You… You didn’t… cum…?”

Josie was glancing back and forth from Mika’s sweat-covered face, and the mess I had left between her legs. Mika had stretched her legs back down, but didn’t make any effort to close them together very much, and her vagina was glistening with fluids with a few thick, white drops having run down over her buttcrack. Opening her eyes, Mika looked at Josie before gazing up at me with a faint smile on her tired face.

“No… But… It’s fine.”

I could hear that she meant it, and my heart melted in my chest. She really was just happy to have been doing it with me again, even if I had finished so quickly that I hadn’t made her climax. I crawled down to lie on Mika’s side, opposite Josie, and I gave her a tight hug.

“I’ll make it up to you, sweetie.”


Mika murmured happily, and for a few moments all my troubles had disappeared from the world. This was the point of it all… Just me and her, naked and together. This made it all worth it.

Except… It wasn’t just me and her. There was still Josie.

“... Are you going to sleep now?”

“Mm, that sounds like a good idea.”

I nodded, the post-climax tiredness washing over me.

“Oh ... Okay.”

Josie sat still, and lowered her eyes to look down at the mattress. The mood was quickly turning from bliss to awkwardness.

“Hey, do you think… Do you think I can stay down here?”


I raised my head to look at Josie, and Mika opened her eyes too. Josie looked back at me, obviously anxious.

“Like, um, sleep down here. With you guys.”

“There’s no room for three people down here. It’s almost too small for the two of us.”

Motioning with my hand, I pointed to how both me and Josie were situated on the very edges of the one-person mattress. It wouldn’t be possible to have a comfortable night’s sleep with three people on it.

“I… I can just move my mattress down here…! Then we can…”

Josie’s voice trailed off, but she kept staring at us. She really wanted this. I glanced down at Mika.

“What do you think, sweetie?”

Mika looked back and forth between me and Josie, having picked up that something was wrong. I guess she really wasn’t used to being asked for her opinion in regards to Josie.

“Um… I uonno…”

“It’ll be just-- just like at the summerhouse, right? With me, um, and David and you. With David in the middle, you won’t even know I’m there.”

Mika propped herself up on the elbows to get a better view of Josie.

“You… You wanna sleep next to David…? Why?”

This might be it, I thought. And it’s happening without me having to take control. I stayed quiet, hoping the girls could figure this out themselves. I realized my heart was almost beating as fast as it had been when I had been fucking Mika a few minutes ago. I wasn’t the only one getting anxious, as I could recognize the look on Josie’s face. She seemed to be on the verge of crying.

“Y-yeah, um… I won’t mind sleeping next to you either, but… But… I--... I also wanna cuddle with… with… Someone… Like you two always… are…”

Tears suddenly burst forth from Josie’s eyes, and she bit her lip to stop it from quivering. It seemed like it was really hard for her to open up to ask for something, to admit that there was something she wanted but had to request from us. It was probably the first time she had to ask Mika for permission for something. Mika, too, seemed perplexed, and was by now also deeply worried by the change in her friend’s demeanor. It didn’t seem like she knew what to do.

“... Josie…. Wha…”

Josie couldn’t hold it back anymore, and while it wasn’t as violent as last time in my room, she began crying. She didn’t hide it this time, but tried to fight it while at the same time trying to remain comprehensible.

“I… I wanna have someone to cuddle with too…! It’s---” Josie paused to wipe her eyes and her nose. “It’s unfair that only YOU get to kiss and to cuddle and hold hands and--- and… A-all that stuff…! I’m… I… I feel… left out…”

Neither Mika nor me said a word, and it seemed like Josie’s crying had almost rubbed off on Mika who now seemed absolutely distressed by the change in her friend. Josie got up on all fours to reach up to a box of tissues on her night stand, and sat down again to wipe her face. She had stopped crying and was calming down now that she had spilled the beans. The question was now how Mika would react.

“Josie… I… I had no idea…”

I let go of Mika so she could move over to sit up next to Josie, and they awkwardly glanced at each other. I didn’t even get any enjoyment out of the fact that they were both naked, this was too critical a moment in our relationship to think about that. Mika wiped one of her eyes with the back of her hand, also having had some tears roll down over her cheeks. Josie sat still with the box of tissues in her lap, anxious and ashamed. Mika reached out and softly placed her hands on Josie’s arm.

“You.. You can cuddle with us… A-and with David… And…”

Mika briefly turned her head to glance back at me, before returning her attention to her friend.

“A-and... And THAT kinda stuff… A-as long as…”

There was a brief pause, and I noticed Mika tightening her grip on Josie’s arm. I couldn’t really see Mika’s face from my position but Josie suddenly seemed almost frightened, looking into Mika’s eyes.

“As long as that… David is MY boyfriend.”

“... Mm..”

Josie made a small nod. A few tense seconds passed, it seemed like Mika kept staring at Josie until Josie spoke up again.

“Of-- of course…! I would never try to take away your boyfriend…! I just… I don’t have anyone else who…”

Mika slowly nodded, and she gradually released her grip on Josie’s arm. Could this have been the first time that Mika had taken control of her relationship with Josie? I knew that up until now, it had always been Josie who had made all the decisions, but… Perhaps Mika had by now found something that she strongly felt was HERS, and was now - having just begun maturing away from being a little girl a couple of months ago - old enough to take a stand against Josie. I breathed an internal sigh of relief as the girls seemed to make up with a quick hug. When they broke off, they both seemed visibly more relaxed, with Mika gently rubbing Josie’s shoulder.

“You can sleep with us if you’re lonely. And cuddle with David. I don’t mind.”

Josie almost teared up again, and mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Mika. That girl really had a heart of gold… Or maybe she just couldn’t bring herself to exclude Josie from something she wanted to join. In either case, it seemed like everything had worked out in the end. Josie’s little crush on me, or whatever it was, hadn’t broken up Mika and me. And now I could cuddle with two small, cute girls without any guilt weighing on my consciousness. Well then, better not waste any time.

“I’ll help you with the mattress.”

Standing up, I stepped over to Josie’s bed and lifted the mattress up, tilting it to the side to dump all the stuffed animals down on the bedframe. Since it was also just a one-person mattress, I could easily drag it down to the floor where the two girls had pushed the other mattress to the side to make space. Mika sat back while me and Josie aligned the two mattresses, cooperating to somehow fit the two sheets together in the middle so that they would hopefully keep the mattresses bound together while we slept. I then laid down in the middle of our combined beddings, and Josie turned off the lights before joining me and Mika by taking her place on the other side of me. The duvet was big enough to cover all three of us, and we all cuddled together with me on my back having the girls snuggle up against each side of my chest.

This was pretty nice, except… Even though Josie had been allowed to cuddle me that one night at the summerhouse too, it was like things were different now that Josie “officially” had been granted permanent permission to cuddle with me. It was awkward. Hmm… We couldn’t stay tense like this all night, so I had better get both of them used to all three of us cuddling at the same time. After laying still for a little while, I ran my arms up over the sides of the girls’ torsos so I could slip my hands down to cup their breasts. I was still careful with Mika’s, and she accepted my touch like she always did, but Josie tensed up.

“Wha- Hey, who said you can touch me there?”

It was funny how Josie still hadn’t gotten used to - or perhaps more accurately, resigned herself to - being groped by me wherever and whenever I saw fit. I assume Mika figured that I was touching her friend the same place I was touching her, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her grinning ever so slightly from the tone of Josie’s voice.

“You said you wanted to cuddle with me, right? This is how I cuddle. You should know by now.”


Mika giggled and Josie pouted, but let me touch the area around her flat nipple without any further protests. Things seemed to be back to normal, and the three of us closed our eyes to fall asleep, my fingertips lightly dancing around on two small, naked breasts. However, despite the lateness of the hour none of us seemed to be particularly sleepy. Indeed, the tenseness from before had made all three of us wide awake. Even though Josie had been allowed to cuddle me that one night at the summerhouse too, it was like things were different now that Josie “officially” had been granted permanent permission to cuddle with me. It was awkward. Hmm… We couldn’t stay tense like this all night.

Even after laying still in the quiet darkness for several minutes, it didn’t seem like the girls were falling asleep either. Neither of their breathing changed into that slow, audible whisper that emerges when the autonomous systems take over. Well then, if we weren’t going to sleep, we might as well do something else. And what in the world could a man do with two cute, naked girls in bed with him at this hour? … Even though we already just had had sex, it had mostly been with Josie as a spectator. If we aren’t able to fall asleep, I might as well continue to get her used to getting more involved in the things me and Mika do during the night. I carefully whispered out in the dark.

“... Are any of you sleeping yet?”



Josie and Mika whispered back, not a hint of tiredness evident in their voices.

“... Why don’t we do something a bit more fun than just lie still like this, then?”

“Like what?”

Josie whispered back to me, and I felt both of the turns turn their heads to look up at me in anticipation. They both seemed excited again, knowing that it probably wouldn’t be playing card games I was about to suggest.

“Josie’s only been cuddling with ME so far. I think it’s time to switch things up a bit.”


Even with the lights off, I could see the girls briefly looking at each other before turning their eyes back up to me. Mika stayed quiet, with Josie being the one to keep talking.

“Like… how…? Do you want to switch places with one of us?”

“Kinda. I’ll show you.”

Pushing the covers away from us, I sat up and reached over to turn the light back on before turning my body towards Mika. She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes, curious of what I had in mind. I put a hand on one of her knees and motioned for her to spread her legs.

“Open your legs, sweetie, just like before.”


Mika tilted her head, probably thinking that I just wanted to have sex with her again. She obeyed my command, and spread her legs up and out to the sides just like before. I scooted down to sit between the girls’ feet so I wouldn’t get in the way.

“Good girl. Okay, now, Josie, get on top of Mika.”


Josie sat up, looking confused back and forth between me and Mika.

“Hey, I’m not a… Y-y’know, I… I can’t have se-... sex with Mika, and you said cuddle, not sex…!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the sex part. You just get to kinda be a part of it, by… cuddling with Mika while I do it.”


While she didn’t seem to understand, curiosity won over Josie’s scepticism and she slowly moved up to crawl on top of Mika, laying herself down between her friend’s outspread legs. I moved up to sit directly behind them - or in front of them, depending on how you think about it. What matters is that I had access to their rear ends, and grabbing onto the two pairs of legs in front of me, I directed the girls into the right position. I got Mika to pull her knees up almost all the way to her chest, resting her lower legs on Josie’s hips. Meanwhile, I got Josie to kinda bend her legs forward, so she wasn’t just lying flat on her stomach. This had the intended effect of stacking the genitals of the two girls right on top of each other, with just the top of their small slits touching. Even though both of the girls had gotten their legs spread out like this, neither of their labia were peeled apart and were almost forming one long, continuous line going from one butthole to the other. As I had hoped, it looked like Mika was still pretty moist. Made sense, since she hadn’t had a chance to clean up the discharge I had left in there earlier.

“Jeez, when I said I wanted to cuddle, I didn’t mean like this!”

Josie had turned her head to glare at me with a cute pout, and Mika was looking up at me too though she just seemed amused at the situation. I chuckled and gave Josie’s naked butt a rub.


“Come on, just relax and try to focus on how nice it feels. Mika is pretty warm and soft, isn’t she?”

“Hmpf… I… I guess, but I’m still not sure if this really is cuddling, or just a way for you to get to look at my ass. Ugh, this is so embarrassing…”

Josie sighed and moved her head back, and I could see the two girls glancing awkwardly into each other’s eyes. Their faces were really close together, and they were both blushing pretty red by now.

“Just think of this as a nice, big hug. Go on.”

Hesitantly at first, the girls began moving around so that Josie was wrapping her arms around Mika’s neck, while Mika was embracing Josie by hugging her down against her body. Meanwhile, I got into position behind the girls, sitting on my shins almost like before when I had been doing it with Mika. Time to get back to business.

