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Exploring Amy Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:24 No. 26381 ID: eff46c

This is another teenage sexual encounter story with lurid details.

I'm a little disappointed in not being able to edit posts, so I took some more time editing this one before sharing. There's still errors in it probably.

Any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidental.


Exploring Amy

mt/ft, teenagers, cons, rough, explicit sex


The summer before my senior year in high school, I would go over to my buddy Bryan's house a few doors down to play computer games. He was a nerdy genius type who was socially inept, but I got along fine with him because we both had liked D&D stuff. We played an old school fantasy RPG on his desktop computer at a small desk in the crowded spare room. Bryan sat at the desk controlling the keyboard while I sat off to his right. Since the desk had drawers instead of leg space where I sat, my small swiveling chair was a couple of feet back away from the desk.

One hot day while we were playing on the computer, his little sister Amy breezed in and leaned over my left shoulder to ask "What game is this?"

Her brother was annoyed and replied dismissively. Amy's hands were on the back of my chair while she leaned in. She kept hovering there as if to study the screen. Her hair was fragrant and a few strands tickled my neck. Each time she exhaled, the air would lightly cascade down my collar. I shrugged a bit from the tickling and she playfully shook some more hair down onto me.

Amy was about to start her first year of high school -- a ninth grade freshman. Over the past couple of years that I'd been coming over, she had blossomed into a beautiful young teen. Tall for a fourteen-year-old, she had lively B-cup breasts that matched her springy, energetic demeanor. Her rear end had "filled out" ahead of everything else, giving her a nice round bubble-butt, just a little big for her age, but her waist was still slim. There was no doubt that Amy was beginning to realize the power her body gave her over boys and men alike.

She looked especially cute that day in khaki short-shorts with a loose white tank top gave me showed a peek at her waist, and little white ankle socks on her feet. Her gold-brown hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, and she wore no visible makeup except pink lip gloss. Her eyes were sparkling hazel, and she had distinctive angular eyebrows that added seductive intensity to her gaze.

Had I been her age, I would have pursued Amy as a love interest. But outside of polite interactions when I visited, our worlds were completely separate. From the various photos around the house, I knew that she played on a girls volleyball team, and had played flute in band. I knew nothing of her social life outside of that. I had seen more of her candid familial self than most of her friends had. In that way, she was almost like a sibling.

Amy decided that she wanted to watch us play and brought in a chair from the kitchen. There was not enough space on the other side of her brother, so she put her chair on my right. She sat quietly leaning forward to watch while we commenced on another level in the game.

Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:25 No. 26382 ID: eff46c

I had absentmindedly been leaning on the left arm of my chair, and my right arm was lazily draped off the side of the other armrest, near where Amy was sitting. There was faint brush of skin against the back of my right hand. Thinking it was unintentional, I ignored it. The tentative touch soon returned and smiled but didn't pull away. The tickling emboldened to a flirtation along my knuckles and the backs of my fingers. Apparently, my friend's little sister had some kind of crush on me, and now she was almost imperceptibly tracing my skin, raising goosebumps on my forearm.

Since their parents were both at work that day, I decided to let it play out. I tentatively started to reciprocate with my fingers, until we were lightly tickling each others palms, all out of her brother's view. We carried on happily like this for at least 10 minutes, just playing with our hands, getting comfortable with each other's touch. I finally risked brushing my knuckles across the side Amy's knee, and she did't move it away. So I then lightly dragged my loose fingers around there some more, then over to her other knee, and finally played circles until my hand had wandered between them.

I took my time there caressing her thighs around the knees, and Amy's fingers continued to lightly stroke my hand without any sign of wanting me to stop. My heart was starting to pound with excitement and fear that Bryan was going to see what was going on. I swiveled my chair a little towards the computer and draped my arm over the low chair back. Though I could only see her legs in my periphery, it was now safer to proceeded with exploring Amy out of her brother's view.

Going slowly and paying attention to her feedback, I caressed farther up her legs. They were smooth, soft and cool to the touch. Barely grazing her skin, I played my fingertips back and forth from between her knees to the place where her thighs nearly touched each other, just at the cuffs of her shorts. Little goosebumps were rising on her skin and her reciprocating caresses on my forearm suggested she was enjoying this. Then Amy slightly parted her legs, inviting me to continue.

