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Maintaining history Red. 19/11/04(Mon)06:26 No. 26459 ID: b43330

Hi, I'm a somewhat experienced website developer and I've been thinking recently about this board.

So many people have come and gone. So many brilliant stories and fragments of imagination have entered the first page of this board and fallen off the last, shared for moments with a not so stereotypical community, and never to be revisited. Maybe that would feel slightly different were this board unlimited in length, but who knows.

I feel some pangs of sadness for the loss of work and the artists and readers who have come and gone over the many years. I'd like to create a safe place to store and talk about these stories that aren't quite mainstream. I honestly think the deletion of these stories is a loss for humanity.

ASSTR exists, but it can be temper-mental at best, and part of me knows that it won't remain online forever, and provides little in way of discussion.

My main hang ups are hosting and funding. I feel some sort of drive to do something to preserve what I consider a strange yet beautiful art in it's own right, yet the money required to host such a site would need a source, and I would never want a great deal of my real reputation to be ruined from involvement with this kind of community, as sad as that is to admit.

Furthermore, certain countries and companies have different (and evolving) attitudes to hosting such content. It is all a strange thought, but something I feel would be a good thing to do.

If anyone has any advice or opinions (positive or negative) please share them. Thanks.

Anonymous 19/11/04(Mon)15:44 No. 26460 ID: eff46c

Decentralized hosting of some kind might be an answer to skirting the anonymity and potential legal issues, but probably not anytime soon. For text-only stories and discussion, a platform like postmill would be more appropriate than an image board.

Anonymous 19/11/05(Tue)13:43 No. 26461 ID: 7aabd0

I agree, and would be willing to help support a platform for discussion/preservation, so long as anonymity is possible.

Anonymous 19/11/07(Thu)23:42 No. 26466 ID: eff46c

One temporary option would be to have authors host their individual stories themselves on pastebin or similar with a password. Then on this site, the authors can post a thread with the link/pass along with the tags and teaser. And the discussion about the story can exist in the thread.

It's not perfect, but for now it could help with preserving the stories (maybe encrypting them too) along with allowing authors to edit them.

Anonymous 19/11/08(Fri)00:21 No. 26468 ID: eff46c

0bin dot net is a pastebin like site that only stores the encrypted version of the data. When you share a link it includes the decryption key.

According to their FAQs, the client-side encryption is not to secure the data, but to protect the host from liability for what the unencrypted data might be.

Red. 19/11/08(Fri)03:43 No. 26469 ID: 5a69df

OP here, that seems like an interesting concept though I'd like for things to be open like this board. If the password was lost it would be the end for that story - atleast for anyone new.

Anonymous 19/11/08(Fri)14:22 No. 26476 ID: eff46c

With 0bin, the link to the story IS the decryption password, just like with MEGA. There's a fully developed implementation of it called privatebin dot info that has more features, like allowing the author to edit. These services have to be forked and hosted on a server, the sites are just for demo.

Red. 19/11/09(Sat)02:50 No. 26478 ID: 9ac253

Interesting, though still don't allow much in terms of browsing. I suppose it may be safer with more hidden content though.

On this sort of topic, does anyone have any hosting suggestions who aren't too picky in terms of content people decide to house?

Anonymous 19/11/25(Mon)03:26 No. 26497 ID: 6ecb7a

A write-limited public git repo on Tor/I2P and/or a MediaWiki/DokuWiki site if you want to be fancy, could work.

For simplicity and safety, I recommend the closest thing to static-site you can.

There's simply no good-at-anonimity distributed platform that's really used right now and isn't broken (looking at you Freenet).

Anonymous 19/11/27(Wed)14:34 No. 26504 ID: eff46c

Taking a different approach to the problem...Could a postmill-like board be installed here under a subdomain given the technical and financial support is available to be donated?

Anonymous 19/12/04(Wed)23:49 No. 26524 ID: e3aff3

Go grab an archiver like archive.md

Go take snaps of the stories at risk from disappearing (start at last page and work backwards).

Stick the links in a post/googledoc/pastebin


Anonymous 20/01/05(Sun)01:38 No. 26554 ID: 3f92e7

Seems unorganised and relies on no censorship. Plus no feedback routes?

Not a bad solution, just playing devils advocate.

Rin!y7chl82msE 20/01/09(Thu)11:36 No. 26561 ID: 196a6d

It's a very interesting thought that I have no input on, but if there's any help to be done I'd be willing to chip in.

I came back here after a long time to revisit my own work that I never backed up and now it's gone for good. Obviously my own fault for not archiving it myself but..

Also I'm not even sure if that's my old tripcode but I think it was so...

Anonymous 20/01/30(Thu)06:01 No. 26585 ID: 06e31c

Which story was it?

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