“Isn’t this nice, Josie? Now you both get to cuddle with Mika, and-...”

I pointed my penis down towards Mika’s entrance, rubbing the tip up and down over the labia a couple of times.

“... you get to see her face close up as she gets… penetrated.”

And timing my actions to my words, I did just that. I gave a forceful push forward, sliding my length inside my girlfriend again. Even though she had felt it coming, Mika’s eyes widened and she gasped out loudly, right up into Josie’s face. As good as it felt burying myself in Mika’s tightness again, I didn’t stay in there for long. I had other plans. I only made a couple of slow strokes to make sure that the length of my penis got covered in the wet mix of Mika’s juices and my jizz that was still lingering inside her before I slowly pulled back out. Feeling this, Mika glanced up at me over Josie’s shoulder with a puzzled expression, and Josie soon followed suit by turning her head up towards me. I grinned down at them as my penis slid out of Mika and sprung up against Josie’s butt.

“Just look how nicely you two are getting along, but… It’s unfair if I only give my attention to Mika, isn’t it?”

“Wha… What are you… Eep…!”

Josie’s eyes widened in a mix of fear and embarrassment as I poked the tip of my penis against her slit. I wasn’t planning to enter her, but it could be fun to tease her a little bit. I also carefully watched Mika’s reaction, but it didn’t seem like she would object to me trying to have sex with her friend. Josie, on the other hand, began having a more and more panicked look on her face as I reached down to lightly poke my dick around on her labia and butt.

“You’re… You’re not gonna… P-put it in… m-my…?!”

“Hmm, I don’t know?”

Acting like I was solemnly considering it, I glanced down and grabbed onto Josie’s behind with my other hand. Using my thumb, I pulled gently on Josie’s buttcheek which opened up her two tiny holes ever so slightly. Frowning a bit, I then shook my head as if I had come to a conclusion.

“I think I’m gonna do something else instead. I can kinda give you a taste of what the real thing would be like.”


Josie seemed a bit relieved, but still tensed up when I scooted forward. Carefully directing my penis, I pointed it towards the space between the two girls and gave a push. Thanks to the wetness I had collected from Mika, there was no friction between my dick and the skin of the two girls as it slid over across the top of their vaginas, and further up between their tummies. With her virginity still intact, Josie relaxed and let her head drop back down to hover over Mika’s face, and the two girls awkwardly looked at each other again as I began fucking their crotches. Holding onto Josie’s butt with both of my hands, I directed her to tilt her hips slightly downwards to squeeze the top of her vagina even closer down against my hardness. While it didn’t feel as good as the real thing, the fact that I was semi-fucking both girls at once more than made up for it.

From what I could see, I don’t think I was rubbing against either Josie or Mika in any way that was stimulating them directly, as opposed to how it always seems to work out in manga. But it still gave Josie a hint of what it was like being taken from behind, and she soon relaxed enough to lie her upper body down on Mika’s, resting her weight on her friend with her head resting on the mattress next to Mika. They both seemed to be getting pretty comfortable in this position, their eyes half-closed while their bodies shook back and forth with each thrust that I made. I wonder if it felt good to have my dick slide back and forth over the abdomens, or… If they actually had come to like cuddling each other? I slowed down a bit to be able to think about taking things even further… What we were doing right now was something I had never thought would be possible to get these two girls to do, but with Josie’s confession of desiring physical contact, who knows how far I could make them go?

“Hey, you know what would be cool? … Try giving each other a kiss.”

The girls opened their eyes to glance up at me with a dumbfounded expression on their faces before turning their heads to look into each other's eyes once they realized it wasn’t a joke. Holding onto Josie’s hips for support, I leaned a bit to the side to get a proper view of the dynamics that were developing between the two girls. Mika was the first to briefly flicker her gaze down to Josie’s lips, and Josie immediately did the same. I could see how they both anxiously tried to read the other’s reaction, their eyes darting back and forth. I imagined that perhaps they could both be afraid of hurting each other’s feelings if one of them rejected giving them a kiss, now that they had been put in such a close, intimate situation. Thus, to my great delight, I saw them slowly and shyly draw their heads towards each other, still attentively observing each other’s faces until they carefully pursed their lips and brought them together. If it wasn’t because I had slowed down fucking their crotches in order to enjoy the show, I could have blown my load right there.

Actually, I was quickly getting close to doing just that. I was involuntarily speeding up my thrusts as I watched the two girls nervously look at each other after their kiss, trying to decide how to proceed. After what seemed like a brief but careful evaluation of their first kiss, they closed their eyes and slowly kissed again. They weren’t french kissing by any means, but were basically just pecking each other on the lips. You gotta start out somewhere, right? It certainly looked cute as fuck, especially considering how they had both already tried making out with me - in Mika’s case, a lot. Feeling each other out, they kissed again and again until Mika, being the more experienced kisser, was the first to slightly part her lips to let her tongue out, softly poking it against Josie’s mouth. And with that, I erupted to make a mess between the girls’ stomaches.

Unfortunately, that had the effect of interrupting the sweet little moment that had formed between the two girls, and they moved their heads away from each other with especially Josie making a startled face. I couldn’t blame her; she wasn’t as used to being jizzed on as Mika had become. Exhausted, I pulled away from the girls and sat back, wiping a drop of sweat from my forehead. I love the few days of warm weather the scandinavian summer provides us, but the downside is that I get hot very easily. It probably didn’t help that we were three people in a relatively small room, naked and in close physical contact. Anyways, Josie also slowly lifted herself up to move off of Mika, and she sat down cross-legged by her side. Looking down over her body, she made an annoyed grimace. Like Mika, her lower stomach had gotten pretty sticky, with a couple of big, white globs sticking to her abdomen. Mika propped herself up on her elbow, also looking down at the jizz on her skin.

“Sheesh, I never thought I would get this dirty from cuddling!”

Josie pouted cutely up at me, but I just shrugged.

“Hey, it’s a good thing. It’ll help you finish each other off.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Josie made a confused frown, and Mika looked up at me as well.

“You two still need to cum, right? We can’t go to bed with only me having cum tonight. Twice, even.”

Josie’s eyes widened in embarrassment at my straightforward words. I continued.

“It’ll function as lubrication, so it’s a good thing. I’m too spent, so you’ll have to take care of it yourselves.”

Not questioning my words, the girls looked at each other. They seemed unsure of what to do, so I nudged them on a little further.

“You can just lie down next to each other, and… You know, like you kinda did outside at the summerhouse.”

For some reason they didn’t question why they had to touch each other instead of just touching themselves, or being touched by me. Josie shyly put a hand over her crotch to hide her vagina while the girls looked at each other again to see if one of them would object. But with neither of them seeming to be against it, Josie slowly scooted down to lie on her side besides Mika, who also rolled up on her side to face her naked friend. They both looked down over their bodies while I sat back to spectate while I recovered from before. Mika took the lead again by awkwardly bringing a hand down to Josie’s stomach, and with Josie hesitantly mirroring her movements, they each made contact with the sperm I had just ejaculated and scooped it down between each other's legs. If it wasn’t because I was completely drained having climaxed twice this evening, this would instantly have made me hard again.

With their thin arms criss-crossing between their naked bodies, they clumsily began rubbing each other. It took a little while to get started, and they were both still blushing visibly from having to touch each other’s privates, but studying the reactions and the movements of each other they eventually found out how to move their fingers to get results. Their breathing became slower and more focused, the movements of their hands more rhythmic. Using my sperm as lubrication, Josie’s bedroom was soon filled with a low but distinct schlicking-sound.

“Hey, you can continue kissing while doing this.”

Josie glanced over at me and rolled her eyes, but they followed my suggestion and leaned closer against each other. With less hesitation than before, they looked into each other’s eyes as before but closed them once their lips made contact. Mika took the lead again, and got Josie to follow her example of slightly parting her lips to deepen the kiss. It wasn’t like they were straight-up making out, they mostly laid still with their mouths brushing against each other while they focused on the pleasure they were creating with their fingers. While I was sure they were just doing this for my entertainment, they looked really cute together. They looked like two young girls who had just found out that they liked each other a bit more than just being best friends, and had discovered that they could make each other feel good. They radiated an aura of innocence, being so careful with each other like they weren't sure if what they were doing was allowed. I really had to stop myself from joining them, as tempting as it was.

Even though Mika had received the most stimulation down there from me earlier, she wasn’t the first one to orgasm. It made sense, I guess, since she as the older and (slightly) more experienced girl probably had a better technique. Josie suddenly broke off their kiss, panting heavily with her face almost looking like she was in pain, making Mika open her eyes to look at her friend. I saw Mika speed up her hand between Josie’s legs, but she only had to keep it up for a couple of seconds before Josie tensed up and made a long, drawn-out “Mmmmnngg” sound. Mika paused, and we both waited a little while until Josie opened her eyes, hazily glancing at us both. She looked… Pretty tired by now, just like me. But we weren’t done yet… Mika, the poor girl, still hadn’t cum. We were just one orgasm away from being able to go to sleep.

“Did it feel good?”

“... Mm..”

Josie nodded slowly to my question.

“You just need to finish Mika off, then we can go to sleep.”

The girls looked at each other, and still not willing to ruin the mood by refusing I guess, Josie scooted a bit closer to Mika once again. Seeing her friend be willing to continue masturbating her, Mika rolled over on her back and spread her legs slightly to welcome Josie returning her hand to the area between her legs. While Josie slowly resumed rubbing her fingers up and down over Mika’s vagina, I moved up to lie down next to my girlfriend to give her some cuddles. Perhaps being the center of attention from the both of us could help Mika get off, and it only seemed fair to focus on her for once since I usually made the action revolve around myself. I would have liked to help out by playing with Mika’s boobs, but seeing that they were too sensitive at the moment I resigned myself to just cupping one of her breasts in my hand and stroking her head while we both watched Josie try to pleasure her. Even though she had done this before, back up at the summerhouse where she rubbed Mika into an orgasm, she now seemed a bit unsure of what to do, occasionally glancing back up at us while she tried working her fingers around between Mika’s legs. She probably needed a bit of guidance, so I leaned over to Mika’s ear to whisper to her.

“Maybe you need to tell her how she should do it.”

As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough, Mika now had to put words on how she wanted her best friend to touch her. She gulped and then spoke up with a nervous voice.

“Try… Try focusing at the… the top..”

With a slight nod, Josie tried to do as she was told but was seemingly unable to do it the right way, as Mika after a few seconds found it necessary to put one of her hands on top of Josie’s to direct her movements. I guess Mika had been super close to the edge up at the summerhouse after I had fucked her for so long, which was why it had been easier for Josie to make her cum back then. Raising her head to see what was going on, and spreading her legs a bit more to provide better access, Mika began to teach Josie on how she should touch her. Josie sat up to follow Mika’s instructions better.

“Keep your fingers wet by… y-you know, down at…”

It was pretty entertaining to watch, both of the girls trying to cooperate on their common goal of giving Mika an orgasm despite both of them still being super embarrassed about doing this. Reaching down with her other hand, Mika pulled her labia apart to indicate where Josie should dip her fingers to moisten them, all while I kept idly stroking Mika’s hair while I watched. It was almost weird to see Mika taking control over Josie, but it was working out nicely since Josie was a focused and fast learner. Maybe we could teach her some more tricks tonight?

“Hey, you know what would work better than just using your fingers?”

Josie paused, and the two girls looked up at me. Josie tilted her head, thinking.

“... your dick?”

I rolled my eyes.

“That too I guess, but I’m spent for today. Something else.”


“... Your tongue.”

It took a second before Josie made a disgusted grimace, making me think that that would be going too far. The girls then looked at each other and then suddenly burst out giggling, that kind of awkward giggle you do when you’re confronted with something embarrassing. They held their eye contact though, even after they stopped.

