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tryna get muscle whilst dropping 20 lbs Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)05:23 No. 30556

File 156583940430.jpg - (612.32KB , 1366x768 , randy.jpg )

newf@g here,

There is so much information when it comes to getting in shape. I am just unsure what is bs and what will really help me. I want to build muscle whilst also dropping about 20 lbs. What do I eat? what do I avoid eating? how many grams of protein should I eat a day? what vegetables are the best? best meat (beef pork chicken) to eat? I asked my friend about how to get in shape and eat the right things, he recommended athlean x. I'm not sure I want to spend 99$ on a fitness program, so I came here. I'm 19 Male 188 lbs now. I have access to a full gym. I worked out in high school and know the proper way to lift and all that. But in the last year and a half I have kinda not worked out as much as I should. any and all help will be appreciated.

Anonymous 19/08/17(Sat)00:36 No. 30581


Anonymous 23/05/04(Thu)13:29 No. 40196

File 168319978723.jpg - (35.65KB , 355x500 , 20230504.jpg )

What's your Technique on Thorsday?

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