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A Man No More Gamer 09/07/14(Tue)11:02 No. 265 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124756212917.jpg - (43.22KB , 472x621 , Sol.jpg )

Hey guys, I know no one ever reads the opening up here, but this is the first time I've submitted anything to /elit/, so constructive criticism is welcome. I'll post the first two chapters tonight, and try to write them each day or two and have them posted for you guys. Thanks!

A Man No More
[TF, MF, MMF+, FF, slave, etc.]

Chapter 1: Man Up

“Come on, Sam, it’ll be fun, and you need to relax anyway!” My girlfriend was quite stubborn. More so than myself, which means I would end up losing this argument.
“Hun, it’s a salon,” I argued back. “It’s my eighteenth birthday, I don’t think spending it in some fruity salon is what I’ve been waiting years for.” That’s right, Clarissa, my girlfriend, was trying to drag me to some salon and spa for men. She had gone to a salon for her eighteenth birthday two weeks ago, and had it in her head that I would love it too. Obviously, I’m not quite as interested.
“Please, baby? I just want us both to feel perfect.”
“Clarissa, I feel perfect already,” I replied.
“I know, but if you do this, I’ll make sure that I do WHATEVER you want tonight…” Dammit, now she had my balls in a vice. She’d hinted at us losing our virginity on my birthday, and now she’s practically admitting it. But if I don’t go into this ‘man-salon,’ I can kiss those dreams goodbye.
I sighed, admitting defeat. “Fine, fine. Let’s just get this over with.” With that, she clapped like a giddy school girl and grabbed my hand, dragging me to the door and rushing inside. Inside the salon, the walls were white, fairly ordinary and almost plain. It didn’t really feel like a salon, which is good, considering it was for men, and I’m sure pink and flowers should be saved for ‘real’ salons.
“Welcome to Man Up Masculine Grooming and Salon, how may I help you today?” the man behind the counter asked. Man Up? God, this place even sounded gay.
“Yes, my boyfriend here needs to be groomed and fixed up for a nice dinner this evening,” Clarissa said. I kept quiet; I already felt out of place, even if this joint was for guys.
“Oh, a nice celebration tonight, huh? Sure thing, we’ll fix him right up.” The man smiled, waving me over. I sighed again, looking at my smiling lady one more time before following. “He should be ready in the next two hours or so.”
“Good, that gives me time to get ready, too,” Clarissa replied, I guess deciding to go to her own salon. “Bye, Sam, I love you!”
“I love you too, babe,” I said, before heading to the back with this strange man in this strange place. There was a cushioned chair with a dome above it, like a hair dryer that fits around the head, like a typical woman’s salon, and a computer terminal nearby. The man and two other guys were getting the chair ready, so I took a look at myself in the wall mounted mirror nearby.
I’m not conceited, but I wouldn’t say I’m ugly. My emerald green eyes practically shine, though I needed a shave, as my five o’clock shadow was starting to really show. I kept my hair parted on the right, like I always did, and my jaw line was strong but not really defined. I was a little heavy set, but not ‘fat;’ maybe I should hold my shoulders up more. I’d look a little less fat then. I was broken out of my mirror trance when one of the guys spoke to me.
“Alright, may I have you take a seat, please?” Although I didn’t want to, I did so anyway, trying to get comfortable. They lowered the hair dryer over my head, even though my hair wasn’t wet, and I heard it start to hum. The three men were paying attention to a nearby monitor. I couldn’t see it, as the dryer was low enough to block most of my vision.
“Interesting,” I heard one of them say. “Innocent. Fairly quiet. This one will be good. What do you guys think?” What the hell was he talking about?
“Yes, let’s go for it.” I heard another of the men messing with the terminal and typing on a keyboard.
“So… what are we doing?” I asked.
“Saying goodbye,” one of the men said.
“What? Goodbye?” I was confused. Goodbye?
“Goodbye!” all three men exclaimed, and with that, the man on the terminal hit a key, causing the chair to flatten diagonally , causing me to slide down it like a slide. Instead of landing in a heap on the floor like I expected, I fell down through a hole in the floor, screaming as I slid down a dark slide into what I can only guess was the basement. It was a long, winding ride, and I thought it would never end.
Once I hit the bottom, though, I rolled out onto the floor in a room with a blinding spotlight aimed just at me. I tried to shield my eyes, but couldn’t see past the light. “Hello?” I called out, to no response. I leaned forward, trying again to see past the light. “Is anyone there?!” This was getting ridiculous. Where the hell did I fall to?
I took a few steps forward, and felt the floor shift beneath my feet, which triggered a machine to start. The next thing I knew, two mechanical arms had lashed out and grabbed my wrists, jerking them down by my sides. “Hey! Let go!” I shouted instinctively, as if it could hear me anyway. I struggled to free my arms, but it was no use. I heard more machinery grinding away, and the floor beneath me opened up directly in front of and behind me. Two large steel blocks rose from the floor, and as I looked closer, it looked like a mold of a human body up to the shoulders. The back piece slid up to me as two more arms grabbed my ankles, forcing my legs apart to fit in the mold. Then the front piece connected to it, and I’ll never forget the next moments for the rest of my life.
As soon as the front and back latched, I heard them lock together, and the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced shot through my entire body from the neck down. It felt as though every atom in my body was being placed on the sun, I didn’t even feel solid anymore. I let out the loudest and most agonizing scream I could have thought imaginable, but it was cut short, as another mold had dropped down from above to clasp around my head. In this mold, however, was a large shaft or cylinder that completely filled my mouth, muffling my cries of pain. No matter how hard I fought, I could escape this pain. And then it hit my face.

Gamer 09/07/14(Tue)11:03 No. 266 ID: 5ab7b1

My hair felt like it was being ripped out of my head, but constantly attached at the same time. My facial hair felt like it was being set on fire, and my nose felt like it was caving in. My shoulders felt crunched, my arms and legs felt like they were being squished, my chest felt swollen and on fire from the inside out. My nipples hurt so bad, if I wasn’t already contained I would’ve tried to rip them off. My hips felt like they were ballooning, as did my ass, and my cock felt like it was being ripped into millions of tiny shreds. Every inch of body hair felt just as burnt up as my facial hair, and my insides felt ablaze, yet watery; however, my feet, while still in pain, felt comfortably soft.
I tried to scream out again, but by this time I had noticed the mechanical shaft forcing my mouth open had opened, and I felt another piece of equipment traveling down my throat. I’m sure I gagged, but trying to cry out for help made the new metal in my throat feel like it was scrambling with my throat or vocal cords. I think the entire ordeal may have lasted for two and a half minutes, but it felt like weeks. Finally, a cool steam enveloped me, which made the burning sensation stop, and the molds unlatched and broke free. As they moved away, the blinding light hit my eyes again, the ankle and wrist restraints released, and my body was so weak that I hit the floor hard.
The pain, while not as intense, still floated over me, keeping me awake as my body laid in a heap on the floor. In front of me, I saw scraps of my clothing lying all around, which is when I realized I was naked. Not like I could’ve done anything about it, anyway; I couldn’t even stand up. That’s when I heard over a speaker system one of the previous men that had thrown me down here.
“Gentlemen, I believe we’ve succeeded this time. Good work.” What were they talking about? I’d say it was far from a success, as far as the pain I was in was concerned, and this salon was the furthest thing from ‘relaxing’ I could have ever thought of. I wanted to be at home, playing Super Smash Bros with some friends. I’d rather have sit in the salon with Clarissa, reading boring magazines about stupid celebrities I didn’t care about. Instead, I’m lying on the floor of a blackened room and felt like every muscle in my body has melted off of me.
“I’ll enter the room and help her up,” another man had said. Her? Wasn’t this a guys-only salon? Was there some poor girl that got thrown into this situation, too? I heard the door open, and the sound of footsteps echoed through the room as they got closer. They stopped right in front of me, and I felt two arms scoop me up. Wait, I’m not a girl, let me go! That’s what I thought anyway, because I was so sore I couldn’t even speak.
He carried me out of the room, but I tried struggling to get away from him. My arms and legs barely moved, and it hurt to move them, but at least I knew I wasn’t paralyzed. “…no…” I managed to get out, but my throat hurt, and it sounded almost shrill. I tried coughing so my voice wouldn’t squeak, but that only made my entire body hurt.
“See if she can stand,” one of the men had said. I was about to try arguing with him about calling me a girl again, but as he set me on my feet, I looked up at a large window. I was surprised I could stand, but even more surprised at what I saw. A gorgeous naked woman was standing with three men that looked kinda like the guys in the same room with me, and she was looking right at me. I tried not to stare, and as the men talked about their ‘success’ and how I was standing or something, I peeked back to see her peek back as well. I lifted my head, as did she, and about the time we each raised an arm, I realized in complete horror that she wasn’t looking back at me through another room. The glass was a mirror-like reflective glass, and I was that woman in the window. That’s about the moment I fainted, blacking out before collapsing to the floor.


Anonymous 09/07/14(Tue)11:08 No. 268 ID: 4a9c60

Pretty good start. Be interesting to see where this goes

Gamer 09/07/14(Tue)11:08 No. 269 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124756253814.jpg - (366.45KB , 1024x723 , Solid_Snake_Coloured_by_thepeel.jpg )

(So I didn't like the format that it ended up showing up as on here, so I've modified chapter 2 to look better. Sorry guys! Also, something I should have pointed out in the first post, this is written in CASUAL FIRST PERSON, which is kinda new to me. I wanted it to feel more like you were being told the story by someone rather than simply reading it. Anyway, on to chapter 2!)

Chapter 2: Why Did This Happen To Me?

Some time later, I don’t know how long, I woke up. I was strapped down to a chair and couldn’t move much. There was yet another light shining on me, though this time, I could see one of the men I’ve come so accustomed to seeing standing over me, clipboard in hand. I jerked hard against the leather straps holding me down, trying to get at him.

“Who the hell are you?!” I shouted, noticing just how higher pitched my voice was. It wasn’t a dream; upon glancing down at myself, I saw I was still in the mysterious, although very sexy, female body I saw before passing out earlier.

“Calm down, little one,” the man replied, jotting something down on a paper attached to his clipboard. “I am Dr. West. And you’re in the secret laboratory of Antietam Science.”

I looked up at him, as if waiting for him to stop rambling to let me up. “And? That’s supposed to impress me?”

The doctor sighed, shaking his head. “I thought it might be at least nice to offer you a little information on your current whereabouts. I mean, you’ve been out of it for a day and a half.”

“Wha?! A day and a half?!” It was weird hearing myself speak. I kept clearing my throat, as if it would make my voice return to normal. “I can’t stay here, I… Clarissa!” That’s right, I just remembered my girlfriend would be returning to get me a few hours after I arrived in this miserable destination. Could she still be waiting for me?

“Don’t worry about her,” Dr. West said calmly, walking over to a nearby table to set his clipboard down.

“No, what if she’s waiting on me? I need to go see her!” I started fighting against my restraints again, though I knew it would lead me no where.

“I said don’t worry about her,” the scientist repeated. “Ever. You may never see her again anyway.”

“Excuse me?” I said angrily. “You wait until I get out of this chair, I’m leaving and taking you guys straight to the authorities!” As if on cue, the restraints retracted back to the places on the sides of the chair.

“Sure thing. Here, lead me to the exit, will you?” Dr. West had released my restraints, and held his arm outward towards the door to the room. “I could use a hand getting out of here. I hope you have your ID badge with you, as well, or else we’ll never get through some of these doors.”

He had a point. I sat up, speechless, as I realized he was right. I was stuck here until they were going to let me out. Even if I stole an ID badge, I don’t know my way around, or just how big this place could be. I couldn’t help but whimper at the thought of being stuck here.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you until bigger plans arise, little one,” the doctor said, as if that was supposed to console me. He obviously wasn’t too good with empathy. By this time, the door had opened and one of the other men I had seen previously entered.

“I see our experiment is awake,” he said cheerfully. I, meanwhile, was far from amused.

“I’m a PERSON, you know,” I replied grumpily.

“Oh, right, I do apologize, how rude of me,” he said.

“Between throwing me down a hole, burning me alive, tying me down, and turning me into… into THIS… I’ve come to accept rude behavior.” My eyes stared at the floor angrily. I just wanted to leave.

“Please accept our apology. My name is Dr. Hutchison.” He held his hand out for a handshake. After a moment, seeing I wasn’t accepting his offer, he pulled his hand back. “Dr. West, how is the exp-- er, the patient looking?”

“She’s looking rather well,” Dr. West replied. “Despite the expected hostile attitude, her muscle and skin tissue are fine, heartbeat is normal, she’s pretty much a healthy young woman.” I huffed under my breath at his comment. The doctor added, “On top of that, she’s managed to maintain the same thought process and memories she had when she was male.”

“Wonderful,” Dr. Hutchison replied. “The project was a success.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped to my feet, angry, and shouted, “Success for who?! It sure as hell isn’t me!! Look at me!” The two doctors did exactly as I ordered, which I could feel my cheeks burning through a blush. I covered my body with my arms, which felt a little weird to have to cover my chest as well. “Can I have some clothes, to start off with?”

“I’m sorry, here,” Dr. Hutchison said, removing his long lab coat and handing it to me. I quickly threw it over me, buttoning it up to hide myself underneath of it. “Listen, Miss…” he started, as if fishing for a name.

“Miss nothing!” I don’t think I had been more livid in my entire life. That’s when the other doctor tossed something my way. I caught it, and looked at it to realize it was my wallet, which must have fallen to the floor after my transformation.

“Her name was Samuel Harris, according to the driver’s license,” Dr. West said to his partner. “Though, she doesn’t look much like a Samuel now.”

“This is true,” Dr. Hutchison said. “How about Samantha?”

“No, I don’t like that very much.”

“Then what about Sammy? That’s kinda cute.”

“I don’t know… She just doesn’t look like a Sam anymore. What about Kristine?”

“Nah, that’s no good. She kind of reminds me of a Melissa.”

I had had enough. I grabbed the clipboard, ripping the pages off of it and throwing them up in the air to get the men’s attention. “Hello?! I’m right here!”

“True,” Dr. Hutchison replied while Dr. West scrambled to get up all of the papers off the floor. “What name do you prefer?”

“How about Samuel Harris?!” I replied angrily.

“No, a boy’s name just won’t do…” Dr. Hutchison commented, looking towards the ceiling as though deep in thought.

“You’re not getting the point,” I said. “I want to go back. Now.”

Gamer 09/07/14(Tue)11:10 No. 270 ID: 5ab7b1

Dr. West, who seemed more like a quiet professional, reattached the documents to the clipboard, brushing his short blonde hair from his forehead. Dr. Hutchison, clearly the more casual of the crew, laughed gently, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, but that is simply not an option.”

“And why not?!”

“We don’t have a shell for your body type, for starters. Secondly, even if we did, you likely wouldn’t survive another episode like the one you had yesterday.” He sounded all-knowing, and was also countering every argument I was bringing up. “It felt like you were burning alive, didn’t it?”

I got a bit nervous for some reason, nodding instead of arguing. “…Yeah. That was the worst thing I’ve ever felt…”

“Your body would crumble if you were to try that stunt again.”

“But why me? Why did you guys do this to me?”

Dr. Hutchison sighed, lowering his head. His shaggy black hair framed his face, and as he lifted his head back up, the light of the room emphasized his strong jaw and cleft chin. He looked as though he had horrible news to tell me. “The truth is… We weren’t going to. You walked in upstairs, forcefully by your girlfriend’s hand. We were hoping our first successful subject would be a willing participant, one that might want the operation done. We wanted it to be someone more effeminate, someone that may also fit the personality as well. But you walked in, and you were innocent--”

“I’m not innocent,” I lied, as if trying to reason with them that they had made a mistake. “I’m constantly in trouble!”

Dr. West, who was much more muscular, built, and younger than Dr. Hutchison, interrupted me. “We scanned your mind before you were sent to the testing floor. You’ve never been in real trouble a day in your life.” I glared at the man, who stared me down right back.

“You were innocent,” Dr. Hutchison continued. “And you seemed pure. You were a good kid, no criminal record, no experience with sexual int--”

“I’ve had sex before!” I argued again. “Plenty of times!” The two simply gave me the same look, as if to say ‘Please, we know you’re lying,’ and I quieted down, blushing deeply as I sat back down in the chair I woke up in.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Dr. Hutchison tried to assure me. “This is a scientific breakthrough. Women that want a ‘perfect body’ or just a different body can have this done so quickly, and for less than a complete makeover would cost. Homosexuals that want to marry in areas where it is forbidden can undergo this procedure to legally wed if they so please. The sky is the limit!”

“Well, mine seems closed off now…” I moped, the anger fading from me as I realized I was stuck like this.

“And why is this such a bad thing to you? No offense, but you look much better than you did before. And as much as the media denies it, looks can get you anywhere, can get you any job.”

“But it can’t get me my girlfriend back,” I said. “And what would my family say?”

“We’ll take care of that,” Dr. West said. “Now come on, you should get some actual rest. I’ll show you to your room.”

I stood up and, with a sigh, followed the built doctor out of the room and down the hall. He swiped his ID badge at a door, and once open, held it open for me. “Ladies first,” he sarcastically said to me. I wasn’t caring much for this guy, but I walked into the room. He didn’t follow. “This is your room. Relax, and enjoy yourself.” And with that, he closed the door behind me.