“Do… Do you want me… to…?”

Josie asked Mika with that kind of “No way, right?” tone in her voice, but Mika didn’t reject the idea right away. Biting her lip and glancing down at Josie’s hand resting on top of her vagina, she then made a tiny nod.

“... S-sure… I guess…”

We were all frozen completely still, as if all of us were waiting for someone else to say “Hah, just kidding!”. But none of us did. I almost couldn’t believe it, I was this close to getting Mika and Josie to do what I considered the most intimate thing two girls could do to each other. It just seemed like they needed one more, little push. I sat up and crossed my legs.

“Here, I’ll make it easy for you.”

I tugged at Mika’s arm, and while the girls seemed to be pretty confused, Mika obeyed and moved up to sit in my lap. I directed her to scoot herself down as much as possible, her torso bent up against my stomach. I then reached forward and put my hands under her thighs, and pulled her legs up and out to the sides - putting her in almost the exact same position she had been in when I had been fucking her earlier, the main difference this time that her butt was raised a bit up from the floor from being supported by my lap. After Mika had gotten herself comfortable, we both looked expectantly at Josie who was staring intensely at the vagina we were presenting to her. She seemed really conflicted about what to do, but I guess the anticipating stares coming from me and Mika forced her to get up on all fours to crawl over to us. She was really gonna do it…!

The silence was almost deafening. It was like the three of us were trying to stay as quiet as possible, as if we were doing something forbidden while Josie’s parents were in the room next door. Well, this was super forbidden for my behalf, of course. I was sitting with a naked thirteen year old in my lap, holding her legs open so that I could watch her two years younger best friend try to eat her out for the first time, all on my command. But I didn’t think about this at all at this moment, I didn’t even feel my otherwise always-present paranoia of someone barging through the door that I always had when I was in bed with these two little girls.

Right now, the only thing I could focus on was the sight of Josie slowly moving closer to us, drawing nearer until she had placed her head directly over Mika’s opened privates. It was crazy that Josie was willing to go through with this, especially considering the condition of Mika’s genitals. I suppose that you normally would have your first time performing oral sex on a girl with her vagina being in a clean, pristine condition, neat and appealing for your tongue. Instead, Josie had a sloppy mess in front of her, all thanks to me. Not only was there probably still a good chunk of my cum inside of Mika, my jizz was also smeared all around on both the insides and outsides of Mika’s vagina, due to Josie having been made to use it as lubrication when touching her before. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but it didn’t exactly look like a mouth-watering place to put my tongue on.

Nevertheless, that’s what Josie did. Lowering her head in a painfully slow fashion, she cautiously stuck out her tongue and gave the side of Mika’s outer labia a lick. Making a brief pause, she then did it again, this time directly over the thin slit in the middle. And then again. And again. Occasionally flickering her eyes upwards to meet our gazes, Josie began slowly but steadily running her tongue across Mika’s genitals, almost like how a dog or a cat would lick your hand. Mika, who had been quietly observing her friend just like me, began relaxing and slumped more down into my lap, closing her eyes. Then the moans began. Tiny at first, but becoming more and more vocal. Remembering Mika’s instructions from before, I could see how Josie began to focus her attention on the top of Mika’s vagina, pressing her mouth down against her friend in order to please her. Wanting to help her out I pulled Mika’s legs a bit further apart, trying to open her up to give Josie better access to the treasures hidden between Mika’s folds.

It didn’t seem to be good enough for Josie, though, as she moved her hands up to pry the lips of Mika’s vagina apart. Even though she still had an obvious inexperience in her, she really seemed to have gotten into it considering her hesitation just before, not to mention all of her previous reluctance at touching Mika. But on the other hand, it hadn’t even been two months since she had demanded to get a close-up view of Mika’s creampied vagina. I assumed it was that same interest that had made her agree to go this far tonight. She had gone from looking at a jizz-filled pussy to eating out a jizz-filled pussy. It certainly did not seem to bother her that she wasn’t just licking up Mika’s vaginal fluids, but also the sperm that had been covering Mika’s vagina. From what I could see, from my limited viewing angle, it even looked like Josie had moved on to push her tongue inside her best friend, using her fingers to keep her entrance open. I don’t think she was actively hunting for the cum I had deposited in there, though. From the sounds of my girlfriend’s moans, Josie was just trying to make her orgasm.

And cum she did… The poor girl had been teased for I don’t know how long by now, first by my fingers, then my penis, then her friend’s fingers, and finally her friend’s tongue. I could see that Josie had put her mouth over the top of Mika’s slit again, and her work there finally brought her friend to an orgasm. Grabbing onto my arms, Mika held on as she suddenly held her breath for a couple of seconds, only to release it in a burst of short, sharp moans followed by a cascade of spasms in her stomach and legs that shook her little body. Josie very quickly moved away, perhaps being startled by Mika’s movements, or perhaps to watch her friend cum. In any case, she had completed her task. I let go of Mika’s legs, and she laid almost completely lifeless and still in my lap, only her chest moving as she caught her breath. Josie wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“... Yuck!”

I chuckled and gave her a nod of approval.

“Good job Josie. Looks like you’ve got talent.”

Josie eyed me with a strange mix of contempt and pride. Like she was happy to be praised, she just didn’t want to hear it from me.

“... It tasted better than your dick, at least.”

“Huh. I wouldn’t know… But it must have had a taste of it too, since you probably licked up some of my cum.”

As if she just realized this now, Josie grimaced and stuck her tongue out of her mouth as if she could make the taste of it evaporate into the air. Whatever, what mattered was that it didn’t seem like she had hated it. I looked around the room, scanning unsuccessfully for a clock. It had to be really late by now. While this had been the most exciting night of my life - taking Mika’s virginity would have had that spot if it wasn’t because it had happened during the day - we were all finally getting sleepy now that we had all helped each other cum. There was just one last thing to take care of before saying goodnight, though… We were all pretty messy. Especially the girls.

“Hey, do you have some baby wipes or something? I don’t wanna get your beddings too dirty with, you know..”

I motioned with my hand down towards Mika’s crotch. Josie stood up, and while she wasn’t as dirty as her friend, the area from her lower stomach and downwards were also glimmering with stickiness.

“Y-yeah, lemme go find something…”

A little unsteady on her feet, Josie stepped out of her room. I carefully laid Mika down on the mattress, and she fluttered her eyes open to gaze dreamily up at me.

“Hey… How ya holding up?”

Mika blinked a few times before responding.

“I’m… good…”

“So… How did it feel, having Josie… Eat you out?”

A number of different expressions washed over Mika’s face.

“It felt… Really good, actually.”

“Really? You liked it?”

“... Mm…”

She nodded slowly, as if she was still gauging how she had liked the experience.

“... Did it feel better than when we… Do it?”

“Hmn…?” Mika tilted her head. “You haven’t… Used your mouth… Down there…?”

“Oh, no. I mean, compared to when we do it for real.”

“Ooh… Hmm… No… But it felt different…”

“Huh… Interesting. I really wonder how it actually feels for girls, doing this… kinda stuff.”


Mika thought it over while I began stroking her hair.

“I uonno, it’s hard to explain… Like, when we do it it feels like… um…”

Mika raised her hands in the air, waving them around as if trying to figure out if there was a way to show me what she meant. I chuckled at her cuteness, and patted her head.

“I guess it’s impossible to explain. It’s alright, as long as it feels good for you.”

“Mmm…” Mika nodded with a wide smile on her lips. “It does.”

“And it’s cool if it feels good, uh, doing stuff with Josie too.”

“.. M-mm…” Mika nodded again, but a bit more unsure this time. “It… It did…”

Josie came back, and not having found any baby wipes she had taken some dishcloths and moistened them with warm water. She kneeled down next to us, and we each spent half a minute cleaning ourselves as much as possible. With all three of us yawning widely by now, we then laid down and pulled the cover up over us. I had considered asking the girls if they wanted to sleep with one of them in the middle so that they could cuddle some more, in case they had gotten a taste of the kind of stuff I had made them do tonight, but after turning off the lights Josie had quickly placed herself by my side, sandwiching me between the two of them again. Oh well, I couldn’t complain. Thankfully, Josie didn’t seem resentful towards me at all, despite all the things I had made her do today. She cuddled up against me, almost just as closely as Mika did. She even demanded to also get a goodnight kiss from me, after I gave one to Mika. While we were all exhausted, we still had some energy left for some pillow talk.

“Josie, when would your parents be home again?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“Really? But that’s a monday? Don’t they have to go to work?”

Josie shrugged.

“They’ve, like, brought their laptops with them, so they can work from the airport and stuff.”

Hah. They really had taken a plane somewhere for a weekend trip. And having the ability to work remotely, even if it was just for one day… They were really privileged. Normally, the only valid excuse to work from home instead of sitting by your desk in the office was if you had sick kids and you didn’t have any grandparents available who you could drop them off with. It’s kinda stupid, now that a lot of jobs can easily be handled from a laptop anywhere in the world, but that’s probably never gonna change.

“Huh. That’s pretty cool they can do that.”

“I guess… But you know what that means~?"

I could almost see Josie grinning through the darkness.

“... That you can empty the candy drawer without anyone stopping you?”


Josie playfully slapped my chest.

“It means you can stay here all day tomorrow, idiot!”

Mika giggled, listening to us.

“Oo~oohh…! I wonder what fun stuff we can come up with tomorrow then!”

I used the most sarcastic voice I could muster, but it reminded me that it actually was a valid question.

“I don’t think I should wander around in your house too much. Or your garden, for that matter.”

“No, I guess not.”

Josie sighed, knowing what I meant. We had to minimize the risk of having any of her neighbors spotting me.

“I guess you can just get Mika to wear her school uniform and then turn my room into a little Sunday school for her.”

“Ha-ha. Uuh, exceeept… I didn’t bring her school uniform.”


Josie looked up at me through the darkness, and she actually seemed shocked.

“I, uh, didn’t really bring anything. Just my tablet and some textbooks. I… didn’t know I was gonna stay over like this.”

I felt stupid… Dressing Mika up in her Japanese sailor uniform was my favorite thing to do. Right next to fucking Mika while she was wearing her Japanese sailor uniform. And now I didn’t get to do either of those… And it would probably be too risky going back to my place to get it. Josie shook her head, her soft hair rubbing against my shoulder.

“Mika… Your boyfriend is hopeless.”

Mika giggled again.

“It’s fine… I can attend Sunday school in my regular clothes.”

“Good, because…. LORD knows you have sins to atone for…! Making me… Do all those things…!”

Josie put a hand up over her eyes. Thankfully, it was obvious that she was just being dramatic, and Mika giggled once more. I poked the side of Josie’s hip.

“Hey, that’s how it works. You wanted something from us and… You gotta give, if you wanna receive. We all gonna contribute.”

“Yeah yeah…!” Josie snorted. “I just never imagined I would have to… to… put my tongue… t-t…”

“But you were so obsessed with getting to see what Mika looked like down there previously, weren't you? It gotta be even better to also get to taste what she’s like down there too.”

“Grr!” Josie growled playfully and struck my chest again. “I only did it because Mika’s so cute! I’m just happy that it was better than using my mouth on you!”

“... You think Mika is cute?”

I don’t know why, but I was kinda surprised at the way Josie said it. She just shrugged.

“Yeah duh. She’s super cute. Isn’t that why you wanna bang her all the time?”

“U-uh… Sure, but… It’s just… I don’t know, maybe it’s because guys don’t compliment each other like that.”

“... Yeah, that’s weird. But we don’t mind telling each other. I think Mika is super cute and beautiful and… she’s like, totally animay.”

Mika giggled and reached over across my chest to hold Josie’s hand.

“You too.”

“Heheh, thanks~ I don’t have any cute school uniforms, though. I don’t think they make them in my size, since I’m not in high school.”

