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Need advice Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)17:22 No. 32169

File 15756493311.jpg - (46.57KB , 400x600 , QudwgQMNE6Hl.jpg )

Hey guys, I started dating an overweight woman. First one for me. I ended up falling in love with her. She wants me to help train her but I have no idea how to start. She is like 5'5'' and 220lbs. She can jog very slowly. Impressive for her size. Would some kind of 5x5 routine be good for her? Thanks in advance guys.

Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)17:28 No. 32170

Depends how committed she is. Can you get her down the gym 3 times a week?
Minumum twice a week. push and pull exercises each time(doesnt matter what as long as she doesnt mind doing them and puts effort in) bit of cardio at the end

Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)18:26 No. 32171

Small steps first.

Diet first! Get her eating healthy, that'll help trim some fat and raise her energy levels in preparation for the gym. Also, depending on her existing diet it may help improve her mental state.

At the same time start on her sleeping patterns, a good nights sleep works wonders for your metabolism and helps you feel positive.

After that get on the low stress cardio, walking to the shops and back, strolls in the park etc. Start doing this at least twice a day. 30mins continuous walking each time. Don't worry about the speed/distance, it will naturally increase as her stamina improves.

After that start your 5x5, add it on to the start of your morning walk.

Once she's eating healthy and has a good sleep/exercise routine get the gym involved!

Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)18:28 No. 32172

She's committed but still a woman. I have a garage gym, I can get her in and she and I walk/jog too. Do you think compound movements would be right to try to get a lot of bang for her buck? She is under muscled in the upper body for sure. Push/pull makes sense too.

Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)19:10 No. 32174

Women are typically undermuscled in the upperbody compared to men. It's a sexual dimorphism. It shouldn't be anything drastic though, if it is start on the free weights. Keep her off the machines as they're only good for specific muscle groups. With free weights you can mix multiple moves into the set and exercise multiple groups simultaneously.

Anonymous 19/12/07(Sat)18:47 No. 32194

At her current state, almost anything will result in some sort of payoff. The one thing I'll add here is that women tend to get bored quickly when weightlifting. Try to keep variety in mind and a focus on what she finds fun. Generally they nope out at the first chance they get.

Anonymous 19/12/07(Sat)19:46 No. 32195

Running at her weight puts a huge amount of stress on her ankles. One wrong move and her ankle breaks.

Stick to low impact exercise. Weightlifting and a calorie deficit diet is my advice.

Anonymous 19/12/09(Mon)10:11 No. 32218

Calisthenics, weighted calisthenics, body exercises to build control and strength. Then go free weights to pack on rudimentary strength and size. Get her to do this, then go back to calisthenics for cardio. Voila she'll be shredding weight in no time.

But mix it up some. Like 80 to 20. With each focus. The lesser being cardio until the latter, the lesser being calisthenics.

dating an overweight woman. First one for me. I ended up sex nar 20/09/23(Wed)17:38 No. 36404

dating an overweight woman. First one for me. I ended up

Anonymous 20/10/02(Fri)19:27 No. 36473

I'd expect a two person bike or trike would be a very fitting option, especially because of this problem:
Also, I figure if she's unexpectedly good at running, then maybe something like cross country skiing would be a good idea.

Anonymous 20/10/03(Sat)01:13 No. 36475

There're really two questions here:
1) How do you train an (overweight) woman
2) How do I train my (overweight) girlfriend

And obviously the implied, "Should I do any of the above?"

Rippetoe in PPSTv3 has good stuff about training women as a 'special population' (and they're not, hint).

Anonymous 20/10/03(Sat)01:36 No. 36476

The guy that posted 3 of the RTS templates can you drop you email I have a couple of jamal programs for you and some other new stuff.

Williamina 21/07/18(Sun)13:01 No. 38215

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Anonymous 21/12/17(Fri)12:09 No. 38788

Just do keto diet
Exercising to lose weight is a meme

Anonymous 23/01/11(Wed)01:23 No. 39918

>overweight woman
Anon, don't lie to yourself. She's obese. 30+ BMI = obese.

Anonymous 23/08/23(Wed)11:29 No. 40506

i gave my gf the stephanie buttermore womens foundation program and that worked pretty well to build a foundation. also incremental cardio eg 15 mins then 20 then 25 and maybe a dedicated cardio day.

Anonymous 23/09/22(Fri)23:03 No. 40551

Moronic advice. Unsustainable dieting leads to unsustainable results.

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