“Wait!” I ran to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. “Dammit!” I kicked the door, which hurt pretty badly without shoes on. I limped over to a nearby sofa, sitting down a moment, and looked around the room. They at least had the decency to furnish the place for me. There was a small bed, the sofa I was on, a coffee table in front of the sofa, a television, a mini fridge, a full length mirror, and a small two drawer dresser for clothes.

‘Why me?’ I thought to myself. ‘What did I do in a past life to deserve this?’ I stood up, taking the coat off to walk over to the bed when I passed the mirror. I took a good hard look at myself this time. Clarissa was pretty, even hot, but I was fucking gorgeous. My hair was still brown, though now went down to the middle of my shoulder blades. It appears all the fat in my midsection was moved around, as my hips were a bit wide, and my new breasts were at least a C-cup, or maybe could spill over to a D. My ass was perfectly round and firm, and my long legs accentuated the sexy curves and features of my body. My nose was a little smaller and thinner than before, much more feminine, and any signs of facial hair I had were gone. My lips were fuller, my eyelashes longer, my eyebrows more feminine. My hands were smaller and smoother, with slightly longer nails. I went from an average guy to a smoking hot woman.

My dick was gone. Completely. I could’ve cried at the thought, but in its place was one of the prettiest pussies I’d ever seen. Smooth and shaved, it looked like a virgin 18-year-old’s pussy, which makes sense, as that’s what I am. But it was all still too much to wrap my mind around.

I ran my hands up my body, cupping my own breasts. They felt good in my hands, and it also felt nice to have them held. I gently rubbed my fingers across them when my middle finger grazed my right nipple. I tensed up and gasped immediately, a pleasurable tickle surrounding it as it was softly caressed. Looking down at my bosom, I decided to continue, gently brushing over both nipples with my fingers. They quickly became erect, and I found myself gasping quietly to myself. I felt warm, and that’s when I decided to continue further.

I looked at my reflection and guided a hand downward between my legs, slowly spreading my lips apart. I stared at it in wonderment, before I instinctively drew my hand back. ‘Wait, what if she doesn’t want me to?’ I thought to myself, before slapping my forehead. ‘Ugh, dumbass, that IS me.’ I slowly moved my fingers back down there, brushing up against my clit softly in the process. The sensation made me gasp out loud, almost in a moan. I looked over at the bed to my left.

“I think it’s time I got more comfortable.”

(End chapter 2; Chapter 3 is "A Little Touching Never Hurt Anyone", and I'm looking forward to writing it. I should have it up tomorrow evening!)

Anonymous 09/07/14(Tue)11:31 No. 271 ID: 58da10

I'm sorry, but this just makes me rage. "Don't click on it if you don't like it", whatever. I want to kill something right now. This transpires any sort of morality any scientist would have. I hope this story ends with the feds shutting those motherfuckers down.


Anonymous 09/07/14(Tue)13:18 No. 276 ID: 39dfd8

>Homosexuals that want to marry in areas where it is forbidden can undergo this procedure to legally wed if they so please.

You don't understand homosexuality, do you?

Anonymous 09/07/14(Tue)13:25 No. 277 ID: 58da10

Didn't notice that for serious until a couple seconds ago.

BTW, it's >>271 here.
Itchy triggerfinger + science = lolno

As much as it pains me to say this, OP FAILS.

Anonymous 09/07/14(Tue)15:08 No. 280 ID: 91d7e8

First of all, cool down. You're OK with content that hosts chicks with dicks, rape, tentacle rape, pedophilia, bestiality, bacon blah blah ble blah, but as soon as scientific curiosity outweighs scientific protocol, you go apeshit? Really?

And if it pains you so bad, just imagine he said something about transgender individuals instead of gays. It's not a big deal. Besides that snag, it's still a good read.

Anonymous 09/07/14(Tue)15:58 No. 284 ID: acff69

Alright, guys, really. It's the opinion of an obviously deranged man. If psychopath in a story claimed to hate women, would you think that the author wanted to prove that women were inferior?

Please. Take a chill pill and allow for artistic license. Take the despicable with the pure, this is not a book for children; and frankly, I think even a child could realize that the bad guy generally doesn't reflect the positive aspects of the theme.

But enough of that. More please, Gamer. I'm intrigued. You're doing fine with casual first person, keep it up.

Gamer 09/07/14(Tue)20:45 No. 302 ID: 5ab7b1

I completely understand how it works. Do understand that my thoughts and visions are NOT reflected through the mad scientist characters of my story. It is merely an excuse used by the characters to fuck around with science.

I understand it's your opinion, but do realize this is a FICTIONAL story. Lakeview Terrace had Samuel L. Jackson as a police officer that broke protocol because he hated his white neighbor that married a black woman and moved into their neighborhood and tried to frame the man, hired a guy to break into their house, and ended in a shootout in the streets with other police officers. That's more deranged than this. Just chill.

I'll have Chapter 3 up soon, guys; thanks for the support and input as well. I was hoping my first person was any good.

SuperRageMan the 2nd !vs.Rmn1Q2s 09/07/15(Wed)00:54 No. 312 ID: 58da10

It wasn't so much the content, as what I felt was poor execution in the writing that set me off. I can't stand it when writers do shit that clumsy (IMO)

Anonymous 09/07/15(Wed)03:08 No. 322 ID: 552388

Geeze it's a story. I agree with >>280. This is no different than 90% of the hentai out there. There are stories, comics, and manga that have women turning into animals. On /d/ there is a whole thread about transformations. Male to female transformations would be one of the ones that's up there. Suck it up and stop being stupid people.

I personally have no problems with the writing style, it's not the most spectacular but this is /elit/, definitely not professional standards.

and you good sir, stop being butt hurt. You act like this is the first time scientist have been depicted that way. For heaven sake grow up. You sound like a 15 year old girl. This is 7chan, we don't have to care about mortality here.

Gamer 09/07/15(Wed)04:09 No. 324 ID: 5ab7b1

File 12476237636.jpg - (96.76KB , 800x600 , 1247566938551.jpg )

(Thanks again for the feedback guys. I understand this won't appeal to everyone, so I'm not really offended. Everyone has opinions after all. Anyways, here's Chapter 3!)

Chapter 3: A Little Touching Never Hurt Anyone

I was getting hot all over now, and decided to move things to the bed. I left the beautiful image in my mirror, crawled up onto my bed, and spread my legs. I felt nervous for some reason; it may have been myself, but I had never done anything with a woman before. I guess I figured out where to begin, and knew the general idea of things, but I still felt lost. I returned my left hand to my breast, and moved my right hand back down between my legs. I was a little wet, but I doubt I could’ve pushed a finger in yet.

I gently brushed my finger across my new clit the way I had with my nipples a moment ago. Needless to say, it felt incredibly rewarding - an indescribable pleasure rushed over my body, and I couldn’t contain my gasps and moans any longer. The sound of my own sexual cries was arousing in itself, and had I still been male I likely would’ve gotten an erection upon hearing it. I bit my lower lip to keep myself quiet, but the more I caressed my clitoris, the more noise came from my throat.

I gently pinched my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, applying light pressure or occasionally tweaking it, which in turn made me rub myself more between my legs. My fingers moved further up and down, making sure my middle finger was still rubbing the clit as it moved down across my wet lips. I had never felt anything remotely like this as a guy; we had our hands and our dicks, maybe a fleshlight if you shelled out the cash for it. But I was only using my fingers and this was incredible!

My hips were bucking softly at my motions, and upon realizing everything I was doing I couldn’t help but blush. I changed my pattern up, instead brushing my fingertips over my clit in a circular motion. It didn’t take very long before I found my back arching off the bed, my whole body tense as I did this. If I kept this up, I’d cum everywhere for sure!

Forty-five minutes passed. I sat cross-legged on my bed, glaring angrily at the floor. Maybe I had done something wrong, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to orgasm. This didn’t do much for my self-esteem, especially in the sexual department. I could hear it now: ‘Sam Harris is so bad in bed, he couldn’t bring a girl to orgasm if it was himself!’ My legs felt a little weak, and I had a fantastic time, but I was so close to cumming several times, and I somehow just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

That’s about the time my brain started working against me. I just touched another woman. But it was just myself, so it’s fine. But I touched the breasts and crotch of a woman that wasn’t Clarissa. Had I cheated on my girlfriend? I couldn’t have, masturbation’s not cheating! But I was born a man, and I'm Clarissa’s boyfriend, so I shouldn’t be touching anyone else’s vagina. But I’m a girl now, so it’s still just masturbation! Though, if I touched a man’s penis, would it be cheating? That’s not the issue, I’m not going to touch another man’s penis! Argh, what the fuck is wrong with me?!

It was around that time I heard the chime of the lock accepting the ID badge, and my door opened to my room. I quickly covered myself up with my arms again, and Dr. West groaned and turned away from me. “For the love of God, would you put some damn clothes on?” He impatiently snatched up Dr. Hutchison’s coat, while I opened the dresser to see if there were any clothes. There were, and I wasn’t too happy with the results.

“These are girls’ clothes,” I said without thinking, holding up a pair of panties.

“Do I even need to reply to that one?” Dr. West asked.

“You know, I really hate you,” I answered, uncomfortably sliding the cliché pink panties up my legs.

“The feeling is mutual,” Dr. West replied to my surprise. “Don’t think I’m doing this for fun. You’re merely a paycheck for me.”

“I can’t fucking believe you,” I said softly, trying not to get irritated. I pulled a pair of jeans up my legs next. They were tighter than I’m used to wearing, but they fit perfectly.

“I’m sure. And don’t be confused by the clothes. With you being unconscious for a day and a half, we had plenty of time to take your measurements.” I looked at one of the bras in the drawer and decided to outright skip it. I grabbed a shirt and threw it on, and found it hugged my curves without being very tight. Even normal women’s clothes are so weird.

Dr. West finally turned around, looking me up and down. “Skipping the bra, I see. What a rebel.” I rolled my eyes at him. “We don’t have any shoes for you yet, little one. Apparently it takes more than a day and a half to measure shoe size.”

“That’s pretty impressive. You guys should take a hint from the nearest shoe store,” I replied.

“Tell me about it,” he said back, surprisingly pleasant about it. He led me out into the hallway, leading me down the corridor as he continued. “And don’t worry, not every girl is going to be able to climax from the first time they experiment."

I gasped, blushing deeply. “WHAT?! You were watching me?!”

“I see you didn’t notice the camera in your room,” he answered.

“I see, so now I’m your porno, huh?!”

“No, and this isn’t Big Brother, either.” We rounded a corner, heading down another corridor. “Do remember, you are still an experiment, and we are monitoring you. So don’t think we’re going to touch ourselves just because you are.”

I scoffed at the nerve of this guy. As soon as I went to say something, however, Dr. West swiped his ID badge to another room, the door sliding open upon doing so. We stepped inside, the door closing behind us, and Dr. Hutchison and the third man in white, the man I saw behind the counter, a skinny twig of a man, were waiting on us.

Gamer 09/07/15(Wed)04:10 No. 325 ID: 5ab7b1

“Hello again, Sammy,” Dr. Hutchison said cheerfully.

“That’s not my name,” I said, already irritated and a little embarrassed.

“Right, so sorry. We’ll work on that right away.” He led me to a chair in the middle of the room. This one had comfortable armrests and a place to rest your legs. “Dr. Chilton has brought to my attention one of the many tests we’ll need to run on you to make sure the procedure was a total success.”

“You’ve seen my tits,” I said bluntly. “I think that’s proof enough.”

“While this is true,” Dr. Hutchison started. “We need to run several tests to make sure your body is still functioning properly. May I have you undress and take a seat?”

Arguing had gotten me no where, so I decided to strip and sit down, feeling a bit uncomfortable again. “Excellent,” Dr. Chilton said, and the three men walked to another door in the room that would lead to a smaller interior room, that I guess had monitors to check my vitals and whatnot. Why Dr. West told me to get dressed just so I would get undressed is beyond me. The reflective glass prevented me to see what was inside, so I felt alone in the room again. About this time, two clasps came out of the arm rests latched onto my wrists, and two more latched onto my ankles.

“Hey, hey! What’s going on?!” I tugged against the metal restraints, feeling the legs of the chair separate, spreading my legs.

Dr. Chilton spoke over an intercom from the other room so I could hear him. “Seeing your little fun time in your room reminded me we need to test out your sexual organs, behaviors, and reactions. So I decided why not now, since you, too, are curious?” About this time, the ceiling above me opened up.

“What?! No, I’m not curious enough to do this in front of you guys!” I squirmed in my chair, trying to fight the procedure, but doing so only made things worse, as a metal clamp came out of the chair around my neck, loosely holding me in place, as well as another larger one around my waist.

“Please do not fight this, as it may mess up the test results,” Dr. Chilton called out to me. But I didn’t care, this felt really fucked up. As if it was bad enough that I was on display, several contraptions were lowered from the ceiling, looking like a mass of metal arms and hinges with several pieces of plastic everywhere.

“Stop, please! Please don’t do this to me!” I was literally begging them now, but it got me no where. The chair I was in raised up, and the first attack against me were by way of two rubber tipped metal arms with pinchers. The soft tipped pinchers pinched my nipples fairly tight, causing me to tilt my head back and moan. They would apply more pressure before lightening up, only to repeat the process, leaving me moaning, gasping, and panting. Squirming did me no good, and occasionally the nipple clamps would twist slightly, only making me louder.

Another metal arm moved downward, this one with a rubber ball at the end of it, and forced its way into my panting mouth, working as a ball gag. Moans and groans still erupted from my throat or were muffled by the ball, and continued as the nipple clamps did their work. It was humiliating to know they were testing me through this, that they were watching me, but thinking about how I probably looked… No, how the sexy woman I had become probably looked in this situation was arousing, and I felt myself getting wet again.

After a few moments of ‘torture’ from the nipple clamps, they started to tug upwards gently, making my moans louder. Another arm had moved downward, and I felt something rub against my wet lips. My eyes grew wide, and I shook my head, my pleads and begging muffled by the ball; I couldn’t lose my virginity this way! Not as a woman! Not by some machine! My eyes started watering, but it was too late. After a moment of rubbing, the plastic shaft mounted at the end of the metallic arm pushed its way into me. I may have been gagged, but the scream I let out was still loud.

It was gentle, pushing in fairly deep. I squirmed a little, wishing it would stop, but the dildo inside of me pulled out slowly before pushing back into me, slowly fucking me. The tears continued to roll down my face. I was losing my virginity to a machine controlled by some self proclaimed innovators of science. This isn’t how it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be in my room, with Clarissa stripping and climbing on top of me, her blonde hair hanging over her face as she looked down at me… That’s what I wanted. Instead, I got my own set of tits for my birthday. Surprise.

The machine started to piston in and out of me faster, fucking me at a steady pace, getting a little harder with each thrust. I was beginning to understand why most girls are interested in foreplay first. This is all so sudden. ‘This isn’t happening,’ I thought to myself. ‘This is like something out of science fiction. This is like something from an anime. I’m not an anime girl!’ My thoughts didn’t take away my agony, if you could call it that. As much as I tried to fight it, it was beginning to feel wonderful. I may not have wanted it, but I couldn’t deny that it was pleasurable.

My sobbing had died down, and as I started to lose the will to fight I had quieted down as well. I didn’t want to lie there and take it, but I was strapped down. I had little choice in the matter. I closed my eyes tightly, not that I could see much anyway as my head was still held tilted back by the gag, and tried to forget about why I didn’t want it, why it might have been happening. Being my first time, it did hurt, but I tried to block out the pain, trying to just enjoy what I could out of it. I paced my breathing, feeling my chest rise and fall as I did. The nipple clamps detached themselves, which felt great as I thought they were going to be rubbed raw, and the plastic shaft was thrusting into me much quicker.

I was strapped to the chair and fucked this way for a short while longer, before the mechanical arm pulled the shaft from inside of me. I couldn’t help but whimper at its loss, but was thankful I wasn’t going to endure anymore. The ball, slick from my saliva, slid from my mouth, as the contraption pulled away back up to the ceiling. The chair lowered back into place, and as it did the restraints let me loose. My legs were shaking too badly to stand, and all I could do was drop my head, not wanting to look up.

The door opened up and I heard footsteps approach me. What caught my attention, however, was what I heard from the room.

“I can’t believe you’d do it to begin with, much less for that long!” That was Dr. Hutchison’s voice.

“It felt opportune at the time, she had already done it to herself! The timing was fine, it was to further help her explore her sexuality!” That voice belonged to Dr. Chilton, which meant my ‘favorite’ was coming to get me. Apparently, the other two still in the room had conflicting interests in my test just now.

“It’s still too soon! We should have tried the physical fitness test, or done further tests on her vitals!” This was perhaps the only time I’ve heard Dr. Hutchison sounding angrily upset.

“She is still an experiment, what should it matter?! The tests need to be done regardless!”

“She’s a human being before an experiment!!” I heard a slam at this point, and I think it was Hutchison slamming his hands on a table in the other room. “This better not have ruined what we’ve worked on up until now!!”

I felt Dr. West’s presence as he knelt down by my side. “How do you feel right now?” I didn’t respond. I heard the slam of the door in the background, and saw Dr. Hutchison’s feet as he passed by, angrily leaving the room. West realized I wasn’t going to answer, and instead lifted me up in his arms. “Come on, I’ll take you back to your room.”