“... But I’m not in high school either? And mine fits perfectly.”


The girls both turned their heads to look up at me, hoping I could share my wisdom with them. Thankfully, I had an explanation.

“Oh, yeah, it’s because Japan’s school system is different. You go from middle school to high school earlier over there. I think you’re around fifteen or sixteen when you start high school in Japan. That’s one year earlier than here.”

“But that still means Mika is two years too young for her school uniform?”

“Yeah, but Mika isn’t Japanese. We’re taller than they are, that’s why.”

“Ooh… Huh. Do you think there’s any uniforms in my size?”

“Probably. You could also get a middle school uniform, they can be cute too.”

“Huh… What’s the difference between a middle school and a high school uniform?”

I had to yawn before I could answer. This was an awful lot of questions this late in the night.

“Uh, I dunno. Probably depends on the school.”

“Oh, yeah…! That’s why they always have different uniforms in anime.”


I nodded, being quite sleepy by now. The girls kept chatting, mainly discussing what kind of school uniform would look good on Josie. I could understand why Mika wasn’t sleepy yet, if she had been napping for most of the day, but Josie… Maybe she was just still excited from all the sex she had been made to participate it. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of having two girls snuggled up on each side of me, their quiet voices lulling me to sleep. I didn’t descend too far down into dreamland, though. I think the fact that I was semi-illegally staying in another family’s house prevented me from sleeping too deeply. It was also pretty hot, even though Josie’s window had actually been slightly open the whole time. Summer really was here. Of course, it was also hot because we were three people sleeping closely together. I didn’t mind the lack of space, though, as it meant that no matter which way I was facing, I would have a small, naked girl I could cuddle.

Anonymous 22/08/19(Fri)07:45 No. 27646 ID: ec4d8d


FFM with two adorable girls is just so perfect. I really like the personality you can feel roll off the two, it really adds to the story.

Anonymous 22/08/21(Sun)09:26 No. 27647 ID: 0f9912

Oh man a Mika Josie sandwich is the stuff of dreams right there. Thanks for the update!!

Also I see you adding some girl on girl action which is super nice to see.

Anonymous 22/08/24(Wed)13:17 No. 27648 ID: e2f5a0

I refresh 7chan daily for this. Thanks OP.

Anonymous 22/08/29(Mon)22:53 No. 27650 ID: 0f9912

I also refresh this page way too much, OP your work is too good

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)16:06 No. 27651 ID: 477c5b

Despite the comfiness of sleeping in the middle between Mika and Josie - or perhaps, because of that - I had a pretty restless night. I could only drift away for what seemed like a minute or two before I woke up again, like I had to be on guard for something. And of course, I realized, that’s exactly what I was. I was listening. Even the slightest sound from outside jolted me wide awake, and I couldn’t calm down again until I was certain that it wasn’t Josie’s parents I had heard coming home early in the middle of that night. It was a quiet neighborhood, but still, I was never able to become fully relaxed.

Thankfully, I had plenty of options for passing the time whenever I had been woken up by a car driving by outside. I could turn to one side and there was Mika, lying on her side with her back towards me. I could wrap my arms around her and pull her in against my chest, her skin warm and soft against mine. My anxiety and my exhaustion seemed to prevent me from getting a proper boner, which was a good thing because it would have ended up poking right up against Mika’s bare butt. Instead, I used my hands to explore her naked body while she slept, letting them roam lightly over her ribcage, stomach, thighs and hips. At one point I got a little too carried away snuggling her and woke her up for a moment, but she just blissfully put her hands on top of mine and rubbed herself closer against my body while murmuring sleepily, happily accepting the attention.

I could also turn to my other side, facing Josie. She was sleeping on her back, her arms and legs pretty sprawled out on the mattress, so I had to push her limbs back towards her body a bit to get close to her. Since Josie’s boobs hadn’t started developing yet, her nipples weren’t sore like Mika’s meaning I was free to explore her chest to my heart’s content. But unlike Mika, Josie was still not as used to being touched while she was sleeping, so it wasn’t long before she began stirring by the feeling of my fingers lightly dancing around on her breasts.

“Hnm… Wha…? David? What…”

After the initial confusion that can hit you when you are woken up unexpectedly, Josie sighed and relaxed. Mika was asleep, so we whispered to not wake her up.

“What are you doing… Do you wanna do more stuff already?”

“Nah, I’m just… Cuddling you.”

“Oh… Hm... Hey…”


“Is there any kind of cuddling you can do that… doesn’t involve touching a pair of boobies?”

Sassy even in the middle of the night, huh… I lowered my hand that had been stroking Josie’s flat chest, and rested it on her stomach instead.

“Sure, but… That kind is the nicest.”

“You’re hopeless, David…”

Josie’s voice trailed off as it gave way to a big yawn.

“... I guess I can also cuddle you…Down below…?”


Josie grunted quietly in disapproval, and I felt her clench her thighs together before relaxing them again.

“O-only… on the outside…”

“... When have I ever been inside of you?”

Before Josie could answer, I slid my hand further down to run my fingertips over the top of her vagina. It really felt just the same as Mika’s… Super soft and frictionless. Like I was pretty much just touching a tiny skin fold. Josie held her breath for a moment.

“Y-you did try… Once, up at the summerhouse…”

“Oh yeah… So only once.”


Josie nodded, and we laid still for a minute while I lightly felt around on the outside of her vagina. With a gentle poke on her thighs, I got her to spread her legs ever so slightly so that I could touch the full length of her slit. It was pretty relaxing, in a weird way… But not enough to make me fall asleep. Josie didn’t seem to go back to sleep either, as she turned her head towards me after a little while.



“Can we… Can we do that thing you always do when you’re touching Mika like this…?”

“Huh…? … And what’s that again?”

“K-... kiss…”

Josie sounded awfully shy about it, even though we had kissed before. Maybe it was because Mika was right next to us now, but… We had her “permission” now, didn’t we?

“Sure… Come here.”

Satisfied with having touched her vagina, I moved my hand up on Josie’s hip to pull her up on her side so that we were facing each other. She scooted up to put her head at my level, and we carefully neared each other until our lips met in a kiss. She was still rather hesitant and passive, but I didn’t mind. I took my time getting her to relax, and eventually coaxed her into parting her lips. We then spent a couple of minutes of the dark, silent night with my tongue carefully exploring the inside of her mouth, and another minute with her tongue exploring me. I kept my hand on the side of her hips to not distract her, and I didn’t want to start anything anyways. I was too spent to get horny again, and I didn’t want to disturb Mika by getting too passionate with Josie. So, after we had finished our little make-out session, we just stayed still with Josie snuggled up against my chest until we were asleep again.

It didn’t take long before I woke up again though, and I thus spent the night switching from girl to girl, covertly touching them whenever I couldn’t sleep. Eventually I guess I did fall into a proper slumber, because I was suddenly woken up in a bright room full of sunlight streaming in through the window. Something was moving, and I was immediately wide awake, my heart pounding in my chest. What was going on? I sat up and tried to look around, my eyes hurting from the sunlight.

“Hey, relax. I’m just getting some breakfast.”

Josie spoke down to me in a quiet voice. Narrowing my eyes, I could make out her figure and see her slipping a t-shirt on. She had already put panties on as well. I laid down again, relieved that it was a false alarm. Mika was still sleeping, lying on her side facing me, so I rolled up on my side to snuggle her while Josie left the room to go downstairs to the kitchen. I couldn’t tell how early in the morning it was, but it was already really hot and bright inside Josie’s room so it was probably pretty late. Even though Mika’s naked body was almost too warm to cuddle in the heat of the summer, it was just too nice to resist. I carefully hugged her in against my chest and tried to fall asleep again, but without any luck. Not that I cared, as long as I could hold Mika like this I would be fine just staying still in this position for hours.

Josie eventually came back and I raised my head to look at her, expecting that she wanted us to get up as well so that she wouldn’t have to suffer the horrible fate of boredom while me and Mika stayed in bed. But on the contrary, Josie just looked down at me and raised her shoulders as if saying “What?” while she ate what looked like yogurt with some kind of cereal from a bowl she was holding in her hand.

“Uh… We’re still tired, I think we wanna stay down here a while longer.”

“Sure, go ahead.” Josie shrugged, trying to talk while chewing. “The good thing about staying at my place is that I got my games and stuff here.”

“Oh… Yeah.”

“I can even put my headphones on for you guys.”

Letting me go back to sleep - or just out of restlessness - Josie then spun around and went over to turn her TV and a game console on. She then plugged a big pair of headphones up to the TV before sitting down in her bean bag chair with her breakfast. Perfect, that suited me just fine, I could go back to relaxing with my sleeping girlfriend now that Josie conveniently were able to keep herself occupied. I wonder what kind of game she could play while continuing to eat her breakfast, but… I’m sure this wasn’t the first time she was doing that, so whatever. I laid back down again, and noticed that my sleeping girlfriend was not sleeping anymore. Mika’s eyes were still closed, but she scooted closer to me with a faint smile on her lips.

“... good morning..~”

“Good morning sweetie.”

I moved up to lie on my side so that we were facing each other and leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the lips, making Mika hum happily. This seemed like an ideal way to start the day… With neither of us being required to get out of bed we could just laze around like this for as long as we wanted, enjoying a quiet morning in the company of each other. The only sounds in the room was the occasional car driving by outside as well as the clacking coming from Josie’s controller, but it wasn’t too bad. I guess the brightness of the room prevented either of us from falling asleep again, so we just laid still in a close embrace while I slowly brushed a hand up and down over the length of Mika’s bare back and butt, feeling her soft skin. Sleeping naked with someone like this was really a game changer, it’s like I couldn’t get enough of the tactile feedback I received from touching her body. Of course, my hand ended up spending more and more time touching her down below than further up over her back, until it was basically just groping her small bottom.

Even though Mika wasn’t wearing any of her animal ears or tails, she reminded me very much of a cat being petted. She was enjoying herself as much as I was, nuzzling her face against my chest while murmuring blissfully - almost like a cat purring. This only made me rub her butt that much more intensely, stroking and squeezing the soft flesh while we both wriggled around in an attempt to have as much skinship as physically possible. I thought about how she had… Changed. Compared to the timid and nervous girl I had met a few months ago, Mika now seemed happy and relaxed. She had been that way yesterday too, smiling and giggling and enjoying the attention she had gotten from me and Josie. That made me happy.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

I gave Mika’s butt a squeeze, and she nodded eagerly.


“Seemed like you were enjoying yourself yesterday too, huh?”

“Mm-... Mmm…~”

Hesitating a little bit at realizing what I was referring to, she nodded again.

“Was it fun playing around with Josie?”

“... Mm.. Yush… It was…~”

I could only see the top of Mika’s head, but I bet she was blushing from having to admit liking the stuff I had made her and Josie do yesterday. Nevertheless, she kept snuggling herself in against me, rubbing her cheek lightly against my chest while I massaged her behind.

“Good thing Josie’s a girl, huh? It would have been different if you had been best friends with a guy.”

“Mm.. Oh..? Mmh, yeah…”

“Or maybe… That would have been fun too…?”

Maybe I was imagining things, but it felt like Mika’s body was heating up ever so slightly. It probably didn’t help that I had also begun sliding my hand further and further down over her butt, my fingers going in between her thighs to poke against the outside of her vagina.

“M-mhhn… I-if… Josie had been a boy…?”

“Oh, ah… Haha, no, not like that.”

Call me a hypocrite, but doing sexual stuff with a preteen boy was pretty repulsive to me, so I quickly had to get that thought out of my head.

“No, instead of that, maybe imagine if… There had been one more of me, yesterday.”

“One more… of you…?”

“Yeah, like… A clone… Or an identical twin.”


Mika squeezed her thighs together for an instant, only to relax them again so I could prod my fingers a bit more forward. Mika arched her back slightly, giving me access to split her labia with a fingertip. She was wet.

