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weight loss Anonymous 20/02/24(Mon)11:47 No. 33692

File 15825412324.jpg - (12.87KB , 450x300 , fit1.jpg )

What is the most effective ways for weight loss??

Anonymous 20/02/26(Wed)02:31 No. 33729

High carb low fat vegan diet and cardio.

Anonymous 20/02/26(Wed)22:01 No. 33744

File 158275087319.jpg - (36.38KB , 301x600 , 0.jpg )

Ultra strict paleo diet and 20-40+ minutes high intensity cardio daily.

I suggest getting a heart rate monitor that wraps around the chest.

Best of luck

Anonymous 20/02/26(Wed)22:59 No. 33745

Tape worms/

Anonymous 20/03/19(Thu)03:21 No. 34148

don't eat lol

Anonymous 20/03/19(Thu)04:26 No. 34149

Put the weight on the top of the car and then drive off.

Anonymous 20/03/28(Sat)06:32 No. 34346

Caloric deficit.

Anonymous 20/04/20(Mon)00:30 No. 34762

That's stupid. You need calories to survive.
High carb low fat diet and, most of all, being active.
I lost 30 pounds in 2 months eating a whole food vegan diet low in fat and high in carbs

Anonymous 20/05/05(Tue)13:42 No. 34944


Anonymous 20/05/17(Sun)21:09 No. 35145

>weight loss

Anonymous 20/05/22(Fri)16:14 No. 35215

High carb, high protein, low fat. No starch, no omega 3's and omega 6's. Complete protein only.

Anonymous 20/05/25(Mon)03:53 No. 35242

File 159037158791.png - (152.60KB , 480x474 , xn0W2Ex.png )

>no essential fats
>essential fats
>essential fucking fats

Anonymous 20/06/05(Fri)22:42 No. 35459

I'm laughing

Anonymous 20/06/11(Thu)21:43 No. 35499

File 159190462821.jpg - (573.35KB , 1416x2064 , IMG_20200110_171345~2.jpg )

20g of dexycholic acid in yoghurts can make you skinny but WILL NOT shred you. Plus you will gain the weight back as it fucks with salivary glands into thirst zombie mode. This is only counterable by three chewing gums all at once.

Anonymous 20/06/11(Thu)21:47 No. 35500

by the way, i lost at yo yo game

Anonymous 20/06/30(Tue)22:02 No. 35670

Stop eating as much. Stop eating shitty food... Stop drinking alcohol and start doing more cardi.

Anonymous 20/08/12(Wed)16:47 No. 36058

File 159724366976.jpg - (2.13MB , 3120x4160 , IMG_20200812_165024.jpg )

It's now too hot and I became fat again, didn't have the issue abroad it's purely dexycholic acid turning into fat again

Anonymous 20/08/12(Wed)17:00 No. 36059

File 159724440746.jpg - (2.17MB , 4160x3120 , IMG_20200812_170241.jpg )

Rubbing alcohol or perfumes then hydrating cream

Anonymous 20/08/22(Sat)01:04 No. 36134

Okay mister internet man, than you for sharing the 'High carb low fat' ideology that has lead to increased, and still increasing, obesity rates though the country

op calorie deficit is based on basic science, burn more calories than you shovel in and you WILL lose fat. In extreme cases of calorie reduction your body could change to ketosis, making fats (not your jiggly belly fat, the molecule) your primary source of fuel as opposed to carbohydrates. Your body first uses the food youve eaten today for its fuel, then it breaks down your jiggly fat to use that for energy ONLY if your body needs to. If you consume more calories than you use in a day, they go right to that jiggly little belly.

No other diet will offer increased fat loss than others, some may make it easier to stave off hunger. Thats it. ONLY a calorie deficit matters.

god damn boi look at that belly
Ah yes, another great answer, a cosmetic injection to reduce fat. Yes anon, consume chemicals from china in this one special way and you will lose weight!! remember! if you dont eat EXACTLY THREE pieces of gum, you will become a bloated Michelin man just like this anon did....

idk what he said about the perfumes or rubbing alcohol but dont fucking consume those or rub those on your skin either. Listen to nothing this bloke says and youll do great

or the fucking acid good lord

I lost around 8lbs in the last month just doing intermittent fasting so i ate less. Ate whatever the fuck i wanted and made sure to get some greens in

Also get your essential fats or youll be a brain dead idiot like high carb anon, "no omega 3s!!" your brain is literally made of omega fatty acids

you also need fats to make cholesterol, which is used to make testosterone

you like getting boners and having muscle right OP? good so eat fats

Anonymous 20/08/23(Sun)13:49 No. 36157

Live outside for a month just eating beans, I guarantee you will lose weight.

Anonymous 21/09/12(Sun)21:10 No. 38442

>Rubbing alcohol or perfumes then hydrating cream
Dumb fuck, rubbing alcohol works by dehydrating the skin. It's a local effect that lasts a couple of hours (one photo shoot) at most. It also fucks up your natural skin barrier which is why you need to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Anonymous 23/04/29(Sat)11:37 No. 40188

No carbs; chicken salad only

Anonymous 23/06/05(Mon)12:08 No. 40249

File 168595972538.jpg - (65.09KB , 706x763 , 20230605.jpg )

Eat less while eexercising more

Anonymous 23/06/20(Tue)11:57 No. 40355

File 168725503632.jpg - (38.37KB , 509x800 , 20230623.jpg )

Corinna Everson, Gabi Garcia & Vladislava Galagan all agree... "Train your back"

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