Dr. West was quiet as he carried me back to my room. It was almost eerie. I finally, softly, spoke out. “What’s your first name…?” I don’t even know why I asked. Maybe I was sick of all the ‘men in white,’ and wanted to actually know at least some of these people a little better. He was quiet a moment; I guess maybe he was stunned that I asked.

“It’s not important.” So much for light conversation. He set me down on my feet by my room so he could swipe his badge. As the door opened, he looked at me. “Think you can make it in alright?” I quietly nodded, and he oddly patted me on the shoulder. I think it was his odd way of trying to console me. “Alright. Get some rest little one.”

He started down the hallway. I took a step into my room, when his voice stopped me. “Hey!” I stopped and turned to him. He had stopped in the hallway, turned back to me. “It’s Michael. But please, still call me Dr. West.” He turned away and walked back towards the test room. With that, I stepped into my room. The blue walls and light furnishings did little to comfort me. The only thing I could do was curl up into a ball on my bed, and hope they’d never come back.

(End of Chapter 3. Chapter 4 is "The Good Doctor", and will either be up tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy!)

Zero 09/07/15(Wed)04:36 No. 327 ID: 8fffb9

I forgot that TF meant transformation, so at first I was surprised and didn't like this, but now I'm enjoying it. I just hope he gets released and gets to be a lesbian with his girlfriend.

Anonymous 09/07/15(Wed)07:39 No. 344 ID: 1e54be

I once asked a gay friend if he wanted to be female, and he did admit that it would make it easier. Although, to quote him "I love my penis." I would not want to change either, and it's kinda sad that he would even kind of wish that, but it's not the most insulting thing in the world to write about and the dude is the bad guy.
Me too, or just a lesbian period, all right.
Keep it up I am enjoying this so far.

Gamer 09/07/15(Wed)07:41 No. 345 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124763648323.jpg - (165.96KB , 1024x780 , a.jpg )

Chapter 4: The Good Doctor

About an hour later, I heard the chime of the lock and sighed. I didn’t look to see who it was. They were going to cuff my wrists and haul me off to some other sex test anyway. Maybe this time they’d rip my nipples all the way off, or, better yet, maybe they’d all just fuck me themselves to save on equipment.

I heard the footsteps get closer. They were light footsteps, and they stopped near the sofa. I heard the person sit down on the vinyl couch, letting out a sigh of his own. The room was quiet for a moment, and I stayed facing the wall, still curled up in a ball.

“Sam,” he finally said. It was Dr. Hutchison’s voice. “Look… I’m sorry for what happened back there. I didn’t know Chilton was going to perform that test.”

“Convincing,” I said bitterly. “Looks like that’s what that room was made for.”

“We also test your breathing, your organs, your blood pressure… We can check on your body with a simple scan. That wasn’t the equipment he decided to use, though.”

“Obviously.” I was still bitter. And now this asshole was going to come and butter me up so I won’t feel so bad about it next time.

“Look, again, I’m sorry. That isn’t what I wanted.” He sounded sincere, but I was too mad and too hurt to really care.

“Then what do you want?!” I sat up, spinning around to face him. He wasn’t even looking at me, though. His eyes were fixated on his feet. He was hunched over, his elbows on his knees.

“My son.”

I didn’t know what to say. Obviously, I’m not his son, but what did he mean? I was speechless, which he must’ve noticed, because a moment later he continued.

“My son didn’t feel right. He told me he didn’t feel manly. He didn’t want to be manly. He wanted a sex change.” Dr. Hutchison slowly stood up, looking at his reflection in the mirror on my wall. “Most fathers would have been shamed or disappointed. I wasn’t, though. I loved my son, more than anything.”

He paused for a moment. I cleared my throat, my tone much softer. “…Your son is lucky to have a father that loves him so much.”

Dr. Hutchison shrugged, still looking at himself in the mirror. “Charlie meant everything to me. Since my wife died, he was all I had. Boy or girl, I loved him the same. He was on his way to becoming Charlene. And she would’ve been beautiful.”

“…Did he not go through the procedure…?” I wrapped my bed sheets around myself, my bitter attitude fading away.

“He was in surgery when his heart started having complications. The doctors didn’t tell me much, just that it was a freak accident, that they couldn’t revive him. There was little to no explanation on why he didn’t wake up. I lost my child that day.” Dr. Hutchison was hiding his face, but he balled his hands into fists by his sides.

“I’m sorry, Doctor,” was all I could muster up to say to him. “Is that why you became a doctor?”

“No, I was already a scientist,” he replied. “But I had lost my will to live, until I caught word of this facility and their work. They were trying to create a means to change the human body safely.”

“Well, I felt like I was dying,” I replied. “So I don’t know just how safe it is.”

“But you’re perfectly fine,” he said, walking over to sit on the edge of my bed. “And we’re working on a way to make it less painful. We’ve been doing this for many years now.”

“And I’m the first person you’ve actually done it on?”

“Oh, goodness, no. You’re just the first truly successful result.” The doctor slapped his forehead, shaking his head afterward. “I’m sorry. You were the first person to give us the best outcome from the procedure.”

“It’s alright, I understand,” I said. “But what’s happened in the past?”

“A few of the recent people are still here. They’re staying in other rooms, and we’re looking on ways to improve their situation. One, who goes by Roxy now, came out with wonderful results, but still has his deep voice. We’re working on that currently. Another has kept male genitalia, but still has the breasts and body of a woman. Earlier specimens have had certain parts of the operation omitted, such as keeping their strong jaws, facial hair, body hair, or male organs.”

“But they’re all ok, right?” I tried to get a little more comfortable, stretching my legs out under my sheets. Dr. Hutchison shook his head at my question.

“Not always,” he replied. “Before I signed on for this project, the first subjects didn’t survive. Others have tried the operation a second time to fix flaws from their first and died in the process. Even when we were trying to perfect the voice changing procedure, it cut open the throat from the inside, even after several tests showed it wouldn’t.”

I was horrified. ‘I could’ve died’ is all I pretty much heard out of his statement. “So, you suckered all of these people here and many of them died from it?”

“No, many of our subjects were volunteers, those that had wanted to undergo the change. We’ve only worked with female molds, so it was women that wanted to change their appearance or men that wanted a sex change. Once word got out about the percentage of surviving our tests, our volunteers dwindled.”

“I would say so,” I said. “That’s terrifying!”

“Even so, some of our test subjects still volunteered. When we felt we’d gotten somewhere, we would use the method of ‘volunteering’ that was used on you, but that’s normally only after several months without a willing subject.”

“So, suckers like me don’t come around as often.” I was starting to get bitter again.

“I’ve always been against it,” Dr. Hutchison confessed. “But seeing how well you turned out… You’re beautiful, your voice is angelic, you look like you were born this way… I saw what my son wanted to become. That’s why I was upset earlier. I don’t want you to be scared away from this ordeal.”

“Doctor, I’m already scared,” I admitted. “My life is beginning all over again, with 18 less years to it.”

“I understand. But incidents like today will not help you adjust to this new body or new life, and that’s what I want. I want to see you adapt, to see you rise victoriously. I don’t want to see you as a test subject. My son wasn’t one. I want to ensure you’re taken care of, like my own child. And if it helps you, I’ll take care of you as if you were my own child.”

It was weird to hear that from a man I detested earlier. I oddly felt safe by his words. My face felt warm for some reason; why was I blushing? I nodded to him, letting him know I understood. “Thanks, Dr. Hutchison.”

“It’s my pleasure,” he replied, getting up from my bed. “Did you ever decide on a name?”

I was quiet a moment. I thought about it, and looked up at him when I had come to a conclusion. “I think I’ll stick with Sammy.”

“Sure thing. Sammy Harris it is, then.”

“No,” I said, cutting him off. “I don’t know how the people in my life would react to this kind of change. I don’t want to be related to the old me.”

“Oh? Then do you have a last name?”

After a moment, I nodded, replying with, “Steel. Sammy Steel.”

“Alright. Sammy Steel. Is there anything else I can get for you?” I shook my head, and he smiled at me. “Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to apologize for earlier.”

“You’re fine. Thanks, doc.” He nodded to me again and left my room, leaving me alone again as I curled up under the sheets of my bed. So, I’ve concluded one doctor is a smart ass and the other is thoughtful. Now, to figure out the one that sexed me up with his machine.

Gamer 09/07/15(Wed)07:43 No. 347 ID: 5ab7b1

I drifted to sleep, but several hours later I woke up by the sound of the lock on my door. It was nearly two o’clock in the morning, so I rubbed my eyes, yawning. I sat up, squinting in the dark of my room. “Doc? Is that you?”

“Not quite,” said a man’s voice from the darkness. I scooted back on my bed, my back against the wall, when someone jumped up onto my bed and grabbed me under my jaw, pinning me to the wall by my neck. My eyes were starting to adjust a little, but I still couldn’t tell who it was.

“So, this is her,” a woman’s voice said nearby. Two of them? Who were these people?

“Yep,” the man’s voice said again. “The ‘perfect’ experiment. There’s GOT to be something wrong with her.”

“Please,” I choked out, the strong grip on my neck straining my voice. “Please don’t hurt me…”

The two voices I heard and a third voice, a girly sounding male’s voice, laughed at me. I felt a pair of hands begin to touch me, feeling around my exposed tits. “’Please…’ You forgot to say ‘Mistress,’ bitch,” the man’s voice said again before laughing.

“Well, it’s not her tits,” the woman’s voice said again, before roaming her hands down my stomach.

“R… Roxy…?” I tried guessing who was holding me against the wall, and I guessed right. The feminine male voice gasped and the woman’s hands froze. A face moved in towards mine, forehead pressed against my own, and all I could see was two lovely blue eyes in front of me.

“Where did you hear that from?” the man’s voice asked, very close to my face. It was strange to hear such a deep voice coming from the incredibly sexy silhouette I was seeing in the dark.

“Doc… Doctor Hutch…” was all I could get out as the grip was slowly tightening around my throat. Suddenly the hand pulled me away from the wall a little, only to throw me back against the wall upon letting me go. I rubbed my head, looking up to get a better view of the woman (as far as I could tell) kneeling over me.

“Dr. Hutchison,” the effeminate voice said. “What a sweetheart.”

“Shut up, Betty,” the woman’s voice said. As my eyes focused, I could tell that the woman’s voice came from a girl that looked to have pretty nasty burns on her arms and neck. The other person, Betty, was a cute girl, her red hair in two over-the-top pigtails atop her head.

“I hear you didn’t even want this, did you?” Roxy said. Roxy was fucking beautiful. She had long black hair, a cute up-turned nose that didn’t look snobbish or piggish, a pair of plump kissable lips, and two large D cups swaying in my face. She was a bit intimidating, and the voice completely threw me off, especially when she’s up in my face asking me questions.

“N… No… I don’t even know why I’m here,” I mumbled.

“Aww, boo-hoo,” the female voice started.

“Can it, Judy,” Roxy interrupted, before focusing back on me. “The nerve of you… You have what we wanted, and you’re not even grateful?”

“Look, I didn’t plan this--” I started, but a sharp slap to the face shut me up pretty quickly.

“You should be thankful,” Roxy said, giving me a glare so hard I thought it would literally kill me. “All the mistakes you made before? They’re gone. You can start anew. And you have the body and the voice and the total package of everything that we and the others here wanted.”

“And that’s fine, but listen, I--” Another slap to the face kept me quiet again, but Roxy’s hand went for my hair afterwards, jerking my head up as she lowered her body onto mine.

“You’re not listening to me. Enjoy what you have.” At the moment, I certainly was, as Roxy’s breasts were pressed up against mine, her face inches away my own. “And if you can’t, we’ll make you enjoy it. Or, at least, enjoy it ourselves.” With that, Roxy’s grip tightened on my hair. As I gasped in pain, my lips met her’s, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. My eyes widened as she kissed me, and I found myself moaning into the kiss as her tongue brushed against mine. Before I knew it, I felt Roxy’s fingers teasing my clit, making me moan louder, and as I let my tongue begin to play back, the kiss ended as abruptly as it started.

Roxy got off the bed, tauntingly licking her fingers before turning her back to me. Her and her entourage headed for the door. Panting and bewildered, I called after them. “H-how did you even get in here?”

Roxy turned around, mischievous grin on her face, as she pulled an ID badge from her cleavage. “They may be smart, but it doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that a well placed fist to the back of the head can take pretty much anyone out.” With that, she swiped her card and let themselves out, snickering to one another as they walked down the hall. And I was left alone once more, blushing, flustered, and horny.

(End of Chapter 4. Chapter 5 is Just One of the Girls, and I'll likely have it up tomorrow. Now I gotta go play some more Mother 3 to try to catch up to where my g/f is.)

Anonymous 09/07/15(Wed)07:51 No. 349 ID: 45bafc

Oh man, I wish something like this would happen to me.

Fantastic story, MOAR!

SuperRageMan the 2nd !MeBMmYUE8Y 09/07/15(Wed)12:40 No. 362 ID: 58da10

Hey, lookit me, I can make baseless claims too!

Zero 09/07/15(Wed)14:06 No. 366 ID: 8fffb9

Stop being an asshole, nobody likes you. If you don't want to read the story, just hide it, don't act like a 13 year old.

As far as the story goes, it's pretty good. Having said that, I'm still hoping for a happy ending involving the main character getting back with her(?) girlfriend and having the lesbian sexings.

Gamer 09/07/15(Wed)19:08 No. 376 ID: 5ab7b1

He'll get out of the facility soon, but that's as far as I'm going to say.

I'm around halfway done with chapter 5, and at least one new character will be introduced. Ill have it up later today.

Zero 09/07/15(Wed)20:07 No. 379 ID: 8fffb9


Works for me. Nice update speed, I love that I barely have to wait for more story.

Anonymous 09/07/16(Thu)01:40 No. 393 ID: 45bafc

Can we get a ban on this faggot? If you don't like this AWESOME STORY, its your loss, and you should fuck off and die.

Anonymous 09/07/16(Thu)03:57 No. 395 ID: 1e54be

Bravo, moar please.

Gamer 09/07/16(Thu)07:30 No. 402 ID: 5ab7b1

File 12477222558.jpg - (76.05KB , 600x843 , Transgendered_CLOUD_XDDD_by_Hey_Poo_Guy_anonib.jpg )

(Sorry guys, my g/f came over and hogged my computer from me all day. =/ I did get some good Brawl time in and I feel comfortable about entering an upcoming tournament, but that doesn't get the story written any faster. I got 5 finished, and if I can get 6 finished tonight I'll post it, too. Here ya go!)

Chapter 5: Just One of the Girls

I woke up the next morning, still a little flustered. She may have sounded like a man, but Roxy had me sexually frustrated all night, and I’m not embarrassed to say it. As I rolled over, I saw the camera in my room in the upper corner near the door. I got up, seeing Dr. Hutchison had dropped my clothes off the night before. I got up out of bed, walked over to the coffee table and picked up the panties I had worn the day before. I looked up at the camera, spinning them around on my finger, making sure I swayed my hips with each step, before slingshotting the underwear up onto the camera to hide the lens. I decided it was time to have a little fun, in privacy for once.

Nearly an hour later, Dr. West had come to my door, swiping his badge to get in. I was lying on the sofa, wearing the same outfit as the day before sans panties; they were still over the camera so I was wearing a different pair. A sheepish grin was plastered on my face. I hadn’t cum again today, but I got damn close several times, and I felt wonderful regardless.

“So, did you reach climax today?” What a rude question to start out with.

“How did you--”

“Oh, please,” West said, reaching up with a single finger to hook the panties off of the camera. “Like you didn’t make it any more obvious.” He flung them at me the same way I had at the camera, but I couldn’t help but giggle -- yes, I giggled, shut up -- at the sarcastic bastard. I was in a fantastic mood.

“How do you know I just didn’t get more sleep?” I asked jokingly, only to receive an unconvinced look back. I got up from the couch, stretching, and led Dr. West out into the hallway. “So, what’s for breakfast?”

“You’re joking… It’s nearly noon,” he replied, leading me down the hallway in a direction I hadn’t been.

“Well, what’s the first meal of the day?”

“…Breakfast…?” he answered, sounding unsure as to what I was getting at.

“Well, there you go. You figured it out.”

He shook his head, rolling his eyes. “God, you could be my sister.”

I raised a brow at him, shaking my head back. “Two days ago, you would’ve said ‘brother.’”

“You’re right,” he said. “But this is TODAY, and my brother wouldn’t have a vagina.”

“You know, I really hate you,” I said with a smirk. He rounded a corner, with me trailing behind him.

“The feeling is mutual,” he said with a grin. Well, at least we were on better terms with each other. We joked around or insulted one another until we got to the cafeteria of the lab. It was really nice for some secret underground lair they all worked in. We got in line, each of us grabbing a tray.

“So, little one, I heard you’re ‘Sammy Steel’ now,” West said to me. I looked at him, brow raised again.

“Really? Man, gossip spreads around here like wildfire, doesn’t it?” I chuckled, grabbing a plate with a chicken sandwich on it.

“Hutch told me. He almost sounded excited about it.” The young doctor grabbed a fish filet and a side of sliced potatoes. “He really likes you.”

“Is that so?” I added some fries to my meal, before eyeing the Jell-O cup at the end of the line.

“Don’t get any ideas, lady, he likes you in a professional way.” The doc grabbed a yogurt and headed towards the end of the line. I scoffed at him, following closely behind. That Jell-O was so close!