If this foreplay escalated much more, I wouldn't want to stop until my fingers were inside her. Was Amy prepared for it to go that far? I considered that she had, after all, worked up enough courage to initiate the first physical contact. I imagined she had probably harbored some romantic lust for me, and this was something she must have thought about -- and maybe even masturbated to -- at night in her bedroom.

With that in my mind, I took in a deep breath and released it, then rested my hand flatly on her smooth thigh. Amy's leg muscle tensed a little at this, and I squeezed the flesh gently. She squeezed back on my forearm and her hands slid up toward my elbow. In turn, I smoothly slid my hand towards her crotch.

Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:26 No. 26383 ID: eff46c

Just inside the cuff of her shorts it was noticeably warmer. My arm was near the limit of its reach behind the chair back. With my hand still resting on the soft flesh of her upper thigh, my little finger lifted to graze across the cotton panties covering her mound.

Amy immediately stiffened and inhaled sharply, then cleared her throat to cover for it. Her hands were shaking. I froze and felt a cold wash of adrenaline spreading inside me. Had I just gone too far?

Amy gently moved my hand away, and abruptly got up and said she was going to get a drink. I shifted my position to get more comfortable with my boner. Bryan remained oblivious and absorbed in the game, while I had completely lost track of what was going on.

I listened while she was in the kitchen fixing her drink noisily. I had an impulsive idea to go to the kitchen, though I had no plan for what that could lead to. But just as I was about to do it, I heard Amy swiftly padding through the house with her drink. She entered the bathroom in the hallway nearby, closed the door, and turned on the faucet.

I listened to the water running, and my mind was racing through scenarios of what would happen next. Then after about a minute the faucet shut off and the door flung open. Amy whisked herself back into the room and returned to her chair. She set the drink on the floor beside her and chirpily asked "What did I miss?"

"Nothing" her brother replied.

I stayed quiet and pretended to pay attention to the game with my arms folded in front of me. I was wearing shorts, and had my right foot was looped around one of the the spokes that held the casters at the base of my chair. Soon there was a tickling on my ankle, and I smiled -- partly in relief. It was Amy's little sock-covered foot brushing deliberately against me. I pretended to ignore it.

Her footie-play continued to tease me while I leaned in and scrutinized the game screen mock-intently. Then with her toes in socks she grabbed hold of my leg hair and pulled it sharply. This made me jump a little and almost laugh. I sat back, pretended to stretch, then relaxed again with my arm draped over the chair back as it was before.

Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:26 No. 26384 ID: eff46c

Amy slipped her hand inside mine to give it a reassuring squeeze, which I returned. Then she gently guided my hand back to the entrance of her shorts where I had left off a few minutes ago, but now she moved forward in her chair so I could reach better.

I found better access through the other leg of her shorts, and she shifted a little to help me in. To my surprise and delight, Amy's panties were no longer there! She must have removed them in the bathroom -- a sure sign that I had full permission to touch her intimately.

I started by brushing my fingers through the sparse, impossibly soft pubic hair on her mound. I felt her body expanding and tightening each time she took a breath. I then traced lightly down her labia as far as I could reach beneath her. She shuddered and inhaled sharply. I waited for her to relax, then continued up again, then down again.

I soon found moisture forming between her labia, and when my fingertip grazed upwards into the smooth space between the lips, her body jolted and tensed. I hesitated, and Amy exhalated through her mouth as if calming herself mentally.

With no intention of rushing things, I moved my attention up to the place where her lips came together and folded over her clitoris. Knowing this was a sensitive area, I just moved the fold of skin around in slow circles, gradually applying more pressure after a few times around. Amy, in reply, started rubbing her thumbs in circles on my skin and breathing harder.

When the pressure was enough to feel the firm nub of her clitoris rolling beneath its fold, Amy was impulsively tensing her thighs together each time it shifted. The din of the video game thankfully covered her excited breathing. As we continud, she started flexing her hips each time her clitoris swiveled under my fingertip, pushing her crotch forward and up, offering more access to the opening of her vagina. Amy was getting wetter now, and she must have been itching to have my fingers inside her.

