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Pure Heart Anonymous 20/02/19(Wed)03:07 No. 26598 ID: 211b94

Since there hasn't been much fresh content for a while here is a story I saved off Literotica from before the purge. I am not the author.

m/f, teen, incest, voy, mast


Pure Heart Pt. 01
by bartok_star©

Chapter 1

It was a late Friday night and I had just returned to my room after watching TV with my sister, Sara. I was pretty tired, but I had been looking forward to getting online to view some new porn and get myself off after a tough week at school. I was twenty and going to a two year school to get certified as an auto mechanic. With all the dirty jokes we guys threw around during class, I always came home with a bit of a buzz.

I sat down and started browsing to some of my favorite sites. I was already in my boxers and I was just about to pull my dick out when I heard a quick knock on my door and it began to open. I scrambled to try to hide what I was looking out, but not before my sister stepped into the room and gasped.

"Alex!" She said in shock.

"What are you doing coming in here?!"

"I wanted to give you your book back. Is that porn? I can't believe you!" She said, quite upset.

Her cheeks were already flushed and her entire face seemed to be starting to heat up. I shut off my monitor and swung around angrily.

"It's none of your business! Get out!" I scolded.

With a look on her face somewhere between shock and anger, she rushed out. I closed the door and paced the room, my heart beating strongly. I could feel myself sweating and shaking in embarrassment. My family was pretty conservative and no one knew I was into porn. A lot of thoughts kept running through my head about how it shouldn't matter to them, how it was my business. But one thought that kept returning was how much Sara looked up to me and how much it hurt to see her so disappointed.

After taking time to cool down, I slipped out of my room to go talk to her. Our parents were already in bed upstairs, so I didn't try to be too quiet. They were used to Sara and I being up late. I knocked on her door and after a moment, heard a quiet "Come in."

I opened the door and found her sitting on her bed, legs and arms crossed, still looking very upset. She looked more sad than she was angry now as she looked up at me.

"Sara, I'm sorry." I began. "Yeah, it was porn I was looking at."

She swallowed and looked away. After a minute, she turned her head back and without looking at me, she asked, "Why are you into that stuff?"

I was silent. A moment later, she went on. "Do you know how much it hurts to see you into that stuff?"

"Why? I mean, lots of guys are into it."

"Because of how it makes you look at girls." She said, matter-of-factly. "It makes us look like animals. Like all we're good for is our bodies. It's sick."

"Sara. Do you think that's really what I think about women?"

She squirmed and grudgingly said no, finally looking at me.

I went and sat on her bed. "Can I be really frank?" She nodded. "The reason I do it is because I hate having wet dreams." She tilted her head and looked a confused. "Seriously. I have to…" I paused, realizing how personal this was getting. "…I have to masturbate every four to five days or else I get those dreams."

"So?" She said.

"Sara, it's like peeing yourself in your sleep. It's humiliating."

She was quiet. I sighed. "I'm sorry. I sound like an idiot. I just hate it when that happens and watching that stuff just helps me take care of it myself." I hung my head. "Please don't think I look on all women like they're what I see on the internet. I really, really don't. I just don't know any other way to keep that from happening."

"Every four to five days?" Sara asked, turning her blue eyes up at me. "Isn't that a bit more often than normal?" She asked, dubiously.

I shrugged, getting up from her bed. "I dunno. That's how I seem to be wired. By five days, I can barely think about anything else. Sorry."

I stepped out of her room and returned to my own. After that, I just went to bed, frustrated with myself.

Chapter 2

The next several days passed by uneventfully. I was trying hard not to get on my computer in the evenings, trying to stay away from porn after how upset Sara had been. It grew harder every day, especially by the next Friday when my body just seemed determined to ruin the decision I had made. But I held on.

On Saturday evening, I went to the bathroom we shared downstairs and knocked since Sara was inside. She opened the door and I asked if I could wash my face and brush my teeth if she was nearly done. This was a very normal ritual for the both of us, and many fights when we were kids had allowed us to learn that the best way to deal with a shared bathroom is to simply be nice and make allowances for each other.

She opened the door to let me in. She was wrapped in a towel, having just finished her shower, and was brushing her damp hair. I started washing my face off, but found myself checking her out in the mirror. That was weird. I'd seen her like this hundreds of times before, but now the sight of her in her towel, with the top edges of her breasts visible just above the towel and a lot of her long legs showing really captivated me. To my utter dismay, I started to get an erection in my loose pajama pants. I tried to ignore it and turned a little from her and tried to focus on brushing my teeth. Then I noticed she wasn't moving.

"Um…Alex…something going on?" I heard her ask.

I closed my eyes. "Sorry." I mumbled around the toothbrush.

She resumed brushing her hair, but slower. When I cast a quick glance at her, she looked confused. I finished brushing my teeth and dried my face off. Fortunately the embarrassment had helped my erection to melt away.

"What's…uh…going on?" She asked.

I had no idea what to say. I shrugged.

"You watch too much stuff this week?" She said, with a little attitude.

I gave her a look. She returned it. I sighed.

"Sara, in fact, I haven't looked at a thing this week. Okay?"

She was obviously still confused, but looked very relieved.

"I…um…I'm just on…edge…I guess. And you look, you know…good."

She furrowed her eyebrows and looked amused. She tried to hold it, but then laughed.

"Me? Are you serious?"

What was I going to say? I shrugged and nodded, allowing myself to smile too.

"Really?" She asked again. She couldn't believe it.

"Um, yes, okay? I'm sorry."

She smiled bigger. "No, it's, it's okay! I'm sorry; I'm not making fun of you. I'm just surprised, that's all." She looked at me happily for a second. "I guess I'll just take it as a compliment."

I smiled. "Yeah, that would be about right."

I left the bathroom and returned to my bedroom, mortified, but relieved she hadn't been angry. I was still really turned on and it was getting so hard not to return to my computer. But I thought of Sara, and how much this meant to her, and how much she meant to me, and I stayed clean for one more night.

Chapter 3

Sunday was relaxing, and Sara didn't give any indication of being upset about last night. In fact, she had given me a few extra smiles. The day passed by and I was again in my room, reading before I went to bed, trying to think of anything other than sex. There was a knock on the door and Sara came in.

"Hey." She said, quietly, but kindly. I sat up and she came over and sat on the bed with me. She sighed.

"Um, I'm sorry I reacted so angrily the other day. You know how much I hate that stuff." She said. I nodded. "I…did some research online. I wasn't sure I really understood what you were talking about. I didn't realize that you guys are wired to…use it or lose it, I guess." She looked at me and we both started to chuckle at the awkwardness of the subject.

"Use it or lose it. Yep, that's about it." I said, smiling.

She laughed. "See, girls can usually just ignore it. I mean, I've…" she paused and started to blush. "…masturbated a few times, but it's only when I really, really need it."

Without meaning to, I suddenly felt myself get a bit erect. Having my cute younger sister sit in my room in her PJ's and tell me that was more than a little stimulating.

Our eyes met, and we both squirmed a little.

She looked down. "Oh gosh. I can't believe what I'm going to ask you." Confused, I asked what she was talking about. She let out a breath to calm herself, and then looked back at me. "Can I tell you something really, really personal and can we not let it be too weird?"

Now really worried, I agreed.

Again she sighed. She bit her lip and looked away. She took a deep breath and turned back to me. "Instead of looking at porn, I'd rather you look at me."

My heart skipped a beat and I felt myself start to break out in a sweat. "What…um…what do you mean?" I asked. My voice had almost cracked and I swallowed hard.

She rubbed her face with her hand. "I just can't stand to see you get into that stuff, but I know you need something to help push you over…so…I want you to help you. If it's not too creepy, I can try to get you…you know…excited." She swallowed. "Okay?"

I couldn't believe this. "Are you for real?" She nodded. And she meant it. So…I agreed.

We both agreed that if I really needed to masturbate, I would come to her room and ask an hour in advance. Then we changed the subject and talked about anything else until the nervousness and embarrassment was just a memory. She left, giving me a little smile, and I slept very well.

Chapter 4

That Monday marked about the twelfth day since I had last masturbated. This whole idea of my sister's seemed really weird, very awkward and I really didn't know what to think of it. I spent the entire day trying to calm myself, to ignore my erections, to think peaceful thoughts of serene mountaintops. None of it was working. By the end of the day I couldn't think about anything else but the fact that I really wanted to jerk off.

Feeling like a jerk, ironically, I stopped by Sara's room and poked my head in. "Hey." was all I said. She looked up at me from her computer and said hey back. Then she gave me an inquiring look. I shrugged and nodded, feeling really embarrassed. She smiled nicely at me and said simply, "Ok. I'll be over in a little bit."

I returned to my room and sat on my bed, my mind a complete mess and my dick throbbing. I thought about Sara and our relationship as brother and sister. She was eighteen and finishing her senior year at high school. Our family had moved around a lot when we were kids so we learned to stick together pretty close. She was really pretty; she worked out often and had a great sense of humor. And I knew she looked up to me, a lot. As her big brother, it was really hard to believe what she wanted me to do - to look at her as a girl, let myself be turned on by her and actually masturbate in front of her.

My thoughts were interrupted by Sara's gentle knock on the door. She came in and closed the door behind her, giving me a little smile. She was wearing her PJ's which consisted of a pair of striped shorts and a loose, light blue tank top that hung down just enough to show some of her cleavage.

"So…how should we start?" She asked. There was a moment's pause as we looked at each other and then we both cracked up.

"Gosh this is weird," I said, still chuckling. "I don't think I can do this in front of you."

She smiled kindly. "Well just get under the covers. I don't need to see everything you're doing." I did as she suggested and got under the sheets on my bed. She giggled a little as I struggled to work my pants and boxers off. Finally undressed and fully covered, I couldn't help but blush, but neither could she.

"Should I do anything? I don't know what you need to get started," She said.

I cleared my throat. "Uh, I'd feel weird giving you suggestions. Just do whatever. It's not going to take much tonight." And I was being very honest. My dick was already stiff as a board and I was grateful she couldn't see since I had my knees pulled up and the sheets held away.

I felt blood rushing to my head as I watched her look herself over. She pulled her long, blond hair away from one side of her face. She glanced up at me and smiled, blushing. Slowly, she reached up and slipped one of the spaghetti straps of her tank top down one shoulder, then the other. Holding the top edge with her hands, she slowly lowered it down her chest, bringing more of her skin into view. I was already methodically stroking my cock as more of her cleavage came into view. Her breasts were fairly full and her skin was flawless and smooth. She stopped drawing the edge down when half of her breasts were exposed, then leaned forward a little to let me see down through her cleavage a little further.

She looked up at me, smiling sweetly, and said, "How's this?" just as I began to ejaculate. Her eyebrow rose for a moment as she watched me straining and trembling as my semen squirted out onto my stomach and chest. In brief thoughts through my climax, I thought about how glad I was she couldn't see through the sheets as I made an absolute mess. Eventually my trembling stopped and my vision cleared to see her still smiling at me.

Looking very pleased with herself, she slipped her straps back up and walked to the door. "I'll let you clean up. Just let me know when you need me again." When the door closed behind her, I quickly cleaned myself off, then fell back in bed and went to sleep, exhausted.

Chapter 5

I thought the next day was going to be really awkward around Sara, but it turned out I was wrong. While my parents were getting ready for work, Sara and I ate breakfast together; she was in the sweetest mood she'd been in for a while. We talked and laughed and last night's event wasn't mentioned except by little grins at each other. We both left for the day, me to my classes and her to her school and that evening we were both in a good mood and spent some time watching a movie in the den together.

Later that Wednesday, I was feeling that familiar urge. Again I tried to ignore it, but it always seems that whatever you try not to think about becomes the one thing you can't stop thinking about. So when my parents left to head to bed, I looked over at Sara who was on the couch next to me watching TV and smiled.

She looked at be and tilted her head inquisitively, then grinned. "I thought it was supposed to be every four to five days!" she teased. I grinned and shrugged. "Okay," She said. "I'll come over when we go to bed."

About an hour later, we shut off the TV and headed back to my room. "Any suggestions?" She inquired as she closed the door.

I got into bed and began wrestling my clothes off as she giggled at me. "Uh, no. Just whatever you feel like."

With the sheets covering me and my knees raised like last time, I gripped my penis and started stroking it as I looked at her. She blushed a little, then looked down and started to untie her pajama shorts. She looked at me and turned around with a little smile, then started to pull her shorts down. Her maroon panties came into view. I thought she would stop after pulling down her shorts a little bit, but she slipped them down to her feet, then spread her legs a little and looked back at me over her shoulder.

Her panties weren't quite thongs, but they sunk between her cheeks, giving me a fantastic view of her firm, round butt. She smiled back at me and lifted her shirt a little, to just under her breasts. I let my eyes travel all over her back as began to stroke myself harder. I noticed she was watching the sheets move as I jerked myself off. As she watched, her face looked a little different now and I noticed her cheeks get a little rosy. She looked back up at me.

"Need a little more help?" She asked, and without waiting for my reply she let go of her shirt to let it fall, but pulled the back of her panties down just a few inches until the tip of her crack was showing. I couldn't hold it back anymore. I climaxed and started to shoot. She watched me straining under the covers, seeing the sheets shake as my hand pumped the cum from my body, smiling happily. When I had finished and let out a big gasp, she playfully slipped her shorts back up. Before I knew what she was doing, she came up to me and gave me a playful peck on the cheek before walking back out the door. I threw the sheets off me and just laid there, covered in my own cum, deliriously happy.

Chapter 6

The rest of the week I found that I was pretty well at ease. I was thinking clearly and didn't feel the need to ask Sara for any help. So it came as some surprise late Saturday night when I heard a knock on my bedroom door and in came my sister. She was wearing PJ's with a light rose t-shirt and red plaid shorts.

"Hey," She said. "Is everything alright? It's been a few days."

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm doing fine. Why, are you worried I'd start using my computer again?"

I could tell by her face that that was the main thought she had. But there was something else too. "Well, I trust you. I just wanted to check and make sure you weren't in the mood tonight." She seemed to be blushing a little more than she should.

I smiled and kidded, "Well, I mean, I'm a guy. I can get in the mood in just a few seconds!"

She grinned and pulled her hair behind her shoulder. "Would you want to?"

"Sure!" I said. "Are you starting to enjoy this as much as I am?"

She blushed a little deeper. She smiled shyly and said, "Yeah, I guess so. After the last time, I was a little turned on."

Curious, I tilted my head and asked, "May I ask what from?"

She shrugged. "I guess it was just knowing how excited I was making you, and the look on your face when you were…getting off…" She laughed awkwardly. Sara paused. "Can I…um…ask you a favor?"


"Would you feel okay if you left your sheets off and wore your boxers instead?"

My heart started beating pretty hard. "Uh, yeah, sure!" I said. After an awkward pause, I lifted the sheets and threw them aside. I was already ready for bed and was wearing a t-shirt and boxers.

Sara already looked a little more relaxed and happy now as she took a glance at my boxers. "Ready?" She asked. After I nodded she gave me a happy smile and playfully spun around, swinging her hair in a broad arc. She looked back over her shoulder at me and said, "I figured I'd start with what I know you like!" She said as she started to pull her shorts down. I watched her beautiful ass come into view once again, noticing that she was wearing a thinner, tighter pair of pink panties than before. As she bent over to slide her shorts down her thighs, I was presented with a spectacular view. Her panties were already pretty deep between her cheeks, exposing much more of her butt cheeks than she probably intended. She stood back up and looked back at me. I could have sworn she was sweating a little.

I saw her glance at the bulge that had formed in my boxers. "Mind if I start?" I asked. Silently she shook her head no, seeming to be a little nervous as she watched me reach a hand down to my groin. I didn't want to just grab myself and start pumping, since she was watching, so I contented myself with sliding my hand over my dick and massaging it up and down. Sara swallowed as she watched. I tried to ignore her stare and looked back down at her lovely ass. Her cheeks were so toned and firm! I couldn't help but think about how they must feel. I then realized that I had just let out a few drops of pre-cum, and watched my sister's face out of the corner of my eye.

Sara cleared her throat a little and asked, "Want a little more?" I just answered by smiling. She smiled back, still seeming anxious, and began to pull her panties down. This time, she pulled them more than halfway down, just under the crest of each fleshy mound, leaving me an unobstructed view of the top of her ass. I couldn't help but to rub my hand on my dick even more firmly as I stared at her beautiful flesh. She had turned her face away from me for the moment so I barely heard her say, "How's that?"

Anonymous 20/02/19(Wed)03:13 No. 26599 ID: 211b94

"That's fantastic." I gasped.

She swung her hips back and forth a little, like she was dancing to a slow melody. To my surprise, she lowered her panties even more until the entire length of her crack was exposed. I was completely mesmerized and drank in the perfect view my little sister was offering me. She kept moving her hips back and forth and I watched the gentle squeeze of her buttocks as they tightened and relaxed with her swaying.

"Better?" I heard her say, still facing away from me.

I just let out a sigh. She finally looked back. Her face was pretty rosy and her skin was shining.

"I think I'm ready, if you wanted to see." I told her. She must have, for she turned her head back even more and locked her eyes on my crotch. I finally allowed myself to grab my dick and start jerking it as I stared at her perfect butt. I couldn't help but let my hips rock forward and back as my cock strained against my boxers with each stroke. Sara looked hypnotized as she watched me, her brother, pumping his dick.

I stroked and stroked, but realized it just wasn't happening yet. "Sorry," I said, still pumping, "I think I'm a little nervous letting you watch."

She nodded silently, then to my shock, she let go of the elastic of her panties with one hand, raised it up to a cheek, and pulled it away from the other by just a bit. "There, how's that?" She said, not really a question.

My boxers were soaked before I even realized I was cumming. My hips bucked and my legs shook as I poured out stream after stream of milky cum into my boxers. I was straining so hard against the fabric that the white fluid began to appear on the surface where Sara could see it. I was gasping and shaking by the time my body settled down, and I could feel the copious puddles of cum all over my groin, seeping between my legs.

I finally looked back at Sara who smiled nervously but continued holding her butt apart absently. Her face was flushed and red and her hair was clinging to itself. Slowly, she pulled her panties back up, then pulled her shorts up. She hesitantly came over to me at the bed and I knew she could smell the scent of my cum and wet boxers. She leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek, and I could feel the heat radiating off of her face. Then she turned, smiled at me again, and left my room. I was beside myself with amazement…and really, really sticky.

Chapter 7

The next day I didn't really see much of Sara as I had planned to go to the house of one of my buddies from my classes. But on Monday morning Sara and I again had breakfast together. When our parents were gone, she looked up at me with an embarrassed smile.

"Hey, um, I'm sorry if I got a little carried away the other night," She said.

I smiled kindly at her. "Sara, it's okay. Did you feel bad about it??

"Well, a little." She looked at her cereal. "I was really turned on and I felt like I was pushing you…like I went too far."

I reached across the table and put my hand on her arm. "Sara…listen. I respect you. And I love you. I know you're trying to help me." She looked up at me. "I've stayed away from the computer and I would still try even if you didn't come over to help me out. Okay?"

Sara smiled. Coyly, she said, "But you do like the help, right?"

I chuckled. "I love the help." She smiled.

I let go of her arm but she took my hand and gave it a little squeeze before letting it go. We finished our breakfast, then both went our separate ways. Just before leaving the house, Sara caught me at the door and gave me another little friendly kiss on the cheek. That kiss carried me though the day, distracted me all through classes, and made me lose sleep that night.

Chapter 8

By the time Tuesday evening came, it was clear to me that I'd need Sara's help again because I had a hard-on all day. The desire to sit in front of my computer and visit my old favorite porn sites was incredibly strong, but I had no desire to disappoint my sister…not to mention that her letting me masturbate by looking at her was so far very superior to poor quality video clips.

So I again found myself knocking on her bedroom door that evening. She was inside on her computer and was happy to see me. She couldn't help but to grin when I asked for her help again. She had been rather playful and giddy all evening and it seemed like she had been expecting me to come and ask.

"Do you want to stay here in my room this time?" She asked. "You can sit here if you want." Sara got out of her seat and sat on her bed. I agreed and sat. She looked at me with eyes that seemed to sparkle from inside. "Are you planning on messing up your jeans?"

"Oh, um, no…" I stammered and stood back up. I hadn't expected her to be ready for me already. I also felt really, really awkward as I pulled my jeans down to stand there in her bedroom in just my boxers and t-shirt.

She grinned. "Now you know how I feel!" She teased. I chuckled and sat. My dick was already halfway erect and I really didn't want to advertise it. "Hmm, I guess you do know how I feel." She said, and I realized she had noticed my erection anyway. I couldn't help but blush a bit.

She sat there for a moment, and then happily sprang to life. She stood up on her bed and started to sway and dance like she had last time, but this time the music in her head must have been a little faster. We grinned at each other when we made eye contact and she swayed her hips a little extra in that moment. She was again wearing her pajama shorts and a light yellow tank top with spaghetti straps; her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail.

I watched her closely as she danced and began to lift up the edge of her shirt. She dropped down to her knees but continued moving as though she were dancing. She lifted the edge of her shirt higher and higher, showing off her tanned stomach. I watched her abs flex and move as she swayed her hips around. She had pulled the middle of her shirt up between her breasts, showing me everything from under her breasts down to her shorts.

She glanced up at me, smiling. "How's it going?"

I smiled back, still bashful. "Really well." I said. She giggled.

"So, you like this, huh?" She said, starting to pull her shirt up an inch more. I nodded, concentrating my eyes where I could just barely start to see the skin of her breasts. She raised her shirt a little more and the curve of her breasts came into view. My hand was shaking as I started to rub my dick through my boxers.