“Come on, I don’t swing that way!” I said, appalled. Once within reach, I snatched that desert and a Mountain Dew. “Anyway, you gonna stop calling me ‘little one’ now?”

“Not a chance, little one,” he replied with a grin, grabbing a bottle of water.

“Alright, ‘MICHAEL,’” I said with emphasis, which made him snap his head around so fast I thought he’d broken his neck. With a quick swoop of his hand, he knocked the can of Mountain Dew down to the floor, leaving me glaring at him. “Aw, really now? Now I won’t be able to open it up for like ten hours!”

“Never again,” he said sternly, before picking up his tray and heading towards a table. I hope I don’t ever get that look again. I picked up the can, set it back nonchalantly, and grabbed another, before racing after him. He led me to a table with Dr. Hutchison and another person I hadn’t met yet, a lady.

“Oh, hello Sammy,” Dr. Hutchison said warmly.

I smiled and returned his greeting. “Hello, Dr. Hutchison. Did you know Dr. West is a total jerk?”

He and the woman laughed together, nodding in unison. “Yes, I DO work with him, after all,” Dr. Hutchison replied. “Sammy, this is Dr. Wright, she’ll be working with us today, as well. Dr. Wright, this is Sammy.”

“Oh, right, I’ve heard about you,” Dr. Wright said with a smile. “The ‘success’ everyone is talking about, right?”

“Well, it depends on who you ask,” I said. She smiled at me, nodding.

“I’m sure, I’ve heard you’re almost rebellious about it.”

“Well, I didn’t really want this to begin with,” I said. Dr. West was mock snoring as I spoke. I take it he’s tired of hearing me whine about it. Dr. Hutchison hit him on the side, invoking soft laughter from the table. I took a bite of my chicken sandwich, waiting until I’d swallowed it down before continuing. “I mean, I guess it’s a success for the team, it’s just… I don’t know where to go now.”

Before anyone could reply, a Mountain Dew across the room spewed all over the scientist that had opened it, causing Dr. West to briefly choke on the potato in his mouth. I guess he’d grabbed the can I previously had. “Come on, let’s eat, hurry up,” West rushed the table while I snickered at his reaction.

Without even looking up, Dr. Hutchison calmly said, “You knocked another drink can to the floor, didn’t you?”

“This isn’t about me,” Dr. West lied, scarfing down his food. “We got science to run and tests to learn and studies to experiment and shut up and eat!” Within seconds, he was taking his empty tray to the drop off point, quickly leaving while the victim of the soda explosion was looking around for him.

“He’s something, isn’t he?” I asked out loud, biting into another french fry.

“That is quite possibly the nicest way it could be put,” Dr. Hutchison replied. “Let’s finish up, Dr. Wright would like to run you through your first test.”

Gamer 09/07/16(Thu)07:32 No. 403 ID: 5ab7b1

We finished eating and I was led back down another hallway. They all looked the same anymore. After a few moments and twists and turns through the hallways, I was led into a new room. This room was different, however, than the previous rooms I had been in. It was longer, and had an elevated long stage-like platform. At the far end of the room was a small set of steps leading up to the platform. Dr. Wright began walking that way as she spoke to me.

“We’re going to be teaching you better etiquette and how to act and react like a woman today,” she said as she walked up the steps.

“Who wha huh what?” Wait, they want me to start ACTING like I was born a girl too?

“Come on, it’s not bad or scary. Come on up.” She seemed very sweet, but I didn’t like where this was going. I followed her lead, though, walking over to the steps and getting up on the stage.

“Alright, I want you to walk down the runway,” she said to me. Thinking nothing of it, I did as she asked, walking to the end of the runway. I turned around, seeing Dr. Wright with her mouth open, as if trying to think of what to say. “…Alright… See if you can walk like this.” She walked a little slower than I had, her arms not swinging as much as mine had, her hips moving from side to side as she placed one foot in front of the other. For some reason, Dr. Wright could make a lab coat and flats look sexy.

Once she reached me, I tried the same walk, only to be stopped one step in. “No, hold your shoulders up when you walk,” the lady doc said to me, placing one hand on my back and another on my shoulder to lift it up. I looked down at myself after she did this, and noticed this pushed my bust out noticeably.

“This totally puts my tits on display,” I said to her, but she kept her hands in place.

“A dignified woman isn’t ashamed in her body,” she replied. “They’re just BREASTS, after all.” She put a lot of emphasis on ‘breasts,’ so I guess she was also telling me that calling them ‘tits’ isn’t very ladylike. I took a second step, and was stopped again, this time by two feminine hands on my hips.

“Well hello there,” I joked with her. She couldn’t help but smile, slapping my hip playfully before continuing with her analysis.

“When you walk, swing your arms less, and sway your hips slightly,” she commented. With that, she hugged her body against mine, which in turn flushed my face a deep red, and she kicked her leg out against mine to take a step with me. She placed the foot one step in front of my other foot, and used her hands to push my hip to the side a little. She did the same with the other leg, pushing my hip the other way, and repeated the process for several steps, leading me halfway down the makeshift runway. “There. Think you can handle it?”

I don’t think I would’ve gotten a single word out had I tried, so I tried walking the way she had taught me. It felt weird at first; my ‘breasts’ were sticking out more than I was used to, my hips were moving side to side. I turned around, trying to hide my burning face as much as I could. Dr. Wright waved her hand in a ‘so-so’ manner.

“Not too bad for your first time. Just learn to walk a little less like a Nazi soldier and make it more fluid.” She walked back to the end of the runway and walked down the steps, beckoning me to follow. She had long bright red hair that was near her mid-back, and she had this cute innocent looking face. Even if she did call me a Nazi, she was adorable.

I followed after her, where she joined Dr. Hutchison at a nearby table. She scooted out a chair for me, while he was already seated. “Have a seat, Sammy.” I did, and she looked me over, nodding. “Well, you’re not fully spread eagle like a guy normally sits, but close these.” She pushed my legs together as she ended her sentence. It wasn’t what I was used to, but I worked with it. She lifted my shoulders the same way she had on the runway, and placed my hands in my lap. “I think we can work with this.”

“So, I pass?”

“Close. Look casual, don’t look like you feel stiff.”

“…But I do feel stiff.”

“Regardless,” she came back at me with. “Look like you don’t. Also, when you eat, don’t lean over the table like a horse or pig in a trough. Bring the food up to you.”

This all felt like a lot of trouble. “But what if it spills on me, or down my shirt? And what does this have to do with my operation?!”

“We want you to pass as a woman,” Dr. Hutchison cut in. “The operation makes you look the part, but if you still act like a man 100% of the time, no one will take our work seriously.”

“That’s right,” Dr. Wright followed. “And if you attend meetings, banquets, formal events because of this, we need you to act proper.”

“Attend? Wait, you’re going to parade me around?” I felt like a tool now. I was still less than a person to these people.

“Sammy,” Dr. Hutchison calmly said. “We’re not going to parade you around. You’re a scientific breakthrough, though. We may need you present for any conference or event in which we confirm our studies and tests.”

“I know, but…” I sighed. They weren’t being mean, so it’d be wrong of me to get mad or yell at them. “…I just feel like I’m being used, that’s all.”

Dr. Hutchison nodded at Dr. Wright. “I understand, Sammy. Dr. Wright, cut her loose for the day. We’ll pick up on some other tests later.” She opened her mouth to object, but nodded, understanding. Dr. Hutchison got up from the table, leading me back to my room. We talked lightly on the way back, and he let me back into my room. “I’ll be back in a while, we’re going to check out what’s going on inside of you.”

“Alright, Dr. Hutchison, thanks again,” I said, walking into my room. I looked back and waved to him as the door closed. I looked up towards the ceiling, when I noticed my panties were back over the lens of the camera.

“Well, hello sugar tits,” I heard a familiar voice say behind me. My eyes shot wide open, and as I slowly turned around, I saw Roxy lying on my bed with a mischievous grin on her ruby lips.

(End Chapter 5. Chapter 6, "Queen Bitch Roxy," will be up later or tomorrow. Keep your eyes open, I'll see you guys soon!)

Zero 09/07/16(Thu)11:28 No. 412 ID: 26df2a

Great story thus far, just one minor complaint. This is an elit, yet you skipped over the masturbation scene. Not a good idea.

As far as your Brawl tourney goes, just practicing against your girlfriend won't do much. If you want a real challenge, post your Friend Code, and I'll play you.

Gamer 09/07/16(Thu)16:38 No. 417 ID: 5ab7b1

I appreciate the feedback; I skipped the masturbation scene as it was to be more of a comical start to the chapter. But not to worry, as there is finally more sex in the next chapter. I'll also make sure it's a little more balanced so there's not only one sexy part every three or four chapters.

Also, I normally play with our Smash crew but didn't leave the house. My g/f actually runs the crew (first female to run one in the world actually), so it's not like playing a seven year old with items on on Hyrule Temple. If I throw the Wii on today, which I hope I don't until Chapter 6 is done to keep me from getting sidetracked, I'll post my Friend Code for you guys. =D

Zero 09/07/16(Thu)17:37 No. 419 ID: 26df2a

Honestly, you just lost me there with the whole "Smash Crew" thing. I just play with a good group of friends, except for one guy, who's the best of our group, we don't go to any big tourneys(he wins them every now and then), we just go and dominate local amateur stuff.

Gamer 09/07/16(Thu)18:22 No. 421 ID: 5ab7b1

Haha, no, we haven't really been to many tourneys lately either. We used to raid local tourneys in Melee, and traveled up to two states away to enter. Since Brawl, the crew hasn't done too much of that. It's pretty much a group of friends that play "competitively" amongst each other.

Anyway, Chapter 6 will be up no earlier than tonight. =/ Job hunting + lawn mowing + g/f time + crew meetup I didn't know about = chapter won't get finished until tonight. But I WILL have it up tonight.

Anonymous 09/07/16(Thu)20:45 No. 427 ID: 55fa0d

I like this story. Moar please.

Anonymous 09/07/17(Fri)05:02 No. 442 ID: fc282b

It starts to get interesting and it ends D:. /Favorites

King Of Idiots!qMH.WZ/6NI 09/07/17(Fri)07:01 No. 448 ID: 90b2cf

Brah, don't rush out a chapter on our behalf. If you have it in your mind that you HAVE to have chapter out in a set amount of time, then bad things happen. Esspecially when you hit a wall that you didn't see comming. Take your time and remember to enjoy writing for writings sake, not for anons' sake.

On a side not, who is your main? I'm a marth main myself, but I am taking up ness and ice climbers for counter-picking purposes.

Gamer 09/07/17(Fri)07:03 No. 450 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124780701573.jpg - (750.96KB , 1065x1280 , 1181626531656_anonib.jpg )

(FINALLY!! Chapter 6 is up, and I'm working on Chapter 7. I've got nothing else to say except this one was fun to write, and I hope you guys like. Enjoy!)

Chapter 6: Queen Bitch Roxy

“Roxy,” I greeted her with, slowly walking towards my bed. I didn’t really know what to think about her. She confused me to no end, and why she was on my bed was a mystery to me as well. “Why so alone?”

“You miss the others? I’ll make sure they get in on the fun next time.” She sat up her knees, patting the bed. I didn’t trust her too much, so I was cautious. She did break into my room the night before, choked me, pinned me down, slapped me around, and left me hot and bothered for the rest of the night. “Stop being so slow, get your ass over here.”

I did as she said, sitting on the bed by her. “Why are you in my room…?” She flashed a beautiful smile, running her fingers through my hair. What was she up to?

“It’s always questions with you, isn’t it?” Roxy asked me, getting comfortable as she continued petting me. “Relax, sweet cheeks. You seem like you could be fun.”

“Are you going to rape me?” I asked. She lightly smacked my lips with her fingertips, as if disciplining me.

“I just said relax,” she said. “Cool it with the questions. Not everyone gets alone time. Once they get a new girl pet, they’ll move you over to the group room with the rest of us, and they won’t take you to their table to eat with them, and you won’t be special to them anymore.”

“Thanks, how uplifting,” I replied.

“The truth hurts, love.” Her fingers tightened lightly in my hair, pulling my head close to her. I winced from the rough tug, but found the left side of my face buried in her cleavage. “But that’s why the rest of us have bonded so closely. And hearing you weren’t so appreciative of what we wanted, it pissed a lot of us off, hence our intrusion last night.”

“I didn’t want to take anything from you, and it’s not my fault,” I tried to reason with her, but it was really hard to focus with some of the nicest breasts I’ve ever seen shoved in my face. Thank god for low-cut shirts.

She must’ve felt the warmth of my blush against her bosom, because she pressed me full faced into her chest in a hug. “Stop talking, before you remind me how much you pissed me off yesterday.” She hugged me there a moment, nearly smothering me, before lifting my head up enough to get some air. “Not to mention, it was fun making you squirm last night.”

“So,” I said, panting softly. “You like… intimidating people, huh…?”

Roxy laughed so hard her chest shook. “No, silly girl, unless that gets you off.” She pushed me down to the bed, lying next to me and hovering inches over my face. “Maybe it does. I think you’re highly submissive.”

“W-what? N-no,” I stammered. I knew my face was bright red, but I wasn’t lying. I was never submissive, intimidation never did anything for me. Was it because Roxy was so good looking?

“Liar,” she spat at me, looking me up and down. “You liked being pinned to the wall last night, didn’t you?”

“N-no, I didn’t.”

“Then why were you so wet when I was kissing you?” My face must’ve been as red as a tomato as she said that to me. Was I really that wet? “And why are your nipples so hard right now?”

Embarrassed, I looked down at myself to see she was right. ‘Damn you, nipples, what are you doing?!’ I thought to myself, before looking back up at Roxy. She had a sultry look in her eyes; if she was trying to seduce me, she was a pro.

She pinched one of my nipples lightly, causing me to let out a sexy gasp. She chuckled to herself, tweaking it between her thumb and forefinger. “You’re a fun toy… Sandy? Sunny?”

“S-S-Sammy…” I managed to stutter out, feeling my whole body get warm. I closed my eyes, but still heard her laugh softly.

“Oh, what does it matter? Can I call you ‘mine,’ Sammy?” She didn’t let up on the single nipple in her grasp. I don’t know if she was trying to torture me or make me beg for it, but I was going to crack if she kept it up. I didn’t know how to answer her question, but was too busy panting and groaning from her pleasing touch. She took her other hand and hooked a finger under my chin, as if lifting my head up a little. “Do you want me to kiss you again?”

“P-please,” I begged. I could feel my lips quivering, I wanted more. She was much more delicate than the sex machine was to me, and as long as she didn’t lift me in the air and fuck me I think I’d be fine.

“Can I call you ‘mine,’ Sammy?” she repeated her question. I nodded, looking up at her as she was taking control of me. She removed her hand from my jaw and placed against her ear, as if trying to hear something. “I’m sorry, your Mistress can’t hear you…”

“Y-yes…” I barely managed to get out.

“Yeeeesss…? Yes what?” She tightened her pinch on my nipple, tweaking slightly harder.

“OH!! Mmm, yes, Mistress…” My face burned more, I was so embarrassed. What a humiliating thing to say… She thought otherwise, though, as I heard her chuckle and granted my wish. Our lips met, and as she kept teasing my nipple, she slowly climbed on top of me. It was official: if masturbating or the sex machine didn’t count as cheating on Clarissa, this definitely did.

Gamer 09/07/17(Fri)07:04 No. 451 ID: 5ab7b1

I felt Roxy slowly grinding her hips against my midsection, and I could feel myself getting wetter. She released my nipple, instead taking both hands and cupping my breasts. I moaned out into the kiss as she parted my lips with her tongue, exploring my mouth. She massaged my breasts, never stopping her tongue, never stopping her grinding.

She broke the kiss, much to my dismay, but only to pull her tight t-shirt off. Underneath was a silky white bra which delightfully pushed her breasts together to form her beautiful cleavage. The busty aggressor grinned at me, and the next thing I knew, my shirt was being tugged over my head, the cold air of my room meeting my naked chest sharply. I let out a gasp, biting my lip as I felt her warm lips meet with an erect nipple, kissing the bud tenderly while she resumed the massage to my other breast. Her tongue danced with the nipple in her mouth.

My past relationship was the furthest thing from my mind right then. As Roxy’s free hand trailed down my side, causing me to squirm lightly, her expert mouth worked its magic further, planting succulent kisses all over my breast. If by chance I ever become a man again, or if I escape from this hellhole to become a lesbian on the outside, I’d definitely have to remember these moves. She continued kissing them, kissing up my cleavage, past my collar bone, and up my neck towards my ear. I was getting goosebumps and chills, unable to control my moans any longer. She nibbled my earlobe, tugging gently before whispering in my ear, “Have you ever gone down on any one before?”

“Mmm… n-no, I haven’t…” Without a word, a felt a sharp stinging slap on my cheek that pulled a gasp from my throat. I looked over to see her glaring at me, when I remembered. “I’m sorry… No, Mistress…” She smiled, gently rubbing the cheek she had just slapped.

“Ooo, I’m so lucky,” she said, sitting up. I pouted at her for doing so, but she kept her mischievous smile as she started sliding down her pants and underwear. “That means I get to be the first one you make love to with your mouth.”

“Huh?” Before I could do or say anything further, she knelt on top of my arms, pinning me down, straddling my head. My face got so hot it’s a wonder she didn’t think her legs were on fire. Her pussy wasn’t quite shaved but was neatly kept and trimmed, and was inched away from my lips.

