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Anonymous 18/08/13(Mon)13:34 No. 22425

File 153416005168.jpg - (1.13MB , 2340x4160 , 20170409_165039_HDR.jpg )

i'm 22 but have the skin of a 32 year old how do i fix that?

Anonymous 18/08/19(Sun)21:02 No. 22706

Could be that your not getting enough vitamins and minerals (malnutrition)... try fixing up your nutrition and it should help a lot

L1ft1ng 18/08/20(Mon)10:13 No. 22718


Adopt a proper skincare routine, washing your face in the evening with a mild soap and applying a moisturiser.

Look up glycolic skin pads, these are wipes which help you skin exfoliate.

Anonymous 18/08/20(Mon)20:58 No. 22739

Quit chainsmoking drinking and posting on /fit/

Anonymous 18/08/27(Mon)23:27 No. 22861


Anonymous 18/09/12(Wed)04:01 No. 23238

You are still being a little too vague to get a good answer. Post photos both here and on /r/skincareaddiction

Anonymous 22/01/18(Tue)19:42 No. 38883

Stop eating without control everytime you want to.
Also, you surely eat lots of glucose or starch without even needing them to get burnt, henceforth you accumulate AGE's.

And they affect all your body, not only the collagen assimilation.

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