"Sorry, I'm not giving you a good enough view." She said, quietly, and slipped the straps of her shirt over her shoulders with her other hand. Her shirt flopped down, uncovering a lot of her cleavage. She continued moving around, swaying her hips and arching her back. With the hand holding the bottom edge of her shirt between her breasts, she hooked her fingers on the top edge and pulled it together in her hand, drawing the fabric tight across her breasts. Then with her free hand, she took hold of the edge of her shorts and started to slide the front down. More and more skin came into view until I could just see a hint of hair. I gasped, now stroking my penis fully as I looked at my sister's body.

She gave me an alluring look and smile, swiveling her hips. She rubbed her hand on her chest around in small circles, pressing her breasts from side to side. The hand holding her shorts moved around as well, sometimes showing less skin, sometimes showing more. I grabbed my dick more firmly now, even to the point where I had my fingers wrapped around it over my boxers. At the moment, I didn't care so much that she could see so much of me. I watched as more of her light pubic hair was revealed and responded by stroking myself even more methodically, focusing on the tip of my penis. In return the hand on her chest happened to tug one edge of her shirt up a little further and more of the underside of one breast came into view. I felt my precum leak out and begin to wet my boxers and I rubbed the slick fabric around the head of my dick.

Then she slid a finger right into her shorts, right in the front, right where her hair was, and it went down pretty far. She wouldn't look up at me. I pumped my dick as I stared at her hand and watched it go even further down, and she started to move it. The hand she held her shirt continued to move too, rubbing the center of her chest tightly. Her body seemed to be shining and I realized it was sweat. Her hand kept moving, her shorts, advertising her movements.

Sara finally looked back at me, her face rosy, and our eyes met. I didn't mean to ejaculate right then, but I did and her eyes remained on mine the entire time I shot my load. As the last shot was coming out, her face grimaced and she grunted. I was still rubbing my dick as she worked her hand and we could both hear the sounds of wet flesh coming from each side of the room. Our eyes stayed locked until she gasped hard, licked her lips and closed her eyes.

Sara let go of her shirt and pulled her hand out of her shorts. Her shirt almost slipped down, but she caught it and slipped her straps back up. She rested for a minute on her bed. Finally we looked at each other and smiled. The room was quiet, but it felt intimate. It smelled intimate, too.

"Sara," I began, then just shook my head and grinned at her. She smiled and looked down bashfully.

Not wishing to sit there in my own cum anymore, I started to get up. She stopped me just as I stood and said, "I really like seeing that I caused all that." and gestured at my soaked boxers. She grinned at me and I shook my head and chuckled. I grabbed all my stuff and looked back at her and she looked at me. It felt weird, but I felt strange leaving her. I could tell by her look that she didn't really want me to go.

"Um…" I stammered, "Would you mind if I came back after I get changed and we can just sit and chat?" She grinned happily and agreed. I left her room and returned a few minutes later. We just sat there and talked quietly for a while. We didn't really talk about anything in particular; it just seemed that we both just needed to be with each other for a little while longer. I left her room a little after midnight.

Anonymous 20/02/19(Wed)03:14 No. 26600 ID: 211b94

Part 2

Chapter 9

The alarm buzzed incessantly in my ear, scolding me as though I should be awake already. I silenced it with a solid slap to the snooze bar and groggily rolled over.

The sun was shining in through the slats of my not-quite-closed blinds. It took a few minutes before my eyes stopped watering from the effect of the light and started to focus on my room. I stirred again, stretching with a yawn, and realized I had a comfortable erection - the kind that doesn't need much attention but just reminding you why it's nice to be a guy. I gently stretched again, enjoying a slow thrust under the warm covers just to wake up my body.

My mind clambered up from whatever chamber of dreams it hid in that night and I reflected on how good I was feeling right now - how at ease I felt. It was barely two weeks ago that I had ceased being so sexually frustrated. I had always been a bit too obsessed with sex. Going through lingerie ads as a kid, finding my first softcore magazine, then discovering that hardcore porn was on the web...it had all helped me nurture an addiction to constant stimulation. I thought about that first magazine - remembering the sweet revelation I felt as I saw my first fully naked girl. It had been years and years ago! I couldn't even remember what I was learning in school but I remembered the image of her strawberry blonde hair, her raspberry colored lips, the beautiful softness of her breasts and the glorious gentle splash of her pubic hair that was too short to really hide the gentle folds between her legs.

I felt my mind growing more awake and reflected more about how frustrated I used to be. All the pictures and stuff I had been pouring into myself had, in a way, conditioned my body and mind. I had taught myself to thrive on a diet of porn and masturbation until my body reminded me when it had been too long. The thing was, at some point I had lost myself in it all. I was tantalizing and pleasing myself, but...it wasn't how I wanted to be. I felt alone. I felt ashamed because I was alone. I knew I was hiding part of myself from everyone. I dealt with it, learned to live with it, but constantly regretted it.

Until two weeks ago, that is. I smiled to myself in embarrassment as I remembered my sister's face when she walked in on me looking at porn online. What a terrible moment! It was humiliating to suddenly have my private issue discovered by my little sister who had always thought of me as an example. It was so uncomfortable but in retrospect it was the start of healing me, like setting a broken bone. Sara, my beautiful sister, had forgiven me and stepped into my hidden world, grasped my hand and pulled me into her world of admiration and love for me.

Granted, the way she was willing to wean me off of porn was as shocking to me as she had felt when she discovered my secret. Encouraging me to masturbate by turning me on herself was not normal by anyone's book - far from it. It was a huge change in our relationship as brother and sister. We were still adjusting to the feeling of intimacy this whole thing was creating; intimacy that felt strange as siblings.

I looked over at a picture I had on the wall of Sara and I, taken during a family vacation to the beach. The memory of that fun day interrupted my thoughts for a moment. I chuckled quietly as I recalled her face when I had splashed her with water when she was trying to get into the waves slowly.

I yawned, and then got out of bed. I started to think through what I had to do today...then stopped as a doubt crossed my mind. I looked at my cell phone and sighed in mild frustration. It was Saturday and I had set my alarm by mistake. There was no reason I needed to be up yet. I groaned and lay down on my bed again.

A few minutes later there was a gentle, quiet knock on my door which I answered with a "Yeah?" The door cracked open and Sara peeked her head in, grinning.

"Good morning!" She cheerily whispered. "I heard your alarm - forget to turn it off?" She smiled and I grumbled affirmatively. She came into the room a little way and I saw she was still wearing her pajamas from last night - a small t-shirt and small cotton shorts. "Aw, what's the matter? Don't you want to get up?" She teased.

The next thing I knew, she ran into the room, giggling, and jumped on me and started tickling me under the covers. I yelped and struggled to get away, panicked because of my erection. "Sara! Hey! Get off!" I complained, but it was too late - from the frozen grin on her face I knew she'd noticed.

She laughed and covered her face, raising herself a bit from where she had straddled my waist. "I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?"

"No! I'm just...I didn't...you..." I stopped. My mouth apparently hadn't decided to wake up with the rest of me.

"Oh, okay, as long as I didn't hurt you." She teased, and sat back down on me.

Panicking as she sat again on my erection I said, "Sara!"

"Yes?" was all she said. I looked up at her and she was smiling down at me. Something in her smile made me relax.

"Where are Mom and Dad?"

She shrugged. "They left this morning to go shopping. Dad saw that mower he's been looking at was on sale."

My erection had firmed completely. Though she was sitting on the covers over me she could obviously feel it. However she made no move to get up, so I stayed put and let her stay right where she was.

"It's a nice morning outside." she said. "The sky's all blue and everything's beautiful." She leaned over a little and turned the rod to rotate the blinds so we could see out.

"Hey! We...!" I stammered, concerned about people seeing us.

She just looked back down at me and smiled. "Cat got your tongue?"

I sighed and laughed. "Yeah. I wasn't quite up yet."

I could have sworn I felt her press a little more against me. "Are you more awake now?" She asked.

"Um, yeah."

"I can tell." She said with an impish grin. "Are you enjoying this?"

Raising an eyebrow, I said, "Like you don't know. You seem to be enjoying yourself."

She bit her lip. "Want me to wake you up some more?" she said and I felt her press more firmly against me.

I stammered but was able to get out, "I don't think I could turn you down."

She smiled. Still looking me in the eye with a little half-smile, she slowly started to move herself around on my groin. The feelings she aroused were immediate and strong. The warmth of the bed, the smell of her fresh from bed, the sun beaming in...

"Oh gosh." I said.

She just grinned and kept pressing herself against me, lightly thrusting over the lump under the covers. Then she paused and I saw hesitation on her face.

"I'm sorry, are you okay with this?" She asked. "I really should make sure to ask."

I gasped aloud and looked at the ceiling. "Jeez...I don't know. Probably. But I'm about three seconds away."

She nodded, obviously a little unsure of herself, but then her indecision went away like a random rain shower in spring. "Well, if it's only three seconds, I may as well help you out." she teased again and began thrusting harder until I was grunting and groaning. Seconds later I grabbed the top of her thighs and pulled her down tighter and my orgasm gushed out between our bodies, soaking my boxers and sheets, dribbling between my legs.

She sighed happily and reached down and tenderly ran her fingers through my hair.

A minute later we both gave a start as we heard the garage door opener start to hum. Our parents were home! Sara and I looked at each other and without a word she flew out of the room and I jumped out of bed to clean myself up. No one would be coming in while I had my door closed, but it would be stupid to sit around in my wet shorts.

After a quick shower, I made my way downstairs. Sara was already there, dressed and talking to our mom and greeted me as though it were the first time we had seen each other that day.

Thus began yet another interesting day in my life!

Chapter 10

As weird as the whole thing with my sister was, it did start to improve the rest of our relationship overall. We were ending up spending a lot more time together just hanging out, taking walks together, and just talking like close friends. We had been close before all this had started and it was a surprise to find out just how much more we could learn about each other and enjoy. In fact, she pointed out to me, later the next week, that it felt like we must have been taking each other for granted for a long time. I agreed with her. When you are close to someone for a long time, you can end up assuming things about them that may or may not be true. We had shaken up our misperceptions of each other.

In fact, Sara further shook up my perception of her toward the end of the following week. As per our agreement when I felt my urge to masturbate grow strong enough to the point where I was considering porn again, I went to her instead. It was late on a Thursday night and she grinned when I asked if she wanted to stop by my room later and happily agreed. I returned to my room and got dressed down to my boxers and read through a magazine for a while. The air conditioning in my room was weak so I had already been shirtless but it was still annoyingly warm.

A while later I heard a gentle knock on the door and in came my sister, smiling, and wearing one of her white robes with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. I put my magazine down and smiled at her, leaning back.

"I thought I'd surprise you tonight." She said, closing the door.

"Oh really?" I asked, very interested.

She nodded, giving me a mysterious grin. She reached down and untied her robe, then began to spread it apart at her shoulders and let it fall right off to show that she was wearing just a white pair of panties and bra. I gasped inside, then audibly. Her body was amazing - so well toned, so shapely, so flawless and smooth! My eyes were filled with her skin: her long legs, her thighs, her navel, her chest and shoulders and neck. All of her was incredible.

She struck a pose and said, "How's this?" grinning proudly.

I was speechless, just shaking my head in amazement. She lifted her hands and slid them from under her chest, across her shoulders and over her hips, then back the whole way up. Then she hooked her thumbs under her bra straps.

"And I'll tell you what, I'll take this off too if you put your hand under your boxers this time." Then quickly added, "But I'm not going to let you see everything, okay?"

I raised an eyebrow and said, "Uh, deal. Yeah." and immediately slid my hand into my boxers and began to stroke my dick. Sara giggled and reached around behind her back and I saw her bra relax as she unhooked it. She put one arm against her chest and used her other hand to slide the straps off her shoulders and slid it off and threw it at me. I chuckled, letting it stay where it landed on my leg and looked at her standing in front of me in nothing but her panties, holding her naked breasts with her arm so I couldn't see everything.

She was obviously really giddy, probably some of it nervousness but it really didn't show tonight as she started to dance around, swaying her hips and shoulders happily. I continued rubbing myself under my boxers, watching her nearly nude body in front of me. She looked so beautiful; her hair in a ponytail, her breasts bulging above her arm, her lovely curved hips and tanned legs. She even sauntered up closer to me and leaned forward, teasing me with her cleavage. She stepped back a bit for a moment but then moved forward again almost as close. She raised her other hand to her chest and slid her arm across to cup both breasts in her hands. Her smile was small and more concentrated now as she slowly rotated her hips and swayed in a very sexy dance.

She turned around so her back was facing me and let go of her breasts, running her hands through her hair and then looking back at me over her shoulder to smile. To my immense pleasure she even dared to turn slightly so I could see the side of one milky white, smooth breast.

"How's it going back there?" She asked, feigning innocence.

I looked at her happy face and just shook my head in disbelief. "You're amazing." I confessed.

She really seemed to like my response and giggled. She looked away again and made a show of pulling her hair back to fix it, "carelessly" turning her body a little to one side and then a little to the other to give me glimpses of the curves of her amazing chest.

I desperately wanted to see more, but was already so turned on that my dick felt like it could blow at any moment. I rubbed myself firmly and, since she was turned around, I used my free hand to pull the edge of my boxers away to give myself more room to work my erection. I drank in the sight of Sara's body and used my precum to swirl my fingers over the head of my throbbing cock.

When she reached around to cup her breasts again, the sight and thought of it was too much more to take and I grunted and ejaculated fiercely. Semen erupted from my dick, splashing me in the stomach and my heaving chest.

When she turned back around, smiling sweetly, I had already put my boxers back in place. She gawked and grinned, blushing when she saw cum splattered over my chest, letting out an "Oh my gosh!!!" but I was too relaxed and mellow to care much about it.

Pulling her eyes away from my mess and grinning, she reached out, asking for her bra. I reached down and grabbed it and she reached for it just as I gave her a mischievous smile and held it away from her. She pursed her lips and stepped forwards to try to grab it, but I tucked it under my covers.

In a careful whisper she said, "Alex! Give me my bra!"

I grinned back but didn't offer it. She tried to reach over me and got her hand under the covers but I held onto it. As we playfully struggled over it I gave a quick tug and caused her to fall against me so I could tickle her. She squealed and flailed.

She quickly righted herself and pushed me, laughing, and completely forgetting that she was topless. For just a second when her arm moved free of her breasts I saw the entire side of her breast before she realized her exposure and covered herself, quickly blushing.

Seeing me chuckling, and with a determined grin she launched herself at me and tickled me back with her free hand and I flailed, then grabbed her by the waist and tackled her, rolling onto her to pin her. We were one big, sweaty, fleshy, writing mess for a moment as we playfully struggled with and fought each other until I finally had her pinned, holding her arms out on either side. We both stopped struggling and smiled and laughed, panting, but the game quickly faded as we realized how near to naked she was under me, with my bare chest on hers and my boxers against her panties.

We looked into each other's eyes, smiling for a few moments and I gently released her arms and started to get up. She stopped me quickly, saying, "Oh no you don't, not yet." and wrapped her arms around my back to hug me against her. I happily complied, pushing my arms beneath her and hugging her against me, thrilled at the feeling of having her so close to me.

We finally let each other go and I moved off of her and looked away so she could get her bra back on. As she was doing this, I heard her stifle a laugh.

"Hmm?" I asked.

"You got your stuff all over me. I'm all wet." She said, letting me look now that she was covered. She was right, her chest and stomach glistened where my cum had smeared on her. Her panties also had a damp spot on the elastic. She was smiling, amused. "Remind me to return the favor sometime!" She quipped, and then threw her robe on. We exchanged happy glances and she left to go get cleaned up. I flopped back into my bed and replayed the night over in my head.

Chapter 11

The following morning I woke up feeling entirely the opposite as I had felt on Saturday. All I could think about was how wrong it was that Sara and I were getting physical. I guess I was panicking, and having spent most of my sexual drive the prior night I was having a hard time justifying what we were doing.

I resolved in my mind that I wasn't going to let Sara keep doing this with me. Unfortunately I didn't have the nerve to tell her, so I wrote a quick and awkward note telling her I was sorry about last night, that we should probably stop and we could talk about it later.

I made it a few days through the week barely seeing Sara and when I did I wouldn't say much. She was obviously confused and wanted to talk but I kept going out, just so I didn't have to deal with it.

By that Thursday though, I was starting to remember how strong my urge for sexuality was. It didn't hurt that one of the hottest girls in the technical school I was attending was in one of my main courses and we'd been working really closely lately.

Her name was Tanya. She was the same age as me and really into mechanic work. She wasn't sure she'd ever actually work in a garage but she was determined to try. She had long, brown hair and green eyes, a very shapely figure and a really pretty smile. The tough thing about working closely with her was that she was a flirt, and when the guys were making dirty jokes she'd jump in and end up showing the guys up with her wit and knack for vivid descriptions.

She'd begun to show some interest in me the last two weeks and the glances and smiles she'd give me, the jokes she'd tell, how close she would stand or how she'd touch my shoulder when she laughed, it was all driving me a bit wild. It was frustrating though because every time I found myself thinking about Tanya, I'd start thinking about Sara. Here I was with a really hot girl beside me and all I really wanted was to be with my own sister.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was exhausted. When I got home that evening after spending time out with my friends our parents were still up and I was bored by the show they had on, so I went back to my room. I read for a while, and then checked my email. As more time went on, I could feel myself wanting to type in one of the porn site addresses I used to visit so often. I didn't really want to, but sitting right there, alone, in front of my computer, I couldn't think of many strong arguments against it.

I reflected on the previous Saturday's bliss which had seemed so good and right. But if I was going to treat Sara right I had to control my urges...so wouldn't going back to porn be the easy way to do it? I started to type in the address...then stopped. I realized how hard my heart was beating and that my hands were shaking.

I could just try to find something to get me excited - lingerie or swimwear. I looked up a few sites and scanned over some beautiful models. Then I started feeling nauseous.

It didn't feel right. The girls were wearing more clothing, but I was doing what I had always done. Not that it ever felt right, but until now it had never bothered me this much. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I looked at the screen again and could almost imagine myself looking at one of my favorite porn sites. I felt my heart racing again. I shook my head to clear it and before I knew it I had yanked the plug of the power strip from the outlet. My computer, monitor, printer and everything else shut off.

I breathed deeply, trying to calm down. This was such a weird feeling. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't disappoint my sister like this. Not with all she had done for me. I couldn't let her down.

Dejected, frustrated and confused, I put my head down on my desk.

Fifteen minutes later I was still in the same spot when I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Sara. And I knew I couldn't stay like this without her. I asked her to come in and she did so, quietly, but with a look of determination.

"Hey." she quietly whispered and she looked at the computer, then at me.

"I kind of felt like you might be having trouble tonight." She whispered.

I raised my eyebrows. "Yeah, you could say that."

"Is everything okay?"

I nodded, slowly. Gesturing at the power strip, I said, "It was close tonight..."

She stepped in and put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up into her eyes. They were proud and thankful. "But you didn't do it. Thank you." She said. Sara leaned down and gently placed her lips on my forehead in a kiss. "Thank you." She said again, and stood back up.

There was a moment of stillness. I could feel the hairs on my arms and neck standing from the effects of her kiss.

It was as good a moment as any to bring up my concerns.

"Sara, I am really, really sorry for not talking to you."

She shrugged, looking a bit sad. "I was mad at first, but I think I understand."

"Should we be doing all this?" I asked.

She looked like she was about to say something, and then bit her lip, then sighed.

"I was thinking we'd need to talk about it. Are you afraid that it's..." she trailed off.

I knew the word she was thinking. A word for a taboo subject. One that neither of us really wanted to say in front of the other.

"Well, yeah. I mean, is it?" I asked.

She shrugged. Her eyes looked into mine.

"Well it's not like we're 'doing it'!" she whispered. "As far as I'm concerned, we're just fooling around. I mean, is there some kind of line if we're both okay with it?"

I shrugged.

Suddenly the whole thing started to feel ridiculous. "Can you even believe we're talking about this?"

She smiled, blushing. "No."

We were both silent for a minute. I said, "Well, I mean, if you're comfortable and I am, and as long as we don't do more than just fool around together...I think it's a good deal."

"I'm a good deal?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, I...what? I just...shoot." I mumbled.

She looked down at me with a quiet smile, and then knelt down in front of me. "Could you use help tonight?"

I looked at her beautiful shining eyes. "I could use your company tonight." I told her.

She smiled. I thought twice about it but then allowed myself to reach out and softly caress her cheek. She seemed to melt against my hand.

"Do I have to be dressed to give you company?"

I grinned. "Nope!"

She bit her bottom lip and reached down and pulled her t-shirt up and over her head, tossing it aside to show me her cream-colored bra. She smoothed out her long hair and smiled up at me.

"So, are you going to take off your jeans or what?" She teased.

I groaned, smiling broadly, and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them off to sit back down in my chair in a loose pair of boxers. She smiled at me and got up close, kneeling just in front of me. I reached down, nervously, and ran my hand down my thigh, then back up towards my groin. She watched, smiling, as I finally let my hand slide onto my penis and begin to massage and stroke it. I looked at her beautiful body, mesmerized by the beauty of her chest.

She saw me staring at her bra and grinned, sweetly. I smiled back. She reached her hands up and slipped the straps off her shoulders and lowered her arms, letting her bra cups slide down just a little. I shook my head and just gazed at the smooth, pink curves of her breasts. I continued stroking my dick through my boxers, savoring the feeling. She looked back at my crotch and watched me move my hand up and down over my erection. She smiled up at me, a little more nervously, and moved a little closer between my legs. Her arms were right by my knees now, so her chest was right at my arm's reach.

I smiled back at her and continued rubbing my dick over the boxers, then thought better of it and slid my hand under the fabric to stroke my penis directly. I was careful to keep my boxers covering myself, though the way my little sister was staring it was obvious she wouldn't have minded a little slip. I roamed my eyes over her breasts, wishing so hard that she weren't wearing that bra, but enjoying everything I could see nonetheless.