“Kiss me,” she commanded. Being pinned down, I didn’t dare argue with her. I leaned up, pressing my lips against her, gently running my tongue across her folds up to tease her clit. Her legs tightened around my head a little from the feeling, which was a little scary at first, but my slow agonizing licks started moving at a rhythmic pace. I figured I was doing something right when her hands ran through my hair, taking a gently grasp and further forcing my face into her crotch with a loud moan.

“Mmmph!” I was stunned for a moment, but I found myself on auto-pilot. I let my tongue continue its work, making sure to pay attention to the clitoris. Eliciting louder groans and whines, I couldn’t help but grin to myself, gently flicking my tongue against her sweet spot. Roxy may have been intimidating, but I felt like I was controlling her now, like my movements determined the next sound to erupt from her throat.

My tongue worked its way down, pushing itself past the folds and inside of her. Her whole body grew tense, and I could feel her tighten up around the tip of my tongue. It wasn’t very long, so I couldn’t get incredibly deep inside of her, but I seemed to be doing enough for her. Still held close to her, my nose ended up brushing against her clit a bit as well. Getting two birds with one stone, I figured this would be the best spot to stay for a while.

I figured correctly, because a few moments later Roxy clenched my hair much harder, enough to make me cry out against her, but I’d find out why quickly after. The payout for my actions led me to a discovery - Roxy was a squirter. And she let out a scream that could shatter the earth as she came, soaking my lips and cheeks in her climax. It’s a good thing I didn’t mind, because there’s no way I would’ve been able to pull my head back with the hold she had on it. She sat back, dropping my head back against the bed, and panted as she looked down at me, admiring her mark she’d left on my face with a grin.

“W-wow…” I said, flushed. I licked my lips, tasting her juices further, which wasn’t unpleasant compared to the stories I’d heard in school. I was breathing heavily as well, my arms still pinned down as I looked back up at Roxy. I knew she would use this moment, if any, to further threaten me or harass me, so I was expecting it.

“Very nice, I needed that, kid,” she said to me. She lifted herself off of me, grabbing her clothes. “I’ll cut you loose. You don’t have to call me ‘Mistress’ until we get in another situation like this again.” She started pulling her pants up, her breasts bouncing with each tug.

“I’m glad I could help, but…” Surely she wasn’t leaving now. I was hornier than I’d ever been in my entire life, and she was walking out on me?

“No buts,” she replied as she clasped the hooks on her bra together, lifting her shirt over her head. “We might save those for next time.” Roxy tugged her shirt down over her, and with a wink, strolled sultrily to the door.

“W-wait,” I called after her, hoping she was kidding. She turned back to me with a smirk, throwing something at me that hit me in the face, and swiped her badge. Scoffing, I grabbed it out of my lap to see what it was, and realized she’d thrown her panties at me.

“Think of me,” she said, and with an innocent wave, let herself out of my room.

I was actually irritated. I called her Mistress, and I ate her out, and I got nothing out of that deal! Livid, I did the only thing that any other sane person had left to do - I stuck my hand down my pants and jerked the covers over my head.

(End Chapter 6. Chapter 7 is "Well, It's About Time" and I hope to get it up soon. Sorry if this one seemed short, it's a little shorter than I thought it was. Keep your eyes peeled for Chap 7!)

Gamer 09/07/17(Fri)07:10 No. 452 ID: 5ab7b1

I like to have a chapter out a day, but if it needs to take longer it will. I just really enjoy this story, so I'm able to crank out a bit at a time. =D

I can't main Marth in Brawl. I got really good with him in Melee, but he feels so different... I'm currently maining Lucas, and my g/f starting maining Ness, so we turned out to be a theme team, haha. My counter picks or secondaries are Sonic, who I'm really trying to get better with, and I like to pretend I can play Pokemon Trainer as well. lol

OH! I'm not going to post this in /v/, because /v/ on any chan turns into "BAWWWW PS3 IS FOR FAGS," "BAWWWW, MY CONSOLE DOESN'T RED RING COCK MUNCH," "BAWWWW WAGGLE FOR FAGGLES," and "BAWWWW PC ELITIST BLAH BLAH BLAH CONSOLES SUCK." So I'm posting my Brawl Code here:

3222-5227-8417 Name: NickO

Zero 09/07/17(Fri)09:21 No. 459 ID: 26df2a

WTF LOL, I main Marth too. Lucario, Pika, Ike are 2, 3, 4.

As far as the story goes, pretty great so far.

King Of Idiots!qMH.WZ/6NI 09/07/17(Fri)10:29 No. 462 ID: 90b2cf

Gonna have to hit you up for a fight or two, dont have access to my wii at this very second, but I'll post my friend code tomorow. Love fighting lucas's on marth, but we won't talk about that.

So far the story is pretty good. Really good in fact. The only issue I really have is that he/she accepted it all rather quickly. It would take me months to years to come to terms with the fact that my gender was forcibly switched without my permission. And yet somehow sammy is so benevolant, that she can make a statement as bold as "They weren’t being mean, so it’d be wrong of me to get mad or yell at them."


Niggers' just cut off your dick man! How the crap would it be anything short of rightous indignation to shoot a mother-fucker, much less get /mad/ at them. I would STILL be kicking and screaming. But I digress.

All complaints aside, and apart from that one thing there are not many, this is good shit. I'm into the whole sifi thing, so this kinda sorta, in a strange way fits into what I like.

Also, >>271: Some time ago, probobly before you and I were born, some mad genious came up with this idea. He/she called it creative lisence. So, how about you get all your little sience fiction stories that fall into your protocols, roll em up newpaper style, and shove them firmly up your ass. You said it yourself: "If you don't like it, DON'T CLICK IT!"


Zero 09/07/17(Fri)16:15 No. 471 ID: 26df2a


I'm pretty sure Gamer's taking into account the fact that when one is faced with an unfixable and irreversible situation, the best thing to do is adapt. Plus, if you just became a female, yes, you would be angry, but also curious, and the curiosity seems to have taken over.

Gamer 09/07/17(Fri)17:58 No. 473 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124784628061.gif - (82.97KB , 758x537 , SSB.gif )

I'll try to end (for the most part, anyway) the Smash discussion here to keep from getting too terribly off topic, but I'm sure you do like Marth vs Lucas, because it is SUCH a hard fight for Lucas. Spamming PK Fire works for all of five seconds, and then Marth is back all over him. I've found a few tricks to take Marth out at 60-80% on Final Destination, but nailing the attacks is a lot harder on people than AI. Anyway, here, have some Melee gender swap. =D

Zero has kinda hit the nail on the head; Sammy's being babied, and is very curious in her new body with the bit of sexuality surrounding her at the moment. Sammy realizes there may not be a way to change back, and is trying to accept it, plus if it were me I'd touch myself everywhere, haha.

But if you're looking for angry spiteful vengeful Sammy, she still exists, and she'll appear again.

King Of Idiots!qMH.WZ/6NI 09/07/18(Sat)05:31 No. 512 ID: 90b2cf

I kinda see where you are comming from. My point is that I would personally not be as accepting as she was. All things considered, she has been VERY accepting.

Also... *cough* 4940 5185 7610

Gamer 09/07/18(Sat)06:40 No. 518 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124789200190.jpg - (196.46KB , 800x1100 , 1235363985760.jpg )

(Jeezus, leave for a while and I'm dropped off the first page? Oh well, here's Chapter 7. Enjoy guys! [also, thanks for the friend code! =D])

Chapter 7: Well, It’s About Time

I didn’t know if I was more mad at Roxy for leaving me aroused or myself for letting her leave. Feeling used, I was now left to fend for myself, tugging my pants down to get between my legs easier. I went to work straight away, rubbing my middle and forefingers against my clit. Maybe I’d actually get to orgasm today.

I reached up with my other hand to tease my still bare chest, finding Roxy’s panties were still in my hand. The thong was very soft, which gave me an idea. I rubbed my nipple like I originally planned, but did it through the soft fabric of the underwear that had been thrown to me. Feeling how soft and stimulating the fabric against my nipple was, I squirmed a little and couldn’t hold back my sexual whines and moans. This was already leading me to the right direction of reaching my climax.

Rubbing my clit a little harder, I moved my fingers in little circles below. The sensation made my back arch off the bed, a gasp escaping my throat. I pinched my nipple a little harder, my fingers working faster. I decided to try something new, and flipped over onto my stomach, lifting my lower half up by sitting on my knees while lying down. I couldn’t play with my breasts as easily this way, but another new idea came to mind.

Roxy’s panties in hand, I moved them from my breasts down between my legs, rubbing myself through them below. The feeling literally sent chills through my body, and I found myself purring in ecstasy. This position and the panties had felt better than anything I’d done so far, and I was getting close already. I started grinding my hips against my already working fingers. I could really get used to this new body, especially if I did this several times a day.

That’s when I felt it. After several moments, I felt the pressure building inside of me. I almost lost my breath from how excited I was. I rubbed a little harder, I was so close. I worked my hips more, my legs were shaking. My lips were quivering, my breath coming out ragged. “I’m… I’m gonna…” And that’s when I heard the chime of the lock on my door.

My eyes shot open in disbelief as I froze. I grabbed my pillow, buried my face in it hard, and screamed as loud as I could. I couldn’t fucking believe it; I was finally going to cum and someone walked in on me?! I pulled the covers down so only my eyes and above could be seen, glaring at whoever had walked in. I could literally have killed them.

Dr. West literally took a step back at the sight of my eyes, looking shocked. “Jesus Christ, I don’t ever want to get that look from you again. What’s the issue?”

“You know,” I started, seething as I clinched my sheets in my fists. “I really fucking hate you.”

“The feeling is mutual,” he replied, throwing a stray bra at me. “Get dressed. We’ve got work to do.”

I jerked the covers down, sitting up to try to put the bra on. “I’m going to find out where you live, and I’m going to kill you in your sleep.” I had pulled the straps up my arms and reached behind me, fighting with the clasps. I’d never had to wear a bra before, so it felt impossible to try to put it on.

West shook his head. “That’s all well in good, you act like you’re the first person to say that to me.” After a moment he looked over to see me having trouble. “Oh Christ, you still can’t get that thing on, little one? Come here, I’ll help you.” He walked over, grabbed each side, squeezed the life out of me, and clasped them together.

“Um…” I tried moving my shoulders and twisted a little to get used to it. God, I hate bras. “Is there any looser settings?”

“Oh yeah, like two or three,” he said arrogantly as he headed to the door. “But you’re not going to get enough support or nice enough cleavage that way.”

“Like I care! Come on, make it looser,” I said, but he threw a shirt at me instead. I rolled my eyes as I realized he wasn’t going to and I pulled the shirt on, glaring at him again. After tugging up a pair of pants, Dr. West led me out into the hallway again. “So, what test are we going to do?”

“We’re going to perform the scan Dr. Hutchison was telling you about the other day, and then do the test you don’t like.” I shuddered as he finished his sentence.

“You’re joking, right?”

“Nope,” he said flatly.

“But, Dr. Hutchis--”

“Hutch apologized for it happening so early,” Dr. West said, interrupting me. “It is still a test to be performed. It was performed on all the subjects before you, and you are no exception.” I didn’t agree with it, and I didn’t want to do it, but I had been fairly calm about the whole ‘turning into a girl and ruining my life’ ordeal today, so I didn’t argue. Why not try it out and see if it’s any better than yesterday? How optimistic of me.

I was led to the same room I was in before. I saw the chair and hesitated. Dr. West held his arm out towards the chair, as if telling me to I may help myself to a seat, before walking to the same side room the doctors had been in before. The others were already inside, and after another moment’s hesitation, I walked over and warily took a seat.

“I want you to know,” I called out towards the reflective glass. “That I’m still uncomfortable with this.”

“Duly noted,” I heard Dr. Chilton’s voice say over the intercom system from their room to mine. After a moment I heard a soft hum, and a tall machine that arced outward was lowered by my right side. As soon as I looked over at it, a bright red laser light shot out from its side, temporarily blinding me. I did see that it circled the chair at least once before the machine shut off.

I was blinking to try to regain my sight, the machine rose back to its hiding place in the ceiling. By the time I was able to see things clearly again, I could see information appear on the reflective glass, as if it were a monitor. It was all jargon to me, but I did notice a few things that made sense, such as “Vision: 100%,” “Sound Recognition: 100%,” and “Reaction Time: 100%” to name a few. It was quick and painless, except for the whole brief 'not-seeing' part.

Gamer 09/07/18(Sat)06:41 No. 519 ID: 5ab7b1

I sat there for a few minutes, drumming on the armrests while waiting on them to finish. I was starting to get nervous about it again. Was it because I was being watched, or because I wasn’t in control? Could it have been because it was more than my own fingers? Finally, I heard the voice of Dr. Hutchison. “Alright, Sammy, are you ready to retake the test?” he asked. I think after our talk last night he was having issues calling it the sex test or whatever they call it.

“No,” I said flatly.

“Alright, just let me know when you’re ready,” he replied.

“How about next week? I might be ready then,” I said. I wasn’t sure just how much I was joking.

That’s when I heard Dr. Chilton’s voice again. “Ha ha… No.” With that, the chair started to rise. I started panicking, sitting up a little in the chair. I hadn’t been restrained this time, so I was contemplating jumping out of the chair. Before I could, though, two slots opened in the chair by my waist, and two claws clamped onto my hips. I would’ve preferred the lap bar, but I soon realized they weren’t to restrain me to the chair.

The claws lifted me a little, flipping me over as the chair reclined. I was on my elbows and knees in the chair, my head where my feet should’ve been and vice versa, when the familiar wrist and ankle restraints appeared. The two ankle cuffs came out near the head of the chair, and the wrist clamps were either near the ankle restraints from yesterday or the same ones. I was now pinned to a chair with my ass in the air. I knew I was blushing brightly, because I could feel my cheeks burning for being on display to the doctors in the other room in the doggy style position.

That’s when the contraptions were lowered from the ceiling. Having been cleaned since yesterday, they started getting in place in reverse. I found the dildo that had fucked me now in my face, a motorized piston attached to the arm to thrust itself. I kept my lips closed as I stared down the plastic shaft’s length. I liked blowjobs, but I don’t think giving them was really my thing. It wasn’t my choice, however, as a soft tipped pincher like the ones that teased my nipples came down and pinched my nose.

My airways blocked off, I held my breath for as long as I could. I wouldn’t have been surprised if my face turned colors, and I knew I was starting to feel lightheaded, but I couldn’t do it any longer. I finally gasped for air, and upon inhaling a deep breath, the arm moved the shaft into my mouth, where the piston slowly started to pump. The pinchers kept my nose closed for a few seconds longer before releasing and rising away.

The arm that held the ball gag attached by a thin pole lowered itself down. While all I could see was the dildo thrust in and out of my mouth, I felt two arms take the waist of my pants and tug them down, then spread my legs to make sure my pussy’s lips were spread. Face on fire once more, I tried to cry out, only to be muffled by the fake dick thrusting faster into my mouth. My hushed moans combined with the slurping noises I was unwillingly making was a huge turn-on to my male mind, which in turn aroused my female body and made me wet, which didn’t take long considering I was pretty wet before ‘Dr. Dickhead’ walked in on me.

That’s when I felt the rubber ball press against my pussy lips. My eyes shot wide open, and I tried to shake my head, which is a little hard to do with a dick thrusting towards your throat, but my mumbled protests wouldn’t stop the machine from pushing the gag slowly between my lips. It stretched me open a little, and I moaned out a lot, but once my lips had enveloped half of the gag, it slid in fairly easily. I likely would’ve moan as loud as I could had the dildo not start hitting the back of my throat, gagging me.

The arm with the gag didn’t thrust, but did move and angle itself slightly, pushing the ball against my inner walls. After the initial pain, I can’t deny how incredible of a feeling it was. I might’ve cum shortly after had I not been feeling humiliated by the fact that there were people watching me have my mouth pounded into and my cunt penetrated. Struggling got me nowhere; I was pinned to the chair hard.

The two arms that spread my legs returned, this time spreading them a little further. My eyes widened again as I knew what they were doing. I started squirming my body, trying to move or get away, but the two claws that clamped onto my hips earlier were back, and this time they held me in place. The arms spread apart my cheeks so that my asshole was exposed to the cold air of the room. It was now hard to move much at all, and all I was able to do was feel the rubber ball probe around and get fucked in the mouth by a machine with a dildo. I should’ve jumped out of the chair when I had the chance.

I felt a small rounded tip of plastic, covered in lubrication, press against my ass. I tried to shake my head again, my begging muffled when I wasn’t gagging, but the plastic vibrator pressed itself onward slowly. I tried screaming out when my throat wasn’t being invaded, clenching my eyes tightly closed as I felt my asshole stretch to fit the vibrator. It painfully pushed its way in about an inch or two, and stopped. As the ball rubbed against my walls, it pressed against the wall near my ass, and I could feel both pieces of equipment rubbing the same area. My legs started to quiver, I was getting the same feeling I had back in my room.

Shortly after, the vibrator started to rumble softly. My breathing rapid, I nearly shook from the vibes it was sending out. That’s when I felt an immense rush of pleasure. I moaned hard and tensed up as I finally hit my climax, soaking the ball inside of me. My body fell weak afterwards, and my eyes drooped open to find the dildo still thrusting into my mouth, more than half of it covered in my saliva. I noticed it was stopping. I then noticed that the vibrator was still buzzing, vibrating in my ass, while the ball stayed inside of me as well.