I'd hoped she wasn't a virgin. The pain and mess of pushing my finger through her hymen would be impossible to handle discreetly, and the whole experience would collapse into a disaster. But her hands and her hips were urging me downward, so I parted the lips and gently pressed my middle finger between them. It easily slipped deep into her warm, wet, fourteen-year-old pussy. I heard her breathe out shakily. Amy was no virgin.

Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:27 No. 26385 ID: eff46c

I played my finger in and out of the hole, and she pushed against it in time with each thrust. The space was cramped inside her shorts, so I put my fingers around the inseam and tugged them down a little to make more room for my hand.

Now I could let a second finger join in on the fun. It was a tight fit, both in her shorts and in her pussy, but soon both fingers were inside her. Amy leaned forward and rested her forhead on the back of my arm, and this caused my fingers to reach even deeper. I could feel her panting breath each time I pressed my fingers in, and her clitoris was now touchig the padding on upturned palm.

Inside Amy, I curled my fingers forward and applied pressure to the front wall of her vagina, squeezing her clit tighter into my palm from the inside out. She subtly nodded and gripped my arm, indicating that this felt good. I firmly massaged the front wall of her pussy, while her swollen clitoris rolled back and forth between the creases of my palm. Amy kept nodding in time, and she gripped my burning forearm with increasing force each time I rubbed.

I was mortified that Bryan might notice something was going on, but we were already way past the point of no return. Her thighs were starting to tighten closed on my wet hand. I dared to lean back a little more in my chair. She pressed her cheek against my upper arm, and her face felt warm and damp. Her breating was a hot, staggered panting on my skin, while she pulled me to her.

Amy caught her breath sharply, and her vagina began clutching around my fingers. I kept massaging her pussy and clit while a wave of elation surged through me -- and then she turned her head and bit down on my tricep muscle! I winced in pain. She kept her teeth locked on my flesh while the pulsing orgasm commenced. When it started to subside, she eased off the biting pressure, then finally released her teeth from my skin. Slowly her mouth relaxed on my arm and lingered there in a warm, wet, open-mouthed kiss that sent chills along my body. She pulled her lips away from my tricep, leaned back and exhaled deeply. Her grip slipped weakly from my cramped forearm. I extracted my fingers from Amy's shorts, being careful not to accidentally wipe the juices off them.

She straightened, cleared her throat loudly, then made a sing-song yawn to dramatize a sudden spell of boredom. She said "Well, boys, I've had enough fun here."

For the first time, I turned to look back at Amy. Her pretty face was red and damp. She batted her eyelids, then stuck out her tongue a little as if to pant like a puppy, and fanned air at her face with her hand. I felt my cheecks get warm and I smiled.

She reached down for her drink while playfully humming to herself, got up, and tromped up the stairs to her bedroom. The door closed and muffled pop music started playing from behind it.

While my heart rate was calming, I battled the urge to storm up those stairs and ravage Amy, but that could only lead to an ending of something, instead of a beginning. So I said "I gotta pee," and headed to the bathroom.

Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:27 No. 26386 ID: eff46c

I locked the door and turned on the faucet then lifted my hand up to smell her sex on my fingers. It was gloriously sweet and earthy. The scent was amazing, and I inhaled it over and over again. My other hand made itself busy pulling down my shorts and underwear, and smearing precum around on my aching hard dick.

This wasn't going to take long at all, since I was almost ready to blow in my pants a long while ago. When I moved towards the toilet where I could let loose when I came, I spotted the pair of white cotton panties laying on the edge of the bathtub. My heart skipped a beat, and I seized them like a starving beggar. I pressed the soft cotton crotch to my face and drew in heavily. The mingling smell of Amy's fluids both sweet and pungent was intoxicating. I huffed on the panties and my fingers like a junkie while stroking my cock.

I closed my eyes and imagined approaching the closed door to her bedroom just a few feet above my head. In my mind's eye, my hand reached out to open the door. Obnoxious juvenile music was in the air and the room glowed with diffused sunlight. Posters covered the walls and ceiling, and every surface held pink and black bits of random girlish kipple.

Amy was lying on the bed, splayed out on her front side reading a magazine. When she noticed me enter, she looked back over her shoulder and smiled wickedly. Still holding my gaze, she arched her back and presented that perfect round ass in those khaki shorts to me. She rocked it side to side in time with the music, enticing me to come and take it.