"Do you like seeing me in my bra?"

I grinned. "Do you like seeing me jerk off while looking at you?"

"I'll bet you're wishing you could see more of your little sis."

"Um, god yes!" I laughed.

She shrugged, pretending to be nonchalant. She said, "Oh, well. How's this?" and then reached back and unhooked her bra and covered her breasts with an arm as she slipped it off. She placed her hands on her breasts and arched her back, just a little, to show off.

I couldn't say a thing. My sister had just taken her bra off in front of me and was kneeling between my legs, holding her breasts in her hands. I couldn't have made words if I tried. I just stared at her flawless figure and drank in her flesh as she smiled.

"And don't you dare even think about tickling me!" she said, in jest.

I laughed. "Hmm..." I said, pulling my hand from my boxers. From the way her eyes widened, I saw that she had just been joking and was now afraid I might act on it.

"Oh, don't you dare! Not after last time!" She said, her voice sounding worried.

I just grinned at her.

She was smiling, but trying to give me a warning look.

Being her big brother, of course I tickled her. It was awkward with an erection, but I caught her between my knees and got my hands under her armpits. She flailed, of course, and I caught glimpses of the darker flesh of her nipples as she twisted and moved, trying to keep herself covered but trying to get away. She squealed quietly and I shushed her, laughing. Finally she threw herself against me, pinning my groin against her chest and she reached her hands up under my arms and began tickling me. I flailed, and not just because of her hands.

We struggled and writhed, laughing hard, until I had one of her hands held away and she had mine firmly so we couldn't tickle each other any longer. We gasped and laughed together and looked at each other happily. Panting as we smiled, we quickly realized the state we were in, with her naked chest pressed against my erection. We continued smiling at each other, but for a different reason now.

She worked up the courage to say, "If you want, you can go ahead..."

I was hesitant, but my dick was throbbing. "Are you sure?"

She raised her eyebrows and nodded excitedly.

"Are you really sure?" I asked again.

Looking me straight in the eye and biting her lip, she said, "Please?"

Gently, I released her arm and placed my hand on her shoulder. She let go of my other hand and wrapped her arms around me. I raised my groin to press my penis against her. Her arms wrapped tighter and she rested her head on my chest. I pushed my dick up again, sliding it between her breasts. It was hard to register that I could feel her breasts against me. They were so soft!

I drew back and slid up again. Our bodies were perspiring. Her hands held to me tightly. I pushed again. With each stroke, I began to feel the edge of my boxers coming down. I didn't care at that point and continued my gentle thrusts. I could feel the tip of my penis emerge from the fabric. It was now against her skin. My precum and her sweat made the flesh so slippery. I pushed against her again. Sara was breathing hard. Really hard. She was so hot, so wet with sweat. Her hair was clinging to both our bodies as we embraced. Her hot breath spilled over my chest. I felt her lips tighten and kiss me once, and then again. As I pushed my erection between her breasts she gave in and hungrily began kissing my chest, gasping and quietly moaning into me.

I cradled her head and ran my fingers through her hair. I heard her whimper. It was too much.

...I felt it building, throbbing...felt the throbbing pressure grow stronger and stronger...I held it...I held on...she whimpered again...it kept building...I held her tight...clutched her head to my chest...she kissed me again and whimpered, "Cum on me...".

I burst! My cum boiled out and shot between us in strong gushes, drenching our skin with semen. She moaned and rubbed her chest up and down against me as my penis pulsed and shot my seed onto her. I groaned with each shot, holding her tightly. Cum had splashed up onto my chest and on her neck, slid down between my legs and dribbled down her belly. Streaks of my semen covered us both as we panted and writhed together.

Sara was gasping, trembling. Without warning, she turned her head in and started kissing my chest again hungrily. I felt her grab her breasts again and felt her kneading them in her hands as her lips crawled over my wet skin, working down. When her chin bumped the wet tip of my still-engorged penis, she quickly jerked her head back up, exhaled, and kissed my chest once more.

Sara opened her eyes and looked up at me. I could only admire the sight she was: her hair was all wet, her forehead glistening, holding her cum-splashed breasts in her hands.

We smiled at each other. It was a smile that said we both knew we should stop, but wanted more. I slipped the band of my boxers back up to cover myself and she turned around and picked her bra up off the floor. I grabbed a few tissues from a box on my desk and gave them to her and she cleaned herself off, facing away, then got her bra and shirt back on.

I went and sat on my bed and she sat with me for a moment. We just sat in silence for a little bit, enjoying the intimacy. Eventually she stood, stretched and gave me a hug. Giving me a smile over her shoulder, she left my room and shut the door after herself.

Chapter 12

My sister's regular attention to my physical needs was really improving my overall mood - the depression I was in prior to that Thursday night had lifted now that we had talked about things a little more and I knew Sara didn't feel manipulated or taken advantage of. However my desire still ran pretty high. Tanya was still a huge turn-on at school and it was hard not to come home and immediately want to masturbate thinking about her full breasts and the way she smiled after a joke. It hadn't helped that she was wearing such awesome jeans on Tuesday, or the low-collar black top she wore the next day. I was just doing my best to try not to obsess over her and instead enjoy working closely with her on our projects and be happy with that, so that I wouldn't let my thoughts about her influence my thoughts about Sara. I really respected my sister and wanted to be as true to her as possible.

Which wasn't easy. But I was trying.

As a result the last week overall with Sara had been really nice. Despite everything else going on in our lives, we were making an effort to spend more time together, enjoying each other's company. We had even spontaneously gone to see a movie together, something we hadn't done in a couple of years. It was just nice to have someone at home who you knew cared for you. Not that we didn't before, but we were becoming more affectionate with one another. We were a lot closer now - and not just physically.

So when another Friday evening came, though I really wanted to ask her to be with me so I could masturbate, instead I opted to just enjoy watching one of her favorite movies with her. And when it had finished and she had fallen asleep I helped her to her room to put her to bed. She hadn't minded me being in the room while she slipped into her pajamas, though she made me look away for a moment. And I tucked her in, and kissed her on the forehead before leaving.

However when Saturday evening came, I was really ready for some help. As soon as our parents had gone to bed, I asked if she would mind. We were watching TV in the den again, but nothing interesting. We were mainly there to enjoy being on the couch together.

She happily agreed and we shut off the TV.

"So what are you in the mood for tonight?" She asked, grinning.

"You always ask me that and it feels weird to give you suggestions." I said.

"I'm never sure what to start with!" She giggled. "Give me some idea, would you?"

"Well, you could just take everything off...that'd be nice." I said and grinned.

She raised an eyebrow and laughed. "I'll bet you'd like that." She waited a beat and then added, "And you're not the only one."

I paused. That wasn't the response I was expecting. "Really? I was kidding." I told her.

"Well yeah! I figured!" She teased. "I'm just saying, the way you look at me...I'd love to see your face if I did that."

Wow. This was a cool conversation.

"Um...well, there you go. I gave you a great idea." I joked.

She smiled. Then she thought for a moment. "I'll tell you what. If you really want...I'll show you something tonight but you have to be in my room."

To say I was enthusiastic in agreeing would be a huge understatement.

She grinned and got up from the couch. I followed her into her room and waited for her to put a few things away to make room. She gestured for me to sit on her bed and stood there to watch me undress, grinning. Feeling really awkward (as seemed to be normal now) I took off my clothes and sat in front of her on her bed, in just my boxers.

Sara reached up and adjusted her long hair and gave me a really enticing look. She reached up and slipped one strap of her tank top off her shoulder. Then she slipped down the other. My dick started to stiffen and I squirmed, trying to give it room.

"So...are you interested?" She asked, demurely. She playfully batted her eyes at me.

In response I nodded my head and held my breath.

She smiled, quietly, and with all the grace a woman has, she began to slowly pull down the front of her tank top. She didn't have a bra on underneath, so more and more of her soft flesh was revealed to my eyes. Her shoulders were now bare, as was the top of her chest, down an inch of two below the start of the slow rise of her breasts. Her shirt drifted further down and the soft crevice between her breasts grew deeper and more distinct. Her flesh looked so smooth.

The edge of her tank top now got tighter as it was reaching the crest of her bust, and I could see her skin tug a little against the pressure from the fabric. She had uncovered more than the top half of her breasts and was probably only an inch or so from her nipples.

There, Sara paused, and looked up at me. I realized that I had started stroking my dick over my boxers, though I didn't even remember doing it. I looked up at her and sighed, smiling. "Wow." I said.

She raised an eyebrow, mischievously and with a little tug her shirt slipped down to her stomach.

I wasn't even breathing, I would later realize. And my heart was beating so hard I could feel it in my head.

There, right in front of me, not five feet away, my sister stood with her shirt dropped down. Her breasts hung there like large teardrops, swaying ever so gently. Her pert, little nipples were the color of new rosebuds and seemed to point to me. My sister was...flawless. Her breasts were just stunning and though I was looking at her I couldn't believe my eyes. Sara was just smiling at me, her full breasts naked before me. This was the most incredible thing my sister had ever done for me.

I was already pumping my dick pretty hard as she asked; "Well?" with a little pleased grin. She already knew what I thought. I just shook my head, unable to put anything intelligent into words.

I pumped my dick through my boxers as I stared at my sister's soft nipples. She smiled and put her hands together over her head, reaching up toward the ceiling and arching her back in a big, pretend stretch. She pushed her chest out and let out a satisfied sigh for my benefit. I was barely holding on now, every stroke I made on my dick felt like it would be the last. She finished her stretch and slid her hands up her stomach and wrapped them around her breasts to cup them loosely. I could feel my orgasm building and started thrusting my cock in my hand.

I jerked my dick hard and as my orgasm came the tip of my penis poked out through the front flap of my boxers and my first shot of semen squirted out onto the floor in plain view. I heard Sara say, "Oh!" and realized what was happening. My mind foggy, I tried to get my dick back in but was less than successful and ended up releasing more cum that landed right on my boxers and hand until I got it back in and finished depositing my load in my boxers.

"Nice show!" she said.

I was gasping for air and would have blushed if I wasn't already. Sara didn't even bother to cover her breasts yet. She just stood there smiling at me happily. I tried not to stare but she seemed to be enjoying it.

"So how does it feel to be the first guy to get to see me topless?" She asked.

"Wow. Um, awesome." I replied.

"My tissues are over there." She said, pointing to her desk.

I stood to go get a few but Sara walked right up to me so I stopped. She looked down at the wet spots on her carpet. I felt nervous having her so close to me.

"Sorry about the mess." I said. She looked up and smiled, taking another step closer.

"It's fine, silly, but after all this you owe me something."

About a thousand ideas popped into my head but I simply said, "Hmm?"

Looking right in my eyes she asked, "Will you hug me?"

I easily agreed.

My sister, proudly topless, stepped up close and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her naked breasts touch my chest and press against me, felt the erotic intimacy as our nearly naked bodies embraced. My body felt flooded with warmth. She put her face against my neck and probably would have purred, the tender way she was holding me. I drifted my hands along her bare back, enjoying the feel of her skin.

Our embrace went past the normal time for a hug and we continued holding each other.

She sighed into my neck and I tilted my head closer against hers. Her hands were slowly feeling my back as I was sliding my hands over hers. She sighed again and I could feel her lips against my neck, and it felt a bit like a kiss. I nuzzled my head against hers to encourage her and felt her lips move again against my neck and felt her breath on my skin. I put my hands on the sides of her body, feeling her ribs, and slowly slid them up. When my thumbs met the sides of her breasts, I felt her nuzzle her face against my neck again and exhale, touching her parted lips to my neck again. I allowed my thumbs to slide inward, following the sides of her pert breasts toward my chest. She responded by relaxing her hold on me so her breasts weren't held so tightly against me. I pulled my thumbs in further along the bulge of her breasts up to where her chest touched mine.

Sara pulled her stomach away and nuzzled her face deeper into my neck, loosely trailing her lips across the skin. This had further relaxed the pressure of her chest against mine allowing my thumbs to slide forward along her breasts until I knew I was almost touching her nipples. There was a moment's pause and I'm not sure who moved first but she began to hungrily kiss my neck as my thumbs slid onto her nipples. After that, any measure of control we had gave way and I slid my hands right over her breasts and began to fondle them as she gasped and moaned, kissing my neck and feeling my head and neck with her hands.

This was pure joy for both of us as we held each other, touching, kissing and feeling. I started kissing her neck as I felt her pert breasts and gently tugged at her nipples. Sara kissed my neck and pushed her chest firmly against my hands. Our heads were soon cheek to cheek and the next thing either of us knew we began to touch our lips together, pretending not to kiss for a moment and just exhaling and lightly rubbing our lips together, but then it became an undeniable kiss and we took to it hungrily. She moved her hand from my head and put it on my waist, then started reaching in. I only kissed her harder and she moved her hand to the front of my wet boxers, reached down and grabbed my crotch. My dick had been flaccid through most of this and though a full erection wasn't yet possible, it started to fill out more and became thicker as she fondled me.

She was just about to reach for my balls when a loud, electronic sound went off and startled us both. We jumped and let go of each other, and it took an awkward second for us both to realize that it was her cell phone announcing an incoming text message. We both wiped our mouths off and kind of scattered for our clothes before we cooled off and calmed down. I looked at her as she put her shirt back on and we exchanged an awkward smile and then stopped for a second.

"That really scared me!" she said.

"I totally freaked." I agreed.

There was a pause, and then we exchanged looks and started laughing. She was blushing, and I'm sure I was too. We smiled at each other again, this time with less awkwardness.

"Um...so...I think I should go get cleaned up." I said.

"Yeah...that's a good idea." She said, grinning. "I think I'm going to go take a cold shower."

I thought of something, and then decided to go ahead and say it. "Need company?"

She laughed and playfully slapped my shoulder as I chuckled and left her room. I returned to mine and cleaned myself up, then lay on my bed for a while, thinking about everything that just happened. I didn't know it, but she was still in her room, doing the same.

Chapter 13

It was a quiet afternoon outside and the weather was fantastic. I suddenly felt the need to get out of the house and enjoy it, so I asked Sara if she wanted to go to a park for a little while. Surprised at my offer, she happily agreed and son we were in my car, heading out to a trail in one of the more rustic parks nearby.

We parked in the gravel lot and found a handful of other cars there as well, and set off on one of my favorite trails. The trail led us through a nice mixture of woods and would occasionally break out into clearings with gorgeous views down a hillside of a valley below. I thought she looked so beautiful against the landscape. Her blonde hair flowed freely, her face beamed and her walk was carefree.

We had been talking about a lot of things so far on our outing, and it was inevitable that our conversation turn to our new physical interests in each other. With such weather and such a setting, it was impossible to feel the concern or worry we both admitted we felt at home.

"We seem to get carried away pretty often" I admitted to her.

She agreed, and laughed a little. "Yeah. I dunno. I'm really enjoying this, enjoying you, and everything. Are you getting worried again?"

I shrugged. "I don't know what to think anymore! I'm enjoying it too...a lot." I grinned over at her. "You're awesome." She looked at me and smiled. We walked on in silence for a while.

'Did mom tell you that Tanya called?" Sara asked.

I was a little startled at the sudden mention of Tanya's name. "Um, I...no." I stammered.

"Yeah, she called the house last evening to see if you were around. She said she had questions about one of your projects but mom thought she made that part up."

I nodded. "Okay. Well, we do have a project together. Maybe it was legit."

Sara burst out in a giggle. "Alex! You like her!" I was flustered by her laughter and didn't know what to say. Sara took notice after a second and immediately stopped. "Aw, I'm not teasing, I think it's cute! What's she like?"

I looked at her for a second, feigning mistrust, but then obliged and started telling her about Tanya. When I was done Sara pressed for me to admit that I liked her. I frowned but said, "Yeah. I do."

"Aw!" My sister was beaming over at me. "That's awesome." She grabbed my hand and held on as we walked together. A few yards further, she glanced over at me and said, "So I guess you'll need my company even more until you work up the nerve to ask her out." and flashed me a little grin.

I promptly chased her a quarter of a mile and she laughed the entire way.

The rest of our conversations went well and we both felt good about each other. As we stood looking out over a rolling valley she leaned against me happily and we held hands. I gave her a loving kiss on the cheek to which she sighed happily. We ended up holding hands all the way back to the car.

I waited an extra few days after the last night we were together. I used all the self control I had to make sure I wasn't just using her. I knew she didn't mind, but in my heart, I wanted to respect her and not think of her as my way to get off.

However, I inevitably reached the point where all I could think about was her, and porn, and girls and sex. It was a Tuesday - I had made it through the weekend - but really couldn't go any further.

After dinner, our parents retired to the den to watch TV while Sara and I did dishes.

"Hey, um, do you think you could help me out tonight?" I asked while drying a dish she had handed me.

She looked over and smiled. "Yeah! Of course." She handed me another plate. "What are you in the mood for tonight?" she asked sweetly.

I decided to give in to her silly question again. Shrugging, I said, "Well, um, those are nice jeans you're wearing...especially when you bend over."

She grinned as she scrubbed another plate then glanced over at me. "When I bend over, huh? So you'd like a better view maybe?"

"I wouldn't mind it at all." I admitted.

"Okay. I'll stop by and see what I can do." she said.

We finished the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Our parents stopped in to thank us on their way up to bed. My sister stayed to talk to my mom for a few minutes and I went back to my room, grabbed a car magazine and waited.

About ten minutes later, Sara knocked on the door and came in. She was still wearing the same outfit.

"Hey." she said, closing the door.

'Hey." I replied.

"You going to get comfortable?" she asked.

"Mm-hmm." I said. I took my shirt off, then stood and dropped my jeans. I sat back on my bed in my boxers, already getting erect.

She looked at my boxers and said, "Well I guess you're ready!" She turned around, looking at me over her shoulder. "So you think these jeans look good on me huh?"

"Yeah. They look great on you." I said, quite truthfully. They highlighted her round buns perfectly.

"Better or worse than Tanya?" she asked. Sara laughed seeing the look on my face and quickly added, "I'm just kidding! You don't have to answer."

She was fiddling with the front of her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them. "These were on sale." she said and started sliding them down her hips. She uncovered a pair of grey, cotton panties with pink stripes- nothing outstanding, but they looked great on her.

Watching her step out of her jeans, I said, "They would have been worth full price." She looked back and grinned. She stood back up and ran her hands back and ran them over the curves of her butt. Reaching to top of her panties, she slowly started to pull down the edge.

I watched as her butt crack appeared and followed the edge of her panties down until she uncovered her entire butt.

"These were on sale too. I got them on a three for one sale." She said, letting her panties drop to the floor.

I chuckled. "I like this discount better - fully off."

She looked back, raising her eyebrow in amusement. "That was pretty lame." she smiled.

"Yeah...well I'm distracted." I said, starting to rub my erection over my boxers. Her butt looked so great - she looked so great. Her hips were so curved, her cheeks so tight...flawless skin. She watched me masturbate while I stared at her naked butt. I tried to ignore the train of her gaze as I'm sure she was trying to ignore mine. It was such an awkward situation, that we were intentionally creating such a sexual situation yet trying not to get too involved.

She shifted her legs for a moment and for a split second I almost got to see a glimpse of her crotch. I groaned.

"What?" She asked.

"I, uh, don't suppose you could bend over a little more..." I suggested.

She looked puzzled and did as I asked. Her legs were spread just a little bit and I could almost see between them.

"Hey! Wait a second!" She said, realizing what I had done. She laughed, straightening. She pursed her lips and shook her head, pretending to be surprised. "You're such a boy." She glanced down at my hand rubbing over my cock. "Tell you what...if you're so interested to see me there; I'll admit I'd like to see you take that out too."

I looked up at her. "Um, I'm not going to disagree. Are you sure?" I asked.

She nodded, suddenly a little nervous as she realized I would take her up on it.

She was obviously trying to decide. "Crap. Should we?"

There was a moment's pause.

I said, "Would you regret it?"

She looked at me and I at her. We both started to smile, shyly.

"Can I sit on the bed with you?"

I turned to make room, turning to face the other end of the bed. She walked over to the bed, keeping her side facing me so I couldn't see anything yet. She sat on the other end of the bed and turned towards me, keeping her knees together. What had been awkward before was even more so, now that we were both on my bed, intending to show each other something very personal.

"Do you feel like we're kids again, playing house?" she asked.

I thought for a second. Suddenly all those memories of playing "house" together came back...along with the memories of pretending to be Mom & Dad.

"Oh my word, yes. Did you have to remember that now?" I said, chuckling.

She laughed, blushing. "I'm sorry! I...was, um...curious." She confessed. We both laughed, easing the tension.

After we had calmed down, I asked, "Want me to go first?" She sat there looking at me for a moment, hugging her knees and biting her thumbnail, then nodded. I started sliding my boxers down. I uncovered my large, obvious erection and had to lift my hips to slide my boxers down and off. Sara's eyes were glued to my finally naked penis.

Once I was sitting back up, she looked down at herself hesitantly. Slowly, while keeping the tops of her knees together, she spread her feet half a yard apart in front of her. With her feet spread I could follow her smooth inner thighs as they led deeper between her legs and surrounded a set of lips hiding in shadows. My sister's femininity was now uncovered for me - those two lips were her most private treasure, hidden from every person except me. As she looked at my throbbing penis, I gazed with longing and wonder at her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the delicate entrance it guarded.

We were probably silent and motionless for a full two minutes, despite the feeling that my entire body was quaking with excitement and that I could hear nothing over the pounding of my heartbeat in my ears.

I put my hand back on my dick and started to stroke it slowly, staring at her cunt. She continued chewing on her nail nervously as she watched my balls shake with each tug I made.

After a few quiet moments of this, she cleared her throat and whispered, "Do you want me to come a little closer?"