“I think it could have been pretty fun, if there had been two of me to play with you yesterday.”

“O-... oh…?”


I nodded, brushing my lips against the brown hair on top of Mika’s head. She had stopped wriggling around, and was now clinging to me while I slid a finger up inside her.

“We would have given you looots of attention…”

“You… You would…?”

Mika’s breathing had become pretty ragged by now, and she responded nicely to me adding another finger to her vagina by arching her back even more. She was quickly getting pretty soaked down there.

“Mmh, just imagine… Being in bed with two guys, all the things we could do… Like… we could each have put a mouth over both your nipples…”

Either forgetting or ignoring that her breasts were a no-go zone these days, Mika let out a sigh and hugged herself closer to my chest. Down below, I replaced my middle finger with my ring finger so that I could reach her clit with the tip of my middle finger. So my girlfriend seemed to like the idea of sleeping with two copies of me, but… Alas, it could only remain a fantasy. I considered moving on from just toying with her body to roll over on top of her, but it felt like it was too early in the day for me to do that, for some reason. I probably hadn’t recovered fully from last night. Also, we were probably gonna stay cooped up in here all day today, so… We were probably gonna end up doing it a lot later. My fingers would have to suffice for now.

“Or we could also have… One of me enter you down here, while the other one kept your mouth occupied…?”


Mika moaned quietly, giving my fingers a slight squeeze. I could still hear Josie using her controller; since she was wearing her headphones, she probably had no idea what was going on under her duvet right now.

“D-do you mean… Keep my mouth busy, by… Kissing…?”

Mika spoke shyly out against my chest, too embarrassed to face me. I nodded my head, my lips still brushing against the top of her head.

“Mm, at first… But also with something else, something that I know you like to suck on…”


Mika’s voice turned into a moan again, probably as much from picturing the sweet little fantasy I was whispering to her as from being rubbed by my fingers down below, my middle finger circling over her clit while I still had two digits inside her entrance.

“... Do you know what that is called? When you have a guy both in front and behind you?”

“A… A spit… roast…?”

“Mmh, that’s right. We would keep both your mouth and your pussy filled up… And eventually fill them both with cream.”


Mika sighed deeply and squeezed her arms around my chest again. It felt like she was getting close to have a nice little morning orgasm already, but… I wasn’t done yet.

“We could also do something else…”


Mika tilted her head slightly upwards, her eyes still closed but eager to hear more of how this hypothetical threesome could go. I adjusted my hand between her legs and this time only pushed my thumb inside her vagina, slowly alternating it back and forth to get it lubed up with her wetness. She began trying to push her butt backwards, unsatisfied with the short finger I was now teasing her with.

“You could have a dick here, and… a dick… here.”

While I was talking, I slid my thumb out of her and instead angled it upwards just a bit, pointing it at the other cute little hole my girlfriend had down here. I also positioned my middle and ring finger at the entrance to her vagina again, and on my last word, I gave my hand a steady but forceful push. Two fingers slid into her pussy without much resistance, while at the same the first knuckle of my thumb disappeared into her butt.


Mika immediately tensed up and held her breath. She was clenching her butt with an incredible tightness, my thumb was practically immobilized. Even after she breathed out, it took a couple of seconds of gently rubbing the inside of her vagina to make her relax again. A couple of more seconds and I had her quietly resume her moaning, my index and middle fingers doing all the work while I kept my thumb still. I gave the top of her head a kiss as a small reward for holding out thus far, and she responded by nuzzling her cheek against my chest. I continued whispering to her.

“... It would be just like having one of your tails inside here… Just a bit bigger…”

I gave my thumb a small nod forward, making Mika immediately clench up again but she tried to relax so that I could push deeper inside her butt. It felt… Kinda weird. Even with all the lubrication it was clear that it was a pretty dry place, especially compared to her soaked vagina. It was also much tighter, even though Mika was doing her best to ease her muscles. I felt a little bad for having forced those tail buttplugs inside here back then, but I reminded myself that she had afterwards been wearing them without any problems. I had by now succeeded in burying the whole length of my thumb inside her butt, and switched to moving my entire hand back and forth ever so slightly to finger her two holes with the same rhythm.

“I wonder if we should have you on your back…? Or on your tummy…?”

Even though Josie was still busy with her video game, Mika was desperately trying to keep her moans contained by pressing her lips against my chest. I continued whispering my descriptions of how me and my imaginary dobbelgäenger could have fun double-penetrating her in various positions while Mika held on to me as she braved having three of my fingers inside her. I was mid-sentence of describing how much sperm she would end up with in both her butt and in her pussy when she suddenly came, failing to prevent herself from releasing a series of loud moans that there was no way Josie would not be able to hear. Even more surprisingly, her butt was twitching like crazy around my thumb. I kept my hand still while her nether regions tightened around my fingers, looking at her body convulse a few times before it came to a rest.

As I had expected, I heard Josie get up and walk over to us. I raised my head to glance up at her, seeing Josie standing down at our feet with her hands on her hips. She had a mix of amusement and feigned disappointment on her face.

“... Just what are you two doin’ down there, if I may ask?”

“Uhhh… Nothing…?”

Mika was still hiding her face against my chest, but she was only further embarrassed when Josie suddenly reached down to yank the duvet away from us. Mika whined cutely and tried to shift her legs around, but it was impossible to hide how both of her holes down below were plugged up with my fingers. Josie just sighed and shook her head.

“Can you guys be in bed together for even FIVE MINUTES without bein’ all over each other?”

I shrugged, finding myself relieved at the fresh air that was flowing over my naked body. It had gotten quite hot under the duvet.

“A-anyways, what’s for breakfast?”

“Excuse me?”

Josie raised an eyebrow.

“I shouldn’t walk around downstairs, right? And since you’re our host… Aren’t you gonna bring us breakfast?”

Josie sighed again, loudly and dramatically.

“FINE… What do you want?”

“Just anything, really.”

“... And what about you, Mika? Or… Did you already eat?”

“Not yet… I- I mean, noo…!”

Without looking up, Mika quickly shook her head while Josie giggled. Feeding Mika some jizz for breakfast didn’t sound like a bad idea, but I had bullied her enough this morning already. She had contracted her muscles around my fingers at Josie’s question, making it evident that she had understood what her friend had meant.

“I’ll see what I can get you. Just don’t get started again though, I don’t wanna come back up here and find you balls deep in… um… Anyways, uh, David?”


Josie looked off to the side, brushing some of her hair behind her ear.

“Put… Put some clothes on, okay? I don’t exactly want to, uh, stare at your junk all day.”

“Haha. Sure.”

Josie left her room again, but neither me or Mika seemed to have any intention of moving away from each other. This was a pretty comfortable position, after all; naked and holding onto each other in a close embrace, not to mention my fingers still buried inside her warm body. And now we were both gonna get breakfast in bed. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the day like this: Napping, playing with my girlfriend’s body, eating, snuggling, napping again, having sex, eating some snacks, taking another nap… And maybe have Josie join in for a threesome as well. If only I had brought the maid costume I still hadn’t had a chance to get Mika to wear, it would have been fitting for Josie to put it on today. Anyways, I had to remind myself that if I wanted to remain on Josie’s good side - especially if I hoped for her to join me and Mika again tonight - the least I could do was honor her request of getting dressed. I planted a kiss on the top of Mika’s head, and she whined slightly when I carefully pulled my fingers out of her butt and vagina.

“I’m gonna get dressed. Be right back.”


I got up and first went to the bathroom to wash my hands - not that they seemed to have gotten dirty in any way, nothing but the normal vaginal fluids were sticking to my fingers. While I was taking a piss I realized that Josie had only asked ME to get dressed, but not Mika. Huh, funny… Well, I did agree that Mika’s naked body was more pleasant to look at than mine, but… Maybe it meant that Josie wouldn’t mind if Mika stayed naked all day. I certainly wouldn’t mind either, and my hope for today changed from “stay in bed with Mika all day” to something like “Mika stays in bed all day, naked, while I occasionally come over to fuck her during breaks between playing video games and having make-out sessions with Josie”. Man, I really had a lot of fantasies flying around in my head today… But we had opened up an entirely new plethora of possibilities last night, I think. So many options…

I managed to get back and get dressed just in time for Josie to come back up with a tray for me and Mika. We all sat down on the floor, and just as I had foreseen, Josie wasn’t asking Mika to put any clothes on but was fine letting her sit with the duvet covering her lower body. It was slightly odd how Mika’s chest casually was just carefully on full display while we chatted and ate the breakfast Josie had brought us - two bowls of yogurt with cereal, just like she had had for herself before. Josie had also been so nice to even make a cup of coffee for me, though she let me know that it was “only” instant coffee as she didn’t want to bother with her parent’s fancy espresso machine. Fair enough. I now had a chance to look at my phone to see what time it was; to my surprise, it was only midday. It was already super hot inside Josie’s room, the bright sun shining in through her window. I liked it; it meant that Mika could comfortably stay naked without getting cold. Josie hadn’t bothered to put on anything more than her panties and t-shirt either - I now noticed that she was wearing a different pair of panties today compared to yesterday, her underwear for today white and seemingly plain on the front, but with frills around the leg bands on the back. Only I had been foolish enough to get fully dressed.

I could feel that I hadn’t gotten much sleep, but it wasn’t too bad. After me and Mika got finished with our breakfast, we all moved over to Josie’s bean bag to play some video games. It somehow wasn’t a problem for all three of us to sit there - Mika just sat in my lap with Josie’s duvet still wrapped around her body. Whenever I died and had to wait to respawn, I passed the time by slipping a hand in under the duvet to fondle Mika’s chest as usual, though I was still careful with her nipples - both in case they were still sore, and also to not disturb her gameplay too much. At one point, Josie beckoned Mika down to whisper something in her ear. It wasn’t just a quick comment but a surprisingly long sentence, though I couldn’t hear what Josie was saying. I was sure that Josie was scheming something for today, and Mika seemed to be amused at what she was hearing as they both started giggling. Oh boy, this better be good.

Sure enough, when our match ended Josie announced that this was enough gaming for now and turned her console off. Josie was still playing it cool, but Mika’s giddishnes obviously told me that something was up. They both got up from the bean bag, and they each took my hands to pull me up as well.

“Excuse us, David, but we have something we need to attend to. Please step outside for a moment.”

“Huh? Sure.”

Playing along, I let the girls lead me over to the door which they closed behind me as soon as I had stepped outside to the hallway. What could they be planning…? I could only hear faint whispering and giggles coming from Josie’s room, so I just stood around patiently waiting to be let inside again. I spent the time getting a look at the hallway now that it was illuminated in the daylight, but it seemed perfectly ordinary and neat. Not that I had expected to find anything that could explain Josie’s… eccentricity… in something as mundane as a hallway anyways. The door was opened again after just a few minutes, Josie standing in the door frame with a very serious and solemn look on her face. She had gotten fully dressed, though she looked a bit… funny: Black pantyhoses, a large black t-shirt that could almost double as a short dress, and… Some kind of black fabric, I assume another t-shirt, wrapped around the top of her hair like some kind of hat. She looked up at me with a pair of deeply worried eyes.

“... Father David… It is good that you could bless us with your presence on this holy day. Your services are gru-- gravely needed.”


“Today is Sunday. You are in charge of today’s Sunday School, remember? We… Have a lost soul who is gravely in need to confess.”

I peeked over Josie’s shoulder; They had put Josie’s mattress back up on the bed and Mika was now sitting on it, also now fully dressed in black clothes. She was sitting upright with her hands on her knees, looking down at the floor with an expression of seriousness equal to Josie’s. Okay, I see… It’s role playing time.

“Thank you, Sister Josephine. I am always happy to spread the Lord’s salvation to all good little boys and girls, and grant the Lord’s forgiveness for their sins.”