I moved forward to grab Amy's ankle, and she yelped when I roughly pulled her towards the edge of the bed. I violently whipped the khaki shorts down and kneeled to bury my face in her ass, and she gasped "Ah!". I greedily devoured Amy's pussy from behind until my face was covered with her juices, then stood up again, jerking her hips up with me.

Amy was on all fours now, and I unceremoniously plunged my cock into her slit. She cried out in pain, clutching at the blankets, but she didn't pull away. I immediately began thrusting in an out of her, quickly building to a forceful pumping. She threw her hair back and let out "unh-unh-unh-unh" while I thrusted. The motion made her loose tank top ride up until her tits fell out, jerking freely to and fro.

Amy was incredibly tight. I looked down at the little shockwaves of her ass bouncing against my hips and marveled as the wet pink flesh of her vagina was gripping onto my cock every time I pulled back. I squeezed so hard my that thumbs and fingers were bruising the flesh on her hips while I hammered on relentlessly. She buried her face in the covers and emitted muffled, jerky moaning with each fleshy slap.

I kept pounding with increasing intensity while an overwhelming orgasmic flood welled up inside me. With final jolting thrusts and "Ahh-Aahh-Aahh...Aaarghh!", I erupted into Amy's tight young pussy, and she moaned with pleasure.

Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:28 No. 26387 ID: eff46c

The rush of blood in my eardrums slowly faded into the sound of the faucet running next to me in the bathroom. I was on my knees with Amy's panties still in one hand and my slightly sore penis the other. My imaginary encounter was finished, and there was cum all over the toilet and the floor.

I cleaned up the mess and stepped out into the family home that I had just violated with perversion. Everything was normal. Music still played behind her door upstairs, and Bryan was still absorbed in his virtual quest. I told him that I had remembered something urgent to be home for soon, and I quietly left.

Walking home, I wondered what was going to happen next. The day's events might have been the start of something very good... or very bad.

Or it could just be a one-time thing, leading nowhere at all. Amy might decide that her curiosity was satisfied, that the spell was broken, and she could pursue another conquest...perhaps with a boy her own age.

Or, maybe, she was looking forward to the thrill of taking more risks with me, whenever the opportunity arose again. I promised myself to never pressure Amy if that were to happen.

I rubbed the sore bite mark on my arm, then reached down to feel my pocket where I carried the white cotton panties.



Anonymous 19/10/02(Wed)17:09 No. 26391 ID: a87df6

Again another amazing story from nomad!! The only extra detail I would have liked was the age of the MC, not that it makes any difference it just helps with the fantasy

Nomad 19/10/02(Wed)18:07 No. 26392 ID: eff46c

This was when I was 17

Nomad 19/10/02(Wed)18:37 No. 26393 ID: eff46c

BTW, I have a few other stories that I'm mulling over. Your kind words encourage me to continue with more.

Anonymous 19/10/03(Thu)11:46 No. 26400 ID: e9a3d8

Would you consider a sequel for this one? Hiding from Bryan while fucking like rabbits sounds like it could be fun and sexy.

Nomad 19/10/03(Thu)15:39 No. 26401 ID: eff46c

> Would you consider a sequel for this one? Hiding from Bryan while fucking like rabbits sounds like it could be fun and sexy

Yes. There's more to be told in this story.

Nomad 19/10/10(Thu)01:58 No. 26412 ID: eff46c

A new chapter is in the works.

Anonymous 19/10/19(Sat)23:22 No. 26434 ID: 433308

*fervent applause*

Anonymous 19/11/30(Sat)17:50 No. 26510 ID: f98998

I'm eager to read the next installment!

Anonymous 19/11/30(Sat)22:21 No. 26512 ID: eff46c


Hey, sorry I've been really busy lately. There will be at least one more installment...it's about 1/3 done. I made a sketch of Amy too, but I'm not sure exactly where is best to post it.

Nomad 19/11/30(Sat)23:46 No. 26513 ID: eff46c

^ That was me, OP btw ^

Ulfin 19/12/01(Sun)02:41 No. 26514 ID: 8cb7f6

Go ahead and post it under /cake/

Nomad 19/12/01(Sun)14:53 No. 26515 ID: eff46c


A sketch of Amy is at /cake/res/54645.html#i63936

Nomad 19/12/01(Sun)16:37 No. 26516 ID: eff46c

Trying a direct link >>/cake/63936

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