I nodded, kind of surprised. My sister scooted closer on the bed until her feet were close to mine. I spread mine apart further, so she scooted even closer until her feet were under my calves.

"That okay?" she whispered, glancing up at me.

I tugged on my shaft, mesmerized, as I stared at her crotch. I could now easily see her labia, the thick, fleshy lips, surrounding her most inner folds. Her inner lips were protruding out from the thicker skin around them. There was a trail of hair that ran down between her legs and around her cunt - very well trimmed and very sexy.

I felt my penis starting to tingle with the building of an orgasm. "I'm going to cum soon..." I told her. For the hell of it I faked a laugh and said, "Want me to get it on you?" teasingly. I glanced up to find her staring at me, biting her lip.

"Maybe not 'on'." she muttered.

One of her feet brushed the underside of my calf. I let out a breath and looked back down between my sister's long legs. She picked her foot up and gently slid it along my inner thigh until her toes nearly brushed my hand. I looked back up at her and she glanced up at me but it was kind of obvious that neither of us really wanted to say anything at the moment.

Her little, painted toes touched the underside of my balls. I groaned as I felt her foot press in a little deeper into such a sensitive spot.

What followed was a surprise to us both. Everything came on so intensely that I couldn't stop and think about it, I just grabbed her foot by the ankle and lifted it up, pumped my dick once or twice and began squirting my semen all over my sister's foot. She didn't move away as I shook and trembled, my cum running down her foot and over my hand onto the bed.

When I had finished my climax and calmed down, I sat back and was able to pull some tissues from a nearby box (fancy that, a box of tissues by the bed of a single guy). Perhaps more tenderly than I meant to be, I cradled her foot in my hand and slowly wiped her foot dry. I carefully wiped out between each of her toes and she crinkled them and giggled when it tickled.

I put her foot down and sat back down. I was terribly self conscious of my nakedness but she made no move for her clothes yet. I looked up at her to find her looking at me intently with a little grin. I smiled back and her grin broke out into a happy smile.

She stretched and sighed happily. After a moment she said, nearly under her breath but not quite, "Too bad we're family."

"Sara!" I chuckled, surprised. She just shrugged and gave me a little look that made me shiver before standing and getting dressed. I watched her for a moment, enjoying the simple beauty of a girl getting dressed and then got up to get my clothes back on as well.

Once we were all "put back together" we awkwardly stood close to each other before she left. She bit her lip again, looking at me and I kissed her forehead and hugged her. It felt strange to be completely dressed and hugging my sister like this after what we'd just done moments before. So I kissed her on the forehead again. I leaned back and she was again just looking at me intently.

I walked her over to the door and she stood to the side of the door to allow me to open it. I didn't do so yet and just looked at her. Seeing that my hand was not turning the knob she looked up at me. I looked further into her eyes. She returned my stare unflinchingly. I stepped closer and she didn't move. I came right up to her and she didn't even bend back. I leaned my head in and pressed my lips to her and she hungrily returned my kiss.

My hands slid under her shirt to grip her waist and I pushed her back against the wall, kissing her. I kissed my little sister hard, pushing my body against her. I slid my hands to the front of her jeans and started to undo them. She started breathing more heavily, gasping as I opened the front of her jeans. She frantically helped me slide them down and kicked them off her feet and allowed my hand to slide over the front of her panties. She whimpered into my mouth as I touched my fingers lower down over her pubes. I could feel Sara's hair through her thin panties and she was nearly shaking against me now.

My fingertips went under her body, following the natural grove deeper between her legs. Her panties were very moist and her hands were digging into my back as I touched my sister in a place, and in a way, she'd never let anyone do before.

The next ten minutes were a passionate blur of touching her, feeling her trembling, tasting my sister's tongue against mine, her breasts heaving against my chest. My fingertips caressed her between her legs and by her whimpers she told me what she wanted. I took some of her for myself, sliding my fingertips back farther to feel the crack between her cheeks, feeling her shaking thighs.

Before she nearly fell she was grinding her pussy against my fingers, thrusting herself on my hand, her face buried in my neck and her arms around my head as I held her and touched her. She had eventually frozen, spasms passing through her cunt, and would have been grunting if she had been able to breathe. I felt her legs give way and was just quick enough to grab her and keep her from falling straight to the ground.

I picked her up, picked up my sister's quivering, gasping body and laid her on my bed. I stood over her, brushing her forehead with my fingers and whispering to her how beautiful she was and how incredible she was and how important she was to me.

It took some time but eventually she started breathing more easily and closed her eyes and smiled as I whispered to her. She opened her eyes to look at me and took my hand from her head and kissed it. She pulled me down and gave me the biggest, most earnest hug I'd ever had from her.

When she was ready I helped her up and again watched her straighten up her clothes and slide her jeans back on. I hugged her and we kissed just once more until she finally decided to walk out the door to her own room.

It's no surprise she woke up dreadfully late for classes the next day.

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Part 3

Chapter 14

Like a silent observer, the silver face of the moon shone down on me as I made my way around the car to the passenger side and tugged the handle. Tanya smiled at me as she stepped out, making sure to grab her purse before I tossed the door shut and turned to walk with her down that long stretch of sidewalk toward her apartment building. My stomach churned with nervousness as we stepped up to the large oak door, poorly lit by a mercury lamp overhead.

"That was a fun evening." I said, sounding more confident than I felt.

She gave me a huge grin and pulled a lock of her dark hair from her face. "Yeah it was really fun. I haven't been bowling since I was a little girl."

The "awkward moment", that spot of silence just before a goodnight had nearly arrived when I headed it off with a chuckle and said, "Next time maybe you should use a real ball instead of that little pink one."

She pretended to be insulted and retorted, "Well maybe if there had been any real balls there tonight I would have used them!" She laughed as I cringed at her well-played jab.

"Well I have to get in so I can read up for class." she said. "You'll call me, right?" she asked as she pulled the door handle forward.

"Um, yeah. Of course." I said, stammering and then stepping back as another tenant of the apartments made their way out of the building past Tanya and me.

"Okay. Have a good night! I really enjoyed our date." Tanya said with a sweet smile as she slipped inside.

The door closed behind her and I stood there for just a minute, absently fumbling with my keys. I turned around and started back towards my car, casting a glance at the bright moon that had witnessed Tanya turning me away at her door for the third time in so many dates.

I reflected on the past week. Tanya had called about two weeks ago with some questions about a project. When I called back we talked about our class assignments at first but then started to talk about ourselves until we were just chatting and having fun. My sister, Sara, knew I was on the phone with her and stopped by my room to tease me about it. She stopped back a little while later and had written, "Have you asked her out yet?" on a paper. When I nodded no she made a frowning face and shook her head in mock disappointment. It was clear she was going to keep pushing at me to ask Tanya out, and I really did want to, so I surprised myself by asking her to dinner that next Tuesday after classes. She was a little surprised but easily agreed. Sara gave me a big smile and later told me she was glad I finally did it since she knew I liked her. I kind of liked how Sara was encouraging me to go out with Tanya.

We did go out that Tuesday and again that Friday, and for the heck of it we went out bowling tonight, Sunday, and it had gone really well. I knew we were still getting to know each other beyond just being classmates. It's not like I was expecting to be invited upstairs tonight for a night of passion, I just wanted a kiss or a hug or anything more than just a smile to say goodnight. Maybe I was just in too much of a hurry. Stupid hormones.

Frustrated, I got back in my car and drove off. It was a half hour drive back home and by the time I reached my family's house I had calmed down considerably. I knew that part of my frustration was that Tanya was probably the first girl I'd ever had the gumption to ask out on a normal date and I was putting a lot of hope into our relationship. I really did like her and found her so attractive. I just couldn't understand how she could be such a tease and make all the dirty jokes she did in our classes and yet not even give me a hint that any of her playfulness was geared toward anything more.

As I reached the front door of my house I realized that although I had calmed down I still didn't understand so I just shook my head and mentally put the whole thing aside for now.

It was after midnight and I was careful not to make a lot of noise lest I wake my parents and my sister, Sara, up. However as I made my way into the house I could hear the TV on in the den and peaked in to see an empty room but a telltale bowl with a few popcorn kernels and a mostly empty cup of water. I walked back towards my room and saw that the light was on in the bathroom, telling me that Sara was still up. I could hear the shower running.

I knocked quietly on the door and heard her muffled reply. I turned the knob and peaked my head in, finding myself suddenly in a world of warm mist and the scent of strawberries and thirty or more exotic herbs as the soap bottle no doubt promised. Sara poked her head out from around the shower curtain, water dripping from her cheerful face.

"Hey, just wanted to let you know I was home." I said, smiling.

"Okay. Thanks." She said and smiled back.

I stepped back out of the bathroom and shut the door behind me, then went to my room and changed into my pajamas before heading back to the den.

Just as I was almost invested in whether the leaf-cutting ant would make it through the rainstorm (thank goodness for nature shows), Sara came in and smiled when she saw what I was watching.

"It was either this or a commercial about an exercise machine that looks like it should be illegal." I quipped.

She rolled her eyes playfully at me and sat on the floor against the couch where I was laying. Sara was wearing her nightgown and her blonde hair hung in damp strands - mostly dry, but not quite.

"That's why I was watching a movie you goof." she said, taking the remote from me and pointing it at the DVD player to resume what she had been watching. Fortunately it was a movie I liked, although I would have been grateful for anything I could shut my mind down to watch.

A few minutes in, I noticed her rolling her head around, stretching her neck. She reached up and started to massage one of the muscles in her shoulder.

"Does your neck hurt again?" I asked, over the movie.

It took a second for her to register that I had said something and she looked back so I repeated myself. She nodded. "Yeah, it's been giving me a headache."

"Well here, let me." I said and sat up behind her. I reached down and started to massage her shoulders. Sara had been getting tension headaches for years ever since she had gone into high school. She had found that keeping her neck and shoulders loose really helped prevent the headaches from growing too strong and she'd trained both our parents and myself to give a good neck massage pretty much whenever she asked.

"Oh, thank you." She said, dropping her hand. She sighed.

Rubbing my sister's shoulders was all the more enjoyable now, with the closeness we had together. It wasn't erotic, it was my love for her as her brother. And she knew that.

After two or so scenes of the movie had passed, she tilted her head back, looking much more relaxed. "Can I ask you to rub my feet too?"

I nodded so she got up on the couch, sitting on the opposite end and putting her feet on my lap. Again, this wasn't new, though it was less frequent. She only asked for a foot rub when she was really stressed. Fortunately she had very pretty, delicate feet and it was no problem to me to rub them for her. We both were turned toward the TV as I gently kneaded the soft soles of her feet, and between her toes. Just to help her relax more, I massaged her ankles and her calves for a little while. I enjoyed the silky smoothness of her legs and the firm feel of her muscles.

"So how was your date?" she asked, smiling at me.

I shrugged. "Fun, we had a good time."

My fingers continued to knead her calf muscles and I heard her sigh. Then she giggled and asked, "So did you kiss her goodnight?"

I moved back to her feet and massaged the soles again, then found it more comfortable to play with her toes - massaging the joints, softly bending each one to stretch the muscles, kneading the areas between her toes.

"No, I didn't really get the chance."

She gave me a look and I could tell she felt my disappointment.

"You need to be cheered up, don't you?" she asked. When I nodded, she slipped her feet away from me and stood up, then got me to lay down on the floor next to the couch.

"Here. Since you're being so nice let me do the same for you." she said. She laid on the floor with me but with her feet by my head and her head by my feet.

Propped on her side, Sara took one of my feet in her hands and began to massage it. Following her lead I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around one of her feet as well to continue where I had left off.

Feeling my sister's fingers work into the soles of my feet made me even more attentive to rubbing hers and I did my best to make sure I gave her as good as what she was giving me. She'd never done this for me before and it was really soothing to me as and was helping me forget about my frustration with Tanya.

After a while I became so relaxed that my brain shut down and I just kept rubbing her toes as I watched the movie. Hearing her voice startled me. I looked over to find her looking at me with an odd look on her face. I gave her a questioning look to get her to repeat whatever she had said.

"I said, that's turning me on." She told me with an embarrassed grin.

"Oh...um, sorry." I said, and smiled. I looked at her foot to see myself massaging her between her toes. After a second I asked, "Just from that?"

She nodded. "It was really relaxing at first...it's just getting me a little worked up the other way."

I wasn't sure what to say, so I just smiled and put more pressure to the spaces I was rubbing.

She pursed her lips, pretending to be irritated, but laughed. "Alex!" She scolded. I shrugged just to tease her.

I rubbed her toes, then looked up at her. She looked at me. I'm not sure why I did but as she was watching I pulled her foot forward until her little, painted toes were right in front of me and I kissed them.

"Alex!" she said, laughing but a little urgent.

I decided to go with it and kissed one of her smaller toes. She bit her lip and a moment later she had spread her toes for me. I slipped one of her toes into my mouth and licked it, slipping my tongue around the little digit and between it's neighbors. I thought I heard her groan and her foot twitched but her toes stayed spread apart to let me lick between them more easily.

"Oh gosh..." I heard her say and I continued to twirl my tongue across the sensitive undersides of her soft little toes. It was a weird feeling to know this was my sister's toes in my mouth but I enjoyed knowing she was taking such pleasure out of what I was giving her.

I felt her body move closer to me until she was hugging my calves with her face against my shins. Her breasts were pressed against my thighs and my dick was pressed against her belly. Her foot crinkled and her toes bent and straightened as I sucked on her toes.

It was only a few more moments later that I felt her begin to move. She pulled her foot out of my grasp and shifted her weight to push me onto my back with her on top. I had to quickly reposition my arms as she slid her feet under and past my shoulders and sat back, straddling my head. All I saw, with the hem of her nightgown surrounding me, was the crotch of her panties...only several inches above my face.

"If you're always in this mood after a date..." she began and ended with a frustrated, anxious sigh.

With the sounds and light from the movie surrounding us, I felt my pulse quicken as I memorized every line and curve of her body above me and every thread I could see of her cotton underwear. I could smell her feminine scent and feel the heat radiating from between her legs as I reached into my pajama pants and started to stroke my firming erection. I breathed deep and let my hand pleasure my cock, knowing she was watching.

Sara put her hands on my chest and I nearly jumped at the touch of her skin. As I rubbed my dick in front of her, she started to slowly gyrate her hips, sensually moving her crotch around in front of my eyes. I could already feel precum starting to dampen my PJ's as I stared at my sister's panties. Her fingertips pressed deeper into my skin and she began to knead my chest. In return I put my free hand on her bare thigh.

I felt her hands slowly work down my chest, over my ribs. Her crotch dipped closer to my face as she moved it around. Without being fully aware of it, I applied some pressure to the top of her thigh with my hand, encouraging her to move down. She didn't need much encouragement and in a moment she pressed her panties against my face. I opened my mouth and began to hungrily kiss her through the fabric. It was a weird and mind-blowing thing I was doing - kissing my sister's crotch. But I wanted it and by the way she was pushing herself against me, it was clear she wanted me to do it. My thoughts alternated between thinking how awesome this was and how this was my sister and how we probably shouldn't do this, but I didn't want to stop.

I continued pumping my dick. I felt the elastic of my boxers sink down a little and I knew I might be uncovering some of my penis, but I didn't care. She probably couldn't see too much by the light from the TV, I reasoned. I just pushed my lips deep against Sara's cunt, my nose sticking between her butt cheeks, and licked her. The fabric of her panties was stretched tight and completely wet and I could feel her soft flesh trapped underneath.

I realized her hands were still moving down, now gliding along my stomach, then past my bellybutton. They kept going and in just a moment, my head reeled as I felt her fingers slip under the edge of my PJ's and touch the fringe of my pubic hair.

Pressing my lips against her soft mound I breathed deeply of her young, womanly scent and tasted her excitement through the wet fabric. Her fingers reached closer and closer until they touched the base of my shaft. I kissed her with all I had, devouring her through her panties as she tenderly massaged my groin. Her body began to shift and I realized she was bending over.

The next thing I knew, her face touched the front of my PJ's and my erection. She paused, at first, just keeping her face against my dick. I slid my hand away and out of my PJ's, making sure to pull the elastic back up to keep myself covered (not wanting to assume anything). Her hips continued to move against my face and I continued kneading her cunt through her panties with my lips. I felt her face move against my cock, and she began to rub her cheeks and lips up and down the length through the fabric. She was slow and cautious at first but as I put more pressure between her legs she applied more pressure and fondled my cock with her face.

As I pressed my face against my sister where it didn't belong, she returned the favor. I felt her kissing the shaft and felt her fingers kneading my pubes. I could feel the stimulation on my dick reaching the max, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight for a moment, mashing my mouth against her. I heard her moan and felt her lips wrap around the head of my penis, over the fabric of my PJ's, and for a second I saw stars.

I think I nearly threw her off as my body strained to cum, and I know my ejaculation pushed my cum through the fabric and between her lips. As my semen was oozing out and she kissed the head of my dick, I hungrily continued licking her panties and kissing her quivering softness. When my ejaculating had finally slowed, she sat back up, reached a hand down her panties and began rubbing herself. She pressed her crotch against my mouth again and I could feel her fingers on either side of her cunt as she directed my mouth to one spot. I obliged and kissed and nursed her there and she writhed and moaned and shook for several minutes before finally slowing down.

There was a quiet moment that followed our little storm and we both spent it breathing deeply and caressing each other with tenderness. She slid her hand out of her panties and clambered to her feet.

"I'm gonna go freshen up." she whispered and quickly ducked out the door. The light from the bathroom shone into the hallway as she went in. I laid on the couch, totally blown away at what we just did. The movie was still on - almost over. I got up and cleaned off then lay back down.

I had almost fallen asleep by the time Sara came back in. I groggily rubbed my face, noticing that her scent was still on my lips, and looked up to find her smiling at me.

"Aw, you look so tired." she said, adoringly. I drowsily smiled back at her. "Why don't we get to bed. Come on." She held out a hand and helped me stand up. I slowly walked out of the room as she turned off the TV and followed me down the hallway. I stopped in the bathroom and when I came out she was still waiting patiently for me. She yawned but looked happy.

Upon entering my room I did nothing more than flop down onto my bed. I felt her pull the covers up over me. There was a stillness in the room and then I felt her hair touch my head, smelled her sweet breath and then felt her lips press tenderly against mine. It wasn't a kiss ever to be shared by a brother and sister but that night it was. Her tongue touched and then curled over mine with all the passion and desire and gentleness a sister should never feel for her brother. And I kissed my sister back deeply and tenderly, like a man to his wife.

It felt like it lasted forever until she reluctantly pulled away and kissed me once more on the forehead before sighing and leaving me to sleep. And sleep came, though it took time for me to welcome it.

Chapter 15

"What?" I shouted, looking with annoyance back at the guy revving his car engine before tearing out of the parking lot.

Tanya turned to watch the guy swerve out into traffic. Once the noise had died down she turned back and smiled. "I said, do you want to do anything?"

It was now Wednesday afternoon and we had both just finished our last class that day and were leaving the school's campus. Although I was still a little unsure about how things were going, I wasn't even going to consider turning her down.

"Sure!" I said. "Want to grab lunch?"

She happily agreed and opted to leave her car there and drive over with me. We went to a local restaurant and got nice booth that looked down the main road in the town.

Tanya looked great today. Her long, brunette hair was casually pulled back and she still had a smudge of dirt on her wrist from one of the car engines we were working on for our class. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a white graphic and dark blue jeans. I really had trouble accepting that it was just the two of us and that she really seemed to like me.

Our lunch came and we ate it while talking about our projects and the other people in our classes, cars and different things we were trying to learn. She tore the end off of the paper wrapper of her straw and playfully blew the other half at me and giggled.

When the waitress asked if we wanted dessert there was an awkward moment where we both looked at each other. I finally said, "Well...I wouldn't mind some..."

Tanya laughed and said, "Me too!" We decided to split something and gave the waitress our order. After she walked away, Tanya grinned at me and said, "I'm glad you said that. I hate being the only one who wants a dessert."

I chuckled. "No problem. You seem like the kind of person I can be real around."

She paused and I realized she was staring at me. I looked up at her to find a thoughtful look on her face.

"Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate that you said that." I nodded and smiled kindly.

The dessert came and we picked up our forks to share the dish. She was quiet for a while but eventually began to open up and talk. Before my eyes went from being a gorgeous, self-sufficient woman to a vulnerable girl. She began to talk about how she had always been depressed in high school and had hated her appearance. She'd become bulimic and fought with it for years.

"I thought everything was changing when this one guy started to ask me out and we started to date. He became my whole world and I was so happy. I was thinking we'd get married right out of high school." she told me, nervously drawing designs on the plate with the tip of her fork.

Her boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with her and her depression made her break down and become bulimic again for another year.

She was silent for a little while. I was patient and waited.

She looked up at me, her expression pained but hopeful. "It took a lot of work for me to start to accept myself again. I know I have to be careful. I have to protect myself from getting too attached to people right away." She put down her fork and her hand reached out for mine and I gladly held it.

"I am so thankful for how kind you are and how patient you are with me. I know you were probably wondering what was wrong with me. I guess there is something wrong with me but I know what to do about it. And I'm really glad you haven't pushed me and seem to be okay that I'm taking this slow."

We just looked at each other for a little while. I cleared my throat and smiled at her. "Tanya, you're awesome. Thank you."

She looked down bashfully but kept holding my hand.

"For what it's worth, I really do like you. And I like you enough that I want to make sure you don't get hurt. I'll be honest with you and you can be honest with me and we'll just keep getting to know each other." I told her.

She smiled. "That sounds wonderful." She cleared her throat and looked around, then laughed at herself. "Sorry I got so serious."

I laughed. "No problem. Keep it up."

We talked for a while afterwards and then I took her back to her car. We waved to each other and she drove off and I returned home.

That evening I went into Sara's room and told her all about my conversation with Tanya. Sara smiled the whole time.