Mika’s shoulders shook as she tried to stifle a giggle, and Josie stepped aside so I could enter her room again. Mika glanced up at me and I tried to keep a mask of seriousness to play my part, wondering what was in store for me. Josie slowly closed her door behind me, and led me over to sit on the bed next to Mika who turned herself slightly towards me. I looked up at Josie, unsure of what to do. Did they expect me to recite some kind of blessing? Josie just motioned for me to turn back towards Mika, which I did. She sucked in some air before speaking in a low voice, still looking at the floor.

“... Forgive me Father, for… I have sinned.”

All three of us almost burst out into giggles, but we managed to regain our composure. The funniest thing to me was that… they were mixing things up, weren’t they? Oh well, we haven’t been a catholic country for half a millenia, so I didn’t blame them for just incorporating stuff they had seen on TV in this little game. I’d have to do the same anyways. I straightened my back and deepened my voice.

“What… What ails you, my child?”

Mika was still struggling with not giggling. Josie was doing a slightly better job, standing in front of us with her hands crossed over her lap.

“I… I have, um… I have laid with another woman.”

“Oh? … O-oh, I see. Hm. What a grave sin you have commited.”

More outbursts of almost-giggles. We were all three terrible actors, but this was pretty funny. It was probably Josie’s idea, instructing Mika in what to say.

“Y-yes, Father.”

“... How exactly have you… Laid with another woman?”

Mika’s eyes shot up to look at Josie, who didn’t move a muscle. I guess Mika hadn’t been prepared in having to put the stuff we did last night into words, and she lowered her eyes to the floor again as she tried to come up with something.

“I… We… Um… Kissed…”

“Oho… Is that all?”

“No.. We… Um… Touched each other.”

“Hm. Touching another girl in the form of a hug, or an embrace, is not a sin.”

“N-nuh, not like that…”

Mika was getting more and more embarrassed. Oh yeah, I wanted to have some fun with this as well. Josie, having apparently already played out her part, was now just doing her usual spectating of me and Mika. Mika glanced at me before she continued.

“We.. Um… Touched each other… Down there…”

“Down… Where…?”

“Our-... our-... our-...!”

She almost couldn’t say it, shutting her eyes tight in embarrassment. She was just too cute not to tease.

“Our… p-pussies…!”

“.... Ooohh… That was… VERY sinful of you.”

“Y-yes, Father… I have sinned… lots and lots.”

“Have you done anything else?”

“We… I mean, I… I had her lick-... lick me, down there… I-. I mean, my p… pussy.”

I sighed dramatically and shook my head.

“Tsk tsk tsk… That’s a very serious sin.”

“Yes, Father…”

I saw Josie’s mouth twitch as she tried not to giggle.

“You must atone for your sins, my child.”

Mika were looking at me with pleading eyes, truly looking like a naughty girl begging for forgiveness.

“Yes, Father.”

“To atone for laying with a woman, you will have to… Make up for it by laying with a man.”

“Y-yes, Father…!”

Mika agreed a little too eagerly with me there. Oh well, this is probably what Josie had been counting on me saying. Sounded good to me.

“B-but Father…”

“... Yes, my child?”

… there was still more?

“I have also made… Another sin, a-and… I will make that sin again, if I atone for, uh, the first one.”

“Oh..? What ever do you mean, my child?”

Mika bit her lip, looking at me. She didn’t seem to be embarrassed anymore, I guess having to talk about the stuff she had done with Josie yesterday had been the worst part for her.

“I… I am not married yet, Father. And se-... Sex before marrige is also a sin, isn’t… it…?”

“Oh… Yes… Yes it is.”

Mika gulped.

“A-and… I have already, um… Laid with a man. Before being married.”

“Ohoh, I see. You will also have to atone for that, my child.”

“Yes, Father… And… How will I do that…?”

“How many men have you laid with?”

“Just… Just one…!”

“I see…”

We had inexplicably ended up gazing into each other’s eyes, Mika’s big, brown eyes for some reason keeping me captivated. I got lost in the moment, and couldn’t think as straight as I wanted, so… I just said the first thing that came to mind.

“In that case… You can atone for your sin by… by marrying that man.”

We were all quiet; no more giggling. I realized what I had said. Mika slowly nodded, seemingly as lost in my eyes as I was in hers.

“Yes… Father… I… I will.”

Did she know what she was saying as well? Did we just… I snapped out of it, and tried to get back on track with the roleplay.

“A-and, thus… By the Lord… You shall make up for your sin of lying with a woman, by laying lots and lots with that man.”

“I… I will, Father… Thank you, Father…”

Mika glanced questioningly up at Josie; I guess the ‘play’ was over. Improvising, Josie raised her hands and clasped them together, closing her eyes.

“And you may now kiss the bride.”

She was getting her role mixed up with mine, wasn’t she? Whatever… Mika began leaning over in my direction, and I followed her example. We closed our eyes and kissed… To… Consummate the moment in a way I guess? We were technically just joking around, but… I think we both felt that we had in that moment kinda told each other that we eventually wanted to get married. Damn. Well. Yeah. I loved this girl. We kissed more and more passionately, scooting closer to put our arms around each other.


I was sure that Josie was rolling her eyes right now, and I heard her take her t-shirt-nun-hat off and throw it somewhere. I broke away from Mika; we were both breathing pretty heavily from our kissing. Even though the girls had just gotten dressed, wasn’t it getting too hot in here for Mika to be wearing all these clothes?

“... I think it’s time to atone for your sins.”

Mika opened her eyes, looking hesitantly at me. I could see Josie grinning out of the corner of my eye; this had probably been her plan all along. And she probably hadn’t told Mika what to expect at the end of our little game… The little villain had succeeded in manipulating us again. Mika’s eyes widened as I moved forward.

“Wha… Right now…?”

I nodded with a sly smile and pushed Mika down on her back. I crawled up on Josie’s bed and swung Mika’s legs up as well so that she was lying fully down, her eyes darting back and forth between me and Josie in confusion. I had gotten so much in the mood from this, at the thought of having to “punish” Mika for the naughty things she had done with Josie yesterday by giving her a good, hard fucking. I usually liked taking my sweet time getting Mika undressed and touching her all over, but not today; Raising Mika’s legs up in the air, I reached down to grab onto her black jeans and yanked them up over her legs, leaving them bunched up at her knees. She was wearing her black panties underneath, and they were quickly pulled up to join her pants at the middle of her legs as well. I guess things were happening so fast that Mika didn’t have time to steel herself as she shot her hands down between her legs to hide her vagina with a more and more panicked look in her eyes. I wasn’t gonna let that stop me, though.

“Hey Josie, give me a hand here, will ya?”

“Sure thing!”

Eager to be my accomplice in relieving her friend of her sins, Josie moved up on her bed as well to sit on her shins above Mika’s head. I was glad that we had stopped the Sunday School talk - mainly because I didn’t want to be called “Father” while we did this, and secondly because it would have been extremely unrealistic for a catholic priest to do something like this, seeing as Mika wasn’t a boy. Anyways, Josie knew what to do and she reached down to grab Mika’s arms and pull them up in her lap, leaving Mika defenseless and at my mercy. I was slightly reassured that Mika - probably - wasn’t entirely unwilling to let us do this to her; being two years older than Josie she should have been strong enough to resist her friend if she had really wanted to. She did seem rather surprised at the sudden turn of events, though, and was wriggling nervously around on the bed. I guess she hadn’t expected me and Josie to gang up on her.

“H-hey…?! Josie…??”

Mika had turned her head to look up at her friend in bewilderment, but Josie just grinned as she held Mika’s arms pinned down in her lap. Mika didn’t get much of a chance to protest further as her face was suddenly twisted into an exaggerated mix of pain and pleasure. I had pushed my jeans down while Josie had gotten into position and had moved Mika’s legs a bit to the side, and had moved down to fully penetrate her in one deep, hard push. Mika shut her eyes tight and her mouth opened in a big O, crying out a surprisingly loud, strained and almost guttural moan. I almost felt a little bad for her, but I had pretty much been blue balling myself all morning with how much I had been touching her. I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Another side effect from our little escapade this morning was that Mika was still pretty moist down there, which had allowed me to force my hardness into her without the usual foreplay. Or maybe talking about how she would have to atone for her sins by having lots of sex with me had gotten her slightly wet.

Just like yesterday, it was a good thing that there was nobody else in the house to hear us since Mika was even more loud than usual today. Not porn-movie loud, where pornstars sound more like they are yelling than actually moaning with genuine pleasure. It’s a bit hard to describe, but Mika sounded more like someone panting really loudly - her moans kinda reminded me of how some people sound when they jump into really cold water, except Mika was just doing it faster and over and over again. If there had been someone walking through the hallway at this point they certainly would not have been in doubt that there was a girl in here having the time of her life. And if they had been able to look at her face they would have seen someone who looked like they had lost touch with reality, eyes shut while they were flooded with sensations that were quite literally being pounded into them.

Again, I felt just the tiniest speck of sympathy for my girlfriend. While her classmates were probably spending the weekend hanging out, watching Youtube or going to cafes or whatever it is that thirteen year old girls do, Mika had pretty much started her day having had fingers into her vagina and her butt to force her to an orgasm, after which she had been made to confess having had borderline lesbian sex the night before, to now being punished for said lesbian sex by having a guy ten year older than her fuck her hard and good while she was being held down by her best friend. Yikes. And she hadn’t even had lunch yet. Speaking of lunch… I briefly considered finishing in Mika’s mouth, since it felt like it had been forever ago that I had made her eat my cum. I guess I ought to make her spend more of her time having the tip of my dick inside her mouth, but for now I decided against it. Her vagina just felt too good.

It was a little bothersome that I hadn’t gotten Mika’s pants fully off of her, as it meant that I couldn’t spread her legs. Instead I had kinda rotated her pelvis 45 degrees to the side to get her legs out of the way so that I could thrust my hips down against her, my upper body slightly leaned over her body as I held onto the sides of her stomach for stability. On the other hand, having her legs locked together like this meant that she was just a bit tighter than she would have otherwise been, only adding fuel to the fire burning in my body. It felt incredible, and almost like I had to really put some muscle into it to force my penis inside her every time I thrust forward, my hips moving with an unstoppable rhythm. Thanks to this, it did not take long for me to finish and I made a few final, hard thrusts while I released my sperm into my girlfriend, grunting with each surge of pleasure that flowed through my dick.

Josie was still holding onto Mika’s arms, having watched us with her usual intense interest throughout the whole ordeal. Mika made a few more long, drawn out moans before her voice died out to be replaced by the sound of the two of us catching our breath. I don’t think she had orgasmed, but I had already made her come earlier today so I’d just have to make it up to her later. I don’t know if manga had made her believe the stupid idea that orgasms always had to happen simultaneously, but she might as well get used to the fact that I would occationally just have to deposit my seed inside her with a quick and dirty lay.

Exhausted and sweaty like a pig, I collapsed down on top of Mika which unfortunately made my penis slip out of her. I looked her in the eyes, slightly worried that I had been too rough with her, but she immediately leaned her head over to plant a series of kisses on my cheek and lips.

“Th-- thank you, Father David.”

Oh right, back to that again, I guess. I smiled and nodded, too tired to reply, but I did muster some strength to bring my lips forward so that we could kiss properly. We only got to make out for a couple of seconds before Josie, who had by now let go of Mika’s arms, interrupted us.

“H-hey, Father David, I… I have also sinned…!”

I rotated my head to look up at Josie, her head appearing upside-down to me.


“I… That… The-, the girl Mika had, uh-um, done things with, that… That girl was me..!”


I chuckled, and Mika also giggled a bit despite also seeming to be rather exhausted. Her forehead was sweaty with hair sticking to it, but she had that kind of satisfied look on her face she always had after sex, so she was still adorable. Anyways, my attention right now was on Josie who I guessed had gotten lonely having not received any attention from me or Mika while we had been fucking the sins away.

