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''The Man Who Came In From The Rain'' Ravaged 23/07/04(Tue)11:21 No. 27875 ID: 9f2f66

It was the kind of wet miserable day that defines the Portland spring

Saturday morning dawned warm and sunny.I had prepared all week to be sodomized outdoors in a well known Public Sex spot,Rooster Rock, on the Columbia River east of Portland.The last time I came to the Rock,I got fucked very hard by 3 German guys on a houseboat moored by the beach.

But no such luck today as a wall of rain and fog surged up the River and dropped a cold wet curtain on my plans.But the combo of Adderal and Viagra had me feeling reckless and a wee bit out of my head.I was willing to fuck naked in the rain but there was no one at the Rock.
I had to find a willing man to fuck me.It was not optional.I know my libido too well.As I drove back into Portland I saw the usual bookstore Glory Hole spots also looked pretty empty....Portland was sleeping in this rainy miserable day.

Resigned to dildoing myself to porn I headed home....But something caught my attention.A few blocks from my apartment was a little vacant field with a small stand of trees.I had seen illegal Latin migrants camping in these woods before.
Standing in the rain,carrying a backpack and a ragged looking tarp was a very large Hispanic man.He stared sadly at the wet woods.He was very big for a Mexican guy,about 6 foot four or five I guessed.Barrel chested and stocky he was kinda scary looking.....NO, YOU DON'T KNOW HIM!!!You CANNOT DO THIS!! My mind screamed caution,but my cock stirred and my lubed ,hungry as clenched suddenly.

'' Hey,Wanna warm up in my car?'' He jumped right in.He was even larger than I thought with huge tattooed arms.''Thanks dude,I am not looking foreward to rainy camping.'' His English was really good.As we lit up a joint and watched the rain I found out about him.His name was Gustavo,gringo friends called him Gus.He had just thumbed back to Portland after being deported and sneaking back in.He had been doing construction and farm work in Cali and Oregon for 10 years.And he had done 4 years in Cali for smuggling weed.

Prison....That got my attention, in prison you fuck or get fucked.I lost control .Shocked I heard myself ask him''Wanna come to my nice warm place for a meal,some good drugs and fuck my asshole and mouth''? I said it just straight out and ignored all my survival instincts.
He smiled warmly and nodded.''That would be wonderful''.
As he showered I was mad with fear and lust.I just stripped naked and sat on the couch teasing my ass with a small vibrator.A porn video of a cute girl masturbating was going. He walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him.'Damn , You are one horny little cum sucker.Gonna be a lot of fun wrecking your ass. .'' His voice suddenly had a harsher ,rougher edge to it. ''I'm gonna hurt your ass a lot.You may have made a mistake and now its too late '' My heart pounded .His eyes narrowed and his expression was no longer so jovial.

He dropped the towel.Oh Holy Fucking God his cock was fat,bigger than any I had seen in real life.Probably 8 inches long but bigger around than my wrist.Bigger than a beer can. He suddenly grabbed me by the back of my head and rammed my mouth down onto his cock.It would barely fit into my mouth .I could only go a couple inches past the head and no further.

He pushed deep into my mouth choking me as he roughly forced his cock down my throat.I felt like I was choking ,Dying as he shoved it all the was down ,till he was literally balls deep in my throat. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and pinched my nostrils shut.I could not breathe...he did not let me breathe as time stood still and I began to black out.
The he released my nostrils and said''Take a few breaths while you can''I took several deep ,ragged choking breaths before he began deeply fucking my throat and pinched my nose shut again. And so it went on,suffocating me till the point of passing out,letting me recover a bit,then choking and throat fucking me some more.His dick was upcurved and hard as a rock.He Fucked my mouth and suffocated me till I passed out.

I awoke slowly ,I was tied to a big wooden bench he had dragged out of the backroon. .He was standing over me slowly stroking his cock.He looked quite pleased.''Damn!That was a lot of fun ,was'nt it?''Now Get ready to have your asshole damaged''.
He wasted no time .No warm up.He just shoved it in full depth and began trying to kill me with his cock.''Having fun BITCH?'' His voice was harsh and low.As he pounded violently at my ass he suddenly grabbed my balls and began pulling and squeezing them.''Hurts a little ,huh''?
Then he sped up his pounding,clearly nearing his finish. At that moment I came.I came screaming,moaning ,Tremblinbg,utterly devastated.
Abruptly he pulled his cock out of my ass and stroked it slowly inches from my face.His cock was magnificent It throbbed and jerked as he edged, drooling pre- cum from the tip.''Stick out your tongue''He laid his cock almost gently on my tongue and loosed a huge load into my mouth.I stroked my cock rapidly and came again as I drained the last drops.
'' I'll give you five minutes to recover ,then get ready for more'' Now he was the jovial smiling man again. Then he repeated the whole session even rougher.

I became his bitch for the whole 3 months he lived in my house......And now after 2 years he is coming to visit me for a couple of weeks and he is bringing an ''Old Prison Buddy Meaner than me'. I''ll be sure and write here afterward

Daily Life With The Man Who Came in From The Rain Ravaged 23/07/04(Tue)14:35 No. 27876 ID: 9f2f66

After about a month, Gustavo slowly lessened his cruel dominance,only choking me or forced throat fucking me briefly during foreplay.
Sex with him was still the roughest and most painful fucking I ever had,...but damn,he made me cum like no one else.

He gradually told me more of his background.During his time back in Mexico he had been a cartel soldier.He was ordered to rape and torture a young man caught fucking a major players wife.
He and another guy took the unlucky young man far out into the desert.Then as another soldier filmed,Gus very roughly raped the guy''WAY worse than anything I've done to you'' he laughed.After brutally throat fucking him [Gus's favorite thing} and ass fucking him repeatedly,They castrated him and dumped him in front of the girl he had gotten punished over.They gave her and his family copies of the video after forcing her to watch the whole video.

Damn,why the fuck am I so drawn to danger?Hearing this story made my dick so hard. I trembled as I bent over and presented my Red,swollen hole to him.''Fuck me like you fucked him I whispered''

Daily Life With The Man Who Came in From The Rain Ravaged 23/07/04(Tue)14:51 No. 27877 ID: 9f2f66

I have many interesting experiences to share, but is there anybody out there???

Anonymous 23/07/07(Fri)23:02 No. 27878 ID: 2f9f00


I promise you that there are. M/M material is not what I personally go for, but I appreciate that at least this site is having some activity! Keep writing, I guarantee you’re making someone’s day

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