"Oh, that was so sweet! She really likes you." She said. Then she gave me a face and said, "Now don't screw it up!" and laughed. I chuckled too, secretly hoping I wouldn't.

Sara could read my thoughts though. "Alex, why are you worried?" She asked.

I hesitated for a moment before answering. "You know why. I'm worried I'll get impatient."

She looked at me and then stood and gave me a hug. With her arms still around my neck she looked into my eyes. "Hey, that's what I'm here for. I'm here to help you take the pressure off."

"Yeah, but that was for...you know...porn. I mean, I...just don't want to be using you."

She shrugged. "If I mind it I'll tell you." She bit her lip with a little smile. "So far I think we both know I'm enjoying it."

We stood there for a few moments in a casual hug, looking into each other's eyes.

"You're a great sister. This whole thing is crazy but I love you for it." She smiled as I put my forehead against hers.

"Oh, don't think too good of me. I'm a little greedy. You've been helping me out as much as I'm helping you." She admitted. "And I've really been enjoying how special you make me feel. I always knew I was important to you but seeing..." she hesitated and blushed, "...how much you like me makes me love being your sister."

I smiled. "So we're helping each other out then? It's not just to help me stay out of trouble?"

She looked aside and grinned and said, "Well I think we're staying out of trouble but getting into trouble too..." She giggled. "It's complicated. But yeah, we're helping each other. It's not just for you anymore."

"I like that better." I admitted. We looked at each other again and hugged tenderly.

"So when's your next date?" Sara asked as we finally let each other go and I was getting ready to go back to my room.

"I think I'll take her out this Friday night. I don't know what for yet."

"Okay. If you need to...relax..." and at this she smiled, "...don't worry about waking me up or anything."

I shook my head and grinned back at her and then left.

Chapter 16

By the time Friday came and Tanya and I went out on our date I was wound up and a little overwhelmed by all the emotional stuff I'd gone through with her and Sara. Our date was fun, really fun in fact. We had opted to go to a club that taught swing dancing and we'd spend the night watching the incredible moves of the experienced dancers and tried a little bit ourselves. Being so close to Tanya, seeing her laughing and having her hold onto me in the crowd of people was an incredible experience.

When the night was over and we arrived at her apartment I made a point of walking her to the door and offering her a hug after we'd said goodnight. I was really glad when she happily hugged me goodnight, although my affection for her really wanted more.

She went inside and I got in my car and drove home. I kept thinking about my sister's invitation to relax with her when I got home from my date and I couldn't help being eager to see her. I knew I should try to calm down and watch what I was thinking but I just kept thinking about her smiling at me when we talked about it, remembering how turned on she'd been the last few times we were together.

I found that it was after 1 a.m. when I got back home. My parents were obviously in bed and it looked like Sara was as well. I was a little frustrated so I went and took a shower to try to relax, then returned to my room and picked up a magazine to read. I put it down a moment later, unable to concentrate. I really wanted to see Sara, just to be with her tonight.

I crept to her room and opened the door a crack to verify that she was in bed. I went into her room and closed the door softly behind me. She was asleep, curled under her sheets. The moonlight filtered in through the blinds to give me just enough light to make my way over to her bed. I quietly called her name, then gently touched her shoulder and said her name again. She stirred, and mumbled a "Hmm?"

"Hey Sara, I'm home." I said. She stirred again and seemed to wake a little more. I repeated myself and this time she heard, though it was obvious she wasn't totally there.

"Okay." She whispered. She rubbed her eyes, waking up but still groggy . After a moment or so her head cleared and she managed a sleepy smile at me. "So you came to see me? I missed you. Sit down."

I obeyed her and sat on the edge of her bed. She quietly asked me how our date had gone and to my surprise and admiration she actually stayed awake and listened.

I asked about her day and listened as she groggily told me a few things that had happened, slowly waking up as she talked.

"Did you want help relaxing?" Sara asked quietly. I nodded. She stifled a cute yawn and said, "I don't want to get out of bed. Can you get in with me? Is that okay?"

"Um, yeah, sure." I said.

I slid under the covers and enjoyed the sweet smell of perfume on her sheets. They smelled so much of her that I had to fight not to get an erection too quickly. I lost that fight.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" I whispered. She mumbled a pleased, "Mm-hm" as she snuggled back against me. She giggled quietly when she felt my erection touch her butt.

"Would you feel more relaxed if we took care of that?" she asked.


"Do you want to take your shorts off?" She suggested in a whisper as though it would keep what we were doing more secret.

I was past the point of thinking twice, so I worked my shorts down and also got my shirt off. I turned to my side again, facing her back in the darkness. She move back against me and encouraged me to wrap my arms around her, and I did so cautiously. I wrapped my arms around my sister's small waist and she put her hands on mine where they rested on her stomach. Being naked under the sheets, holding my sister, sent a tremor of nervous anticipation through me.

"Go ahead." she whispered.

I gently began to push my penis upwards, guiding it a few inches along her butt cheeks. She held my hands a little tighter but otherwise was still. I drew myself back down and slowly pushed up again. I could feel her nightgown push deeper between her cheeks as my dick wedged into her crack. I slid myself up and down against her butt, holding her tight.

After several moments of this, I could feel our bodies growing much hotter and we were both beginning to sweat. My penis ground against her firm butt, sliding on the fabric of her nightgown. Her hands were gripping my arms tightly as we pushed together. Suddenly she began to shift and turn her body, holding my arms tight to her and forcing me to follow as she rolled onto her stomach, pulling me on top of her and sighing contentedly. She encouraged me to slide my hands to her hips, then put her arms under her head. She moaned happily as I resumed my thrusts.

Laying fully on top of my sister was a feeling I couldn't fully grasp. The excitement, the dangerous thrill of it was so much to take in. I concentrated on my dick, nestled between her fleshy butt cheeks as I rubbed it up and down. I couldn't believe we were like this. I couldn't believe my sister had just pulled me on top of her. She had just given me permission to use her body as I wished and as her moans suggested, she was as excited about it as I was.

Figuring I wouldn't get this chance again, I slowed my thrusts down and took a firmer grasp on her hips. I concentrated on sliding my penis as deep between her cheeks as I could get them through her nightgown. The sheets stuck to my back as I pulled my hips back and moved them forward to slide myself up. I heard her release a breathy gasp and she rocked her hips back a little, giving me access to as much of her butt as she could. I took the hint and worked my cock through the grove again, and again, seeing her smile in the moonlight. I reached my arms up and placed my hands on her ribs, just under her breasts where I could feel them against the edge of my hands. She moaned happily. She spread her legs a little. I wasn't sure what to do about that, wanting to be careful. I thrust a few more times deep into her cheeks, and with each pull back, dragged the tip of my dick a little further down each time. In response, I felt her get her knees under her a little, rocking her hips back more.

We were both fully concentrating on this game now. We both felt it when her nightgown lifted higher and my dick slipped past the edge and pressed against her panties. The head of my dick was now just under the crest of her buttocks and there was no way I could get her nightgown back down without some embarrassing struggle. So I cautiously pressed forward again, and, though she seemed nervous like me, she didn't stop me. My little sister let me press my dick between her cheeks, right against her soft panties.

I tucked my dick deep against her panties, wedging it into her crack. Each slow stroke I made against her soft body felt incredible. I closed my eyes, gripped her hips again and ground against her slowly.

I felt her moving and paused for a moment. She was reaching down to her waist and before I could figure out what she was doing, I felt her panties slide down and catch briefly on the tip of my dick before being pulled under the crest of her buttocks. Her body trembling, she then pressed her bare ass cheeks against my naked penis.

It felt like my body temperature had just doubled and I started to faintly see stars. My body reveled in the feel of her skin, her naked skin against mine. I just lay there, enthralled at the warmth I felt from her body. I started to stroke my dick against her crack and was pleased to feel it slide against her easily. In fact, it slid really easily. It only took me a moment until my dick had burrowed right between her cheeks.

She encouraged me along with a moan so I eagerly tucked my penis between her butt cheeks as I looked at her face in the moonlight. I even took the liberty of lightly touching the top of my balls against the bottom of her cheeks and really enjoyed hearing her happy groan. Her skin felt so good against mine, her cheeks were so smooth and warm.

I began to stroke my dick through her ass enthusiastically. She grunted quietly as I jammed my cock up and down through her crack. Her sweat and my precum made the channel fairly slippery and I was taking full advantage of it. In the darkness, Sara and I, brother and sister, struggled together under the bed sheets. I gripped her chest firmly and pressed my body against her lithe frame. Knowing the end was near I allowed myself to lay fully on her, breathing heavily next to her panting face.

Finally there was nothing more to do than reach down and grasp her hips tightly. I strained forward as the head of my cock throbbed with stimulation. My balls tightened and I grunted against Sara's cheek as my hips started to buck and my body started pumping hot semen between her ass cheeks. My cum squirted a little up her back, stopped where my stomach touched and pooled between her cheeks.

As I lay on her, gasping for air, she laid beneath me, cooing and stroking my arms and rubbing her butt firmly against my pulsing dick. She kissed my cheek and encouraged me to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight.

After a few minutes I had recovered and was able to grab some tissues from the box on the stand by her bed. She quietly allowed me to clean her up, letting me run the tissue along her back and between her cheeks where my cum had pooled. It was a very tender moment between the two of us. She was in complete surrender to me, granting me this very private, very vulnerable moment with her.

Her eyes never shined brighter than they did that night in the moonlight.

I thought of them all night after grudgingly leaving her room to return to mine to sleep.

Chapter 17

I woke up late Saturday morning and enjoyed feeling the sunlight slowly brighten the room as I hid under my covers. Eventually my bladder complained loud enough to force me out of bed so I threw my robe on and made my way to the bathroom. I took some time to force my hair into something presentable and brushed my teeth, then slogged my way to the kitchen to have some breakfast.

There was a stillness in the house and I looked outside to see that my dad's car was gone, and remembered that he and my mom were going out to a craft show. Wondering where Sara was, I peeked into a few rooms in the house until I came across the open basement door and saw the light on. I made my way down the wooden steps and saw her standing over in the laundry area, folding clothes which she was removing from the dryer.

She looked up at me and smiled. "Finally roll out of bed huh?"

"Yeah." I rubbed my eyes. "I didn't plan to sleep that long."

"Hmm. You must have had a good night." She said and gave me a coy little grin.

I chuckled. "Yeah, actually I did. It was a great night."

She smiled, looking down and continuing to fold her underwear from the dryer. I watched her for a few minutes and appreciated how beautiful she looked even when she had just thrown on her sweats and a tank top and tossed her hair up in a ponytail. She glanced up at me and caught me looking at her and she smiled sweetly and continued folding. She turned and bent over to pull more clothes from the dryer and I continued to gaze at her.

I walked closer and sat on my weight bench a short distance from where Sara was.

Sara straightened back up and started to fold one of her white bras. I looked at it, smiling inwardly at the cute flower design stitched on the cups. I ventured to ask her what size bra she wore. She looked at me seeming to be surprised for a second and I realized it was the kind of look she would have given me a month or two ago, before all this had started, if I had asked her something so private.

Her look turned to a light smile and she blushed. "I don't know why that made me feel embarrassed." Sara confessed.

"Aw, that's cute! You're feeling bashful." I remarked, smiling at her. She smiled and looked away, blushing.

She laughed and covered her face and then looked back at me. She stepped closer and held her bra out to me. I took it and as she stood there I turned it over and found the little tag by the back hooks. Size B cup.

"Size B is pretty good, isn't it?" I asked, looking up.

She raised her eyebrows, self-consciously taking her bra back. "Well...you tell me."

There was silence for a second as I looked at her, but after a moment she just raised her eyebrows. Then I realized she was waiting for me to say something.

"Sorry, I thought you were..." I trailed off.

She looked momentarily confused. "Thought what?"

"When you said that I thought you were going to show me."

Her cheeks flushed and she fought back a smile. "Alex! You've seen them!"

"So you're not going to?"

She hesitated just long enough to tell me she wasn't sure. Then she sighed, still trying to hide her sheepish grin, and lifted up the bottom of her tank top. Her shirt slid up and over and her teardrop-shaped breasts. I felt my dick stiffen with the thrill of excitement as I looked again at my sister's chest and watched her nipples contract as they met the cool air. Then she slipped the edge of her shirt back down.

Her eyes were shining but she was obviously self conscious as she asked, "Well?"

I looked up at her and smiled warmly and a little proudly. "I think you are absolutely beautiful. They're perfect."

She smiled and slowly returned to folding some clothes. "Thanks. I wish that were true of all of me."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

She didn't turn to look at me but just kept working on the clothes as she said, "I just wish all of me was that pretty."

I looked at her for a moment, then said quietly, "Sara, everything I've seen of you has been beautiful."

She stopped working for a second, then looked over at me.

"Alex, you must be the sweetest brother any sister has ever had."

I smiled and shrugged.

Sara leaned against the dryer and looked down. "I don't know why, but I woke up feeling really depressed this morning. I just felt all fat and ugly and stuff. You're making me feel a lot better." She smiled. "Even though, to be fair, you haven't really seen some of me that closely."

I ran through the last few weeks in my mind but wasn't sure what she was talking about. "So what have I missed?"

She was quiet.

"Sara? You can tell me. It's okay."

She bit her lip and slowly walked up to where I was sitting on the weight bench. She stood in front of me for a second, then placed her thumbs under the waistband of her sweats and slowly pulled them and her light blue panties down, uncovering her pubic area down just past where her thighs began.

"I...I don't know if..." She stammered, nervously as she stood in front of me, letting me see her pubic area. "I don't know if I'm as pretty here as you think I am everywhere else."

I gazed in wonder as my sister let me look at this very private spot of her body. My eyes drank in all they could see of her mons, that light mound that her pubes decorated and which ended in a small dent between her legs. I looked at that dent, the crease of skin that I knew became those rounded lips which surrounded everything which made her decidedly a woman. Between her legs flowed the light, golden-brown hair which began a few inches below her bellybutton as a strip just under and inch wide. Her hair was trimmed shorter than it would naturally grow so there was still a slight curl evident but just enough to make it look soft. The scent of her strawberry body wash surrounded me as I peered at my sister's body.

"Alex..." She whispered self-consciously.

I looked up at her. "Sara, you are so completely beautiful." I said it earnestly. I felt warm. Dizzy.

I stood up, our eyes locked, and I stepped right up to her and wrapped my arms around her. She let go of her sweats and put her arms around me and gasped into my ear as I ran my hands along her back. The front of her sweats and underwear were still partway down and my firmed erection was pressed tight against her groin.

Sara's hands slide to my stomach and she untied and opened my robe and embraced me. I nuzzled my face against her hair and ran my hands all over her. She started pushing me back down to the bench so I sat and she made me lay all the way down. I watched her step around the bench, her eyes never meeting mine, until she was standing by my head. Without pausing, she lifted her leg and swung it over to straddle my face, reaching down and pulling my head up. My face pressed against her crotch and her hands held me there firmly. Her sweats and panties had pulled up a good way but with a tug of my fingers much of her mons was exposed and she eagerly rubbed my face against the exposed skin and hair. My nose and mouth became filled with the scent of her perfume and I realized part of it was my sister's scent - an aroma that encouraged me on and fueled my desire. I opened my lips and felt her hair grind itself against my tongue and heard her moan above me. Her hips gyrated, rubbing herself all over me. I wanted to get her pants all the way down, wanted to touch her, taste her, to work my lips between my own sister's legs! Thoughts of passion were writhing inside of me, things I'd been trying to suppress after that very first time she offered herself to me. My hands were on her hips, sliding her sweats down and she did nothing to stop me.

At that moment, however, we froze in panic, hearing footfalls on the floor above us. Sara nearly jumped off of me and frantically straightened her clothes and hair. There were footsteps on the stairway leading to the basement where we were and I hurriedly sat up and wrapped my robe back around myself, wiped the moisture from my face and tried to assume a relaxed posture. Sara had gone back to the dryer and grabbed a shirt just as our mother arrived.

"Morning you two! Thanks for doing the laundry Sara." Mom said. She looked at Sara and me and back at Sara. "Everything okay?" She asked.

"Hmm? Yeah, I just woke up a little bit ago." I said.

"You both look a little flushed. Are you feeling well?"

Sara looked over at her. "I was just hoping Alex would give me some privacy to fold my clothes!" She said, acting a little annoyed.

"Geez, sorry. It's not like I haven't seen a bra." I said, standing to leave.

"Now you two, don't start bugging each other again." Mom scolded in her kind way.

I thankfully made my exit, leaving them to chat, and went upstairs. I saw my dad through the window getting a shopping bag out of the car and saw a few more bags on the dining room table.

I showered and dressed and when I saw Sara a little later we both expressed how frightened we had been at such a close call.

"Sorry I got so carried away." Sara said in a whisper. We were talking in the dining room and our parents were busy in the kitchen.

"I'm not, though that was too close. With mom and dad, I mean."

"You didn't mind what I did? I'm sorry. I was a little worried."

I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze. "Oh no, I didn't mind it. Not one bit."

She grinned and squeezed my hand back. "I'll remember that."

Chapter 18

Things in my life remained busy for the next week and a half. Assignments, work and occasional dates with Tanya all kept me occupied and away from home almost every day. It would have frustrated me to no end except for something Sara had said to me on the following Friday before I left in the morning. We had both been talking about how stressed we were (she was busy as well). We both agreed that the pressure was taking it's toll on our moods and also our growing friendship and closeness. She had thought for a moment, then giggled, leaned closer and said, "Well, I think we need to do something special, don't you?" I had asked her what she meant by "special" and she bit her lip and said, "Think we can get naked together and behave ourselves enough?" Just like that, there wasn't just a light at the end of the tunnel but a supernova.

The thought of what we had agreed to made the wait bearable. Even when a full two weeks had passed, I was extremely anxious but I had not looked at any porn or masturbated, and I was still patient with Tanya's reluctance to be physically involved yet (after a month!). So that Friday night, after our parents went to bed and we were finishing a movie in the den, I looked over at Sara and we smiled excitedly. She got up from where she was sitting and I leaned back against the arm of the couch and she lay against me, pulling my arm around her. Our decision to be so intimate tonight inspired a tenderness and affection for each other that we had not had before. We had never sat together like this, my arms around her, her head resting back on my chest, but tonight it seemed appropriate.

Later that night we got up and shut everything off in the den. Wordlessly we walked together through the house and to my room, shutting the door behind us. She smiled at me and walked closer and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. We looked at each other and for a moment just looked into the other's eyes, smiling. She bit her lip and raised her eyebrows. We let each other go to stand a few feet apart.

"You ready?" I said in a whisper. Excitedly, she nodded.

We started to undress together. I took my shirt off as she undid her pants and pulled them down. I glanced at her lifting her shirt off over her head as I pulled my jeans down. We both paused, standing there in our underwear, to look at each other nervously but excitedly. Looking a little bashful, she reached forward and unhooked the fastener between her bra cups and slowly pulled them apart to uncover her beautiful breasts. Her nipples hardened slightly with their exposure to the air.

She tossed her bra aside and looked at me expectantly. I hesitated for just a second, then reached down and slowly pulled the front of my boxers down as she watched. I stepped out of them and stood back up, my dick fully erect and pointing upward at her. She just looked at it for a moment, then up at me to smile. She reached down to her panties and returned the favor, sliding them down to uncover her gentle skin and her small strip of hair that drifted down to hide between her legs. She stood up and adjusted her ponytail, smiled at me and nervously bit her lip as I took in her beautiful naked body.

She was so extraordinarily beautiful! Her whole body seemed flawless and toned, but curved and gentle. It was strange as I saw similarities between my sister's body and my own - her skin tone, similar shoulders, good muscle tone. Sara was also looking over my naked body as well, very interested to see my strained erection. She pulled a loose strand of hair from her eyes, then looked up at me...and grinned.

"It looks like you're ready, huh?" She teased. "Do you want me to, uh, bend over?"

"God, yes." I said.

She grinned and walked over to my bed and bent over, putting her hands on the bed. She lifted one knee up and looked back over her shoulder at me. Her full cunt was showing - the large, fleshy lips of her pussy in my full view. She encouraged me to come a little closer, so I stood about four feet behind her and started to stroke my dick as she watched. I gazed at her firm butt cheeks and her anus hiding between, but continued to stare at her graceful, soft pussy lips. I imagined how they would taste, how they would feel to touch again as I stroked my dick.

"Are you getting close?" She whispered. When she saw me nod she said, "Don't do it yet. I want to enjoy this." and started to stand.

I backed up and let go of myself, feeling awkward but trusting her. Sara sat down on my bed, facing me at first, and then turned herself to lay down fully on her back. She reached for my arm and drew me close and just looked at me with an earnest look in her blue eyes.

"We shouldn't touch...but would you get on top?"

I didn't hesitate for a moment and quickly crawled onto the bed on all fours. My penis stood out in a very firm erection but I made sure not to accidentally touch her. Sara raised and spread her knees to let me crawl closer and put my hands on the mattress on either side of her chest. After a moment's hesitation, I moved up a bit more, bringing my thighs against the underside of hers so that my dick was above her stomach. We looked into each other's faces nervously. I glanced down at her breasts, then ventured a smile at her. She smiled back.

"You like them?" she asked. I just grinned at her. She reached her hands up and slid them over her breasts and softly began to rub them in front of me. "Wish you were doing this?" She asked, obviously nervous but trying to hide it.

"You have no idea." I said. I watched her fingers squeeze the soft flesh and gasped internally as her fingertips trailed lightly over her erect nipples. With a quick shift, held myself up with one arm and reached down to grab my stiff dick and started stroking.

Sara looked down to watch my fist pump up and down the length of my cock. She kept rubbing her breasts while I watched, pinching her nipples a little more firmly.