“I guess you will also have to atone for your sins, Sister Josephine.”

“Y-yes… I must.”

I just now realized what Josie might be trying to say… Did she also want my ‘help’ in atoning for her sins as Mika had just received…? I didn’t really know what to think of that, but in any case I was simply too spent. And it was too hot.

“I… Will have to consider your case, Sister Josephine. But for now, you can atone for the stuff you have done with a girl by giving kisses to a man.”


I briefly glanced over at Mika, but she seemed fine with me basically asking for Josie to kiss me. She really had no problem with me and Josie doing that kind of stuff, and she just watched with a faint smile on her lips while Josie leaned her head down to give me an upside-down kiss on the lips. I slowly opened my mouth, and we made out for a few seconds before Josie broke off to catch her breath.

“I’m afraid you might also have sinned against Mika, by tempting her to lay with you. You better give her some kisses too.”

To my delight, the girls giggled and Josie moved her head over to give Mika a kiss too. Looking at them, I thought about how we all had different ways of kissing each other. Me and Mika kissed romantically, like lovers do, a boy and a girl being physically attracted to each other. Josie had a more child-like way of kissing me, like she was just trying it out because she was curious. And finally, Mika and Josie seemed to kiss just for the fun of it, like it was kinda naughty to kiss another girl. They sure looked cute doing it, both of them trying to hold back giggles.

“Alright, now back to me.”

Josie did as instructed, and we kissed again before I turned my head to kiss Mika, after which the girls then kissed each other one more time. We thus took turns kissing around, until Mika sighed with annoyance.

“Sorry babe but please get off… I’m getting too hot.”

“Oh… Yeah.”

I fully believed Mika; the temperature in Josie’s room just kept rising and rising. And we were all still fully clothed - pretty much - so cuddling after sex was getting difficult. I moved back to sit down by Mika’s legs while she lifted her head to look down at her crotch as if wondering what she should do with the mess I had left there. Sure enough, looking at Mika’s squished-together vagina I could see a big white glob having run out of her and down over her buttcheek to land on Josie’s bed. Oops.

“Yeah, it really is getting hot in here.”

Josie, who had also sat up straight, wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

“Oh, I know…! We should totally go swimming!”


Both me and Mika looked up at her in confusion.

“Yeah..! We should go to the beach!”

Anonymous 22/09/01(Thu)08:20 No. 27652 ID: 272272

>"would have been extremely unrealistic for a catholic priest to do something like this, seeing as Mika wasn’t a boy"

I laughed.

Awesome update, seems like everyone is settling into some sweet and sexy fun... cant wait for the beach

Anonymous 22/09/07(Wed)09:02 No. 27654 ID: a1411b

Good ffm is very hard to write, so kudos for that op. Some absolutely delicious scenes.

You should also consider hosting this on ArchiveOfYourOwn for a bit more traffic and as a backup

Anonymous 22/09/10(Sat)21:36 No. 27657 ID: f69a9f

Do you have any other stories?
If so, then do you have a website or profile somewhere?
This one is absolutely amazing, definitely one of my favourites.

Anonymous 22/09/12(Mon)13:00 No. 27659 ID: 068a89

I just read the first two parts and I can't wait to read the rest!! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I hope this reaches a conclusion eventually so keep up the good work :)

Anonymous 22/09/14(Wed)15:36 No. 27661 ID: 477c5b


Also, next chapter is indefinitely delayed until I figure out the logistics of going to the beach

Anonymous 22/09/14(Wed)22:32 No. 27662 ID: 477c5b

While I think about the finer nuances of distance versus stamina I'm gonna see if I can manage to rewrite the first couple of chapters, and then maybe follow >>27654 's advice and post them on that site. I've long been unhappy with the early chapters, they're not really fitting the rest of the story.

Anonymous 22/09/20(Tue)01:03 No. 27664 ID: 477c5b

Had Josie gone crazy?

Stupid question, yeah, scratch that. I already knew she was kinda crazy, in her own bratty way. Even now she was casually talking about going to the beach as if her thirteen year old best friend wasn’t lying in her bed right beside her with cum dripping out of her vagina. But still, Josie should know better than this and I could see that Mika thought so too, staring at her friend with the same dumbfounded bewilderment as me. Weather like this probably meant that all the beaches would be pretty packed with people, and Josie should know better than anyone how Mika felt about crowded places. Not to mention the problem of getting there in the first place - I did actually have a driver’s license, but there was no way in hell that I was gonna “borrow” the car sitting in the driveway of Josie’s house. What was she thinking?

“The beach? What?”

“Come on, do you really just wanna stay locked up in here all day when it’s this hot?”

She did have a point, and made it clearer by fanning herself with her hand. But still… I glanced over at Mika, who by now looked very uncomfortable. Seeing both of our reluctance only made Josie even more insistent, and she stood up and began waving her arms around.

“Come on you guys! And you said last time that you loooove being outdoors, didn’t you, David?!”

“Josie, what… You know it’s a bad idea for me to be out in public with you two, especially somewhere with a lot of people. And… You know how it is with Mika and, uh, being outside too.”

“Can’t we just… Hang out in your garden?”

Mika hesitantly spoke up, having recovered enough from her atonement by now to lift her head to look at Josie. This caught Josie’s attention and she quickly rushed over to force Mika back down on the bed before she had a chance to sit up.

“Wait wait wait, hold on…! I wanna see.”

“Huh? Oh, ugh…”

Mika sighed and accepted staying down on her back, and she obediently pulled her legs up to her chest and hooked her arms under her knees to hold them there.

“Jeez you guys, you got some on my bed…”

At first I thought that Josie actually was concerned about how dirty her sheets had gotten as she kneeled down on the floor in front of Mika, but once she placed her fingers on each side of Mika’s reddened vagina and spread it open I understood what it was she wanted to see. What is it with this girl and creampies? I would be a hypocrite if I blamed her, though. Leaning over so I could take a peek as well, it did indeed look pretty nice. A few drops of white were sticking to the insides of Mika’s labia, and a little bit more oozed out of her body as she involuntarily clenched up when Josie used her thumb and index fingers to open the tiny hole at the bottom of her friend’s vagina. I didn’t get to stare for long as Mika turned her head to me, looking at me while she waited for Josie to inspect the jizz I had left inside my girlfriend. Mika continued her line of thought about hanging out in Josie’s garden.

“It’s actually a pretty nice garden, there’s really pretty marigolds and nasturtiums, and there’s tomatoes and strawberries and - oh they’re not ripe yet, but there’s also--”

I had to cut her off, even though it was cute how enthusiastic she was about the plants in Josie’s garden. It was also kinda bizarre how she could speak so casually to me while her friend was holding the entrance to her most sacred place open, studying every part of her private area in detail along with the globs of sperm I had left in there. Anyways, while the garden had indeed looked pretty neat when I had snuck through it yesterday I knew we couldn’t stay there either.

“Sorry sweetie, but… The neighbors might see me.”


Mika’s eyes dropped down in resignation. Having looked enough at the insides of Mika’s pussy, Josie sighed loudly as she stood back up again.

“Come ON you guys, seriously! Let’s just go to the beach and cool off!”

Josie just wouldn’t back down, huh... Now allowed to sit up, Mika reached over to grab some tissues from Josie’s nightstand to, uh.… clean herself up. I don’t know if she looked uncomfortable because she had just been forced to endure Josie’s prying eyes yet again, or because she was trying to, uh, push my semen out of her and onto the tissues, or if she was just unhappy with Josie’s wish to go to the beach. It did sound nice, but Mika… I shrugged and looked over to my girlfriend who just stared back at the both of us while she held a tissue between her legs. Josie rolled her eyes, putting her hands on her hips.

“Come on Mika…! You can’t keep missing out on all the fun just because you can’t go anywhere where there’s, like, other people.”

I felt super conflicted about the situation. On one hand I felt like I should come to the rescue of my girlfriend, that it was my duty to shield her from anything that could make her uncomfortable or anxious. On the other hand… I thought about what Josie said. Would I be fine with having a girlfriend that I could pretty much never take out anywhere? No going to theme parks, restaurants, cinemas… Wait a second, I had already taken Mika to see a movie in the cinema. I reached over to put a hand on Mika’s knee.

“Hey, sweetie, you did just fine when we went to see that Ghibli movie, right? And when we met at the festival.”


“How did you manage it back then?”

Mika shifted her eyes away from us. She had finished cleaning herself up and moved around to pull her pants back up as well, to my slight disappointment. I would have preferred that she had just taken them off instead, but oh well. Josie kept silent, probably hoping that I would be able to convince Mika to go with her to the beach.

“I… I thought that I just… Had to… If I wanted to see you again.”

“Aww… I’m sorry if you had a bad time, I didn’t know…”

“N-no no, I didn’t have a bad time!”

Mika was quick to reassure me, putting her hand on top of mine and making puppy eyes up at me.

“It… It was scary at first, but… It helped, um, being together with you…”

“Yeah… Right? And I’m gonna be there with you at the beach too.”

“... But…”

“I know it feels scary, but… I think it’ll be good to work on it. To get you used to going out more, you know?”

Exposure therapy, isn’t that what it’s called? Sooner or later Mika would have to work with her anxiety, she was never gonna be able to go to high school or get a job like this.

“... But…”

Mika glanced over at Josie, but she just nodded slightly in agreement with me. I continued.

“I promise I’ll protect you from anything that might happen. Me and Josie will take care of everything.”


Mika whined slightly. I turned to Josie for assistance.

“Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah…! And come on Mika, you KNOW that David is just gonna keep banging you all day if we just stay in here!”


Jeez, what a way to say it. Even though it was probably true. If we went to the beach, Mika would at least be able to catch a break from having her body toyed with all the time… Probably. Since there was no way that we could do anything in public… Probably. I turned back to my girlfriend, but she still didn’t look entirely convinced.

“Come on, sweetie. I’m sure we can find a place without a ton of people, and then it’ll probably be fun.”

Josie suddenly chipped in, waving her hands excitedly around in the air.

“Oh, yeah! I know just the right spot, like the northern part of Söderase beach, it’s far away from the buses and parking lots and so on, so people usually stick to the southern part. A-actually, I think it’s where… You… You know…”


“Where I was, you know…”

I looked sheepishly at Josie.

“Where you what?”

“Jeez! My mom said that’s where I was-- Where I was, contraceptualized, or whatever it’s called!”

Josie snorted and playfully hit my shoulder.

“Hey Mika, are you sure this guy is a university student?! It’s not just some story he made up to impress you?”

Mika giggled.

“Maybe… But I still think he’s smart.”

“Alright then, if he’s so smart then he’ll agree with me that we should go there for a swim. There’s usually not so many people up there.”

I looked over at Mika. If it really was somewhere where there wouldn’t be a ton of people then it might just be doable for her.

“It would… would be nice to go for a swim to cool off in this heat…”

Yes…! Seems like we had converted her.

“How far is it?”

I turned back to Josie who shrugged at my question.

“Not that far, especially not if we bike.”

“... I did bike here, so… But…”

I turned to Mika again, and she shook her head. Of course, she hadn’t brought her bike with her on the train here. Again, Josie chipped in with a suggestion.

“Can’t she sit on the back of yours?”

Hmm. I had never liked the idea of two people sitting on one bike at the same time, and I even think it might be illegal. But seeing how light Mika was, I guess it wouldn’t be too unsafe as long as I was careful.

“I guess.. So… I guess there wouldn’t be anything in the way of--... wait, no, it’s not possible.”

I lifted my arms out in the air in resignation. All this talk about going to the beach had been for nothing.

“I didn’t bring my swimming trunks. And you didn’t bring a swimsuit either, did you?”