‘Alright, I came, we can stop now,’ I thought to myself, but it didn’t stop. The machine kept at it, doing its job. I felt the vibrator push deeper into my ass, slowly pulling out to push back in again. I was getting triple penetrated, and I couldn’t escape as it continued its assault. ‘Please, stop,’ I wished in my mind. ‘Let me go, please!’

The thrusts into my ass got a little rough, and the dildo would force its entire length into my mouth, choking and gagging me as I was forced to deepthroat it, before pulling back for a few short thrusts and then back deep in my throat. My eyes watered and tears streamed down my face from my first deepthroating experience. The ball inside of me pushed deep into my vagina, and then would pull back to stretch my lips apart, only leaving about halfway before pushing back into me. I was gagging when I suddenly realized something I had forgotten: girls can have multiple orgasms.

And my body grew tight as I had a second orgasm. My body fell limp, but was still held in place by my restraints and the equipment filling my holes. As the paces of each piece that penetrated me intensified, four or five inches of vibrator in my ass, the ball pushing in as deep as it could, and gagging longer and harder on the dildo, my body trembled. ‘No,” I thought, ‘Not again…’ My body forced itself to cum once more, my throat letting out more of a whine in my fatigued state. I had never had sex before the previous day, but I felt like I was being fucked to death now.

Finally, the saliva-covered dildo slid all the way out of my mouth, a long spit trail connecting my lip to the tip of it. The vibrator stopped its vibrations, slowly pulling out of my ass, and the ball stretched my vaginal lips one final time as it removed itself from me. As all of my restraints released themselves, my body fell limp onto the chair as it lowered itself back down. It stayed reclined, likely to keep me from falling out of it.

The door opened, and I heard footsteps headed my way. I heard light conversation on the other side of the room, but my eyes were closed, too tired to open them. Someone leaned down near me, placing a hand on my forehead. “Are you alright, Sammy?” It was Dr. Wright’s voice. I could only reply with a whimper. She stood up, talking back with the other doctors. “She can’t walk to her room. Do we have a wheelchair or a stretcher?”

“A stretcher?” Dr. Chilton asked. “Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”

“I think what you put her through was a little extreme, Chilton,” she replied.

“DOCTOR Chilton,” he corrected her. After a moment, I heard him call out in an annoyed tone, “Alright, go and get this girl a wheelchair.” I don’t remember anything after that in the room, fainting on the experiment chair.

A short while later, I woke up, my whole body sore. I was lying in my own bed. I looked down to see someone had dressed me in a really girly night gown with lace around the edges. It was very soft and silky, and it felt so nice. I never thought in my life I’d be happy at the feeling of a woman’s silky night gown on my skin. I tried to sit up, but my muscles were too weak to work with me. I gave up, lying back and sighing as I stared at my ceiling. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be out of here, and I’ll be able to see and smell the sky again. Tonight, though, the only thing I had the strength to do was sleep. And so I did.

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(End Chapter 7. Chapter 8, "A Day Off?" will have some developments of another character and I'm really looking forward to getting it finished. As always, constructive criticism is welcome.)

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Am I the only one noticing the logical fallacy in Doctor Hutchison's statement?

He wants his son, so he robs another family of theirs?

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He wants to make sure noone has to go through the pain of loosing a child in a similar accident. By taking one parents child, and "killing" him, he is ensuring his goal is reached. A sacraficial lamb, so to speak.

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I would like to see Dr.West and Sammy get together. For some reason I see an attraction between them. They should run away and have a family, or something sappy like that.

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I'm considering running a concurrent storyline describing the efforts to find and retrieve Samuel Harris by Good-but-not-nice guys with guns to satiate the RAEG of some Anons on here.

Any interest Anons? Gamer?

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I actually didn't think that my story would gain this much interest to begin with, so I really do appreciate the support and bumps you guys have given me. I apologize for the delay of the next chapter, the weekend was unfortunately fairly busy for me. I'll continue my work on it tonight. Anyway, again, much love for the support from you all!

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File 124822192573.jpg - (222.33KB , 520x731 , 1172963801893.jpg )

(It's been days, I know, and I'm really sorry for the delay. If it means anything, I've spent a while working on this chapter, and while it may be dialogue, this one takes up about 8-10 pages in my word processor as opposed to the normal 4-5. Sorry if the last chapter felt a little rushed, I tried to take my time with this one, so I hope it doesn't feel that way, too. Thanks again for the support, and I present to you guys Chapter 8!)

Chapter 8: A Day Off?

I woke up, stretching hard before sitting up in my bed. It was nearly two in the afternoon. It was odd that no one had come to check on me yet. I got up, deciding to take my time on everything I did until someone would come for me.

I walked to the little bathroom in my room and took a long shower, making sure to pay attention to each part of my body as I washed and lathered myself up. While the suds, steam, and hot water felt good, I was still a bit sore. I thought about touching myself, but was too tired and had had enough the day before. It was just interesting to explore my body without a doctor trying to shove something in me or tell me how to use it.

I got out of the shower, toweling myself off and drying my hair. I wiped the fogged-up mirror down so that I could see my reflection. It was still incredibly hard to see this as the ‘new me.’ I had become the kind of girl that I gawked at when Clarissa had dragged me to the mall and wasn’t paying attention to me. My complexion was fine, my skin was soft, and I’m sure most women would kill for the curves forced on me.

Looking at my reflection gave me mixed emotions. On one hand, it was an amazing experience. It was cool to be able to experience what life is like as the other gender, as someone that’s not yourself. Becoming a completely different person, to live life anew and get away from all your troubles from the past was oddly relieving.

On the other hand, it wasn’t me. This was not how I was born. The body I saw was not the one I started my eighteenth birthday in. I had now become someone different that means nothing to anyone that knew me. I had lived for nearly two decades; what did any of that mean now?

I left the bathroom to keep from hurting my head over these confusing thoughts whirling around my mind like a tornado. I dropped the towel in my bathroom, shutting the light off and closing the door. I walked over to my small dresser and pulled out a top that looked cute -- ugh, did I really just say that? -- along with some khaki shorts, white panties, and unwillingly a bra. I pulled my underwear and shorts up my legs, had the fight of my life with the horrid contraption called the brassiere, and finally after struggling through to victory, put on a light red tank top with a tribal looking design in white that resembled a lizard. It wasn’t quite pink, it was light red; don’t argue with me on this.

I sat down on my bed, as my lack of an ID badge prohibited me from being able to leave. On the small bedside dresser was a phone; I was told by picking it up and dialing ‘7’ I would reach any of the six doctors working on this project. Not only did this mean I hadn’t met two of them yet, but this meant I had a means of contacting them in the case of an emergency. I picked up the receiver and dialed ‘7.’

The phone rang to the other offices to get in touch with one of them. I preferred if Dr. Hutchison or Dr. Wright would answer. Dr. West would be alright, as well. I wouldn’t even mind speaking to one of the other two doctors I hadn’t met yet. But please, don’t let it be Chilton. Please not Chilton, please not Chilton, please…

“Chilton speaking,” the voice on the other end of the phone called out. Son of a bitch.

“Um, hi, this is Sammy Steel,” I started. “Is everything alright?”

“I don’t know why you would think things would be otherwise,” he said coldly. “Do you have a REAL reason to be bothering me, or are you looking for idle chit-chat?”

“Well, it’s after two, and no one’s been by to get me, for starters. I was just making sure everyone was still alive outside of my room.”

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it’s not all about you.” I closed my eyes, gritting my teeth together and gripping the phone as he went on. “We’re conducting work on other subjects as well, so when we FINISH with our work, I’ll make sure to send someone down there to let you out of your cage.” I didn’t have enough time to reply before hearing the click of the receiver.

Shaking in anger, I slammed the phone down hard. I couldn’t believe the nerve of that guy! Talking to me like I was an animal! I slammed the phone down over and over again, before simply slinging the whole phone into the wall, sending it clattering down to the floor. I was seething with anger, I could feel my chest heave with each deep breath I took. That’s when I saw the camera near the door.

Because my anger doesn’t normally die down until someone calms me down with words or violence or until something got destroyed, I stormed towards the camera. I yelled and screamed and cursed and swore at it, as if it or anyone observing the footage could hear me, and I made sure to give the lens the finger multiple times before storming back over to the phone. I jerked it out of the wall jack, stormed back to the middle of the room, and hurled phone at the surveillance equipment hard enough that it bent the post it was attached to and knocked the camera to the side, filming the wall. Oddly satisfied, I calmly picked the phone back up, walked over to plug it back in, and slumped down on the couch to watch some television to get my mind off of it.

About an hour passed. I was a good way through Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny on HBO or Cinemax or something, laughing out loud by myself, when I heard the chime of my door. The door opened and Dr. West peered inside, looking far from amused with me. “You broke the camera,” he said flatly.

I shrugged and went back to watching my movie. I heard him sigh, walking into the room to survey the damage, and then heard him grumble under his breath. He walked over to the couch, taking a seat on the cushion I wasn’t lying on.

“I heard you got in touch with Chilton,” he said.

“Mmhmm,” I replied.

“Yeah… He’s not too good with people. Especially ones that wind up as test subjects.”

“So I’ve learned.”

“I reached for the phone in my office, but I think he beat me to it by a split second. So… Sorry about that.”

I shrugged again. I was trying to ignore him, honestly. My mood wasn’t sour anymore.

“Tenacious D?” he asked.


“Have I missed the part where he gets high on the mushrooms in the forest?”

“Yeah,” I said. “That part’s funny as hell.”

“Yeah it is,” he said with a grin. “Come on, let’s get you out of this room.” I turned off the television, setting the remote down, and got up, walking out into the hallway. He followed me out of the room, closing the door and leading me down the hallway yet again. “…Take a dip in the strawberry river… God, that gets me every time.”

I burst out laughing, causing him to as well. When we finally quieted down enough to actually talk, I looked up at the scientist. “So, what took you guys so long today?”

Dr. West died his laughing down to a chuckle, until he was back to the same stone faced serious guy he liked to be seen as. “We have a few other previous test subjects here still, as well. One of them, named Roxy, could likely match your looks but had this horrendous man-voice. We have duplicate equipment like the set that changed you, and we stripped it down to just the vocal changing equipment. We promised her we’d get some work together and change her voice as well.”

He didn’t know I had met Roxy yet, much less what we had done together. “That’s nice of you guys,” I said in response.

“Well, it wasn’t just nice, we were also testing out the individual equipment, as well as completing an experiment that we had only partially completed previously.” We arrived at a door, and he swiped his ID badge to unlock it.

“Well then, that kinda makes me wanna take my comment back,” I said. We walked inside, and inside was Dr. Hutchison, Dr. Wright, and Dr. Chilton. Dr. Hutchison and Dr. Wright looked as cheerful as normal, while Dr. Chilton sat on the opposite side of the room, repairing a piece of machinery. It looked like one of the panels I was sealed inside of that made my change.

“Good afternoon, Sammy,” Dr. Hutchison said warmly.

“Hey, what’s up?” I replied.

“I finally got you some shoes,” Dr. Wright said, handing me a box. “You’re a size nine, so I ordered a couple of pair and they came in today.”

“A nine? I was a ten and a half before, and my feet are much smaller now.” I looked at the box in my hands confused.

“A nine in WOMEN’S shoes,” Dr. West corrected me. “They’ll fit.”

“…Oh…” Hutchison and Wright chuckled. They assured me that they had some socks in there as well, so I shouldn’t have to walk around the halls bare foot anymore.

“We’re going to go next door and perform a quick scan, and that should be the only test we’ll do today. Think of it as a day off.” Dr. Wright smiled, patting the top of my head, as we headed for the door. She turned back, looking at Chilton tinkering away. “Are you sure you didn’t want to come along for the scan, Dr. Chilton?”

Dr. Chilton never looked away from his work. “No, I don’t need any tests run on THAT lab rat today, so I’ll continue some actual work here.” For a skinny twig of a man, he must’ve really had some balls, because he was really trying my patience. Dr. West must’ve seen me tense up and clench my fists, because before I could turn around to retaliate he shoved me out of the room into the hallway, closing the door once the other doctors had left the room.

“Open that door,” I demanded. Dr. West met my request by glaring me down.

“You don’t need to pick a fight with that man,” he replied flatly, and started heading towards the room next door. He stopped when he realized I wasn’t following. He turned back, crossed his arms over his chest, and sighed, waiting silently for me to talk back. The other scientists noticed I wasn’t following as well, and also turned back.

“Where does he get off talking to me and about me like that?!”

“That’s just how he treats everyone, Sammy,” Dr. Hutchison started.

“That doesn’t mean it’s right,” I interrupted. “And that doesn’t mean I’m going to stand for it! He doesn’t know anything about me! NONE OF YOU know anything about me! And he thinks he can talk shit about me like I’m not even there?!”

“Sammy,” Dr. Wright said calmly walking towards me. I didn’t let her continue speaking.

“I never wanted to be here, and he’s one of the ones in charge of throwing my life away, and he’s got the gall to talk down to me?! I‘ll fuck his life up and see what he has to say about that! I‘m not a lab rat, I‘m not a test, I‘m not an experiment, I‘M A HUMAN FUCKING BEING!!”

Dr. West was apparently sick of waiting. He walked past Dr. Wright, walked right up to me, and slapped me hard across the face during my rant. For a man in a lab coat, he had a strong arm, as it nearly sent me to the floor and left me reeling. I didn’t move right away; not because I was hurt or afraid, but because it literally stunned me.

“Dr. West!” I heard the other two shout in unison, but he ignored them. With a single finger under my chin, he jerked my head up so I was looking up at him.

“Now that I have your attention,” he began. “You will not start a fight with Dr. Chilton for as long as you stay in this facility.”

“And why n--”

“Because he controls whether you live or die.” West’s words took me back for a second. He could see the shock in my face, and after a moment continued. “He’s got more authority over this project than anyone, and if it weren’t for Hutch, he’d have tested you to your last breath by now. He has no consideration for anyone that goes through the procedure, and little for us working with him. That’s just how he is. Knowing that you hate your predicament and that his equipment works to the fullest extent, he can take your life by ‘accident’ during a test or experiment and replace you with a much more willing entrant.”

I could feel my bottom lip quivering as I tried to calm my anger down. “Then why didn’t he do that to begin with?”

“Because we didn’t know if the experiment would work one hundred percent, and we didn’t have a volunteer. Defy him, and he will strike you down and promise the next volunteer a large sum of money to replace you. Take my word on this one, shut the fuck up, and get your tiny ass in the next room so you can be scanned. Be thankful he’s not using the equipment in that room to further test you.”

“You know,” I said quietly, trying to keep my anger from overwhelming me. “I really f--”

“Fucking hate me?” Dr. West finished my sentence. He didn’t need to say his line as he turned away, walking past the speechless Dr. Hutchison and still stunned Dr. Wright to swipe his card. I slowly followed, dragging my feet slightly as I felt a little defeated. According to West, I would have to take the verbal abuse from that skinny prick, and that wasn’t my style.

Gamer 09/07/22(Wed)02:20 No. 749 ID: 5ab7b1

I walked into the other room, slumping down in the chair. I kept my eyes clenched tightly, not wanting to let my tears of frustration come out. The three doctors walked into the control room, and the large scanner dropped from the ceiling like the day before. The laser came out, rotated around me once, scanning my entire body. The three of them reviewed the scan results, before they left the room. With the exception of West, they were in their normal optimistic moods.

“You’re still looking healthy, which is good,” Dr. Wright said to me with a smile. I was finding it hard to return one.

“And lucky for you, we can cut you loose for the day,” Dr. Hutchison replied. “I’ll show you back to your room.” He wrapped arm around my shoulder, patting it comfortingly as we headed towards the door.

I heard Dr. Wright and Dr. West arguing under each others’ breaths about why he slapped me, but I didn’t pay attention to it. Dr. Hutchison led me quietly towards my room, probably finding it hard to say anything after the events that transpired before the scan. Once we got to my room, he unlocked the door, leading me inside. I walked in, slumping down on the couch like I did earlier. My cheek still stung, but I tried to ignore it.

Dr. Hutchison closed the door, looking up at the camera and laughing a little about it. He walked over to the couch, sitting down near my feet. “You brought up an interesting point earlier,” he said.

“That Dr. Chilton should bungee jump in the Grand Canyon with no cord?” I replied bitterly.

Dr. Hutchison tilted his head a bit, as if toying with the idea in his mind. “Mmm, not quite. You mentioned that we didn’t know anything about you. I’d like to start by asking you a few things to get to know you better. This way, we connect with you and it’s easier to work with you, and you don’t feel like we’re belittling you. Sound like a deal?”

I shrugged. It couldn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t change the fact that I felt they all looked down on me. I sat back, waiting on him to start. I guess he realized it because he leaned back and got comfortable.

“What do you want out of life?” he started.

“To be male again,” I bitterly replied.

“How about before your change?”

“Never really had a purpose, I guess…” I had never really thought about it, to be honest. “I’ll get back to you on that one.”

“What do you do for fun?”

“I play video games, listen to music, and draw.” I looked over at him. “If you can get any of that stuff in here, that’d be great.”

“I’ll work on that,” he said, before continuing his questionnaire. “What do you think about your family?”

“They love me, and I love them.” I shrugged. “I’ve never really been close to them.”

“Then what do you care about most in this world?”