"Wish that wasn't your hand?" She asked. I nodded, licking my lip but not noticing that I did.

"Me too." She said.

I glanced at her face but she was still looking down at what I was busy doing. She let go of her breast with one hand and slid it down her ribs and over her stomach. I arched my back a little to get a better view as her hand drifted across her pubic hair and down the front of a thigh and back. Slowly but very surely, her fingers made their way downward, crested the hill of her mons and slipped to her pussy. We were both mesmerized, watching together as I pumped my dick about six inches above where her fingers disappeared between her legs. Her knees spread a little and trembled and I reminded myself to slow my jerking as I watched her wrist moving, revealing what actions her fingers were making. I looked back up to see her squeezing her breast firmly with her other hand, then back down.

Sara started to pant, breathing hard, and trembling as she looked down at my penis. She bit her lip, moaning gently, then turned her hips and bringing her pussy up further. Her legs spread more and I felt her put her feet on my calves, holding me tight with her thighs. We were both very of the sound of moist skin as her fingers worked and my fist stroked the drops of precum along my shaft. In another few moments she was gasping and trembling as was I - panting into her face. She let go of her breast and put her hand around my neck, rubbing it firmly and grasping at my skin desperately as she groaned and shook.

"Sara, I'm going to cum..." I warned.

"Oh god..go!" she groaned. She pulled her hand back up from her cunt and grabbed my shoulders.

Sara's trembling legs held me tightly and her hips strained forward and back. In a few short strokes I began to ejaculate, spurting my semen all over her stomach and chest. She lifted her hips, moaning, until her crotch touched my balls. I didn't move and pressed my balls forward against her moist flesh and grunted I shot more and more of semen onto her.

It became too much for me to take and lowered my cock to let it touch her, just above her pubic hair. I pressed it against her cum-covered skin and stroked my penis forward and back on her as she moaned and thrust her hips. I slid my penis all over her, rubbing a brother's cum all over her smooth skin and into her strip of hair. She grabbed my head and pulled my face towards her and kissed me hungrily. I let go of my dick and laid down fully on her, my penis still sliding on her mons and stomach. I wrapped my arms around her and felt her breasts press into me as we embraced and writhed against each other. I rubbed my penis up and down on her as though having sex and she moved her hips around with me, holding me tight against her with her legs. I felt her tongue touch my lips and within moments we were French kissing, sliding our tongues around the others as we kissed passionately.

It seemed like an eternity until our climax began to subside and we lay there together, holding each other close. It was a strange feeling, what we had just done together. My mind was reeling as I thought of my sister, lying naked under me, covered in my cum. As I held her though and felt her relaxed breathing and the beat of her heart through her breast, I couldn't regret it. And when she turned towards me and gave me a tender kiss with her hand on my neck, I knew she didn't regret it either.

We stayed like that, holding each other, completely naked, sweaty and an overall mess until we woke up around five in the morning. She got up, slipped one of my blankets around her beautiful nude form, gathered her clothes and left, giving me a sleepy but happy smile.

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Part 4

Chapter 19

Blonde hair, falling in waves like ocean waves in a sunrise...blue eyes sparkling with laughter...soft, red lips hiding the tenderness of a secret love...


Her gentle, yet firm touch sending electric through my skin...


I shook myself out of my reverie and looked up to see Tanya's frustrated glare.

"It's your turn. Geez, where are you tonight?" she asked.

With embarrassment I realized I had been daydreaming about my sister, Sara, again - and not for the first time tonight. I stood up feeling rather self-conscious and walked past Tanya to pick up my bowling ball from the return. My first shot was less than stellar. While waiting for the ball to return I looked over at Tanya to see her staring at me with an unhappy look in her eyes.

My second shot down the lane brought down even less pins.

As I returned to sit, Tanya cornered me. "What is it with you tonight? It's like you aren't even here."

Instantly I felt defensive. Crossly, I said, "Would you just back off? I'm trying okay?"

Wrong thing to say. It looked like a door closed in here eyes. A wall had gone up. "Fine." she said and got up to bowl.

The next half hour was spent in near silence. The game had turned from something fun into a chore that had to be completed. I felt bad about what was going on but my head felt cloudy. Even though Tanya looked insanely beautiful tonight all I could think about was the physical wall she still kept up - a wall that didn't exist between my sister and I. I was resenting that wall. I wanted more with Tanya like I had with Sara. That resentment was turning into annoyance and frustration.

I knew it, I could see it happening, I knew it wasn't what I wanted but it was happening. I was pushing her away.

Finally the game was over and we returned our shoes and I paid. Tanya barely waited for me to finish before heading out the door. As we stepped outside I was about to speak up and apologize when her cell phone rang. She stepped to the side of the entrance and I stood near as she pulled her phone out of her small purse and answered it.

She greeted whomever had called and immediately her face fell. "What?" she asked. It was silent for a moment as she listened. "How...I mean, when?" There were tears in her eyes. She wiped one off her cheek, still listening. "Okay. Yeah. I...can I just call you tomorrow?" Her voice broke. "Ok. Bye. Love you too." She hung up, breathed deeply, looking past the parking lot lights toward the stars.

"Tanya, what's..." I began before she cut me off.

"I have to go. Thanks for taking me out." she said and walked away to her car. I dumbly stood there and watched as her engine started up, lights came on and she drove off.

It was a few seconds until I reached for my keys when it dawned on me that she'd driven us both there...I had no car.

My mind reviewed what had just happened as I pulled my phone out and dialed my sister. She answered on the third ring and was very amused that I was stuck at the bowling alley. She picked up something in the tone of my voice, however, and realized that something was going on and promised to be there shortly.

I sat down on the curb and thought about the evening. Thought about my feelings for Tanya - good and bad. I had a feeling I knew what the call may have meant but wasn't sure. That she hadn't wanted to tell me about it meant I must have really hurt her feelings tonight.

I was so lost in my introspection that I was surprised when a car pulled up to the curb, making me jump back with a start. I heard Sara's friendly laughter come from the open window.

"Sorry about that!" she said as I opened the door and got inside. "What's up? Why'd she leave you here?"

Sara eased the car away from the curb, out of the parking lot and out into the road.

"She got a call...sounded like someone she knows is hurt or something. I think she forgot she drove us both."

Sara glanced at me after a moment of silence. "Uh huh. What else?" I looked over at her. "I can tell something else is up."

I pursed my lips and sighed. "I was ignoring her I think."

Sara was quiet for a minute. "Do you know why? I thought you really like her."

"I do! I don't know. I just feel like she's still holding me at arms length. I don't want to pressure her to be affectionate but I get really tired wondering whether or not she feels close to me. Like the way we feel."

Again, silence.

"Alex...I don't want to ask this, but were you daydreaming about us tonight? Like, were you ignoring her because of that?"

Hesitantly I said yes.

To my surprise, Sara pulled the car over to the side of the road - several cars passing by as she turned the blinkers on.

"Alex. Do you really like her or not?"

It wasn't a hard question for me to answer. "Yeah. I do."

Sara waited for me to look over at her before she said anything else. "Then you need to get over yourself. Okay? You told me before that she's had a rough time trusting people. She's not going to get over that and you've just hit her in the heart tonight."

Her intensity startled me. Were it not for how earnestly she said it I would have felt worse but I could sense her compassion for Tanya.

"What should I do? I mean, she just got that call and barely said goodbye...I was such a jerk..."

"Where does she live?" Sara asked. I had barely told her before we were back out on the road.

"I do not want what you and I are doing to mess things up with you and Tanya, okay? I mean that. I'm your sister Alex, and it's easy for me to love you, okay? Tanya doesn't know you like I do. She's not going to open up as quickly as you want."

She turned onto the main street that Tanya's apartment building was on, several blocks away.

"So what am I supposed to do? If there's something going on tonight I can't just interrupt to talk about our relationship." I said.

"No. You aren't going to talk about your relationship." Sara sighed. "Girls want to be pursued, rescued. We want to know you're there to protect us when we need it. You need to pursue her tonight and let her know you're there to fight for her."

I looked at Sara quizzically.

She felt my stare and a little grin formed on her lips. "Okay, so when you called I was reading a romance novel alright? Give me a break and just trust me. And don't be an ass to her or I'll never talk to you again." She smiled.

We had arrived at the apartments and Sara pulled into a space. With a deep breath I opened the door and got out of the car. One last glance back at Sara, who smiled encouragingly, and I pulled my phone out and began walking to the front entrance, dialing Tanya's number.

I had to call twice before she picked up. Her voice sounded tired but there was a hint of apology as she answered. "I'm sorry, I forgot I drove us both." was her greeting.

Feeling my heart beating strongly I said, "Hey, it's okay. Tanya, I know something's up. I was an ass tonight and I apologize."

There was silence on the other end. Sara watched from the car.

"You were an ass. At least you know it." Tanya finally said.

"Yeah. Seriously. I'm very sorry. I'm, um...I'm outside. I got a ride here. I know the call you got was important and hurt you. I'm here for you. I know you might be angry at me right now and I deserve it, but I'm willing to take that right now if you'll let me be here for you."

Another silence. She was surprised. "You're here?"

"Mm hmm."

She sighed. "I don't know if I want to see anyone."

"I'm not going to press Tanya, but..." I swallowed nervously, "...I really do care about you. I mean it. I don't know what's going on and it might hurt...but I want to hurt with you."

She waited another entire minute before speaking. When she did, my heart skipped. "I...I guess I do need you right now. I'll come down to meet you."

I was stunned and let her go on the phone. I cast a thumbs-up to Sara who grinned, and backed out of her space in the lot and drove off. A few seconds later I saw Tanya's silhouette appear on the frosted window of the entryway. The door eased open and there she was - eyes red and puffy, hair slightly messed, wearing pajama bottoms...

She'd never looked as beautiful to me before.

I stepped up to her, looked into her troubled eyes, and we fell into each other's arms. It wasn't long before her tears were soaking into my shoulder. A few moments later she guided me up the stairs to her apartment - a stained glass dragonfly hanging from her door - and led me inside.

Nothing "happened" that night, but everything changed. We sat on her couch for hours, her under a blanket, as she told me that her grandfather had passed away and shared with me how much he had meant to her. She told me stories - both funny and painful - until the early hours of the morning. I held her as she cried, rubbed her back and encouraged her as best I could.

The last thing she did before falling asleep in my arms was to look me in the eyes, whisper "I love you. Thank you." and tenderly press her quivering lips to mine in a kiss deeper than I could every have dreamed of with her. She sighed after that, curled tightly against me, and fell asleep.

Chapter 20

I was the first to awake, going through a quick moment of disorientation until I remembered where I was. Tanya still lay curled against me, her lips barely parted as she slept. I gently raised one hand up to clear my eyes and relaxed it on the back of the couch as I looked around.

During the night I had hardly turned my eyes from Tanya as we talked and I had not seen much at all of her apartment. I was surprised to find that the girls in my lap, the girl who so enjoyed working on engines, seemed to have a fascination with dragonflies and butterflies. They adorned her counters and shelves as wire, glass or clay sculptures, they decorated her walls in framed artwork, and were even sewn into the very blanket covering us.

It was just then that I realized that her earrings were also miniature dragonflies. I felt a bit foolish that I had not noticed this before.

The morning sun was shining brightly through one of her windows and I admired the hanging plants that she had somehow coaxed to bloom indoors. I also noticed a picture frame by the window with a man's face - oddly enough the only picture in the room of a person - I realized it must be her grandfather.

It may have been a half hour later when she finally stirred and rubbed her eyes. She laid her hand on my chest and sighed, smiling, her eyes still somewhat closed. She stifled a yawn and stretched, then lifted her chin to look up at me. I smiled at her, loving the way a lock of her dark brown hair had fallen over her forehead. She made no effort to move it, and smiled up at me.

"Thanks for staying with me." She said, her voice sounding a little hoarse.

"My pleasure. Thank you for letting me stay."

She smiled again, then rested her head on my chest again.

"You're the first guy I've ever had in my apartment."

I ran my fingers through her hair, softly touching her head. "I'm sorry it was under these circumstances."

I noticed her eyes dart in the direction of the window...and the picture. She let out a long sigh. "Me too."

In a little while we both got up. Tanya came up close and gave me a tight hug, then slowly pulled me in to kiss me again, deeply. She didn't mind as I wrapped my arms tight around her shoulders and seemed to melt against me.

She showed me to the bathroom so I could freshen up and I washed my face and neck, wet my hair and styled it as best as possible. I came out of the bathroom to find the living area empty, and walked towards where I figured the bedroom was.

The door was open halfway and I thought I saw her and stepped towards the room...and stopped. Tanya had stepped into view, facing away from me and was busy pulling her hair up in a ponytail - wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I stood there dumbly, watching her hair brushing back and forth across her nearly bare shoulders, drinking in the sight of her beautifully curved back, her waist, her legs... Someone has said that a woman's body is a picture of eternity too great for a man to take in and that's exactly how I felt as I looked at Tanya. Though not as thin as my sister she was built like a goddess - beautiful curves and lines...her body exuding grace in a way I'd never seen in her before.

It was several moments before I realized I should not be gazing in at her like I was without her invitation so I quietly stepped back and into the bathroom. I took a cool drink from the faucet and again splashed water on my face. She appeared in the doorway a few minutes later, smiling quietly - tiredly, and I moved to allow her room at her sink.

We talked a little more that morning and she offered to drive me to my car back at the school campus. She had a number of calls to make to her family and was going to have to leave to visit them and I knew it was time that I gave her room. However the gratefulness I saw in her eyes told me that Sara's advice last night had been absolutely right - Tanya needed to know that I was there to protect her and rescue her when she wanted it.

The drive back to my car was quiet but it was an intimate, understanding silence. There wasn't any reason to bother with words at the moment. I held her hand as she drove and she held mine...and held it firmly.

She gave me our third kiss just before I got out of the car...and it was even deeper and more real than the first two.

When I got home, Sara was quick to meet me at the door and pulled me into her bedroom before our parents even knew we were home.

"So, how did things go?" she asked enthusiastically, closing her door and sitting on her bed.

I proceeded to tell her some of what Tanya had shared - but not too much. And Sara didn't want to know everything, she understood that what we'd talked about was very private for Tanya. But she did want to know about how I ended up staying the night, and especially about the kisses. She was nervous to hear about the kisses but also happy.

"I know I shouldn't ask...but was kissing her like kissing me?" she said, looking slightly vulnerable.

I grinned and reached out my hands for hers. "Sara...kissing you is indescribable. I don't even have words for it. It means...it just feels powerful..."

She smiled sweetly. "I know I really shouldn't make you compare. I'm sorry."

I grinned at her. "Your advice was perfect. Thank you for helping me get my head out of my ass."

She giggled. "What's a sister for?"

Chapter 21

I left Sara's room and went into my own, grabbing fresh cloths before heading into the shower. My dad caught me going by and teased me lightly about where I'd been last night. He let me know that he and my mom were heading out for lunch together - something they seemed to be doing pretty frequently now.

I went into the bathroom and hung my clean clothes up, then undressed and started the shower, sighing to myself as the warm water splashed over me. The steam and the heat began to ease much of my tension and I felt my muscles loosen. I closed my eyes and let the water course over my face, washing away my thoughts and concerns.

I thought I heard something and brought my head out of the water to listen for a moment. I ignored it, figuring my towel had fallen off a hook or some such thing. But as I ran my face under the water again I couldn't escape the feeling that something was in the room with me.

This was ridiculous. I was just starting to relax and was now making myself edgy for no good reason. To satisfy my curiosity and calm down, I pulled the curtain aside to verify I was making things up...to find my sister standing, or rather, bent over, in the middle of taking off her pants. She grinned at me very sheepishly.

"You weren't supposed to hear me." She admitted. I was too stunned to say anything, so she finished slipping her pants and panties off, then slid her shirt off over her head and undid her bra as I stared in disbelief. Then she came up to me. "Mind if I join you?"

Eagerly, I stepped back into the spray of the shower and gave her room to step into the shower with me. She looked fantastic - fully naked, nipples hard, little red lines on her hips from her panties. She was smiling at me as she put her hair into a ponytail.

"Sara, what are you...well...I mean..." I fumbled and stammered, trying to come up with something intelligent to express my surprise and confusion.

Grinning, she whispered, "Quiet! Don't let mom and dad hear you talking! They haven't left yet" She stepped closer and I moved a little to let her get into the water...feeling very weird. "I thought I'd surprise you and congratulate you for last night."

"Well...it was mostly from your help, you know." I said quietly. She stepped closer and I gave her more room, but purposefully stayed close.

She was looking down. I didn't realize it at first, but she was looking at my dick - now fully erect and pointed up at her. "I figured it's been hard for you to be patient and thought it was time you had some help. Looks like you were expecting me, actually." She teased. Then she grabbed my washcloth. "Want me to wash you down?" She giggled.

I closed my eyes and moaned. "Sara, you have got to be kidding me!"

She giggled again and grabbed the soap, working up a lather with the washcloth. "I'll be honest. I'm not just here because I thought you might need something." She hesitated and looked up at me, locking eyes meaningfully. Then she put the soap down and had me turn around.

It was a crazy, bizarre feeling as Sara began to wash my shoulders and neck. She held my shoulder with her free hand and ran the washcloth across my shoulders with the other. It was strange enough to have someone else washing me, stranger still that it was my own sister! But she did a good job. As I stood with the water pouring over my chest, she gently and firmly lathered my back, even running the washcloth over my butt cheeks and down my legs.

"Ok. Turn around."

I had heard her, but it seemed my body was paralyzed. The next thing I knew, I had turned around, though I didn't really remember doing it. I felt the water running down my back, washing the suds away as I looked at Sara standing naked in front of me, suds running down her arm from the washcloth. She stepped close, closer than I felt comfortable with at first, and began to rub the washcloth over my neck and shoulders. She worked it across my chest and sides, then down to my belly.

Then she knelt down in front of me.

Wordlessly, she slid the washcloth down the left side of my groin and onto the top of my thigh. She moved her hand and slid the soapy washcloth down my other side. Her face grew closer to my groin as she wiped the cloth over my hip. She bent her face closer, moving the washcloth over to the other side to slide it over my other hip. She put her free hand on the side of my thigh, sliding the cloth down the other, her face now mere inches from my straining erection. She slid the washcloth forward and then inside of my thigh and began pulling it up until she was cupping my balls. Very gently, she massaged my sac with her fingers and the soapy cloth, gazing at my penis as her actions caused it to tug toward her. The free hand she had on my hip slid in towards my groin. All in one action, she sighed, opened her mouth, closed her eyes and melted her lips along the length of my naked dick.

My sister's mouth slid down, the head of my penis on her tongue.

She slid it deeper, her lips around the middle of the shaft.

Still cradling my balls with the sudsy washcloth, she pulled my penis as deep as she could get it, until it touched the back of her mouth.

The water coursed over my back and steam was rapidly rising as my sister knelt before me and took my dick into her mouth as far as she could. The air was filled with the perfume of soap and her hair clung to her back in big, wet strands. I could feel her tongue moving around my shaft as she tasted all of me. She slid her lips back until she could feel the tip of my penis on her tongue and she swirled the tip of her tongue over it like candy. I groaned and she glanced up at me, and as I watched, slid her lips back over my shaft, drawing me back in again.

Well, that did it for me. I had had enough fooling around. I slid myself out of her mouth and pulled her up to kiss her fiercely, mashing my body to hers. She returned my embrace eagerly, allowing me to press her against the wall and hold her there as I ran my hands over any part of her body I desired. I kissed her hungrily as I felt her wet breasts with my hands, kneading them like dough. I felt her ribcage expand and contract as she breathed deeply and excitedly. I ran one hand down and grasped her butt cheek and she responded, turning her hip so I could grab more - which I did. Her hands groped my back , pulling me closer and closer as she felt my hand slide from her butt cheek around to the front and onto her pussy. I felt her strip of pubic hair and used it to guide my fingers downward between her legs where the flesh grew softer and wet. I slid my fingers into my sister's willing cunt and curled the tip of a finger around her clit, causing her to gasp and buck, then kiss me back even more passionately. My penis was stabbing her stomach and I purposefully rubbed it against her as I stimulated her between her legs.

She was loosing control, heaving, gasping and writhing against me as I tantalized her clit. I held her tight and began to kiss her neck. Her hand held my head tight, rubbing my hair and neck as her body strained. Suddenly she tensed up, digging her nails into the back of my neck and my shoulders. She started to squeak out little, high-pitched moans and her legs started to tremble so badly that she would have fallen had I not been holding her. Her hips bucked and she bent her face into my neck and whined, but I wouldn't stop my administrations on her cunt. Her body writhed again and again as she passed through several orgasms.

It felt like her nails were breaking my skin. She was finally calming down, still trembling, but not as bad as before. I quickly, and carefully, removed my hand and got her to kneel down again, which she did tiredly. As the water splashed against my back, I pointed my dick at her face and started to stroke it, holding her head with one hand. She was still gasping for breath, but her eyes were focused on my penis as she watched me pumping it in her face.

I felt my orgasm building and didn't hold back from letting it shoot out all over Sara's waiting face. The first shot caught her perfectly across the cheek and lips and she blinked in surprise, but then eagerly leaned in closer, opening her mouth and I couldn't have helped shooting the next shot right to the back of her throat. She coughed, catching another shot on the cheek, but got her mouth back open so I leaned in and rested the tip of my dick on her lower lip as I pumped, shooting several more spurts of my semen into my sisters mouth. When I was done, she leaned back, and to my surprise, though it didn't look like she even thought about it, she swallowed. I watched in a daze as she wiped the rest of the cum from her face and rinse it off in the water.

I really didn't remember much about finishing the shower. It was fast, we were both exhausted. It was quite enjoyable, the closeness we had being nude together, but after everything we'd just done, it was also a little overwhelming and I was glad to return to my room. I attempted to read a magazine, then tossed it aside to stare at the ceiling. And smile.