Mika shook her head once more. Josie sighed loudly and leaned her head back.

“What is it with you two, one thing after another! Problems, problems, problems, all you can think about are the problems!”

Well yeah, that’s kinda my responsibility as an adult. Josie glared at me.

“And what kind of issue is that anyways! To be honest I would have thought that you would have wanted all of us to swim naked!”

I rolled my eyes. Josie began pacing back and forth in her room, grumbling quietly while she thought it over. She then came to a halt and turned towards us.

“... I’ll just lend you some of my dad’s swimming trunks, David. And Mika, you can borrow my old swimsuit or something.”

Both me and Mika looked at each other and shrugged. Guess that settled it, then. Josie would have it her way… again.

“Great! … Hmm, I actually don’t know where my dad keeps his swimming trunks, though. I’ll have to go look for them.”

Excited now that there wasn’t any more objections, Josie quickly left her room. After her footsteps had disappeared down the hallway, Mika scooted over to me and shyly tugged at my sleeve.

“Um… M-master…?”

Looks like Mika had decided to stick with addressing me like that, even though we were not roleplaying today. I kinda liked it.

“Hm? … Have you changed your mind?”

“No, no, I… I don’t mind going to the beach, but…”

Mika lowered her voice, and shifted her eyes away from me.

“I’m… Probably not gonna go swimming, if… if that’s okay.”

“Uh, sure, but… Why not?”

“I… I.. don’t really… um…”

Her voice trailed off and we were quiet for a few seconds until it clicked in my head. I raised a hand to stroke my girlfriend’s hair to comfort her.

“Ahh, let me guess… You didn’t go when they did swimming lessons in PE?”

Mika slowly nodded, clearly ashamed of herself. I kept stroking her hair to comfort her.

“I… Didn’t like my classmates seeing me in a… swimsuit.”

“Mmh. You’re fine with me and Josie, right?”


Mika nodded and smiled slightly.

“You’ve, um, s-seen me naked, a-and… So has Josie, so…”

“Heh, yeah. Anyways, you don’t have to go in the water if you don’t want to. But… Maybe I can help you learn how to swim, you know.”

“O-oh…? Mmm… M-maybe…”

She still seemed super ashamed about not being able to swim, and I guess I couldn’t blame her. It’s pretty rare for people not knowing how to swim since you’re supposed to learn it in school, seeing as we’re historically a proud sea-faring nation with water all around us. But nobody is perfect. I leaned over and planted a kiss on Mika’s cheek.

“Hey, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself, you know. Not in front of me. I think you’re wonderful, so… Don’t be so hard on yourself. Okay?”


Mika cheered up a little, and we both took each other’s hands.

“If there’s anything you’re having a hard time with, you can just tell me, no matter what it is. And I promise I’ll help you. Because… I love you, y’know.”

“I--- I love you too…!”

Mika responded so fast that it was a miracle she didn’t stumble over her own words - as if she had to reassure me that she loved me back before it was too late. She still had this doofy, silly way of just being too cute. I chuckled and kissed her lips, and we made out for a couple of seconds before… Yep. Interrupted by Josie. Again.


We both shot away from each other abruptly, staring at Josie who had returned with a piece of clothing. She was shaking her head and rolling her eyes, just like she always did.

“I said to myself… ‘Josephine, you’re only gonna be gone for a couple of minutes, they should be able to keep their hands off each other for that long’ … But NOOO… I KNEW that you would be about to get my bed dirty again when I’d come back!”

I sighed and waved an arm out in the air.

“Come on, we were just kissing. That’s what boyfriends and girlfriends do.”

“... Yeah… As if I would know.”

Huh? I didn’t really sense any bitterness in Josie’s response, but… Eh, whatever. She immediately tossed a pair of swimming trunks onto my lap before going over to one of her drawers, fishing out some pieces of swimwear. She turned them around to hold them up for us.

“Alright, I’ll be wearing my bikini, and Mika, you can borrow my old swimsuit.”

I took a few glances back and forth between Mika and the swimsuit.

“... Isn’t it gonna be too small for her?”

Josie just shrugged.


“Wouldn’t it make more sense for Mika to wear the bikini? Since… I assume it’s bigger than your old swimsuit, right? And with a bikini it’s less of a problem if it’s a size or two too small.”

“Then what am I supposed to wear?!”

Josie shot daggers at me, holding her hands out in front of her with the fabric dangling around in the air.

“You got your old swimsuit, right? Let’s see if you can still fit it.”

Josie snorted.

“What, you’re not satisfied that you got to see me naked yesterday?!”

“Come on, if I wanna see a cute naked girl, I don’t need your help.”

I tilted my head over towards Mika, who after a second realized what I had said and playfully hit my arm.


“Ow, hey, but it’s true…! I can look at a naked girl any time I want to. Come on sweetie, stand up and take off your clothes so we can see if Josie’s bikini fits you.”

I patted Mika’s back to motion for her to get up from the bed.


She tried to protest, pouting cutely at being ordered to strip naked in front of us. I nudged her a little further.

“Or don’t, I guess, but if we get down there and it’s too small for you, then you’ll just have to go skinny-dipping. So it’s either getting naked here, or getting naked at the beach.”

Choosing the former of the options I had given her, Mika slowly stood up from the bed while grumbling quietly at me. She was so fun to tease, I could see how Josie had grown up to become such a smart-ass. Taking a couple of steps away from the bed, Mika turned her head back towards me still with a pout on her face. I noticed that she was walking a little funny. I imagined my redemption of her sins might have been a little too hard on her body, or… Perhaps a bit of my semen had remained inside her and were now dripping down into her panties.

“Go on sweetie, take your t-shirt off.”

And here I had thought that Mika had gotten used to getting undressed by now, but… I guess it was something else when she had to do it herself, being told by me what to take off while being the center of attention for two sets of prying eyes. I don’t know why Josie was also staring so intensely, she had taken a step back and was watching with a slight grin on her lips. She probably just enjoyed seeing Mika being teased. Trying to keep an annoyed pout on her face, Mika grabbed onto the hem of her black t-shirt and pulled it up and off her body. She was kinda standing with her side to me, giving me a beautiful profile of her figure. It looked surprisingly attractive in a way, the bottom half of Mika still in black due to her socks and jeans, and the upper half a very pale white now that she was topless - yin and yang. Not to mention how it was basically a straight line down from her collar bone to her feet, basically no curves showing on her body yet. I would have to make her repeat this state of undress again another time, but for now I had to make her continue.

“Now take your pants off.”


Reluctantly, Mika reached down to open her jeans and push them down over her legs. I then had her remove her socks as well, before finally commanding her to take off her underwear - she had been wearing black panties, of course. Black really was her favorite color, and I wondered if she would have preferred for her dad to have gotten her a black sailor uniform instead of a white one. Anyways - now fully naked, I tortured Mika a little bit more by just letting her stand there for a few seconds, her legs slightly crossed and an arm held down over her crotch to hide her vagina from me and Josie’s eyes. I wonder if I could ever get her to become fully relaxed about being naked in front of us… Yeah, probably not. And that was one of the things that was so cute about her.

“Alright, good job sweetie. Now try to put the bikini on.”

Mika nodded and took the bikini that Josie handed to her, quickly sliding the bottoms up over her legs before attaching the top to her torso. It was a fairly standard bikini, though the top part looked more like a sports bra than anything else, basically being one big piece of fabric that spanned the entire width of the chest. Both halves of the bikini were a slightly dark blue color without any patterns or anything, all in all looking very plain. Of course, that lent itself perfectly to the innocent look I liked about Mika. She looked like just a regular young teenage girl going for a swim. And, most important of all… It seemed to be an okay fit. It was pretty tight, yes, clearly showing the shapes of Mika’s almost non-existent breasts, and if her nipples hadn’t been completely soft at the moment I bet they would have been visible through the fabric too. She also had a clear camel toe down below - nothing too extreme, but the fabric was clearly being stretched up against the middle of her vagina. She definitely shouldn’t go to a public pool like this.

“Looks pretty good sweetie! You’re actually really cute in a bikini.”

This girl really was too easy to toy with, either by teasing her and by complimenting her. She put a hand up over her mouth to hide a wide smile, turning her body shyly from side to side. So far, so good.

“Your turn Josie, let’s see you in your swimsuit.”

“H-hey, you’re not gonna get me to give you a striptease like that!”

I shrugged.

“I don’t care if you change here or in the bathroom or whatever. Or at the beach.”


Josie snorted and brought her hands down to the hem of her t-shirt.

“I… I’m only changing here because Mika did it too…!”

“Sure, that’s fine. Just pretend I’m not here.”

Not wasting any time, Josie was quick to strip herself of her clothes and unceremoniously pulled her t-shirt, pantyhoses and underwear off of her body. Trying to be indifferent to my obvious stare, she gathered the swimsuit she had left on the bed and held it up. It did look… Pretty small. Staying true to the color scheme both of these girls seemed to prefer, it was black and looked like a completely plain one-piece suit. I glanced over at Mika, but she wasn’t really paying attention to Josie since she was adjusting one of the straps of her bikini top.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I have to wear this thing again.”

Grumbling, Josie put her legs through the swimsuit and pulled it up over her body. It was even tighter than Mikas, the fabric in the crotch almost stretched to its limits over Josie’s privates - a size smaller and it would have slipped in between the labia of her vagina. I wonder how old she had been when she had been using it. Josie didn’t seem too happy and turned towards me and Mika, motioning her hands down over her body.

“You want me to go swimming like THIS?!”

“Nobody can see it’s a few sizes too small from a distance. If there’s really not gonna be that many people at that spot you know, it’ll only be me and Mika who’ll see you like that.”

“Sheesh, fine. But ONLY so we can go to the beach, because it’s so friggin hot!”

“Yeah… And besides, nobody is gonna care about what a swimsuit looks like on a little kid.”


Ow, my shoulder… Since when had these two girls become so violent? I would have to begin taking karate classes if this kept escalating. Anyways, we were finally pretty much settled to get going. I switched my jeans and boxers for the swimming trunks Josie had given me, and I just had to tighten the loop strings a bit for them to fit me perfectly. The girls got dressed again by putting their clothes on on top of the swimwear, Josie combining her t-shirt with a pair of white (yes, I was surprised too) running shorts while Mika unfortunately only had her jeans to wear again. That black fabric would probably gonna be hot in the scorching sun, but I didn’t want to make her ride all the way to the beach in just her bikini bottoms.

I suggested that we should bring some refreshments with us as there probably wasn’t gonna be any shops close to that part of the beach, so Josie found two backpacks she and Mika could wear to carry the supplies we would be buying somewhere on the way down there, along with our towels, Josie’s picnic blanket from the festival, and - of course - sun lotion. Then came my least favorite part: We had to go outside to get our bikes, my heart pounding at the thought of someone seeing me come out of Josie’s house together with the two young girls. I hated taking such a risk, but… Sometimes you just had to. Especially when you had made the choice of dating a thirteen year old.

Josie retrieved her bike from somewhere behind her parent’s car and followed me and Mika down the road to where I had parked mine. I didn’t see anyone else on the street; either people were hiding from the heat indoors or they had already gone out for the day. I almost wished we had followed their example as it was even hotter outside than it had been in Josie’s room, the sun blazing down upon us. I climbed up on my bike and Mika followed suit, sitting on the rack behind me and squeezing her arms around my waist to hold on a bit too tightly for comfort. We had a slightly uneven start, but I managed to propel ourselves forward.

Josie led the way, and first brought us to a supermarket where her and I went inside to stock up on candy and sodas. Mika, as expected, stayed outside waiting for us. Josie was perplexed that I wasn’t buying any beer, but I explained that they would be warm once we would arrive at the beach and that I had no interest in drinking warm beer. Likewise, I had to insist on buying some readymade sandwiches so we could have something a bit more healthy than candy to eat for lunch