I hesitated. I knew the answer, but I began thinking about her. “…Clarissa…” I said softly. “My sole intention is to get out of here to go see her again, much like your goals were to get a volunteer to test the lab’s woman-making machines… She was one of the only true things that made me happy…”

The doctor was quiet a moment. I think he realized how I felt finally. After a moment, he continued to quiz me, asking me everything from my favorite color to the best thing I’ve ever gotten for my birthday. After about an hour of talking to me and getting to know me better, the familiar chime of the door’s lock sounded. Both Dr. Hutchison and I looked over to see Dr. Wright poke her head into my room.

“She’s awake,” she said. She was obviously referring to Roxy.

“Good,” he responded, before looking back at me. “Thank you, Sammy. If you wish, I can come back tomorrow or later in the week and we can continue talking.” He stood up, leaving the room with Dr. Wright.

For hours, I watched television, trying to take my mind off of Clarissa, but nothing worked. Not even the majesty that is Tom and Jerry could keep me from thinking about her. It was then that I decided - my goal in life was to escape, rush back to her, and live with her. I didn’t care if I was a girl, I didn’t care if I wouldn’t be able to have children with her without adoption, I’d prove it was me and convince her to live with me. I had now had a purpose, and I wasn’t going to give up.

I devised plans in my head all night; I had nothing better to do. Maybe I’d go on a killing spree to escape, disguise myself, beat the living hell out of everyone, or just wait until everyone was sleeping. I had thought of what felt like thousands of scenarios before I drifted off to sleep, unable to hold my eyes open any longer.

A little while later, I was woken up by the chime of my door. As the door opened, I rubbed my eyes to see who had entered my room. My vision was blurry from my recent slumber. “Sleeping on the couch?” I heard a beautiful voice ask me. “Aww, honey, did someone kick you out of bed tonight?”

Still sleepy, I drowsily looked up, blinking several times before seeing a certain woman. “…Roxy…?”

“In the flesh,” she said arrogantly. She was grinning, and had officially become one of the sexiest women I’d ever met with her new voice.

“Roxy, you sound wonderful!” I sat up, smiling up to her. She took that as an invitation to sit next to me. She couldn’t stop smiling, she looked genuinely happy.

“I do, don’t I?” She wrapped her arms around me, lying her head on my shoulder. She was giddy like a young girl before Christmas. “It’s about time they kept their promise. We could pass as sisters almost now.”

“Well, we’re both successful completions into women,” I said. “So it’s kinda like we are sisters.”

She laughed a moment, then looked up at me. “And… well, that’s a problem.”

I looked confused at her. “Problem? What’s wrong?”

“Weeeeellllllll…” she started, her eyes darting around a little. “The docs are keeping me in my own room now. I want to be with the other girls.”

“Well, you have a badge,” I reminded her. “Why not just return?”

“That’s the problem.” She didn’t make eye contact with me, shuffling her feet together on the floor. “We were kind of mad that they’d rather continue testing new people instead of finishing us, and I kinda started what the docs call a ‘rebellion group’ against you and anyone else that gets the full treatment…”

“Gee, thanks,” I said. “And that’s why you attacked me in my room the other night?”

“Kinda sorta. I wanted to see what ‘masterpiece’ they cranked out, and you turned out to be one. Maybe because I kissed you and touched you a bit, I’ve become a little more fond of you than the rest of them.”

“So what does any of this have to do with you going back to your room?” I asked.

“Um, hello? My voice completes my treatment. They start doing tests on me again tomorrow, and I’m no longer part of the renegade group. I don’t think they’ll treat me any differently, but… I kinda would like you to go along with me to help explain it all to them.”

I didn’t say anything at first. Roxy was strong and smart, so I didn’t see why she would need my help. But it occurred to me that she didn’t want to hurt any of them, and would likely need me to talk to them about her new voice in case they jump on her about it. After a little bit of silent debating in my head, I nodded. “Alright. I’ll help.”

She squealed in delight and met me with a passionate kiss that turned my face red. When she broke it, she grabbed my hand, tugging me off of the couch. “Alright, let’s go, kid!” She swiped her stolen badge and quickly led me down the hallway. She looked back at me, talking as we walked. “I probably won’t talk right away, because I’m not sure what to expect. But you should be fine as long as they don’t hold you down for Betty.”

“Betty?” I repeated.

“Yes, she’s the adorable pigtailed girl you might’ve seen the other night. She didn’t get the full treatment either, and being trapped around people that are primarily girls, she’s become one hell of a nympho.” She kept leading me down the hall, leaving me wondering why I left my room.

“How… pleasant…” I said, struggling to find the words.

“Here we are,” she said as we stopped in front of the door. “Now remember, just tell them about my voice. Assure them nothing has changed.”

“Roxy, why are you so scared?” I asked curiously.

“I’m not scared,” she said. “I just don’t want to blurt it out an hurt anyone’s feelings. And you seem sweet enough.”

“How come I feel like a scapegoat…?” I asked, but she had already swiped the card, opening the door. She nudged me forward, so I stepped into the room quietly. They were all awake, all looking towards the door.

“Who is that?” one girl asked.

“I don’t know,” another one said with a huskier voice. “Hey, who are you?”

Roxy came in behind me as I started talking. “Um, hi. I’m Sammy… I’m the girl I think most of you don’t really care for…”

“Yeah,” a familiar voice said. It was the girly voice from the other night. I remember Roxy calling her Judy. I could clearly see the burns on the entire length of her arms, and looking as though they crept upher neck as well. “This is the ‘perfect specimen’ they told you about.” They started booing at me, as if I was the bad guy on a show of professional wrestling.

“Wait, wait,” I pleaded to them, most of them dying down. “I know you don’t like me much, but Roxy actually asked me to come here.” They hushed, listening to me once I mentioned Roxy. “Earlier the scientists took her and ran an experiment on her. They were able to successfully change her voice to a woman’s voice.”

“Lies!” one of them shouted, throwing a pillow at me. “They won’t waste their time on us when they have ungrateful little bitches like you they can change from the start!”

“Yeah!” another shouted, throwing her pillow at me as well. “Get your lying goody-two-shoes ass out of here, whore!” They all started to get in an uproar, and I found myself dodging pillows.

“No, I’m not lying,” I protested, but they continued their pillowed assault. I looked back at Roxy, who was looking at the floor guiltily. ‘Come on, tell them, please,’ I thought. It wasn’t good enough.

“I bet you convinced them to do it,” Judy yelled. “You’re trying to break us up, but it’s not going to work!” Two of them jumped up and grabbed me by the arms, dragging me forward towards them. I tried to stop moving my feet, but that only let them drag me down to my knees. The girls started attacking me, holding me in place to ‘girl fight’ with me; they started slapping at me, pulling my hair, insulting me, and one of them even spit in my face. I tried to break out of their grip, but they only held on tighter.

“Stop!” Roxy shouted, causing everyone to freeze and turn to her. They were all stunned. “She’s right. They pulled me aside and put me through the operation. But I haven’t changed. I’m still your friend and will still stay with you.”

“No…” Judy said. “No… That can’t be. They turned you into one of them…” She walked up to Roxy, shaking her head. “You’re just like her, now… You’re going to start acting differently, and you’ll get to move on with your fully changed persona.”

“That’s not true,” Roxy said confidently. “I’m still just like you all, and I love you guys. Nothing has changed.”

“I don’t believe you,” Judy said. “Tie Roxy up.”

“What?! What are you talking about?” Roxy stood there, calling Judy’s bluff. It wasn’t wise, because two other girls ran over and tied her arms behind her back with some bed sheets, then tied her ankles together before tying her ankles to her wrists. “What are you doing?! Let me go!”

“Sorry, traitor,” one of the girls said. “I guess there’s only thirteen of us now, now that you’re one of ‘them.’” She stuffed a pillow case in Roxy’s mouth, tying it tightly around the back of her head. Meanwhile, another girl had ripped the front of my top open, exposing my bra.

“Hey, Monica,” the girl said. “Do you still have that exacto knife Roxy and Judy stole a while back from the lab?”

“Sure do,” another girl had called out. This ‘Monica’ walked over, kneeling in front of me, and cut off my top, my bra, and started slicing down the side of my shorts.

“Hey, stop! What’s wrong with you people?!” I tried to jerk my arms away, but it was hopeless. The girls had a death grip on me.

“Listen to her… ‘You people,’ she said,” Monica said as she stood back up, slapping my face hard enough to elicit a whine from my throat. “What arrogance. Should we unleash Betty on her?”

“Mmmph!!” Roxy tried to yell out through her gag, shaking her head. Judy sat down next to the hogtied woman, gripping her hair near the roots and jerking her head up so as to force Roxy to watch.

“Yeah, let’s do it. How does that sound, Betty?” one of the other girls called out.

The cute pigtailed girl I had seen the other night walked slowly up to me, her hips swinging as she walked up to me. “I like the sound of that,” Betty said.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, looking up at her. She seemed as sweet as ever, almost naïve, but I knew she was going to end up making me eat her out in front of all the other girls.

“I’ll let you guess,” she said sweet, as she unzipped her pants, tugging down her pants and panties and let her huge cock spring out of them and into my face.

Judy was giggling behind Betty, still forcing Roxy to watch. “Yeah, you’ll soon understand why we call her ‘Betty Big Dick.’”

(End Chapter 8. Chapter 9 is "Betty Big Dick" and I'll try to get it out sooner than I got this one out. Hope you enjoyed!)

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Can't wait to see the new chapter.

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If you dont my head will 'splode due to lack of closure

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Also, I appreciate the patience, guys, I know the updates are coming later and later, but my finances are literally on empty so I'm also out hunting for work. That and my g/f likes to hog the PC when she's over, but I wouldn't blame her; stepdad decided internet was a monthly waste of money, so I'm her net supply. I'm trucking through Chapter 9 and I'll try to get it up before the end of the week as I'll be going out of town for that Smash tournament. Thanks again!

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Gamer 09/07/25(Sat)12:46 No. 959 ID: 5ab7b1

File 124851877972.jpg - (137.13KB , 773x768 , IORI_by_nekkeau.jpg )

(I have to honestly say I absolutely love and appreciate the support. I know I say it every time, but it really boosts my spirit about writing this for you guys with such good responses. I tried to make this one last a while and hope you all enjoy it!)

Chapter 9: Betty Big Dick

For the first time in my life, there was a penis in my face and not on my crotch. I tried to lean my head back, but the girls around me knew what I was trying to do and one of them took a firm grip in my hair, pushing my head forward again. I cried out from the pain of the rough clasp in my hair, but looked up to see Betty smiling sweetly, her dick nearly against my lips.

“Come on, Sammy,” Betty said. “This will be fun, we’ll all have a good time.”

“Yeah, all of us except me,” I said, making sure not to speak with my lips parted too much. The girls behind me and holding me were getting rougher, as I could feel one of them kicking me in the spine while the two that held my arms tugged harder.

“Shut up, slut, that dick’s not gonna suck itself,” one of the girls said, and as the other girls cheered her on, I felt two fingers wrap around the sides of my head and enter my mouth, stretching my lips wide. I squirmed in the tight grasps holding me down, but felt the girl’s middle fingers creep into my mouth to open it further. My cries of agony escaped my parted lips, and seconds later I could feel the head of Betty’s thick dick brush against them on its way into my mouth.

I yelled out and still struggled, but none of the other parties were letting up. The fingers in my mouth were removed and my lips tightened around Betty’s cock, causing her to coo out from the feeling. All I could really see was the shaft going in towards my mouth and if I looked up I could see the pigtailed cutie wielding this sword, but I did hear Roxy struggling and fighting, as well as Judy abusing her. My arms started getting tired from their hold, and my constant tugging against them was wearing me down.

Betty just happily fucked my mouth through the whole ordeal, though. If I weren’t blushing from the fact that I could feel a cock rub against my tongue, then it was from the fact I realized that the eleven-inch monster that nearly stretched my lips dwarfed my penis back when I had one. It was kind of embarrassing to see a girl so cute with bigger equipment than you. Meanwhile, the girls were heckling me and taunting me, occasionally getting in on the fun by grabbing the sides of my head and forcing me to deepthroat, playing with my nipples to watch me squirm, or as time went on, leaning me forward so they could spank my ass with a leather belt.

“Yeah, take it, slut,” one girl shouted at me.

“Gag on it, gag on it!!” another one yelled.

“Wow, she’s eating that dick like a real pro,” said yet another one. They all started shouting at me and hurling insults my way.

“Were you a little ‘girl’ before your transformation too, huh?”

“Maybe she was someone else’s bitch back then!”

“Make her gag harder!”

“Yeah, make her drool all over herself!”

“Hit her ass again, listen to her yelp with that dick in her mouth!”

I closed my eyes tightly, wanting to block it all out, but it was too much to bear. I could feel my eyes water without the help of Betty’s dick stabbing me in the throat. Each whack from the belt made me tense up and cry out, only to get the girls cheering; the louder the smack, the more enthusiastic they got about it.

“Hey Betty, how’s that mouth-pussy feel?” one girl called out. Mouth-pussy? People really said that?

“Mmmm,” I heard her groan out. “She’s fantastic. They really did create the perfect woman, didn’t they?”

The hand in my hair clenched tighter, jerking my head back. The head of Betty’s cock was still between my lips, but I could feel Monica’s lips brush against my ear with each word she spoke. “Did you hear that, perfect woman? She likes you, so you should be trying harder to show her how grateful you are!” She slammed my head forward, sending the thick cock back into my throat. I gagged and tried to pull my head back, but Monica held me there, leaving me gagging and salivating down my bottom lip to my chin.

Tears were streaming down my face, my back arcing and bucking each time my gag reflex kicked in. I felt new hands cup my breasts, bouncing them rough enough to hurt, while the belt continued to lash into my ass. Monica jerked my head back hard, ‘nice’ enough to let me catch my breath. A long thick spit trail connected my lip to Betty’s head. Her whole cock was covered in my saliva, and I closed my lips to swallow the collective spit in my mouth, but was slapped in the face upon doing so.

“Don’t you swallow yet, bitch,” some new girl said to me. She grabbed me hard by the top of my head and my the bottom of my jaw, holding my head in place. “Spit it on that beautiful cock, girl. Now!”

To keep from getting further abused than they had already planned, I spit onto the already slick penis before me before it was shoved back into my mouth again by Monica. She bobbed my head this time instead of forcing me down, but she was just as rough, making sure I gagged each time my mouth took it deep and pulling my head back all the way to the tip before shoving me back down to gag again.

Betty was squirming and moaning in glee, having up to eight or nine inches of her cock run deep into my throat. My arms were too tired to try to break free, but the girls weren’t too tired to continue their abuse. My ass was stinging fiercely, my breasts were getting slapped at now instead of cupped, and at the rate things were going at I’d likely find myself puking from gagging so much. That’s when Betty’s breathing became rapid.

“Oh, god… I’m gonna cum…” While the girls cheered her on, I didn’t know whether to think ‘Oh god, please don’t,’ or ‘Thank god it’s almost over.’ No one let up, however, and as Betty tensed up, my head was pushed as deep as my throat would allow it. I gagged hard and loud, and the first shot of semen shot into me as I was trying to breathe; instead of going down my throat, it was sucked up and came out through my nose. I heard some of the girls groan while others cheered it on, and as my nose burned and I coughed and gagged on Betty’s dick, more cum shot into my mouth, down my throat.

Monica never let up on my hair, and slowly started pulling my head back. Letting it run down my throat wasn’t enough, I guess, because as Betty kept shooting her cream into my mouth, I felt it hit my tongue and begin to fill my mouth. Finally, the erect dick fell out of my lips, and the pigtailed dickgirl wasn’t finished, as she managed to cum a few final spurts onto my face, hitting me in my hair, in my left eye, across my nose, across my right cheek, and onto my lips.

“Swallow it,” Monica demanded. I hesitated; I didn’t much care for the taste, but my opinion mattered not as I took a slap from the leather belt across my left breast for not doing so. “Swallow it, slut!” she yelled at me this time. I whined a little, but swallowed hard, cringing at the taste and the texture of it going down my throat. I heard the slaps of a few high fives, and as the girls let go of my arms, Monica threw me downwards by my hair, my head thudding against the ground. I tried to crawl away, but I was too exhausted to move.

My left eye sealed shut by the facial I had just received, I lifted my head enough so that my right eye could see Roxy. Judy was lying aside, holding her face and crying out, kicking her feet. A few girls went to check on her when she started screaming, “She head butt me! She fucking head butt me!!” That’s when I noticed Roxy had squirmed enough to get the sheets that had her hogtied undone. Another girl noticed as well, and ran over to subdue the bound black-haired beauty, but Roxy spun herself on the floor, using her tied feet to trip her attacker.

With a quick nip-up, Roxy was on her feet, ankles still tied and wrists still bound behind her. The gag was still in her mouth, but she was talking up a big muffled game to the other girls. As another girl rushed her, Roxy bent over and shoulder rammed her stomach, standing upright to fling the girl behind her into a nearby wall. As a second girl ran up to the blue-eyed Roxy, she received a strong hard-hitting head butt just like Judy, and was sent to the floor hard. The other girls hesitated to move, and I could see the femme fatale was working out of her wrist restraints.