Chapter 22

On Friday Tanya had gone home to spend a week to be with her family for her grandfather's funeral. We had been speaking on the phone every day since I had slept over and it was so encouraging to hear that she was actually doing well - almost cheerful at times, mainly due to me she said. Meanwhile I had much to owe to Sara who continued to encourage me in my support of Tanya and was often in the room while I called, reading a magazine or book, sometimes just laying there and listening. It was good to have her there to support me and I loved her for it. We'd grown very comfortable with each other so that while I was on the phone I would often stroke Sara's back as she lay on the bed, sometimes she'd rub mine too when she got tired of staying still for too long.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when our parents had gone away to shop and spend some time together. Sara and I enjoyed some time outside, washing our cars together and playing a little basketball (which neither of us excelled at). Our parents came home that afternoon and Sara showered while my Dad and I relaxed to watch a movie. We had a nice dinner together and after a little more TV, our parents left to go to bed early, leaving Sara and I to chuckle knowingly at them. I went and took and shower and when I got out, found that Sara had gone into her bedroom.

She welcomed me in and we chatted for a while. I had only wrapped my towel around myself, not intending to stay long, but had been there long enough that it had started to dry. I made mention that it was getting late and she looked at the clock.

"Yeah, I guess we should get ready for bed." she acquiesced, standing and stretching. She saw where my eyes fell and smiled. I blushed and grinned.

"Did you want to watch me change?" she asked shyly.

I gave her a sheepish smile and said, "I really would. You look great today"

She smiled at my compliment. "I've been thinking the same about you."

We both shared embarrassed yet excited smiles. Sara bit her lip nervously, reached down and slowly stripped her t-shirt off over her head, uncovering her flawless breasts. She hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her sweats and eased them down over her hips and legs, uncovering her white panties. I admired her every curve and the movements of her body as she pulled out her pajamas and bent over in front of me to strip her panties down.

Just as her panties touched the ground, I got up and playfully tackled her onto the bed. We collapsed in a laughing mess as her hair fell over both our faces. She turned her body to face me, grinning and pulling her hair back. I relaxed, laying next to her and ran a hand down her bare side, tracing her contours. She bit her lip as I admired her breast and to my immense pleasure she allowed me to trail my fingertips across it. Gently I touched her nipple and watched the darker flesh tighten and contract. She bit her lip again as my fingertips gently caressed and massaged her erect nipple. Then she leaned back a little, bringing her breast up closer to my face, so I leaned in and set my lips to her breast. Like a little child I suckled at my sister's teat, tugging at her nipple and caressing the flesh of her breast with my hand. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Hungrily I kissed her breast and toyed with her nipple with my tongue. Feeling my erection grow, I slid my hand from her breast and trailed my fingers down her side, then around her belly. She shifted and turned her torso to give my hand more room so I slid my fingers up and down her abdomen from the edge of her ribs down to the start of her strip of pubic hair.

She shifted again and raised her knee up, spreading her legs apart. I got the hint and as I continued to pleasure her breast I slid my fingers down onto the soft wetness of her pussy. She groaned quietly as my fingers touched the lips of her pussy and especially as I allowed the tips of my fingers to slide along the crack between them. In a few minutes I felt her inner lips beginning to peak out from her pussy as her arousal grew.

With a sudden desire I let go of my sister and stood up, tossed my towel aside and then laid back down the opposite way so that my head was at her legs, near her crotch. She giggled happily and lifted her leg wider and immediately grabbed my penis and gently began to touch and feel it. I bent my head down to gaze between my sister's legs and looked with wonder at her body. I brought my hand back up to touch her, ever so gently and tenderly feeling her softness. I admired the silky curl of each golden hair on her pussy lips, and inhaled her fragrance. I felt her touching me in a similar way - slowly feeling my penis, lifting the shaft, touching the head with her thumb.

I used my fingers to part her pussy lips and admire the engorged folds of her lips. I pulled back the skin toward the very peak of her mons to reveal the small protrusion of her clitoris. She gasped with pleasure as I pressed the tip of my thumb against it and made small circles around it. In response, Sara placed her thumb at the base of the head of my dick and firmly began to massage me there. It sent waves of pleasure through my body and I almost did not notice that she was trembling almost as much as me.

I toyed with her clit more firmly and she did the same with my penis until we were both emitting quiet moans of pleasure. I watched with fascination as her cunt lips had swelled even more, and deeper down had parted at the entrance of her vagina. I watched as clear fluid began to glimmer and then gather between the lips, like dew on a rose, until a drop slowly crawled onto her pussy lip and down her thigh to the bed.

Her hips and legs began to buck and jerk and I heard her gasping and moaning. Suddenly her gasping stopped and I felt my penis wrapped in warmth and wetness as she slid her mouth over it and began to lick and suck passionately. It only took a few moments and I was fighting to hold back my orgasm. She was clearly in the midst of hers and she trembled and shook and began to pump her head along my shaft. I grunted and released a stream of semen into my sister's mouth before I even knew it was coming. She kept sliding her head in and out as I ejaculated. Her body had regained control and she focused her energy on pulling out of me every drop I could manage to expel.

When I could cum no more, she tenderly slid me out of her mouth. We lay there, exhausted, for some time. Since she never made a move to spit out my cum, I assumed she had swallowed it again. Eventually I got up and lay down with her face to face. She turned to lay on her back and I lay on my side against her, caressing her.

It seemed like hours later when she spoke.

"Why do you think we're okay with this?"

I was silent for a while, then asked her to explain what she meant.

"Well," her eyebrows knitted together as she stared at the ceiling, "Brothers and sisters aren't supposed to be this way. We're not supposed to be intimate."

I trailed my fingers over her stomach as I thought. "I've thought a lot about that."

She turned her face to look at me as I explained.

"With everyone else, as you get to know them you have to pretend some of who you are. Since you don't really know them, you end up trying to like what they like, or act like them to get them to like you. You know, not always, but pretty often."

She nodded that she understood.

I continued. "With us, we've known each other since we were kids. We already know everything about each other and we accept each other. There's no pretending, no hiding who we really are. And what's weird is that for you and I to get intimate it's looked at as perverse, while other people are willing to pretend who they are and get physically intimate with someone else who's doing the same and it's considered normal."

"Like half the girls in my class who are sleeping around with guys they don't even like just so they feel pretty or don't feel alone." Sara whispered.

"Yeah." I nodded. "For whatever reason, you and I are comfortable together, and desire that intimacy. We've got a pure heart towards each other. Neither of us is pretending to be someone we're not. I mean, we both know someday we'll each be with someone else and hopefully they'll accept us and love us like you and I do each other."

"Right now, we've got this one heart between us that's been bringing us closer and closer not just as brother and sister but just as a guy and a girl. I want you as much as you want me - and I want to know you as deeply as I can."

We were both silent for a few minutes as we held each other in the moonlight.

Her hand slid up my chest to my shoulder. She leaned up and kissed me.

My arms wrapped around her and I kissed her.

She slipped her arms around my chest, pulling me on top of her. Her legs stayed together for a hesitating moment, then spread apart to let me lay on her fully, holding her and kissing her.

We were lost in the moment, lost in our embrace. Our naked bodies held tight together as we pressed our lips together and felt each other with our hands. I hardly realized it had been long enough for my body to build another erection; it grew without any need for me to acknowledge it. As I lay on her and as her body moved sensually under me, my penis rose and my shaft pressed against her softness. She began to lift her hips to slide her herself along my shaft and I responded by firmly grinding myself against her.

I broke our kiss and turned my head down to kiss her neck, sliding my body down hers a few inches. She moaned with pleasure as I necked with her and my hands felt her back. I rocked my hips back several inches and felt the tip of my penis slide down along her wet folds. I rotated my hips forward and felt the tip of myself just begin to sink between those folds. Sara's body tensed as she felt me pressing at the entrance of her body, feeling her warm lips parted around the head of my penis.

"Alex..." she whispered, anxiously, "You're going inside me..."

Pulling my lips away from her neck I whispered, "I know."

She was worried, but her body was softening.

"Sweetie...Alex...if we do it..."

I pressed more firmly. Her hymen help back my penis but was stretching. Sara stiffened again.

"I know." I whispered again and held her tighter as I pushed my hips forward.

"...it's incest." she gasped and her hymen gave way.

My sister's gate had opened and I entered into her body. The wetness of her flesh and the desire of her heart willed me forward. She gasped again, nearly a cry, as we felt our bodies merge. My shaft plunged up through her willing flesh and we shook and trembled together, clutching, kissing, crying.

Two bodies became one, and our hearts were one. Completely. Fully.

We ravished each other. Our bodies entwined like an unbroken knot. Straining in the moonlight, our naked flesh glistened, our mouths cried out in silent gasps. I filled my hands with the beautiful curves of her body. My mouth feasted on her breasts, her straining neck, her lips. Her back arched and my fingers felt every rib as she strained. Her nails dug deeply into my back, then lower to grab my buttocks and pull me deeper into herself.

Her legs spread wide and our pubic hair meshed together - our hair that was so similarly colored that our relationship as brother and sister could be seen just in that. I felt the tears on her cheeks and mine ran with hers as we finally gave to each other what we had longed to give.

We drank each other's kisses like wine, intoxicated by the touch, drunk from the passion we shared together. Brother and sister...brother and sister...drinking deeply of each other, loving each other...

I had to stifle her cries with my own lips but soon it didn't matter. It was a wonder that our parents didn't hear our groans, our anguished, passionate cries.

She tightened like a coiling spring - every muscle contracting - trembling - shaking - until she burst against me. Sara gasped heartily and her body rocked against mine - her hips thrusting involuntarily, drawing me into herself over and over and over. I could feel her walls pulsing and clenching around my shaft, warm fluids flowing over my skin. She buried her face in my neck and cried and moaned until I thought she couldn't get any louder.

She then shocked me, pulling my head down and kissing me fiercly and with more force than she'd ever done before. Her body felt like it was pulling me into itself - her feet wrapped tightly around my butt to hold me inside. Though we weren't moving, I could still feel her body gripping me, stroking me - deep inside herself. I felt my body begin to pulse...felt my penis start to swell...felt my balls retracting and I had to pull myself up and away, barely sliding myself out before unleashing myself, ejaculating all over her pulsing and quivering lips. Even now her legs pressed against me to pull me back inside and I knew I shouldn't have but once the last burst of semen had pushed out onto her I let Sara draw me back into herself - feeling my body glide into her with no effort.

We embraced, gasping, still straining together, mesmerized at the feel of our oneness.

As night fell, and sleep drifted in, we still clung together - still united, still one body. Brother and sister, asleep in each other's arms. Sister and brother, bodies united as lovers.

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Part 5

Chapter 23

Music and many voices drifted around us, nearly as thick as the lazy cloud of cigarette smoke hovering in the bar. Tanya and I were out on the town, our first date since she'd come back from visiting her family when her grandfather passed away. She looked over at me and grinned, taking another sip of her drink. I grinned back, loving how beautiful she was when she smiled, and so glad to see her feeling more like herself again.

It was still a challenge not to daydream about my sister while with her – it was weird navigating through the affection I felt for both girls and sometimes got really crisscrossed. However tonight was a good night and as I listened to Tanya tell me funny stories about her family I was really enjoying being with her and very present with her. She looked fabulous tonight – her black hair falling across her shoulders, light touch of blue eye shadow, her lips glistening in a subtle shade of rose. She looked great. She looked like herself again. Inside I was still wondering what she could see in me but could tell she really liked something about me.

I was just telling her an embarrassing story from when I was a kid when a small crowd of rowdy college-age students started making their way from the pool table over to the bar. Most of them were drunk and loud-mouthed – one guy in particular who was mocking people at the tables he passed, his arm around the waist of his blonde, whorishly-dressed girlfriend. "Fuck" and many slurred variations of the word seemed to make up most of his vocabulary as he boisterously trash-talked the people he passed by, his pals and their girlfriends following behind and laughing at his antics.

Tanya looked at me and rolled her eyes in annoyance at the guy. I stopped talking as they walked past us as it was no longer possible to hear each other talk. The blonde girl bumped into a chair and stumbled, making the loudmouth spill some of his drink. With a rude slap to the back of her head he angrily yelled, "Bitch! Fuckin' whore!"

The next thing I knew, Tanya had leaped out of her chair and was in the guy's face. "Hey asshole, don't you dare touch her like that!"

He smirked angrily and shoved her back into our table. "Get outta my fuckin' face, bitch!" I was out of my chair in a shot, grabbing Tanya by the shoulders to steady her and turning to stand between her and the loudmouth.

"Oh what? You gonna start something? You fuckin' pussy – you wanna go?" he mocked, getting right up in my face. I shoved him back only to have him plant both hands on my chest and push me back, off balance into the table. The table toppled and I fell in a heap against a chair and the floor with silverware, napkins and plates falling on and around me. Tanya had just barely stepped out of the way and was already helping me up. The guy's rude laughter was all I could hear.

I rushed to my feet, Tanya stepping back. Everyone's eyes were on us – people at the tables around us had stood in alarm, many backing away. The guy's pals were obviously shocked and unsure what to do. I took all this in the seconds it took to stand. The loudmouth was laughing and stepped forward so I could smell the beer on his breath as he said, "Toldya you were a fuckin' pussy. You and your fuckin' whore!"

The fact that I'd never been in a fight before skipped through my head a little too late to stop my fist from crashing clumsily into the side of the guy's head. He staggered back with a drunken look of surprise before returning with a punch that slammed into my chest, and another to my cheek. I saw stars but was also seeing red and caught him across the face with my left and threw my shoulder into a punch with my right that caught him hard on his jaw, sending him staggering back and falling back over a chair.

As if the night weren't insane enough, his blonde girlfriend rushed me and started scratching and clawing at me. I saw the guy starting to get up but couldn't shake the girl off. Suddenly her head jerked backwards and she screamed, reaching up to her head and I saw Tanya angrily pulling the girl off me by her hair. It wasn't a moment too soon because the loudmouth rushed at me and caught me in a tackle that pushed me back but I was able to twist and cram my hand into his face, using his momentum to throw him back down to the ground...into someone's dinner plate and a heap of burger and fries on the carpet.

I felt hands grab me from behind and was about to fight back until I heard them saying, "Calm down man", and "Sorry man, we'll get him out". I relaxed and the guys let me go – the friends of the loudmouth, obviously upset at their friend. A few of them picked him up and escorted him out, several apologizing to me on the way. I looked to see the blonde girl being escorted out by some of the girls in the group.

I turned to see Tanya to my left, her hair and outfit roughed up but looking unhurt. We made our way to each other, ignoring the concerned people at the bar coming to our aid, picking up tables and chairs.

"Are you alright?" we asked each other in unison.

"Yeah. I'm okay." she said. "Me too. You sure you're okay?" I asked.

She nodded. Then she grinned a little. "That was my first fight!" she said.

I laughed. "Me too!" We gave each other a hug, probably looking really dumb to everyone else but not to us. Seeing that the bouncers (who looked way too old for the job) were preoccupied with the loudmouth and his crew up front, we grabbed hands and made a beeline to a side exit, ignoring the people at the tables asking if we were okay.

There were police lights in the distance and growing closer as we made it to her car on a side street and took off in the other direction. After a few minutes of driving we were sure the police were stopping at the bar and no one was after us, so Tanya drove us back to her apartment. We were so intent on getting out of there that neither of us said much about what happened other than continuing to ask each other if we were okay.

Tanya insisted I come in with her so I followed her upstairs and into her apartment. She immediately made me sit on the couch and started looking me over in concern. She got a pack of frozen veggies from her freezer and made me put it on my face which she said was already swelling. She made me take my shirt off and tended to the scratches I got from the blonde and the brush burns I got when I'd fallen.

We were both starting to calm down as the adrenaline wore off. It was unfortunate because now my head was pounding and I was starting to feel all of my injuries. We started to talk about the fight, recounting what it looked like from the other's perspective. We started laughing about it as we relaxed and soon were nearly doubled over with giddy laughter. We felt like kids in elementary school who'd just gotten into trouble.

Tanya stood up to go get me a fresh bag of frozen veggies and as she walked away I noticed the scratch marks on her arms and neck. She returned with the bag and gave it to me, but I set it down and asked her to sit on the couch with me. I sat up and she let me look at her arms and neck.

"Ow!" she exclaimed as I pulled her shirt collar from a nasty scratch. "I didn't even feel these until now."

"Yeah, she got you pretty good, babe." I said. Looking down I noticed her shirt was a little discolored around her lower back. "Um, do you mind if I lift your shirt a little?"

"Yeah, um, sure. Did she get me there too?"

I gently lifted up the edge of her shirt, unsure whether the marks were just from spilled food or not. I'd only lifted it an inch when I began to see the start of three red welts, then another inch up to see that her skin had been broken with a nasty scratch.

"What the? Did you have her over your back or something?" I asked, a little amused.

"I don't really remember, I was trying to watch you while I was holding onto that bitch." Tanya said, wincing as I lifted her shirt from where it had stuck to the wounds.

"Well, it's up to you if you want me to take care of these but she got you down your neck and up your back." I said.

She was a little awkward as she responded. "Do you need me to take my shirt off?"

Knowing how shy she was and wanting to be caring and respectful, I said, "Hey, it's up to you. It would make it easier to take care of you but I'll do whatever you want."

She was a little hesitant, but said, "Um, no, it's okay. I don't mind."

I leaned back to give her room as she reached down for the edge of her shirt and slowly (and carefully) pulled it up. I took in her back and the scratch marks, then the back of her black bra, shoulders and more scratch marks. She pulled the shirt off over her head and arms and let it drop beside the couch. She looked back at me as I picked up the tube of antibiotic ointment and spread some over the fingertips of one hand.

"Hang on for a second, my hand is still cold from the veggies." I said, rubbing my hands together.

"Actually, that might feel good." She suggested.

I shrugged. "Okay. Here goes."

I placed my fingers on one of the scratches on her neck and gently ran them down. Using my other hand I gathered up her long hair and moved it over her shoulder. She reached up with one hand and held it there, and I placed my free hand between her neck and shoulder to steady her as I gently smoothed the ointment along the scratches.

Satisfied with the top I touched the scratches on her lower back. She shivered and giggled, telling me my hand felt really cold there. She held steady and I spread the ointment until they were all well covered.

"All done!" I said, giving her shoulders a friendly squeeze.

"Already?" she sighed. "You have a really gentle touch." She started to get up and I let her go. I was a little surprised she didn't cover herself up but let me see her in her bra and smiled as she picked up the warm bag of veggies and walked into the kitchen to put them back in the fridge.

She shut off the kitchen light, then one of the lights in the living room and returned to the couch. I looked up at her as she looked down at me, biting her lip. Then to my delight she crawled on top of me on the couch, pushing me back and laying fully on me, looking deeply into my eyes and then kissing me tenderly yet hungrily.

My hands wrapped around her sides where I knew she wasn't hurt and I kissed her back, enjoying the tender touch of her soft, full lips. She got her arms under mine and put her hands on my face, holding me and kissing me gently, then placing slow kisses on my cheeks, forehead, eyes, and setting her lips warmly upon my own again.

Feeling daring, I allowed my hands to slide up and down her sides. I held her hips and ran my hands down to her thighs, then back up. I slid my warm hands along her ribs and paused on the sides of her chest, feeling the edge of her bra cups. She grinned, kissing me as she felt this. She slid one of her hands from under me, up to her back and unsnapped her bra, then brought her hand back up to my face to kiss me with even more energy.

Tentatively, I slid my hands across the middle of her back, under her loose bra straps, feeling her warm skin. Feeling her tremble, I slid my hands outward from the middle of her back to her sides, sliding her bra straps off her back. My hands touched the sides of her full breasts and she gasped sharply between our lips. Her hands gripped my face, unfortunately at one of the spots I had been punched but I was too engrossed to acknowledge the pain.

My hands slowly, very slowly, slid along the contours of the sides of her breasts. My fingertips trailed up and down across the curves. Finally she gasped deeply and pushed herself away from me, frantically pulled her bra off and giving me a gorgeous eyeful of her perfect breasts before crashing down on me, skin against skin, and kissing me passionately. I gripped her sides as we kissed and feeling her lift her chest up, slid my palms back down the sides of her breasts and then under. I felt her nipples contract against the soft skin of my palms as they slid across. Tanya gasped deeply as she felt my hands tighten and cup her breasts. She broke our kiss and buried her face against my neck, gasping and kissing my neck as I gently squeezed her soft breasts with my hands. I slid her nipples between my thumbs and palms and lightly pinched them, earning a gasp from her against my neck.

A few short moments later, Tanya groaned and pushed herself up again, put a hand on the arm of the couch and bent her chest towards my face, lifting my head with her other hand. I grabbed her sides and eagerly pressed my lips to her breast, wrapping my lips around her engorged nipple. She groaned and stretched back as I tenderly swirled the end of my tongue across and around the firm tip of her breast and I lifted my other hand up to cup her exposed breast and caress it.

My lips tugged at her tender flesh and I released her only for a moment to slide my tongue around the bulk of her gorgeous breast, setting my lips tightly around her nipple again. Her fingers dug deeply into my hair and she gasped and moaned above me as I tenderly tasted her.

Finally she gasped sharply and held my head tight against her, pulling herself away from my lips and cradling my face in the valley between her breasts. Her chest was warm, moist with sweat and her breasts moved against my cheeks as she breathed deeply to calm herself. She slid back down and kissed me again, slowly and more tenderly, still trying to catch her breath. She laid down on me, running her fingers across my cheek and side of my neck.

Still working to control her breathing she whispered, "I'm sorry to stop...that was so good...I just, I never did that before..."

I had a massive erection at this point and was nearly shaking with the buildup so it was maddening to have her stop like this. I couldn't answer at first – it was hard enough to breath with my stomach so tight and every nerve on fire.

"Are you okay?" She asked, self-conscious and concerned.

I just bit my lip and swallowed and nodded. "Yeah...I...um, it's hard to stop."

She was quiet for a moment and I worked on trying to calm down. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I knew she was shy but it was really hard to accept that at the moment.

She slid off more to my side. I focused on the ceiling. She kissed my neck. Her hand trailed across my chest. She kissed me on the neck more deliberately and her hand slid lower...and lower. I felt her grapple with my belt and loosen it...and I gasped as she undid the button of my jeans and slid the zipper down along my straining shaft.

All in a moment, she lifted her head and set her lips on mine in a fierce kiss and slid her hand into my boxers, wrapping her fingers around my shaft and starting to stroke it. I gasped and jerked at her touch and kissed her. She stroked me slowly and firmly, lifting her hand up so her finger brushed just under the head and back down. I strained, feeling the lump on my face pulsing from the rush of blood, feeling the other bruises and scrapes, and feeling my brain tying all of the sensations together into one incredible rush.

I kissed Tanya deeply and leaned closer against her. Her hand worked up and down my shaft, pausing once where she slipped her fingers down between my legs to cradle my sac before reaching back up to grip my shaft again. I held Tanya tightly against me and felt her angle my shaft up, sliding the front of my boxers back with her wrist. She stroked me firmly then slipped her tongue into my mouth and pressed her thumb against the underside of my glans and sliding it around in little circles. My hips bucked and I moaned sharply as I quickly came, feeling my semen hitting me in the chest. Tanya kept pumping her hand and moving her thumb; working several strong shots from me and making me gasp and tremble.

Her kisses grew slower and tenderer and her hand relaxed and began to softly caress my softening shaft. It took some time for all the stars in my eyes to disappear for me to see again. I looked at her and she at me. We exchanged another deep kiss and she settled back down against me. We rested for some time, gently running our hands over each other, and eventually got up. We were an absolute mess – scratched up, beat up, and covered in lotion. She and I both had streaks of my cum on our sides and chests. (Seeing her wiping my cum from the side of one of her breasts was nearly enough to get me hard again).

It took some time to get cleaned up. Tanya grew a little bashful about being topless and soon found a loose top she could wear that didn't bother the scratches. Eventually we got ourselves put back together and curled up together on the couch again.

"Two big adventures in one night!" She whispered, her head on my chest.

I grinned and bent down to kiss her forehead.

Chapter 24

The grey light of early dawn was already giving way to a colorful sunrise as I brought my car to a stop in the driveway. Tanya and I had slept on the couch and woke up about an hour ago – stiff and sore from sleeping awkwardly and from our scrapes and bruises. She'd wanted to go shower and clean up, so I decided to head home to give her some space. We'd shared one last hug and a really good kiss (even for just waking up) before I left.

I entered the house to find it still and quiet, and made my way to the bathroom. I glanced over at Sara's room – she was away at the beach with friends and wouldn't be back for a few more days. I looked my face over in the bathroom mirror. I certainly had a good welt though the swelling seemed to be going down and making way for a lovely bruise. I showered, took care of the scrapes and went to my room to rest for another hour or so.

When I finally got up and showed my face to my family, there was the expected amount of shock and concern. My dad thought I should report it to the police before they somehow looked me up, and my mom was worrying over the bumps and scrapes.

Once they had calmed down I went back to my room and called Tanya to see how she was. She answered, sounding very happy to hear from me.

"Hey! How're you feeling?" She asked.

"Pretty good. Still ache a little but...I'm actually feeling really good."

Tanya giggled a little. "Me too. Your family didn't freak out did they?"

"Yeah, but nothing abnormal." I replied, grinning at how flustered my parents had been.

We chatted a few minutes longer until she had to go. She was meeting up with one of her girlfriends who wanted to hear about what had happened.

I sat in my room for a while, enjoying the memory of the night I spent with Tanya. Eventually my thoughts turned to Sara. We hadn't been able to spend much time together after the first night we'd had sex before she had to leave for her trip. It had definitely made for a few awkward moments for us both, especially the following morning when I had to sneak out of her room before dawn so our parents wouldn't suspect anything. It was probably good to have some time apart but if I had to be honest, even with the night I had with Tanya I was missing my sister.

* * *

Wednesday finally rolled around and I returned home from classes and made a beeline for Sara's room. There she was! Standing by her bed, unpacking a suitcase. I walked up to the doorway and cleared my throat. She turned in surprise and smiled excitedly, running up to me and giving me a hug.

"Hey! Welcome back!" I said, still holding her.

She made no move to step away and just grinned up at me with those darling, blue eyes. "Hi Alex! Did you miss me?"

I glanced once over my shoulder, then turned and kissed her fully on the lips. She reached a hand behind my head and pulled me tight to kiss me back. We broke our kiss and grinned at each other. I came in and sat down by her desk and she went back to her suitcase.

She caught me up on her trip, all the places she went with her friends, all the things they did. She'd had a great time and it showed in her enthusiastic, yet relaxed manner.

Then I told her about the date I had with Tanya and the fight at the bar. She sat down on the bed and listened in surprise as I told her the whole story of the fight, including the things I'd left out of what I told my parents. She was shocked and concerned but also proud of me for holding my own. She asked a lot of questions and we laughed together about the silly parts.

After a while I left her room to let her continue to unpack and grabbed some dinner. My parents came home and I ended up watching a movie with my dad, hearing Sara and my mom talking about her trip in the kitchen. A couple of hours later my parents had gone to bed and it was just Sara and I in the den watching TV. We talked quietly for a little while and Sara soon asked how things were going with Tanya.

Feeling a little unsure, I began to tell her about going to her apartment after the fight, how she'd given me frozen vegetables for the welt on my face. I mentioned the scratches on Tanya's neck and back and started to gloss over what happened next but Sara caught me.

"Wait, so did she take off her shirt?" she asked.

"Well, um, yeah...and so, um..." I stammered.

"Oh my gosh! So what happened then?" Sara asked, excitedly.

Realizing that she didn't seem to be jealous at all, I spilled the whole story. She sat, spellbound, asking for more detail here and there. When I was finished, she grinned and held up her hand, saying, "Great job big bro!" and gave me a high-five.

"I have to admit, I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it." I said after a moment.

She smiled, kindly. "Well yeah, I'm jealous. But I'm happy for you too, you know? And besides, I may have met a guy on my trip." She grinned.

"Really? Do tell!" I said, swallowing down a little bit of sibling protectiveness.

So she told me all about him. His name was Kevin and he was on vacation too, happened to live a few counties away. They'd gone for a lot of walks and ate out a few times. They'd exchanged cell numbers before she left, and she was quite giddy as she told me how he kissed her, a little nervously, when he said goodbye.

"Kinda weird, isn't it? To like other people when we're so close." She said.

"Yeah, it is." I thought for a moment. "I don't know, it doesn't have to be too weird. I mean, we got close mainly so you could help me get rid of a lot of tension, you know? And it's not like that's going to go away."

She bit her lip mischievously and said, "That's for sure. He is cute!" She grinned and laughed at herself. "And for what it's worth, I love being so close to you."

"Me too, little sis." I said and smiled.

After a moment, Sara asked, "So what did Tanya's boobs feel like, compared to mine?"

She grinned at my discomfort but I answered. "Well, I guess they're a little bigger, and she's really sensitive. You get sensitive but I think she's even more so. And her, um, nipples are a little bigger too."

I looked at her. She smiled at me in the dim lamplight.

"Can I make a weird suggestion?" I asked. She just nodded. "Do you want to, um...it may be weird, but do you want to pretend like we're each other's crushes?"

She grinned nervously. "You mean, I pretend you're Kevin if I let you pretend I'm Tanya?"

"Yeah! That sounds awesome!" She said, sitting up.

"Are you sure? It won't weird you out with whatever I want to do with her?" I asked, a bit nervous as well.

She nodded. After a moment of awkward silence, I took the initiative and walked up to her and tenderly embraced her. Sara sighed as I bent in and began to neck with her. She began to whisper Kevin's name as I caressed her sides and held her close.

She got me to pull my shirt off and rubbed her hands across my chest as I kissed her neck. Then I got her to take her shirt off and unfastened her bra.

I knelt on the couch and kissed her breast as I ran my hand along her inner thigh. She moaned Kevin's name in my ear and I slid my hand between her legs. She eagerly spread her knees and I firmly but gently slid my fingers across her sensitive folds of skin. After a few minutes, I inserted a finger into her body and imagined that it wasn't Sara's gasping face I looked at, but Tanya's green eyes and pouty lips.

She suddenly took initiative and reached over to start unbuckling my pants. I removed my hands from her and helped open my jeans and pull them and my boxers down to fully bare myself. She reached down and wrapped her warm fingers around my dick and began to stroke it gently. I slipped one hand behind her back and placed my other back between her legs, my fingers slipping easily between her lips. She put her free hand on my thigh and leaned in to put her head on my shoulder and gasp in pleasure as we stimulated each other.

I imagined Tanya's hand on my dick, pumping, squeezing, touching my balls, massaging the head. It drove me mad with desire and before I even thought about it I had pushed Sara onto her back and knelt down between her legs, greedily sliding my tongue through her wetness. She gasped and writhed and moaned, reaching down to rub her hands on my head, moaning Kevin's name over and over as my tongue dipped into her folds and tasted her essence.

I flipped her over onto her stomach and with Tanya's beautiful ass in my mind's eye, I drove my straining cock right between those soft lips and deep into my sister's body. I pressed her hard into the cushions with each thrust, stabbing my penis over and over into my sister's vagina. I groaned Tanya's name hungrily as I slid myself in and out.

Sara eagerly raised her hips with each thrust, begging me to go deeper into her body. Her vagina was already slick with her body's excitement and grew more so as I called Tanya's name again. Sara gasped loudly, moaning Kevin's name. The sound of my waist slapping against Sara's butt was the only thing to be heard for several moments until Sara began to beg me to get on my back. I pulled myself out of my sister and when she'd moved, laid down on the couch, my penis wet and straining. She got on her hands and knees and straddled my stomach with her back to me, facing my feet. She got her feet under her and crouched over my dick, reaching down to grab it and point it up towards her. Sara then sat down, impaling herself willingly on my erection, sliding down it until I was buried straight up in her body with her butt on my groin.

She reached one hand back onto my stomach for balance, raised herself up and impaled herself again, and then over and over until her back shone with sweat and both of us loudly whispered our imaginary lover's names. I watched her round, firm butt cheeks raise and lower before me, seeing my sister stab herself on me. I tried to imagine it was Tanya's body on mine but my imagination was faltering and seeing Sara riding on top of me caused my heart to catch in my throat.

There were a few moments of quiet groans and grunts until I heard Sara quietly say my name instead of Kevin's. I closed my eyes, feeling her hot body descending on my erection again and allowed Sara's name to come out of my lips, barely a whisper. We were silent once again for a few moments but again I heard Sara say my name, this time louder and more plainly. I reached my hands out and put them on her hips and helped pull her down onto my erection. She moaned my name again as she slowly slid her body down onto mine again.

"Oh god, oh...oh Sara...Sara!" I moaned.

And suddenly we were no longer in our fantasies but in another, a shared fantasy. Brother and sister having sex together once again. Sara plunging herself onto her brother's body, me giving my little sister what she wanted.

Sara quickly pulled herself off and struggled to turn herself around. She straddled me again, this time facing me, and we wasted no time sliding my penis back inside her. I sat up and she wrapped her legs around my butt, pressing our crotches together. With her breasts level with my face, I hungrily kissed and suckled on her as she groaned and pressed her chest forward. I held onto her butt and lifted her and set her down over and over, helping to slide her up and down my shaft. She gasped and I felt more fluids pulse out of her around my erection. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my face tight against her slick chest and she struggled to ride me as hard as she could.

Surprisingly, in all of this I had not yet felt the urge to ejaculate but I felt it rising now. When she had calmed somewhat, I told her I was close. She leaned in, her damp hair surrounding me, her hot breath in my face, and kissed me. Then she made me lay back down again and lifted herself off of my dick.

Sara eased back, watching my face to make sure I was okay. She straddled me a little further down than before so that when she sat, she was mostly on my balls and the first inch of my shaft. She grinned at me and reached down, wrapping her fingers around my glistening penis and began stroking. She began to grind herself on the bottom of my shaft as she stroked me.

I chuckled and she looked at me quizzically. Whispering, I said, "It almost looks like you have a dick!"

She looked down and back up at me with a grin. She pointed my dick up a little more and scooted forward a tiny bit and started stroking me again. We both looked down, and then up at each other with grins – it really did look like she had a penis! She giggled, then threw her hair back and began acting like she really was jerking herself off. She gasped and moaned dramatically, thrusting her hips in time with each stroke of her hand. I couldn't stand seeing my sister in such a display for long and with a loud grunt, I began to shoot out my cum. Sara moaned, thrusting forward with every string of cum she worked out of me, milking my dick and pretending to squirt out each shot.

She suddenly got up and knelt between my legs, her face close to my dick as she stroked the rest of the cum from my body and just grinned up at me. Then, as an added shock, she teasingly said, "Oh, Kevin!" and dipped her face forward to press her lips against my ball sack as she stroked my wavering dick. I groaned loudly as I felt her tongue play across the undersides of my balls and she moaned happily.

Chapter 25

It came as a surprise to me the following Saturday when Sara asked me after breakfast if I wanted to go for a hike. I agreed and we both got changed into rougher clothes and grabbed some water to take along. We piled into my car and drove off - it seemed like our mom was glad to see us going out together, probably thinking it'd be nice to have the house to herself for a change.

The drive was pretty quiet. Our conversation was completely small talk but in a relaxing way. We arrived at the same park we had hiked in some time before and found just one other car there.

We started out on our walk, the gravel crunching under our feet and the leaves rustling over our heads as the wind tossed the branches. It was deeply warm and humid - we were both sweating not long into the trail. Not too far in we were passed by an older couple in hiking clothes heading the opposite direction back toward the cars. After they were long gone Sara let out a long breath and walked closer to me until her shoulder was against mine. She slid her arm around mine and we walked on together.

We hiked further than we would normally go, taking us deep into the forest. The trail meandered along the edge of a steep hillside and deep valley that we had both always loved. The clouds above had grown larger and more grey, and the wind was pushing them along quickly.

As we were pausing to rest and look out over the valley I asked, "Doing alright?"

"Yeah, this is more than I've walked in a while."

We rested for several minutes more until the humidity and heat in the air made it uncomfortable to stay still. We decided to continue on the trail, not ready to return just yet. The clouds were growing darker gray and the air had stilled. A quiet calm surrounded us as we continued through the trees and rocks along our trail.

We reached another lookout and paused there. I leaned against a tree and looked over at Sara. Her eyes looked at me steadily and her face looked determined, and eager. A warm breeze tossed her hair for a moment before passing by to make the branches behind her wave.

"May I ask a question?"

"Sure." She said and shrugged.

"Well, we're both in a really weird situation and I just have to check. Are you okay with what we're doing?" I asked.

She looked over at me, tucking an errant strand of hair behind an ear. "You mean, do I regret that we're having sex?"

I felt my stomach and shoulders tense a little. "Yes." I answered.

"Why?" She asked.

I paused before replying. "Well, like you said the first night. It's incest."

We walked on in silence for a few minutes, crossing a small field of rounded boulders that crossed the trail.

"If I told you it was something I really enjoyed, that I'd never regret having sex with you, would that help you know how I feel?" Sara asked.

I nodded.

She stepped closer. "Alex, I will never regret having sex with you. I love you."

In that moment of togetherness I felt my heart warm deeply for Sara. My admiration for her expanded beyond what I had ever felt for someone else - it wasn't love like in the movies, it wasn't lust, not even really romantic but it was a stronger love than I had felt before. She was my sister, Sara was my blood, my family, but also a friend, also a lover, also a woman. She was part of me in a way, as I was part of her in a way.

She seemed to know what was going on inside me and she looked bashful and smiled, dropping her eyes, but then bringing them back up to return my gaze.

Still looking a little bashful, she said, "I know this probably isn't right, and I know we can't stay like this forever." I nodded in agreement and she continued, "But for the moment, I feel like I want to be..." She shuffled her feet nervously, "...yours."

I walked closer and put my arms around her, and kissed her forehead. "I don't think it's right either and I know we can't keep doing this but right now I feel like you're the most important person in my life and all I want to do is to be with you as long as it's possible."

She smiled up at me, then stood on her toes to give me a soft kiss.

"So you're okay?" She asked.

"Yeah. I think I am. I really am." I said, grinning at her beautiful face.

We held hands and continued along the trail together. Her voice became merry and light as we talked about all sorts of things going on in our lives until we began to feel large droplets of rain hitting our backs and shoulders. Sara laughed and giggled as the rain increased and we tried to run together to find some cover.

We ended up under a large, low-growing tree that gave us a little shelter. The heat in the air was still present though the humidity was less stifling now. Sara looked over at me excitedly.

"Have you ever wanted to be naked in the rain?" She asked, her eyes dancing.

"Uh...well...yeah, I thought of it."

"Do you want to?" She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

I hesitated, but shrugged. "I guess if we wrap our clothes up, it might help keep them more dry too...sure."

In moments we were untying our hiking shoes and began taking our clothes off. I watched her strip out of her shirt and jeans, and she gave me a happy grin as she slipped off her panties. I was taking my boxers off as she freed herself of her bra. We wrapped our clothes together in a tight ball and set them on our shoes close to the trunk of the tree. Completely naked we stepped out into the rain, the ground a soft, wet mess under our bare feet. She took my hand and pulled me forward, out to a small, rocky overhang that looked out on the valley. She jumped up on one of the large, round rocks and helped me up and we looked out over the valley below.

She laughed happily and raised her arms up towards the sky which obliged her by shaking out the contents of the clouds over our bodies. I admired every curve of her body that the raindrops trickled down and pulled her close for a hug. We stood side by side in the warm air and warm rain gazing out on the meadows and rolling hills below.

"Ooh, do you feel how warm the rock is?" She asked me, then knelt down to touch the boulder with her hands. I joined her and she was right, the rock had absorbed so much sun that it felt warm to the touch. She giggled and sat down, then lay down on her back (giving me a delicious view of her extraordinary body). Lifting her head and shielding her eyes and node with her hands she said, "I don't think this could be any better!"

I grinned, then hopped down off the rock and came up to her feet, and gently parted them. She looked down at me with puzzlement, then laughed in excited surprise as I bent down between her legs. "Oh my gosh..." she exclaimed and put her head back on the rock, hands over her face, and spread her legs a little more to expose her crotch. I leaned in and set my mouth directly on her slit, working my lips between the thicker folds with short pubic hair until I tasted and felt the smooth, moist inner lips of her cunt. I heard her let out a little squeal as I found and focused on her clitoris. The rain hitting my head and her belly traveled down between her legs and I drank in the slow stream as I licked my sister's pussy.

In no time at all her inner lips had swelled and I tasted more of the clear fluids that leaked from her body. I glanced up and saw her breathing heavily, still covering her face from the rain but with her palms apart so she could breath easily.

Thunder rumbled quietly from a long distance as I rose and stepped closer to Sara. She raised her head to look up at me and pulled her knees up as I bent over her and laid down with my hips between her legs. I was already fully erect and as Sara wrapped her dripping arms around my back, the tip of my penis touched her cunt and then easily slid straight into her body. She gasped into my ear and wrapped her feet around my butt as I pushed myself in and out of her. I grunted and strained and she gasped and shook as the water sprayed over my back and spilled between our legs where our bodies merged.

My head protected her face from the worst of the rain but still as we kissed I could feel the water coursing down my chin and over her mouth. Her breasts slipped and slid on my chest as we strained together. She raised her hips and took in as much of me as I could give her.

Her fingers dug and slid on my back and she wailed and moaned and shook as an orgasm overcame her. Water fell on her face but she didn't seem to notice as she trembled and her face turned red. She let out a loud yell and held me in tightly with her legs until her hips started to buck, forcing me out but pulling me back in as hard as she could. I felt my penis touching the rubbery knob of her cervix and it was quickly stimulating me to my orgasm. As soon as she stopped convulsing and had relaxed I had to slide out of her. She tenderly caressed my neck and I grunted as I ejaculated and sprayed cum on her butt cheek and the boulder underneath.

The rain slowed as I laid back on her in an embrace, and we held and caressed each other tenderly until it had stopped. I felt the warmth of the sun kiss my naked back and I rose off of her. She blinked away the rain from her eyes and wiped her face dry and I helped her up. We sat side by side on the rock, gazing out over the valley where the rain still tossed the grasses a mile away.

We returned to the tree and helped wipe each other dry with our hands and waited for the breeze to help with the rest before we pulled our clothes back on. It was a long hike back and we were tired but because we were together it made us appreciate every step we took.

- The End

Anonymous 20/02/28(Fri)14:36 No. 26627 ID: 6c4dc4

One of the most beautiful stories I've come across in ages. Thank you for sharing, it's well appreciated.

Anonymous 20/03/02(Mon)05:48 No. 26643 ID: 5200af


You're welcome. A reminder to everyone - if you see anything online that you like, erotic or not, grab a copy right away. You never know when it will vanish.

I'm surprised the double-post hasn't been deleted yet. Then again the Delete didn't work so I guess I should just be happy this board works at all.

Zed 23/09/05(Tue)05:03 No. 27913 ID: fc0fca

God damn that was good. Some descriptions could use work but excellent otherwise. You know its a good story when you are sad to finish it.

Anonymous 23/12/12(Tue)04:13 No. 27933 ID: b554e1

That old Literotica site is/was so good. I remember reading the story "Unexpected Encounter" back as a teenager, about a teacher fucking around with a student, that made me realize I could never be a teacher because I'd get in big trouble lol

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