Before she could get the restraints off, she was rushed by Monica and two other girls. Roxy jumped up high, turning sideways in the air and delivering a hard missile dropkick to Monica’s chest that sent her tumbling back to the floor with the wind knocked out of her. Roxy was unable to catch herself with her arms still tied, and hit the floor hard. While Monica heaved for air, the other two girls didn’t waste anytime in attacking the warrior woman that had taken out several of the other girls. I weakly reached out towards Roxy, but I hadn’t been forgotten either; I felt a hard slap across both of my ass cheeks, the leather belt returning. I yelped out in pain, retreating to a pathetic whimper as I could only watch the girls jump on the now helpless Roxy.

“Come on, Jesse, leave that cum dumpster alone,” one of the girls called out. “The traitor’s who we’re focused on right now.”

“Coming,” the girl behind me said. She nudged my sore ass with her foot, making sure my ass was propped up in the air. Suddenly, I felt the leather strap clap hard against my pussy, all the way vertically with it. I let out a scream of pain as the girl left me to writhe on the floor, squeezing my thighs together as my cunt throbbed in pain. I’ve only been kicked in the balls once, but this could either match that or be even worse.

After a bit of verbal and physical abuse towards Roxy, a couple of them stood aside. “Don’t take your eyes off of her, if she were to get up she could take us by surprise.”

“Don’t worry, I still have a special something from when those ‘geniuses’ still paid attention to our requests.” The girl walked away from the group for a moment. The two that had been talking walked over towards me grinning. “Come on, cunt rag, get over here.”

They each grabbed me by a wrist and dragged me over to a nearby bed. They jerked me up off the floor and threw me onto the bed, where one of them pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I found myself on my knees, bent over with my wrists cuffed together to the wooden footboard of the bed. I weakly tugged on my restraints as they left me for good, walking back over to a struggling Roxy.

Gamer 09/07/25(Sat)12:48 No. 960 ID: 5ab7b1

I felt defeated. If I couldn’t fight off a bunch of girls, there was no way I’d be able to escape from this place. I had jizz all over my face, it was all I could taste, my nose still felt a little funny, and my throat was sore. On top of all of that, I was forced to watch Roxy suffer, as the girls jerked her up to her feet. That’s when I saw one of them break out two strap-ons to be used on Roxy.

The girl threw one to the Jesse girl that had hit me with the belt earlier. Jesse strapped herself up, and Roxy’s clothes were cut off of her much like mine were. As soon as she was naked, Jesse grabbed Roxy by the hips, who was still protesting against her gag, and penetrated her with the strap on. Jesse had started working up a rhythm while Roxy squirmed and cried out, but the relentless group simply cheered on like they had against me.

I saw Judy, who had gotten up after her head butt, and she was bleeding from her nose. The girl that was thrown into the wall was still on the floor holding her head, while Monica had scooted back against the wall, sitting there and watching as she tried catching her breath. There were too many girls, it was too confusing to remember them all. Several of them looked like a mish-mash of women with man arms or legs, or man jaws. A few had deeper voices or were trying to disguise or feminize it. But pretty much all of them were gorgeous in one way or another.

Judy wiped at her nose, walking over to me. The closer she got, the more I struggled and jerked at my cuffs. I was tired, but I wanted to show I still had some fight left in me. She leaned down on the footboard of the bed, smirking at me. “Well, hello, dick breath,” she said mockingly. I jerked my head forward hard to head butt like Roxy had, but she jerked her head back, leaving me nearly colliding with the bed’s wood frame. “Whoa, take it easy, killer, I don’t want that cum on my face, too.”

“You’re just jealous because you’ll never be a real woman,” I said spitefully up at her. “I achieved your dream and it eats you up inside.”

“Cute, but I’m not like the rest of these ‘girls,’” she replied. “I was a woman from the start. I just wanted a better body.”

“I see that went well for you,” I said. I received a hard slap in the mouth for that one.

“Those goddamned fuck ups ruined me!” she yelled. “Their machines malfunctioned, and I ended up burnt on most of my body! And you, you arrogant little cunt hair, waltz right in and take what should rightfully be mine, and bitch about how you don’t want it!”

“Actually, I changed my mind. I’m glad I was given this body.” She glared down at me. She knew I had more to say, and because I’m stubborn and can’t let things go, I continued. “Because it’s oh so sweet to flaunt what you wanted in front of you. To have a perfect, unscarred, beautiful body to call my own while you hav--”

I didn’t get to finish. Judy grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head up high enough to slap the life out of me. She slapped my face flat-palmed so hard I instantly felt it stinging immensely, but she didn’t stop there. She slapped me again and again, about a dozen times or more, I lost count. I literally couldn’t see straight, everything was blurrier and blurrier after each strike, and each one made a louder cry escape from me. When she must’ve hurt her hand enough, she slammed my forehead hard into the footboard of the bed, turning her back and storming away from me.

I was reeling, but I did manage to hear Judy demand a strap-on. I had just made things worse for Roxy, as Jesse stepped aside for Judy. Judy was setting things up for herself while Jesse crawled up onto the bed, dragging Roxy up with her by her jaw. Once Roxy was up on the bed on her knees, Jesse bent her over and ripped the gag from her mouth, the pillow case soaked in drool, before stuffing the fake dick into her mouth to replace its emptiness. Judy then followed suit, crawling up onto the bed and shoving her strap-on deep into Roxy, gripping her hips hard and thrusting like a maniac. And the only thing I could do was sit helpless across the room and watch.

I tried to focus on the scene before me, actually, to block out the intense throb in my head. Roxy was tied up, bent over and taking it brutally from each end. I could hear her gagging, see her struggling, and could only watch while Jesse forced her to deepthroat while Judy would savagely slap her ass after every few thrusts. I would occasionally try to fight against my cuffs, but was left only to witness the spectacle continue to unfold. The worst part was just how incredibly sexy the scene was, and I could feel myself getting wetter as I watched.

Even though someone that I guess I would consider a friend, to some extent maybe anyway, was being raped, it was an arousing sight. I could feel my nipples harden and rub against the bed sheets, and my face felt flushed. I looked around and saw Betty in the nearest corner, her fingers lightly running over her limp dick as she also watched. I had noticed she hadn’t jumped on nor fought against Roxy; I guess they were friends. But it seems that Betty was too into the sexual experience at that moment to see a friend in trouble. Even watching her stroke her slowly erecting penis was a turn on to me. I’m not gay, not by any means, but it was an adorable girl starting to please herself. She was like one of those… what do they call them on the internet? A fungatori? A furi… A futanari! That’s it. I honestly couldn’t tell you what futa meant, but it was basically another way of saying ‘dickgirl.’

Anyways, I continued to watch between the two different scenes of Roxy getting sexually brutalized and Betty stroking herself more and more that it became an annoyance that I wasn’t able to touch myself as well. After more futile struggling with the cuffs, I whimpered and laid my head down on the bed. That’s when I felt breathing on my ear.

“Hey, sweetheart,” I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up to see that Betty had noticed I was available at the moment. “Looks like you’re hot and bothered, too.”

“No,” I lied. “I’m fine. Why not join in the fun?”

“I’m about to, sugar,” she replied before kissing my earlobe and crawling up behind me.

“B-but I’m not horny,” I stammered.

“Oh? This says otherwise.” I felt her fingers trail over my wet lips, making me tense up and gasp. She giggled and lightly smacked a reddened butt cheek. “Look at you, trying to fool me.”


“Just relax,” she coaxed to me, and I felt the head of her hard dick pressing at my opening. I shook my head and tried pleading again.

“But I have a gir--”

“Sssh, it’s alright,” she interrupted, and I felt her gently force her thick tip between my lips. I groaned, burying my face in the bed as she didn’t stop there. My groans became moans as she pushed more than the head into me.

“Oh my god! You’re ripping me open!” I was shouting into the bed sheets, but she was still at a gentle pace. She pat my hip reassuringly as she continued, slowly pumping deeper with each thrust.

“You’ll be fine,” she said and continued. I felt every fraction of an inch push into me. The good news was the first time I had had sex (with a human, anyway) was with a woman. The bad news was she had a penis, and wasn’t Clarissa. I tried to imagine I was with her, but seeing her with a strap-on and fucking me was an odd mental image. I shook the thought from my mind.

I clenched my hands into fists, lifting my head up from the bed every once in a while to watch the scene before me. Betty was slowly matching Judy’s pace, only much less rough, and Jesse was holding the gagging Roxy down so her lips were at the base of the dildo attached to her. I could see Roxy’s ass beginning to glow red from its abuse, and Judy was still belittling her, calling her a ‘traitor,’ ‘worthless cunt,’ and ‘loose slut.’ I wished Roxy could’ve beaten the hell out of her right then.

Instead of focusing on it, however, I was being stuffed with dick as well, and Betty was getting a little deeper, a little faster, and a little rougher. I was squeezing my hands into fists so hard that my knuckles turned white, and all I could do was scream my pleasing pain away into the bed. I could feel my breasts sway with each thrust, my hard nipples brushing against the sheets turning me on further.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!” I turned my head so I could get some air, panting heavily as Betty continued. She lifted herself up a little bit so that her thrusts angled downward, and as much as the whole experience hurt, I was in a total euphoria. “Oh fuck me! Don’t stop!” I wasn’t even controlling myself anymore. Betty had hit what I had believed to have been a myth - my g-spot.

She merely chuckled, thrusting deeper and deeper into me. I was left squirming and whining and whimpering from this newfound pleasure, and she had control over me. “You like this?” She asked. Without waiting for an answer, which I wouldn’t have been able to anyway, she thrust her entire length into me. My eyes shot wide open, my jaw dropped, and I literally shivered a moment; it felt like it was in my stomach or deeper, up near my lungs even, even though I knew it wasn’t. All eleven inches was inside of me, and she held it there for a moment while my throat finally cracked and I was able to let out a pathetic whine. My body tensed, my vagina clenched tightly around the dick inside of me, and I felt myself cum hard on Betty’s dick, further coating it with my juices.

However, as my pussy tightened, the redhead decided it would be the perfect opportunity to thrust. It felt amazing, and I’m sure my throat let out another noise that assured her I was enjoying myself. She thrust at a steady pace into me, and I could hear the wet slap of her balls against my dripping cunt. It sent chills up and down my spine, the thick cock spreading me open even as my walls clenched tightly. My face was already stinging from the earlier slaps, but it felt like it was on fire, and I’m sure I was as red as a stop sign. I was a little embarrassed, but it felt too good to care, and I really couldn’t do much about my situation anyway.

Betty drove her thrusts deep, changing her angle again so that she thrust upward into me. My arms shook violently as my body tensed again. “Oh my god, not again,” I screamed, but let out another much more pleasing orgasmic yelp as I came hard a second time. The pigtailed girl simply giggled again, brushing her fingers through my hair.

“Don’t worry, I’m about to cum too,” she said calmly, her breath a little ragged. I could feel my juices running down my thighs.

“N-no, please don’t cum inside of me,” I pleaded.

“Please, tell me to cum, Sammy,” she asked of me.

I couldn’t control myself. “Cum, Betty. Please empty your load.”

“Again,” she said.

I moaned out, tightening my pussy again. “Please cum for me! Please!”

My moaned begs were enough to send Betty over the edge, as she tensed up, thrust as deep as she could, gripped my hips hard, and moaned out. I could feel her seed gush into me, and I got nervous.

“No, please, not inside me,” I begged. She quickly jerked her length out of me and came all over my back and in to my hair. My head was still turned to the side so I got a little more on my face again, but not as much as before. I dropped down, panting, and Betty slumped down right on top of me.

“You, little girl, are amazing,” Betty said to me. She kissed the top of my head and rolled off the bed, sitting back near the corner she was in. I was still handcuffed to the bed, and so I sat up to watch the rest of Roxy’s assault. Jesse had taken her strap-on off, leaving Roxy to moan out while Judy continued thrusting into her.

“Cum, goddamn you! Cum, slut!” Judy, I had decided, was a rude bitch. But she got what she asked for, as Roxy let out a familiar scream and slumped down onto the bed. Judy continued to thrust into her, leaving the black-haired beauty whining as it continued. Judy finally pulled out, slapping the wet strap-on against Roxy’s ass.

“Bind them together,” Judy said. “We’ll leave them as a message to the jackasses that work here.” We were both too exhausted to fight as I felt my handcuffs come off. I was dragged down to the floor, where Roxy was dragged face down on top of me.

“I’m sorry for all of this, Sammy,” she said to me weakly. I shook my head, and as I opened my mouth to speak, Roxy’s mouth was forced against mine in an odd French kiss.

“Hold them there,” one girl said, and then I heard the terrifying sound of duct tape. Both Roxy and myself tried squirming away, but they had us pinned, and all we were doing were rubbing nipples together. The duct tape was wrapped around the back of our heads near our jaws, forcing the kiss. More duct tape was applied to our hands, mine were taped to Roxy’s red ass and vice versa. Our legs were taped together, and our chests were pressed together hard as the tape was wrapped around our midsections. We were now taped together as one, and we both looked pretty embarrassed about it.

“Steal Roxy’s badge and hang them in one of the test labs. Then come on back and we’ll all get some rest.” Judy rallied the troops, who all cheered, and we were lifted up, carried down the hallway, and entered one of the testing labs I had come to know. One of the girls grabbed a hook to hook into some of the tape to hang us by the ceiling with. And we were hung like a Christmas ornament, left there moaning into each others’ mouths for help as they all left the room, leaving us in the dark.

I just hope the want to run tests in this room first…

(End Chapter 9, and I'll work on Chapter 10, "Rebellion," after the weekend. I wanted to get this to you guys before the weekend since I'm going out of town, and so I'm literally finishing up the last bit of the chapter drifting off. Sorry if there's some off parts, I didn't have time to proof read. =/ Anyways, wish me luck in my tournament and I hope you guys enjoyed! P.S. to those that gave me your Brawl codes, I have officially added you now. =D)

Anonymous 09/07/25(Sat)21:38 No. 976 ID: 90b2cf

Good luck you Lucas main you.

Reginald "Gary" Busey!WlGsw2t8ig 09/07/26(Sun)14:54 No. 1008 ID: cedfa3

In response to your post Gamer, my favorite story of all time would have to be one of the less recent ones in the past few months. I believe the name of the story was "New Friends" or something, and was about this Australian guy coming to America and meeting all sorts of new people and whatnot. I enjoyed it because it wasn't a blatant sex escapade. It was more subtle, and read more like a regular novel. On the other hand, the second part of it wasn't near as good as the first part. Eh, oh well. At least all the old crap was lost in the wipe. Time for some new and more original and fresh content that smells slightly of lilac and honeybaked ham.

Gamer 09/07/27(Mon)07:46 No. 1036 ID: 5ab7b1

Well, I certainly hope my story continues to entertain you now and in the future. =D

So, I've returned, and I must say the return was in defeat. Me and my g/f I guess had tournament anxiety and had forgotten a lot of our aggressive techniques and strategies, and was taken out of the winner's bracket in the first round by a Metaknight and Olimar (goddamn both of them!), and then was barely wiped out in the first round of the loser's bracket in a "final-round, next-hit-will-kill" situation by a nice b/f-g/f couple that I felt weren't as good as we were. =( After losing so viciously, me and my g/f played several singles "friendlies" matches with a lot of area players where we failed to lose a single time. FML.

Anyways, I know you guys don't care, you just want more story. I'm starting chapter 10 for you guys, but I thought I'd let you know how I did for the two of you that were curious. While my gaming spirit is temporarily crushed, I can focus my time into writing for you guys.

Anonymous 09/07/27(Mon)10:36 No. 1046 ID: a0d092


MOAR Anonymous 09/07/27(Mon)19:45 No. 1064 ID: 412640


also, bump

Anonymous 09/07/29(Wed)04:19 No. 1136 ID: 2e172d

Third page? It slipped to the THIRD page?!?!?!?


Gamer 09/07/30(Thu)08:47 No. 1202 ID: 5ab7b1

Sorry for the wait, guys, I'm in a bit of a writer's block at the moment, but I'm trying to churn out ideas that don't suck for chapter 10. There's gonna be yet another new character, and Dr. Wright will play a role once more. I'll get it up as soon as I can!

Anonymous 09/07/31(Fri)01:04 No. 1231 ID: 59e839

second page?!?! not on my watch!

Anonymous 09/07/31(Fri)18:59 No. 1280 ID: cb58f2

Why the hell is this on the third page?

Gamer 09/07/31(Fri)22:28 No. 1285 ID: 5ab7b1

I appreciate the bumps, guys. I'm working on Chapter 10, and since I'm feeling sick I'm using it as an excuse to not help around the house. I'll try to get it done either today, or over the weekend. =D

Anonymous 09/08/02(Sun)02:38 No. 1358 ID: 1e8e53


This was on the wrong page somehow..

Anonymous 09/08/02(Sun)10:07 No. 1374 ID: 76999d

next chapter please.

love reading it, its really good.

bump Anonymous 09/08/03(Mon)02:04 No. 1395 ID: 412640

MOAR already

Anonymous 09/08/03(Mon)04:32 No. 1397 ID: 2006ae

bump for epic justice

Zero 09/08/03(Mon)05:08 No. 1399 ID: 049970

I'm dissapointed about your loss, I've lost a few minor tournaments with anxiety myself, but if you want you can take it out on me, you're probably better. Just tell me when and I'll be online. As far as the story goes, while I am eagerly awaiting MOAR, take your time and make sure it's quality, because we would all appreciate that a lot more than quickly made shit.

Anonymous 09/08/03(Mon)12:36 No. 1407 ID: 2a9304

where is moar and why isn't it here?

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